The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1946
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1940 House Authorizes River Projects Work to Cost Near Billion Dollars Gets pressmen's Okch BI/TTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Congr Flying Boat-Being Readied for Test WASHINGTON. June 20. 'Ul>> — Tlie House toxiiw passed and sent tj the Senate a bill to author:/*.' construction of SOJO.OOO.i/00 in fioi'tl control projects—largest measure of its kind since the pre-war vci'i-i The vote was 202 to 38. Tlie bill simply nmiioii/ps the i projects and does not provide moncv I for their construction. Coi>srtsj'mnst' l>iuss separate legislation to appropriate Hie necessary fun-.!-,. IjjirBL'sl Hem in Hie bill Is ihr- proposed expenditure or $:)00.000 QUO on projects in the Missouri River basin. The measure authorized projects costing $77.500.000 (.n the Hed River in Texas. Oklahoma,-Arkansas am! Louisiana. The list of projects by the flood conlrol bill includes: Arkansas nicer Basin: $10,100.000 for ]>i-ojects alreadj 1 authorise! nml> for flood protection -it Oklahoma City. Okla. While River liasiii: $40OCO.OO'J additional for projects nlre^.iy nulhiii- l7.ed. Lower Mississippi liasin: The measure- authorises S100.COO.OOO (o meet the increased costs of projects planned under previous bills. New authorial)ions ';:;• the Lowtr Mississippi River Basin inciiKic; Improve- incnt of tlie Boeuf and Tcnsas I'iv- ers and Bayou Mncon, L.l.. $:i.U13.- 000; improvement of Boenl and Tensas Rivers and Bayou M.iccm north of Louisiana state line into Arkansas. $4,1131) .000; improvemem of Biy Sunflower, Little Sunflower. Husli- pitckena and quiver Rivers i>:-,,| on Hull Brake Mill Creek Canal. lingua Phnliri. Ditchlow Bayou. Dee'- Creel: and Stcele Bayou. $3.752.000; improvements in area between Yazno- kTallahatchie-Coldwatcr nivcr system and the hills. 57.ftOO.OOI): artcii- '. tional pumping capacity at McKinney Bayou, $300.000; Tiptinvillc- Obion levee extension. SG.UuVooO; Saint John's Bayou. Mo., improvements, $1.300,000: iinproveinent <•! harbor at Memphis, Tenn., $17.120.000; Improvements on Wolf River and Nonconnah Creek, at Memuhis $1,500.000. Cue of the two 34-ton wing srclions of the way toward l.os Aii(:elcs harbor Iron! Culver [raveling at the rale of two miles n'er hour, after (he fiiwlagc |, as imidc'>.lie as mile trij (NKA Tclephoto.) Howa City. rd ;> irctn C ,- ci:;ht-en(;!netl Hercules flyhi B .boal, inches its e will;- section | s moved on house .lollies l:oal will he ns.sembled at .Terminal jsbml ity. Note Ihe ni-cond win;; sect'lon J M (he rear. Indian National Leader Arrested President-Designate Reported Seiied in Village of Darnel BOMBAY, June 20, (UP)—I AIM! authorities of Kaslmlr today irresl- i'd 1'undll Jnwahnihil Nehru, pccsl- •li'iu (U'slunato or the Indlun Nn- Hcnnl CoiiKK'ss p,uly. wheii he de- fiod a ban on Mis entry Into tin-slate. Unconfirmed reports s«l;1 Nehru was r.i'hvd nt the remut; village ol Home], some 200 miles northwest of Lahore near the Kashmir frontier. Before his arrest. Nehru linil bei'n wounded slinhtly In Ihe dire!; by a hiiyoncl. when he tried lo push' by Kashmir soli;Uu-s on -.he Kohalii brldBC at the front lei. • in London, 1'ndlan er.HTt,-, .said the action InvolVMi; Hchrit mluhl ii.nch off Mirlous trouble In view of Ihe delicate situation involvlni: Ui-ll!tli altein])ls to have the offers of Inde- Indian Elderly Negro Dies in Early Morning Fire Joseph Foster.'teiged Negro, was burned to death this morning • when fire destroyed the house at 17C5 Freeman, Robinson Addition, where he lesiSfd... When firemen reached'(he