Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1896
Page 4
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Gray's CORNER. On. the 'following items: Jill kinds of wu-m wonther dress goods; all km'' s ot ' Rnuzc underwear for'ladles. jrc»ts and children;.all kin-Js ^ gold, s tlk and leather belts; nil kinds •••of laces nud trimmings and nil other .kinds of goods. Greatest Discovery ol the 19th Century. Dr.' MSW HKMKET Medloiitccl Air iforthnCuteof Cntiirrh, AitthuiH and all Piilinoniny Diseases, U has no equiil toe SldtftiKl NRrvous Heii(l- ButU', 1,000.000 people dk> aunuiilly (rom tlie nbove ni»med dlswises. Wiij suiter and die, when Medicated Air Is "jlftMCATjED?^ 1 * Kimranteed to cure >ou. Hurt Alv nn<l DruB Co',, Richmond, Ind., U. 3. A. 11 la the best remedy on earth for La ..j)pe. It will give immediate relief u*d will effect a cure where all-other Mmedlea fall, •old by B. P. Keesllng, STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOllT, IND. • S2OO.OOO J. F* Johnson, President. B W Ullery, Vice President. H. J. Heitbrlnk, Casnier. DIRECTORS. J. F. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. ^lllott. Yf. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy anil »ell Government t>on33. Loan money on personal security an,d collaterals. Issue special,certificates of deposits bearing C per cent.'interest when left one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit ol floods. Insurance nlloies, mortgages and other valuables, Mnted at from $5 to »15 per year. E never put up any Flour under any other Brand than our own. W Our Magnolia Patent Flour Is Guaranteed to be Tweuty per ««nt better than any : other ;Plour made in the State.' Peru Milling Co. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 010 BROADWAY, JERSEY ICE CREAM, Beit in tie City. Little Candy Kitchen, 314 Pearl Street. All of our finebon bonsSCc a pound L. Q. PATTERSON Has opened a Flro and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and aollclts a Khnro of the public patronage, None but First Class Companies Repre- Mnted. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER •*•• fin. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or Alcnt. ' Central Untoo and Mutual telephones. Office, Ko. ». Residence, No. 1ZL DR. S. H. WARD. HOn(EOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors Jewelry store Residence 913 North Street. Ho "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE . Unique, Efficient'.' Labor Saving. Will •prinklo four times greater area than any •UMTB. Highest award at tho Chicago Ihtpoeltlon. • E. STEBBINS MFG. CC. ;«rt»'.ManufacuTorB, Sprtngfloia, Mas*. Jf«r Sale 'by «J1 Hardware and Rubber •ton*) in the United Statca •DAILY J JOURNAL Published every day in tho week (except by the Losaiwport Journal Company.^' W. S. WHIQHT .'..President A. H\RDY Vice President D- W. GRAVES -.Secretary S B. BOYEB :; Treasurer A 6KNT3 WANTED: Now book; Illus,trated i ami Dramatic History ot the -t touls Cjolone Lit B?wSlcT account ot Bwlh «D.IB?va»Mitlon ice 2f>a Torus tint. Buroiiif.,dt Co,,.Cincm Price per.Annum. price per-Month Official Paper of City and County.--.. ' (Entered as socond-clasg mall-matter at tho Losansport Post Office, February 8. 1888. ' -. FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 1800. THE REWARD OF COURAGE. ovei- w:is a party called ou lor sucli i displny of moral courage as the Re- publlcsm l^-otection plialanx prcsentoil vt the passage of tho JIcKluley law. It cost the men who voted solidly with Major M'cKiiiley, their scats lu Cousis :it tho election 'Chuit followed ou :ho heels o).' the iunitsiu-iitJou ot gononil spwitj"- 'J"' 11 -' iiialifiifirs of tlie law iiul its maUcivs gmnoil power, ttopro- seu-tatuoiL tl>rou«h jnisi-oprcjicutntiou w.'is theiir victory. They suecc-ssfully kept up the latter during tlieir short- ivecl loa.