The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 19, 1047 BLYTHKVII.LK- (AUK.)' COUlllEIl NKWS Bevin's Attack Unwarranted Blast at U. S. Press May Herald Move for Secrecy by Big Four WASHINGTON, May 19. (UP) — Unlisli Foreign Minister Kevin's savngc nltack on Uie Unit- Al Stales press was viewed in ni t^htcrs today as forcwurnin" of nimsli campaign (o return Llic Hi BFour sessions of the Council of I'orcign Ministers ;o secret diplomacy. His charge that (he United State We.s.s' "full coverage" of the recent Moscow conference was |>nmatil\ to blame for the failure Icll on im- E.vinpathetie pars here. Bevin asked lor the wrath of I he American press and American of- tichilclom, and it was fortlioonunf at once. Nat Howard, president the American Society of Newspaper' Editors, said Hevin "doesn't clearly umlerstand the tradition o[ the freedom of information." it lie cli:l, Howard said, he wont not have made such a proposition. Secretary of State George C. Marshall did not comment immediately, but lie can be expected to repudiate the Bevin thesis a s well as his' proposal that the council revert to the unsuccessful system of tcllini; the. world only what, can 'JO agreed upon in a formal communi- que. If Kevin's proposal had been followed in Moscow—announcing in a rtimiminUiuc only agreements — there would have been no official news of the conference because no major agreements were reachd. Kevin's statement,, made last week ditrinp! n House of Commons debate on Jordan policy, was im- jKdialely challenged here as incon- ^Ix'iit. J Sec Trouble Alieatl On tlie one hand, Bevin professed to be a "great believer" in freedom of the press, and opposed to ".secret nej^otiations." On tlie other hand, he denounced the press, especially the American press, for covering the Moscow meeting comprehensively anc proposed to draw a. thick viel ot tdcrccy around future meetings. ,,..,,^,'.tJ-.'i:.j,..- PAGE'SEVEN W SpencIs_NearIy Half His Life Preparing for Death'"^ Citizenship Awards Made Si ate at JOXKMIOHO. Ark,. Mny 1'J. tUi 1 ) - <';ul O. (iravr.s of KnuUcl atnl »<>ri:i HiTliir i)l Nelll.'l in Imlny hi,Id »ii- !!. n. i.,. u wllsun i-ilt/"iit;Ut|> awards at Arkiim.i i Klate «;-.>!l.-i;i> li'W \vlH>re Ixilh nrj R'uSnr .students. 'The 1 awards mi- iiiwulal I'lii'li S'c:ir In lhi> must imtsliimlll^: wilier 111:111 and woman wlui have riii*n^hi]> jind aljLUty ilm 1 Inu (lu-Lr [•niieiji! OLII\VI>;. (iravi-s Is I'dilor lit II io ciillrc.r | year hook. Miss It.vl'iv I'i n ninu- if Al|>li:i Tan iV.'M Sor.Rilv 1 m;il "I llii' yt'iir bunk sl.'.IY. Iivne Min'iTs, ni ijdi. » sLipho- "iv. \vt'.n is worklnn In" a harlu 1 - r "f .sni'iire deiin-u will; n inuior In business mlmtnUt.vtl.H'.. iwdv.'il '•l«r I'i tiaiinim Mu w>i»i'il!'» WIKHL- IIHI award, Shi- Is the ilaui'UU'l ill Mr iind Mrs. Kail Mnni'P, i»! Dell. Miss Mailers -,vns vnU'cl! -im-Liu ol n- uradiiiiliui! elass in Dell 11 liii"! (wo years a^ii ii.U K\M nt im esliinaii year In ^ild-iw at iM'kan- :-as stale TeiK-heis in c'uiiway. Wlu tiiui.slmeii (<i KU'.v; Culk'iu' I: -.IJIHO last Kail. m •£%•;. ^.