The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 3, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 64. BUTHEVILLEjCOURIER NEWS "r-woi/ULU Ul- NOHJJ1EAB1 ARKANSAS AND SOUTIIRAfi'P MrRRntmr Blytiicvlllc Courier Blytlicvlllc Herald Mississippi Valley Lender Brytlioville Dally News _BLYTimv 1LLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS mm mm* mm mrnm** £± mm' mm — • —_ _ _________^ u "' v Wl '"' ; s ^VB CENTS ABANDON HOPE FOR 98 ABOARD SUBMARINE F*arloir .V. Q*^*.I'J.~ J linii nrm iimnr* r\ . i ^ ~T~~~r~~~ ——* Farley ^ Spirited Defense Of Policies Of President Roosevelt & Jnmes A Parley declared today thai U.e "critics nee'} j o ioresro their constitutional right to protest and opi ose'' the c» ie f exwut ve's thoughts but added that „ "° '° of Intcrnalional unrest and uncor- lalnty Ihe basic need is .., for na- lional unity." "The president is only interest ed," Farley asserted, "in preserv ing tile nation as it was foundec by our forefathers." Parley unleashed his attack n the Arkansas state convention o postmasters, recalling thai Uncl Sam was a very sick mail in 1932 "with an illness caused by deep seated maladjustments in the economic order." "The nation as such a sick per• son," he declared, "sought the advice of a good physician In President Roosevelt, who had the courage to correct the ills of the na- lion -without favoring one class oi citizens at the expense of another.' "On the contrary," he said, "the president lias tried to bring about a balanced economy in which All have their just share because no other kind of economy would be lolernled in this country." Many observers believed the speech here today by Parley was a tip oif on a third term for President Roosevelt. "When lhe president seeks lo raise the buying power of agriculture he is not seeking to rob the consumer but to better the condition of both," Farley said. "When he seeks to abolish sweat condi- not seeking to destroy the bade lions and starvation .wages he Is rights of employers." The administration wanLs business to make a good profit, labor to secure a good wage, farmers "to reap fair rewards for their toil . ; and: banks to use their hoarded -gold .,tti-mte'C; the :'needs"-of • a-'scgn- structive industry,";. Parley declared". "We want business to boom but we want America In on the business," he said. "The aged worker should be relieved of the haunting fear of a twilight of misery and poverty and the widowed mother to have a chalice to support herself and rear the children at home and crippled tots should have a chance to become self supporting For these reasons the special security ivas written into the statutes as the emancipation proclamation of tiie masses." Says No Use To Talk Until Roosevelt Does COUCHDALE, Ark,. June 3. (UP)— Postmaster Genera! James A. Farley said today It Is futile to talk about Hie presidential race of 1940 until Mr. Roosevelt has expressed himself Five Appoi n t m e n t s To Slate Bank Board Announced By Governor LITTLE ROCK, June 3.-Gov, . ernor Bailey announced five Domtments to the stnte Board yesterday, dating ail ap- Bank terms , from last January 1. The board was Approaching 1940 Election Of Course Figures In Various Maneuvers WASHINGTON, June 3 (UP)The administration is seeking better relations with business loday especially wilh the nation's shopkeepers, with a persistence that re- cans Hie statement of Postmaster General Jnmes A. Farley: "Roosevelt has his eye on 1940 as well as the next man." The play for liltle business support Is both direct nnd effective, it inevitably figures here In third term speculation, Another factor reportedly Influencing Die administration's attitude toward business arc the reports from the president's fiscal and monetary advisory committee -the so-called "peaks and valleys" jroup, composed of persons In and out of ofllcc. n is headed by secretary of the treasury Henry Mor- ienlliau Jr., and is meeting with increasing frequency. . Informed persons say Its recom- ncndalions are given serious con- idem Ion at the White House Reports made by the committee overed such subjects as