The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1947
Page 8
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BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER "NEWS MONDAY; it AY COURIER NEWS BLYT£EVILLE TBK COOKER MEWS OO. H. W. HAIN1S, Pubiliber J&UZ8 U VERHOEFP. Editor AUL D. HUMAN. Advertising M«n Bole Kattdttl AdTertislng RepreMcUtlvee: Wttmer Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Every Afternoon Except Sund»y „ is second class nutUr at Ihe poet- i »t BlythevUle, Arkansas, under act of Con- October », 1917. Served by the United Press nny maln- SOBSCRIPTION RATES: carrier to tlie cny ot Blylhevllle or town where carrier service Ckined 20c per week, or 85c per month. i By i5E within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per Wr »200 for six jnonths, $1.00 for three mouths: '•**"'*' outside M mile zone, $10.00 per year In advance. \editat ion 1 And Jesus increased In wisu'W. and in cttuure, A in favor with Cod nnd Man.-Uikc 2:5S. four , ' Khife is to be complete man must grow ways-' In years or size, his mi-id n« trained his spirituality increased, and !«-• must love be loved by his neighbor. and Hint of a Giant's Departure Winston Churchill is reported ready to quit as leader of the Conservative Party as soon as Britain's economic crisis is ended. The milli-iiis throughout the world who share a grateful admiration of his wartime leadership will he sorry lo see him ret if J from active duty, even though his role of "first in war, second in peace'' may be something of an anticlimax to a brilliant career. ' But the conditions set for his departure make any friend of unfortunate Britain hope that his relimvent is - not; far off. And the,grand old statesman can help speed the eir.l of his country's crisis and his ow.i well-earned rest by employing'.hif'tiOents in a loyal opposition .which opposite. is as loyal it is ^ jNo Gain in Delay "agreement tlirougli exhaustion." So long MS there is delay Uieie viil be uncertainty and/tini'OHt. And so long as (here is unrest, there is n fuvovable almosphere I'or the rtprsa-i of communism, which thrives on pix-mise-a to the discontented. _, The Senate's failure to ratify the Italian treaty, then, mi'j'iH play sU'niglit into Russia's hands. However pure Die motives, the result would only promise more confusion and mor; delay. VIEWS OF OTHERS If Canada Can Do It, Why Can't We? >:es. i-tfcctivu 20 )ier rnni. x reduction. Canada is retlucinn income July 1. by mi average of :tl» nritain is aim innklni! a *"'«» Hill I'l-rsldciit Truman ami his administration are oppose i-ml reduction of income Caress. They tell us it would bo uneconomic, unsound, unwise, The exact ornate ol Hint view rslak n V Minister nmijUi Abbott, lie r>f Common ;ci! lo I lie 20 per taxe:; proposed by 1 ^ "»« and plain and U> !;cc il. less mom-i There appears lo be some- tough sledding ahead i'or the'peace tvealii's .with the Axis satellites before they ; can win the two-thirds approval of lliu Senate. The unanimous vote which they received in the Foveij;ii Relations Committee is scarcely a l.nio baromoltr of the full: Senate's temper. Opposition will focus mi llio treaty for Italy for at least l\vo reasons. One is that Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, whose treaties •!'