The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Dry Nesting Mars h e s Causes 'Loss Among Fowls Facing Extinction By JIMMY DONAHUE NEA Service Sporls Writer Widespread drouth of the last two years Is likely to still Hie toom of 12-gauges aimed nt pintails, mallards, canvasbncks, ten! and other ducks bound for southern climes from the north this fall. A scaring hcht tlmt dried up tlic marshlands In the nesting grounds of Manitoba, Saskalche- wan, Alberta, nnd other sections of Canada has caused an alarm- populating those districts, accord- popuUlng'.< those districts, accord- Ing lo figures obtained by 700 trained observers) .spread throughout Canadian prairies conducting n governmental survey. H is because of tills infornm- lioh, and tlic known fact that wlldfrwl life in the lust decade! has decreased alarmingly, duo to heavy loll taken' by hunters, that pressure, brought to bear in Washington by conservation groups' may result In Irom u\v ' !,..„ years' closed season on ducks. The U. S. Biological Survey, which. brought about Ihc dollar duek-stfliiiu ujx. •«" • r> »ui Laltli-g nnd use of live decoys last year, is considering leconiinend- Ing an open season of 30 dnys In each:state to President Roosevelt. • , However,: such •.organization!) as ,fthe Permanent Wild Lite Protcc- . f Fund, Amcilcau Wild Life ifcy^and Emergcnc\ Conser- 'CotnmiUee agrcij that this yfty^th*r&y»lu!4 A bc no open .season, 'andiHlfo'.flrst named group Is xnglng^tlmf i^iwc^jcni closed season be declared * *' • Canada /Conserves In tile minds of many hunters- most ly game hogs—such a move would-be-too' severe. But, according lo recent surveys, even a two-jcar bnn on duck hunting wouldn't be any too much, con- sldenng the way Ihe- duck population lias been depleted through 'drouth and by 011,010 hunters In th° UniiPcl States. While no one can mnke nn ac- mrate check.of ducks on the con- Incut,-the Mora Game;-Birds In America gioup attempted such a turyey last year, and arrived at a 65,000,000 estimate. This number Is only a handful' compared to tho,\ast numbers-of wildfowl that darkened the hravens back in !9N, \slien the sky was Ihe limit us far as the daily bng was concerned. Canada's sun'ey of the situation made As a icsult, Interior Minister-T. A. Cieiar has just" limited the open season to two mouths, allowing 12 ducks a day, with 150 loi the season, ami .Abolishing baiting, use of live decoys, and talc of waterfowl. So serious Is the situation thai Commissioner J. B. Harkln of the Canadian Migratory Birds Convention . Act states: "Some kinds of ducks that, find their suitable nesting hauilat only In the prauic regions of Canada aiQ In grave danger of extinction. Every possible measure of protection and restoration Is BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Before and Afte T A striking example cf how Hit! great,dry spell Directed duck marshes llirougliaul Canada nnd the northern purl of the United States. Top, a (lock of pintails lands on an Ideal marsh In Canada befor-i the drouth, Melon 1 , the same miirsli as 11 appears today. A Canadian Investigator examines a dead duck found on the dry, alkaline mud flats. xAllniiln Nashville IMnr.ingham Nr \v Orleans ... xllttln Reck .... Chattanooga .... xKno.xvllte xMemphls :—Nlyhl game.* National Louis N.c»- York Chicago •.. Pittsburgh xCincinnati Bostrn W. L, Pot. 50 -15 T!. 63 (H 01 51 01 01 02 59 G4 M 72 4li 7G .640 .57G .-IDG '.4110 .410 .377 w. r,. PCI. liS 44 .607 liH Vt .Mli (if) 47 .(ittl Louis Kayoes JackSharkey In 3rd Round Louis, Ihc Detroit Brow started his comeback from the knockout defeat nl the hands of Germany's Max Schmellng by knee-king out Jack Sharkey, the Boston gob. In the Ihird round of Ihelr engagement at Yanki Stn- dium last night. Shnvkey was knocked down twice In the second round but went out gnmely lo face Louis end Clubs Meet in "Natural" Idnight; Grocers lo Batlle Ark-Mo, ' ; A "natural," Ihc meelin» of Chev'.-ohH ccmpa-iy ' By Harry Gray son There has been no let up on the vast amount of money which the New England public lias been watering on the races. . . . The daily average handle lor 53 days ai .Suffolk Downs was 5400,000. Tom Little and Phillips Motor company in company and grocers clash. • -•--.