The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1946
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JUNK 20, 19-IG BLYTHEVILUS (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Army Due to Get $7,091,034,700 House Committee , Purs Its Okch on \ Big Appropriation WASHINGTON. Jime 20. (UPI — The lluluse iip|)vo[)riatiotts ooimniUre today recommended $7.(J91.u:i-l.70Q lo operate Ihc War Depurtinont urn-inn fiscal ID-n, including $'375,000,000 lor atomic energy research and devcl- opim'iU. Tliij lolnl appropriation would IT Sin.172.129 less than that recommended by the budget binvan. But it wuuld allow $175,000.(l')i) more lh:m the bureau proposed fu;- atumie. energy purposes. The committee observed that Ihc Army intended to continue alomlc activities on its present sen 1 .". \vhk'h is roniihly two-thirds of tho war- lime level. Atomic research would include civilian ;ls well as nn'iiarv ap])licalions. Publication or secret testimony hefure an appropriations stibu.m- lllitlce revealed that: Ilasetl on I.oilf; Occupation 1. lien. DwiLshl 1). Eisenhower IK>- licves IT. S. Occupation P.-n-ces musi be kept overseas for five to H) years. -. The armed forces have developed bacteriological warfare lo the. point where it is more destructive than atomic bombs. 3. Ttie Army has developed a drug to treat malaria which is supemi 1 lo uiabrine and quinine and does noi ••yclluv:" patients' .skill. Funds recommended by (he com- milUe would provide an .".v.-.Tage army streniith of 1.279,00') for Ihc fiscal year. Of that total. 5SB.OOO could be stationed in th-; United Slates. Giia.OOU overseas and •luf.'.OOO assigned lo the Air Forces. Added to the active forces would be a National Guard of 2-10.000 officers and men, Air Guard of -17,(HEi, organized reserves of 331,903 officers and '(21.800 men,. Kc- ^',TVC Officers Training Currtj, of Fi;,".lon students and -15,000 at V camps. SI 10,000,000 for (luarrt The National Onard wonid receive $110,000.000 of the funds, the organized reserves $50.000,000 and the ROTC $10.812,000. The committee recommended PAGE FIVB Petrillo Surrenders On Strike Charges Former Major In Jap Army Tries Suicide Preppinc) to f : losli Bikini Pictures the tltet J. Albert Well, left, U. S. District Attorney, wnlches Jninrs C. I'elrlllo, president of the Americim Federation of Musicians. AFU siijii 11 $100U iiil bund in U. S. District Court in Chicago. Pclrlllu made bond following nn nmilgiimeiil on charges of violiitinij Federal law when lie culled a strike KBiiinst a Chicago radio stiittou on May 28. second from lelL is Joseph A. Putlwny, yoncrnl council for the mimisitaiis union. (NKA Telcphoto.) TOKYO. June 20. (U.1M —A former Japanese Army major Irlucl iinsuccesstully (n commit hnrn- klrl today to "admonish with death" the sins of war crlmlmilH against Ihc Emperor. Bald, thin Yoshlo Muki, 69. chose n gruss plot outside miiln Kate or the Japanese building for his suicide cry. He used an lii[;enlouf>:y-contrlv- ed weapon. H consisted of a srveii- incli dagger tied lo the end of n Ifftniboo shall about six feet lonp, nn which were Inscribed poems lucnnlne. "I die calmly." He propix-d (lie dagner. Ihc blade liolnllni; lo Ids upper left abdomen, on the yuiss and tell UIKIII U. in doing H>, lie held up u larye death messiinc. signed In Ink. which asked that Ihe body of "an «KCd cllla-n of Western Japan" be allowed to remain there to ••.serve as a lesson to evil-doers." 1'ollce, however carried Makl lo hospital where physicians said 15-Year Old Lad Succeeds as Farm Manager .shows Whcn ribl>0!i:i. Going to AUBURN. Wash. (UP)—Jimmy'. Martin 15, dangled hi s legs over ( ' bn ., d nbo ' ut m n(iy the side ot the alfalfa bale nml ;, „ hc i(L . Tv ol som ,,,,,, IhouBhlf.Uly .scuffed the floor wnu but a . s , „„,.„ „„,„„ , (lst ins toe. 'I'm heading for a herd I just „ n , h , lvc cnollgh untu aiul try for bliii he [;radualcs he's college and study agriculture. "Sure. I'm ROliig to be a farmi he tinned "Why I'd feel lost I went to the city, now Like all dairymen, some problems these : worry is Lhe-'f :'m worried nbc too." hc said. "I've Jimmy clays " of gouci, \vluit I'm purebred Jerseys, that's uitning at...." This i.s not the daydream of n my pasture comes In school he's known lo be good sithletcr, a cholar, On HI. HUUll ill 111 CICI , .1 ytJUU .M^IlUlill boy. but the practical plnii (he bil sketb«ll coiu'ts thcv say or ;l sound - headed, succcsslul ..,„ hot billl h . ul , ncr ... In ' sllo j. u on dalfymaii. Jimmy manages n 60- „,,,,. school rcco ,. (| .,,„,„, tl)c vuulll lie had a i-hance to Dean Asserts World's Minerals Increasing FASTON. I'n. CU.J'.)