The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1949
Page 12
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>AGE TWELVE BUTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 194« Book Has 300 "Favorites" Chicagoans Know Desserts Fit for Summer Sampling There are a lot of good cooks •found Chicago and they know their sweel.s. N'ow, bound in green psper boards, you can find more than 300 dessert recipes, all the favorites of expert.". The book >s published by Ihe Home Econoniii-.s in Business Group of Chicago, coM.s $1.50 plus 15 cents (or postage, address—Box- 453. Chicago, 90, ill. So let's do a little warm weather sampling among the frozen <fe.s- I'eppfrmint Stick Tarfait (Yltld—3 pints) One-half cup M. par. '? cup wat- tr, 2 esir whiles, few grains salt. 1 tall can evaporated milk <1 is cups), chilled icy cold. '* cup finely cru.sberi peppermint stick candy. Combine sugar and water and brine tlavljt i a boil. Boil rapidly until syup spins a thread il>:tO degrees P.). Add salt to egg white." and whip until stiff uut not dry. Pour syrup slowly into eap wliifes. constantly. Chill. Whip Milkshake Is Healthful Cooler For Hottest August Weather milk until very Pi>ld TALL, FROSTY MILKSHAKE—Is an ideal rooler for Ihe "tiog clays"—and nourishing, loo. The more milk ami other dairy • spornis lemon juice. 2 la bin spoons food.-, your family nsrs, Ihe Ijellcr j sllB.u 1 . 1 :( c-ii|> chipped ire, 2 cups will be their health and sliuumu i-liUhTi milk. Milk .shakes, cool ri^ht nmv (hull)* : Mix truii juices and .suj;ar add >« eeg [he August hot weather, arc one stir iintl) siiuar is rii.ssolvnl. Add white liiixlure find eanrly. Pour at once, into eold free^hiR tray.s Freeze. Frozen Lemon Tie Tliree egg yolks, 4 cup sugar, grated rind of I lenir-'. 'i cup lemon juice, 1 can whipping cream, whipped. 3 egg whites, beaten, 4 to 6 vanilla wafters, crushed. .Combine egg yolks, sugar, lemon i I'losc-liilliig cover, a milk bottle juice in top of* double toiler mid j '*''"' a cap), a shaker or an clec- cook until it thickens. When coo] I trie mixer—you have n wide choice add the graied lemon rind. Add °' equipment! Be sure thc milk is thickened mixture to whipped j '' v<1)l ehillfil. If ice is used, crack cream. Fold in Ihe beaten egB I il latllc1 ' ''"e. and strain tin- milk whiles. Line refrigerator frcezillR j shake as soon as mixed so it uill tray with the crushed vanilla waf- \ ""<• be loo diluted by melting ke way to biijif; up your family's ice and then milk. Shake viKor- ciiiiry fouci consumption. i onsly or beat until w,oll blended Use !lui<i milk, evivpovaleti milk i ••>'»' frothy. Strain into tall shisses or dry milk solids HerouMilulcd). ' ! " 11 ' Garni.-h with a .sjjooiitul of •1'hc-y ul! furnish tnilritional con- ; '•vhilipcci cream or with a .srniill slituem.s needed in the average diet. For mixing a &ood milk shake, use eirher a glas.s (rim jar with a Deep-Fat Fried Vegetables are Rich in Flavor Vegetables are quickly raised into the iflnmourl/.er when deep- fat fried. Beofdes giving attractive appearance, the crisp coating gives ndeled flavor to vegetables without lo.sing any of their valuable vlU- mln.s, according to Reba Staggs, home economist. For deep-fat frying, sufficient 1 a rd to cover t he food 1 - melted in a kettle and heated to 360 de- Krces I- 1 , temperature—never to ihe. .smoking point. At tills correct temperature a one-inch cube of bread