The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1953
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLK (ARIO COURIER NEWS New Polio Vaccine '"' : ' __ Ready for Teste '.By. ALTON' L. BLAKEStEE • AP Science Reporter NEW YORK W—Sclenlists no' have: a Vaccine which (hey hav good reason to believe will protcc humans against polio, ending' Ih dread scourge of a crippling anc killing virus. .. : The proof of the pudding xvl come through tests on many chi dren, probably to be run this year .This Is the main substance of report'Iast night by Dr. Harry M Weaver, research director of' th National Foundation for Jj>fantll Paralysis. • ' This vaccine Is one payoff of 1 million'riollars devoted to resenrc • by the March of Dimes funds sine 1938. It looks like the, best practlca • answer yet to the challenge polio. 'it has sltmuliUert a few humans and many monkeys and chimpan zees, io make their own nntibodle of disease-fighters against all thre types of polio.virus. The monkeys in fact, went scot-free even whc given lethal doses of polio viru after the vaccination. The' ncld test for this vaccln Etill lies ahead—the tests on thou sands of children. liven if it \i-orks the vaccine will not be general! Hvailnble this year, not until som ' questions arc answered about hoi good and- how long Its protecllv effect lasts. But it Is certain that this vaccln is safe, that it can't cause poll In children or adults who gel th shots. For it is made out of viruse killed by chemical treatment, wit! formalin or formaldehyde, so tha the viruses cannot damage human nerves. . 3 Years of Work And it i.s certain that ihe vaccln could protect against nil threi types of viruses can cause human polio. It • took three sollc years of work. • costing $1,370.000 to learn that there are only three such Viruses — named the Brim hllde, Jjansinff nnd Leon strains— which are dangerous. Tbis vaccine contains all three types. research also hi learned how to make these viruses in practically unlimited quantities Dr. Weaver reported. ' It's done .by growing viruses In glass test tubes on bits of nnlma or human tissues. The [issues car be of several kinds, not Including nerve tissue; For- It's feared tha virus grown on nerve tissue thigh contain contaminants which conic damage the brains of persons getting vaccines made with that kind of virus. This vaccine has no such danger. Viruses In this vaccine, although killed by chemicals, still keep the power to make a human produce antibodies against; polio viruses Antibodies are , natural - r defense agents which can disarm-; any /invading .viruses: ; '•'.• Ahd r ^snt(I Dr. Weaver, the nnll body-producing ability of this vaccine apparently can be stepped up by combining It with certain mineral oils. . . "I would like to be able to announce this evening-thai'field tests with such a vaccine wljl be undertaken during 1953," Dr. Weaver said. This I cannot say with complete assurance, but I can sny that .tremendous progress has been made during the past several months— In fact, the kind of progress that one Is accustomed to see prior to the faking of an Important sten forwaVd." : Dr. Weaver described these research advances at a special dinner meeting of foundation trustees. It means that enough work on a safe, practical vaccine has been done in the laboratory, and the next step is human trials. Dr; Vveaver stressed that success In producing this vaccine came from work of many scientists, putting together pieces of a tremendous jigsaw pu?,?,Ie. He menlloned no names. But it Is known that Dr. Jonas E. Salk University of Pittsburgh virus ex- MUD'LL BEFUDDLE - Two citizens of Berlin's Soviet zone shuffle their newly purchased Western sector shoes In mud, attempting to make them look old and worn. Communist law forbids East Germans to purchase Western goods, so shiny shoes are camouflaged In an effort to tool Ihe Red border guards. ! USID BY ! MORE Miuiam OP StJoseph pert, Is working with this kind of vaccine. ; Search Will Continue Several other methods of making or using vaccines—some employing live but weakened virus— •111 still be studied, he said. And the search will continue lor drugs which may combat polio, Dr, Weaver said, "We are now In a favorable position to detect reasonable effective drugs, If they exist, or can be madi." The foundation, meanwhile, will help to stockpile and use*jj temporary polio-fighter. This Is gamma globulin, a protein in bloo* thnt curries antibodies against lollo. Dramatic tests lust summer proved thnt shots of gamma globulin can give temporary protection—about six weeks — against polio paralysis. Most people already have hart unrecognized cases of polio, and built up tlielr own antibodies against at least one type of virus. Our gamma globulin still carries these ontibodles. Gamma globulin from the pooled blood of many persons exposed to polio Is being collected and stockpiled by the foundation, American Red Cross, National Research Council nnd -surne other agencies for Eillocation next summer to help combat polio epidemics. Antibodies given through gamma globulin soon disappear. Those made from gelling a vaccine would .'