The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on May 18, 1922 · Page 9
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 9

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1922
Page 9
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TTTF \V\^TTT\f;TOV POST- T!TT"RRT \Y M \ Y J* 102? 77/£ WASHINGTON POSTS DAILY LEGAL RECORD MAY 17, 1922. COBRT OF APPEALS. '- No session. Ajourned from day to day. DISTRICT SUPREME COURT. - CIRCUIT COURT 1--Mr. Justice Stafford. No. 64755. Cecil R. Huggins vs. New Taxi Service Co. et al.; trial resumed. Plff. atty. R. M. Yeatman; deft, atty., A. L. Nrwmyer. i No 63897. Edwin C. Button, Admr., vs. James J. Roche et al.; Judgment by- default against the Auto Sales Co.; gftrnishee, for $5.000, with interest from March 3, 1922, and costs. Plff. attys. Jeffords Dutton; deft, atty., £· J. Costlgan. No. $5780. Ben A. Buscher vs. W. 3J. E. Co., judgment on verdict against defendant for $2,500. with in.- tftrest from this date, and costs. Plff. attys., J A O'Shea, John I. Sacks; deft, atty., R. J. WhiUford. No. 6S386. C, T. Chenery v«. James tt Davis, Director General of Railroads et al.; motion to duash service of process overruled. Plff. attys., Cov- Ington. Burling, Rublee. No. 64171. William E. Thomson vs. James William Bryan; jury sworn and respited. Plff. atty., H. W. Wheatley; deft, atty., R. H. McNeil). -· Assignment for Thursday: No. oOl. Thomsen vs. Bryan. Attys., Wheatley--McNelll. On trial. No- 27306. In re Harrison. Attys., H, S Barger. P. H. Marfthall--Padg- Monogue. No. 29. Yeomarts vs. Boudinot. Attys. Ellis, Ferguson Cdlquitt -Osterman Welch. No. 339. Leigh vs. Washington Ra Iway and Electric Co. Altys H*ldeman-- Whitcford. -»«ys.. . N o . 475. Kinder VB. United Taxi No. 9. Redlnon vs. Hampton. Attys., Jo hnston-- Peter. Whiting, DoW. No. 605. Nolle vs . Davis Attys , Morehouse--Barse. et al. CIRCUIT; COURTlUMr. Justice Hitz. No. 66505. Amer. Sec. Trust Co. et al. vs. Harry E. Birge; judgment fsalnst defendant for 12,771 40 with interest and costs. Pitt, attys., Gordon Gordon; deft, attys., Tobriner Graham _ N °- 58730. Edw. C. Barstow vs. Washington Herald Co.; Jury sworn. Plff. attys.. F. E. Mitchell. L. Hufty, B. A. Mooers; deft, attys'., Paul E Lesh. A. Wolf, Browne; Bond, $900. Gray, Attys., Britton No. 6o943. Emma J. Shealey vs. W. Va. Ry. Co.; cause certified to Clr- quit Court No. 1 for trial. Plff atty., R. H. Yeatman; deft, attys., Fralley Tucker No. 63020 Marguerite S. Smith vs. Edw. J. Krieg; judgment on verdict for defendant against plaintiff for oosts. Plff atty.. Edw. Stafford, deft. a t t y , G, A. Maddox. No. 62986. Wilton G. McMurchy vs. Geo. H. P Cole; judgment on verdict for defendant against plaintiff for costa. Pin* attys., King, Simon, Toung Koenlgsberger; deft, attye, Millan Smith. No. 66188. Amer. Slicing Mach. Co. vs. Samuel Garrison; condemnation of credits of defendant in hands of Lincoln Nat'l Bi nk, garnishee. Plff. attya Brandenbuig Brandenburg. Assignments for Thursday. Case on trial only: EQUITY COURT 1--Mr. Justice Bailey. No. 39527. Thos. L. Moffatt vs. Jno. P Moffatt, report ratified, account ratified and trust IB discharged. Plff. atty., Geo. C. Gertman. No. 40047. Wilbur F. Nash vs. F. Mortens Sons Corp.; pro confesso ordered. A t t y . C. T. Clayton. No. 39307. Grace R. Storty Vs. Richard Stoity, rule as to contempt returnable first Friday, c. Atty., Raymond Neudecker. _ ' No. 39414. Samuel J. Solomon vs. Mildred Solomon; cause referred to auditor Plff attys., Tobriner Graham; deft attys., Millan Smith, Geo. C Gertman. No. 35488 Crane vs. Gllpin; receiver ordered to deliver certificate of stock. No. 39636. J. R. Sigg-Fehr vs. Frank White et al.; rei dissolved and rule dlscim-isou. J T J V I O ~^_~\ -- ~ u , 1_~* *.«..»... \r, a t t y , I, Fox; deft's attys., J. W. lAabel; manslaughter; charges ig- PROBATE CObi; Estate of admitted to pro' mentary grants.! t y Trust C o · - « . * £ Latimer and G. T Estate of'EliZ'ir f i r - - petition for probate of w' v * letters testamentary. Attv , VIP G Dunne. Estate of OneE'ni» Ledaux; will filed dated May 20, 1911 and petition for probate of will and letters testamentary. Atty.. D. W. Gould. Estate of Frances Jordan Fi-nna- gan; petition for letters of administration. Atty.. Jrio. Walsh. In re Pearce Davife; petition to in- ve»t. Atty., Paul V. Keyser. In re Haroldene Davis; petition to irtv«»t. Atty., Paul V. Keyser. Estate of Benjamin Franklin Bingham; petition for letters of administration. Atty., F. Stetson. In re lone L. Mooney; Walter M. Bastian appointed guardian ad litem. Estate of Catherine Riecks; Chapln B. Bauman appointed guardian ad litem. Estate of Wm. S. Peachy; exemplified copy of -will filed. Estate of Edith H. Burke r Will filed dated April 10, 1921. Estate of Maria. LL of real estate ratified. Donaldson; sale Estate of Rose Urdong; letters of administration granted to Nicholas Applebaum; bond, $15,000. Atty., Wilton J. Lambert. Estate of Benjamin Franklin Bing- harn; letters of administration granted to National Savings trust Co. Attorney, F. Stetson. Estate ef Lewis F. Palmer; will admitted to* probate and letters testamentary granted to Christiana Palmer; bond, $1,009. Atty., H. C. Rohrman. Estate of Frances Jordan Flanna. gan; letters Of administration granted to Wm. W., Flannagan; bond, $4,000. Atty., Jno. Walsh. Estate of M. Causin Waring; petl- tion to withdraw will. Clayton. Atty.,' C. T. In re Earl C. Coffman et al., minors; order for allowance. Atty., J. M. Chamberlin. In re Helen G. Armstrong e-t al., minors; order authorising guardian to pay assessment. Atty., F. Van Saut. Estate of Golbraeth I. M.ead; will admltt»r to probate and letters testamentary granted to Alice f. Mead; special bond, $600. Attys., Loving Hamner. Estate of Kate G. Wharton; order of publication. Atty., A. B. Le#t. Estate of Patsey A. Pelndexter; will admitted to probate and letters testamentary, to Alexandria Brltton Estate of John S. Case; executor dlre'etfed to give notice for hearing on petition for instructions. Attys., Jeftrirds Dutton. Estate of Clara BIddle Simmons; will admitted to probate and letters testamentary granted to Helen Miller Reynolds; bond, $1,000. Atty., Winfield Glllin. In re Pearce Davis; order authorizing investment in deed of trust note. Atty., Paul V. Keyser. In. re Haroldene Davis; order for investment. Attyj, Paul V. KayseT. Estate of Margajret White Olio; w filed dated May 5, 1920. Estate of Harry L. Myers; Will filed dated November 11, 1919. Estate of Edward P. Millsj exemplified copy f Will filed, CRIMINAL COURT 1--Chief Justice MeC6y. No. 36061. United States vs. Raymond Rollins; grand larceny; defendant committed surety exonerated. No. 3921S. United States vs. Louis Minor; nonsupport; verdict guilty. Attys., C. Howard, F. Cotteer. No. 39025. United States vs. Charles C. Riley; housebreaklng and larceny; plea guilty, remanded and cause referred. Atty., H. Given. No. 38669. Unlte?d States vs. Clifford Walker; nonsupport; verdict, guilty. Atty., R. I. Miller. No. 39299. United States vs. F. V. Stewart; grand larceny. No. 37867. United Thomas E. Gardiner. ·States vs., , f-'j. .911 T- i' v Inc., vs. M Lerer e. al. Nc. 791 · ' ·· ' !