•£ also to be considered,, arc felt to lie hopelessly swallowed up in the Russian orbit, anyway. The other is that most of • our - large and influential It'iliiiii-Aincrican population strongly resents llu- Italian treaty's terms. As a matter of fac'<, Iheiv is no great enthusiasm anywhere in our KOV- ernment for this treaty as a model of justice. Even Senator V;m(lenbern, whose considerable influence was evident in the Foreign Rclati'ins/ Committee's action, admitted that it contained clauses which "we feel might be writ-, ten otherwise." It is likely, however, that each of the Big Pour govcrnmcnU, who agreed 'on these instruments only after long and bitter argument, could say the . iSarne thing. The qiiestio'i i.-; not vlicth- 'er the Italian treaty i:; an entirely satisfactory document, for nobody claims that it is. The question is whether we or Italy or Europe would gain p.nyUiip.jr. jf (},<• Senate failed to ratify liio. treaty, or, conversely, whether ils ratification Vould push Italy and F.urope over the ^briijk of chaos. And the answer must .be.sonsidered, as must s-'.o many things today, in the light of Soviet-American relations. World recovery is hir.dercd today by, a state of war which continues in theory, if not in fact.-1'eaco livaikr, are only one factor in the painful process of economic revival. A thoroughly bad job of peace settlement will be of little help, to be sure. Ru; the satellite treaties do not seem so bad thai their ratification by..'the 'Sonata would not ' mirk a step forward. If our Senate failed to ratify the present treaties the Soviet government could say, with some justice, that there i little use in roach ing further jijjreemervt with American diplomats wl)«i the American Congress will, in aH 1 likelihood, toss that npreemeiit out Htf *indow. Soviets have demonstrated s a strategy of Jelay. of J,'. S.~ (old ilie House taxes wore lo be left at present I would "constitute a -i TirorkmK effort, and a brake mum inltiiitlvo." The loiric of thai; '.s convincing for anybody whc. wants Ilii-h income luxes leave corners for Iheir needs. That is a haulship lo. millions will, small incomes. And il 1^'r «»• F<»' *"™ billions are taken fom »'™' u C-AIWI'S lor "us bureaucrats to film! around on non-c .sentia s, this rediicllon of buyin,; power lavas Ihe ne- cumulalion of market sin-pluses-a root cause of depressions. And severe rules ol lilg Incomes discourse ">« risk-Inking of Ion-time industrial investments, which makes jobs That last is highly imponaut. to n state like Arkansas, which needs hii'Bfc low-time investments lo develop ils resource:!. Those who defend our iiiesm'. ii'.rmnc lax j'ouge might be able to show that ilioy slill are lower Hum Canada's or Britain': income levies, mil that argument is dcmolr.heii by Ihe lacla Ciinada and nrllain have fur less wealth lo lax Hum we have in the United Elates. Wen it (heir income levies are hiyl-or, they brim: i'l enormously loss, because Hie rates arc applied lo a lolnl of earnings and profits HO much smaller. Aud nritain has Hie wreeSniic of war lo restore, while Canada, willi uDoiit OIH-- twclftli our number of people, has lo conduct Us federal novminient , over an area of practically the same sr/.e. Moreover, our heavy stall-, ami local taxes must lie considered. All tot/ether, these 'axes scoop in nbout, mie-third ol' Hi.: unlian s curn- int'.s and profits, 'niafs far and away loo much — a political outrage in a new country willi democratic principles of .';,- govcnmicnt, so that freedom, nnd the free cnttrinisc by which freedom lives, can survive From every an[;le. federal laws should be cut.. Not. Ihe toast reason tor lining sn is vlv.vl, Waslilnglon no longer pays out billinns of iloll:i:-s in subsidies lo hold livlins eonls down. The people now liny that part of Hie ct.