The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 10, BLYTHEVILM3' (ARK:)'' COURIER NEWS' Plane Hits Baseball Players Fighter Craft Crashes Into Sandlot Diamond; Kills Three, Injures 7 BURLINGTON. In., May 19. fUPl —Witnesses told Nnvy investigators todiij&huw 11 Navy Corsair plane i>;>r- t'ciwMAj in mi air iliow oniuhetl into iw mldsl of n .vnmllin | M su- l»ull game and exploded, killing Hie Pilot ami two boys mill injuring seven others. Tlic exhibition Ijy .1 s<|u:utvcii of Navy |jlunes was part of un nil- show before n crowd it 10.000 persons nl Municipal Airport, a lew blocks from a school hasvball diu- I'lOIKl. The dead were RolaiKl Hncc-nisler, H. ami Richard "Skip" Grant, 17, both of Huilinuton. ana the pilot, U. <J.g.) John Peeler, 25, St. Unii.-, Missouri. Peeler's body was found'in a part of the wreckiiye a biocK from where the plane crashed. The two youths died of burns on the way to the Harry Danali. 19, u Navy veteran of. 20 months in the Pacific, was playing third base. He :,akl he knew there was trouble coining when he saw the plane zooming toward the playground, apoarently out of control. "When I saw it, I hit the ground How High Is Up? Too tote to Classify For Sale 5- X , a. , & NHL"N«pitina" 200 190 180 170 IONOSPHERE 160 150 German Vi2 '' Launched by HigK«lfhotool U.S.Army—1M6 JhefcrthbyNRL ^^ Comfortable 3 bedroom house adjoining school jrrotindK. Possession June !sl. t>cc or cMjJIl !Max Log;m, Itiviltor. l,)S|h Klclg. I'hono 2031 5 roWl modern home. Will sell completely furnisherl. Immediate possession. lOas- ily financed. See or Call Max Logan, Realtor, Lynch BMff., phone 2034. Modern 1 5 room bouse. FHA financed. In perl'c-tt condition. Immediate possession. House is completely insulated and weather stripped. On large lol. See or call Max Logan, Kenllor. Lynch Bldg. Phone 2031. 6 19 ck 20 NoctiluccnfClou'cfs STRATOSPHERE Navy Confirms Secret Court Martial Report WASHINGTON. V-:i>' 19- (UP> — The Navy department confirmed today that U. conidr. Edward N. Utlle of Monrovia, Cal.. was on trial at a closed court marlial here but declined lo reveal the churns: because of Us "secret iwlure." The proceedings were first revoul- rd by radio commentator Drew Pearson in his weekly broadcast (ADCI last nlnlit. Pearson sat ( | the charges were nn oulurowth of Incidents in a Japanese prison caml> 'Where I,title had ' been ' placed I" charge of the American mess. ' I'carson sold Liltle was a Ri'n- 1 dilate of. the Naval Academy at Annapolis and Hint !he chnrsc I iigainst him had been "uolled down by the Annapolis brass hats to conduct unbecoming an officer." A Navy spokesman said (lie prn- ceetlini!s were closed "at the rc- guest of tlie officer." Half-Pay Not Enough 90 70 60 50 30 20 Airport Briefs North Mississippi County pilots aiv busy planning parlidpAlion In the IMli annual Arkansas Air Tour which will begin early Mny HOtli when tho Norlhr.isl Wini; will lenvc Hlylhevillc. Airpoil Malinger Kinesl Hnhcll said yuslerdily that so far 10 pilots have indicated that their :,hi|is wonlil bo included in the t-rnup slai th'.K here to join the N'ortlr.vrsl.i o, e ill Little Rock. Ilo s.llil more ,._ are expected to join ihe tour be- f fore its departure. : The newly-formed Air Seoul. Unit will hold its first, meeting r.t 'l:UO tomorrow nlf-hL in the Hood l^lyinjj Service Imnynr 'o eomi)le k o <>i-|;iinl!