|r» Carrie M NO. 79:.. Co. vs. Con- et al. vs. . . Meta Wells. . u . , , . The Hecht Co. vs. Mrs. . No. 79280. The Hficht Co. vs. Max Peltz. N6. 79281. The Hecht Co. vs. G. S, Bennett. No. 79282. The Hecht Co. Vs. H. E. The Hecht Co. va. V. F. The Hecht Co. vs. H. Lowe. No. 79284. Lanning. No. 79285. Jackson, No. 79286. The Hecht Co. vs. Ri M. Holford. · No. 79288. The Hecht Co. vs. R. B. Fitzgerald. No. 79289. The Hecht Co, vs. L. H. Feldman.. No. 78290. The Hecht CO. vs. Percy Evans. · No. 79313. Huyier's va. H. I. Scott. No. 79314. Wootf Optical Co., Inc., vs. W. F. Finn. No. 79818. Baltimore Chair' Co. vs. Lduis Notes. No. 79317. L. B. Schindler Shoe Co. vs. David Kessler. No. 7931S. Salem -Mfg. Co. vs. George Bros. t No. 79318. RadI j Distributor Co. vs. Eastern Radio Electric Co. PART THREE--Mr. Justice Kimball., No. A-eiS. Irving S, Beall vs. District Haynea Corporation. No. 79330. F. W. McCarthy Co. vs. Air Line Cargo Express. No. 79321. International Time Re- cordlnfc Co. vs. J, C. L. Rltter. link o. ?! No. 79323. A. Jacobs vs. B! Feller Co. I No. 79325. New York Times vs. J. S. George. I No. 79326. H. D. Lee Mercantile Co. vs, George Bros. No. 79327. Wheeling Match Company vs. Louis Cohen, Ac. No. 79328. Frank Seder, Inc., vs. Edwin Brooker et al. No. 79330. Reliable Silk Underwear Co. vs. French Lace Shop. No. 79332. H. P. Foley Company va. Eastern Radio Electric Company. No. 79333. H. P. Foley Company vs Mrs. M. B. Hatton. No. 79334. Alpher, Jur, Greenbwg Co. v«. C. Ri Simpson. No. 79837. Ella De la Porte vs. A. M. Waters. No. 79338. Minnie * Emmett vs. Maret E. Sheetie 6t al. No. 79339. James H. Van Hay vs. H. C. Briscoe et al. No. 79340. Peter Dunn vs. Nellie Sullivan. No. 79341. Annie Steerman vs. Albert Pouaman Co. No. 79342. Perfection Garment Co. vs. "Phillips." \No, 79343. William Conradis Co. V*. Morris SiBselrnan. F. G. Stewart vs. H. M. Fashion Shop, Inc., vs. » · AUVJE. J I D tJ. No. 79344. Singleton. No. 79345. E. Eikrer. PART FIVE--Mr. Justice Terrell. No, A-601. jr. G. Wilson vs. JR. A. C. Magruder. No. A-609. Anna Sheriff vs. District of Columbia. No. 68725. Stollwerch Bro. VB. Washington Wholesale Grocery. No. 70234. Fidelity Saving Co. vs. Hargreaves Wyvell Co. No. 74949.. Wiegand Co., Inc., vs. Edward FrischkneiSht Co. No. 75128. J. M. Proctor et al. vs. J. J. MoNey. No. 77080. J. C. Jackson vs. Bradford Co. No. 77294. Paramount Adv. Corp. vs. Edward Jacobs. Np. 77914. Washington Gas Light Co. vs. E. E. Taggart. No. 77929. Paramount Corp. vs, Oscar Quivera. Publicity Brown 3d, Peyton Gordon. No. 35893. Nathan B. Schwartz vs. Annie Schwartz; Paul B. Blcan appointed to defend. Pltf's atty., M. Stearman: deft.'s atty., Paul B. Blcan. norad. No. 78362. L. A. Feldman Fixture Co. Vs. Milton Kaufman. No. 78303. M. KlrSchner Sons vs. Milton Kaufman. No. 78469. J. A. Harris- vs. Benj. Bor- densky et al. No. 78475. Todd Protectograph Co. vs. Adwear Soles Co. No. 78489. J. Watson Terhune vs. VS. TM-S. ' ·= -J cvoonnel' 1240 llth st se.; | .in, ?66.16. Atty., M. , *^o 79636. Wash Tig-'p- "=T vs. C. H. Arnold, 909 80th st. count, $42.48. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79637. Washington Hera'^ Co. vs. Charles Adams, Barrister bldg ; count, $49.92. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79638. -Equitable Purchasing Co. vs. Solomon C. Curtis, 34 P;St. ne.; notes, $69.54. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79639. Equitable Purchasing Co. vs. Miss Thelma W. Adams, 1332 6th st. nw.; notes, $16.71. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79640. Palais Royal vs. Geoge R. Brown, 1809 24th St. nw.; account, F. -i E. Allen to Suaan 'E. Oliver. $70.12. Atty., M. J. MoNamara. No. 79641. Palais Royal vs. . . Hart, 191,6 Calvert St.; account, $74.36. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79642. Palais Royal vs. G. J. Marmon, 31-1664 Cblumbia. rd.; account, $16.40. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 7963. W. E. Schmidt vs. Mrs. E. I, DeWls*. 1744 Lanier place n account, $72.09. Atty., C, FftBy. No. 79644. W. E. Schmidt vs. Lu- cretla Fink, 1303 Clifton St.; account, $149.90. Atty., C; Fahy. , / No, ?964B. W. E. Schmidt 'vs. Mrs. G. E. Moore, 4413 39th st nw.; account, $229,93." Atty., C. Fahy. No. 79646. W. E. Schmidt v«. Clara, C. Grove, 8603 16tn at. nW.; account, $133.68. Atty., C. Fahy. No. 79467. W. E. Schmidt vs, Mrs. dharles Holloway, 413 4th st. nw.; account, $B8.48. Atty., C. Fahy. No. 79468. Jf. W. Hunt Co, vs. H A. Hobbs, 81? 12th at nw.; account, $150.69. Atty., G. A. Maddox. No. 79660. H. J. Smith Co. vs. G. Edward Schultz Co., 301 10th at. nw.; n6te, $176. Atty., A, D. Ssher. No. 796«. W. B. Robinson vs. Cumulative Services, Inc., 900 2«th at. nw.; flote, $100. Attysfc Ward 'Allister. No. 79661. JB. M. Stovall vs. John A. Murray, Murisey bldg.; services rendered, $10. Atty., F. E. Elder. No. 79652. I. Mudrick vs. Western Union Telegraph Co.; amount due, $600. Atty., S. V. Gusack. No.' 79653. S. Markowitz vs. Fred Markowitz, 926 6th st. sw.; check, $100. Atty., J. L. Tepper. « No. 79664. Joseph Jones vs. Edwin B. Hesse et al.; replevin, auto, $225. Attys., O'Shea Sacks JUDGMENTS, ETC. " No, 78E57. Crlfasl Co. vs. Aaron Bressler; finding for pltf. for $86. Attys,, H. A. Grant, pltf.; S. Rappaport, deft. No, 79170. L. iWoronow Vs. Sol CHp- ker; finding for No. 78875. J, or pltf, . W. B. Seymour Levy. S. Jaffe. ' Inc " No 39587. Kronsttadt: Roy Kronstadt vs. Aaron preliminary injunction No.'35774. United States vs. Charles Is. Reynolds. No. 78667. Johii -Christenson vs. N. granted plaintiff to collect rents, c.; i weapon; Jury clerk of court to hold certificate of | Atty., J. A. O'S Price; murder, first degree; execution stayed to November 11, 1922. Atty., J. A. O'Shea. * No. 39260. United Statefcr vs. Mable Coates; assault with dangerous and respited. deposit Pltfs attys., H. E. Davis, Dora Palkin; deft's atty., William E. Leahy. sworn O'Shea. No. 37938. United States vs. Adrian Gray; violation