wiJl brown in on? minute. Most vegetables are first cooked then dipped in beaten egg and fine bread crulis before deep frying. The egg may be diluted with cither small amount of milk or vegetable juice. Irish and sweet potatoes alike are .successfully frit-!. Cooked sweet polatoes turn Info feathery puffs when mashed, seasoned and wrap- pet) in marsh ma How before frying. Another on the favorite list Is asparagus tips, They .should be chilled in the refrigerator before dipping En the P«K and crumb mix- tut o. Onion rluj*s are .soaked in milk for a -short (imp, then dipper! In soa.sfmeri flour and fried. Other inleresiiiiK deep fried vejjeJfiblPS. include pnr^nip or carrot .strips, cjuiliflmvf'r (towrreUs, green beans, RKR plant slices and green pepper British Consul Handles J.S. Affairs in Canton CANTON. Aug. 25—W 1 )—The British consulate general In Canton •esterday bcjjan rejircientUig American interest.'! In this provisional capital area. Tlic action follow official close of the American consulate general here—thc oldest American consular office in china. The last butch n! American consular officers motored to the airport and boarded a Naval plane late in the day. They flew to the British crown colony oj Hong Konsf. TOP GERMAN? - Konrad Adenauer, prospective chancellor of the new West German Republic, will try to oiganue right-wing leaders into a coalition cabinet. Adenauer's dom- manl Christian DemoeraUc Party and other rightist groups won a sweeping victory in recent German parliamentary elections. scoop of opiiunali. <boih ] .Mm-li.i Imsl II servings) Three tablt^poon.s ctn-oa. cup lint \valer, Jellied Meat Salad Saves Homemaker Hours in ers 'to re.senihle a pie crust). Ad<l th« l«mon mixture. Sprinkle liRlitly with additional wafer crumb?. Freeze in freezing compartment of refrigerator. Hawaiian .viilk Shake (3 lo 4 s«rvinf;s) Onc cllp c | li]lc(1 juice. taijlesuoOLis orunue juice, 1 xe;i- Manila ice cicnni. Mix Miiiar iuui ciX'on, ;uici liol water ajiti txiil foi :( minutes. Stir in Itie pou<UMcri coClee and chill tlioroughly. Add mill: and Ice cream and shake or beat until well blended nnd frothly. Pmir ilHo tail glasses and gat'tiisu v,ith a chetry. UMW, Operators Halt Coal Talks Till Sept. 75 WHITE SULPHUR RI'RINOS. W. Va., Aug. 2.=>. or; After another hour of fruitless rhil-chiit. t h e United Mine Workers and Northern and Western coal operators called j another halt today in IhMi negotiation.* on a .new contrnrt. They will resume Kept. 15 the i conferences that ha\e M'-u' been going on here intermittently for more than two months. That wa.s the complete sum of Information from two rtva of meetings which resumed Tuesday. . At BlueficM. W. Va.. 80 miles away, Southern coal producers and Preparing jellied meat salad Is one Kood way to save hoinernakers from long hours In the kitchen. | Ihe UMW met Just ton" enough to . ... ' 14 General Electric Cuts Prices of Television Sets SYRACUSE. N. Y., Ant. 25— (jl'j— »,„,„ ,,„„„ „ ' '"' ne General h'lcctric company an- , NEW YORK. Aug. 25. w-Guy ; m , o ,,ced vestcrdav list price rcduc- i Three ."»" Gabmlson, Republican naliomi] , llolls ,.„„-,,!„„ ,,.„„, $30 ,„ S70 011 ; come to tin GOP National Chairman Butters Virus Infection Get-Rich-Quick Plan Fails tar 3 Youths chairman, is sintering a virus in- feclion of the throat mid enrs. hlr office reported yesterday. He is JONESRORO. A il K. K—tiTi— young farmers near have concitision that there six of its lower priced television!' 