-. "%>i.i|miiy IN Ihe first gnmi of tonight's Commercial Soltljall league doubleheader nt Haley Field. In Ihc other game on the night's cud the Arkansas-Missouri Pc-.vcr McMullin's Cash 'Die meeting of the Chevrolet and Fcrds v.lll be the first since the team headed by Dick Potle- has changed from .the-sponsorship of the jHoblnson Drug company lo the Chevrolet company. Tlr Ford array has been vc'ry 1 formidable in recent weeks . and lie-thing would please tho V-8'.i mote than lo knock off their i lulls In the car selling field Jimmy Smotherman will he on the mound for the V-l)'s • and should give Uie Ohcvrolufs u difficult evening. Manager nick Potter may hirrl I Iniself cr call on Itobert Stecle cr copcland.- The Chmqlets, cnly n game behind tlic I'astlme Billiard club In Ihc • league race, boast a lieavy 'hitting •'dggrejii-' lion, undoubtedly one or tlic 'test clubs In (he circuit; The Elec_tricsi have been staggering around all'season btit are locking for a decisive victory over the Grocers, principally on':the ability of Leo-Stephens, whothtis been doing well on the mound of Inlc. The • Oroccrs have a knack of blasting .base lilts occasionally and this may be their nlglit. East ihoae connected Boston oval did with not the tic difficulties. .. .. .. Even the Brooklyn Dodgers picked up when Casey Stengel finally was convinced that, games are won in the afternoon and cut out morning practice. . . . Prank Demarco of the Cubs ts likened to Rlggs Stephenson. . . . Mover spectacular, but consistently dependable both In the outfield and at' the plate, especially in clinches. . . . ifalfback Frank 13rii- iler has agreed to return to the Green Day Packers for his sixth 'straight year with the professionals. The Yankees sent The for any such betting. . . . 11IC craze has exceeded all expectations. . . . NarragaiLsetl, the gold mine, now expects to break its phenomenal record, and a banner meeting is anticipated at Uocklngham, starting In late Sep- look Ted Klelnhans to Newark for another southpaw, , Kemp Wicker, who bagged a dozen games for the Bears. . . . Pat Malone was ti'inber. Promised a reward for his tip on Denny Gale-house when the big boy., made good C A. Thornuerry of Akroii lias Just received a check for $200 and an annual pass from the, Cleveland club. . . . Even the St. "Louis Urowns could afford a scout like Bill Walker, trans- called to his Altoona, Pa., honie, by the critical illness of his father. . . . One by one the Giants are toppling their season's jinxes. . . . Carl Hubboll look a game from Curt Davis of the Cubs one WEDNESDAY, AUGUST Ifl, 1935 (Continued From Page l) old Republicans and they will not ^lintinn tl*nl.. I I...T _ J . " "* llut ' this part of,-the country has club and there are literally ,hoi, sands of us. -11,1., y a ;>, <"°V Ing o concentrate on our cf-) Sessional candidates and O t bi (her so much with u, e J'° t ,°' Issues. We're all strong 0''° J Doc but most of ns are BO [ vole for the jnan we for president. Maybe lour Irom now, we'll have our candidate." In Chicago a labor leader In south-side craft union said ihi<: um nujjui-jicans and they will tint """"' ; " ul - tlil " union said ihi> • change their beliefs. But Roose ' lo mc: ' ipllll >' 80 >' er c ™t of thri. veil, thoug|, he has lost streneth I vcie cnin ™t">& from Clilcn°c •' with . Ihe/farmers, sllll should factolte w111 «° Io Rcoscv :arry CO per cent of them with'""' 11 Ciln ' y thls ci ^ bv « W? n )Im In Illinois." . " ll "!.lorllv and the whole state r inii-A^ „. i_ • .. A(\nnnn» I talked at length , vlll) brothers who each farm hnlf- 5U c tlnns of rich Illinois corn land— with crops damaged but not ruined by the drouth, Both had been brought up as ardent Repub- tWOl 4M - m '' _.. I 1'olillcal Kxuerl Speaks A political wrilcr gave me of the Polo Grounders' worst,I Hcans. One said: "I voted right-handed pitching hoodoos.r . I J'ears : •. .The ladles' day Jlhx was quiet- r - io "' 1 ' ed;;..,. The sinister Ebbets. Field • ~nt 11 iiirv^l , LlUllA- * L1 .' J •* win ferrcd to Toronto, was tlic last Ijlri 'y Pl 'en munber of the Cardinals' 1933 has - seven influence was overcome! . .About ''' lle other said: "Well, I the only remaining Jinx for Bill k "°' x - Roosevelt Is spenclh,- i. JU Terry's outfit lo contend with is ml!cl1 money. I think I'll vote trad from French of Ihc Cubs, who — ~~. u .. 