-io. Tho Dcmotrnllc -majority did not show the courage of its couvji:- tlons. It is doubtilul if Democratic otifrressuieu were truly oj)l-nionated ou iny question but their crying need for •spoMis aiul enwlranents. A few men though* tJie people demanded n fiiltill- jit of promises made in Hie heat (it campaign enthusiasm. These secffllnR- .y ho-nest freiitlemen- w<a'e snubl)ecl ; ait more than 000 points by those'-'.who hanfllcrt the bill they drafted. ;r T;UL- Democratic amendment makers did not hnre tlie nerve to present to the people their supposed ideas of a revenue-tariff. They forced oxi the nation a. .mlserajile acknowledgement of the fact that. Mc- Kinlcyism Is the cmly truly bonuelal policy for the whole people, Irrespective of partj- or condlition. The courage and aehdevejnents of tlie 'Republican party have marked it during Its history. Its future prospect is bright, for the light i-s ahead. Tlie leaders see an awakened people, firm In their demand for the policy of Republiwro, American protection, entlraslastte In 'their support of the banner of McKImleylsm, and resistless in their progress forward to prosperity. ; >.i' .. Every one to,Logansport and'Cass" county knot's Mr. W. T. Wilson, the nominee of the Joint Representative convention Thursday. For many years lite idenstificatton.-wLtQ the best Interests of tho county and city, and with the Republican parry In local affairs awl in the State, .has been active, and his loyalty to -his party and' to his home will be unwavering -in the event of life (election. His 'victory la highly iwob- able. He Is in every way d'jalincd for the position. The nominating'.speeches at St. -Louis will be mode by Senator-elect Foroker for Mclvtoley, Senator Lodge for Reed, Ohauocey M. Depew for Morton, ami ,T. N. Baldwin for Allison. Some excellent campaign literataro wd-U be con- tataed in Wicise orations. They will'-be published everywhere, and every -voter may read' ttiem. - Tho 'names-'ot.th<s sp'eJUcers make .tho standard of the addresses assuredly most excellent .• Tlie Idea o£ holding a wlioJc county for ¥0,000 damages to tilie family of the victim of lyuelwrs'1-s certainly origln.il 1m its injustice. It occurs to flic North that a murderer, whether urged on by Judge Lynoh's decree or by his- own motives should' receive the -murderer's dues. Lynchtag, must not, in. any degree be countenanced. W.beu the ' proifection cnudidiite ha* been nomtaated for the presidency, tho people will turn their attention to the patriotic and pleasant duty of retiring the obstructionists from- the. Senate. Matthews boomers are -circulating tlio story that Hon. Hod' Boles don't know the taste, of wMskey or tobacco, witih tihe idea of lowering his standing in the Democratic party. For its work 'the Republican party'Is the Nation's creditor. -T3ic account will be presented soon. The voters will, pay the debt to stamps next November. If there Is anything loose in the Shape of an office, the Democratic party craves" it. As tlic New York Tribune says, it is an."organized apjetitc.". The Congress now closing was a credit 'to its predecessor.., The same Is not claimed for the present administration. Hon. James A.-Mount will not open his campaign until after the National conventions.. ' . The people cam "straddle" • anything since the ; administration .has . pulled their logs. ' ;•'-..•'' .. President Cleveland la wisfiCenougb to see that tbe tariff'.is the-Issue'of 1806. . Miss Jessie ' Patrick Is visiting at Momencc, 111. Mrs. Charles Felker is visiting at Waukegau, 111. Mr." and Mrs. P. B. Shinn are visiting at BlooanfieM, Iml. Mrs. GooEge iucyynn*rtlauehter Fay ire at Monticeilo visBlng. Miss Berptcef JJe.IziellMs^atj Idayllle, visiting Ufir%roHdifiti^n,t8 > .»£;. '•-' : " Mr. .To-hn C. O'Connor, 'the ' Delphi contractor was in the city yesterday. Mrs. W. L-. BotfcfaiMT daughter of Star City w,ere in. the'city yesterday. .John Rlchascsn of,, TZftoiA}* ^barber, shop, was at.,P/i.ytnn, Otiio, Tuesday: "'' Mrs. ,T. Mr! Douglass and children have gone to Detroit for a month's visit. Mr. Allen of Marion was the guost of Miss Rosa Michael Wednesday even- luff. ,Tudiie.M..B. Lalry is holding coui-t at Fowler, Ju the court of Judge U. K. WDey. Miss Ed Mi Sldiimer rotunied yesterday from Winchester where s-lio vlsitetl friends. Miss Eva Mickel has returned to her hcrnio at Marion'after a slior-t v^it in the cri.ty. • C. C. Jajniesoo, proprietor of the Pah- was here from Marl-on yesterday on It's n pity- Cleveland don't-.adjourn with Congress.' :,\|', : . Mtes Ella 'Martin is attending the Sunday school convention at Craw- foi-tlsvi'llc, T. S. Brooks, secretary antl treasurer oC tlio K. Cnspaids Stone Co., which opera-ties the quarries at. Kenneth is in the city. • ' . : •••• '' -J George H. .Sin-Mi of the firm of Dit- iilwvrh & Smith, stone quarrymcn .at Rokomo. was in the catty yesterJay on business. Will WlUdus returned "Wednesday from Lafayette. "Bob" Shaw of that city accompanied .him, awl the trip was made ou bikes. Judge N. O. Ross, who has. been attending the .case of.Beck against the Pan-lwindle at, Marion has. .returned librae cm account of a slight sickness. Morris Talbott has returned from u busitaess trip'.fhroTsgh Illinois, and Iowa in tiiD hiierest of ..the Lux-Talbbtt stone quarries, which, an>,soon-to be'put In operation. Cairnden Expositor: Ed.