5 no shortcut to success in this [city. . ! They had dreams of opening a - ne\v busine.-.s bei'p next spring, *; s ; tnowuiK large lawns and vacant, lots. The only equipment they needed wa.s a power mower. They got it Sunday and put it away In a hay- reduced from $369.95 lo $200.95. Price of smaller table set with a 10-inch tube was dropped from W59.05 lo S22S.95. The !i. price o !f'!" dr ^- n " rt , 1>llt ".™»>'. '" \ } '"^ ^r^rv;^ 5ciieiiiiesl ^ ct »«r«»»r-r l K ii £:s ic s« ta a cue t,iii 10 ^loy.ja. ,,,. c - n ,. .„, ._ ...„.„ .._ _,„. Tins substantial main dish can lie made early, stored In the refrigerator, and be ready for a meal at any time. Leftover roast is ideal for jellied salads. Home economist Fieba Stages further suggests cooking the less-demanded cuts of beef, veal, pork or lam!) (or salads. These cuts are lower in cost but as nu- : trious and tasty as many of the ' more demanded cuts. So lhat (he meat will be lender [ and juicy il is simmered in water to cover. When cooked and cooled, the fat and bone me removed .inrt the meat is ready lo be cut up for gelatin combination with I fruits or vegetables. j With the addition of bite si?.e ' pieces of beef, tomato aspic can be I tinned into staisfylng main fare, j The salad is made In either n-ell i fix Sept. 14 a.« the date for resumption of their contract talks. TiiE city of, la., was named after the French-Canadian trader Julien Dubmjue. oiled individual molds or In one large risn mold. When unmolded on crisp lettuce, potator or cabbage the S5CU mower from thc Frisco List prices arc recommended re- • Railroad yards- without the own- tail prices. j e ,.- s permission. All three have been i charged with grand larceny urul I snlad filts the ring. confined to his suite at the Wnl- ! nnve admitted theft ol the mower,; Chopped celery, cooked peas and dorf-Astoria Hotel. I which was hauled away on a wagon, : carrots go well with any meat. Gabrielson cancelled a scheduled ' officers added. ; Fruils are especially appealing with broadcast tonight, nt the Hepubli- | veal and lamb. Mayonnaise not only can state committee's School of Lonislana'E state (lower in the Roes on lop of the salad, but It j Politics at Hamilton College. i magnolia. | can be the tangy basis o( the plain or flavored gelatin mixture. PURE PORK SAUSAGE Is seasoned^ JUST RIGHT! Enjoy ttiii flavor-rich goodness for breakfast, lunch or supper. MIMFHJI PACKING CO. HKI.D-Ciiief of Police I-ester M. i TKiihut of Fort Wayne. Inil. and ; Allen County Sheriff Harold S. Zeis ' said that Franklin click (abovei, 30- ; year-old celery farm worker had' confessed to the slayinys ol Uiree Tort Wayne women who figured in the case of Ralph Lobaugh, now under death sentence. The officers .said click conte.ssed slayings of Wilhelmina Haaga, Antia Kuzeff anr! Phyllis Conine. (AP Wirephotoi. , tasty lasty tasty tasty tasty t« ' t.y tasty tasLy tar,ty tasty tasty , tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty ta ty tasty tosty tasty \^^- insty Check These Weekend Beautiful Floors i'our home can he marie M> itinrh more lovely with hfau- vtlful Moors. Charles Wood oJ- fers you etptrt workniiitishlp n( trill* reasnnal)te prices in rfhuishinj; vour present fl»or* or in Uying nrn hurrt- fifM>d. asphall or ruhlnr Ilk. nr Inl.iirt linolnnn Call 2'i72. Free Estimates Charles Wood Arksnsss I'ainl Co. I'hone 2272 for a meal ihal's a money-saver serve Mayrose frankfurt quails AT DAVIS & STRICKLAND GRO. & MKT. ^ttfzzgs&z l.amh CHOPS ,,69 \.eg 0- LAMB 69 I.amb SHOULDER 49 HI ne Plate, vat- pac (ins COFFEE ,,,49 (Jrade "A" EGGS .... dl ,49 c Fiosh— LIMA BEANS , 15 T. S. Ni>. 