111L ., 1JJO .,eveu consecutive victories with the Giants lo depart over the Giants,'MhcludlnK three Sportsman's Park. , "•' "" ' -' s ar ..... s sson. . I'.thaii Allen, Bpli O'Parrell, and Hllol it young '' this season. , . The brat • mine Horace Stoncham's I'.thaii Allen, Bpli O'Parrell, and Hllol it young Horace Stoncham's vc!L " Jim Mooney were Ihe others. . . ftl '''»5' over the last five weeks Is F:li l ur <!s Hack Ne«- Deal Hill Terry plucked Gus Mancuso llle briskness with which ihev JlLsL OVCI ' ll 'e Illinois lllirf U.llf Clni.M ^. ' . ' _ - L ________ l._ i ,. • **."-.' ,, ,„ ..... and liny Starr, . . . Coniilo Mack | txMincc back after a reverse nol been chased from the | . • : .-.. bV .1111 umpire In all his Americans Itest Route™ Naltonal . '.Hi years as manager of the Athletics. . .. . -Bob'Grave, who Is liking of retiring this fall, is reputed to^ be worth $100,000' ::. . iui YCI ngures show that Burgess Whttehead, traded :to the Hiosc of 'the junior circuit ; iidve Olants for Tauan Parmelee last! turned In nearly ,100 r more-com- wlnlcr, is fooling the 'Cardinal Plele contests. . . ;.. A good share management by standing up and of the Giants' success U attrib- stamiii! under a full season's play, i uled to their having adopted the Florida will be shy three I St. Louis Cardinal nnd Cincinnati Americans Itest Routera cr had this to say: "A good National League' pilchers gcii- n "»S' P-M te -('e nfi'^vi tljo,), crally are supjxis'cd to be superior Roosevelt wants 10 IK? a dictator. lo llieir American League breth- Bu '- ""-' mail1 thing to remember customers during the tralnlngsea- son next spring. .". . The Gl- anls go to Havana, the Athletics lo Mexico, and the Browns.,to San Antonio. . . . Jimmy Dykes system of slight rewards for noble deeds and assessments for flops and skulls, with, the pot to be split 24 ways when the last shot has been lired. . . . Heads Wild Beasts Snared Easily, Says Huntei —"• - - • mutiny i^yites *"iui itiia uccn iiteo. . Heads gives Coach Muddy Ruel a deal of! of Cardinal subsidiaries 'became credit for- the excellent work 'of presidents of two of the three AA the White Sox pitchers last year, leagues, George Trainman 'of the and tins . :,. A semi-profcssiniri-' American Association and War"' catcher works, with Cardinal ren Giles of the International ST. LOUIS (UP)—Capturing a'n-Vr^'f ",' "™ uu " p<; "- • • J0 ° I • • • Bl 'ancn. Rickey now Is look- wlkl animal is not so difficult! , B well--on lib way to. Ing over the Pacific Coast League lulu vet- * " 1C "'" recor<1 f01 ' first >' car fleld - • • • D1 »W D"an hops thru according'lo Chrlstoph.Schulu veteran Bast : African hunter, who delivered a consignment of animals to the, local zoo. men in the majors. Beware of Three C's the hoop when Pepper Martin, his closest pal, snaps his fingers.' Pain Dean is urging Dizzy 58 5ti .503 i In the third round. The came as expected alter thos lime Slmrkey couldn't make it up • ••- iv LUV.-, iwtai y.uu. ( ..-,-•- ~v*»n 1.3 tugujg Mit.r,y But animals 'are Imrcl to keen f'™ nor Holm Jarrclt drank her- to let him Ho the nghting oil the and deliver: after capture Schuliii ol Ulc OI >' m P Ic Games, ground that it won't hurt the says. In support of this he point- ' V, f? 6 -. chm ?:».'/•'"?. ..boxer, R.ed Birds if he-Is .given the bum's ed out that'll giraffe, delivered K' - outl ' ;: •' •' Il " viI1 B rfish.'-.••'.-•-.' Bookmakers tliiough- hcrc. was separated from a lievd ; Toronto middleweight, was out the country took a bath when and roped from a horse In about '!!.', "°!". e b , cc!ulse nc nte hiniself Idle Way came down in front In five minute. 