The Asheville Weekly Citizen from Asheville, North Carolina on April 10, 1903 · Page 5
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The Asheville Weekly Citizen from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 5

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1903
Page 5
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THE SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN. FRIDAY, APRIL 10. 1903. HE GOVERNMENT WANTS MANY CLERKS ivil service examinations will be li i...i-e as follows: u iv 21 l'or USSlStallt telephone ,.1-iliH' (nmlf) in the Department of ui'niori'H and Labor, Washington; iiy 11 yi:iv- l'1"11 -'ft years 1 over. Subjects of examination: fill UK -l) i tuple worus in ordinary i arithmetic (simple tests In nd-lull subtraction, m ult 1 11 U-u t Ui i and m.iit letter wrltim. penmanship, ,'viiig f",mi n l,l,lhl tu,y 11,1,1 lixpt'ii- in thf operation of telephones, .(V oS special I'xainiuation for the ,.,'oW of establishing a suitable reset uf eligibles for clerks and exam-rs It is txiitl tliut a number of iiiVional positions of this kind, pro-led by congress fr the United it,. civil Service Commission, will lilled from this register on July 1. ,1 the registers will also be available . vacancies in the Department of mineree and Labor and other De-it iiu-nts and offices. Probably one Mj-,.i or more vacancies will be is filled ft' eligible with suitable .'liru-iitioiiH are secured. Tills expiation will bo given nn April as 1 succeeding datoH Instead uf April jk heretofore announced. Pi!, entrance salaries at the Civil rvict' Commission will range from in to $ 1 100 per annum, and will be ertuiaed hy the requirements tif the Aliens to lie filled and the chnrur-jnid apparent extent of the ualil'i-ior.s of eligibles. The entrance iirifK in other offices cannot at tills ie t. definitely stated, .-siil'-nts of the District of Colum-l and Staleu and Territories that v- received their full share of np-nt meats undor. the apportionment . notified flint they will not be eer-tii for appointment from this oxum-tioii ho long-H" there are sntisfuc-v cliyililMS In the same subjects n are residents of Statett and Terrl-jes that iU'e iiut in excess who will fpt appointment. rhe following states have at this ie received their full share of np-ntinents in the apportioned service: lifunita. t'olorado. Connecticut, Del-are, Idaho. Kansas. Maryland. Maine, -:i- New Hampshire, Ohio, Ver-nt. Virginia, Wyoming and the Dis-t of Columbia. 'Ins examination Is open to all eU-iis or Die lTuited Slates who enm- wilh the reiuiremcnls, and offers client prospects of appointment to rks employed in banks, railroad of-s and other places whore rapid and unite clerical work must bo done. I to persons whose education and (Oiienee would tend to ipiulify them some of the examining work - of com mission and lor scientific or hnlcal work tn other offices, 'oinpetilors will be rated without aid tn any consideration other than qualifications shown in their ex-iuation papers, and eligible will certified strictly in accordance with civil rerviee law and rules, 'he age limUs are 20 yearn or over. preference in appointment will he en to eligible under 4u. The ex-hialioii will'-bo restricted In those 0 are In snimd physical condition. DKtnn, MusI&lAprll S.Not only was position oPthe Lowell cotton mill ra lives und'the strikers at Woon-kt-l and Muri"i)b It. I., endorsed t session of.fhe national mule spin-s association,. today but preparatory is were iat'n towards ordering kes of spinar-rs at other Now 1 point:. 'fUie executive council of association:' was Instructed in case efforts to induce mill owners to aii-ice wanes uir.e futile, to order strike?! such limes its may be deemed mos: t'dient. . was declde'd to sujiport financially textile strikers at Lowell, Woon-ket and Manville and It) levy an nn-piit upon all spinners for this pur-e. In addition it was determined to upon labor men throughout the tod States and Canada to support men. women and children now lockout or on strike. The discussion ukM an expression of opinion that Lowell mills could prant the inline of waves asketl by operative, retary Cliffe, of the Uhode Island .net In explaining the WoonsoeKet I Manville situation, declared that ii In these two places would be fluc-!IuK provided the prepared yarn was obtained elsewhere. The convention only decided to support those .kts but voted to prevent the mills in obtaining- lillini; In olhr-r places. The Lowell Investiqntion. mvell, Mass.y, April fi. The luvestlRa-i by the strttja board of arbitration I coiK'illatiojnf-the cotton Industry Lowell will irtfn tnmomw forenoon the city halt: Thorp is n feelitiK on part of the. .employes and mill men t the hearing will avail nothing so H9 the real question is concerned, ill sides deolave that they will not Inllueneed by any tleeislon