>.htU>il. Hill noli-:r;lt. 1 fiold exeeutive. announced loduy. The mill, fnrnu'd lust Tuwicr.i;/. (inelmles boys over in ycnrs of use Alcohol Beverage nvcstigators Out Of Jobs On July 1 I.l'rrw: HOOK, Ark., May 19. UP) The Ark.insns Revenue IX'- >:ntment has made no plans to •ontlnue Ihe work of the alcoholic jeveni^o Inveslj^atlntl staff nfter illy 1, Uevenue Commissioner Otlio A. Cook said lodny, Wwk pointed out that the 1317 legislature iiliollslied tho 6-imvn iliitf and declared there was notli- MK ho could do to continue Hie work. lie Insisted lie hns no aproprln- lion for continuing tho work and knows of uo svi\y lo obtiUiv tlie inuney. "In rxtroinn cases where liquor fcm\sll|(iiliuns must bo made," cook asserled. "I plan to use department .auditors or county lux collectors. They kce|> pvetty IJHSJ ibrtui'.;liout the year and the In- vrslluallon would have to Ijo In ai The lenlsltittire nbollKhcd the <\f liiiiliiu'iit's Inveslluiitlng stuff f«l Inwlim n fli'.IU led by Jlnj). L, II Aulry of Ml.fslssli>i)l Coiuily. Cook ulso sulrt tlinl Lho first o the ni:w liscnl yeiir will bring iibon I'lirllR'i- rcdnelliui In Ills over-id tulf. lie explained Ihn lc[il:il(itin' llnUnuled Imi other clicks mr To Address Ports UTTUE., (UP) — w. J Lemke, head of the Journalism department of the Un versity of Ai::»nsai, -,. principal . sprites annual lunchcuii of th Round Table of Arkansas here tomorrow. Ills subject' will* b*' "column adventures," , highlight* .of' 10 ems expedience In conducting a ontrlbulor's column' for''a Fayette- lllo newspaper. \ Read Courier News Want Ad4.-'nlitl K'(' Jack Cox of BieckenricUte. 'IV.-xas, from I', imp lent, which he put up on the Capitol y.nmnds In Au.illn. The IjVllislalnre has now over-run • Its ulloled lime for till.; M'sslon and icf'ishdoi'.s' pay has been cut lo S6 per day! Ur-preM'ntatlvc' Cox suys '' anl ""' '" " I" 1 ' 1 '' "" lllls """"ml. and (hoivlorn Is ijolni; lo live in Ihis pup tent for the 1 rest of Ihe currenl session- iNICA TcU'iilmt pa., ami llnyimiml Bushy, IB. KCTI- hiau .svi'otul class of MuiH'he.'^er, t lowii. h:id b i In Walls liospitiil 1IO - r s p|<lNOH, Ark., Mny Ifl Klncu their ac-cKionl. | (U i., ._ Funenvl services 'wen . l^r. j, I- 1 . i>io\vnsnn has lioil hisi planned today Tor Wllliiun !: North American A'r-li i't ^)u> alrlot Ihe MmiuUiin Vtilley ctim and Is sixinsorcd by the lilylhr- (several times this week after its, who died here yesterday of Injur- ville Klwanis club i>u;l the ilwvl three-week slay In the hangar fur Ics suffered in a lili'.hwuy iieelden 1 general overhaul and Insiiect io]i. Ah'port iMuiui^er linn 1 ::!, llalsell flew lo Wieliiln, Kan., with W. I. jr.. lust week new Cessna. Five choice business lots left in the John B. Walker an<! \Villiam Walke.- Subdivision on East Main Street. Excellent for commercial locution in fast developing section. We specialize in lots or acre- ages for either business or residence purposes in the c^Jji or outside on Main Highway. MORSE & KIRSHNER Realtors Phone 2951 220 N. 2nd 19 ck 20 An idea of the tremendous height to which The Navy's new rocket missile "Neptune" is expected to soar is given by tins diagram. comparing its projected flight with altitudes previously attained by various missiles, balloons and planes. Chart was prepared from data obtained by Glenn L. Martin Company, builders of the Nc|)-^ <^~- ",tune. from the Naval Kescarch Laboratory./^--' -_ "" fast," he said. "Then tho plane crashed into the backstop by the tatter's box and exploded. ! "Pieces of the plane .started shooting everywhere. I got up d!r?.c-;l and 'just ran until they caii.'l't me and put me in the ambulance." •. Darrah and two others, Alan Kel)y. 15,ynml Narbert Dunn, IS, y/cre 'burned most seriously. Herbert Ka- . 10 or 1:> ,-irr KOillh of Illrlli ing »ilp. 'IVrnis. 0 ucrcs willi nice lift Hurt, in santh o[ iti IJLLS roiili'. ruiinlni; wn-i I.liir« lo livu. l'riM',1 licl oilMN M.lilirljnn lini.lf 16 lllVIh,-vllli>. T)i is Mice I>r.)V.