-Hauce Is at home from Loganspoit again and has charge of tlic barber sbtop. His brother WJU, who has had charge <yf it for near a year, is going on-n-vLsi't through Indiana. ' ' '"' Koko-mo Tribune:'."-Mrs. .Dr. Kern w.ent.to Logonsport this afternoon. She wiU visit Wabash and Peru before returning Mrs. M. W. Ooiite;-visited •her daughter, Mrs M;idge-Gonseciflt Lo-, gansport Tuesday.- •'•"'•' ' . :.- -i! .' HARBISON-CAMPBELEc.* Yesterday at noon at the residence of John li 1 . Coulson, on North street, occurred the marriage of Mr.,' Walter Harrison and Mis? • DolUe Campbell The ceremony was ' per.formed r by ' the, Rev. D. P. Putnam in the presence of- a few Men-els-and relatives. The young couple left immediately after the cere^ rnony, taking, the train for Chicago, and will spend the honeymoon In a trip on the lakes. Many beautiful and valuable presents' wore-, received, among them being a full set of silverware, the present of the bride's uncle, 'Can't. Co'ul; son of San Francisco. The groom -Is the eldest son of George Harrlson^the'car; riage man, and- Is a traveling salesman Ai hte father's 'employ. Miss Campbell js 'the accomplished daughter, "of -the tote Dr. Campbell. On-their'return to Logansport they wUl be at home to their friends In a residence prepared by the groom at 1815-Broadway. ' ;• '•'• ; . THEIR ANNUAL RECEPTION.' ; The St. Matthew's'" commander J- Knights of St John,'Xo. 25.Gi.gafe theli; animal entertainment, last night at tup- rink. The Elite-.Mandolin.''. eln-b,.|Was present and .furnished sweet ^ .music. James Murphy' reh'detrecVa solo''"in very acceptable style.-Ttte Car-iton q-unrtetis pleased the audience with a selection. Attorney Frederick L'andts''- wto'J was to address the crowd, was called,.to Peru yesterday evening and. was unable to'keep.His engagement. ^At, the closte of the short musical -program dancing- was indulged in and the affair . closed very pleasantly. Refreshments ''-were served. .... • > .; , The exhibition ' given by the Bay ton drill team of the commandery was 'a fine showing for the Logunsport prize hunters. .Their work hist ntght/shows that they wilV-at least be "in evidence" at Dayton when the' competition- drill occurs.- " : "'''. NOVELTY IN TABLES'." 1 . ... W.'M. Graffis, : ':tiuc shoe-'man, lias on •exhibition In his'show window,'-a'tablo made'by Marion 1 Tlbryl wiio is fJfemnti of Stevens Bros!' 'pldninjf'.'mill.'' Th? table wd'll be pre'sentea 'to' Mr. Flory's brother, the'Hbn. Joseph Flory, who 1 .Is railroad commlsslbher of : the State .of; Missouri. The top" of 'the' table'.'Is ; ari exact'map ; 6f the State-df'Missouri-and the 114 .counties in/tie State 'are 1 reprbs- entetl by as .many-kinds of' wood'collec- teclfrom ail parts of fflof•world'.-.'In'.the table's; make-up "are.' ; walnut':. ; sffl?E?es from the ,oli Makbnlc,haH,;iand oVplece p6rt. 'It was .beautifully finished', by WilUara Dodd of this city. It is a thing of beauty, ajul tlovibtloss wlU be grate- filly received by Mr. Flory. The table hus been under construction', for -two years. i "'"'iS YOUR BLOOD PURE? 5 Pure blood -is essential'to good health. TMsHs ti<ne r fro-m-t,li.e very nature of the Kuman body. ..Jxc blood Is tlie, fl.uid which carries uonTlshmeii-t.to aU the organs, and its quality '-.determines, the degree of health in wuiclr the system will be found. Gpod.blood means strong nerves, good digestion, ro.biist health. On the contrary, topure blood must necessarily cause disease, .because when the blood cannot furnish' the Ke-&iv.i.ng qualiitJcs needed; tiie.phj-sl«il powers must begin to fall. ' .. Tlio best way to have good blood is to take. Hood's Sarsapnvilla, because it possesses exactly those qualities which enable, the blood to carry health to even 7 nerve, organ and tissue. It creates a good aippelite and enables the digestive organs to do their work.proper- ly. In this way it Rives strength. It expels