1 ;. has beim as thorough, as can be Brooklyn ..; 4r>'(18 .3M |,y the Tlie vlulory set Louis definitely back on tlie way up again nnd After lite canture. however. H was necessary to 'move the animal SOU miles overland from Ka-si Africn, place It on a ship for n voyage of 37 days to Bnston, "alter which the beast still faced a 15- day quarantine. ; * will nol ue •• :1 .! out of his class. . . . Jack Tor- the, third at Washington Park the ranee beat himself nt the table, other afternoon. ... N 0 handi- . . . Future Olympic teams will capper as much as mentioned the beware of the three C's—chain- seed. . . . Moose Earnshaw asks pagne, cameras, and chow. . . It teammates to pinch him looks like Wisconsin and its new Wants to know if it's a dream or coach, Harry Stuhtdrehcr. will be if it really b true that he is with without Eddie Jnnkowski, star j the Gas House Can" and not luill'ack, this fall. ; . . Scholfls-.on the banks: of the Oowanus same token halted Philadelphia ........ 40 12 ,yj7 c'omcbakTlfort""oT'sharkey,' 'who' x—Night came. c a me ol]l of i-eiii-cincnt In hopes of reaching the top again. i New - Anierlenii league W. I,. Pet. York 74 40 .(MO Tuiw Angler Works Hard LOBSTER BAY, N. S. (UP) —A Cleveland m 53 r,!7 ^i5bn,i( HAY, N. B. (UP)-A Detroit G3 53 513 vl , sllln B sportsman rciwvtcd catcli- Chli-ngo 01 S3 521 lnB 20 lulm hc ''° within Iwo weeks Washington"'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 50 so 513 vvil '"'* rod nlKi llll(: ' lt|lc ralc 'i Washington Bostcn St. I.ou'ts .. Philadelphia totalled three toils. being taken, for their numbera will gradually become depleted nnd their, population fall below the danger mark; once that is reached, nothing that man can do will save them." There are 22 kinds of ducks nnd 10 species ol geese on the Canadian pi-alrie nesting grounds, and even canvaxbacks, redheads, nnd black heads, which migrate for the winter along the Atlantic const and are counted on by eastern hunters, are going to be scarce. * • • Closed Season rays Investigators who have traveled hundreds of miles have seen only a few ducks—and hundreds of marshes dried into alkaline mud flats. The Permanent Wild Life Protection Fund has a conclusive argument regarding the value of a long closed season, it points out that the fur seal has.-come back again through a prolonged ban. nftcr nearly complete extinction up to 1912; whlts-lailcd deer been restored In Vermont Pennsylvania, New York, and other nates; mountain sheep are back by the thousands in Colorado- e.k are saved from extinction In Wyoming, Montana, Idaho nnd Washington: wild turkey have been brought back In Texas; Atlantic coast ducks were saved by stopping 85' per cent of market hunting. On the other hand, the heath hen,. Labrador duck, passenger pigeon, Carolina parakeet, and great auk have vanished, chiefly bccusc of lack of protection. It isn't, illogical to suppose that within a couple of decades, ducks' without • the protection of man, will face complete extinction through greed. Northeast Arkansas T.pague W. L. Pet. Newport m 7 .BIO Osccola •>;, 13 .lisa Caruthcrsvllle xDntcsvlllc 16 xJoncsbcro H PiiraKould 9 x—Night game. "• Baseball Results Southern League New Orleans 4, Challanooja 1 NIGHT GAMES: Atlanta nt Memphis. Knoxville at Little Rock. Only games. Before You I!uy_Any Outboard - See "the NEPTUNE"' Z H. V. (£ 4 r Slnsle Cyl. SP^*'-' (Other Sizes to 1G H. P.) HUBHARO TIKE & HATTKKY CO. I!' National League Chicago 5-1. Pittsburgh 4-3. New York 5-11, Brooklyn 3-5. Philadelphia 7, Boston 0. St. Louis at Cincinnati, nlglit game. AmciToan l.raeue St. Louis 10-3, Detroit 7-15 Bostcn 6. Philadelphia 2. Chicago II. Cleveland 10 innings). Washington 3. New York SS&jgSin SSajSV." TWO TREADS e\cr wear smooth . - Vceii you safe... ive you money! UNBELIEVABLE? THEN READ , THIS! do Noriheast Arkansas I.C.IKUC Newport 5. Carulhersviile 4. Osccola 14, Paragould 1 Uatcsvlllc at Joncsboro. game. night Cily PC* Sales Tajed OAKLAND, cal. ' (UP) — The State Board of Equalization has nolificd the city of Oakland It must pay the regular sales (ax on every Impounded dog It has sMd the* past, year. The city has replied that ns It Is not officially In the dog business, the sales lax does not apply, Today's Games Southern I.oaRiie Kncxvillc at Memphis. Nashville at New Orleans. Atlanta at Little Rock. Chattanooga at Birmingham. N'alionnl I.casnc Chicago al Pittsburgh. St. Louis at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at New York. Philadelphia nt Boston American League Detroit at St. Louts. New York nt Washington. Cleveland at Chicago. Boston at Philadelphia. N'orllicasl Arkansas LMRUC Cariithersvllle al Newport Battsvlllc al Jone.sboro. Only games, . GtNUlNE ISEIBERLINC TI _ Why pay cash for ordinary 1 tires which quickly wear smooth I and dangerous when you can I now get TWO-TREAD Seibcr- f Jing Air-Cooled tires ... the tire I that never wears smooth... NO MONEY DOWN .. .Terms to 'suit you.f _„. • Come in^tojlay'and let" us .demonstrate this amazing tire (which keeps you safe aud saves you money!'