The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1947
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY 1017 School Children Given Leaflet on Polio Precautions IflTTLE ROCK, May 19—Distribution of 385.0CO leaflets listing j»rc»utjons against polio lias begun to schools throughout Arkansas in cooperation with stale and local education authorities, Harold Sadler, chairman of the Arkansas State Chapter of the National Foundn- 'tiori for Infantile Paralysis, disclosed today. Mr. Sadler said that it is planned to complete distribution of the leaflet, entitled ''A Message to Parents About Infantile Paralysis, 1 before the schools close for summer vacations and in advance of the polio season which in the United States usually begins in June and continues to the latter part of-August or early September ' <^illdren in the schools nre taking the leaflet home to parents. The project is part of a nationwide' plan to distribute 30.000,000 . leaflets giving facts about the disease to allay fear and furnish reassurance to parents hi the event of infantile paralysis outbreaks The plan has the endorsement ol Federal, state and local health and education authorities throughout the nation. Last year 403 polio cases were reported in Arkansas compared with. 69 during 1345. This year, as al May 3, 13 cases have been reported • in the state, compared with 14 for a similar period in 1940. 'The people of Arkansas," Mr. Sadler s'aid, "will have at hand practical information to increase their awareness of the facts about ihe disease, and knowledge of what to do should polio strike. Prompt action often prevents crippling." 'Stark Terror Tlie newsramera records tlic terror on face of 10-year-old Elennor Lcvcrlon, of Birmingham, Ala.; niter slie was knocked down by auto seen in bac ki<rouiid. The unidentified woman seen picking her up found the youngster hadly fi i^Mencrt. hut not seriously hurt. Oilil ISellcf Ancient Peruvian Indians believed that, whenever a trepanning operation was performed H »ew variety "f potato would be found iu thai urea. More trepanned skulls and more different varieties of potatoes have been found in Peru than in any other place in the world. . Rend Courier News Waiu Ada. Copyright by Gwcn Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. : xxxn hiiOPE you will sell this house," v saiclBasil, "and slorc your lur- liilure somewhere else. 1 do nol !Want*to think of you as spending i any more summers next door lo the Bagots." • ."Sophie, can probably appease the Bagols,'? said Godfrey. "Aflei •11, ttoy me her neighbors and they seem lo be people of consequence in this part ot (he world. 1 "If it weren't for Vicky," Sophie imented, "I wouldn't care in the slightest what they thought o "The young people will no doub settle things lor them selves," sak Godfrey. "The young people had thing all settled once. It seems we un settled them." r* ,< * Godfrey .curled back his lip •The whole thing seems to be my fault/doesn't it?" ' ,, % 'Yes," said Basil. "If you had kept your mouth shut everything Would be going smoolhly and we Could have had Vicky married oft tiefore'the Bagols asked any questions." "That's not what I mean," Godfrey said. "I mean in Ihe beginning. -Apparently il Sophie and I had beeti.'married there would )iave been, no objections at all." : "Oh—it isn't anyone's fault," Sophie said impatiently. "Things are as they are. 1 shall try to make Mrs. Bagot see it my way.' Godfrey cleaved his throat and rocked back and forth • from his heels to the balls of his feet, lie started to speak once or twice then thought better of it. lie seemed to have some sort of ai idea which lie was cither unwilling or unable to impart. "Sophie," he said. He toofc a turn about the I room, resumed his original stance cleared his throat again and n my past life, I can sec a cross- onds where 1 might have taken i different path. Who can toll vhcrc thai olhcr palh mighl have cd? lie thai as it may . . ." He Niccd the Hour again. "He thai as t may, I