The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1939
Page 7
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v PAGE'EIGHT' fl. BOM, 11-18 Softball Loop Leaders Finally Beaten; Second Game Rained Out . . In the first game of a scheduled doubleheatJer the Coca Cola Bottlers cams to life to nose out the Ark- Mo Power crew, n to 10, In a nip and tuck battle last night at Haley Field. Phillips ttud Goodyear were rained out In the second game. With Lagrone Whittle starting off Ihe fireworks with a home run with thiee men on in the fourth, Petey Lentl cracked out another one with two mates on board to enable the Bottlers to catch up with the Electrics which they had already built up to the first three Innings. The Power crew came back to life in the nfth, scoring three rims to forge ahead again, but in the sixth Marshall B.iickard practically broke up the game with a long home run with two on..The Ark-Mos threatened again. in their part of the seventh, with two men on and only one out. Danny lightened down and struck out the nest two batters to retire the side. Baxter and Gariske led the hitting attack with four and three hlLs respectively. ..rViilo Box , ff .1 Taylor, • 21> „, 4 Nrogilon, si : 4 Ruler, ll> _ ,4 I!. Bums. It-. 3 Ganske, 3b _I 4 Terry, ss -_-_-____ 4 Iiislio]>, H ____• .( - Hirf?, c ____ 3 J,. Hums, |i _.. 2 Score AII n 11 I'D 1 2 '.Tolas _. ----- 3, r ; 10 1.1 21 12 . . . COM »Co!,. ,U1 It II TO .\ K llurnham, 2h J ) 2 :t l.rtli, 5 > _________ 4 2 2 I 11 -Itaeluifd, s( 1 421 1 n o Potter, ;t :i 1 I fi I u Lutes, rf - —, I 0 II Z fl 0 Tuft, If— — . J , 1 0 0 0 1 It. AVarrinptfln, 3b_i :l 1 5! ] •! 1 Whittle.' ft •-. t l. 3 fl (l (l TtiOtnitsot], Hi -I | fj 7 I I D. War_.iiR«iii, p __ '. I I l o (] BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.); COURIER NEWS Lou Nova Kayoes Mas Bacr. Will Face Joe Louis In Fall FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1939 BY HARRY FERGUSON Unllei. Press Spoils Eilllor NEW YORK, June 2. IUP)- Thcre's another Tunncy on tlie Sooner or Inter H will be Nova vs. Louis, provided, of course, thai Die brown Ijonibei' defeats Tony Gfili'tito on June 28. There Is also path that lends to the peaks today a possibility that the sun may not —a story book kid from California rise tomorrow. nnmod Lou Novn who, barring flro, The dickering for Die Nova-Louis flood or epidemic, Is going to Lv fighting /or tlie heavyweight chum pionship of the world by the time spring marches north again. And tlie kid Is ready. He said so in Die early hours of today when lie stepped out of n needle .shower, pulled on his socks and lemarked: "Okay, bring on Joe Louts." He said it not boastfully* but with a quiet air of nuthcrily lh;il belongs to n mini who hns just mntcli starts today. Promoter Mike knocked n former champion Into n heavyweight half-Minded, bleeding mess. A few doors awny In another dressing room was Max Bacr who iiad just taken the licking of his ;.!.• froi-i Nova and was pen-Ink' mil through eyes lli-U were swollen .':Ho silts. . Jacobs would like to match them In September, and the mntcli will be made If Nova (jets the right kind of I'eal on hta percentage of the gate, Olherwi.u- (he fight may go over i nil) spring. Sltiii.jr nt Ihe Hnsslfie In Ynn- >.w Slachmn ln=i !iii;hl, a little heavier and a little grayer than he was In tlie days of his greatness, was Gene Tunncy, No one looking at Tunney and Novn could miss the parallel between them, Tunncy was quiet, confident and studious. So Is Nova. Tunncy licked a killer when he fought Dempscy, Nova licked a killer Today's Sport Parade By H«--7 McLemote Timnoy fought strlct- the book—left to the Totals .IS 11 12 21 04 Knoxviile Climbs Swiftly To Third Place; Travel. ers Are Blanked By Unifeii Tress The KnOTville Smokies stormed into the vanguard of the closely- matched Southern Association today, having leaped from sixth to Ithird place In three days. The Smokies threatened lo rout Atlanta from second place,, aflcr taking both sides of a double header ;from the Crackers, 14-10 and 9-4. i The first game In yesterday's lilt parade was a scoring nightmare for both clubs The Smokies clubbed Miller, Harris and Stein for 18 liilSi Including three runs. Atlanta knocked Swigart, Wat-tins, Sharpe and Lamanskl for 1C. In the