The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1953
Page 9
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MONDAY, JAN. 2«, IMS- OVft ftOAR»IN« HOUSI — with M.j#r iM i -THIS 16 Joe see *~ HAMBURGER CN A eiw, APPL6 pie A LA Mooe, 400 — DASH IT ALL/ — HA>LF A 6R«P£- PROIT, A STALK OF CELERV AMD A DISH Of FLftIN COLS CALocie CI-IART. ARt *XJ TRAld- IkSS fOt^i MA3OR ? TM6 ROLE OP A IN A HORROR MOVIE? DROOLING IS! PUBLIC Television- Ton ite, Tomorrow AVMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 MOXIMV, J.-4NUARV 26 6:00 Evening Serenade . 6:15 News 6:30 Those Two ' 6:45 Ne\vs Caravan 1:00 Paul Winchell . , T.30 Howard "Barlow 8:00 Cisco Kid 8:30 Hobert Montgomery 9:30 Who Satd That . 10:00 'Wrestling • ' • 10:45 News • :. , ~ 10:55 Weather 11:00 Mnn Against Crime « 30' Suspense -- , 00 News . 10 Sign Off .' . TUESDAY; JANUARY 27 '7:00 Today. 7:25 News 7:30 Today. "7:55 News ..;8:00 Today ' • 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News - ' : ' . 9:00 Ding Dong'school , . 9:30 TV Shopper 10:00 Ask Washington' 10:30 Strike it'Rich' '• . 11:CO Sforylaiirt '.'"' 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search Jor -Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation. A 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Garry Moore 1:00 Guiding Light 1:15 Arthur Godfrey 1:30 Homernakers Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Welcome Travelers 3:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkins Falls 4:15 Oabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Berl Olswanger .5:15 News 5:20 Sports 5:30 Superman 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 N$ws 6:30 Dinah Shore' 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Circus ' , ' 8:00 Fireside Theatre 8:30 Circle Theatre 9:00 TKXJ for. (he Money 9:30 Boston Blackie 10:00 Mr. & Mrs. North Io:30'News ' 10:40 Weather 10:45 Studio One 11:45 Embassy Club 12:00 News . 12:05 Sign OH Mighty fssisslppi . The area drained by the Mississippi River and its tributaries covers more than one third of the entire United States, according to the Encyclopedia Britnrinics. NOT A BK&JNFOOD Here's food'for thought ... if you haven't checked the cost to replace your home .arjd_its furnishings, yon probably ao not* ;flE^r=" have enough insurance. Better check 1 witk us! 'i. . . ' " ' 'ANSWER '•' All food enriches the blood, which in torn nourishes the body including; the brain. Fish Is In no way a special food for Ihe brain. 1. "Food and feeding" '. . . Sir Henry . GO lil '51 Ply.-$1495 Cranbrook 4-dr. '49 Merc. $1195 2-rtoor h- '49 Stude $1195 Club '49 Ghev $1095 2-Torie 1-Dr. '49 Chev $1095 2-Dr. Blue K Ui * < OQ UI O V) '48 Stude $995 1-dr. Blue '48 Ford - $795 Search for a Hero ' xxvi i JIUT a little while later I was J <" about,to get things straight , old time and new time and lime \ to come. Then there was Bert . I asked him where we. were. He ; said, "We're in Petiville. now.' '£>^ went back lo sleep. , '•' When Bert came again Ii saw j that his left hand was wrapped in | a heavy bandage. He lifted his arm i and grinned. "See? I got hurt in • the war. too." • "How had?" i "Not bad. Mot bad enough to j lell all my secrets, the way you i did." J.I moved my hands along my ! thighs and I knew everything was I all right. The sunshine coming ; through the windows seemed i stronger lhan anything 1 else in the | world. , > |)How did we gel here?" I asked. The Army brought us, after :._ they broke the line. It was a long ride and you kept talking French nnd saying, 'Only the mountains never meet.' " "I must have said a lot o[ crazy things." "You said time, not fate, drives men to their destinies.. You asked if they were letting everybody inlo Heaven who died in the amphibious 'force. The nurse said yes, every amphibian and every infantryman, but the rest could go to hell." "What happened at'the landing!" ."I heard some ships were hil But that's all I know. Except nobody from the 003 is here—I've -, checked to sec." He took Kenny's ;<J watch from his pocket and put it on my wrist. "Did you think you had lost il?-'V*i • . "1 hadn't missed it." ;. "What did you think about?" "Everything. About a family that lived on Mr. Rufe's place and their son who dodged • the draft ,One day the oldest sister came . running inlo the store and told [Mr. Rufe, 'Sheriff corrie down 'n shcrifTed on John. Biddie fainted 'n Ma slapped her.' ". "Do yoti remember what I called the commander?'