taxes social security, labor-business re-' ±££1? a "?, <* Cdit ' H «*<• "E<"n yesterday and various means of created by Act. CO of 1933 to ad- •ise with the - state Banking De- rarlment in the chartering of new I compromise tempting private capital into Investment channels ivcrc discussed ' banks and to keep up a study of — —~-(j **i* u. nijui.i^ ui he legislative needs.of banks so as o make recommendations lv the governor and the General'Assem- has been inactive- several New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 3. (UP)— Cotton closed steady, open high 899 820 797 788 July Oct Dec Jan Mar May 782 779 005 828 807 790 789 700 low close 891 903 818 825 794 788 781 178 802 795n 789 78t> ...... Spots closed nominal at 978, unchanged. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 3 (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today with advances ranging from 35 to 45 cents a bale. open high low close 908 910 90S 913 JUl Oct Dec J »" Mar May 829 80S 794 791 837 815 829 R06 Spots closed changed. 794 797 at 940, 835 813 804-6 199-800 fovernt illy..jit 'ear|. Members appointed " and th ength of the terms follow: Zac r. Wood, secretary of lhe' Unlo National bank, one year; Sar rundfest, director of the People National bank and president of Hi sterling Stores Company, liv ears; Allan Gates, general agen or the Perni Mutual Life.Insur mice Company, three years; Jam'e H. Penick, executive vice presiden of W. B. Wortlien Company, Bank era, four years, and B. A. Lyncl of the Farmers Bank and Trus Company of BlyUieville, five years All members except Mr. Lynch live in Little Rock. As provided by the act, two o the appointees—Mr. Lynch and Mr Penick—were recommended by the Executive Council of the Arkansas Bankers Association, one — Mr Wood — was recommended by the Bank Board, another—Mr. Gnmd- fest — was recommended by the slate bank commissioner, and the rifth—Mr. Gales — was appointed without recommendation ns the chief executive's personal choice Meanwhile, thc house wn'yTanIi means committee, considering a tax revision program Home Alarm Stops Tbeft CLEVELAND, O. (UP)-A homemade burglar alarm system rigged between Theodore Hugo's home and his gasoline station two blocks away saved him $130 in merchandise when he surprised three burglars fleeing with the merchandise after answering the alarm. The trio left the loot. Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 3. (Up'p- Stocks fluctuated Irregularly in featureless trading today AT&T 164 1-4 Anaconda Copper 25 Associated D G 73-4 Beth Steel '. \ 58 1-4 •Boeing Air v 23 1-8 Chrysler • 69 7-8 General Electric 355-8 General Motors 441-8 Int Harvester 60 Montgomery .Ward 51 N Y Central 15 1-8 Packard 31-2 Phillips Pctro 35 1-2 Radio 6 3-8 Schenlcy DIst 14 Simmons Bed 24 Socony Vac 12 Standard Oil N J 43 1-4 Texas Corp 391-2 U S Steel 48 7-8 (99-800 . . _ j 95 - 7 i His Skin Slowly ', mi-1 .. / Turns to Leather July Sept. July Sept, Chicago Wheat open high low close 771-8 777-8 775-8 771-8 77 773-8 77 Chicago Corn open high low clos» 50V-8 511-8 503-4 503-4 521-4 521-2 521-4 521-4 Viclim of scleroderma, rare disease lhat hardens skin lo lealh- ery-like subslance, shuls off pores, halls circulation of blood lo skin, 1 -year-old Lester Dircks, above, of South Bend, Ind., may not live through summer. , , - *->u'uiL urtjifrani iloslgnecl to "appease" business- panicularly big business _ voted ngalnst any changes in individual Income tax rates' n't Ihis session Morgenthnu had suggested n study, of, lowLivsuriaxes Oil-large IntonV^ , ' e .nranl n event congress 'approved pending legislation to eliminate future issues of tax exempt federal bonds None here doubts thai Mr.- Roosc- Wn!f W n llS " N ™ D( * lcr "> '»<= White House for the 1941-45 term The question Is whether the presl- dent finally wi,, dcci(le (o ^ e race himself. Parley discussed third term possibilities in his book "Dethe Ballots." Hopping along together, Queen f Wtlhclmlm of the Nclhulnnds S?jU*W rl -I* Bclisjum typltyjnttncrslup of thcli nations in Juiro, pt'an llile,-up.