of narcotic act; motion f^r new trial filed. Atty., E. M. No. 451. Adoption In re Beth ; Chaplin. I-oulse; adoption legalized. Attys., A. Assignment for Thursday: Smith and Kate P. Johnson. No 8332 In re lunacy of William Button; second account of committee referred to auditor. Atty., F. A, Penning. No. 8102. In re lunacy of Santiago Navarroso; second account of committee referred to auditor; order to file new bond in penalty of $6,000. A t t y , P A. Penning. Assignment for Thursday: No 3908S Baker vs. Baker. Attys., Fowler, Boyd--Coombe, McNeil, Howard No. 34840. Fidelity and Deposit Company of Marv'and Vs Dall et al. Attys . Morillat--Bradley, Shreve. No 3 J 7 Lenz vs. Lenz et al. Attys., Morehouse--Mackey. No. 311. Bergen vs. Bergen. Attys., Wood--Kennedy, Frey. No 33." Mnnn vs Brvant. Attys., Eason--Roberts. Howard. No. 325 Wllcox VB. Shaughnessy. A t t y a . Lambert, Yeatman, Schwartz -- Q u l n n . Trials' No. 39260. United States, vs. Mabel Coates. No. 39304. United States vs. Blanche Herman et al. 39163 United States vs. Mattin L. Martz. No. 39246. lam- Berry, No. 39316. A. Raymond. United States vs. Will- Unlted States vs. Frank 39300. United States vs. John Herbert. No. 39027. United States vs. James Briscoe et al. No. 39313. United States vs. Laz- No. 78661, Dr. C. S. White vs. Mrs. J. W. Luscombe. No. 78679. Palais Royal vs. R. D. Weeks. No. 78683. S. Kann Sons Co. vs. J. M. Power. No. 78711. Alfred Field Co. vs. J. B. Espey Co. PART SIX--Miss Justice O'Toole. No. A-662. Nina D. Haynes vs. Harry Jeffery et al. No. 78359. C. S. Haynes vs. Harry Jeffery et al. Iaw«nHs Filed. No. 79598. H. R. Thomas vs. Home Builders Building nd Loan association; account, $219.42. Atty., L. A. Bailey. No. 79699. Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. va. Lawrence A* O'Dea; account, $177. Atty., I. U. Gardiner. No. 79600. Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. vs. Burton J. iDovle: account. $270. Atty., J. U. groi 65., EQU'TY COURT 2--Mr. Justice Hoehllng. No. 3D488 Biggs Engraving Co. va. James T. Hunter; memorandum opinion of court filed Pltf.'s attys., Rosea F. Downing and M. A. Easby- Smith; defdt.'s atty., George C. Gertman. 38812. Wm. E Offutt vs. Hawes; Clinton Calvin, esq, appointed trustee. Pltf.'s attys., Offutt Imlay; _1 ..«,!. · _ n »4"»« rt T» *~« -- * 1_ -- -r TIT defdt.'s attys., "C Whiting R. Colvln," J. W. No. 40076. Emma JE. Rea vs. Jno. I*. Rea, amendment authorized and decree for maintenance. A, Coombe. Atty., W. No. 39518. Lottie S. Wedderburn vs. Alexander J. Wedderburn, Jr.; decree for maintenance. Pltfs. attys.. Archer Smith, G. L. Munter; defdt.'s attys., Wampler Lynch. No. 40056. Abraham Futrowsky vs. .Harriet A. S. Sterrett et al.; order of publication. Platf.'s attys., Jos. N. Saunders, C. B. Bauman. No. 38630. Lawton G. Herrlman vs. Ruth T. Paine et al.; pro confesso a:nd reference to examiner, attys.. Bauman Bauman. Pltf.'s No. 39873. Ulrlc Dahlgren vs. Etha P. Rhett et al ; W. E. Lester et al. appointed trustees to sell; bond, $40,000. Pltf.'s atty., W. E. Lester; defdt,'s attys., McKenney Flannery, W. H. Sholes et al. No, 38948. Jos. A. Jacobs vs. Mary C. Dlnsmore et al.; title established. Pltfs attys., C. B. Bauman, J. N. Saunders. No. 457. Adoption: In re Andrew . Lea Banks; adoption legalized, torney. J. N. Jones. At- No. 39494. Louis Ricks vs. Leona Ricks; bill of complaint dismissed. PUf's attys. E. B. Frey; defdt.'s attys., A. D. Esher, R. Neudecker. Assignment for Thursday: No. 110 Steinberg vs Steinberg. Atfys., Coombfe--Stein, Wolf, Tanner. No. 324. Fulmer vs. Exniclos. Attys., Millan Smith--Ottenberg, Qulnn. No. 444. Payne vs. Payne. Attys., Hudson--Newmyer King. No. 374. Dl Benedetta vs. Dl Bene- dejta. Attys.,,Sunivan--Davis. ,, tjn No. 414." Hill Mather--Davis. No. 338. Hawkins vs. Attys., Wilson^-Hemans. No? 446. Wick VB Wick. Coombe, Emerson--Wood. vs. Hill. Attys., Hawkins. Attys., No. 380. Taylor vs. Taylor. Attyej., WH«on--Pay ton. No. 4M. · Brlggs 3tei ' ,,_- vs. Brownlow. Attys., Lewfs--Stephens, Williams. United States vs. Albert United States vs. Will- arus Harj No. 392 Shands. No. 35671. lam E. Philes. No. 38584. United States vs. Henry Lewiq, Motions and sentences: NO. 39148. United States vs. Benjamin 'Powell. No. 39003. United States vs. Frank James Corbett. No. 39113. United States vs. John H. Closson. No. 39333. United States vs. Ruth Brown. No. 38658. United States vs. Samuel de Sante. No. 39327. United States vs. John Joe Tase. No. 39330. United States vs. Mary Clark. No. 38889. United States vs. Walter C. Stevens. . No. 38439. United States va. Charles Johnson. ._.,, No. S8752. United States 'vs. William Henry Benner. ' No. 39131. United States vs. Cora No 3 - 8957. United States vs. Marie Bradford. No. 38791. United States vs. Les"NO! ' United States vs. Julia No.'^9116. United States vs. Foni- ·val F. Bonner. No. 38361. United States vs. Elliott Walter Shreve. No. 38980. United States vs. Elizabeth During. Indictments: Theodore R. Ward, murder second degree; Edward Pinkney. murder second degree; Alberta Johns, bigamy; Ralph A. Heineman, Harry A. Petty, and John Mcllvaine, nonsupport; John Henderson,'Ussault with dangerous weapon; Virginia C. Lowery, alias Natalie Hemp, alias Edith Jones.' George E. Johnson, Sidney Mudd Price, Virginia C. Lowery, alias Natalie Hemp, alias Edith Jones, grand larceny; Irene Harrison, robbery; Sydney S. Tolson, forgery and uttering. Ignored: Eric Aabel. homicide; Thomas E. Gardiner, perjury; Florence V. Stewart, grand larceny. CRIMINAL COURT 2.--Mr. Justice Siddons. No session. Adjourned from day to day. ts. No. 478. Manning vs. Manning. Attys., Costlgan, Ryan--Barnard Johnson, Wampler. No. 217. Rafferty VB. SmaUiers.) Lttys.. Bell, Marshall ft Rice--Bher- No. 8633. In re Margaret LylM. Attys., Martin--Jamei. No. 391. Schnlte vs. MfHer. Attys., Brown--Gordon. No. 410. Hungerford vs. Hunger- fprd, Attys., Toomey Toomey. No. 476. Conway vs. Conway. I^AWSUITS. No. 666SO. Louise L. Rosengkrten vs. The Model Garage and Cap. Trac Co.; damages, $20,000. Atty., Wharton B. Lester. ' \ No. 66681. Edwin H. Bosengarten vs. The Model Garage, et al.; damages, $5,000. Atty., Wharton E. Lester. No. 666$2. Shippers' Car Line vs. Southern Surety Co.; account, $12,500. Attys., Harry K. Hlckey and Jas. J. Q. Byrne. EQUITY ST7ITS. No. 40123. American Security Trust Co. et al., vs. Hary C. Blrge et al.; judgment creditors' bill. Attys., Gordon Gordon. _ No. 40124. Margarnt "* Huddleston vs. Florence P. Pcole; to subst. trustee. Atty.. Geo f T^' No. 40125. * I- .. Gardiner. No. '79601. Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. vs. Rexford L. Holmes, Inc.; account, $237.50. -Atty., J. U. Gardiner. No. 79603. Blick Bros. vs. Mrs. W. H. Jacques, c., 2126 Le Roy place; account, $54. Attys., Quirollo Eislnger. No. 79604. Blick Bros. vs. Basil C. Linthlcum, care 713 14th st. nw.; account, $98.25. Attys., Quirollo Eislnger. No. 79606. Blicfc Bros. vs. W. F. Davldge. 1340 Glrard St.; account, $24.26. Attys., Quirollo Eisinger. No. 79606. Bllck Broij. vs. Mrs. Charity 'A. Smothers, 1830 Oregon ave. nw.; account, $42. Attys., Qui- rollo Eisinger. ' No. 79607. Blick Bros. vs. Mrs. C. F. Adams, 1779 Massachusetts ave. nw.; account, $43.05. Attys., Qui~ rollo Eisinger. No. 79809. G. F. Muth Co. vs. Edward J. Brosnahan, 1341 I st. ne.; account, $73.69. Atty., T. G. Lewis. No. 79610. I. Mudrick v». Harry Taylor, 262 Warren pt. ne,; account, $26.7'?. Atty., D. Palkin, No. 79611. Fenn Electric Co. Vs. George Petit, trading as Petit Candy Co.; account, $18. Atty., D. Pal- Lansburgh Bro. vs. Elizabeth Fenley, 816 1st st. nw., and Mrs. L. E. Sullivan. 4021 6th st. nw.; account, $63.31. Attys., Lyon Lyon. No. 79613. Byren Weil, Inc.. vs. M. Phillips, 1281 7th st. nw; account, $43. Attys., Lyon Lyon. No. J9616. E. C. Ernst vs. Samuel and Sarah Kolker, 1522 R st. nw.; ac- iy kin. No. 79612. count, $13.8 Atty., C. W- Fowler. No. 79617. A. F. Lambert vs. Samuel S La Nasa, 3337 N st nw. ; damages, $250. Atty., H. P. Long. No. 79618. G. A- Lambert vs. Samuel S. La Nasa, 3337- N st. nw.; damages, $250. Atty., H. P.'Long. No. 79619. S. L. Skillman vs. Hyman Thompson, 614 N st. nw. ; dam-' ages, $150. Atty., H. P. Long. No. 79620. P. E. P. Co. vs. Mrs. Anna D. Hatch, 1122 Vermont ave., and H. King Cornwell, 1416 H St.; account. $133.97. Atty., M. J. McNa- ^ No. s 7962J. Dr. J. R. Verbrycke, jr., vs. Mrs. Esther Vogt, 4-1430 V St. nw.; account, $28. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79622. Paul Lelbel vs. Emory F. McKenna, c., 1316 Belmont st,; account, $10. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79623. Mrs. T. G. Shaw vs. Michael E Cohen, care of 924 JF st. nw,; rent due, $10. Atty., M., J. McNamara. No. 79624. Wise Bros. vs. William Lovett. 1710 U st. nw.; account, $.11.91. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79625. Walker Gordon Laboratory, 2420 14th at.; account, $31.15. Atty., M. J- McNamara. No. 79626. J. A. Gannon vs. Vernon Dillon, 1731 I st. nw.; account, $250. At'ty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79627. M. A. Colbert vs. Joseph Grier, care Treasury Department; rent due, $26.25. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. 79628. A. S. Abell Co. vs. John D. Kendall, 710 14th at. nw.; account, $306.26. Atty., M. J. McNamara. No. fpr"" R. R. Walker vs. Stan- I ley Milllke. , 1621 Is* at. nv ; ^r-coi-V 160. Atty., M J. Mr-' IT No. 79680. F. Lea"h vs. '»«nrgf v Stevenson, 646 Ollm st ne · no-«i: in Atty., M f F - for $18. _ . Pettey vs. Bart J. Long: finding for pltf. for $97.83. Attys., G. E. McNelll, pltf.; J Nj Halper, deft. No. 79054. D. L. Rlordan vs. Louis Wallace; Judgt. by confession for $200 and Interest. Atty., D. L. Rlordan. No. 79050. H. Kapneck vs. Jennie Johnson; finding for pltf. for $30.85. Attys., A. Shefferman, pltf.; C. E. Mor- ganston. deft. No. 79149. Bank of Commerce and Savings vs, E. L. Rice; finding for pltf. for $43.99. Attys., Wolf Clayton, pltf. No. 67445. B. Zatzf vs. M. Korman; finding fdr .deft. Attys., F. R. Noel, pltf.; J. L. Tepper, deft No. 78912. C. Bradley vs. District Haynes Corp.; finding for deft. Attys, Bell, Marshall Rice, pltf.; H. P. Blair, deft. No. 79219. Swartzell, Rheem Hensey Co. vs. C. Beale; judgt. e parte for $300 and interest. Atty., C. Fahy. No. 79008. Saks Fur Co. vs. Mrs. Clara Waters; judgt. by default for $105 and interest. Atty., D. Palkin. No. 79211. R. B, Behrend vs. M. Milton" et al.; judgt--for pltf. for $425 and Interest. Atty., M. Strasburger. Century Chemical Co. vs. W. E. Jarvis Co.; judgment by default for $56 and interest. Attorney, H. W. Wheatley. ·To. 79248. S. Schwartz vs. C. R. Gno-On; judgment by default for $41.19 and interest. Attorney, M. Rhoades. No. 79247. M. J. Calvin vs. T. Cameron; judgment by default for $72.50 and Interest. Attorney, E. S. Duvall. Mo. 79238. Woodward Lothrop vs. F. A. Ehue; judgment by default for $39.18 and interest. Attorneys, Fisch-j er Fischer. No. 79236. Woodward Lothrop vs. J. H. Mullen; judgment by default for $10.77 and Interest. Attorneys, Fischer Fischer. No. 79230. Saks Co. vs. F. M. Munson; judgment, ex parte for $,24.80 and interest. Attorney, J, T. Mason. No. 79229. Kleins, Inc. vs. Dr. W. A. Evans; judgment ex. parte for $38.60 and interest. Attorney, J. T..Mason. No. 78686. Riggs Realty Co.'Ve. W. A. Schlabohm; judgment by default for $381.66 and Interest. Attorneys, Jeffords Dutton. No. 74939. Foer Wall Paper Co. vs. Jesse Lewis; judgment by default for ($16.11 ( and interest. Attorney, A. Shefferman. No. 64566. H. Ward vs. J. Altman; deft's motion for new trial overruled; judgment on fllndlng for plaintiff for $200 and interest. Attorney, H. H. Teatman; plaintiff, J. K. Stump. No. 78383. B. F. Raines vs. S. Epstein; judgment ex parte for $200 and interest. Attorney, C. Fahy. Landlord and Tenant Canes. ,M. Ford et al. vs. F. E. Wightman; possession. 317 G st. se. R. T. Warwick vs. E. Luber; rent, 906 D st. nw. J. W. Farrar ve. N. Wood; rent, 1, 1923 12th st. nw. C. E. Johnson vs. Mattle W. Wells; possession, 523 3rd st. ne. A. Paul! vs. W. P. Cady; rent, 2512 K st. nw. ' T. A. Cannon vs. B. Snyder; possession. 606 Pa. ave. nw. Gardiner, Dent vs. L. Rosenthal; rent, 8, 1824 Belmont st, Union Realty Corporation vs. M. A. Wrenn; rent, 21, 2804, 14th st. Howenstein Bros va. Harry Evans; rent, rear 328 H st ne. W. Sanford vs. B. Carpenter; rent, 460 M st BW. G. P. Harrigan vs. Agnes Beach; possession, 727 9th st.^sw, UEAI, ESTATE TRANSFERS. 