nil impurities from the blood and makes it rich, pure and healthy. Thus it wards oft' disense :iud keeps the whole system in a healthy condition. Itis the great blood pnri-fier, the best spring medk-ine, iniie nerve tottic and sbre.n-gth bniMcr. ' LECTURE AT THE COLLEGE. •Judge Baldwin Opens the Course—A Picnic Follows. ..: The Hon. D. P. Baldwin yesterday inaugurated the series of lectures to bo given, at Michael's university during the coming summer. His subject was mbng the Mohammedans." The college chapel was well filled by students and citizens of Logansport.. After the lecture all the students went to Spencer park and picnicked for the rest of the evening. » 'A'BOY WANTED. :''A : 'lettCE inquiring for a boy named Charles Edwards was' received at police headquarters yesterday morning. A ftoy''resembling the one'described in tlie ''letter was seen near the Watesh station Wednesday evening, but a thor- ougb'search of the city yesterday failed to re'vea'riils-'.whereabouts. ''" ! DEATH OF E. B. CLIFTON. E. B. ClMlton, an .inuiate of Long Cliff, wii'o'se'home is at La.G-range, Ind., died Tuesday 'morning at tbe ago of 41 years. Mr. CliCton has been an iuuiate of the'hospital for several years past. He leaves' a: wife and several- children at LaGrange. Interment at Long Cliff cemetery. KICKED BY A COW. . Mrs.^John Rife of Washington township was lacked by a' fractious cow Wednesday evening.and received injnr- ies.wiiicli'niny prove serious. AT'THE CLERK'S OFFICE. . Justice Fender yesterday united in office Mary .marriage' in the county clerk's Christopher Horning and Miss Slagor. Walter V. Harrison and Dollie Camp- 'bell, Christopher Horning and May Slager have been licensed to wed. Ed Shirk, the Ice cream man, treated The Journal force to "Hokey-pokey" last night': The sweetness was appreciated. .The crciiin was the creamery article and "violet," a new flavor, made it -very enjoyable. DEATH'OF MRS. BETSY HOUSE, Mrs. Betsy House- died at her home '•near- Lincoln Monday night. The funeral was-held yesterday afternoon. Interment in the Galveston cemetery. The cost of the coronation was twice .tiiiaVcrf the St. Louis cyctono 'and the loss of life attending ft three 1 -or four times', greaiter. . '• ''' A .steel wire fly wheel, twenty-five 'feet in diameter and requiring 250 miles of wlire La Us construction, has been made in Germany. • • " ' Soutli 'Australia bas just 'held'an' election atwhich women voted for.the flrst time, wbUe at the same'time"the first experfanout of the referendum was made. . . , . As the -exact year of Gutonburs's W'rtli Is. .not kn,o.-nii, 1000 haS;been finally selected by the town authorities of tp celebrate Ms -five hundredth • A cil.iid named Willie Tanzy died at Terre Haute tliis week from an over .dose of 'laudanum administered' through •Ignorance'.' .by the- child's ,:. adopted ,mdther.. . ' . . , •'.:>:. -' • ..afternoon. ':''; Born,,to':Mr. and Mrs, Guy Weasy of Wabash aveune, a son. . Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE IN A CANDY FACTORY. CleanllnwiH In the Place* Where Sweetmeat* Are Turned Out. From top to bottom the floors of the factory ore covered with tiles, and i noticed that there were people engaged in nil parts of tbe building scrubbing antl washing these tiled floors. For a. candy factory it was tbe least sticky or Eincary place I ever KU\V. Absolute cleanliness and sweetness was tbe rule. There was a slight drift of sugar about, 113 in a mill where wheat is being ground, and your coat mightgctalittle powdered, but there was always sweeping going on. . Cbocolate-maldng I need not describe, only to state that every thing was. done here by machinery, for the chocolate as produced enters for a large pcrccntn£e into the bonbons ro.anufac- tured. In the sugar-plum departments handwork seemed to be ceonstant. Tidy- looking young women, nil with caps on, were woi-ldng- away, each one with a. Jittie,, saucepan before her full of sugar; the sugar was in a pasty condition, the beat being: derived from steam. In these saucepans were sugars of all the_ hues of the rainbow. The workwomen" would take up an almond or a. pistache nut, and drop it in the saueepan, then fish it out with a bit of wire fashioned in loop form. Tbe art wr.s to get just the proper coating-. Then with a dexterous motion of the wrist the sugarplum would be placed in atin'pan, and with a deft