—-The world's mlncnil dciw.sits nro cx])»ndlni! not shrinking;, uct-oidlnn (» Ur. Thomas M. Ucilil. dean of llic Cir- Ixinibln Uiitvoi-.-iity .school ol lulni's, S|X.'akllH; lit Lalayt'llc CollOKP. »r. liw-.d wild that, despite the enonnous con.siitnption iliirLiij; the \vai- j-car:;. iiclj-olcnin reserve's In the United Stales will last more than :].000 years nt the iircs Wisconsinttes Plan Wedding in Congo CHICAGO tU.P.)—A j'omitj WJs- eonsln couple pUn to b« mnrrle<l next yenr—In the n«lgl»n COIIKO. The brlcle-lo-be, H grndunlc ot the KvniiKCllcm Bible Institute, iii- i-pady hius flown oil to the Jungles' while tile young man, who recently was ill sch a rued from USe Navy, needs., to. brush up with"'» year's study it'the Moody Bible iniilltutc. -. •;•• „'; They arc Jean'- jf.lnband, "V2,\ tiiid Jerome Huberts, 23. They will be married, to the throtj of toiii-loma nt Taiulnla in the Congo. Read Courier New* Want Ad*. Aboard Ihc'USS Appnlncliliin. onictal press ship (or Ihc Bikini A.toll ntoinlc bomb (fsls. un Acme Tvlupliutu Trans-eoiver is tested by Clilct Rndioman S. H. lUmklns, of Colby. Knns. I.ooklnK mi are Slicrninn, eenk-r, of Acma Ncwsptclnves. mid Thor Smith, iisslslnnl to the publisher of (he Hun frniu-isro Call-Bidlclln. DnrhiR the llikini experiment, lliu m:u:lilnu, wlih-li Inmsmils n jiliotoKraph h.v rndio in seven iniimlcs, will (lash plelurcn of "Operation Crossroads" back to Hie U. K. for use In newspapers on the same day Ihey are snapped lit Dikinl. enl rale of iiroduclLon, Dr. Hea(' slat i-d. 1-lnthcrmore. '"I he whole energy problem has been prnetlenlly U'l[K'd out by tin; <||K-JCIVCI-V of lnj\v to use nuclear enemy In Hie la.sL few yi'ins," h ( . Mild. "There |. s n< lonijur liny reason lei worry about how your' desiTildanlb mny provide Ibeinselves wltli meehunlca ciit'i'uy." SATURDAY BAKERY SPEC/A IS 7-Inch, 2-Layer Fresh Lemon Cake 59 ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Sorry — Just 1 to a Customer »»»«««»»»*»*»*»»»•»<»» »»»»» »»»< -8"»»<8~»»-»$ »•»»»»» Father's Day Cakes Made to Order »»«»»»««»«««««»»>»»»»»< HART'S BAKERY lilytheville Owned — Employing lilythcville People 'is a promising candidate for ''Those acre farm—alone. i Lost January a rotten pole mosl llhc , , o sllm , crt .., tumbled over and brought tragedy i Bl|t 1( ,.jv ilt i lomc <>n lht , farm— i to tile Marlins. Jimmy's father. B.',, ., ,,.i.p,. n )„. »IQ,,,K i,,..,,i ,, n ,i S350.00a.000 for Army relief in 0 ecu-l L . Martin, lineman, was crushed to s ouklers ibovc mos bo , of AL' liiecl ai-cns-SlSO.000.000 less than th»| death. But Jimmy couldn't atfbrci M1OUICICIJ ' amnc " m ^ } >°^ ° r nla Army requested. It pointed out. that this reduced amount .should be sufficient, a.s crop conditions in occupied areas were favorable. I3:-sides the larue atomic energy research item, the committee proposed a record peacetime lolal of S2S1.SOU.OOO for other Army research programs. "The hiyh slnnciaid and superiority of our military weapons and eiiuipment must be maintained and the availability of proven tyne-, su- IH-rior to those of other to waste much time grieving, lor work had to bs done. The youngster looked over the farm. Spring was coming. Thirty- live acres of bottom land liad to be readied for the hay crop. JTvery morning 12 of the 22 head ot Guernsey and Jersey cattle had lo be milked. So, the curly-headed youngster with the engaging yrin rolled up his sleeves and went !o. work. Today he sends his milk, top , age. ... , ""''^"siGrndc-A, to the city bottled trade, must oQsuafanti-ed." the commit-i.iic {in6s cnm igh lime, outside, Hefe:rin;t to the incroaso ir. the funds lor atomic energy research, the committee reported that Kisi'n- liou-er and M:ij. Uen. l^slio R. Groves, chief of the Manhattan atomic bomb project testified i'nat the Army would need S397.000.000 although half of this amount wjnld contract authorizations tor 1913. reslifyiiiK before an appropria-. lions snbc(iinmitv?e on Hie iUomic c]\ni:y program, Eisenhower.'Opposcd giving away anj- scctil. until liSjfcii assnrqd Unit other coifntrHs%,\vp"uld foiiow it Similar policy, • - '.rv.'