716 S st. nw., square 4i9, part original lot 7--Shoul Gladstone et ux., to Geo. O. Totten, jr. South of Cri.ttenden st., east of"l3th st. nw., square 2920, lots 52 and 53-Arthur G. Heitmuller to Mary G. Monroe. $10. (171) Mary G. Monroe conveys same property to Arthur G. Heitmuller and Geo. L. Carder, $10. (172) 1306 O St. nw., square 280, part lots 13 ana 14--Wm. P. Normogle to Jno. J.jMUrphy. $10. (17«) 1380 Oak St. nw., square 2836, lot 86--Ella. C. Vonderlehr to same. $10. '(177) South f Jefferson at., east of 9th s.t. nw., square 2999, lot ,46, Brightwood Park--Chas. M. Wallingaford ahd James A. Connor to John L. (Arnold. $10. ' ,, (167) Webster St. ahd Illinois ave. nw., square 3222, lots 17 and 18jj-Morris L. " ~ " Shapiro. P st. nw., between 30th and 3l*t sts., sduare 1269, part lots 230 and 231--Richard P. Jackson to Edith L. Croxall et al. to Jacob B. $10. v Heaton. $10. (168) . Edith L. Heaton conveys same property to Mary E. Jackson, sio. (169) 37th. and Northampton ats. n,Wi, square 1885", part of lots 1 and 71 -Wm. M. Phelan, to Ella D. Williams, $10.. (199) Corner 18th and Lawrenbe sts. ne., square 4143. lots 13 ana 14--Victor Klein, to Gto. S. Gartner, $10. (202) Geo. S. Carter conveys same property to Rosa W. Klein, $10. (208) ' 15th st. nw., north of Euclid St., square 2668, lot 819--Emma M- Brewer, to Geo. O. Totten, Jr% $10. (182) South of K et, east of 7th st. ne., equare 888, lot 42--Frank C. Merritt, to Louis L. Bowdler et urf.--Ruth G., $10. ($185) I st. ne., between N. Cap. and 1st ate., square 676, lots, 67 and 68-John J. Murphy et ux., Mary E, to Wm. P. Normoyle, $10. ($173) William P. Normoyle conveys sme property to John J. Murphy, $10. 1206 O st. nw.. square 280, part original lots 13 and 14-S-john J. Murphy et ux., Mary E., to Wm. P. Normoyle, $10. «(176) South Of K st. east of 18th «t. nw., square 126, part of lot 44--Dorothy B.* Wilson, to Ono M. Healy, $10. (162) 1014 22nd st nw., square 63, lot 16-Eva Ardigo, to Joseph Ardigo 1 , Jr., Frederick F. Ardigo and Eva H. Ardigo, $10. (165) Corner of Webstar and 5th sts. nw., square 8222, lot 7^-Arthur S. Browne, to Jacob B. Shapiro, $10. (160) 118 16th pt. ne.. Square 1058, lot 83--Mark Sabad et ux.. Bertha, to' Julius A. Schwarzer et ux., Ethe} W.; $10. (117) North of R st, east of 17th st. nw., square 178, lot 91 -- Louis WelntraUtf to Bertha S. Ricker; $10. (120) "Bayle'a Purchase ahd Fortune Enlarged," part lot 14 -- E. M. Pease, Inc., to Anthony G. Schleohte; $10. Peters Mill Seat, part tract--Annie C. Osborn to Robert I. Myers; $10 (48) . 1443 Sbuth Carolina ave. se., square 1060, lot 42--Edward F. Winkelwan to Walter Hicks et ux., Effa; $10. (82) Northeast corner of 4th and Q sts nw., square 620, lota 55 and 56--Le- vlna M. Collins to Morris Alloy; $10. f T6 \ 618 F at. ne., square 860, lot 282-Wm. F. Hummer and George 8. King, trustees, to John C.' Weedon; $7,OOQ "Metropolis View" -- Part lots 37 and 38 -- Commissioners of District of Columbia to Harry L. Light' and T Eugene Rhodes, trustees; $5.6,5. (114) 3014 llth st. nw., square \2850. lot 86 -- Henry L. Frazier et al. to Samuel Rosenberg et ux,, Mamie; $JO. Mount Pleasant, lot 660 -- Olive R Ballard to R. Frederick Hatcher; lo! 1118 6th st.nw., square 482, lot 57 -Simon Nusabaum to Gustave A. Crist- D - . ' rl , ' (13,1) 3ih. H h ' inond; $10. DEEDS OF TRtJST. '" . * -Peal, to Einora Ham(132) Square '511, lot 38--Sarah Washington to S. JU McLaurin and P. A. ; 80 days, 8 per cent. .,. Square 419, part orig. lot 7--Isabel Culp to Gabriel .H. Gladstone and Newton A. Gladstone, to secure Snoal and Dora Gladstone, $3,000; 3 years, 7 per cent, semiannually. (22) Same to same to secure .samei $1,500; monthly payments, 7 per cent. Square 3984, lot 10--Calvin E. Remsberg, et ax, Katie V., to John A. MaEsie and Frederick A, Holton to secure Brookland Building Association. $1,500. . (lag) Square 2552, lot 62--Jessica E. Benham^to Washington Loan and Trust Co., to secure Equitable Cooperative Bulldfng Association, $6,000. (143) Chohespter, part tract--The Funeral Directors Cemetery Association to Irfing Williamson and Frederick J. Rice, to secure Thomas Waler, sur. trustee, $3,300; monthly payments, 6 per Cent. (146) Square 1?6, part lot 44--Ori6 M. Healey to "Washington Loan and Trust Co., to secure Harry B. Willson, $3,750; 3 years, 7 per cent, semiannually. ·* (WS) Square 2999, lot 45--John L. Arnold to Arthur Carr and Marvin A. Custis, to secure Perpetual Building Association, $4,800, (158) Same to Herbert T. Shannon and Marlon J. Luchs, to secure Clias. M. Wallingsford and James A. Conner, $2,250; monthly payments,- 7»per cent. (159) Square 473, part lots 2 and 3--J. Franklin Page, et ux., Lottie" L., to Arthur Carr and Marvin A. Custis, to secure Perpetual Building Association, $12,000. (166) Same to Earl M. Mackintosh arid James M. Burns, to secure Oncken Owens, $1,500; 3 years, 7 per cent, semiannually. (167) Square 3522, lot 66--Arthur F. Middleton, et ux., Susie B., to Arthur Carr and Mar,vin A. Custis, to secure Perpetual Building Association, $3,400. (170) Square 1865, part lots 1 and 71-Ella, D. Williams to John R. Walsh and John D. Leonard to secure William M. Phelan, $3,000, 3 years, 6 per cent semiannually. (200) Square 76, part original lot 9--Joseph Wit et al. to Joseph N. Saunders and Harry M. Packard to secure Joseph P. Roth, $5,000, 3 years, 6 cent semiannually. "\L- Squftre 4143, lots 13 and 14--Rosa W. Klein to Chapin Brown and Henry H. Bergmann to secure Oriental Bldg. Assn. No. 6, $3,600. (204) 3Cl.11. A X V . M ( T " » V W V « \ * * V * / Square 3017, lots 26tO 78-M3harles E. Wise, Inc., to S. E. Stonebrak«r and S. M. Brosius to secure Mary Baurman, $5,355, 1* to 36 months, 6 per cent (148) Square 4204, lot 43--Herman R. Howenstein to Watson F. Clark and Louis F. Gardner ta secure Charlotte C. Straw, $3,500, 3 years, 7 per cent Semiannually. Square 126, lilngti (151) tot 44--Ono M. $3,- illy. Healy to Washington Loan Trust Co. to secure Harry B. Willson, $f 760, 3 years, 7 -per cent semiannual! (163)" Square 2861, lot 63--Annie M. Dyer et al. to Chapin BroWn and Henry H. Bergmann to secure Oriental Bldg. Assn. No. 6, $4,000. 1207). Square 2909, lot 52--Susan H. Oliver to William R. Ellis and Edgar A. Miller to secure A. St. Glair P. Mil- tmji-n, $4,000, 3 years, 7 per cent seml- annualy. (179) . Sante to same to secure Walter E, Allen, $3,000, monthly payments, per cent. (180) Square 2666, lots 17, 18 and 19-George O. Totten, jr., et ux., Vicken, to National Savings Trust Co. to secure American Security Trust !o., $12,000, 6 months, 6 per cent, (183) Square 888, lot 42--Louis L. Bowdler et ux,, Ruth G. Melvin F. Bergmann and Charles W. Schafer to secure Northern Liberty Building Association; $400, (186) Square 3311, lots 84 to 93--David, J. DuUigan et ux., Helen M. to B. Francis Saul and J. Wriley Jacobs to secure? T. Earl,. Cox; $3,750 on each (187 to 196) 8 and -i*' " -V. n r d Ge-*- e S. · A T- .. ·· and jJ. to secure' L. W. tTientrout; $1,500, 3 years, 7 per ent, semiannually. (197) Square 511, part lot 50--William Tash et ux., Cherna to John D. Howard and Charles S. Shreve to secure Elmer O'Hara; $3,500, 3 years, 7 per oint, seftniannually. (198) Square 297, part original lot 10, also part original lots 10 and 11--Lewis