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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 21
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 21

Asheville, North Carolina
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Section Page FlVg "ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES. ASHEVtLLE. N. C. SUNDAY. OCTOBER 2. 1938 7TWTn A JL.lll iiJ NEW8 WOMENS A I Howard fi'FDS C. V. ISGRA International Relations Club Members Mrs. A. W. Faulkner, of 101 Pearson Dr. I. J. Archer ha returned to dme. who has been visiting her Montreat from a trip to Chicago. Mrs. daughter. Mrs. S. S. Brooks, of Knox- Archer Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. ville. nn returned to her home Thnma Allen lacy and Dr. Lacy, at eve nine Brent whkI. I.on? Island. FRANKLIN. Oct. 1. (Special) UDC Tcr Meet Oct. 11 To 1.3 'At New Miss Nancy Irene Howard. fewter i 'Km TW? WT AiW daughter of Mr. and Mr, Henry A. I Paul, became the brtoe ol Cnsnta W. Ingram, of Franklin, In a quiet ceremony at 3 o'clock Saturday aft- I ernoon, Bept. 17. at the home of the bride's foster parent. The Rt. Rev. William J. Mullally Confederacy will then bt presented. Greetings will be extended by Miss Louise Diggle. division president, and Mra. J. F. Hayden. Hlgb Point, division C- of C. tree to i and third vice-president. U. D. C. convention pages will be introduced by Mrs Craig White, of this city, chairman. The atory of the state anthem, wrlttt 'i by William Gaston, of New Bern, will be told by Misa Emma Katie Guion. of thia city. A Children nf the Confederacy breakfast will be held the next morning at the hotel. The first business session program Wednesday at 9 o'clock at Centenary Methodist church will Include reports of chapters and committees, and business will be continued during the afternoon. A division luncheon will be given at the church so-clril rooms, and the annual memorial hour will be held at 2:30 o'clock conriueed by Mrs. J. D. Ross. Ashe-boro, division chaplain. Ten I Scheduled That afternoon there will be a tea given by the Richard Spaiaht performed the ceremony in the presence of relative and a few close friends of the couple. The nuptial tf4 SS vows wfre spoken In front oi a iern- cmbanked fireplace. www, -zs The bride was gowned In a floor length dress of white ailk marquisette over white satin. Her gown Coca-Cola New Audichron Time Clock iVorc' In Operation hi Our Store On Riltmore You Are Cordially Invited lo Come In and See It wa fRAhioned on princess lines with short train and a square nevk edged in chantlllv luce Hr alervm were puffed near the shoulder. Khe wore finger tip tulip veil snn shr car ried a showrr bouquet of bride' roses, sweetheart macs and other dainty flowers. Mrs. Ingram was horn in Daytona Beach. and lived most oi her life there. She whs graduated from Seabreeze high school and took an active part in the school activities. Mr. Ingram is the ton of Mr. Charles 1. Ingram and the late Mr. Ingram, former representative oi Macon county. He attended the Bv OFRTiU lB CAKR AH AY NEW BERN. Oct. I. (Special I Plans are being completed for the program of the 42nd annual convention of the North Carolina division. United Daughters of the Confederacy, to be held October 11-13 at New Brn, under the direction of Mrs. John HiiKke Anderson, Ralrich. division president, and Mrs. John T. Holllster. president of the New Bern hostess chapter, who Is general convention chairman. A meeting of the fttate executive board will be held on Tuesday morning. October 11. at the Gaston hotel, which will be convention headquarters. Board members will he entertained afterwards at a luncheon at the home of Mrs. Holhster. That afternoon there will be a drive around New Bern, with a tea given by the Woman's clubs tn this district at the local Woman's clubhouse. The President's dinner will be held tnat nieht at the hotel, with Mrs. Anderson presiding and Mrs. Garra-non A. Farrow in chiirce of the music. A new march called "Confrderate Veterans March' will be ufd that nisht for the first time. This was comnor-ed hv Mrs. Oeorce D- Tllley, of Columbus, N. C. and will be played In compliment to Mrs. AndrrBon. Will Kxfenri Welcome Aftr the opening ritual welcomes will be extended bv Mrs. HolUMer. Mrs. Hnlllster and representative of civic orranJ7ations. with rpsnmy by Mrs. Paul Borrien. Oold.born, fust vice -president of the V. C. convention. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Walter D. Lunar, of Ma-enn. Ga president general will be chief speakers of the evening. Also lntrnduced will bf MIps Irvln Pavlor, artine commander division. United Confederate Veterans; Mrs. .1. Yates, division president of the Southern Memorial association, and leaders of other patriotic as well an U. D. officials. A program of the Childrrn of the Our technician! were selected for the installation and maintenance of the Auciicnron Automatic Tune of Day Service hecause of their experience and our facilitiea for efficient servicing. 1 Franklin high schoni and ts a gradit' ate of Christ school at Arden. He has been employed by Mather-Hol-kins company at Daytona until recently. He is now em ployed with hi.s brother In operating a chain of motion picture theaters in Georgia and North Carolina. X. AL. IT tmt ft I GIBBS RADIO CO. ASHEVIU.ES FACMMVB RADIO LABORATORY 24 Biltmore Ave. Phone 1734 Mrs Lee Dnvia Lodge of Wilmington, Is the gu-st of Mrs. Frank L. Fver at hr home on Assembly drive, Montreat. The late Professor Lodge was associated wtth Mr. and Mrs. Fyer at Limestone college in Gaffuey, R. where Professor Lodge taught for 23 years chaptr. Daughters of the American Revolution, at the homp of Mrs. Wil-I ham B. Bladrs; and that night there will be a party for the pages at the I Woman's elubhotie, courtesy of the i New Bern U. chapter, Historical Event ng on Wednesday night will be presided over by Mrs. Quentin Grrgory. Halifax, division historian. Mrs. L. B. Newell, Charlotte, custodian general, will be in-i troduced bv Mrs. Claudlne McOowan. Plymouth, recorder of crosses, for be-i towal crosses of military service on Dr. R. D. V. Jones. New Bern, and Dr. Robert House, dean o( the University of North Carolina at I Chupel Hill. Past division historians will be pre-j sented. and Southern songs will be ''ung. Thn a program of local history will be given. Miss Gertrude Carraway. or this city, will speak on Historical Hiph Lichls of New Bern." and an original play, New Bern In the Confederacy," by Mrs. Edith 1 Guthrie Ferguson, New Bern, will be I presented bv local actors, under cit-I rectlon of Mrs. Kenneth R. Jones, II. 1 of this city It is a storv of Emme-l line Pieott. famed Confederate epy. i Reerp(lot) I Thinned A rtvrption will then be civen at i th publt library bv the U. D. C. district. The librrv was formerly the home of the ffcmed Stanly family 1 here, and has been recently restored. Across the street the First Presbyterian church, with Its famed architecture, will be open to the visitors. On the following morning. Thursday, October 13. there is to be a Historians' breakfast at 7 30 at the hotel, with Mrs. Gregory presidtne. The concluding business session, with Installation of new division officers, will begin at a. m. at the church. A dlvlMon luncheon will be held at 1:30 at the church social rooms. For the afternoon, as the final high light, of the three-day programs, there will be a pilgrlmaee to historic Fort Ma-con near Morehead City on the coast. Prior to the convention, as usual, there will he a dinner on Monday night. October 10. at the Gastnn ho-tel for the North Carolina organtza- tton of Daughters of the American Colonist. Mr. Troy C. Ouriger and her three children have returned to Weaver-vllle after spend! ne the summer months at Wtnston-Salem and at Lake James. Gives Asheville Another Convenience Complete Stocks DIAMOND Engagement and Wedding Rings CHAS. E. HENDERSON Incorporated "Tour Jeweler" 60 Patton Ave. ECT TIME These attractive girls have Just been elected to membership tn the International Relations club, a lradmr student organization on the A5hevllle Normal and Teachers college campus here. Pictured from bottom to ton they are Miss Sara Bellotte. of Seneca, Miss Ruby Morrison, of Stony Point; Mis? Louise Brr-wn, of Shelbv; Miss nuth Pierce, of Mosheim, Miss Sally Jo Anderson, of Hayesville; and Muss Dons Dean, of Bowersvilie. Oa. PRFSB TFRl t.V CIRCLES Will Mi.t Mo.da The circles of the Woman's auxil avenue, will entertain the members of circle No. 13. The Business Woman's circle will meet for supper at the church Tins-day evening at 615 o'clock. iary of the First Presbyterian church will meet Monday af. ernoon at 3 30' 'clock as follows: Circle No. 1 will meet at Arden 1 CPuUi ic I