The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1951 · Page 23
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 23

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1951
Page 23
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THTJMTDAY, (ARK.) COURIER NEW! Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople Sfe6AD, jAke.' n s &£&?•. I RltJICOLOOS.'A BATH^ iSAUT THAT WOULO '^woeR A peesc.- „ WUfcJE TO TH6 ATOA1ic}5i AST? WITH SUCH A yfe MASIC FORMULA '^ i. voo'D HA^JE THE WCX3LO AT V&UC FEET/ WHY OUT A . FORMULA ALC»J6 < *K THAT M Llrte?. ^ YOU'LL MEVee CATCH OP, AMOS? — STILL. Tcyi^ 1 TO ooPe OOT WHAT MAKES A glCVCLG SO? — WELL, SlR, THIS 6UB6LE PATH I GOT WILL FIX A FELLER 60-6 AIJ ATOM EXPU5SIOW VJONT BOTHER i HIS'BACK TO , TH' FIRE- •«€# OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Vf I* \fe * JUST A LITTLE |._. .. „ WAVE, EH, JAKE? MV iSPANDR^ SA1P TH<=Y MOVED THAT THING A~ MILE TOWARD TH'LAKE WHEW HE WAS A K.ID, AMD AAV PA SAIP THEY MOVED ITAUOTHER. MILE CLOSFR MIEN HE WAS A KID/ THAT WOULD MAKE A WONDERFUL PASSEMOER SCAT--AND OJL-V TWO ONE MORE WORD OUT OF YOU AN' 1 START THROTTUW'.' THAT'S WHAT STARTS THIWSS.' ;\Vi >i JX/ v- '« 1 *r,a; l^fe,?^' THE MLrTIMY ' * '"^ JR.W1LL1AMS, Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November S, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLODOETT PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Besl Prices Kirby Drug Stores ALfFT FOR LIFE! Here's a delicioai iparkling drink, different from any you've lasted, that LIFTS your ilay's «ncrgy within 2 lo 8 ininulcs . . . gives you new LIFE Peps you Bp when you're low. Nothing like it—tvtryont loves it. Keep a carton or a case at hand, for a rea/ lift for life. At soda fountains, tool 'FHE deputy opened (he door- I held my head down with Hal Hover's hat pmlet low over ray forehead. The deputy used to locking up the alimony delinquent and letting him go, even turned his back or. me. I took his service 38 «nd gave him a shove into the offict- Sheriff Souders. sitting there, started to get -,p when he recognized me. but 1 stopped him with a show of the gun. 1 felt a cold chill when I turned to confront the other person ir the room. "Julie Bradford—what are you doing here?" "I remembered seeing you in the Show Boat 1 thought I might be able to give you an alfbi." The sheriff scoffed. "Plenty of people saw him there. Put dbwn that gun, Jimmerl You're only proving your own guilt!" I wondered If 1 would have squeezed the trigger U he had tned to stop- me. 1 knew that he thought I would. Everybody including the sheriff, thought me a killer. If he made a move toward me and I shot him,- then I'd be one. •'Insicle the -ank, sheriff. And take your deputy ..vifh you!" Souders and the deputy wasted no time. I slammed the bullpen door after them and turned the key. Julie Bradford said: "Put down that gun. Jimmer." I laid the revolver on the sheriff's desk. "If you're on the level. Julie, I don't understand you. You're the one that got me into this jam originally." v "That's why I'm willing to help you now. My car's outside." I looked her over. I had always pegged her as a cold and uninteresting blonde with enough Eastern college education to [make tier patronize a business man like mysell. flut now I knew 1 had been wrong. . We left the jail, and 1 got under the wheel of her convertible "First I'm takinj you home Then I've got a little job to do " "You're not taking me home, I'm in on this up to my ears, and I'm staying in! Besides, you get into trouble going alone" She had sometbinr there. "I'm going to the Berman place on Orchard Island, where Earnie lives. I'm going to beat the truth out of him." "But he didn't kill his brother Earnie was in Cleveland." "He could have sent his goon Babe Tussig down for the lob Maybe he just had Tussig primed to hijack the money he was set to pay off someone. Could be that Tussig over-extended himseK. At any rate Earnie knows all the answers, and he's going to tell me all oj them!" "Jimmer, 1 tell you that doesn't make any difference! You're freed for that. The thing to do is to get you out of this new mess." And you still want to ride along." "That's right. I'll do anything for you." She saw my quick look and hastily added: "Because I got you into it in the flrst place!" • • .. reached Herman's in a matter of minutes. There was a light on in the living room. I had tried to talk Julie into going home but now I said:' "If you're game, come along HI need you as a witness to what Earnie Berman has to say," "Sure I'm game." I went around and held the conve-tible door for her. She slid her long, perfectly tapered legs out and in doing so brushed her handbag off onto the ground. I picked it up. It was too ne I pii heavy even for a woman's handbag. I open' 1 it and took out the man-sized automatic pistoL | nanded hack the bas and checked (he chamber 01 the pistol Tlicre was a cartridge there, all right. "And you made me leave the deputy's gun gl the sheriff's office!" Her voice was steady enough "I always keep that pistol around. ! know how to use it. too * "I'll bet you do.* . kepi the pistol In my hand as T took her elbow and walked with her to Earnie Berman's cottage. A* w« approached the door, she stopped. "There's a picture window on the lake front side. Maybe we'd better take a look before we go In * "Maybe we'd better." 1 let her lead the way because she knew it so well. >Ve rounded .the cottage and were between the I boat landing at which Cleo Cansino had docked that night she had come to the island to be a witness for Earnie's brother. The picture window that Julie mentioned was large enough to see the entire cottage living room almost as if if vcre a stage. • • • T^HE spectacle we behelrt was entirely too melodramatic. Earnie Berman stood looking down at the peroxide blonde who had got me to go to Cleo's cottage. Tussig stood behind the girl. Earnie would speak. The girl would say nothing Then Tussig would reach down casually and give the girl a friendly little pat on the cheek. Then the blonde would scream so loud that I could hear her through the plate glass window. "Wait here," I told Julie. I went around to the front opened the door and walked inside. Tussig was just giving Kay O'Neill the little pat in the cheek again as I entered. From that place I could see why Kay let out another scream. Tussig must have held a razor blade between his fingers. The girl's right cheek was in shreds, "I tell you I » ,'t know!" the girl screamed. T tried to touch her bleeding .ace, but Tussig slapped her wrist down. She was almost hysterical. "Break it up," I said. 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