of the estimators and it Is almost certain t any decision that the board may Ive at will receive but ecaut consid-tlou. fv Orleans, April 8. With Ihc whin out of forty feet of cribbing nt liyniella crevasse today, the silua-i there lias become serious and fears - expressed that unless Hie damage i be Immediately repaired, other por-" of the Il.OOU feet of work, will be lungi'red by the strain placed upon Although material was hurried to Ki'eiie iis soon as the piling gave way 1 work hastened on the horsc-rDc Ned near where the erlldtlmr vielded. If headway was inado nnd the news e In the day was far from encom-ng. The district occurred at the nl where n binge yesterday nfter- ai collided with l ie cr bblng Ihc nnge done proving more serious than feared at llrst. The water Is going '"iii;h the gap at a terrllle rale and Is almost alarm lest other sections e way whjle efforts are being made ni'-nd this hrealtjf The comnlalnt now "el that there In uuy want of mate- ,,u thai fresh labor b lacking, tt "Heuiy mi'deil. -V:irrensboi, m,. April K.--A Jury '' round Imbert Miller guHtv of wuu (ir;nt-Wimrlnnl. it i-onvlcted ' hriber, to. escape and llxed his ".-oiiem hi a il f and a o imiaisoument lu jail. Teat Ona Sock nt ''f'lirton" flour nnil vou will find ninkPH more bread, better bread nnd "ii neitcr Riitisfactinn than any flour W ''nn luiv. TIIOH. J. HICK MAN. Ik Marl In. an aged colored man of iu- county, whose son died lu the n Spunish-Am clean war. now re- 's a pension front th governmenl. i''enlly received over b,ick Mr J. n, Whllaker. former n litor of p Wliuinn Sentinel, him decided to '' in M'w York. The llclnx I'lekli compnnv will es l,"sh a pickle plant in Newbern. The Cause of Many Sudden Deaths. rhcra Is a disease prevailinp In mi. y tlVft. Mon.. ....1.1 ' -T-il eart disease. pneumonia, heart failure or apoplexy io oucn me result cf kidney discacc. if kidney trouble Is al- lowoH In ailiMi,.-. !.- kidncy-polsoned Bladder .'roubles most always r-sull fr-m nh"?0''.0' 't19 kllneys and a cure is the kidneys. If you are feelinf; badly you Swi5 I'3'?118 b laki"K Dr. Kilmer's bladrrPr;me,heErcat1 It corrects inability to hold urine and scald- u!r,t-P?m . V3St'"Z "' a,,d voes that ?a '.'ec5f y e' being comoellcd to po often during thn . . ti- -i lr . " UNU lu rei up many times dunnc the niCht. The mild and the oxi aorainary eirect of Swamp-Root is soon realized, t Rt.nvU i,su-i. ,uf..i - u.fcuciH ior us won derful cures of ho most,. SwamD-Ront u.. n i . m, iu .ir,v ana so a -"tvi'-... i uu may iivb a sampic this wonderful covcrv in- - t . ... i .. v.u an .iuu-ji ii. nr,rn . . 3Cnt free hv mnil A,U.m r- a ' BinphamtDn. N Y wi,- ,a ... wining mention reading this ecnerous offer in this paper. Don't make anv mi-tai .., ..S, i j '-'"-i i t-uivniuur ine name. Swamn-Rnnt nP v.i Swamp-Root, and the address, Binchamion, RESULT OF THE CONTEST HEARING AT WAYNESVIUE (Speiial to The Citizen.) AVayiiesville, N. (., April S. Con- wessinaii (ludRer sums up as the net1 result hero of his last two days for tak-Iiik testimony in the context for his at in (onuress t lie establishment of the fact lhal about llftc-n men voted I or Moody In the South Waynesville ireeiiiet whose names do not appear on, the lax colleetnr'a list of voters whose uixes were paid prior to May 1, lyu-, 1 thus throwiujr upon the other side (In burden- of proof thai those weru duly i:ali!lcd voters. Th" tx:iml nation nf witnesses both ycsicrda.y and today has been monoto nous ai'd devoid of interest, t'ol. S. fiijslt is here as the representative of the contest. i!y the way, the Colonel. either ihruuivh lack of appreciation or lapse of niomory nr. for some other reason failed to avail himself of the opportunity to x press his sense of ouinmllon to your m respondent for the .service rendered him Jn la'VeiuphiK' the I'd of the Importance of the colonel's opinion on matter: political. It is hardly probable tliHt the Colonel was as much surprised it the interest munilested a:i your cor respondent was. J ude.iniv from the h:r;e number of people In attendance ami the continuance of the meeting through yesterday and today ar.d to be resumed tomorrow this April meeting1 of the county min ium in developing the fact of the importance. AmoiiK other things the ap pointment of assessors and road trustees for the county will be announced al this meeting. The county board of education called the attention of the commissionei h to the fact that for several years past the a mount of revenue derived from poll taxes has been incorrectly appropriated bt t ween the general fund and the school fund with the result that the latter has failed to receive -Is just dues to the amouul of about Ji'.ihiu. The commissioners atrreed to take the necessary steps to reimburse the school fund. The prevailing UnnvossKvn In regard to the damage to fruit by the recent