^Uil'^i^K-^ =t>\ Miirlin Umihal'-cm'tikt, V 2 -year-old Cleveland, Oh io, cvu pcnlcr, slnmls proudly beside the which he Elnrtct) to build seven years ago, after saving pieces of fine woucl for 35 veins. knows," lie sEO's. Ihouiihtfully, "it" 1 IKK! nol kept busy Inn Mint: mv collin, 1 niitihl hn'rlcfifl i colljii "Who Bankers and Farm Owners Warned lo Curb Land Prices WASHINGTON, May ID. (UP) — Banking, insuranco :uul r:\vrn leaders today \vcrc; beinj; callixl (u the capital to devise niL-uns of i;ukHn^ socrccy rule. When the council first nv:l in London ii) the Full of 1045. the ministers agreed u;;on iih.soliitc ot- ficinl sccificy oxcopl ffir what was issued from lime to time in a Hit; Four comin unique* Tin: coin muni- 'Bcvi'n's statcincJit was a warning 51 UC * lurr ' cd oul lo hc "inocuous, the press pl of troubJ'j: ;iliija<l for the November London meeting of the council— 'A nitiutinjjr thiit b:>Lh Uevid niul French forcic;n jninistcr Gcorycs Bt(l;\uR agree will be pcr- luips the most fateful in hLstory. •Rinuult says it will be the world's last chance" to negotiate a united peace. The present system for lolling tho press and the world what the foreign ministers do when they met t is abon L a year old. Fui 1 credit for developing it yoes 'o former Secretary of State James P. Byrnes who found that in the last a n al ysis he \va. s 111 c only c oimei member who obeyed the formci things cost more now- IT'S IMPORTANT TO BLEACH THEM 5AFEIY FOR LONGEST LIFE Don't Weach the HARSH WAY with uncontrolled bleaches An UIICCMHrolled blcich^ thac varies In strength, may cause you to oi'fT/j/c'./f/j your cottons and linens. 11v|l'ixidtzcs fabric tfircaJs. They weaken and soon fray one. •cause it. was just us hard for the •es.s offi:ct's to rifsree Ti]>^'^ v:li:it i say as it was for the ministers 1 JUircc in thoir mcetinu.i- Spcrvcy I'cilicy II;is l-'aitcd, Tdti Tiie council mt'elin^ cndycl in iniplcEc bii.^t TI]>, \vith more inter- iitionjil no me calling ihiin •en lieard in this wur-wcury oriel for n long time. When the council resumed icotings in Paris last Sprint!;, the onununkjue .'iystem WHS tried sixain -but just once. Tlic pre.^s officer. 1 ; 'ere unable to n^ree on even an pening communique, iByrncft, disgusted v/ith the pro cclurc and convinced by them Hut! ho people of the \vorJd nmst know, low tlicir "peace" was bein^ nc^r iated, ordpt'cd a complete chani; Thereafter, the United States dc cgalion "briefed'' American cor •espondents on canh iiay's nice tin —tclliEi^ Hicin ever.vthitiL; that war, ;aid and proposed, a^ well as \vlwt va.s agrecil lint! cii^a^recti npoji. Within a few clays 'lie other delegations were follow:iig tlie same iraclicc. Even the Rii.s^ians were lillimi in lliuir rc])orler,s and hand- iigoiit texts of Soviet statements to reporters of other nations. Now iBevin would jnnk ail of that. He would return io the com- Ir '»c the incrca mminuc system which observers ' K 'J cent, here said would drive the press underground lor incomplete, h;ii.sed sometimes inarm rat? "corridor" reports of the meetings. armors away from a of "bc.oiu anil msl" in farm land values, AsricuHiiro Secretary Clinton P. Andersnn, at (he direction of President 'ZYuninn. hns called a coii- t'rence tor June t) for the purpose (-1 levelopint; a program to discourage "ni'thcr inflation in farm real '-s- atc values. About. 