The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE BIA'THBVTLMj!; (ARK.) COURIER TUB BLYTHEVILLE. COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO-, PUBLISHERS ' C, R BABCOCK, Editor H W. HAINFS, Advertising Manager fjole National Ad\eriislng; Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York. Chicago, Deirolt St Louis, Dallas, Ku'nsas City,. Memphis Published E\ei> Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the pest oITIee at Blylhevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City ol niylhevllle, 15c |X-r week, or $6,50 per year, iti. ndvancc. By mall, wllliin a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for sis months, 75c for Uirco months; by .mall In postal Mines two lo six, inclusive. SC.50 per year; in zones seven ami cighl, $10,00 per year, payable In advance. Civilization Disclaims Ancient Blood Test. ' If all Americans were to be judgcil by dm him! of biv.arre, blood-thirsty crowds have l>con congrGjjiiting at tlie scenes of miijiii; crimes and public executions, \ve certainly would cliissify as a morbidly nuirrle'roiis sort of people. Foi a time it appeared Uifil we h;ul reached an all-time low in Ihe Ilnuplinnnn (.asc. The public's bc- hnvioi- in New Jersey tbe night Rniuo Kichard llauptninnu ptiid Im price for the minder of the Lindbergh biihy resembled nothing more closely than ihu totchliglit fnvollty of llui old.iliinc _ political idllv lint that, apparently, wasn't our worst. li seems now that Americans icachcd then (,'oiifiSt height (or dcptu) the olhei d a y a t O'wt'nsboro, My., where, amidst the overtones of ntnm'al incrryiuakini;, 15,000 people say a 22-year-old inigfo plunge lo his death fioni the uallowji for the murder of .1 70 yeai-old woniati. Surely the most sanguinary' of; Uic Roman holidays couldn't have eclipsed (his scene. Wrnlc. Unilcd Press eyc- \\ilnc,si,ei, Fi.tnU Leiu-y: "Tlie oVo'\V(! tens in a holiday mood. Only a moment before the arrival of Ihc negio fiom Louisville, vendors of hot dogs and: lemonade • shouted then \\au\s. In some of Owoiisboro's bonicb. all nighl_ |Ha)i(;infr| Parties' wei(> in piogiess, ljeef r aii(l 'siirnhvichus' the i-ofreshmcnls . . . Tbroii(,'h the niglit (be ciovul had Hwarmod Ihc sticels But it was not ill- nalnied 01 violent.; It appeared io he efijovuiK a 'Hangman's Holiday.'" Tltpii came tlie execution. Continues Leaiv "The uOvul, in-essinir lijjhlly around the jjallows., was not disorderly, but only out foi a good' time. Fifty per cent of Ihcm were from out of town— sensation seekers from Illinois, Indiana, JHibwiu i, Kcntticky. Many cliil- difci), including young- babies, were earned on the shoulders of parents who bad stayed up all nigh I.'' Aftel (he dap was sprung, a few m the gioup, swarming over the execution scone, died to scixe the black death cap Deputy sheriffs, however, 1'cid back the souvenir hunters. The show was over' Ilcie was a spectacle to shock the nation U was (he sort of aboriginal Jjffciiiv carried out by a few thousands, oTrr ouiFwAY i that;casts irreparable reflection oil the entire country. H is high time thai Anieican-j begin to handle their necessary vindications of the law like normal, civilized fuiniiiii beings. A scene like that at Owensboro belongs to the time of the persecution of the Christians. This is a civilized country. We have progressed loo far to cry for blood in the arena as did the Hoinans nearly 2,000 years ago. Attack On.