frosts is extensive hut that it is greatest to such as was farthest advanced while that which was backward in blooming s not yet very seriously injured. It is much to ho regretted that oppo-dtion to the proposed isnuo of bonds for township road improvement in us for midable as it now appears to he. At a meeting nf the Presbyterian eoimregat iti last Sunday a resolution was unanimously adopted to petition the A she villi Presbytery which meets in Ilryson City this evening, for n-ihorlty to change the call of Pastor Hunt from three Sundays In the month to ull of his time. CONVICT COMMITS SUICIDE. Vance Spivey, Sontoncod to Death, Cuts His Throat in Halifax Jail. Special to the News and Observer, Weldon. N. C, April S. Vaneo Spivey, the one-arme l white man In Halifax Jail tinder sentence of death, commuted sulci le Tuesday evening In his cell by culling his throat with a piece of steel taken from the bhank of his shoe. He was tried al the August term nf Halifax Superior court for hilling Moore, a fellow convict, who had a Caledoian Siale farm. Splnvey was Calet'bin Stale farm. Spivey was convicted of murder and denleneed to be hanged. An appeal was taken to the Supreme court, widen affirmed the Judgment of the lower courl. Covernor Avcock had Jus! Issued a warrant for Spivey's execution on May Hi. When Spivey learned of this yesterday he iiervel himself for a horrible d'eith by filicide. He watt a very deiMiale character ami many people believed Tlii t he wan ins.ino: others thought thai p was naturally bad, an I thai he deserved I he dentil penally. BUYING LUMBER IN RUTHERFORD COUNTY fSpcehit to The Cltl'en.) Mill Si.rlriiH. N. C April 8. The Swan n;i una l.undier rompany, who have been looking nfter timber In this country have purcnaseti a in rue uliiilllUt. Mr. ltiley Williams, living near here. h.'ia been offered ipiite a sum ior a vein of mineril on his land, lie discovered it several vears m:o and sent mill of lb- specimens off to lie teit-,i- l. nl nnthlnir can-e of II until late- Iv V-ome b:n-tie- h.ive taken nn inteti-d In tt nnd seem anxious tn secure the land. At- -.. .u ir lum.'liinn dlnd recent Iv In Alleghany eottnty nt the aire nf inn years. Ife sutveyeu hip utini iu ... county when AllHBhtny was formed. ill r l Hi IS IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION New York, April li. Assistant Cashier Adams of the Seventh National bank, said today that a special meeting of the stockholders of the bank had been called for today to on the proposition to place the bank lu voluntary liipudation and t;ell the assets to the Mercantile National bank of this city for SL',7to,nan. The purchase price is to be paid in cash and the Seventh National llahllilics are to be assumed by the Mercantile. It was said al the bank that the proposition to settle was likely to he raiitied hy a large majority. The Seventh National has been in exi.-'tence as the Seventh ward bank and Ihe Seventh National for seventy years. . SHORE LOST A VALUABLE FILE OF THE CITIZEN I. V. Shope was here yesterday from Shope, N. C, ami paid hl.i .subscription in accordance with precedent he set & years ago. Mr. Shope has been a con stant reader of The Iii.en.or its lineal predecessors since ISIS, and il is worthy of note In this connection that this pa per does not posses a lile ot the paper that extends back as far us the file that Mr. Shope possessed mull a short time ago. lie had the papers, a great stacK of Ihein, stored in the attic of his homo. hen some snow came thr nigh aid ucleicd many of them world! Not only were tins1 papers valued hecaiifv of their assix iatioiis, lost, but .! p-'-'k- ige containing the curre.-ei'.ndt in -s that passed between Mr. Shope and Uf young lady whom he after ward married, were destroyed by he snow. Mrs. Ntofie died about a yen ,tgi, and thi: vns an u'idilloiml cause lor regivt over I in ; Iosh of the letters. i ILLICIT DISTILLING ; i lit y Marshal II. P. It i.-n. s has ai is-ed Jack Johnson, :. j, wh i, It : s.iiii; is a noted illicit n-lailer of will. i'-y, and Ids trial befovj i :. S. Ware will bv jo iclucc 1 t--ony. It in said that Jolimj'-i in. id-1 uhiskcy in 'urge quantities Mid re 'ailed it In scudl qualities on Or i y joruer and WW j lotalltle,?. Ht-ARING GIVEu DR. FLOWER New York, April 9. --There wan n healing in the .Jefferson Market court todav of n case lu which lr. U. t Flower chargtsl by Assistant PIs-trb'l AUorney C.arvaii with atempting to brile Capinin Titus by payment of SL'.