The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, MAY 19/1347 BLVTHKVIU/B (ARK) COURIER NEWS PACT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION p.r Ua in_~ J6c |nei per Una p»r day „„_ Bo l^ies per lim» p«r day 7c ^in«3 ijer line p*r d«y fie >ntfc per line SOc I out five average words to the liiie. I L ordered Jor tliree or six thnes Mid I Jed before expiration will be ch>r«- I or tlio number of tlmw the ad ay- I :d aud adjustment of bill uiado. I 1 Classified Advertising copy snD- I ! <I by persona rcBldlqR outclda of the must tie acconipamled by cash. Bites DO eaviy commuted from the aboT» -„ ___^_ for lirejnlir lp«er- lakes the one time rat*. > le^ponttlbiiity vlll be Uken for than one Incorrect Lnierttoi ol any liriod id. For Sola (BY CHICKS Iruplo A »ia.75 uer luudred. «wn filorr BlS-ck-tl I5Y CHICKS fiTll fk'ii flocks. FnBl (rroivinic sr "I Iny.'rs. Custom KutchiiiK. Ord .»'. lllalnck llalrlierr. North (i I l«li»'«y. I'himu 3112. llll-ck-1 '10 & 52 gallon Norge liedric healers arc now lnhta at Planters Hani are Co. Ask for installcc 11 ices. Elements arc avail|l)le for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf For Salt SIKKCliANTS .'an give you immediate delivery on double duly mv&t cahes in any h'iii:tliB. Also Imvo lii'Vi'ravo ccoU'r*. walk-in n'frlst'ravotfl, BI1 ^ deeii (rvfie vrA'i- nets. })utclier 6ui)|.lies. AUu MilU Co:ui»rc:<sor». Pboue UeU ScuU, '^.'SU. 'OWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions, lilytheville Machine Shop, 4-12-ck-tf imlry bc^d^r uitli Unk. 1'r.icticiilly ^1^-1 C'»rcil>rl St. 1'riili- n.lifin.iii. " ROAO& • Complete stock of soft ball equipment, including flashy colored uniforms. Price Price S6.-15, §l!.'J5, SS.95. Planters Hardware, Inc. B 5 ck It (in r, 1 ft. H.ll. — Cily lionlcT, -\<nlh si.!.' — 2 a.-r.'i -- lui~iu,..i and iti.lvi*tri:il sit*', Ni» r.'.l ru-!inii>; o<i li.iil.Hiii;s i.r I'll i'i.-l.l — CheckYo Check Your Car! in.'Ill laxvn 'li:'[r~ - ; I UIU>V«T nr,^" \ l^r.-nkfast clinirs; In* M.JS;, ttsi'il DIHJ siT*-.-iH'.l wimlmv Jrattifs, f-om,- *li;.vi) pnnl screen, I-Jinin- IVlH.'i ur '^(171. r,;n;.|,k^:i .1 t ,os1- III luiiilirr. All kinds n! ,li]in n.iolis. •'•fs linvc lircri ri' Ki furliH'rs > runic ntu'r it. 0. H. liulll^on. on ('imp Muiiltric. 1'honi! :i:>()!>. Fflnolhint; you dnu't nrc'ill 'IVadt' .-ll il at Swnji Slic>|i. 401 K Mai". w> cane porch rockers. In |i>oil condition. Gail 278(>. 5-G clh If • l lit'.ltim; ptovps, chairs, |jl:itfi>rjil : nK niAcliiiic mill v:lnity. nil! 1 Tlionn -tO'i. ni} ncpd oil rook stovo roasti-r. I'lujn.' :u9(i ooin vncrtut IHHISC. 'i lirilronm c . i. K '.> prtrflio'! Lot T.O x 17(1 nrly ...... r.v.. in. (aflOO, Sontli |t. Arrows Monn,.v' 8 Oro^ory or C:i!l KiTd Siuilli. JMioui- 111) -I I. _ r.|M.|,k-aa ItKCKlVI'I) v Inn;,- VVi'slinuhnniiK "Irrtrlc K.lly. Ark.-. Klrrlrio rofrit-'ornlor i 110 West Vino Sl nu suit. s :ir»l diru-U,- siii!' 1 . fli'i'lrii' nml mill liilrli<-ii ralilncl: r;.ilin; livin,.' Knit i,l mil Ilililc.-. Horn,- S ,t Mlnr.lin- <.'». I'll. 2801. All i rally n,.,v. 5[n Call Hilly Il'nii Juyli 37S8. PH Scrv/cei TK1IMITI-S. . /i>rl!l;;''l (Vrlirii',1 I'lliHlf HT'. Check Accidents! § GUI FRONT wit/i ri:ilTlKU:ii". SVnlls' it,. s.-rviro. 17111 II. -urn. 