-Roosevelt- Booed Otis F. Glenn, Republican candidate for United Stales senator from Illinois, was twice boueii by the crowd which hoard his "Republican Day" address, al (he Illinois slwlo fair ul' .Springfield, yesterday. The unfavorable reaction from an audience gathered for a Republican political program came first when the candidate declared lhat President Roosevelt wanted "only one thing, absolute power, and one man. himiielt'." Gleiui u-a.s boood again when he attacked the president for his appointment of Harold !.,. Ickes as secretary of the interior. It was the first Illinois state fair "Republican Day" since disaster overtook the party in 1932. Pcrharis leaders of the party are justified in their assertions of confidence that popular .support is swinging back their way. Bill very evidently the public, oven in such a normally Republican stab as Illinois, is not ready to listen to unrestrained political attacks upon' the Democratic president of .the United Stales. This Is Democracy No one can tune in very long on Ihe current presidential campaign wilh>- <ml developing a pretty good case of distrust of Uic professional innis- callers. With the campaign still in its .early stages, candidates seem to have gone at one another tooth and nail, and there seems to be no.Jimit or -lot-up to the battle, -H's .jyst a,-, good old American custom, lhat's all Nobody i.s rebuked for his campaign Uiteranco.i. There may 1 , be a [few proprietary restrictions on Hie freedom of speech and of the press, but fundamentally the campaign goes along with Ihc throttle wide open. Yoii may not like the name-calling, but it's democracy in Hie raw. And .von have the inherent right [ 0 t |o a little calling of your own. That's a privilege not to be snilfcd at in these days of totalitarian slates. THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 193(5 son/a//! We liavc wasted our land recklessly in tht past. In Hoods and dust storms, in lilyjhcv I axes und human siurcring. we arc nil paying Ihc price today. —Dr. Rcxford Tugwell. . * * * Vcuth Just nnsslng adolescence should be spared Ihe sligma of bccominn a criminal for tlio nrsl offense, jnsl as n dog is allowed one tile. -J»(t G e J. M. Uraude, Los Angeles. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Thai's a uimuiknte I lav u jiibl this nimnie'leav- ing for Kuropc. Same its tlie last time we were in town." DOM'T BE TALK TO ME WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL BAD E AMD YOU WILL .' -----i SAO A KID r^^^^^T AN' S^ HXRDTO '' Thl' PiE, AM' BAM6ED ME OME OM TH' BREAD.' ""Jm? M THIS CURIOUS WORLD %!S Fergt/son A LENGTT-I OF ABOUT 3O tNCHK IS COILED IN THE KFFI; OP TH E , BREASTBON E. KteltL ju:<;i.v 111:111; TODAV 3ll>\' .llll.l-'dnil, rich mill Tii,]iul:ir, lirls rrri-lvi'J proiios:iU nf niririlrt™,- from tluci: MiUur*, inn itHK-vr STU.uiT, \\\ **ju. IIIVI-N, linn IIUL WHkl-il lu-r to imirry Mm. Jlri-ul lo Iriki- lii'r (o "'i'lip KLMI )'<>l>]i)-, n a litil'ftll lj| f - nlKliI rlnll, Jlf i-i-fiiHi-*, .llnjjy: umuj) ril, Bin's <vi!li WICK IIOSS, iiiiollH-r ; KO ant Miilih-u r.;nn-. on iiKiilu . ,, illO'i MM.SO.V . n-S iik rnlilirr, ;uia lie [s Molly li> B^lrl! Jliilly !,,r (,, e runs ...... I'Vi-KiiJiiin Ic-lhi >l,,ll>- !,K 11:11111: is »M-:LSU.\ n'liiTT.iKiiu." i fi-iv iliiyii Jnlpr I,.- nsk* hfr til linn- -llhllU'r n-llh I,I,,,. ;ll,,l «],,- <lu\vnl»\vii jiluri-, Molly viu-rnjiilc'r* r> clrl \vlio jrinii'iir* to In- lii-r ,-.v- l,.-ui>;,- !I, Iii iirlciui i-i sli:ihl,y CONTRARY TO POPULAR. BELIEF. ONLV ABOUT n\s£ PER. CE/VT OF ALL. KNOWN SPECIES OF B£~££ ARE OP THE SOCIAL TYPE, WHICH LIVE TOGETHER IM COLONIES/ OR. C€NTURV PLANT; IS NOT A TRUE ALOE, AND CXiES NOT LIVE /OO (-J193* BV NfASCRVICr, In the young whooping cvanc chickj the windpipe is of normal length. but ;is the bird matures, the windpipe become 'spicngaicd cut of atl ]irc)]iJ3 to Hie other organs. Tlie rcsbriiinl qnnlily of (he ciane';;' voicu is believed lo be caused by the unusually .long hache.i. NKXT: In ivHat riianucr do insects .mo'vc (hfcir legs ivlicn wn ing or running? College Sliiclcnls Fotnul to Exc<?i. lu'Heighl and-General Fhyskjuf Ily Ilii. MOKKIS FISIll'.r.IM • (Jieavlcr than the Rirl who dors not Ktlitnr. Journal of the Amrriran i go Jo college. By Ihc age of 19, Associalion, and rtf Jly- > sell, llic H'callU Masiiiinc Collego students, n receni survey estaulishes, arc taller and uuilt bcl- ler lhan fnose who do not go 16 college. The reason P^r thh i.; still a mailer for conjecluro, but n;ipav- nnlly bays and girls who «K dcs- lined for college grow man- riulck-. ly during Iheir chiUlhoori, and n't-' tain their maximum growth at ah earlier age than docs the i'..t of Ihc population. : , Studies made In various p.