-'eiK when the later was chief of the detective bcreatl. Magistrate Pa How who was hearing the case, said affidavits had been sub-mi ted to hiin and that he had ordered the nrsi slant district attorney to make the charge against u Flower. The cat-ie wan adjourned until April PI, Mr. Clarvnn agreeing not to present the case to the grand jury before that day. THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE. Honolulu. April ! The legislature has nasyed. over ( Jovernor 1 ole's veto, o joint resolution making the Hawaiian lanuae the oiticiat language oi ine territory ns well as I'.nglish. It Is Indeed High Art to produce Fine Clolhing at the prices usually paid for poor muff, and that Is Just what the St routes have dune. The gooda made by Ihem usually lit as well ns, if not better Minn, what your good tailor furnishes at twice the price. The linings, trimming!., etc., are nearly up to what fine tailors use not quite. They almost make two blade grow whei e one grew before, In that they clothe n gentleman WKM, and In late dyb s of cloth and of cut at practically half price. H. Redwood & Co. 7 & 9 PATTON AVE. SEVENTH NAT'L. M;qpT.!1lNm UPTON'S NEW GUP GHALLENO AGAIN WON WVymauth. Knglund, April H-uver a thirty mile course lift eon mile to leeward and JU'teen to , windward, Sham-ro'.-k 11!. tod-ry. defeated Shamrock. 1. by 17 minutes and 'Jti seconds. The official timet weiv as follows: At the start: Shamrock 1. ; f,s: ui); Shamruck 111, H:f.N:li7. Seven miles reach lo the turning off Lulworth cove: Shamrock 1. ty:3y:iti: Shamrock ill. lOMti: K. Start of lifteen ir.iie run down the wimlwanl to the Krin: Shamrock 111. 1:31): H; Shamrock 1. l:-19:ul. Fifieea mile boat home: Shamrock l!l. 4:s;!:3u: Shamrock 1. 4:iT.:;i4. ' TAYLOR-CHEECK. A Pretty Marriaqo Which Occurred Last Evening at Dur ham. (Special tn The CllierO liurhatP N. C. April 9.-Ity far the leading social event of the season was the marriage of Miss KliBabcth Taylor daughter of Alderman C. t Taylor, and Mr. Tee Cheeek, which event was solemnize.! -;t the First 1'ivyhyterian church this evening at 9 o luck. The church was tilled to Its utmost capacity with the admiring friends of the hrippy couple. Mr. Cheeck is teller of Ihe linking ron:pa;iy and ho;h are verv popular in roeit-ty. lli'V. i-:. II. Ueyburn. of the First i'lebyte;-iai) church and llev. C. .1. Thompson of the First Itaptist church, officiated. 1 dniier was served to the bridal party at Ihe hmno of the bride's pmvuts after the wedding. MAJOR HOWZE COURT INQUIRY Wa:l.lm:lon. April !. Major liobert I. Hiw;:e. cotnmamling the I'orio Ul an regini'iit, arrived in Washington today ami Immediately demanded a ourl nf I mi wiry. He was mentioned In the report of Ociieral Miles and charged wllh grrat cruelties on the Filipinos while in comma mi of a post la the ex- re mc north of Luzon. It was asserteti hat he caused several Filipinos to be beeateu to ilealh. One cae was citetl as especially revolting. It Is alleged that Major Swigert reported to the war department that In the absence of Major Howste he caused the body of this particular Filipino to be disinterred and xamlnen. The medical miners, ne re- pftrleil, found no marks of violence whatever upon the corp.-- but did unit thai Ihe man died from an am;ravaled use of acute ...i'igllt'B disease, he vera I other bodies were exhumed but bore no marks of .violence. Itlchmond. Va., April !. The house of bdegates today voted lo remove from Ihe bench Judge Clarence J. canmb.-lt, of Amherst counly. who lowhlded Kev. 1 n-. Craw ford, of the sinte Anti-Saloon League. The division was G3 to IS. The removal resolution now oes to the sen ate for conculTeuce. ROMANCE OF THE PETRIFIED GENTLEMAN (Spe dal lo The citizen.) lirevard. N. C.. April S. Your correspondent has obtained some addi tional information In regard to the sudden disappearance ot i'atton Weaver. About the year tS.'.T or IKf.S I'atton Weaver and another young man were rivals for the hand of one of Unfair women of these beautiful nmun-tains. lu Ihelr great rivalry. It is said that at times one would threaten the rtthvr'H lite. Suddenly VaUon Weaver disappeared : a. coroner's jury was summoned and a seai h made for the missing man, but no Information could be had that would lead to the discov ery of his whereabouts. However, It is said that suspicion rested on the man who after wards became successful in the strt for Cue young lady, but as no could be had that was considered nui'iicient to place the responsibility, natura It v the matter slowlv died out. Hut (here are those hereabouts who are inclined to believe thai 1'rovidein'e bus preserved the body of the Same l'l'llon Weaver that Truth. though crushed to earth should rise again. The petrified bod v. however, has not been identified nn lhal of Pattou Wea ver, but those who are apt to recog uIko the same as being the man refer red to have not as yet looked at the body. I!ev. T. M, noughts left yesterday to be present at the meeting of the A she vi lie presbytery, which convened at W'avnesville last night. Mr. Houglas preached "Ihe opening sermon. lie a remarkably brie. hi young man and an earnest, consecrated worker and the Presbyterian church in Western North Carolina have cause to be proud of this cultured went I'-man. Mr. Long, kmici at manager of the lirevard Tannhrf com nan v. returned yesterday from an extended trip In Tennessee and Kentucky. Mr. Lotift ssiVfi that peoole everywhere he hi been have their even on the'be-iitiiful and progressive count ry around 1 tre-vard. NARROW ESCAPE FROM DROWNING (Special to The Citizen.) Olter Creek. N. C. April S.