-nicy are shown us Hie queen anlvul for vhlt In Brussels as Die next man," u e wrote Knowing politics as he does, and realizing lhe danger of showing us Hand too soon, I doubt if he ins confided his actual intentions o any tnalviaml The , mlluence resLi with him. tjnlil he talks a big question mark should be placed after nny nnd all spccu- atmn about 1940." nirley has not materially added o that summation but is under- •tood to have returned from life trans-continental loin- con- that Mr. Roosevelt can we the 1340 nomination if Tie rocs after it. The administration's f 1 re. he overtures iui •. •-.:--• Ptons—probably Wlntc House relaltoas with United states Chamber of ^ —., n. j "_/imjjiui;r 0] Commerce are strained, with the National Association of Manufoc- urers. the White House app frs fl >1H Vtl t-n .,,«...!-_ i * * o have somewhat more cordial nation ' s Basis Of Mississippi-Cross Agreement Announced; Farm 'Laborers' NeerJcd Mississippi county will pay court costs of prisoners convicted In Cross counly in return for their use as aborers on lhe county penal farm It lias been announced by County Judgt s. I,. Glndlsh, following completion of arrangements. So far, no Cross county prisoners have been sent to the farm but some are expected scon Judge Gladish said that Cross county Is lo deliver Die prisoners to the Mississippi comity farm, near Luxora and prisoners ivill work out their court costs, fine and roam and board. When Ihis is finished, ihcv will be released. The arrangement Is a temporary one with Mississippi county allowed to discontinue ih u ,,| an al nny time, Judge Gladish said ^ , ( H men-ne illc : House seems to be seeking definitely friendly understnnd- Tiie president was unable to ad- ress the April convention of the hambcr, nor was any of l(s (op Committee May Now Stud Entire 'F c d e r a Structure Tax Laborers are now badly, needed on the farm lo chop 200 acres of cotton ami it is believed that the plan will remedy the lack of laborers on the farm. There were only four prisoners at the farm this week until yesterday when two mere were sent in i ,i '" "' "° '"'' i e to raake a tot!l1 ol °»'y six „!„,.> ' inclMflcd In this week's I to chop thc cotton. The crop will h d' rt f?f ° f busincss menlbC r " lnc " if ll L<i " ot chcppcd at u nt,U Hi vllC >Vnitc HoiIJlG fltld • OUCO, JudgC OljldLstl snid It rnnmrj-i iufcCn policies Witli Al D ' i^ri m ft i-iHJtl&ll N C !tionai"' 1 » S R: !<°°k' llca(l of l "«' CrMS rolm i>'. *»"e laborers will National Association of Manufac- i probably be hired lempsrarily to urers, however, was present. j clean out the crop. But the most consistent nlav Is ' ~~ or the Htlc fellows. They arc more ' Wl ' r J- t - umerous and, in general probabh '• " " S0n s Condition et more direct benefit from New Continues Very Grave "v."v IIUILI i^UW spending than any other biisl- ess group. Mr. Roosevelt hit that' *.„ ,,„,., ,-. momh lw ll »'«| The condition of Clarence If. Retailer's Nationa. ; ~:,; W ^A™* >», <" : "' hospital, con- this afternoon, ddressed Ihn • ^"i. -»v-i<iut;i ^ i>*ttionai > - Forum here. Public Works Admin- ^ cm l' llls B»PtU strator Harold L refer* i i i tlmiccl ™>' Srave rain this «-eck in announcing hat P ">: slci « I1;i »W "e held his own tlic night but lhat he was WASHINGTON, June. 3 (UP)— Republican members of the house ways and means committee opened iv fight today to broaden the committee's lax Hearing on Include evidence on excise Uixcs us sell as corporation levies. Representative Allen T.- Treadway (Hep., Mass.) assorted Dial, exclusive of arguments on e.vclse Farley Tells Arkansas Listeners To Work Together For Opportunity CAMl> COUCIlDAJyIJ, Ark., Jim <1W— Postmaster General Jnme A, Rirlcy sukl today that coopcrn lion among farmers uencrnlly (securing greater equality of oppor timlly for lhe atjilnuHure of 111 entire nation 1 . Speaking before .several himdre ucmbor.s a; iho Arkansas dlvlslo of Iho Future ftirmcns of Amerlci Parley asserted that through Ih latlonnl farm program farmers m proving they can cooperate wll each olhcr und wllh lhe govern nonl to deal with lliclr problem ctTecllvt'ly. - ....... 