second encounter, the Crackers fared even worse. Knox:Ville took the Atlanta moundsman, Johnson, for a 14-hit ride and four more home runs, giving the Smokies 32 hits- and seven homers for the day. Rnmbcrt held the Crackers to eight h.lts in the finale. Atlanta rang up two four-bag clouts—by Richards in the opener, and another by Rucker in the cur- lain game. . Tiie double loss by Atlanta and Chattanooga's 3-to-l victory over Nashville gave the Lookouts a more secure hold on the lead. Dick Bass, pitching for the leaders, allowed the Vols only six hits. Babe Barna, Chattanooga outfielder, hit a home run with two ab.ard in the third, dclng enough scoring In one Inning to .tin handily Chattanooga got, eight hits off Martynlk and Jeffcoat. Memphis took over fourth place by sweeping a double header with Birmingham, pushing the Barons into shth position Carl Doyle kept eight hits well scattered In the opener as he pitched a 5-1 win for the Chicks. Frank Gaddy also did an eight-Job for Memphis in the second game, shutting out the Barons 1-0 Carl Maltzberger celebrated his recent acquisition by New Orleans with fancy pitching that netted a 2-to-O shutout "over Little Heck MaHzberger gave up only five hits. The Pelicans drove Dasso from the mound in the first inning when . they scored their two runs. The schedule is unchanged 'today Atlanta at Knoxville, Chattanooga at Nashville, Little nock nt Nev Orleans and Memphis at Blrming ham. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League Paragculd at Newport. Canithersvllle at Jonesboro. So-tthern League Memphis at Birmingham. Chattanooga at Nashville. I-ltlle'Bock at New Orleans. Atlanta at Knoxvillc, two game National' League Clntlnnatl at Boston. St. Louis at New York. Only games scheduled. American I<e_>gue ^Washington at Chicago. Philadelphia* at' St." Louis New York at Cleveland Bwtoh at Detroit, NEW YORK, June 2. (UP)—A new American and world record for Irylng to make friends nnd Influence people was established by Tony ITwo Ton) Gnlento In the ring at Yankee Stadium last night. At his very best Dale Carnegie never gave such a superb exhibition of free-style Ingrullntlon ns did Galento when introduced from the ring with Joe Louis just before the •^ova-Bacr fight.' Faced by the man he has called bum In every language nt his command, nnd whom he must fight n a few weeks, Galcnl, greeted him wllli a warmth worthy of n 'ather welcoming n prodigal son or sweetheart meeting her lover ome from the wars. Already in Die ring when Louis' nine wns nnnoiinced. Tony set Imself lip as n one-man cheering cction as Joe walked Up tlio aisle. le clapped his hands with the Igor of a paid applaiider curlaln- illing an operatic tenor, and his ace, wreathed in smile.'; nnd aglow •ith good will, was just one huge nd living welcome mat. Louis is scarcely In the ring he- ire Tony, moving with an alac- ty amazing in one his size nnd ,e, was beside him, offering his nnd. When Louis was hesitant In fcring his, Tony grabbed it and look it as though it were a pump nd he a parched dust bowl farmer. He seemed reluctant lo relensc oc's right hnnd, nnd kept holding h'to it until someone in the front ow yelled; '"flint's right, Tony, don't let It .ose. Hold it right on until after une 28. You'll be safer. Louis filially freed himself of his c\\- found nnd devoted friend, nnd nlked across the ring to wish good ick, first to Bacr and then to Novn. hen he started to go back to his eat In Ihe ringside. But Tony apparently was taking o chances on Joe's getting nwny ithout realizing how deeply he Tony) felt towards him. Before Joe auld leave the ring Tony waddled viftly across the canvas and lap- ed Louis on the back. Surprised, Ooe turned around, and lerc wns Gnlento, the man who ns castigated him for months, idling and liolding out his hand, eforc Louis had lime lo react one ay or another, Tony grasped his and nnd started shaking it nil ver again. And he continued to nake it until Louis was out of the ing. Shocking ns wns Gtilcnto's be- avtor lo his friends, they admitted o n man thnt it wns n master trokc of diplomacy. Like the early mcricnn settlers pacifying the •wages Kith trinkets nnd beads, ke a defendant smiling on the ury that holds his fate in its nnds, Tony wns doing his best to ct on the good side of Louis before no falcful night of June 28. Tony spoke words to Laiiis during icir time in the ring, and while t Is not definitely known whnt lie aid, the look on his face would ndtcalc that they were something kc these: "My. you Icok nice tonight, Joe. 