lioUse shortly after the alarm about B o'clock, they found 'a raging fire. Chief Roy Head said. A few- minutes later, some one su<4i;ested Foster might be inside but it was too late, as flames already had' consmiiL-d the rooms. The house was owned by Savan- Brooks, Negro woman, with .J-'ostor living atone in one side and Pete Howard and family in the other side. They said Foster arose early and kindled a wood fire in his lanndrv stove, preparing for his breakfast How the flames originated was I ndelermincd. Foster, who appeared to be about 75. is said to have relatives in si Louis and Mississippi, but so far could be learned, had none here. OPA to Check Price Ceilings On Clothing • WASHiNG-roir. .-une ao a;pt_ The Office of Price Ailmijiisluition is about to start a nationwide tarn- paign to check violations of cJoMiini; price ceilings. Local OPA officers plan In rh-rk half the stores in every Irom coast to coast. The check n the first that has been made nationwide by OPA. A check of furniture prices be-nn this month and will continue nUb July. The clotliint' check will .start in July and continue Into AuguM, UNRRA Directo^Makcs Brief Visit in Memahis MEMPHIS, T=nn.. June" 20. lUI'i -The need for food shipments to Europe will be negligible" after the in-10 European crop i s lia'rvesle'l. Kiircllo H. LaOunrdia said last night. I-aGuardla. UNHRA director, appeared tired and drawn dnrln B a brief stopover here cnroutc to New Orleans. XJNRRA's work, he r.ald. 'is Hie finest thing ever done in inUma- lional relations." ''It is almost a sin for people in this country to spi'.ik or shot-L- uges an : | scarcity here," he s:iid. HACK THRBT Trumart Gets Presidential Medal Pic-lmcc! above are -.lie Iwo <ules ol ihc Hvsl rriiman Prpslclei.linl medal. ISMIOO In- the U S, Mini ami mes-nleil to Ihe President bv M nl Uiiecio, Nellie Tayl.,e K.^s. The "liwicl" side show. Ihe I will, e.vci;l,isfcs. Ins lan-.i us tnnv lie and his WorUi War ifovernmrnt which llui llrlllf,hh t .p,-d Kashmir, n princely" f-lnli-.'ki ni Nehru had nltcmpUd to enter I Kushl'nlr' National''Coh' 1 fei C enc!'' t H' Is In jail on a chin* of __ aijaliwt the rule ofthe localiafc**- / Hl **< ^ i? When'he left for ICutunlr, locul authorltte* forbo4« his tn\ry , t / The Congnu Party working cdw^V? inlttte considered the BrlUUi atm' for Indian Independence iusiwnd»d Its sessions, pending the release of Nehru. ' Too Lbi* to C(r»/r> (•"C Ifnm ln.u»o »llh Uth \c»]y dfr c rjilnl IniKi. an,| < i,, J m , r ,„„',„ (, 0rn , 4 mi rcur it Inl fill 1 yrnnklln i-*ll "C^ ____ SOpkil II In IK I rtin.lor Kerry Mnln Blurit MlnnnM Ul fnr Mi 1 L (,"» ,li>n, rill.l.i. (128. Oici'iill, Ark. 20 >Ii 21 II.'CHMl |;l B y«FI »l«).5r,. -Thf RMIo^Ho.. pllnl, '.'1(1 K, Mum.' , . 20-i't-2'-l I'lrlily .al Clilcli nnvllis 111)' nuii •"•nilcli (,.'.,1, nltu iliilrj- (|,'il Chlflin nrrlvlnit HaliinUiy inornh Old, l.i'wlK 1'iiiillty. 2 C imrr' N J'fork laxr liln^tf m l>ciilir yc»rV nu I lioum t'Aiiitii Every plant, has at least one leaf before it emerges from the seed. Water makes up more than f>5 cent of the total weight O l an Gasoline Safely Rules r PHE steady increase in the use *• of fasoline and other flammable liquids to promote farm clfi- cicncy makes it more i.mportant thr.n ever that rules for safe stor- ii!,'C and liantlling be observed to tlio letter. Fires and explosions from these dangerous liquids take many lives and destroy much farm property each year. Use underground tanks, located a safe distance from other build. MIRS, for storing Caroline, whenever possible. Use fu-eproof materials such ns asbestos cement board, winch cannot burn, in erectinc