\its of Iho world Indicate that brighter children generally are taller and. the .girl who has nol gone lo college weighs more, but is not as tall. College taller and heavier, at the age o! !G, I'nan men who do hoi go lo colleje, and they keep on getting bitter and heavier lhan Ihe others. College students of today arc physically superior lo college '.sliii dcnls of an earlier day. Vassnr students in 1323 were I "]-3 metes taller Ihnn Uiry wire 37 years 'a?o. Over a period of 30 yc.irs, men in the University of Minnesota hav . Mil- mill '•Wlilll phiri- rnlh-il "I- - n-ni'-]i>-'«.'' I'nlh'i- nrrivt- ;LII,I Ilicn- IM -slionlln^ In \vlilrji (I l\'ljl{l[iT;t'r" Is fnl:i[ly In- Jilrcil, ,>ln]ly l>i TuriM-d Ittlr) 11 p:ir iiinl laki'n lu u ili-.svrll'tl furiil hiiuhl-. M)W «O (IX WITH Tlli! STflllV CHAPTER VII CUN streamed through a small, '•^ barred window into tlie room inlo which Molly had been unceremoniously thrust the night before. But it was nol the sun, but loud, angry voices thai awakened her. "Of all the dirly rotten tricks! So he thought he could pull a joke like lhat on us|"aml (let by with it. Bringing a cheap liltle nobody —while that Milford girl—!" The man's voice died in an angry rumble. Molly could not dfcliiiguteh the, rest of the sentence, but she had heard enough. For some reason Uic kidnapers were confused about her identity. They believed she was Hint other liirl— Ihc one she had change:! dresses with. Molly ciiil not even lamw the olher girl's name. She reached for (he small brown purse, her heart fluttering wildly. Inside were a handkerchief, compact, a smaller coin luirsc with some loose change, and a letter. The letter was postmarked the morning before and was addressed lo Miss Leola Bill-low. Molly hcsi- tuled lor a moment. It was necessary for her to know somelliinj put (lie letter back into -^ (he envelope soberly. In ihe r.cxl room the verbal war/are was continuing, punctuated frequently by a furious oath. "If heals nie. What did he expect to get out of .a job like thai?" "A good latigli. He was going back to Chicago, laughing up his sleeves al you" and Louis," tlie woman said. "lie knew you and Louis loved hini like rat poison, Steve, nnd would have turned him up long ago it you liadri't been scared." "Well, I did lurii him up, didn't I?" A man's cold, menacing voice. "Sure you did, Steve. You (rapped him with that bank robbery, ami then told tho police where lo find him." "'Oh, dry up. What'Il we do with the girl, Louis?" "I'm listenin' to you, Steve, but you know what I'd do." "Bring her out," The key grated in the lock. The rioor was thrown open and a man stood in the opening, surveying Molly with hostile eyes through Ihe slils of a mask. The man caught her by the arm and stared down al her face. "If beats all hell!" he exclaimed. They were all masked. The. woman and'Ihc two men formed) mi amusing circle around Molly. "Take a look al .this," the fat man said, pointing a stubby finger al a largo photograph on the front page of a newspaper. Above her own picture, bold words leaped out at Molly, "Heiress Takes Own Life. Molly Milford, daughter of Jay Milford, commits suicide in department store. Body found on sofa in rest room by cleaning woman. Father prostrated, can give no motive—" I't 4 * TyrOLLY sat down weakly and lt - L covered her face with her hands. That poor, distraught girl! "All right, now, sister. It's your linn (o talk. Arid talk fasl!" Molly swallowed hard. Her heart was .leaping wildly. • She must talk as that poor girl would have talked. H she didn't— "I