-il, lias 1011 X 'VJV str^i-1. \v-rlh lii[llt-ii> L'l TiiMifi- anil t>lli t , r im::,ii wiltl I'Tius. Kr? |f>h Jsu i ..... :i hoiiso will] ?>nth. cm c..rncr lol on 5:i::n>. Terms, qnirli i>i rnoni tiniise.. wrl] l.f.-.Tt.^l. Hiilf ilown and Iliis "•* of lunil 1 'r, villc. Hi-autidil Plying Service. Harold Siidbury flew lo Utllo Hock yesterday In his A Nnvy JRB—iv Uvin-cnelnm ] (Sonny Oslmrne Bccchcrafl—used as a hospilali il i'<' rervlcd back ship, landed here Priilay to |-:c!c | ll]> and return lo Navy hasplhd I facililics at Mr|nphis the Iwo sailors injuretl in a molorcyclo accident near Holland. Mo., eai ly I last Monday. The sailors, JaslK'V N". Howartl, 23, aviation machli-tst 1 . 1 ; mate third class of ularkslienr. Crash. Victim Dies last Monday. The 2-1-yi'nr-old yemll was Injured In a crash "ear .le.sslc vllle. Read Courier Nev.'fi Want Ads, also were in the hospital with serious burns. Jacqueline Thompsovi, p. live-year- old girl, who was standing across tlie street, was burned ->y flaming metal and Jackie Burntit, 10, suffered minor hums. Scftuulron Commander Jesse D. Taylor said Peeler, who was a veteran combat pilot, apparently losl ulated firing run over the town. Witnesses said the I'lane. Deni to swerve suddenly lo miss nearby buiklin|;s jusl before it crashed. LADIES- --Come to U-DO-1T LAUNDRY and do your family wns'b on our Mioilwn MAV'TAd MACIIIMKS. Open 7 A. M. . . . CAwc. 5::«) 1'. M. Close Saliinltty at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. .... OAKD Oh' THANKS ... We wish lo our tlinnk nd appreciation to the unit, lends who have helped us In Hi eccnt loss of our home'by "re.. D. W. Young cfe; Hemorrhoiit Removed Surgery nicre nro mnny v*ry Impertant I IKilk-ni.i prefer iny incltuMlk i>f rvinuvk No Lot* of Control f hnvo novor linil nn«l wHl rifr\'«r h*vt IM> IUPIMIL lo one ut my p«tknU- TM*k Vft§ UVtf UCll. : ! No Lo«« of Tlm« Unless you arc bcdrlililcn wlwn-jw* «•*•!< • im\ y<iu will lost? no lime irora vow wk, l)oo» Ihljj ]i"-«ii onytlilr.ic to yuttf ' ^ No Hospital BilU This U a ti1k r saving! for all I come l<> inu for 1'Hc rvn«>\'*L- No Overchargo : My riiarRcs [or nlTwurk dtxw »t I nru nn'M ronsorvatlve toe 1" DR. W. H. THOMAS Clinic t4O7 LJMMM; Phon* 2-6252 Memphis ' 1* to II A.M.— t to 5 . III^TnEiin>. X» rliftrne Cor t 1 i>h»iin tat » From where I sit... //Joe Marsh, Your Rights Are Respected For over sovou ycnr.q the Arkansas Committee of the United States Ui'cworn Fonnclimon luui conducted a program to maintain wholo.tome, orderly cotidllloiiB in retail hcor oiillcUr, Coo|K!nitln(( \yltli law-cnforc.c- ruent aiitluu'ltieH, tlio Arltikii»n:i Committee. In.Hl.Htn llmt retailer!! observe liolh tlio aplrlt mid tho letter of lawn ami iTifiilnlloim governing Ilia aale of malt liev- cragca, If .you Itnow of any conditions surro'undlng the salo of hccr In your community that do not meet the,high standards of public ne.n- tlment and of the brewing lndu»-' try, u letter to tile address shown hclow will result in an Immedi&U. Investigation. : From. 1 , where T nit, It. Is »uch? cooiicrnlkm liy tlie jmbllo, the law-; cnforccnmnt.aulhoritlca, and'the' beer industry which baa given ArltausaH It.s high ptuhdBrci of• ' ARKANSAS COMMItTEE, UMttD SUTtS BREWERS TOUHDATTOH HACO »orD, STA1E D1RCCIOR . . . 402 PYRAMID BtDC,, UIHE tOCK, ABC lome, Jr.. 20, and Lylo Leva;, H. control of his plane while 0:1 a sim- Girls! Women! Who Suffer Distress Of HfTEMALI WEAKNKS with its nervous > |,«T lllt r nth. siih-nco ilj] , Kor i|iiifk-saif all lixturcs \Vftlk-in l,ox Ktor.v ^v any t|n ... , oilier slnnll lirtm are * for y>» well nil nf will, , I.UTKKH OliAV. Hrnllnr. ),!,. IlKK'P KOKK. Sulcsnimi. ph. Office »itli VV. M. William Wry I If, S Tkir.l SI.. - - !