Carter et ux., Mary W., to National Savings Trust Co., to secure American Security Trust 'Co.; $1,500, montfily- payments, 7 pee cent. (88) Square 6143, lot 15--John W. Sal- lera et ux., Margaruerite to C. Albert White and Harry B. Deftham to secure Columbia, Building Association; $1.300. (61) Square 1060, Jot 42--Walter Hicks et ux., Effa to Samuel H. Wlalker and Charles A. McCarthy to secure. Eastern Building Loan Association; $1)600. Square 508, lot 49 -- Daniel W. ---- , -- . Plummer et ux., Mary A., to John M. Reordon and Samuel G. Mulloy to secure William H. Jackson; ,$628 monthly payments, 6 per cent («6) Parcel 246-7-- John L. Clark to plway B. Zantzinger and Marvin A. Munger to secure Oscar Wl Ashley; $5,000, monthly payments, 7 per cent. (73) Square 520, lota 65 and 66 -- Morris Alloy et ux., Ida to William M. Phe- _lan and J. D. Leonard to secure Washington Savings Bank; $2,566, monthly payments, 6 per cent (77) Square 1075, lot 80 -- Chas R. Gordon et Ux.. Gertrude M , to Chapin Brown and Henry H. Bergmann to secure Oriental Building Association, No. 6, $2,400. (78) Square 3061, lot 90--Samuel Rappaport et ux., Jennie, to Clarence F. Welch and Harry B. Pitts to secure Helen B. Welch, $3,250; 3 years; 7 per cent; semianfiually. * (80) Same to John M. King and Samuel H. Friend to secure Ada Friend, $2,100; monthly payments; 6 .per cent si) Square 753, lots 178 to 183--Joseph C. Zirkle et ux., Dorothy D., to Emanuel Spleich and W. Edgar Leedy to secure Hester M. Garrlsh, $8,050; 6 months; 6 per cent (82) Square 622, part lot 31--Mary E. Flaherty to Wharton E. Lester and Michael J. Colbert to secure National Permanent Building Association, $1,000. (84) Square 237, lot 133--Clarence W. Alexander et ux., Hattie M., to Washington Loan and Trust Company to secure Equitable Cooperative Building Association, $2,500. (91) Square 1076, lot 39--William A. Bopp et ux., Mary A., to Arthur Carr and Marion A. Custis to secure Perpetual Building Association, $800. (92) Square 3142, lot 34--Robert V. Johnson and Freda Johnson to Wm. P. Nornniyle and Lea P. Harlow to secure Samuel J. Brinkley, $2,750; monthly payments; 7-per cent (94) Square 362, lots 278 and 279--Celia C. Smith to Washington Loan and Trust Company to secure Equitable Cooperative Building Association, . (97) 3093, lot 54--DaVid Mc- $7,000. Square . . ., _ _ _.. ___ Auliffie to George M* Emmerich and Hermann H. Gergmann to --secure Washington 6 Per Cent Permanent Building Association, $2,500. (103) Square 2850, lot 86-- Samuel Rosenberg et ux., Mamie, to Chas. B. Caywood and C. Chester Caywood to secure Henry L. Frazier et al., $2,000; monthly payments; 7 per cent. (116) Square 1056, lot 83 -- Julius A. SchWarzer et ux., Ethel W., to David Fisher and M. Salomonsohn to secure Mark and Bertha Sabod, $2,000; monthly payments; 6 per cent. (118) HORSE SHOW SUMMARY. Army chmllenge cup (presented by William N. Dykeman, president Brooklyn Elding club), to be won three times same team before its ownership is obtained -- Won by team entered by Fort Myec; second, team entered by Gen. John J. Penning; third, team entered by Jort Myer; fourth, team entered by Llent. B. G. TOayen. Pony race, ridden by children under 14 -- , Won by Starbrignt, entered by lodge Bowles and ridden by Thomas Stabler; second, Jack Tar. entered by Meade Palmer and ridden by Francis Summers. Th(ee-year-old hunters -- Won by Lough Spririg, entered by- Gen. James A. Buchanan; second, All Gold, entered by B. L. Bedman; third, The SQtiaw, entered by Qen. James A Bnchatiun; fourth, Secret, entered by Mount Airy Parma. Harness twnies -- Won by Odoro, entered by Tarry ot. c« bord and Go) George and Suptr View Farm. Pairs, park and road sauule Freckles, entered by Lieut, n, Favonius,* entered by Mrs. A- ond, Leo, entered by E. L Br Edward F , entered by I/. Vlctoi third, Mine Sweeper, entered by KaJ. =tar ° Koch, and Tarry Not, entered by Col. W. Tf Wtltside; fourth. War Horse and Pep, enterea by Miss Julia Whiting. Single harness championship-- Champton, AT matton, entered by Mrs. Loula Long Combs reserve, Brlcket, entered by Mountain Ulew Harnessed pair championship-- Charr »i~ .Revelation and Temptation, entered 1^Loula Long Combs; reeerre, Lady Mano t Menelans, entered by Mountain View F- Saddle championship, nnS--Chtni-nim,^^ entered by Eugene Meyer, Jr.; reserve, Qlszier, entered, by William ZSegler, jr. . . , _ Brood mares suitable to produce bnnters- Won by Margaret, entered by Melvin Hezeri, iSnd, HuS« Maid, entered by J. Tr4pn|ll; . , , . third, Jane Tolirer, entered by Henry H. man- fourth, Maggie Dean, entered by Fort JMTer VA Saddle horses, road-- Won by Simp, entered br Bnicene Meyer, Jr.; aeeond, Boll Bun, entered b MaJ, G. sTPatten; third, Applejack entred by Troop B, Third caialry. Fort Meyert fcSrthTCMrles O'MaUey. entered by , B ovice-Wo. by »jj tlBction, entered by Mrs. IxmULong' Combs geeond, Entry, entered by W. Dodge Bowles. Officer*' chargers (cup presented by Fred W. MacKenxte)-- Won by Gay Lark. «it*red by H.rbord; y . . . entered by Lieut. Harry Er»» Tarry Not. entered by Col. W. W. fourth, Dragoon, entered by MaJ. G. S, *»«*. Boadsters-- Won by Pilseinw Maid, entered by J Arlle Thhna«; second, Danfleld. enttrea *v J. P. Fitzgerald; third, P«ter J. H., en- tS-ed by J. P. Bltigerald; fourth, Chance, en- by tered by Gen. James A. Bin* Bidg*, enterei br MiM ---=----- T41(l _; third, Skin Brown, entered by Spencer,Tito, fonrth, Tarry Not, entered by Col. TT. W, Saddle horses, park-- Won by- Favoring , tered by Mrs. Allen Potte: ··"nf;, War Horae, entered by Miss Julia B. miting; ^fonrtn, M2S8we%trT«»t«ed by MaJ. Stanley Koch. Local saddle Horse, (cup presented byJame* Parmelee)-Won by Mystery, «t«edb£ Gen. H K. Betbell; second. Kentucky Belle, ' *n- tered to- William Marshall Ballet; third. Dolly HearCentered by Mai. H. K Betteflt ftMth, Speck, entered by Capt B.. L. Montages-- n C , TO «, "diiunplineHp, part--Champion, Fa- To£iuTintt«dV aft AUen P*jt»5 «·««. Black Beanty, entered by Miss IJlianSanjer, Hnntera, lltwdght-Champioa,Jf«2*»*» entered by Miss SBchell 8. NawbeiK; re«*r|e, Anne , Hnnttrs, heavywelgl Whltside; re»rre, witerdd by Col. W. V. WMtside; re Gay Lari; «ntewd«*y Maj. 3en. I.