didn't do nothln'. H was him —Nelse," Molly answered in a low, husky tone. "We know | dirty crook! nil about him—the How'd you happen about this girl. Immediately. Ali"' ny . C ™ D1 ? ! . (1 . W1 °. W{I >' ou lla » n =' any moment now Ihc door might lo ,|? lx .' n . Wlth hls game?" open and Ihcy would be-in cru-s- l cil<in ' t k " ow n ° th 'ne abotH tioning her. any flame, 1 tell you," Molly spoke "Honey," the letter, written in a man's careless hand, began, "I'm loiry lo break it like Ibis, but Mae and I gol married yesterday. "We're going to be- lighting nnd \no easy for nic, Lc-ola. Maybe if you had Irealcd me rough I v.ouhm't have handed you a raw deal. So long and good luck. You've been -pretty swell. Now buck and forget—Jimmy." aboul _ r jfc c dully, "this Nclse—I met 'him once up in Chicago, and I was braggin' a liltle, I guess. I told him some of my friends said I looked enough like this Milford girl lo be her sislcr. ;! Ho said .tfiaking up alt the lime. You were didn't I think lots of myself. And I said, 'Take a look at Uhisi' and showed him a pielu'rc I cut out of a paper once. He said I could fool the girl's own mother and—" "Go ahead." "Yesterday he called me 6r( the phone. He raid he'd blown in for a week-end and was throwin' \ party for some ot his friends n'e Snid— I remember just wba'l he soid — - * Go on, girl!" Steve Black prompted. "He said, 'Don't you think I'm swell to be throwin' a parly for people who would put poison in my soup if they had the nerve?' I said, 'Tlial soi.--.ds clangorous to me.' 'No,' he said, 'they're loo high-class for poison, but they might give me Ihe \vixwi; steer—' " '*" "That sounds like Nelse, all right. The double-crossin' scor pion!" "Lei her talk, Louis." "He said he wanted mo ( 0 dress up in the best thirds I nail because he was going to play a joke on these friends and mal-o them think he was okay wilh this Milford girl. 'They will cat it up Leola,' l,e said. 'They're snobs, and won't play around wilh people who don't have money.' And then he laughed. So I dressed up and-7-" "Well, you done il all right" Sieve growled. "Now get back imp (hat room." Molly stood still fov a monicnt after the door had closed behind her. She felt that lerrible faintness coming over her again But she must not faint. So niuc'h depended on keeping cool and sane. Evidently she had played her part well. They had' been completely deceived. It would be kind lo destroy that revealing note, now that il had served its purpose. Molly took the letter out of (he purse once more and looked down al il. The door was flung wide and Ihe woman wilh Ihe frowsy, corn- colored hair came in. "I'll trouble yoii for that purse," she said shortly. "And Ihal Idler, loo." She examined (he purse carefully aiid then 'handed it brick. She went out of. the rotini wilh Ihe letter in her hand. After a few moments she returned. Her voice held a hint of sympathy. "I'll bring you some breakfast," she said. "If I was you I wouldn't waste any tears on that fcllov.-. He don't sound so much to me. It wouldn't surprise me if you wouldn't be bettor off without him. With yonr looks you won't have any (rouble finding somebody else. Just like he said." "I know," Molly spoke. wearily. Fear, uhhappiness, hunger had made her feel really ill. Tears slipped down her while checks. ""We women are. all alike,- t guess," the masked woman said, "but you got more lo cry about than a man." With this doubtful consoirxion. she lelt tlie room. . (To Be Conlin-jcd) ' * CHURCH EXCUSES :- liy O. Mother says Hint Joe lins been '• going. about tlie last few days as ! though lie had lost, something or, expected to be kidnap-;!. .3hs «iys. | if he did get Isiiliinpcd like as not j Vie would itnit an argument aiaui j baptism and 05 soon as they foiimi j cut, how lip Imcl bren baiili^ci they ' would turn him ioose," siie says it hid not occurred to her bill .s'.ie i thinks