„ last much longer. Time will tellj,, whether this vaccine Is refilly the * ' final answer to polio. If It works as hoped, polio will have lost Us sting. TUESDAY, JAX. 2T, 1988 IIONOUKD TONIGHT — Guests of honor tonight will he Barbara Hughes (left), Armorers Junior basketball queen, and netly Bynum, senior queen, at a banquet at Armorel High School. Members of both Juntor and senior basketball teams will also be on hand. (1'hblos by O'Stccn) Draft Dodger Rubinstein Freed By Court Until Late Next Month WASHINGTON «V—Serge Rubinstein, rich Russian-born financier, is snfe from Blng seized and taken at least until Feb. German Speed Limit to Stay HEIDELBERG, Germany ( The U. S. Army announced It would maintain if.s present 50- milc-an-hoiir speed limit for nil American , military nnd civilian automobiles on German highways. The West German Parliament. effective Jan. 22, removed nil speed limits for Germans. loday There are more thrm 100 varieties of potatoes In tho natural slate, according to the Encyclopedia Britamitca. The U. s. Court of ^ Appears, dividing 2-1, lale yesterday ordered ihnt no steps be taken toward selling Rubinstein pending further arguments, in his case. •This was Ihe fourth lime In four weeks Ihe court had Intervened to taken Into custody on a deportation warrant growing oul of his World War II conviction of drnfl dodging. The arguments Feb. 27 will be on on appeal from a ruling last Frldny by u. s. District Judge p. Dickinson Lefts denying Rubinstein's application for a temporary Injunction. Judges Henry w. Edgcrton. and David I,. 8a*clon said Ihere was a serious legal question whether the attorney general has authority to haul nublnsteln off to Ellis Island. They stressed that the financier has been nt liberty on bond throughout the Jong deportation proceeding ngnlnsl him, and that government attorneys did not raise any Issue of security. But Judge Charles f'ahy said he would not intervene. Ho explained that Rubinstein, if taken Into cus- loday, could test Ihe legality of h'ls detention by applying for a writ of habaes corpus. , •The various legal moves by Hub- inslcin's ntlorneys, beginning Deo. 30 when he was supposed to surrender, arc designed to keep him off. Ellis Island until they can contest In the courts the legality of the deportation proceeding. Quakes Rock Dyersburg DYEIISBURG, Tenn. n>) — Residents in western Dyer County were startled by.two minor earth tremors tlons"-ground"forces" yesterday. No damage was reported.' iasi. Russian Jet Strength Now 8,000 7'ARrS W)—New information has boosted Allied estimates of Russia's Jet plane strength to 3,000 aircraft— 3,000 more , than American military intelligence agents figured only a few weeks ago. This was revealed last night by a top ranking u. S- Army ofllccr, who said the n{w Information was picked up recently by American agents. These reports said that Russians had stepped up their Jet production considerably. The size of the Atlantic Allies' combined jet fleets Is a military secret but it Is believed to be a great deal Less than the Soviet Union's To counter the Russians and their satellites the North Atlantic Treaty Organization hopes to build eventually an air force of 4,000 plane.?, The Informant said the Russians are believed to have a total of about 20,000 "high quality" warplancs of all types and an aJr force of half a million nien, \ The Soviets, he added, also have stepped up their afrhase 1 building program all along 'their western frontier and In the European satellites—Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania, "They have built 70 to DO bases along that frontier, and they are stocking them with jet lighters," he declared, terming this a "very big threat against Centra! Europe.". The Western Allies.have built or are building a string of 95 airfields across Europe, including 30 alrcady set up In West Germany. Koreans to Honor Gen. Vcn Fleet ;, SEOUL (/D—The Republic of Korea will present a silver tea .pot to the rctirini! U. S. Eighth Army .commander, Gen. James A. Van Fleet. The tea pot Is Insrrlbed In Korean with Van Fleet's name nnd the words: "Friend, Defender, Brother In Arms," Van Fleet yesterday received Korea's highest decoration, the Medal of National Service. Citizens of Seoul will parade at the Capitol grounds Thursday in a farewell gesture to their "honorary mnyor, who has led United Na- since April "^WaHSMl*** Luxurious Cushronized Sofa and Chair Miracle 100^ Nylon Frieze Fabric by KROEHLER NATIONALLY ADVERTISED sofa only Like a breath of spring this refreshingly new Kroehler furniture will awaken the beauty of your living room! Look ac id Lines are low, sweeping, dramatic. There's the look and feel of quality in every'inch ... from the modern "biscuit tufted" back cushioning to the smart anchor-design seat cushions. And look at the luxurious 100% Nylon fabric... famed for resistance to soil and" wear ... famed, too for long-lasting good looks! ' Lounge in it! Feel a brand-new kind of/sitting comfort... the kind that only Kroehler Cushionized Furniture can give you! Come in now and see this fabulous furniture value... you'll fall in love with it. Companion choir * f ^J Small down payment delivers-Long easy terms C.M. SMART FURNITURE, INC "Thrifty Shoppers Bay Smart Furniture" Buildup of ROK Troops Termed 'Most Sensible' WASHINGTON (fP>~Vie proposal for a buildup of the Republic of Koret Army "makes the most seme" of all the advice,on Korea offered President EisenliHwer, House Majority Leader Ha leek (R-lnd) said last night. [ Halleck said on a radio program he knew of no legislation that might be sought In connection with the Tar Eastern conflict, but uld he thought "If there'« any one person that can get us off the hook in Korea, it's President Eljenhow- er," "His own boj' I" there is you krtovv," he added. HOW BIG is a head of lettuce? Good lettuce heads vary: Some grow in tighter, heavier head* than others. Some heads are larger, some smaller. But many stores price it all at so much a head! So you squeeze the heads, and try to choose the heavier, more solid one. To get your money's worth you may have to take a larger head thaii you want ... or else pay the same price for a smaller head. Now when lettuce is priced by the pound, you can pick out just the head you like and pay only for the exact'amount of lettuce you get. ' • When lettuce is advertised at so much a pound, you can compare prices. 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