-ns directly from Iheir own pockel.s—and lh<; ^overnnvm. in simiilr justice, should return lo (hem Ihe amount, of Ihepe subsidies, with a las reduction. —AHKANSAS DEMOCKAT. BARBS BY 11AI, COCIIRAN An exiva tUib of need lo make up for osm^tvc.s is :\\\ loss of sieep. It Saves a Lot of Rootin ' Around in the Garden Tactical Crisis Hits Navy; Heed For Finger-Bowls Is Desperate The DOCTOR SAYS I1V WIMJAM A. O'BKIEN', M. I) WrlLlcn for NEA Service Since public health concerns itself willi all people, ils programs most effective when everyone BY FKKIIKKICK C. OTHMAN Hutted Prrss Staff oCrrcs|Mjn«lenl WASHINGTON, May 20. (UP) — Careful study of tlie evidence forces me to conclude that admirals are sloppy eaters. At breakfast they smear strawberry Jam between their fingers. They butter their knuckles at lunch. At dinner they clip ihoii 1 digits in (lie jjmby. This explains co-operates with the health authorities. A low .standard of health Is a menace to Uio country. Piironts should not become angry when their child brings a note from school about his physical condition. If any irregularity is detected in a health examination, nothing further is done except to recommend that parents take their child to the family pliysician or dentist. If the condition is notl orients, parents should be Bratef lot, indij-mnt. (lie Navy's desperate need for 38.COO fluted and pierced finder-bowls (with gadroon-mountetl borders) in silver-plate of heavy quality. Tlie t'olri-braided gemlemen with the sticky lingers never have leavn- ed to (lumpen same genlly. The way they splash in their finger- bowls you'd think they were taking a bath. This i s hard on the table linen. So the Navy also has asked for bids on 30.CQO j;adroon-monnted sil- ver-plnted' finger-bowl trays to KiU-li. Rear Admiral W. A. Bud:, liial to receive proper care. Children should be protected ;uinsi smallpox, diphtheria, whoop- g coufili, i'.nd lelanns in the Edson Rates HAM and Hitting Hew Lows in Poison- IIY PKTI5K. Nlv.A TVasbhiKlou rorri'spomlent WASHINGTON, May 19. (UP.) — The National Assnciation °E Manufacturers News and the Congress of Industrial Organization ^Jcws both hil the desk on Ihc same day. Holb are weekly tabloid newspapers of about ei|;bt pages. HAM Ulame," iiuotbu; NAM President Earl Bunting: "Mr. Truman himself can do more Ihnn anyone else; lo reduce inflation by cutting pov- vspapers os Journalism hey ou;;'i! to cut it out. I aijor and management aren't c;o- iif; to pet along any belter if tlvrv cep jawin;;- at each other in Uil r ; cfimient .':pfm!in^ and rotiurin!,' lax- j kind of c;enp jonnialism. es. Tlow can businessmen liolp by careful pi'.imiini; \vht;n no prudent businessman can plan safely willi any knnwlcdtie of whn! 'his w.\!T!\ is niinted on .slu-ker paper I material, or otber eo:;ts may- be 21 IhnuRh It's a litdc duller in content. I3olh are "must" reading for anyone Hying to keep up on Washington affairs and wanting to know wlint. Ihc Inbnr and munayement. lobbies (ire up to. Both yo In for poison pen journalism. Both make anyone wbo reads them religiously sick at his slomach. waana! Each is exlremety critical of the olhnr's point of view. If yon take the; trouble to compare Iheir cov- prnm' <if Hie same story, il's aimosl impossible to rreofjni/e lliat lliey are trying lo tell yon nbont Hie same tiling All tbey liave in common irt that thev both seem to hate the [lovenitneiit. bad- Ifore's a sample, on the current hiiMi price situation: Says CiO News under a heading, "Reaction. Recession Threat'.-n America." riuoliti;; Ralph HrLstein of Ihc Packinghouse Workers: "We were promised thai, normal competitive. foivos would brini; prices down once OPA Since OPA was hours ahead ! Wily not put tho rent Influence of the administration behind labor legislation lo ro- movo the major nnccrtailU'u's in present-day costs? 