now the way Joe's church I got so many to join, they usod I some form of kidnaping. j c e pays |- liarliam mother does nol understand the baptismal question any better fnaii she do?s the kidnaping. He says his church got their idea of baptism mil of and by studying Ihe Bible, and as for kidnaping they do not practice it and seldom even invite anyone to join they only Mugcst. H2 told fnoi-.ier he \voutd admit they used the mas.r production theory and if you use such system you have block joining. I-'alcons Avoid Women GcneroEify Cosily Texas Drawl Metered And Slowness Prove OROVILLE. Cal. (UP)-C. Yv. j NORTH BALTIMORE, O. (UP) Kioc.snitf and daughter ".Hmniy.--: —Since firemen's pay was V-oos^'ti wliii have undertaken to revive lilo from SI lo $2 a lire grass fire* ancient sport of falconry, have- are causing si heavy drain on Ihe mnde a discovery -about falcons, village treasury. A~flcr volunteers They do not like women av.rl received the pay raise, they weii won't rclinn lo Ihcin. Hence, summoned to put out two small 'Jimmy" wears trousers \vhcn i5 training the birds. grass SGO, flics. It cost the village DALLAS (UP) — n takes morel time for a Texan lo say "Jack! Robinson" than it does n natlvrj of Ncvy York or Michigan,, ofii-l cials of the Ford Exposition build-1 ing at the Texas Centennial tm| nounced. The officials determined tl<r, lry| a test. When preliminary pi; were made for showing the lol major exhibits in Ihc i?ord build-l iiig. a cycle of lectures rcquirlnsl one hour and thirty minutes lo| deliver was writlcn. Speaking English as it |s in Detroit, a lecturer could makcl the complete conversational tour] In exactly 90 minuies. Hut in Dallas, where ihe Tcsarl drawl rules, it was diseovcrcd '.liatl it rcquirctl one hour and foiiy-l eight minutes to make the cyclc.l Eighteen ininulrs had been lojt| along the vocal highway. OUR BOARDING HOUSE . Read Courier News Want Ads. With Major Hooplcl heavier than average cVriUr, n O i [-Increased lliree-fourlhs of tin iiic'n the same age. This, of cour.-?. '" l' ci sht and four pounds In nol b2 taken to mean thai h:; children necessarily are better than the weight. Harvard .students today average i.maller ones, since racial factors ' '"* itlcilc s taller and eight pounds have a great <leal to do wit.i body ' J 1 , cavlcr tnn n did their fathers vvhen development. It is possible, however. the economic condition of- the hmily able to send ils children lo college may have something to do with IMC development ot these \oung- stcrs. The provision of good foo.i and horsing, and of proper hvgtcne during childhood, must cor:ainly be Important In bringin; nboul betlcr developed children ii.itn a physical point of view, it ^ rc _ ported, for example, that the av- r-rape income of families of students of the University'of Minnesota Is In (he upper '30 p»i cent bracket of family incomes in general, • • t Recently, height and \vel3hi ,„,,. siircmcnts were recorded for 23,000 college men and 17,000 collsse women. The American college woman c „„,. „„ m as the age of 16, it was fo-oi^. is meek annually. - they were unctergraduatcs at Harvard. All this would seem to point .to the lad thai a »ro»;r Knott-le.ig; of hygiene and the provision ol — suitnble (iitantitios ot the rig'al kind of tood In youth, as well p.s control ot physical rlt;oa s c and physical education, can do much' to promote bigger and healthier children. Qtircn's limiiltiir Office Now HONOLULU i UP)—The presci.,, office of Attorney General William B. Pittman was once Hie rxiurioir of Queen Mliuokalanl, last of the Islands before Hawaii came a u. S. territory In 18f,S. rillnmn's office is 'n i Jolanl Palace which is no territorial capltol. The British pcslbftics ti.iridi*- more than six billion letters and £ \S TOUGH coov; TiAE SPUDS )Wji%, TlAEKl OL.O SOUR- , HE C/^K1 WASH AVJD COOK THEM

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