safety mm II TRAFFIC ZONE ISritish Tols TauRlit To Drive Toy Aulos In Special Playground I iv Ai.Ti it i. mnriiMiv ST ivlh Mrs. John Caliee. Mis Alice 1 Ro-s w.ll be hostess. I Mrs Tcnnent. of 207 Pear- nn drive, will entertain circle No a. Mrs. Daisy Benn will entertain circle No 1 at her hmir. 124 Norwood avenue, Norwood Park. Clrrle Mi 4. will mee at the home Mrs. C. Waddell. AA drove street. Circle No 5 will meet at the i ville club for women in Grove Park i if -t A ft with the following hrstese: Mrs. a AUCTION Two More Days MOMHV II F-hV 4 Oriental Ruk. fine Oil Paintings, Linens, Laces and Decorative Objects from several consifinments vt'iW continue through I uesrlay. 10:30 tv 2:30 YOUNGS Pov Brown. Mrs White. Mr. J. H. Gudper, Mrs. A. B. Leverette. Miss Mar iaret Rouser and Mrs. R. W. will be joint hostesses for a mcetlniT of circle No. 6 at Mrs. Johnson's home. Chunn's Cove. Mis. Brocks Hursev. of 3 Evergreen Lane, Grove Park, will entertain circle No. 7. Circle No. 8 has a meeting scheduled at the home of Mrs. W. L. Oram ham, 4 M.fcou avenue. Grove Park Miss Mattle Goodwin. Mrs. TV Young and Mrs Wallace Smith will be associate hos'esse for a meeting of circle No. 0 at the Aheville club for women. Circle No Id will meet with Mrs Herbert Caskey, 34 Lawrenr pltvee Croe Tark Mr' Conwav Rmth. of Brardn LONDON. Oct. 1. or industrial Tottenham, a I north London, have fine a phu-! ground kids anjwher could want. In a five-arri' in Lordslnp I Recreation ground has bren built network of btreets and crosswalks in miniature. frum 5 to 11 I push toy avuos. tricytlvs and Junior bicycles up and down the little avenues And the is recuiated by siandiird and all the oilier levin th it keep lndon's Ilnwinn '1 he park even is puftrrtcd by bobbies. lritrulip Hi" And thouRh It's a lot of fun. the traffic area was Installed as an educational projrrt. The 2f OO0 laont was dvled by O. Pans, parks superintendent for Tottenham. Scotland Yard Km such pnnsibill-: ties that It has aerred to asien offi-j cers regularly to aid in the instruc -of elf If i enciianting RUSSIAN zfify KARAKUL Sleek and supple, magnifrcently aNl mo'red The vj( CTft beauty genuine Heerf the Pelt Russian VmfS) tjf3)ii Karakuls will be a $8ryl m1 p'easure to behold uH) Wwi for years to come! MxgV, Priced manydo'lars below their true PV'S valuel 1 I $245 Vi BUDGET PLAN fc Pay out of income A if you wish 1.4 Voque EXCLUSIVE FURRIERS wooliltllll PHONE 781 Home ef Hort'oi)i Pelt Fun Felt Hats iaftia Cleaned! Blocked! tion work. Fifty pedal eara and half as many Juntor bicycles and tricycle have been purchased as park equipment. They are rented at the rate oi a half-penny (one cent, for half an hour. Children owning their own blkei may use the traffic town without charge. Every car Is labeled with the red learner's When visitors are able to pass a test baed on the traffic code, they will graduate Just like the learner does on the public highways. Lured Bv Play Area One-way streets, dead end streets, no parking zones, hospitals and blue police bnxea are in evidence. The lights used at the main Intersections are standard and none mav pass on foot or on a vrhtcle. unless traffic iaws are respected. Within the arms surrounded bv the maze of macadam walks and roads are play tslann equipped with sHdes. BWincs and carrouws. They cannot be reached without crossing the play highways. Unless a child watches the traffic and crosses according to rule, he will be denied use of the playground equipment. Tottenham Is a Ions way from the The Superior Swannanoa Way 65 It's New! It's Uncanny! The Audichron Clock Just call 8200 and listen. Instantly a pleasant voice will give you the correct time any hour, day or night. Jest Calll Nr wfiit Band" or Outildr Band Soc open water, wi wading pools and sand piles are r.lded. attraction in 1 the piny center to lure the children there to get a suenr coated dose of education that may soma day save their lives. "Yesairee. you surely did a great jotr on my hat! over and over we're hearing compliment! like this. Masterly workmanship, painstaking care and correct methods explain it. Send us YOUR feltl Call TELEPHONE 69 Monday Swannanoa Laundry LAUNDRY ZORIC CLEANING Military activities In China are seriously affecting the manufacture of cigarettes In central China. the Correct Time KB)

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