1 " A Khnl (If C'lieap .Trmrnalism When il comes lo plaritif: inconsistencies both of these scnnclal sheets r.Tle a couple "f pew-lil7,cr priors. NAM News says CIO is conducting an ania/inti catiipftien of inli- midaiion, NAM Nev.s views with n la rin Hie fnc! Hint CTO News li:-a!t!). It lias distributed half n niillitiii copies nf n pamphlet called "ncfeilfl YoiU 1 Union" and a qnar- Icr of n million copies of Phil Murray's "Crisis." \varniny: thai nnti- lalsor lesL-ilatini Is the first, rer.l slcn towards u. S. fascism. Yet on Hie first pa^c of this same issue, NAM News banners a storv about its drive to collect million for a "dynamic public rc- Inlions ( program to carry industr\v message to the American pconlc. smue Rills osls haxe risrii 2fJ per cent atul lie f;overiiincnl us yet lias no( t^k- en any firm action against unlimit- 'd profilceriiif,'. The present dispar- ty between wages and prices con- ains the seed for an economic ca- lastropho which would exceed any •xpcrlonrcji by our nalion." Says Ibe NAM News under the Most jouni: people love driving in Hie moonlight. sr.ys an Obio school Ic-acher. The rest mu;-l br tmi lj;:sliliil. * * • Now is tin- sraKon lor Uirr ULW- -f;ri.svii jilraw- Ijeri-icr. dial many restaurants leave out ol strawberry shortcake. was do.strovod. | while complaining abcmt this NAM destroyed, livinu pro]ia?;and.i. Ihe OfO Ne\vs \ ill nil ri^ht lo collect to help defeat pending thinks slusli fund labor bills. Of course, cuch of thrsp p.irtie.i is r:on\-inced of its own rxclusivp Sayimr so, forcr-fully. tiiay be freedom of Ibr press. !ho denio- crnlio ri£;lit nf opjionrnls in nnv ,ument to stat^ ihrir case beading, "Bunting Fixes Price! and j;ood clean fun besides. Oompetin*; newspapers used to (In his. years npo. and considered i 1 . smart. Today it's bad taste and Iru! msiners. I.clHni; Tim ruldio Tlrrldc Goo ( ] newspapers today know r that the.\ r bavo to give both sides. If an editor follows n conservative policy, he hires a liberal coliun;-.- ist or two. And vice versa, presenting both sides of an argument is the best, way to help tlie public decide which is best. This is mi idea which both la'jo:- nfl management house organs conld adopt with profit. The greatest improvement which the ]ab>>r press could make would be I" make some bo. 1 ^ a r:ur=f conjrihntor every issue. The crcalest improvement Ihc managerial press could make wouM be- to hire some good labor skale as a columnist. Nci'.hor of them v.'ill ever do any siirli thing:. But it's still a Komi idea. U adopted, there mishl be some possibility that some day hnr nl«d niana;^eoicnt might begin to understand that they have cnminon problem and the only way tIvy"re imi:iR to solve it is by work- ins togrlher. While what lias been said here lias bren confined to N r AM .anr ; OTO it applies equally to Aniericnr j I-"iHleratioii of Labor and U. S Chamber of Coninirrce. They hail die news for their members differ | nilly. AFIj pnls out a monthly matr- ' axinr nnd ;1 weekly c-lip sheet. TJSCC 1 puts out a monthly magazine an a i\erf:lv liusiness letter. They're a! l)i:>srd in everything Ilicy say, an I p:rtty bad. they start to school. If "all to do so, the res] theirs. HEALTH IN ItURAI, Alil^AS HeaHli officiuls arc conducting drives al! o\'cr the country to clean up dirty rating places to protect the public from certain contagious diseases. Many public 'eating place operators either do not understand sanitarv principles or are too indifferent to practice them. They should not -resent inspectors' visits n s (.hey wish to help the owners prevent disease. districts vequire just us. efficient health services as m centers. Diseases can easily fce spread' from the farm to the city lhrou';h food. Most city water supplies originate in the country. Yet v:e fin ( i many farmers opposing establishment of local health uni through which the people can improve their own health conditions. * • • QUESTION: I have bad a brain hemorrhage. 