above-ground storages or shelters over underground tanks. •-rv- u r P*I ( " 1 _ UI«iv f ' DON'T oo THIS Store small quantities of flamm- nblc liquids in safety cans proiicrlv labeled. TJse only flashlights in Rood repair or oicctric extension cordi with approved lamp guards if il- luminr.tion is needed where gasoline is stored. Never lower a lipbt "t any kind into a container for «ny purpose. Prohibit smoking and use of fcmtches near flammable liquids. Remember that the K.IECS and vapors from n.immablc liquids ean b« ignited by spontaneous combustion of nearby substances, such as oily rags; by flames, sparks or excessive heat. Be Sure to See This Special STRATION Of The New HOL LAND ' WEEDER On Regenold's Farm No. I, Armorei, Ark JUNE 24 ... DISTRIBUTOR CAPS! ft for mo:t r I I gp WRECKING BAR? EKfit 10» - Orop Forged ttcet. i.*..; ,WOOf) CHISEL Siool blddo with hard \vood handlo. mon^v-snumc uniues We also carry a full slock of Tinkv anri Filling (Cqiiiiinicnl Uc:>ilv for (Juick Delivery at All Times. (Weather Permitting) You will sec the machine in actual operation burning weeds right in the ficfj. After the demonstration the machine will be left in fhc field for one week so that you may go back and check the surprising results each day if you desire. We feel thai the "SIZZ' is the best weed burner on the market and this demonstration will prove it. The "SIZZ" carries a 70 gallon tank using PROPANE gas and cai? be mounted on any Farmall or John Deere Tractor. Simple ano' economical to operate. We will also hare models to mount on any tractor. Don't Miss This Field Demonstration On Monday Blythevaile Propane Gas Co. Inc Highway 61 North, Next to City Ice Co., Blytheyille, Ark. 100% PURE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOK OIL A high quality motor oil thai forms a durable lubricating film ovdr all moving parti, reducing Mellon, heat and C1STON all ring, .ton of STARTER N SPRINGS ifebl. Ht.i«y <jutv for molt . 39c V TIMING GEARS Made of tou^'t catod compos- tlOn. GtVCl Qn'r* performaucc. (\o ilifioil. , / and witor. '«?,S /.;' ^.:.rfi HEAVY DUTY ^S£». ft SPRINGS Mado of oil fc-nporod Ford A. spring slccl. G>..jriin- t tecd pcrf.7-;l (\\. r- n 5 , r) 49 C "Seated Beam" CONVERSION KIT Givoi briqhfor, broader vition (Or safe driving af nighf. Costs bu to operate—givsi twi-.e the liglif rtr.d operates on tlio £.\mo powor. Her- ,. lir metically icalod, free from du>f and moiiiure. 12.D5 I r> T ' E r R ,P D EN " t^WINDSHIELD WIPEft' J^Carefully machined for [ MOTOR IfjpKM Perfect (J «i>o-* - - • ""'" '" in mm _. wiper, c^fcar vis'on fnturoi >j»fi riving. AJ -c- p.i SIJC! 10 to 4.95 *«* STE «, WOOL Fine _ (or "-.lea 11101 And GARDEN HOSE Heavy con hose. 25 Ft. Lengths. .original equip- u^ rnjnl. Tor I'ord V8. Flti' miny tlrjpr <• • '. DISTRIBUTOR POINVS Porlr •'• H fi RADIATORS! Mcjvy ciily ra^ialcrs cr • ilu.-dy Mbro lti!:cs'! ' 31.6U ,1 GENERATOR ARMATURE __,. »,Rebui!t (of moi st|^Er:«T^~--cah. 6.'. ^PJ ^"VioN UNIVERSAL «fr« ifurdy con- .itruction. Perfect fit guaranteed. For ~ Ford and .CSev. 3.65 guaranteed. Two blade assembly. 49 e BATTER CHARGER Charge [your baf- t«ry right] in Hie carj N starting easier. I it or ag» uie Complete for SunSue Hot Water Heaters 119.95 Record Players 39.45 Record & Radio Combination 92.95 Casting Rods 13.95 to 22.50 Casting Reels 8.95 to 9.25 Bath Tub Water Heaters 4,95 Electric Radios 28.90 Guaranteed Electric Irons 6.20 Guaranteed Electric Toasters. . 5.88 Butane Gas Cook Stores 45.50 SOUTHERN AUTO STORES, Inc. 1'hone .'!I21 CARL BRYANT, Manager 113 West Main St., BtytbevWe, Art.

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