motion of the wire loop o nice finish would be given to the top of it. There were some very Email sugarplums, and it would take 200 of them to make a pound.' They were all exact in form. These little things, BO the foreman told me,had gose through ten processes before they hod arrived at their present condition. Some of thte sugarplums were made in molds. There was pure legerdemain about these. A man took a funnel, and dropped the sugar, just at tho crystallizing point, in. molds. They were very small things, not more thai an Inch long by half an inch wide, but the confectioner never poured a drop in the wrong 1 place. Dear me! if I tried to do that, I should make a precious mess of it Here were sugar-plums of many shades, every workwoman seeming to have a specialty. It was somethingriot alone requiring alertness of hand, but constant watchfulness as to tlie condition of the material used.- If it had been too soft, tlie bonbon would have run and been out of shape. If the sugar paste had been too -hivrd it would have been intractable. How they managed not to burn anything was a wonder.— Harper's Kound Table. - TH* LION-MONKEY. BeffvHM Hi» SlMtor and Gain* a T«n. porarj* rt'cedoiB. The silky uwmoset, or lion monkey, 1s a very rare species, foucd only in the neighborhood of. Cape Frio, just north of Kto de Janeiro. They arc not much Jarger than a. squirrel, and have beautiful, long, silky, bright, golden fur, like u child's fair hair. Their popular name Js derived from their being the very image of little lions, miniature mane and all. The epcciwicu I onoe had for o pet, like .most of his kind, was intensely nervous—too much so to ever become very tame. I did not keep him in a cage, but encircled his body with a soft belt, to which a thin, light watch chain, not more than a half yard long, was attached. The other end of this was faet- -cnod to a slender ring, traveling- freely up and down an upright pole six feet high, at the top of which was a lon^r cross-bar, placed T-vise; so that, as you will see, the inowkey had plenty of scope for exercise without much risk of getting entangled, and yet was con- find within a limited area. One morning I found his-chain snapped and him g'one, and I had some little bother to find him and secure liim again. I was rather surprised at this, as he had always seemed to approve of tbe ring-aiid-chain arrangement, and never attempted to get away. The next morning the same tiling happened, and the next, and I then became convinced Uiat he must have be«n sorely frightened during the night. Seeking for a cause, I noticed tliathia tin of boiled rice was always emptied cleanly, and us the little rascal himself was too fond of banana and snpodillato ca-t much rice, I shrewdly suspected »3-1S. • . • Accordingly the next night I baited a Mge-trap with some salt fish—which is much more attractive than toasted cheese—and set it just in the .line of route .between .the jalousie, through which I judged they must enter, and Leo's stand. But the following morning a brok.e-u fragment of chain again.dimpled from the ring,'the rice was all gone and the monltev.wos sitting sedately in the rat- trap.wlierc he had beguiled the hours of - his captivity 'by eating up the salt fish, 'greatly to his subscquentderniigement. —Golden Days. Women-* Pet Ecouoinl<w 'One of-tho wealthiest women of this city .will only permit a certain limited number of potatoes to be used iivher honse weekly. She has ; alaj-ge«etab- Mtss May Sample willentecfaina par- J1WU3U ,v^ v . ~-- -— V of her friends at Spencer park tills Jishnient and her:CnterUinmcnts have -".. •--> -• >v 0 »n™«rniico of lavishncss, but the the appearance of lavishncss, but the potatoes; ore. always, counted* and por- " in her hotise -would hardly sustain tho average person for the exertion of a| . brisk walk. The -vrile-of ix wealthy New • York business man shivers through every winter because she cannot overcome the feeling that a grate fire is an. •unnecessary extravagance; and still i another, who is in comfortable cir-. cumstancas, has on several occasions: contracted colds that have threatened to end >'er career by going out on foot : ia evening dress because she considered a c-.ib a luxury that could tx> dispensed with.