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Asheville, North Carolina
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T. HORNEY WINTER PYITY Homey Makes Great Plans to Develop Large Bella Vista Property T. Homey and Sales Organization Return To land of the Sky9 GOOD WILL TOUR HAD IE EFFECT SftYS J. LJ-ORNEY Declares This City Will Reap Fruits for. Years to Come.

tot 4 41 1 Another Subdivision Will Be Ready Soon Horney Announces Horney announces that as as ilnrneyhuret and Holla Vista, two large subdivisions uhi, will he placed upon the market soon, have been closed out, he will have another Ashevllle subdivision ready for his sales organization, which will eclipse anything in size that he has ever developed In the (lid North Stale. J. T. Horney is tho South's youngest and largest residential subdivision developer, financing nil his own projects. A man of vision nnd dn ring, concentrating Ills energies in developing Western North Carolina and Florida, properties.

Homey First Development Was in Horney Heights, West Asheville; Many Homes Built REMEMBERS UNO THE SKY SH ESTATE Homey Development Carries Names of Carolina Towns. A pu lull vision name which will cn down in the history of J. T. Jlorney ripve nimnm "Hotve-nora Hills" his Imps, repidenttal development, in lakeland, Fla. Thin nanifl was sprcin Uy coined Ji.v Mr.

Horney from four words n-hlHi urn Hi n-mv Western North Cn roliiwt. To rt ca ry out I he memorial scheme, all streets were lven familiar Western North Carolina names, such as Ash evil le Avenue, AVaynesville Avenue. Canton Avenue. retail I Mace. Urevard Houlovard.

S.iludj Ilemlenmnville I to, nl, ll.i v-n ond Mt Koad, 1'i eii- li Avenue a nd Swan-uanoa Drive. "Howenoca Mills" is a beautiful nln of lots frontfim on Crystal Lake, just three miles from the heart of kolnnri. and is helnu hlirhly developed in the rPfrula Horney way, with asphalt streets, wfit er, I iR ts and sower 1 i installed, and every street, heauii'lcd with palms and other semi-tropical shrubbery and bloomttiK plants. The lake front will he hlKhly developed which Mr. Horney plans to make the matt attractive of any lake front development In that section of Florida 'Die lake will be dredced and an artificial island built In the lake a bout two hundred feet from the shore with causeway, the island and causeway being highly beautified with palms.

hibiscus and other bloomini; plants. A pavilion will he erected on the island. Con-tram has beep lei for this work and dredKiim operations will start within the next few days. Crystal Lake hiis b.njr been musid'ered the best bathint: nd rishluu Ink" Hioiind l.akrdand. its water Ira vim; tested hy the (government and found to be ft!) per cent pure.

"Hnwenora Hi Ms" tost were placed on the market while the work of development wa goinq forward and the sales have gone far beyond all expectations. A f'ne nil paint in of "How enoca Hills' a nd 1-aUrIa nc. by Cibson Catlett St udnia of Chicatro. is on dlsp'ay at the Horney offices In land. Whm all improvements have been completed in thla development, it will be a reflection of much credit to the owner and developer In that It will be his most ben 11 1 1 1 vein pm I to da e.

A nd Western i 'arolina may .1 ii 1 1 point wirli pride to her memorial In iho Sunshine State. ns a result of six auction wilrs. 40(1 lots were- sold in few days. Ten acre of the subdivision were given to the City of Ashevill" for a Park andwnier and sower lines were la Id ml st ceis were paved anil electric HghiH installed at the expense of Mr. Horney.

This wit a one of the first extensive residential development. in West Asheville nnd since it was started in H'lM land In the inline-dlnte neighborhood has been Increasing tn value at a rapid rate. The land was purchased by Mr Horney for after the former owner had flatly refused pre vlous offers of smaller a mounts. It Is situated In an advantageous position, lying on hot sides of Hnywood itoad for three quarters of a mile, extending from Hill's ltott to the Five Mile Tea lloom Mince Ihe sale of the lots, the purchasers ha ve made I h-Misa nd of dollars wort of Improvements and const ruction work lias gone forward rapidly. One of the first large and most successful projects carried out here was the development In West Ashevllle of Homey Heichts.