- While a I tempt ing to ford Cove ( 'reek, tie ir Mont ford with a mule ant! buggy, Mr, James b'r.'olv hid a narrow esea j.e vt1h his lit", bill be and (he mule manage, J (n p-et out. The buggy floated down the si re :m. and when lasi henrd from he was '.-fill hunllng for hlf bug(-y. . "HOUSE LOO I ED. New York. April - A man find elcht bovR looted n home in Last fi.'lrd street this afternoon. earthing off $:i,nnu worth of brie n brae, sllvervyi re and .iowelrv. -Veen of the boys have been arresipil. due of them, ' years old, confessed nnd told the names of 1 he others, bin try was a free ted through Ihe Pldewalk cod hoh when the stuff had nil been galbered the Inch on the front door wa forced nnd I hey walked out laden with valuables. J. V.. AlheTlnn, one nf the richest pillar men In IIopoImoi died ilv?rc yesterday, lid '.H a nai'Ve of Itoston. Weak? 7ral.',:ri:u ttTiilv and was ex- ii.mi, wl-jiv ir is. years. ICQ doLic: saiu inv biwil was all lurr b lo water'. At last I tried Ay ' S.irssp.nilla, and was soon fee. all right acaia." Airs. J. W. Tuk, Hadlyme, Ct. No matter how Ions? vou hnvo been ill, nor how poorly you may be today, Aycr's Sarsaparilla is the best medicine you can take for purifying and enriching the blood. P-jn't doubt it, put your trurt in it, throw away everything else. $!-00eboll!r. All dmitlits. Ask your doctor wli.i, hn thtlilc. of Avor'. Hni j;ii:irllU. II.- liiiuK.ull hIiuiic t 1.1m ..'ruiul o!.l laihllv m.dl.-li.o. hollow til. .dviuu HUll ItU Will . .Hlfsflf.l. J. I'. AVKR CO.. r.nw.ll.Mfl.l, ImimNmmvnrv'Mifi.'iwinnirwH A DEAD HEAT IN THE MEMPHIS AGE Memphis Aprlly Kor the lirat time in yours the judges announced a dead heat at Montgomer' park today when lu the fourth race at, a mile and a sixteenth Clnyd K. and lianter crossed the wire in a desperate drive nose and The linitdi was ihe most ncns;illona! ever seen here and winners and losers alike arose ;tnd cheered the two horses and riders lo the echo. Uan-kin. the fiivorite, Jinished Ihinl only n length away. Tin- bookmakers- reaped a harvest as only one of the six favorites was returned a winner. This was 1 (arrack, in the last event. Bin Crowd at Bonninqs. Washington, April .i. -Charming weather nnd a can! better than usual attracted n great crowd to the races at Mennings today. The track was miidy and heavy, hut the horses, despite the (rack condilons ran I rue to form, four favor lies ami two heavily played second choices winning. The prettiest race of the day was the sixth. Alma Uirl and I 'earl TMver running an a tip real tie id heat. The Judges awarded the race to the former. Ureal interest was manifested in the tlfth race, all riders being well known clubmen. The Messrs. Kerr were first and second and each was a warded a handsome piece of silverware. The horses now in the stable of August Hehnont til flejinlnu-s will be sold in Ihe paddock in Saturday morning. At Oakland. liHan Francisco, April IV The talent had another hard proposition at Oak-laud today, Ueneral liohcrlson, In the oiuj race, being the only favorite to land. Went her cloudy, track fast. BIG TEXAS COLLEGE DESTROYED BY FIRE Austin. Tex.. April y. -Tonight the ImI wards t oi'.cgc, a 1 ulholic school, building situated three miles south of this city unil valued with contents at xiVf,NH, was totally ilestroed by fire which started on Ihe roof of the main building from some unknown cause and spread rapidly to every part of the immense structure. SMALL POX GERMS DEADLY AFTER 39 YEARS. Scipio, Ind.. April !. Thirty-nine years ago the father of Miss Minnie Peterson died of smallpox. Misii Peterson died of smallpox yesterday, having taken Ihe disease Just two weeks after r!;e opened an old trunk containing her 'uUu'i-'H cUUew Cm Uw tU'Hl Uuw tttiue hi': deiilh. This s the longest period on record where germs of smallpox have continued deadly. Medical experts have mkeii great interest In the case. The slate lieu It h board is preparing a ucl-cntillc statement. EVIDENCE SENT TO CLERK OK THE HOUSE Co!igievsi.iKm find rer und Colonel Lmk are back from Waytiesville where tcsiiimmv In the contest hearing was taken before Commissioner it, 11. Kirk-patrbk and yesterday both sides were iii king a 111 t le rest from work which has been going on with Hltle halt mm two months and a half, Cotmniasioner Thomas "'I yesterday mailed lo the Clerk of the House of I 'epresenta I i VeH of the r.Sth Congress the evidence which he has taken. It composed l.TH pewrltl-'ii