—I*. Y. Journal- THE ROOT OF EVIL. Fable of the Farmer and Hi« Ncw-Foond lilchcx. One day, states tbe Detroit Frets Tress, a .farmer, who lived for years in peace and quietness and was well- spoken of Ijy all who knew him, found , a pot of gold as lie was digging- ; Ji a Held. In groat rejoicing he carried, the treasure to his bou.se and told his wifo the news, and in a dny his good luck • was known to 100 people. His wife promptly decided to buy a piano and. have a new house, and when the old man didn't lliink much of this scheme she upbraided him for his selfishness, and went about in the sulks. His three. . nons suddenly decided lhat they would blossom out as Jim-dandies and work no more, and bis two daughters howle-i for diamonds and silks. A deacon called and wanted him to give $500 to the African heathen; he was asked to establish a foundlings' home; his mother-in-law demanded a brick hous-J and new carpets and his ten sisters and brothers arrived and wanted the spon- dulix to make a trip to Europe. Neighbors who had loved him now referred to him as a stingy old varmint, and men who had asked him to be a candidate for town supervisor sent him word that they'd snow him under if ever he ran for office. I» a fortnight he found himself without friends and mixed up in a score of broils, and, taking tba gold to the river, he dumped it in ai-d exclaimed: "That over which I rejoiced has brought roc only sorrow, and durn my pictur' if I want any more of.it!" Moral—Eiches do not bring happi- _ ness, but be ought to have licked the whole crowd and invested that money in four per cents. ' AH CHOWS MISTAKE. Took the Trolley "for the Steam B»tfw«y Train. Ah Chow, a Chinaman with a limited Iniowledge of this country, its ways and its language, started . from Berkley. CaJ., to ride the few miles into Sai» Francisco, recently, lie had been'in-, structed where to take the train; but he made, a mistake, and instead of boarding the regular steam railroad train he took on electric car that passed the . same corner. It happened to be a,car ol tho loop line that runs between Ilerkeley and Oaklaod, going one route and returning another.. He made the complete circuit once, but made no effort to get off the car. Thecpnductor thought the scenery charmed tho celestial, so said nothing, but collected bis fare a third time as the car went ou . its second trip to Oakland. Eight ; times Ah Chow ^ade the circuit of the line, paying his nickel with cheerfulness every time the conductor asked for fare. Then at the end of the eighth trip -.•' the conductor called a policeman and Ah Chow was taken before a police . judge for examination as to his Bonity. The> interpreter in the court soon, discovered the reasonof Ah Chow's peculiar: doings, and'with the court's permission accompanied him to San Francisco. Not Flfhteri. A Cincinnati man who was recently-. In Spain Rays: "Do not for a moment think that the population at Barcelona, represent the Spanish people. Thero are at Barcelona a great many nihil- teto, who ore. ready to raid at a moment's notice,' not because tJiey love- Spain, not because ^they bate America., but because such demonstrations furnish an excellent opportunity to pick pockets, rob houses and pick up valuable booty of various kinds.- As to the, students—you know students are. a flighty set generally, easily excited and ready for deviltry of any sort. Tb« BarecJonians would not go to. wax; they would stay at home and hunt- . plunder."—Cincinnati Times-Star. ,.' '•; Cyclone Cave In Iow». School directors in the district of Duverne, la,, have ordered a cyclone cave built at each, of the schoolhouse* • In the district COVERED WITH HUMOR When 11™> thirteen yearn old I began to have sore even mid SHUT, ana from my e:ir» a Jnimor. • JpSad. I doctoral with Il« * ff % nl jf'.^..'' doctor?, but they did me no eood. My dlMue waVBclcm.. By U.1. lima itVdlKO»o . 1over my hold, face, «ad body. Nobody t*o»*b» I vould live, »ud woold not hjTO but 'or Opjiociu RKHIDIH. I mod lour boic.. ot CDTJCOIU,.. five cnkDB of CUTICTOA SoiP. »nd three bottlot - ot CrjncmuR«OI,T»NT. "r^rallameOB* »tth(itUmo,bol nowltli«o thick I CM hardly comb It. f am BiitMn. year, old, weigh 1ST , nother woman whose annual, income exceeds lier cxpcndi- ture by many thousands considers that rncnt) t tnd m ofhoraorcurei. Sold thM««houl the world;' Prtw. dny is sufiicieDt. dinners are always of the best, but the Subscribe" for the Journal

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