'iX) LOAN Do you ncc<) K loan to repair or remodel? No down pny- ntent, no mortgage, no rod t«pe. KHA ipprorcd rate 5%. Ask for details. Mai Logmn, Hfaltor, phone 203-t. Lynch m«., Hlythe»»le. 9-M-ek-tI Let us sharpen and repair your lawn mower, rcRard- •Jess ol Kind or si/.c. (let yours ready now, and avoid the rush. We pick up and deliver, lilytliuvillc Machine Shop, 211 S. 2nd St., phono 2S28. 'l-U-ek-H r uprnr or lirinli. !.-,.,!. .Moullilj- li-rins | ur [„,,, ,.«!ini:iiliin. reii'l You 0 u i Driving Today! \t is because you havo no cor or because you don't trust the old one, tires sorta bad, battery not so good? Well, get in line—trade that old bus for g better used one. ! \ Joxili-ol, a 'Di'. Hcss product. helps to prevent cocdclio- sis if given in time, lle- duces losses if chicks have conic down with the disease. Easy in give—just •M\A to nv.iKh. Costs '/> to 1 cent a chick. Woods Dmi? Store, 221 W. Main. Phone 507. 5 17 ck 21 Help Wanted ollcrliii^ jol. foUoctin aKiitin« ncc.mnls um\ t»k rilili'iiiH ti. I.Mdin;; rua^n- zlin-5. Mill.' or I ;i!c. .li'mtnc' .P. Itf.liil.ifil. iu:ir. PMrks'., Ij.iilivill.. r.H7.rk-2l Knrtunll nirrlt:iniCA. II von arc K'"'i ;,!,.! wan! In hi'l|i yonrsi-lf. call 01 ^v^J^p us nt once, lli'll 1'. lliKl.-r L'-v DIKTHHUJTISO FIIANCHIS 1 : - V IHT.1 stiiiill Irui'k. nilciin i!..' . :«r:lK' S,>.H,.. siidii'ii'iil i-m>il:il (fro.n ^l.'im in lii^li will' "'!!• n:ili.ui»lly of "I'.M'OOSK" cniicli 1111) to kiunvn iliiins Ita.l.- cts iiil (or froc'iT)' nnil i Aililri'»s I'.' 0. Itox and ijaraKC Ijuildinec on lifftuvay (il South. 100 liot front; high'.vaj larajrc cloinp; fr°od ffi ess. Offered at bargain. IWIKT leiivinfif town. See call W. C. Cntc». |)0 Waliml St. Ph. 2S.I3 17 pk 21 . . nl.U' r.ii>H:il luul H'rrito {•fficii-nlly cover. . 1 K:iM. l':i>- Si-iliiii |.r««i,l-ii'^. \V.1nl's (i:n 1 1. \ale Help Wanted MAN - MAX WITH AMBITION r 21 to I!. 1 ". X'» pr.ivions i-xperii-nro :. a[ j- t'"Vfr lornl lorrilory. l)r;m- irrnniit, H" n '' cl'aticc for nilv:inc.'- I \Vritt' pr.'vloiis cvi>rrionri'. lOlol if possil.!,-. Hotcrcnccs. lic>» "'o Courier Nuw. 1 !. 4123 ck tf 2 rn"- cullivnlnr lor II or M .«re U. S. BlauVi-nsliip. !><'» [ttil number of deaths from >r iml^P ^ For Rent .'aslnrc for n I'honc SOU. nles. horses nud c^ttlr 1l2ll.1ik.0li 1 I'll. 7 F 11. 1'i l.lKhl Imn vico KLitio M.. I'Hlill tu(>r.'*sr.r. t'. yrs. -=L'l>,Ori nrr . nils. .«t'Kl. :iii-l c!irr|i. Wnv.lM -lust out n! C.I'|> 'il'l. ArL.. li.'. lliMlroom. Kilclien priviloncs. S17 Ol.irk I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Wanted to Rent or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone ,'i. r >(M). 4-23-dh-tl Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or jnnk antoninliilcs. ^Y;^(le Auto Salvage, North Iliway f.l I'honc i78:l. 3 27 pk 5 27 For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. BOB . Plaster • Stucco • Concrete 'hone 2028 Wonted City Property: We have aome buyers fo choice resilience in HlyUic theville. and. surroundm towns. Alsn for cliea houses and vacant lols. If you have any kind of property Cor sitle, see. write or call— III ALES T.AN11 CO IMP ANY Office in Hale lild'j;.. across from City HaM Phone 3322 Russell K. Rialcs Hen D. Haniner U. HI. HccU 2S CHIROPRACTOR "Health Is soniclhlns Ibnc comn s rrom within. The creator put within your body nml mine nil the clement.'; nf hcailli. When youv nervous system la in tuno with nature's forces, you will he well. Consult n cliiroyractor iibont your he:ilth problems." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Neurocalomctcr Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Guard Kldff. IHythcville, Ark. oiisc Moving, l.'i years ex- perk'mT. Plenty of eiiuii)- iiient. References, Leveling, fiiiindiitiun repairinjij. Virgil I'dley, plume :!2!l:i? ..OH pk (5 (Pllt il I'looi' Sillldl'f AT WA1IDS. Slive numt'v l>y your oivn floods. years (>r life and them new lie;mlv. It's t>iis> to do. too: Mn WARD ,K- (;()., -102 Msfuv Phone r>»l 2-i:i-ll'i or Stolen (ad\o Repair nl ir collet; 1 - trained rlK ta"--|) your radio with guaranteed vice • • • lu) .i n ' J ^°° lie or ton i'if?! Spocial- jji cliangn-ovcr from fiery to electric set. Musical Instrument iplirs iiivS ccial on'l jimptly. liift Goods — Office s — Variety Hems Call Sit I Mel I Brooks Jr. 107 B. Main St. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Lnrgo Dividend Savings Low Not Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE 408 K. Davis St., T. O. UOK 431 Phone 2187 lilylhcville. Arlc. CLUB 61 (Formerly Mlclnifc Ti>n) TITKS. ANI> TU1HAY Orclipslra .Vig'.ifs OPEN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING | Under New Management. Call 944 for reservations. Couples and Parties ONLY/ Owricd & Opcr.ileil by OcnrKC Kfirr! nnd W. A. "Kotl" Bickcrslnff Pays To Check Your Car Before You Take summer Vacatjon! WROTEN CO. Walnut &,Broadway BU1CK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL For Hire r n ,Mor Ivri-i.l.inu- v'"". ..... ''""K I' 1 " lio l,:,ri.i.. nn,l 1.1. nl. i C'»ll I!. Wnllnr.', I'liuni' L'l'J:i. City Radio Dial 2407 For 1'xprrl Hniinlrs 324 Knsl Blsiln St. Felix A. Carney 191! Clievrolol Special DehiNO Town •Seiliin Mill Pdiiiiae 2 Dour Soilnn 12 Kord Deluxe Tudor Sedan 1!)11 DcSoln IMI Door Si'dnit l!l! I I)od(fi) -I Door Redan I!) 12 Chrysler Royal -I Door Sedan I !H1 Chrysler Hoyal I Door Sedan 1!)I2 SludehaUer 5 I'assciiffcr Coupe Hl.'ifl Chevrolet Deluxe Town Mosc of r/ioso cars arc oqufppccf with Radios and Heaters Trucks, !/2 Ton Panels, Pickups and 1 T /2 Ton, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, GMC. We Never Close gules Dcut. Oucn Uutil 81?. M. E1CH CHEVROLET CO. TICX'ACO PIIOIHICTS I'lLONlv ri7S Diiy and Nij;IU SKII?KUi,ING TIIiRR ;«)! WAI,NUT ST.'- Lost >RESClPtlOKS Fresh KfocU Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores A N'a Aid 1 Rhoumetfism Kidney, Bladdes- CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Mnln anil Division Itlylhcvlllc, Ark. T. I. MOTOt COMPANY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Prodpcts New Factory Motors Butteries Tiros and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. ' Phone 2V22 ;», " " ' " " >. :*• S* I Save 50% Chopping Expense | | Plant Chemically Dclinttil, Fnxx-Frcc COTTON SEED | Save Rlnncy—fi to 1(1 I.fis. per Acre. Any corn, pea or$ '% IILMII planter will plant-these smimlli, slick cotton seed. J ¥ Can Ii« plowed 5 lo fi days after planting. >! S ROWDICN 'Hi! — STONKVIIXE 2C — 11 P & L 14 | v :»: -*• - :*: >; For Hale By :»: JBLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.) S Phones 856-857 * POP Disagreeably AKi'*eahlc Gv AL VEUMEBI youngsters of mine ;-!o sure problems. Yesterday n. .•„.•//., /y/^/ ff y humidor worms! dnd Carlyle made 3 slingshot out of I hey up all my roses- looking _ for oi/I they're rascals, all righ - *! ••r'f

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