say—I want you lo know hat if I inadvertently made any niskikc which changed Ihe course of history, I am ready to acknowledge such mistake. I am willing low, for Victoria's sake, lo marry you." * * * COPHIE slaved in disbelief. After ^ forly years lo hoar those words! "IVIy dear Mansbridge," said Bnsil, "you're so Ivanspavcnt. Yoi] think you can get out of going lo the Home—" If T\Irs. B.ngot d^Iii't like ycstcc- day, she won't like tudoy any belter." "Bo that as it may, 1 am going to talk to her," Sophie said. ' There must be something 1 can cio!" "Sophie! Am I to understand that yon decline absolutely to shnrc my life?" I'm afraid so," she satd. "It would be this time a mere marriage of convenience—" "Godfrey's convenience," said Basil. Godfrey looked furious. "Very well, then," he said cliirkly. "II Ihut'K your last word -" "My Inst word, Godfrey." * "Then I shall leave!" He raised a finger in warinng. "Perhaps it would be for the best, dear." • *• * "Oil!" he exclaimed in disgust. He snorted twice, turned on his heel and left the room. It is cstimalcd (hut more than a half million people in Europe were put to d<i:ith ns witches between the 15th and 1'Jth centuries. "Bnsil, this is none of your business," Godfrey snapped. "Then you could have hnd the decency to propose marriage without an audience!" . -. Godfrey!" exclaimed Sophie, stunned. She still could not believe she had really heard at lasl the words so long awaited. "Well?" "Perhaps I had better leave yoi two alone," Basil said sarcasli- cally. "No, don't go," Sophie told him I have no answer for Godfrey hat you mayn't bear." "Are you going to refuse me? aid Godfrey, incredulous. "Certainly." "But I thought yon alway wanted me to marry you! This was too much for Basi If you'd asked her sootier," h said, "you might have found out she never did at all." Then Victoria is no belter off than she was ycslerday," Godfrey said, pleading his cause, lie began lor the first time *to lie ;ifrnicl Sophie might rcaliy let him go with the others. ''You owe it to Victoria lo marry me," he urged. 'That will change cvcrylbing. It RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLKHAN Electrical Appliance Co /jilliorlyecl Motorola Radio gates and Service 10G Sou Hi First St. Today's free MUM Ilccoril FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Vtebb Hwy <il at Sliilo Unc I'hone UlyllicviHc 714 Dr. W. C. Grice Veterinarian BACK at Dell, Ark. nv NcuscavicE. INC. T. M. REC. u. s. TAT. OFF. "You're right—thoughtless husbands ruin many marriages! And that reminds me \ must order flowers For our golden wedding anniversary, because I know Henry will forget!" •'HECKLES & HIS FIIIKNDS Oircftil, Sun! By MERUIU- l!JX)i?8KR pcatcd, "Sophie. As 1 look back 1 you reluse me, nothing is changed. ~) ASIIj resumed his conversation. "Why not let me HO and sec Irs. BagolV" "No, lhank you, Basil. I reel 1 mist go "lone. I must at least dl; to her—" • -'•„ *• "Oh—Sophie! I dislike seeing on put in this position. I feel lira. Bagot ought to come and see •cm. She should come on bended snec, begging you to—" Sophie stopped him with a land. "Her knees couldn't bend." "—begging you to permit her n to nlly himself with your amily." ; , "No," s:iid Sophie, "she is right. You sec, she's not cnniini: to nsk Cor a pail in a play. Sailer doesn't want to become fin nctor. It's Vicky \vho v.'nnts to becutne a Bagot. Mrs. Bagot is an authority on marriage and family life; 1 nm not. Vicky and I arc on the outside trying to get in. I shall have to Intercede." "But you speak ns if being a nai;ol were a career," Basil interrupted. "I'm sure it is. A career for which I should have had no tal- cnl at nil." Sophie finished her sherry and set down the empty Klass. "Well, Biisil, wish me luck. 1 Kin fluhig over to tnlk to Mrs. Bagol." (To lie Continued) /'"' Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CTIAS. HTTTNER liILT, WILSON IM HETAUATIOM FGFi WOMAN-HAT1N& WEEK. 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