pages and a hundred pages of exhibits. The testimony before Commissioner S. i. I'.ernard was short and includes some sixteen pages; and that l;. ken by Commissioner it. II. K irk pa I -rick numbers L'lHi pages and ."ill pages of exhibits ami this a! -o will be mailed to the ( leil; of the Mouse. Commissioner Tbom;, you is a sw ifl worker- on the typewriter and aui;'-.ed Mime of Ihe spectators by turning otil copy without KbMieiiig at the keyboard of the machine. Today tie- ionle;;ants are to hen in taking their testimony in rebuttal but whether they will or not Is uncertain if only for the reason that the commh'-.doiier tliev named In their notices to Mi. liinlger is not here. Mr. Thomason was speeilicd a:; fh" co;mnl::sioOfT and he went yesterday lo I'hiladelphta after the route;. taiils had told him TlU'S-dav ni'-.hl I hat tin y wmild not nd hiin. A verv pretty onedlou arises if an-ii: her notary in snled il of e.. The law i:ivn tbaf any not-irv pttldic may take de-io'dUoim but it al"o says thai when tl: t-iry Is unavoidably absenl an- oiher mav be suliil i 1 ute I. This lerives the Inference, according to contestee, that if the notary selei led Is not unavoidably absent no other can take his I . I .-1 e. At anv rate this view will be preHenled If the contestanlH offer evidence, .1. A. Franks Is one of the nil -ir.erous witnesses of whoso intended examination Mr. c.udger has given notice. The Hoad of tho Houbo rvm't beln beliur Inlerested In nome- tbtng that will protect the health of ibe r.itu v. A pure,' H'ieti 1 1 fieri II y milled flour will d" ibis, and "Cllfion" h the name nl th Hour. Thoq. J, Rleknifin. TWOS' :.. HICKMAN. Tolled States Mo i'i"' Arkansan wilt leave MeinphlH today for hi. Lou in. SUPERINTENDENT TO BE CHOSEN IN JULY Information obtained Wednesday to ihe effect that the po.silion of Huper-iiiu-uilenl of 1'u bile Instruction, made vaiant by the death of ('apt. Venable, would not he tilled until July. whcu the new board will assume charge of Hchool affairs. It has been pointed out that It would be unnecessary to elect the superintendent at this lime, as there are v. ry few matters that demand Immediate attention. The new board Is composed of L. C. Clayton, It. J. Canton anil J. C, Martin. Already members of the board have been advised that there will he it number of candidates for liie superintend-ency. Among those who are already r.ccredltcd with such inclinations are: lTor. II. L. King, J. J. Ueagnn. A.ll. Kehnet, and J, K. Swain, the lasi named being nt' ihe faculty of the Orange Street High school. Memphis, 'JVnu,, April S. There was no stake feature at .Montgomery Park today but live well tilled races "and a si eeplechase over (ho full course, attracted a large crowd lo ihe popular t nurse. The Mack had dried out from yesterday's rain and good lime was nweV "im jvsyvM v on'c. Trie tVViorr stable, which has been sweeping everything be tore it, received a setback today. It turnished three of the favorites and failed to seme in a single issue. The (list race 41 1 six furlongs was wom cleverly by The Koruni, an oul.sider' in the belting. The second event at four lurlotigs. for maiden '1 years old fillies, furnished an odds on favorite lu Schorr's Sweet Ctictheti, considered one of the fastest animals In the local turfman's siring. The race was won by Jake Markleln'.s Mis-; Klelschninun, a handsome bay lllly by Maxim, whUM K1 't Hying slttrl. Ilulliiuni uu the favorite ran around his Held and finished ti-vond. With belter racing luck Hweei 'irelcheu -should have won. Rain at Benninos. Washington. April S. Lain fell nt Intervals during the afternoon a I Heil-uings and the sixth race was run In n driving storm. The track was fetlock deep 1 11 mud. Three favorites won. The Washington Jockey Club announced fod.iy that on lOaster Monday, seven raceH would lie run, including a hurdle nice at a mile ami a half ami a steeplechase at Iwo miles and a hair. At Oakland. San Francisco, April 8. Long shots hail another inning today at Oakland. Kxpcdleiit was favorite in the third race at a mile and a quarter, hut third was best he could do. Tin fourth event, one mile and 711 yards, handicap was captured hundily by Dainty at odds of C lo 1. Weather (dear, track fast. A VICTORY FOR RUTHERFORD. ' (Siieclal to The Citl.en.) nutherfonl College, April 7. Rutherford college baseball team ga Incd a viclory of s to 11 over Lenoir yester day. The game was of great interest. LAN1V ilALK. Tty virtue of the powers contuined In certain deed 01 trus executed on the 2nd day of March. lyiJO. by (ieorgo . Wilson and wife, Alice M. Wilson, KU- fus Wills and wife, Catharine ills, illiain A. tlretnlee nnd wile M. Annie (.fieenlee, to H. 1J. lavls, duly reiurded in the ollluu of the Register of Deeds of ItuiK-onibe county, in book of mort- ges and deeds of trust No. -IS, on nage Oitit, default