'Will the o;jcrntkm you described in n recent column help inn? 'AMSWER: Clots between tlie •ain and the skull can be removed, it not those which are in the rain itself. Ask jour physician hirh kind you have. guess (only a i s that some Naval officers splash loss tlian oth- and don't need trays under J. Johnson of Ind., ers their bowls, parents!. « e !'- N ' 01)lc IN HOLLYWOOD Years Afjo hi RIt/thcvillc — In cooperation with a health prc.i- ct sponsored by the Pnvom.-Teai.-li- Associatkm of the Cily Schools. Dr. A. M. Waslibnrn, county healih octor, is rxaminiiih' the tonsils of i Hill school students. H a svffi- icn( number of nnr-Mit.! wish lo fol-i dw up on the exam.tial'on;, (he 'iivent-Tcncbers Association p!ai« (j anan^o a clinic where ojrnn- ions.will be performed «t minimum cost. The niylhcvillo Hospitni ;mrt number of physician:, have already irumised their co-operation. Jeff Roland became presul-uit of the Lions Club at their annual ;leclioii tntlav. Oilier officers :\vo: Dr. A. M. Wiisliburn, W. .1. Pollard, Chester Caldwell, Jack UcbiiLson. Max B. Reid and Crawford Grcm. L. E. Old Jr., of Mcr.iphi.i was the guest. Sunday of Mary Louise Taylor. Waterworks Corporation Plans Arkansas Projects ors' gooey fingers. He was ( distnrb- ed over reports of the Nnvy buying fin(;er-bowl s from tlie silverware iiKinufncturcrs v.'liile it '.va:; ped- dlins other silver finger-bowls :is surplus property. The bluff old admiral, veteran of many a meal at sea, said tliis was not true, except in part. It lakes a good .solid finger- bowl lo stand up under attack by an admiral or even an ensign. During Hie war Hie Navy had to accept KOUW. ersatz finger-bowls of cheap and flimsy silver-plate, lite wedding present 1 ;. It has turned GO of the.-.e battered bowls over to the War Assets ^ Administration, along with 5,37ii • Irays, mostly dented and none with piercing. fluting, or gadroon- mounted borders. Admiral Hues wasn't sure whnl Ills new finger-waving equipment would cost. Inflation s ecms to have hit the finger-bowl business. He figured that before the war 38.UOU custom-built. finger-bowls would have nicked the Navy for 520.100. The bill for 30.000 trays to match would have been 527,003. Congressman Johnson, who ha!s from Tcrrc Haute, where oysters nnd admirals seldom are seen, was interested also in Ihe Navy's stores of oyster forks. The admiral said he was fresh oul of oyster forks, but had pul in an order for more. We taxpayers can only hope they arrive by September, which lias f.ii "B" in it, "And how about Hie 23 : 0an surplus s alt and pepper shakers?'' demanded Rep. Johnson. "With the cut glass linings?' 1 Pressed glass, snorted the admiral. Not cut And furthermore, lie said ,tiic Navy is hanging on to nearly all of them. It has offered only 627 surplus .salt and lieppo* shakers for sale, along with 3,'ltgf gravy ladles. 2CO unlined silver- plated mustard pots. 37,775 dessert forks and other eullery too numerous to mention here. The unlir.ert mustard pots cost S7 each; the gravy ladles S1.C8. And I think the admiral, the Congressman and I have answered all pertinent questions as to Naval eating habits, except one: What is a sadroon-mcunlccl border on a silver finger-bowl? It. i s a rim with bumps on it. Intonded to discourage splashing. JOHNSON It's ynur remain (liso own fault if yor arc contented to If Ihc fish lliat usual. price of litjuor dnesut come u«M away this year v.'on'l bo \lown, the as Lilt; :\s SO THEY SAY .. ............ F.TAO TAT1 lr 1 nooil mere p.-o'.rctinn HIUTI Judge Alrxunder IMU/.nLI () r ur rorcssion, SAY SO . The very gnilin the wine.— Federal Wasliiuijlon. * * * The country already is in but il will \tc a short ouo it has lo br.— lloardslry Rusul. rcnnoinist ami "Ixiy-as-you-Ko"" income* lax plan (.ritiuialor. * * * Intcnuilional unclor.slancUnt;. intrrnalional co- opcralitin, inlrnntionnl adnuirusiuuive policies —ami they alone— will rcsloro lir:iltli to this ailinr; world.— Dr. Nicholas Mumiy BtnlOi*, incident emeritus of Columbia U. * * * World citizenship is carr.eU l>y n^nu \vlio treat otlipr peoples \viMi I ho- fain? report tll:U ' they Iront Iheir own peoples. — Henry A. Wallace. • * * Holm? toner of big powers l-> be* bound Ijy rnlrs has made difficult tho coclilic.xtiou of Ui- temational law by agrenviriU,— ["Jpoigt.* A. Finch, vice president American Society of TnloniatloiKtl Law. «y i Ni:A Slaff Currrsuiinili-ill HGM.YWCOD. May 17. (MKA1 — •uia Tumor w:i.s throwim: ounvs Ibe star pitcher of a girls' Ijaso- al] team. Hut tile curves .she hurl•ere incidental to her own cuiv-'s. L:ma was wearing a shirt wi'li 'lli'd-up slroves. a basohall ytl; v v-',". cap and a pair i,f blue <liim;.x- 'OS. Bui tne dungarees, we can re|Kir: veren't just orciinnry duns:^roc. ( ;. N ; > '. a -lamor girl in Hollywood n'' wear just plain o|,] dun<::ices. Kven dungarees have lo l:e 'iCxy iu Hollywood, l.aici trii'd on Hie dun^arer^. "Too ba:^y." saitl the studio and Lana. Kit (he studio fa.shion de- .'irmrr rHailond Ihom lo take u,> the sl.iek aromul the curves. Sprncrr Tracy is snrh an tn- Icrcslril srpclalor al tbe piK' Itasoliall i^ame. fi>r ;i srcnr in t"-.\ss 'Vin\\)ri-\anc.'' \\r.\\ ho usUs l,:iii:i to niarry him and she {lees. Which proves that a piir nf le- (ailorc(i dungarees can be im*.:hr impovtaiv lo a gal -especially if her name is I,ina Turner. uoirxn TAIII.I: KNiciri's Kalhryn C^ravson i< biirnin!'. bu' poed, iivtT p:int'-d re::^r1;i llvit ;-uu:- cr Johnny ,!rjlni-(n;i just i:oui:;i; hoi- P a;; a '>Trui:n'r:L».:e wi\l- pre."iit. Katiu>n ji.iid tor thr iil:'.i-e witii her o\\ n luu-il- avacd c >.sh. Tlie (H'lis.tis are leaving: a ( :IT;\' Williams in "This *" on Die ctltlin;- . Ki>r kceii 1 . they say. Tlm'o's n rnmul faille In Ilie evrculivc ilinli-i; room at M-C5-M. WillUlc Malionry rxplains II IhU "Il's round s n nnlioily is a( (lie lirad of llic fable until t.miis Stayer slarts talking. 11 Van Johnson's "'T'l-c Hoinanre rif Ro-y Ricl'io" will \:c rolr;is''d a:; "Kipli*. Raiders."' The re.i:-on for Ihe change is anui-:i;v;. T:U- suulr) look :» poll. di.'-iovr:i'il ;h;t! fO ;"•'• ec3it of the tiC^p'e iiUervicwi-.l thoui'.hl the title me.itil that, the ;ti;t':re v.'as a"::rnif ;'. nirl uitne:! U<\sy Ilid;:e havim-. ;'. ruiuauco. THANK YOtT NOI'K Two davs alter plnyim; danr :uus;c for" a H»re:ui of Inlt-rn:,! Hovc'nie .shimli^:. on-l:eslra leaci v : Hudson rfrcivi'd a pofc fni'li Sam—for S2j7 in unpaid in- laxes. * • * Vr}i\7. and VolaiKla wnn the Anu-iiean Tr.ilfi- So.-icty n\var:l f(.i' Ihrir slo;::ni: '-non't, chaivo luvs in lh'' midd> of the Iralli.- sli F am.' 1 Tallillilh Unnlilifjxl lurncrt down Orson Welles* offer lo lie Ills l.idv M^cV.ctli: She itirtn'l want I" plnv thr role, as Orson is insist inq. nith 11 Senlcli liurr. Forty-one llolly.vrod films w-i: be made in color in l!H7, 1(1 inorej lh:ui last year. Hut if nnl]>won(l f,j:ent. as much money on ;<iU>r;nl plots as on color, prtnrrs wo,;'.'l !.,• :i lot bettor. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Heart Psi/ch 7''We «Y H'lLMAM E. I America's Cawl \Vrilton travel from one end of [he conn iry lo the other, not only lo win AltistiM' Poinls but to renew friendships established at other tournaments. One i' Hie most sociable tournaments on the American Contrart. Bridge League's calendar is the Adirondack Tonrnamenl. which will' return Ihis year (o the Hollywood Hills Hotel ni Old Forgo, •N. V.. June CO-22. I At !'isl. year's Adirondack Tour- mcnt Iwn exports got a bolloui PINE LUFF. .Ark., May in. (UP) --Ten Arkansas cities an: looking forward today to iinpniv.'d water systems following an ainioiincement here yesterday I hat (he Genual Waterworks Corpou'liul! plans to spend S-IHO.CIOO on improvrn-.cnts:. Included in the plans :iro n new pnmpiiiK station nt Unlc-svill-; lo cost 100.000; a now lanl; and well at himbursc lo cost $30,000: mains and ire. hydrants at McGolieu to cost 2o.[)OCi: new : mains r.'.id tiro Jiydrants nd a new 1.00n-i:allon n minute f. A K Q J 3 V r. 6 « 10873 * 104 A 5-1 V A Q S -1 3 C 1 2 ^805 N W E S Dealer ASG V K J 7 2 » Q J 9 5 6 10972 y 105 * AK *AKQ.T2 -.. -.-;.. Tournament—liotr, -.-.'1. Snulh West N'orth i:ast 1 •?• Pass 1 * Piiss 3 V Pass •! A Pass C A P.ISS Pass P.'ifs Opening—* CJ ID be. not throw it, r,;;; of /our tricks entirely. Monllily Shearing Souie wool is produced in each of the 48 states of the Union, willi shearins; bcins; a year-round proposition, sheep fire sheared in some part of the country every mouth of the year. source well nt El Djradn to cost SKT.OOO: a ne\v purnn at England to cost. Sl.:i00: ne.v mains lire hydrants at Fordy" In cost SiiO.OGO. Other towns ox]je ( -iir.£ linpvovcil service me Arka lelphia. Russcll- ville, Morrilton an 1 Pine IJ'.ulI with the largest expemliturrt expected at Pine Blutr. A rihr.iuon uliini. is bring built there :it .1 cost of Austrian Minister Alllliorily for NKA Service :•( ore on loday's hand .igains two '•Idrrly ladies wbo had just taken up ti",nnainon! bridge. Note Hn-ic-lirari bid by South, .and jump lo <;i\ spades. 1 \ would y°n have done it : "U held I lie East cards? Very likely you would have looked at Ihe wvi i old ]i>[|y nnd thouslit, "She W"!i!d not psych e.ainst me!" S" i hi- cxiioi-t made the natural op- i nuv: nt the quc-cn of V'lh.ips Kast would have lc'(1 the queen o: diamoncls even if .Soutl I'•<! mil hid licorls. With lhal op i' ii'i: thp Mine lady In Ihe Rout' po-i::.i n took all 13 tricks, tlii- two experts a zero on the lianc While psychic bidding is no Tournament hriclge players today rm\ l.ncd os much as it used to HORIZONTAL, I,a f^iclurcO Austrian for- (.•it;ri minister 11 Older 1,1 La men Is 15 Accommodate Ifi Knlrnncc IK Fads I!) Clrcek seaport 20 Observe 21 Slender 22KviMi (contr.) •JS War cod '.M \ r cstit',c 27 Mot'e a^ed -.'.;> Kilhci- SONcBatlve 31 Atnmonui compound 34 Pitchers ;i3 He rcccnlly iiltctiflcd .1 Four inceling m Sped; •II) Sea eayle 4:! So •Ifi Place •17 K^it •18flet up •11) Applaud fill Sallies 52 Viuct^ir holders 51 Checks (Scol.) 55 Kccess VERT 1C (II* 1 Sharper 2 Fnntfulncss yyoddeas 3 Frees 4 Behold! 5 Sand C Network 7 Higher 8 Offers 9 Bcnlliuiltc plant 10 Withdraw 11 Fi'o/.en rai 12 HuiTied 1-1 i'bihppine ishincj 17 Accomplish 25 Fish 2(5 Hclorc 27 'Unit 28 HJISO 42W,-isle 321.ookuiB-gUiss allowance 33 Pass nmioticcd "^ Show 35 lloinati < officials 3G Revolve 37 I'accs 41 Diminutive sullix tr displeasure , •1-1 Wo -15 Dry. as \vine •IB Fond lish SI Kxisis 5S Sun god

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