* "Yes. Yo« called him a sr.afued so-and-so." "You reckon that's enough for 3 court-mat Uari" "That depends on whether be heard it." "If you had died, I could have said you said it" "How close did I come?" • "You mean how close did the U. S. Army come? They fractured your leg real nice and missed your heart by a temple of inches. That little tea party was fouled lip all right. We'll never win this war if we don't learn how , to keep things from the Germans." NURSE came and told Bert to leave. The man next to the window was talking: "War is a gadget, nothing more. An ordinary, man-made gadget to let evil drip out of humanity in the name of good ..." I started to cry. The nurse shook me. Then she :ld a glass of water to my lips and gave me a pilL "What's the matter?" she said. -^ "I don't know." "Were they shooting a( you?" she whispered. , ;. "Yes. They were shooting at me." That was easy to say. "You go back" lo sleep and dream about something else. I'll see that nobody shoots at you." She ran icr hand over my forehead, and then held my hand. The next afternoon, Bert came rounding in, able to wave his inured hand. He was looking the viy he did the first time I had een him at The Uikcs: his black lair scattered, his eyes gleaming, lis lanky form perching above me. 'You've got it made. You're sail- ng back to God's country." "Don't wound the lad with a oke," somebody said. "I'll swear il. Vclerans Hospital No. », Middle Hills, N. C. While (A«K,V COVRIER MNW.II AN* HM KMMM STENOGRAPHERS WRITE EVEK/THiM* A Ml LK Benefit by Reading and Using C«uri«r Ntws Classified Adi "If 'we could only get an Advance copy of the draft list ' ' we'd know which boys to try to dat* for the tenior dance! TWE III. TAKE YOU WELKIN.' S-TUDEB AKEfe JANUARY CLEARANCE EVERY CAR & TRUCK MUST GO! ; "CERTIFIED" Used Cars & trucks '51 Stude$1095 A. GENTLEMAN now ABOUT IT, LESTER* AREN'T YOU. GOING- TO PUT MY "SKATES OKI? SKATING-, WE ALWAY PUTS HER . „ SKATES ON! } CVEAH? •50 Stude $895 '49Chev-$795 '51 Stude $1095 M9D6dge$895 * 1 I rf^- - . ' '47 Chev-$445 TAK6 Sbl-«7 TIME. FLINT. THE SPESCTNe TZA.N ONCE THEY SET-TO THE X HSPE KEEP *0E CCVSKK? J yiAH.;.CCNT SUK7SM.Y (TECELEIWTES LAST CART,THOSE CROOKS AVNWHEKE.' ANP COV\6S TO A HALT; '42 ford-$245 '47 Ghev -695 TOU.TYKE. FIRplVOUTJ£«-Hf5cote'M VET TO CLEAR. VOIIKSELf! . LAST NI6HT?J Laid, Sanded and Finished! YEZZJR, HERE'S \IIEB TELL^JG US HOW HARCOAL WRITING IS A SMART 6TUNT IF THERE'S ANYONE IN LAB WATCHING ON THE VIEW THAT TAKE* 'MY BIU-,POC/ ^ i *eov\ TO HAVE MlSPUACEp rA-y WALL 4-Dr. Grey ,'48 Ford - $895 4-I>r. Maroon . V ...'.' CHAMBLIN SALES Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Phone 6888 2 Big Lots at Ash & Railroad Open Saturday Nile Til 9 H. C. DAVIS, Sales Mgr. SALESMEN. •Jimmy Hudson v.roe T. Robertson • Ercy William, STUDEBAKER Read_ Courier' News Classifiwl Ads, I'm to remain here, for the good of the country. Ain't that' a sad load?" ' "Yes," somebody said. ' • • • found.out about the 003 th« day before I went to the hospital ship. By then Bert was well enoijgh to do ah errand, so a doctor sent him, with an orderly, to locate our ship and bring all my ge» to the hospital. I had asked him to check with Kenny, who would know where all my things were, and I had given Kenny's watch to him. I wondered what he would tell the crew about our stand on the Island of Tone, and I awaited die'report with the same impatience that I would put aside i gifl not to be opened immediately. When Bert returned it wa« late afternoon and the sun was coming slantwise through the windows He went to one side of,the win- tiow, where the sun shone through and when he spoke he talked" to alt of us in the room. "They got it. A mine, with all that amrnu- mlion." Then he came back and sat down on Ihe floor beside my cot, drawing his knees up His jandoged hand touched the cast on my leg; he never looked at nw incl we never said anything. -^ he .,, sold . ier nc ' 1r lhe window said, 'What was it, fellow?" "LCI," Bert said. He looked at e then and lowered his voice as f he, didn't want the others to icar. "Everybody." I never said anything. "Something else too. Everybody on the nmsler list was reported killed in action—you and I were on the list." Then I saw the change In Bert, icyond the paleness, the scratch lis eyes were sterner, overflowing vith a need for something—to do something. His face was no longer calm, as if an old illness had come back lo worry him. He lalkcd with more precision, wilh words that might have burned Inside him hough they were cool when they passed his lips. I knew we wert lot 19 any more. "He gave me a priority—Ijent a cablegram to my folks and your folks." He got up and went out That was the first time the nurs« lad not made him leave. (T. Be FLOORS • Asphalt Tile ' • Rubber Tile • Linoleum Tile • Inlaid Linoleum • Wall Tile . Cabinet Tops Installed All Work Guaranteed Free. Estimate EUBANKS and STOREY Phones 3111 Home Grown Hi-Bred Half and Half Cotton Seed $10 Per Hundred Clyde Williams Route 3 Lexington, Tenn. P DELIVERY SERVICE I'hone 4507 H»«r«: t ».ni. ( o 14 p ^ with Dellrery t« 1 f m. WOODS DRUG STORE Ml KM4 X.ln St

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