having been made lu the payment of said notes at maturity, 1111U the power of Hale in Bald Deed or Trust becoming absolute in the trustee the underHfgned trustee will offer fur sate to Die highest bidder Lor cash at the ourt huut-u door In Abbeville on Thurs-iay. the H.ld ilay of April, iy03, the fol lowing described tracts or parcels of land, lying in Hazel ward on the west side of French Uroad river, In thf ounty of buncombe, state of North Carolina, and ilescribird n follows: FlUtiT TUACT: Hei;iiiiilng on a stake on the North margin of the New found road und running with said road' South S5 degrees West 2i poles to a stidte, Frank's line; thence Nortii in degrees west Til V. poles to a red oak stump, Hultrlck'H ohl earner; thence I'jast I'Pj poles crossing a branch lo a slake; thence Sunt h II' j uegrees Kawt 7:i !i poles to the beginning. Containing it) acres more or less and being the same trad of land conveyed to (ieorge W. Wilson by James HulUkk and wife and recorded in book et page KX-CKF'i'INli one nnd inrec-fourlhs acres heretofore sold by t !eoi ge W, Wilson lo Julia Love by deed recorded in book 111! page :. and also liXCKl'TLN'l.; about one acre contracted to hlII tu Isabella Freeman by said Cleoi Ke W. Wilson. HKCtiNI Tit ACT: lieginning on a make on the we:U margin of the Newfound road, tin southeast corner of Mry. La Her ham's line and runs with her Hue South dearies west Hi pole to a slake, Hut I rick's corner; thencu with Itutirick's line South 7 degrees Uu minutes Last 11 poles to a stake; thenei North ;iM degrees Mast VZVt poles to a slake on Ihe west margin of the Nw- found road; thence with tho west, margin of said road 11 poles to the beginning. Ami being the t-.Mne tract of laud conveyed to ;he said Win. A. (irecnlee by A I I n d Jreeidee and wife on October 1st, lsyj, and duly reciided In Ijiok -J of pa HZti of the or's olllce. 'I'lllUD TUACT: lleglnnlm: nn a -Make on the road a ml runs North 7;i degrees Fast 14 poles crossing a brunch So a slake In Held; Ih-nce North IS degrees West 1 S'-'j pules lo ji stake; thence South degrees west 2 Is poles crossing t he branch to a slake on the road ; theme with sal. I road South -II degrees Kurd 2a po-s to ihe beginning corner, eoiiialning 2 acres and being the name land conveyed to I'lil'us Wills by .1. M. .Jari-ett and wife hv deed dated Novem ber 2'U h, lMi'i, and recorded tn huok p:g 211. Fnt'l'TTI TIIACT: Ileglnnhig at a ..lake, Fred It. 1 1. n kliey's Southeast c o-- tier, and tuns with his Hue South degrees West 211 poles and 10 links to a stake In line of other lands of (tufas Wills; thence with the said line South 17 degrees Kant 17 poles ami lfi links to a stake, bis ooutheast corner; thwiei Norlh 7:i',i degrees Fast 11) pop s and 9 links lo a slake nn the western margin of Jarrett's avenue; thence with the West margin or said avenue Norlh U degrees West 17 poles to (he begin ning. Coniainlng 2U poles more or less niil being the same lauds conveyed to Itufus Wills by W. II. Wright ami wlr. and .!. M. .larreit and wife, by deed dated A prll 7th, WM, and rei orded In l,iok lim on page 472. This the 24 Mi day of March, 19-13. H. V. DA VIS, Trustee, J-24-4L H. W. IMPORTANT STEP IT THE CITY CAMPAIGN Away nnd by far the most inmortant act bearing on the approaching muni cipal campaign was the conference Wednesday of the executive committee of the Anti-Saloon league. The coin- . mltteo of twelve roinalnud In executive, session for sumo tttiu. after which , . Pastor Vines of the First .Baptist church, who was designated as spokesman for the commitiet', banded a Citizen representative, the following statement : "At a meeting: of the eveeuilve committee yesterday at the court house It was decided to ask the president of the Anil-Saloon league to call a mass meeting at the court house on Friday evening al s o'clock. At this meeting the executive committee of the league will re ommeiul the calling of a convention lo nomlnaie a full ticket to be voted for at tho Timing muuicin;:! election, .lodge ,;. II. Merriii.-'a wit! present Mm report of the committee at at the meeting on Friday evening. All members of the league n-e requested lo be present on Friday evening at this meeting of grea impoi" During the deliberations of the committee coiedii"t-"hle opposition arose to the policy uhnli is outlined in the of-ticial statement, given out hv Mr. Vines. VVie ovpoiie'ils oi Hi is poVicy. whYle not strong uaiitcrit a'lv, were strenuous in voiciitr their epoi-'ition. I"iibt was expressed as to the expediency nf nominating any Ueke at all. The ends of the League would be bo.