-G. bord. , Chairman H«fl Sc«s G. 0. Rebuked in Pennsylvania Cordell Hull, chairman of the DenKM cratic national committee, declared in a state nent last night that the "success ' f the t Pennsylvania Re* publicans in reuolt against the reactionary leadership of -their party ( fol« lowing the lead of Indiana RepuBlij cans in nominating a. former bull mooser for governor, is a defeat for the party organization irr th« StaW and a rebuke for the party organlza^ tion in the nation. "The reported defeat of sir admin* istration candidates for Congress," h«t added, "emphasizes the rebuke to tlv« national administration. The regularf Republican organizations in Penasyl-* vania and Indiana, now destroyed, were controlling factors In the Re* publican national -convention ol 1929 and have been functioning tn closest political personal and official «oop* eration with the -present national ad-* ministration. "The leaders of the corrupt Pennsylvania machine have enjoyed. th4 high favor of, the Harding admin!** tration. The machine candidate fo* governor, Mr. Alter, was recently pr« sented at the White House by Attorney General Daugherty, Mr. Harding'^ close friend and campaign manager^ creating the impression throughout the country that he enjoyed execu* aeuure j.. .onrix v^u*.; $0,1 ou on eac^i Harness ponies--won by Udoro, entered oy -"- y , . lot, 3 years', 7,Jter cent, semiannually, Monntaja View Farm; 'second^ Countess, en- tive approval ana lavor. Dora, to Isabel Culp, $10. (21) 1115 Clifton st. nw., square 2865, lot 151, Columbia Heights--Jaffa, B. McGifferUto Alice B. Haslup and Isabel H. Lamb, $10. · , (40) North of Buchanan at., east of 8th st. nw., square SU, lot 34--Samuel J. Brinkley et ux., Bertha E., to Robert V. Johnson et ux.. Freda, $10. (93) 902 Westminster st. nw., square 362, lot 278--Jules LUllejy e£ al. to Cella C. Smith, $10. (96) Padsworth, p'art traet^assessed as parcel $4-93--John,»H.' Heltttiuller et al. to G. B. Mullin Co., f (95) Parcel 245-T--Oscar W. Ashley et ux., Lora, to John L. Clark, $10. (72) 420 Columbia rd. nw., square 3051, lot 90, Pleasant Plains--Adp. Friene to Samuel Rappaport, $10. (79) South of K St., east of First st. nw., square 622, part lot 311--'Margaret M. Drlscoll to Mary E. Flaherty. (83) 1820 Belmont rd. nw., square 2552, lot 62, Washington Heights--Annie P. Trolinger to Jessica-E. Benham, $10. Chichester, part (142) A tract,-- Thomas Walker, surviving trustee, to Funeral Directors Cemetery" Association of the District of Columbia, $3.600. (144) South of Columbia rd., east of 18th st. nw., square 2560, lot 869. Washington Heights--George M. Sharp et ux., Ana^tasia, .to Joseph K. Sharp, $10. (146) f 41st st. nw., between Fessenden and Garrison sts., square 1738, lot 34, Wisconsin ave. park--Mary C, Atlae to A. Mae Atlee. $10. (£39) North of Florida ave., east of Trinidad ave. ne., square 4068, lots 104 and 106, Long Meadows--Cecilia K. Mad- Cormack and John W. Childreas, executors and trustees to Michael R. and Catherine Ready. $10. (140) -1474 Chapin st. nw.. square 2661, ]9t 37, south John O, 1 . William A. Hill. $10- rounds Columbia Colleg :oyt et ux., Jennie K., to (141) 1320 Farragut st. nw., square 2807, lot 33--Preston S. Mlllard to Alphonse - L. L. PERKINS I BOND YOU Daltefl States Fidelity A Gnarnntr Cu. Phone M. 013 Southern Bldjr. TO REAI/FOBS McLacblen -DLU..GI,, Motor Cars and Men's Minds w r HAT would have been the tenor,, the cadence of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" had it been conceived in the composer's brain while hurrying to some destination via the modern motor car? What sort of a Para- dist Lost" would John Milton have written if he could have had a motor car at his disposal during his blind, laboring hours? Would not Carlyle have given us a new "Sartor Resartus" had he lived in the days of the motor car? Motor cars have changed men's minds--not for ill, but for good. There are, those who contend that the speed and the rush of the motor , car hurry the whole world toward the brink of a universal nervous prostration. But that is untrue. Rather does the motor car hurr^ us away to a new conception of jife and living--it provides us with the 'eriergy needed for a better daily t a s k -- the freshness and the sparkle to brain power that turns work-mountains into mole hills. Those who own motor cars of any type know this. Those who do not own motor cars should know it. Prepare today for an investment in mind-betterment, in body-betterment. Invest in a motor car. It will change your mind, your thoughts--it will take you away from yourself. It is time now to buy. The season of the greatest pleasures of motoring is at hand. The hour when you can buy to greatest advantage is here. Read Washington Post columns daily--they will help you to decide on the car you should have. The Washington Post "The Capital'* Greatest Newspaper" 1 0 0 O 0 0--1 Runs--McLaushlln;* Mitchell, MicMcr. *r- rors--Preacott (21. Two-bue hit--Morris. Stolen buses--McLauehlln, Legge, Ncwmnn, Daniels, Stickler. Sacrifice hit--Lettge. First base on. balls--Off Prescott, i; off HclqnlBt, 1. Struck ont--By Prescott, 8; by Helq.nlat, 4. Hit br pitched ball--Bjr Prescaft (DnnleU, Smith). Potomac League Southern . JiSp'd'e.Sb. Alex' Tnylor.lte.., Lynn.c ..... Klenle.Tf . . . UtliDB.lf . . . Kuhnert, p. . AB.H.O.A. 4 2 2 : " 4 1 3 - 4 IrS 8 4 2 0 0 4 2 0 " . 2 0 4 3 0 9 3.2 » 0 1 1 · tufad. Oil AB.H.O.A. 2 Kelty,2ln3b. 3 0 2 8 11 McOiuthy,«a 2 0 3 2 " ' fr 8 1 3 . . . Jfflr.,«f,lf.21. "2..0 0 3 0 Bjrne.ab.p.. 8 0 3 - 8 . 0 ... 3 .O 1 0 0 Ballslnfrer.p. l o o 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 Serrin.lf.p.. » l 2 1 0 Bresnshan.rf 3 1 1 0 · Totals... 291021 6 Total*...~ 24 22«2 Soutbern 1 3 ±.20 0 4*-la Standard 01). 0 0~1 O 1 1 0 0 -- 2 Runs---Lynn (3), Klenle (ft), ,P. Spanlding, J. SpanldlDE, , Snow, Litkus (2)., Kuhnert, Alexander, Jarris, Bresnabau. , Errors ~J, Spaulding, McOarthy, Peon (2). Serrln. Two- base hits--Bresnahan, Herrin. Turee-basc hits--Atouader (91. Stolen b«n Kltate, Knlmert-, GOT (S), Pern. RnttWee Mt--Taylor. First base on balls--Off Byrne, 2; off Kuhnert, 3; off Sprrin, 3; off Ballinjger, 1. Struck obt--By Byrne, 1; by Kuhnert. o. Double play--McCarthy to -.Kelly to Ppnn Passed tails--I/ynn (3), Sfciirmaii'(3): Balk-Byrne. ·A « ;.T(fi JUST A YEAR AGO TODAY B««e Rath-rot JU« Ytrrlftk- liorac .ran off Bkle, of the Cleveland Indian*. George* Carpe«tt«r, henvy- wfelict champion of Bnropc, jnove4 Info trnlninar anartern «t Ittnahaneet. I. I., to begin work for bout with Jack Dempary. Dempnty got down to hard Draining at eunp at Atlantic Clt*-, IV.' J. S^cclved offer* from more than · hundred 'boxers to act as sporrlns part- Sazwme ..I/enjelen, French Tromtin tennis ehamplon, TT»» selected, with Max UoaKKl, to repTeaent France ia mlxeA International «art court tennis chom- at St. thwait, of, England, won over Bourgeois, of France, 6--1,6--0. Mishu, of Jloumania, tht' 17-year-old French school Jjo"y 5 Lacoste, 6--2, 6--3, 6--2. , ^ NAME "HONOR ROLL"* I FOR GOLF wunm .'I?ew York, May 16.