'They are proving It (hls'yenr I greater degree than ever befor with more (him Unee-tourlhs o all thc farmers of Ihis country co ppcrallng In the admlnlslraHon' mm ))rogviun," Die poslnuislor gen era! snld. He .inld fnrmers of America nr ,'olng to continue to coopcrnlc li liolr own enterprises locally and li their own programs nationally, am added lhal "there will be a con .Inning and Increasing need fo your leadership In the field'of co operation." _ your experience In llv irl of working together lor th common good, you arc trnlnmi 'ourselves In the most Imparlnn lUribulc of good olllxenshlp," Flir- cy snld. "Moreover, your interest, mil iiclilcveijiciits In Improving (,(ii coiiimiiiiltlcH In which you live p/o vide an example and-a clmllcng o others. There never was a ]>c n thc history' of. Ihis country, vi' he responsibilities,. v of leaders p jpljorliinlllcs foivscfvlce win Brealor." ,^ -. . n Ho-told 1 the yolint! future'farmers hat llnough their experience li he art of conducting group discus- Ion they arc training thomsolvw In thc Iimdamcnlals of true De- locrncy." ' "Your training and experience hi lllzcnshlp." Rirley added, "Is guided by the Ideals that have preserved our Democratic form of govern ment and our freedom ns Individ mils." He declared Hint leadership of farmers themselves Is fundnmenliit to the success of the national programs for agriculture and will continue to lw necessary to lhe suc- of nny nntlonnl farm program. "Thc national recognition gained by agriculture and the methods farmers now have available lo protect their Incomes, their soil, and their homes nmkes thc future more promising .for farmers," Fclrlcy said. "H Is encouraging lo who arc now farming and lo Ihose Admiralty Announces Crew's Fate Sealed- Revived Hppe Fails (axes from the hearings "Is unfair I wll ° a 'e preparing lo become, farm to business, to partnerships and to " '' Individual. Representative Thomas Jenkins <Fiep., Ohio) served notice on Chairman Robert L. Doiighton (Dem.. N. C.) that he will move Monday lo make the hearings a Turning k> discussion of lhe work of Arkansas farmers Farley said lliat in the efforts lo conserve soil resources this slate Jins been particularly outstanding. Thirteen s;ll conservation districts, covering general review of the eiilire "fed- more tlltm 5,000,000 acres of land eral tax structure. {"ave been organized under slate The fight over scope of the hearings Interrupted what had been expected lo be the final hearing on proposed tax revision to "ap- liiw by Arkansas farmers, he polnl ed out. ."Among all the slates of lhe union." be snld, "Arkansas stands In the number of soil con- HIT BELIEF LISI Fanners Claim Inability To Obtain Cotton Clio Labor oppmg The Mississippi Counly Farm Bureau will ask the Memphis Fed- oral Relief Agency to temporarily release their clients for the collon chopping season m (hat thosis on relief may come into Mississippi county lo chop cotlon. A resolution lo this elfccl wra iidoptcd nt n mecling of ll, e colm . " Si'oup nfler minis Branch,' Pa!» Point planter, explained that Jnnncrs in (he southern part ot the county are having much trouble In obtaining labor nUhUtlmo in years past, hundreds of men ami women living In Memphis vo been huiilcd Inlo llio southern district of the county for Ihe co i_ ton chopping-season. Uecausc thej nre afraid they will lose their standing as relief cllehls If lliey work for several weeks, II 1ms been almost Impossible lo oblnlii Inlioi for cotton-chopping this year, the runners h«vc reported. ,' •• Hccause of, thc frtjn.ucnoy u , rains this spring. Uie'coUon is : 'rc- lulrliiB ,miicli.