30 representatives of groups ntcrcsted in farm land lir*ve been invited to attend. Anderson said he hoped the conference would result in "un:fc>niut> in the \vay Hie agencies look at this problem," He .sai<i he thought the reason farmcr.s "got in trouble" alter the last war in n boom and b«ist cycJt in real L-.stutc was "because o liberal loans on inflated values/ He said he did not vv;m!. lo see r rrpftition of the "awful drubbim;' the fanner took after World War I- Farmers are now in "woi)der?tjl'. finnncial shape," he said, and farm lands are not heavily mortgaged. Air. Trumnn xvnrncd lhal prices of fartn piTjcluc-t.s would decline, acid- ins that farmers would find themselves in difficulty when the agriculture recession started. An example of the situation winch the President, hogcg to remedy, was shown in recent official reports which revealed real e.s- latn values in the country (oak a seven per cent jump between November and March 1. Rising fiirm prices were cited as the reason for the inflationary spi- "ral in Innd values. -, For the country as n whole, farm Innd values are now 53 per cent premier than prevailed fiom 3012 to 10U. In the past 12 months a- se lias averaged 17 risoncrs Sane, Doctors' In Little Rock Report I-'oui' men \v'm wei*: tiitn:-f fried n the fltulc Ki).;nttni U-r Morvous )iseasi's for n I^J-day .)b?:i;rvat!i>n jn April U, liau; beer pro:u)iUK.cit sane by K t a ff (^ K-« oi'.s a: . 1 1 VMS ' c timed fnnn Littl.: H(»c'k lo tin 1 isKi.s.'iippi Coin ,y jail hcic hy Shrriff Willie n Hero mi: 11 i=nd Deputy Slierifl Ktv/ln .Ici «.s vcs- ierday afternorii, The men IL. c. : Carli^ eh:ii'f>rd wilh tv;j mun'. tempt' tf> ussjtLiV/ Voilie land, Neui ". cliiui 1 ,! 1 ,! \v counUs of alter ipl^d r:i[ii! Jones, Negro, f.'r.iii*^ *:! w der, and A. fV MrD.intrl. (:!]•«? t.ed with tiispojihi'- i;i infU't^a-.-'.'!! jircp- erLv, The four mc-.i :*rc In \\v.\- held io await trial :i k tiie ^.ic'.o'oer irrm of Circuit emu*'.. .-Thtt Uiiilid Stales requi Wnlkt-r dip. .emltlensiiUe U'ur ;;t»!f .snpn-mary, by rou it;: Hrilaiii Hu tin day in Ihe i'ijiht U'ciding !,injii(\s mulches. Marvin t Iind) Ward, who earn.? from f;ir behind; Kohcrt (Hkt iv llrjti'l, WHlitf Turnesn, Dick (Nmp- iiui iind Hnitley Quick were the U. 5. sliii.s who assured their ctxm- ry of victory. Historian and Classmate \ Of Woodrow Wilson Dies CllAliUTITUSVlLLK, Va, Miy 0. (IJl') —I'riir. Ulcharil Heath Dab- I icy. «7, retire:! lilstorlon and friend ml (lassmatc' til Woodiow \Vils:m, lied yc.'tcrdny at his home alter i loan Illness. He was the rather ill •Mllor Vlriihilii.s llabney o[ the (li-limuml 'I'lmes-nlspateh. ' Courier News Want, Ads. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. i . ' is i • i lIl'MSl'tl ll) MlllHIlllK'c! Itllll Mr. Richard Holt i joined our sliiff ii.s pcnlci 1 ini'l niJiinU'iuinco Cull us lo do Hull fiiii'l do or dini'l I IVilllt It) (Id. 2801 j man. joli you SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSQY EARLY MATURING •; .. Foundation Slwk—Direct From Bre«4«r Hctcnt lest proved yields a to 5 more buahela oer acre and stands up belter than Ralaoy, BlytheviSle Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main phone 850-857 River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H. Webb Phono 714 ATTENTION FARMERS You Can Now Get 100% Coverage / On Your Crops Against Hail Storms! This nuiy bo n year of heavy hail storms. We represent.*, flit! Im-jresl mid oldest Hail Stonn Insurance Company^ and wilh the liiKhest ntliiiK. K Spueial «>|)i-csciilulivc will lie in Blytheville and vife cinily for a limited lime ( 0 take applications. Caiffi write or plionu NO\V lot' parliculars—No obligation !|| UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. F. IHKJ'KICII, Manager Over (Jiiard'.s Jewelry Store 510 . "Kvcryiliiug In Insurance" nf IJol- U. S. Golf Team Routs British to Win Trop/iy ST. ANDREWS, S':nll:uul, May 10. I We Guarantee I RECAPPING i ! with i Hawkinson Treads i i [ Let Your Next Tires Be ! ! GENERALS I i i > i Cost IVIore — Worth More [ Fowlsfon School of Music ^ Is Ol'feriii}; Spec id 5 Summer Classes PIANO - ORGAN — VOICE Mrs. Dalron C. Fowlsfon, B. A., 5. M. M. Torm Klarls Jitfm Und tlii'ou};)! Anirrisl :>1, 11)17. A special price for the lliree iiKinllis term in piano is being offered. Kor inforniaUdii, call or write— 809 Chickasciwba Phone 2049 AAAA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS arc only six peak which per \v;\s Steel Oil .Barrel Racks Elie T. L. MABRY 123 MISSOUKI ST. PH. Present prices cent below HID renrticcl in 1020. From last November to March 1, f cleclini'K in hind viilues occurred in cnly two stnles. \V;iKl)inglon and Oregon. CitinR reasons behind the rise in land values, nu official mentioned the fact that. farm income set uc\v records in 194C and that the prospects for :i repeat performance in 1047 were MODINGER TIRE CO. 116 E. Main Tlionc 2'il)l • A complete line of poultry feed. Hattwy fed fryers— i hiiy them on foot. ! I'OUI/l'KY WANTIOI): t lion or-tnidc load. Open 111 [) Saturdiiy ovetiing, 8 lo 10 a. m. Sundays Plenty of Parking Space LEWIS POULTRY I'lmiif <|.|<) 419 East Main St. New Galvanized TIN ROOFIHG 28 ga. 10' to 14' Length LIMITED SUPPLY BLAN HEATH Auto & HOME 1'Iionc S2S SUPPLY 121 West Main Slruul Ark.-Mo. Stale Line on the left at the Arch Phone 975! 7 Crown Culvert ,' Schcnlcy Cream of Kentucky. Three Feathers . Hill& Hill v Old Taylor Four Roses V> n, 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 rt. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2,85 51h 4.15 4.15 4.15 4,15 4.15 4.40 690 S</ " Bccr per Case GAS, teg 17.9c; Ethyl Cigarcftcs pcr carton W.35i I $1-55 I Bleach tEie GENTLE WAY with Ccntrolled-Actfon Purtx! I-very bottle of Putcx lias the s.unc strength, same corrccr blc.ichiujj actioo. Used ss dircctct], Pnrcx neitr ovcrblcachcs. It provides ControllcJ Action because it's [>u- lifjcd and stabilized by tlic IntMfil Process, exclusive with Purcx. Cottons and linens cotnc out fresh, stAJn-frcc and snowy. ILatyio use!...tio harder on things ilun ordin.iry wasJiing. At your ^roar's, PUREX JHE CON1ROIIED-ACI10N BIEACH . CIMTLE TO LINENS « • it PURIX iury BATH" is she st'mp/f, mod* irn n\ty fi) dc.m in ttnd batkrotw. ' Vurifid jink and ffr,tin. ..nraoifS jijiKS an.i stoi'fh 'j porcelain gitjm! <- f fatten; titiy (tirtc* $ titxi 0:1 toitfe. ame Cultiv Su:;ar is sold in Liny tliat cuiHain only u U-aspoonlul fur 2"> cents a piicl;:iye in Tibet. Tl NE . Up • Check generator voltaic regulator • Check distributor Clean and adji'it spark plugs Inspect ignition wires Check and adjust car-ri burcior Clieck battery — clean and tighten cahlcs Check fuel pump and fuel Jincs Clean air cleaner Check coil and corK denser FOR REAL MERCURY 5ERVKE ALWAYS SEE DEALER STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. St. Phone 3479 See f he Barksdale Flame Cultivator South Broadway Street Blythcville, Ark. "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for Furs and Woo/ens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 he Old Kel G. O. POETZ 'The Old Reliable" Tomr Source .f PKTROLEUM Dependable Her»l CT PRODUCTS KR at"ch*rry Clay Road Gravel Available in. Yard or Carload Lots --DEUVERED- Phone 721

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