>M :if,OS. con go. l9'|,k-22 11 r^r.l Kuppi udor. 5 ition. modern h lv rr,U-ror» Mliflll liollli'. l arr«npr«I. home Tl ! Kor tmirk ll'i eason. $2.. T i.-."s wi] ,. I.CT1IKH OKAY. HKAI.T'lIi. I'h. R] BFRT 1K1SR SAI.K.SMAN. |>h. :i.M» Offire "ill, \V. M. \Yitliani* In! Av-rr., iir. K. Ti,ir,l St., ThOn 2751. f>|lB-|>h-2i Lost Siamese rat, tan with hlar markings, blue cv«s. Re ward: Mrs. .1; A. T,m: 1013 $. Main. Ph.. 23f>r 5 13 ck 2 -Ir pn ttcn JrnlliT pfirAo in Rox fK-ivlrp. Krrp ini»ni*y nr\i\ return purs ml impo rl«nt pnprrs. (\ill 7,%0 Ifi2. r,|l9.|,k-2 Help Wonted cranky feelings... Do female functional monthly dls- turbances make you teel nervous, fidgety, cranky, so tired and •drag jjed. out'—ni such times? Then tfo try Lydla B. Pinkham's VCKC- table Compound lo relieve such symptoms. It's/auioiu for helping girls and women in this way! Taken regularly — Pinkham'» Compound helps build up resistance against such distress. Just sec if you, too, don't remarkahly benefit. Also a (jrcat stomachic tonic. Worth tryingl VEGETABLE COMPOUND j rtll rft^,pori'"- «nrt mm pun Ion for rMorltf • MH«I lir'*M» t* -Irltp rt\r M™. Art's" hrooV*. Strclc. ^ro.. phr>np R P 11. Strayed nnilt*. Jn)ie Rfthlirdion. H«lf l-!rl'< Tnll A Fine Vacation Spot... may mean rough going for your car. He sure she's in lop flijihl condition before taking off. For smooth, snfo (rouble-free driving, let our experienced ineciumirs ijivc your car special bumper to bumper check-up. See Us for Good, Clean Used Cars! SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY Sales 119 W. Ash Service Phone 438 as rout JOB Raises, Cuts, Promotions, Layoffs Often Depend on How Much the Firm Sells MECHANIC—I !iken<lvert.i.sinff. )t sells.KGOiU. And when unles go up, our shop is plenty busy. My wife and I ran then liavo real peace of mind. WAITRESS — Advertising rhy boss does means man- ///M in my pocket. Advertisinj'olher Itrmsdo means more, business, steadier jobs for my cu.stomcrH and /»/V,v,'rr dps in my pocket. Ko I'm all for plenty of advertising. BOOKKEEPER—I know what a difference, advertising made ia my firm . . . made our volumo four times ns big in five years. Now instead of just Iwinr; n clerk, 1 have seven ]>coplc working forme. EXT time yovt lioav or read atlvcr- Using, just.stop and nntilyze how it affects you.' Its purpose is to sell goods or services. More sales mean more work lo be done. That means more jobs in the firm that; advertises . . . and more jobs in the hundred and one firms witb which it docs business. It's a never- ending chain. Now when more jobs open up, that • means more security for everyone: It means promotion to many, with wage increases. It means opportunity—par- ticularly for friends and. sons and daughters of present employees. Whether or not you work for a firm that advertises, remember that this modern method of mnss personal selling aficcls your company's business and its future. Henct) it affects your job and your future. Advertising, by selling goods, starts businesses humming, makes them bigr ger. That's how advertising affects your job. For tomorrow, it creates opportunity ... for today, it makes your job more secure. 1. Brings you better good* for let* money. ^' Makes shopping more pleasant and easier; 3. Has given us Ihe world's highest standard BY SELLING MOR£ GOODS TO MORE PEOPLE Makes your job more secure BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS l**' [••••••••••••••«•«•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*»«•<

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