- chopping., .which must be dpnc nl-oime, ' ••-*• '-'• < To On ul_ Should Be Able Live In Comfort $200,00(KAnnual1y PARIS, June 3 (UP)-Thc duke ml duchess of Windsor today- ob- ervcd the second mmlvcrsury of lielr wedding In quid seclusion, rimming expenses ns their third car of marriage begins, because of reported 575,000 of $100,000 drop i Edward's annual Income Although the duke and "the wo- lan 1 love',, for whom he rave up he British throne, arc turning to , rc urnng o quiet, mode of life of En»llsb r™' Dr ' l n r~1l. 11 i... _,n->l" TUn •> niter Is liWory, with a toll of dead. Nlnely-bovcn of the' men died " gasping In the pilch-black hull as icllml chlorine gas from operating batteries filled their cramped com. irarlmetiU. They lay In a sled lomb, 130 feet bcnoalli the rippling surface of the sea, 14 miles onshore, the 08th man perished dying to fight bis way lo safety in • an "escape hmg.' • ••M -1.30 pm. (11:30 a.m. : e.d.t.)' It wns announced: "The admiialty regrels that Iher'e . Is now no .longer nny justification for hope thnl any fmlbcr lives can bo saved fiom the Tholls," • , * Snlvago work will continue but It was doubled that (be 1,575-ton crnft could be mlsed from tho muddy bed of Hie sea today. Divew. had mnde a lasl desperate attempt today to save some at least of 00 men who remained In the Ink-black hull of. the submarine I hells, lying Inert on the muddy bottom at Llvcipaol Bay. Hope had been abandoned eailier for all aboard, 130 feet beiiealh the smfacc 14 miles off OrenL Ormcs Head, on llio North Wales coast, when at 8:40.p.m. (ed.t.) Friday, Hie 30 hours estimated as thc limit of the Tiietls's air supply had expired. ' Divers remained probing 'about I the outside ' of lhe hull, n-few; Inches liom the gasping men Inside,, Tivenly minutes after -'the 8:40 "' deadline llicy had hcnid '-a faint faint tapping: *.$;_.. • ' "Dot dot dot . . . dash . , . dot dot"—nnd so on: '"We arp still ntlve;;. . , .we,are situ alivc? 1 V,11,,: wns' o -f.fXKT'to l^elmiice, a * merq icfusaljo concede defeat,'but - tho admiralty doggedly refuseclUo give up hope, and res cue" efforts, which had been all but given up save for mere salvage \vark was Intensified -, • 13ul they refused to give lip. As soon as divers, reported the tap. near Admiral B. o. Watson, directing icsciic work, scut' a new crew of picked divers down to see if It was humanly possible lo raise .he ship's stern again so that a lolc could be bnri)cd through Us ilales and fresh nir pumped |n. ; Since the 3:40 deadline fliose' aboard the Thetis—<iouble the nor- nal complemenl and thus using double the amount of air intended or the cicw—had been immured in a lomb of steel, 130 fret down from the buy. The scene was made more Iniglc because lodny was a perfect English June day with a bright sun glinting on tiny waves and a cooling breeze blowing over the The lappings had given but the ..iresl ho " tuff for hours as they searched about the outside .of llio hull. Suddenly, 20 minutes after the limner befitting a 'memoeT'of"tlie dci " lllna lin(J expired, they heard a royal family and an PV- J ftlnl l W ln £- H meant that death ciHiofpijf, they still (ire (Y\r from ' ~ — ••••*•*—o— -••»•••* &"*•** L/UV uiv line linitl pressed for funds unrest hope. Divers bad heaid notn- Ed ward . gets $200,000 or $225000 year to maintain himself and Is American born duchess In a! S( -' rv atlon districts." pease" business. It developed after Hie national association of manufacturers asked for elimination of I ; the undistributed pronts, the cap-j^,,, . Ita! slock and excess profits taxes I l-hiel Justice Hughes In a move to unleash the driving force of private enterprises In recovery 'movements. Local Negro Killed Trying To Board Train sugering from a duodelan ulcer be confined to bed for Is Confined To Bed WASHINGTON. June 3. (UP)- Thc supreme court clerk's office loday announced that Chief Jus- lice Charles Evans Hughes was suge:' i and ^ (>> uu ^ ^^ J sonic lime. of Ulylhcville, has been reported' 1 Tho anounccment was made by nstantly killed by a freight tramj Nc| son A. Potter, assistant clerk I St. Louis this week. |i" charge of press relations. It Is said that the ncRro went] H "8'ies sulfered an attack of o SI. Louis where he expected to grippe early this year after h!s ;et work with a railroad crew and .address to n special session of con- hat after he did not obtain Die C rcss °n March 4. That illness was "' he ant) several olher friends. )i! <= first time Hughes, 77, had been Icclded to return here. , , forced by Illness to absent himself court since lie was ap- Deal had gone to the local roccr, clothier and landlord. The Mead bill proposed In tho enate, to provide governmcnt-fti- Wr - WIIs °" was stricken *"! •'* 1 ' Cilrl ' • lltnck Wednesday nfle; I'™"' ___________ nother development along the ne of bolstering the New Deal In lat section of the electorate. Se- irities and exchange chairman >*i-i\i[:u tu luuirii ncre, iiwivt.