'on really are a classy dresser. Listen, I've been wanting to know on better. Why don't you come out o the place for a beer and meet no boys. Everything'!! be on the ouse, too. And say, about that little usiness dale we have, later in the lonth. Let's don't get mad nbout 1. Let's go in there like friends nd have n nice time. Tell you hat, I won't try to hit yon if ou won't try to hit me. No use >f us getting hurt, is there pal, V pal." Except for one brief rr.imctil rticn Tony grabbed his hand for he second time, Louis gave uo acial evidence of his reaction to C-alento's friendliness. He gazed at lim much as a butcher looks upon a side of beef, coldly, lmi»rsonally. While Tony worked his wiles Joe slood patiently as a St. Bernard does when a lap dog plays about him. There is the chance, cf course, that Louis felt many things, but was Just tco dazzled by the brilliance of his sartorial get up to show them. Certainly his haberdashery was sufficient to dazzle. Ke was done up from head to toe in a green that, en first glance, made him look like ...thing so much ns the southern Up of Ireland on a spring morning. He had better not walk out in the country In that rig. i !e 'n be eaten by the first herd of cow he last night. ly out of fnce, right to the IxKly. So does Nova. Tunney didn't reem lo have much natural equipment when he started. Neither did Nova. Bill today the California kid, 24 yenrs old and with his best fighting years ahead of him, Is riding high. Nova Is no superman—lie's Just u plain, ordinary guy who works hard at his trade—so it may be thnt Louis will knock him all the way back to the Golden Gate when they get Into the ring together. But there Is also a fair chance thnt he will give Louis thc'stlffcst competition the boiiib- er hns had in tlie Inst two years. One thing wns settled once and for nil last night inside the green i LUTSE IEI BELL Lutes Protest Against Loss To Gosnell Allowed learn reencs—Novn can tnkc Five times Bacr got a clean shot at hts jaw and live limes Mnxie v.'histled across the right thnt sent Fmiikle Campbell to his grave. Nova shook 'em olT and came on. Novn didn't win on a technical -iiockoiil until Ihe nth round, but :6 this observer It seemed that .he Issue wns settled and salted nwny In the mad three minutes .hut made up the second round. In those three minutes Bncr fired everything in his arsenal and n bewildered sort of look came across list face as Nova took II all mid bored In, inviting more. In the middle of the round Brier ilammed Nova back against the ropes with a right to the head. He lad him pinned there, all set up for the kill. Once, twice, nnd a ililrcl lime Max drew back Ills right and fired, Novn tried to hrow n. right nnd missed badly nnd then, for the fltth lime In the •ound, Bncr cocked his right and sent it across like n rocket. But nstcnd of dropping, Nova fought ils way off the ropes and bulled Baer across the ring. The rest of the fight was n lili- ernl education In the art of carving lip a man's face. Baer had fired his last shot and Nova '.vent o work on him like a butcher. Jab, jab, jab, went Nova's left in- o Bftcr's face and soon the red eather was wet with Maxle's blood. By the eighth round ihe years hat Bacr spent along the plca- iiire path were demanding their due. His vitality was gone, his eft eye was a purple puff, and he .'as swinging a hopeless, helpless oimdhouse right on the off-chance hat he might Innd. In (he ninth ound Nova planted a hard left, in Ihe mouth and a crimson itreain spurted from Baer's lips. Between the 10th and llth rounds Referee Frnnkle Fullnni walked to Bner's corner and said: "I ought o stop this fight but I'll give you me more round." That's all Nova needed. In one nlnlite nnd 21 seconds of the llth ic had Baer's back to the ropes nnd was pouncitng him Into pulp. Then the referee slopped It. It was about time.. Yesterday's Results Northrast Arkansas League Newport 4, Parngoiild 3. Ciiruthersville 9, Jonesuoro 4. Southern League Knoxvillc H-9. Atlanta 10-4. Memphis 5, Birmingham 1. Night fames: Chattanooga at Nashville. Little Rock at New Orleans. National Ixague Cincinnati 5, Boston 0, 13 !nn- ngs. St. Louis 1, New York 0. Pittsburgh 5, Philadelphia 2. Night games: Chicago at Brooklyn. American League New York 8. Cleveland 3. Washington 10, Chicago 7. Boston 14. Detroit 5. Philadelphia 10, St. Louis 7. The annual total cost of nining the road patrols is esll- malcd to be well above $24,000,000. KILL WORRY No. Nine, leaders of (lie count baseball loop, will meet Victoria Sunday at No. Nine. Lutes wi! play as hosts to the hard hitting Dell boys. Lutes' protest on tin game last. Sunday nt Gosnell «a. allowed. 