--The United States ·Qfllt' association tonight -made iftlic a IrSt-'Of'ZOS-playfers; rated'as eligible to »ciompot^ in the national atnateui* ^hsmptonshlp - at Broofcltu'6 in SepKrtber. fiie pia5*?s- At-e' listed ttflder th« new ruMng, cohfiiiing'the srftrie» ! "tV 6nly- th*se' golftrs 'Vhose handicap rating- te-*onr or' better". ' "Irt aaaitioti to ' thes^ nataes, ^ the golf associS'tlon^ explained a suiJple- nxeutary 'I}St ^will' he'announced On the day-eittranis'fof' tfie"cfiamp'ioh- shlp champlonsiii'p closer'" incruding suoti plaVers "c.on$iJered eligrible as a result ot the Improved forrri shown during the summer. ' i The "tto4Eijr j ^^jr.oU,".» including , 'the present charnpion L Jfesse GaiJCord, and 14 former" ctiam^io^Ki^^i pfarjt ot th^ list The ' 'foVine'r' tltleholders " are: CShandler Bgeht Charles Evans, jr., "W. C. Fownes, Robert A. Gardner, H. M^JIarriinan,- S." Davidson Herron. iTouis N. James," C. B. MacDonald, Francis' Oulmet, Jerome D.^ *Travers. Walter J. Travis and H. J. Whigham. MACK PRAISES "BING'? MIDLER New York, May 16i--^Bing Miller, now playing; in the Athletics* ou-t- 8e]d, is recefvrne^ unstinted pratst r6m"C6nni«"MScK. The famous" ma agflr, it wilt'be recalled, M traded"-Jqe jpugan'to'the a^hingtons last winter fo.r Mifler and' Acdsta, a cuban pitcher, ivugan then was handefl over to the Red Sox in a trade for Roger Peckin- ,paugh. Since becoming a memljer of le Athletics Miller has done- some ^'terrlfflc, baUng,. In fact, he leads tht. ife«si£mion«m stick work, ··gensfrinfe Miller for Dugatt." said Mack ,the other lay. ^'Stag's batting -and fielding have put my team in the running.'' Jimmy Dykes, who is playing third base Wr the? Athletics, is Dugan's superior In every way, according to the Quaker leader. FAIR YANK NET PLAYER SURVIVES (By th* Amoctated i*re«(».) Brussels, May 16.-r-3oth Mjss Elizabeth Ryan, of-' California, g.nd Mile% Suzannp Lenglen* the 1 w^rld'.s s wonxan tennis " ch^mtflorr,' sui-vived \ toaay'S.' rounds of the. International ,Court X3h4mpionahip tournament, thel'rehclv star sweptn^'Throufeli-two love, "seta against her opponent;, Mrs.,Iu H,ont. Miss Ryan defeated Mrs. Peacock^ of India, 1--6, 8--6,,«--2, thus reaching- the semifinals, 'Ma»u«l Alonso, of Spain, defeated Van Lennep, of Holv land 6--4, 6--3, 6--2, and Mrs. Batter--- charitable cause," said Mr. Slock, commenting on a dispatch from To- rorfto siatlhg that his brother, IiOttW. ·was hoping to ge thim to send the horse across the border with pro- " ceeds for charity. , » Take Jfo Risk. "I have not heard Irom my Brothel officially on the proposition, but le«t ' certain that only a most extraordi- v nary combination of circumstances would cause "me to alter my deternil-l^ nation to take no unnecessary nisks with Morvich. winner of the JCentucky ·, derby will not be shipped about the;-country for any purpose whatsoever^i 'With the exception ot competing in, turf, classics as may -warrant 'his entry. Morvvch is too valuable and too much of him to take a:^ eiJSfcces of injury in unnecessary or shipping." Toronto, May IB.---Morvich, Kentucky d_erby winner, may perfom 'n, Cfahada'next falj. either at the Woodr. bine in- Toronto ,or KenilwQrth. -Wsnii^ sor. - « . - · , : Louis Block, of Owen Sound, brother- of Benjamin Block,- who owne the 3-year-old, said todayto the Canadian press: "I am negotiarthrg 1 with my brother^ and it there is a possible chance "Mor- vlch will "come-to Canada-, either in a match race or exhibition. The proceeds will be 'donated to charitable institutions. I am anxious,that^ Ca- ·nadians should stee him ''In action as we, the^Block family, believe he is the greatest hors.e of the age. ."1 know that my brother will wager upward of $100,0000 on .Moryich, that, he can defeat any horse in th£ world in a match, race, and also that he has a sanding offer of WSOrOOO to sell his world-famous thoroughbred. "The history of Morvich is. on* of the romances of the turt, for my brother never owned a horse In Ms life, before -purchasing the derby winner. As a colt he was cansiderefl a'lemon, although wel! bred, but hls_ present trainer saw great possibilities in him and advised my brother to purchase him, which he did, for 18,000." AZTECS PLAV VJENSTA. The Aztecs -will meet the Vienna Athletic club at Vienna, Va., this afternoon. All players are requested to report at 12:50 at Twelfth and Pennsylvania avenue northwest. The Aztecs will hold a special njeeting at 432 G street southwest tonight a 7 o'clock, to- which all .members 'are urged to attend. » , 15S.3 BIKE RIDER CLARK WtLl FOLLOW tACE York, l$ay 16, -- Jackie Clark, famous six^day rider, has turned pace J follower a-nd wHl be entered in- tha first meet at the New York velodrome on Decoration day nl(M i Clark won tlie six-day race at Madison Square-i-Gar'aem 'four times sinee_ the .pace, following: game become^ popular. In th«' : Ea5st ' speeffy Aostriinan up the h6W style. the, gbfn'g to tleCke COLORED TEAMS AFTER GAME.*. The Asbury baseball club, af ast colored aggregation, desires games with' other local teams. · Address Manasrer .Williams at 29 Hanover street, K. W. Telephone Ts'ortb 6825^.1. coming! MORNING! ' x i i - « i Are You, a Regular Reader of *- , i| The Washington Post? If Not, You Should Subscribe at Once for The National Capital's Greatest Newspaper ! ' t i ,, i » *1! THE POST FOLLOW HEREVER YOU GO " Subscription Rates: ·By MaCil, Po»tag« Prepaid ta Snna»y On* ye*r~ . . Six- months. One month.. 6.00 .85 S«n*»r Only. One y«*r $3*00 Six months.. LSO One month... .25 XMUr Only. Qneyww $?.«0 Six JUpnthB.. 4,50 One.jnonth. ,. T .(p * AH SubKTiptiont by Mail Payable in Advance jfeto atlscriptiimt for The Port «r renewM «HB not *« ». MSept'eH *HZ5i* palrttent accompanies the order: "Remittmct* * *' .fftrWW be. mode ty frttfts, checks,- pottoffiec ordtsrt, refftofisred $J letters m- exjtrets offers, payable to _ · .The Washington Post Co. | , Washing ton, D. C. Shi rt Sale!! '-TS ' t-f'f- ':"' «H ^.r,,i See today's Star Times for particulars J The Hecht Co. Seventh at F : " EIGHT STORES OFFICERS' HIGH OR LOW SHOES RENT A TENT S2.95 U. S. G. K'Heavy Ash Cans".....,. WASHINGTON SALVAGE CO. 933 5th st nw. 30$ loth .t. nvr. 1345 V tt. nw. 1109% E st ne 303 10th st. nw. 1418 FU. eve. ne. «W*JK st. nw. MY CASH NEVER GIVES OUT DIAMONBS, MBKRTY BONDS, OLD GOLD, PIATUTUM, ., SILVER. ETC. Louis Abrahams SIS G St. TV. W. Phone Wain 4»7» BASEBALL . Wailraigtdn x v* 3:45 P. X. Detroit ^

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