^i tty jimchj He was attempting lo board the' troni lll c court . 'Bin In the St. Louis'freight yards * Pointed in 1930. when killed, according to word re-! teived here. ID j r Hislllve Identification of the nc- Koad Fatalities In gro Is expected to be made today by fingerprints, It Has announced by Police Chief E. A. nice, Abandon Half Holiday JONESBORO, Ark., June 3.—Decision has been reached to uslness. 'entirely discarded. State Show Increase LI1TL EROCK, June 3. (UP)— i The rkonsas highway death list Aulo and Jail continued to lengthen In May as Cal. (UP)—Po- 31 persons died violently In highway accidents. Prisoner Taxes MARY3VILLE, „ .„. lice Chief Dorell La Fortune lairly trembled, first for his automobile ,„ „,„„ ^,1, and then later for bis jail, when swelled by 26 he was called to Orovllle to bring - rillsh royal family and !ng In self chosen exile. Reports In Parisian circles are ml Windsor had an Income of rout $300,000 a year when he came Into exile, derived chiefly Irom financial Investment originally mndo by Queen Victoria nnd from real estate holdings In England. These have shrunk considerable during the last two years. The duchess' social secretary said no special program or dinner parly had bceri arranged until Monday* when the Windsors will entertain Ihelr circles of Intimates, chiefly Americans and several American - 1>tul becn chcale(I by some of th:se women married to members of the French noblHly. The divers sent up one of their number to report and the admiralty at once centered Its efforts on raising the stern, which went under the wntc-r at high llde yesterday: But then thc tappings ceased and there was not a chance for life abrard- the boat. Caruthersville Men Bar Group Officials CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., June 1.—Al Ihe regular annual meeting and banquet of the Thirty-eighth Judicial Bar Association, "held at New Madrid, o. E. Hooker of Car- whersville was elected vice-president, and Elmer Peal of Carulh- erscllle, treasurer. W. Byron Shan) of New Madrid was named president, nnd James H. Meredith of New Madrid was elected secretary. Fred L. Henley, Camthersville, Is the retiring president. Pelting I'arly Bandits Safe SALINAS, ail. (UP) — "Petting parly robberies" just give Sheriff Carl H. Abbott a headache, but i not because he cannot calcii -— for 1933 was thieves. He already Figures released by bandlls that have "pelting More Rains- May Mean '• -Third Cotton Chopping Although cotton is Into in Mississippi county this year, no harm (has yet been done by .the frequent j rains, accoiding to the county extension agents. Last year, thc first cotton square was rciwrted June 6 and although practically all of the 187,000 acres planted In HIE county Is now several weeks later, there will probably be a square reported by June 10, In lhe opinion of D. S. Lari- trlp, county agricultural agent. Practically all farmers have had Ihelr cotlon chopped over once and have started on the second round. If there Is any more rains, It is believed it will be necessary to chop three times this year instead of the usual two times. If there are n few rains m the next three months, the crop will be ready for harvest.vrUhln a week- of hist jcar, in the opinion of many who study growth of cotton. WEATHER , * closcd tliat 1n thc r ' rst nre months remained Inlact. is unable parties wll to confessed to' Arkansas^-Fair, o:oler tonight; . .... but he Sunday fair, warmer In northwest locate the petting portion. -- ---a—-'-j". i vt mtr outiii, . glVtS Ilini last year the lolal was 119.' complaint. robbed, and for , Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy and ccoler tonight; Sunday fair and cooler, ,

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