-^v school, to raise Chester White enter Ihem in ers and jet fighters to liaison planes and metal gliders..." The committee also recommended locating bases in Alaska, the Marianas. Philippines, Hawaii anil Okinawa at an outlay of S195.000.000 over a period of years. id worked on the crei atomic 'ihf that if Hitler bomb he would have ha<l it developed bv 19-15 at tlie latest, and (here would no!, have been a ionn \var. Asked if Army administration of the atomic enecy program would hold up development of its peace- lime Groves lold the subcommittee it "neither impairs nor delays in any way the development of atomic energy for peacetime uses." Air Corps Cil'ls $l,l!M,f>0<),000 "As a matter of fact I ihink Hint the adoiinistration by tha Army .-— and I may be a little biased as the administrator—has been of blic'.i a nature that in fact the peacetime JJ.K's of atomic energy will be rtis- ftoMiL'd much sooner than Ihcy ^woiild be otherwise, anil they v.ill be developed on a broader and on a much belter bri.sis.'' The committee m.itle no cbair-c in the budget bureau recommendation of $1.199.500,000 for the Ail- Corps ticxl year. It reported that •"developments which are now in prepress will make tin; newest plane of ^oda / quite commonplace and In fact o'ilmocicd in a relatively short time." To keep abreast of developments, the committee recommended using S3SB.77fr.45-l for the procurement of 1.01.C "of the mosl modem aircralt of al! types from very heavy bomb- hogs. He tile local purebred plans to livestock Mines Hospital Becomes Center for Paraplegics CHICAGO <U.t>.) ^- Midwestern veterans who arc paralysed from the down—the paraplegics— are being concentrated in the Vaughan Center at IfillD.s Hospital* Specialized rehabilitation nro- grams arc provided for them there. Nineteen paraplegics recently were brought-,to the center from Jefferson Barracks, Mo. They occupied two special cars. Their injuries arc so severe that u long period of rehabilitation win be necessary. Their disabilities are due to airplane crashes, vehicular accidents and gunshot and Iwmb wounds. Many delicate and delightful synthetic perfumes arc made from chemical substances hnviny offensive odors. Visit Our Recording Studio! Ihc We liavc installed very latest fur Hccording Voices, Hand ;i n c! Orchestra Music and Messages. We Kent Sound Equipment for Indoor and Outdoor Events. BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY \Vliolcsalc Only Phone -Hi? 112So. Jsl St. \14 % *,•; , t j, \, \ -> -i-v 't^ r & Culvert Co. has been appointed sole dealer in Mississippi County for the now famous Mineral Surface Coating that makes wet cellars BONE DRY . . RtO. TfWDC UAAK WATERPROOFS and DAMP-PROOFS INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Porous Masonry Surfaces such as CONCRETE, MASONRY and CINDER BLOCKS, COMMON BRICK, ROUGH PLASTER, STUCCO X INews of this remarkable scientific product recently reached the public through one of America's most widely read magazines. It water-' proofed the Maginot line—underground installations and all. Now being used—as fast as it can be produced — to waterproof public and private buildings, basements, foundations, retaining walls, swimming pools, etc., throughout the country. Aquella is for interiors; Aquella No. 1 for exteriors. Place YOUR ORDER NOW. Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Telephone 091 1 OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS Rich. Robust Aroma you'll Love and Enjoy TRY THIS TREAT TODAY! Set out a pot of freshly-brewed, full-strength Admiration Coffee. Take a whiff of the aroma. f My, my! What a difference you'll find in it. What lingering fragrance, what delightful delicacy. And yet aroma is just one of many, many things you'll like about Admiration. This choice blend of expensive coffees has a luxurious flavor like that of no other coffee you've ever tasted. It has mellowness, it has richness, it has oven-fresh goodness. It has everything. When you buy and serve your first pound you'll have the feeling this is a family event. DUNCAN .COFFEE COMPANY HOUSTON. TEXAS ROASTERS ALSO OF MARYLAND CLUB COFFEES mira

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