1 Large ^5i^-h. TOMATOES ,., VL\ \\ hile or Yellow ONIONS 3 20 Colticn Delicious CANNING APPLES h,,1 5 Firm Green Heads CABBAGE While Kresh KAR CORN ea3 1c St. Louis Independent Packing Company '*CKHS o» HIGHEST QUALITY MAYROSE MSAT PRODUCTS Whole or half Keelfool HAMS 59 Lean, fresh, GKOCNO BEEF ,,,39 Tender, Small 1'ORK CHOPS ,1,55 iiooil (limlily HKKK ROAST ,1.39 Lean, Tender CLUH STEAKS n.49 Delicious Mock CHICKEN LEGS ,..49 I'tire. Firm LARD 4 69 Tony DOG FOOD 2^17' Allen High (Jrade TOMATOES 2 No. 2 ATc « Cans A3 DAVIS & STRICKLAND Grocery & Market ,10i> North 6lh Sheet Phone 500 FREE IRN-EZY Coupon IPH-EZ SAVES Take this coupon to your Grocer and he will give you ONE l»kg. IRft-EZY FREE «'it/i the purchase of ONE Pkg. KUTTYHUNK BLUING Mr. Grocer: \('c t ton rjf >our poiuse LI carton triuu be filled j h«re:_ n (his coupon at thr reinl price plus • boniii to >o [he coupon* 10 us. Thc correct Mrial number *pp«i of On i Cwu for hindliac. P'"* rht ing on the bottom of jour IRN-EZV DIAMOND, McDONNEIX & CO. "> o*r Se«io* "O" PhiU. 23, Penn*. "> o*r 6rMu/Moit»r **J DIAMOND frutHtli—Smft 1W n ironer Our Slip is Showing Any slip In commodity prices shows t»p almost immediately on Kroger atore shelves. As soon a« our buying 1 prices comes down, we reduce our selling: price. Our 67 years of cloae-to-coaf selling have proved thai low price* Ate aa good /or us u their ar« for vou. BUY 2 AND SAVE ! 2 2 2 CAMPBELL'S i'oik and Beans KIDNEY BEANS 2 .loan of Arc • GREEN BEANS 8 tun (lard CORN Avondale T AM ALES J)erl>y SAUSAGE Slar Vienna PORK & BEANS 2 Kroger PEAS 2 Sliiiidani Fresh Dhifkcycs RICE Packers CATSUP KIniulard JELLY .Mod's .Apple UPTON I'roslee Dessert NAPKINS \\liilc Mb (.'arts No. ,SOO Cans No. 2 Cans N». 2 Cans (••-71 27 BUY 3 AND SAVE ! Cans No. Vi Cans Cans No. 2 Cans 31 C 39 C 29 C 25 C 3 Ta " 2, 2 Ib. Pkg. 1-1-07. Ko(s. BEANS Standard Cul Ufeen 21 PORK & BEANS 3 -Standard 27 POTTED MEAT 3 fc • Kose qlc HUNT'S 3 01 Tomato Sauce EVAP MILK Kroger Pure PRESERVES 3 Kmbassy Peach DOG FOOD 3 Hi-Life GELATIN 3 Kroner JELL-0 3 All Flavors 30 C GUM 3 All 5c Varieties WALDORF 3 Toilet Tissue No. 1 Carts IB-oz Cans No. \' t Cans S-07.. Cans Cans 2-lb Jars l-lh. Cans A Ul-oz. (J lasses 9 •• Pkys. 2 sn ct. Pkvrs. IT 31 C 27 C t'kgs- Rolls 25 C 29 C 19 C 19 C 35 C 100 23 C 19 C 25 C 10 C 25 C BUY 4 AND SAVE ! FLEECE Toilet Tissue TOMATO Kagle t'aste DOG FOOD 4 4 Rolls fi-oz Cans Mb. Cans CORN MEAL Cream White. 25-lb. Bag M.15 SUGAR Pure Cane 49c GREEN GIANT ICED TEA W Kroger Special Blend. PEANUT BUTTER *69< TREET Kroger Magic Mix. Armour Star. 10-lb. Bag Pure Cane Granulated. No. 303 can Tender Sweet Peas. 12-01. can Ll>s. PEACHES 2 „, Calif. Bcautiltil Irccslonc Hales APPLES 2 Crisp Kcd .lonathans PEARS 2 l-'rcsh Gnldcn Uardctl CAULIFLOWER 29° CHUCK ROAST U.S. Graded Good or Choice 25 SHORT RIBS £< U.S. Graded Good or Choice 25 FRYERS Lh . 59 C Lh Head If)lit Karm Kresh Dressed 19 SALT MEAT >S Lb . 19 Top Qualify Colorado Mountain Grown Streak 0' Lean—Center Cut Lh. 2?c POTATOES 10^^45 OCEANPERCH IA 39 I'.S. No. 1 Washed Red Triumphs Kresh and Tender

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