• SEIBERLinC TIRES Hubbard Tire & Battery Co. 218 Wesl Ash NEW Telephone Directoi is closing/ "S his conclusion: .„ ,., a Hoover carried (lie state iw - Mm ' 450.COO. In -yi lioosovelt reversed -- -^u fcuri,"'" dM| sion and won tlie state ago for Roosevelt and I. by al »!°sl exactly the snmc nu m ,. bcr, Outside Cook county (Chicago) It was a cross-air and |,|J slate plurality was (lie 45000f' voles he won there. I'd saV see kMy reason nllj . , should not vote for him again' her said: "Well, r don't know. Roosevelt Is spending too for Landon, but I haven't made ill) my mind for sure. I'm strong for this soil conservation pro- Maybe I'll go lor Roose- Illinois line, ... Hie Wnbiish bottoms on the In- diann side, a grain elevator owner had " ' . ail > lie II carry the slate by some 300.'-, ' OCO. hell Maybe I'm wrong; mayb carry down-state, loo, ihj<, time. Don't forget Ihat In thi Primaries this spring he got 600,-?, "00 mere votes than the com-, M'Md votes for Knox and Borah' 1 . A ,'T, irl '""'"'I" I Picked up a | half-hundred commcnls. Two-' th«'ds of the people ( talked to' «-,? ? n ^ nim lo R ooscvell. Scv- ; «al of them who had Dad polit-J ' .,, - 11 "u-'lr minds as°ttoosej veils probable majority. flJi, lilko _"° responsibility for thadl figure. But i havc no h( , V in put mg down ,hat Indiana! looks almost as sure veil as does Illinois. TOMOItKOW: Joiva is now dniibfljul, bul Uoosevclt slight edge. is that about 05 per cent of Ihe people are more or less failures, and they want help. Lots o' lliem Icok to Roosevelt to give it to them in some way or Ihe oilier. I'm going to vole Tor Landon, but I honestly don't see much chance of him carrying any of these stales around here." In Ihe cily of Danville, wilh its •IS.OCO people, n Townsennito had this to say: "People outside don't -:--• ------, .^ 5 ivi rcjxf man have any idea of the strength of wood, Is being used for .open fires' the Townsend movement around!'" many British homes - "•' •- i here. Why, every little (own in 1 ' Paw rubber, selling for The crippled Reds have a great! deal to say about the National! League pennant...They still have 10 games with the Cubs, nine with the Cardinals, and five wilh the Giants. . . .Charley Grimm beala hasty retreat when Ripper Collins told him that the Cubs choked tip against the Detroit Tigers in he world series last fall and that it was absoiutelp necessary for '' the Cardinals to battle the Yan- ; kees -this trip.. .Collins, says that, Billy Herman of the' Bruins Is so two-base hit crazy that 'he slops at second base on a home run. . l The Siil'csl Investment Buy a farm. There is more satisfaction and fcnlimc or security In owning a farm than any other investment. We buy and sell farms the ye'tr around. Save your money by pulling it in a good farm. You can pay all cash or yon can pay some cash and the balance yearly. See me if you want to buy or If you have farm land to sell. _ 0. «. Cainiil! Phones 797 'and ISO > i .iUli ,N'.- liioadway * our new telephone book is going lo press. Do you want to make nny change in your presetiI listing? AVould you like a telephone, BO yonr name will he in the new directory? If BO, please notify the Telephone Business Oflice nnw,.. before it's too lafe. TO SHOPPERS sificJ Telephone Dire IW'tK to Bttjr It" S! reo I ." 1 Upper Up long and thm, wiili mirow bow. J.oivcr lip . large an.l full- llrshrd. AlmehiT- 'ury lover satijfirJ \viih noilimg short of supreme quilli)'. Buyers of fine whiskey de-\ ^ clare that without doubt the biggest value in America these days is Kentucky's "double-rich "straight Bourbon / 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY '.-" •....,., Copytight 1936,.SthcnUy,PJ5lril>illpts,.Inc,, i New York , I " • ~ .'.'."" " " I*

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