7t wns decided In a meeting Wednesday night to piny the gnnio over at Walker Park wlllili the monlli of June. Other enme.. In the loop arc Ynrbro nt Kclscr. Mnnila nt Cos- ncll, clear Lake at Burdelto ti Division teams ol the Mississippi County Biiseball League v.'ll piny their second games Sunday with ninckwnter meeting Tomato nt Tomnlo, Tyronat Lake meeting Burks Store at, Burks Store, OIK Huffman and Recce meeting encli other on Hie lalter's home ground Tefll » No- 9 Division /_ W. L. Pet Dell .. ... Reiser . ,. . Ya.bro .. Oosncll .. . Clear Lake Manila .. Biirdette .. Victoria .. G to 8 OUstes or MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER May Do II Xnl nrdircary lap wr\- ler — hm Mr.iinUin VnlU'y \ValcT. l!ie Mme loMcit, slightly nllinlinc n-atf. njod tiy liilllinns Ihc |*<l SO _c»rs. Twinccs ol sharp r)ie». malic, arlhrllie «nil ncuTUlc vaiiis nt'.cn Ktfttl worry — anil wliy alionldn'l they I \Varn- ITIJC itgn* arc they. Toxin* and wn_t«i in Ihp hotly Pan he wash- f<l -wfty."' Try !M* Kr.inp irralmrnt, Slatl Dlstr! rated by Cross.own Whiskey Shop 109 S. Division St. Team ., Huffman .. •. Tyrone Lake Burks Store Reece Tomnlo Division U 0 1.000 0 1.000 1 .750 1 .150 3 .400 2 .333 3 ,250 3 .250 . , .200 •1 .000 W. U Pet, 0 1.000 o i.oao 0 1 .000 1 .000 1 .000 BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkiiit£as League W. L. Pet. C-iruUiersvUle 15 Newport 14 Fai'ngould 9 Jonesboro 9 .052 .5.3 .301 .373 Southern League W. L. Pet. xClialtflnqogn 23 Atlanta 23 Knoxville 21 Birmingham .3 Memphis 20 xNew Orleans 19 .xNnshvillc 17 xLittle Rock 16 .590 .635 .525 .500 .500 .475 .459 ,410 Nalluna] W. L. Pet. 'Incim.nti 26 13 .667 S-. Louis v 23 1. .022 xChicago 20 18 .520 Pittsburgh 20 18 ,526 xBrooklyn 17 13, .450 New York 17 22 ..3G Boston 15 22 .43S Philadelphia 12 25 .324 American New York 20 Boston 22 Cleveland 19 Chicago 19 Detroit IB Washington 15 Philadelphia H St. Louis 11 W. L. Pet. .811 .G.-7 .543 .528 ,,410 .405 .38!! .283 l.dlain Fears "Dumping" LONDON (UP) —British woolen manufacturers in Britain are growing alarmed by German "dump- US." Reports have reached London Mint greatly increased subsidies are to be given by the government to exporters of women's woolen :lress goods. The first six-cylinder cars were Introduced in America In 1905. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SKB" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 QUALITY Plus ECONOMY Equals Firestone Convoy Tires Any way you nfiiro, rirosfotic Convoy Tires e ivc you Ihc sroalesl value for (he n , nl , cy . Built with all Firestone palcnlce! -onslrucllon features. Ucm.m- CI.T °VLAN bU> ' °" " SET OK .1 I-I'lTU. AS AS PEU WKKK $1.50 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget Mer. 5Ui •*. Walnut Plione'siO MEAD'S EXCLUSIVE TROPICALSr Here's how to meet Old Sol the Scorcher with plenty of pepper SWITCH TO A DIXIE WEAVE Desiffned and tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx When Sol the Scorcher starts Ihrovviiig tircballs this summer you can squelch him with a frigid slare if you're wearing a Dixie Weave. For this try-jiroof suit draws the sting right out of summers sultriest days; and hecause it's all-wool it's marvelously light and porous nnd never gets sticky. Its the suit thai keeps you fresh all clay every day ' ... no wilting, no wailing, no frazzled' five o'clock i eehng. You'll find these super-fine Dixies in a wide collection of styles in colorful tones of Platinum Grey, ..ahama liluc, Willow Green, and ' Malacca Tan. So choose your new Dixie now and ))c as crisply cool as the chap at the left. 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