-.t realized, il was pointed mil. hv affiliating to a certain extent with ihe oliiual organizations. At least to tho extent of throwing out to the old par1 pes the Inlimallon that If they desired m cess they -must nominate men who would appeal with favor to the more than six hundred voters of the League. With lids sort of notice served on them. It was stated, i tither of the two political organiau- . tlons would dare lo put out other than good men, weheras.ff the League, without waiting for the Democratic prl-. martes. should place a ticket in the' . Held, the result might be disastrous. A large majority of the League members are Democrats, and If they should vote for one set of men, and the dom-fnent party should vote for another set, that faction of the labor parly that Is advocating the nomination of a tick-el might come lu, and, with the aid of a few hundred Itepuhlicaii votes, might be successful, and all the efforts of ihe League would come to naught, for the reason, It was urged, that the faction of the labor element referred to have placed themselves on record ns being opposed to any interference with the aaloons. And furthermore, it was contended. It would be entirely In keeping with the eternal Illness of things for the League to support the nominees of l.e Democratic paity. If they are given aceeptlhle men, because It was through the efforts of Democracy that legislation was enacted which renders feasible ihe efforts of the Anil-Saloon League. others, however, nnd these were in ihc overwhelming majority, held that the League should hold Itself aloof ; from associations with political parties, and should "stand on Its own bottom.' ,t The League should keep Its skirts clear.; of practical politics, was the prevailing ' opinion. The names of J, A.- Nichols nnd J. II. Tucker were mentioned as probable candidates for mayor on the reform ticket. The former, who was yesterday questioned with reference to the ; matter, said to a reporter: "1 could not for a moment entertain the suggestion, which some of these gentlemen have made to me. My busi ness would not permit or my ucceptlni? , any public office." What Mr. Nichols had lo say was brief, and to the point. "This is final," he concluded, in a tone of finality. I was also nought to ascertain Mr. Tucker's at tltude. He said ; "Several persons have been kind enough to mention my name in connection with the mayorallly but I have told them. ami still feel that I do not want the nomination. I have been actively Identified with this movement, because of a solemn conviction that the saloons are a menace to our city, and my heart Is in the movement because I reel that the elecllon of our ticket would" Vie a step toward the suppression, not only of ihe saloons, but of other evils. No, I am certainly not seckluir the nomination. My family Is opposed lo It. and all my predilections are against it. If I thought Ihe cause tor which we are contending would be promoted by so doing I might accept the nomination, but I am certainly not in any sense a candidate.' Democratic headfiuarters for the city campaign are opened on the llrst floor of the Legal b! k. Captain It. L. Ffty.Kitrietr Is viewed with considerable support for ableniiin at ere. S. T. Die-sett has been induced (o become a candidate for alderman from (he third ward. MONEY IN RAISING '1ATTLE; WHEAT Y HAVE BEEN HURT f Special to The Clllzen.) Newfound April X, April has pot tn Newfound nt last, but il came with its wilder irarments on. so all the March (lowers and green grass Just now look its if titfy Hvrv' tfurttt. Kanr are ex"-expresHcd lest It has hurt ,the wheat around Candler. There is hi cattle yet. Farmer M..D. Shook of this place bought fourteen ho;:d In January for $14 each ami wiliI tbeui this week to M. C. Ulrkpat-riek of Haywood lor $22 apiece. The Itoadside Sunda" pehool has been reorganized after having been discarded some time. Miss Laura (hirlaud of Ashevile has been visiting her mother here. Mrs. S. It. Shook is visiting her old home al Weaverville this week. Miss Lavadie Hutchinson of Candler Is spending a few days at Newfound. There is no prospect nf any weddings here soon. THE DREYFUS AFFAIR. Paris. April S. The Dreyfus nffalr continues fiercely to agitate the newspapers, but there is no indication that the government will further pursue lh mailer ow lug to the chamber s 11 d-.-ise vide. The war office today gave out a denial or the published report that War Minister Andre had actually begun the formation of an investigating committee. RECEPTION TO SCHLEY. SI, Paul, Minn., April 8. Admiral Schley was given an enlhuslustle reception by the citizens nf St. Paul today. In the moinlug the admiral and his party visited Mainline university and addresses were made to tho students. Tonight Ihey will be members of n box party at the Metropolitan Opera house, Now York. April !. Mr. .1. T. Taylor made tho official announcement today of the dissolution of the Southern Pacific pool which has been engineered by Mr. Keeno nnd tho Mini of Talbot j. Tnytor nnd Co.

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