The lots In he sub-divNJon have. Increased, on. two. three, four and even five hundred percent since they were sold by the man promoting the residential section- It Is Mr. Hornev's prediction that I lorneyhuiPt lots Increase even more ra pidly than Horney Heights.

He believes that persons "getting in on the ground floor" and buying Horneyhurst 1 lots early, when they can get the choicest sites, will double their money within a year. Over fif) bungalows have been erected on 1 lorney Heights lots slme the addition was opened vee yen rs go and it hers a re ml -r cop cm. construct ion at the present time. Horney Height was nO.flnn development a nd DF WflSpOnl Two Projects at I.akclniiil Were Handled in a Big Way. LEFT LAND OF SKY EARLY LAST FALL Offices Have Been Maintained in Several Other Towns, Tha very mnrked ueeti rt T.

Ilorney nnd bis Prlvnte Pihv Orjfnnljnt Ion. nnd their reputation for lllnjr suhdl visions in the shortest period of time Is evidenc ed by their record on Lake Park-'' er HelRhts and "'lllnesworl trrnr In Tknlnnil thp pnst fa son. Tnk Parker freights overMok-Inu Inke Parker. lakeland's larp est In ke. was the suhji et of their first efforts last fall when they went to the Sunshine State from Asheville.

This was a beautiful pla of lots, highly developed and hiirhly restricted: was opened on Ortoher 2 1 and enjoyed the record sate of sixty ftur days actual elhnp time when all lots were entirely sold out. This was a record-breakins sale, in fact surpassed anything In that section. Many of thee loin hnv heen ro-sold at nice profits to the original purchaser a lready. 1 nt in I-ake Parker Helhta ami the demand for lots In same was, so great, that it eoiild have been resold many times, but for the fact that the time and nttentlon of the so 111 tig- nriianizaMon was claimed by 1 1 oil In kh worth Terrace after 1 0. This was the second Ilorney product of the season.

Is the closest in anil highest class subdivision Mr. Ilnrney bus yet ile vein perl H'dlln wort Terra f'' Is In the heart of Lakeland's bett restd nl la! M'ot Ion tun I front on L.ike iltiihiiKsworth. I prettiest lake, from which It takes its name, and lots in this subdt-v IhI ve pro von fa se 1 1 The opening day, of January in. with ptocra ni of music, aiL resses. dinner- et which lasi ed (hrounbout th" day.

was attended by the largest mnvd that ever enjoyed a f-uhdh tHiou opening tn linknland. and the KtirpaSHcd all previous opening day sales records of the selling organ) ii ion-All lake front lots were sold long before the noun hour. An outstanding feat ure of I loll ingswort Terrace is Its frontline on two bikew. which cannot be said of any iither subdivision in lakeland. The front of he proper! is on I ji ke MolitiKswort and the i ea on small lake to which the engineers cave the name of lake Horney.

Thin lake Is small. but Is being highly developed and lots fronting on Htim very exclusive and highly deal ruble. Moth laid' fronts lire being dredged a ml ben utlfied along th line r.f ihe ent're Hiihdi-vlton. A pavilion will be ere, -led bout two huudi-rd feet from ihe shore front In Lakeland. The streets, sidewalks and gutters will all be paved, gas.

water, sen er. electrln lights and telephone lines are helng Installed, and the entire subdivision as well as both lake fronts will be heaultried with palms nnd other tropical planta of th finest variety under the supervision of William Cook, one of the lending nlndseape nrehtb-cts in Florida. This will be Mr. llor-ney'sj most beautirully developed and highly restricted subdivisions he haa yot put on tho market, Hevernl new homes have already been erected nn these subdivisions, of I he true Spa nlsh design, the type of architecture so well adapt ed Hie Florida cUmino. nnd plnns are being made for the erection of a.

dozen or more during the summer months. offices have been maintained In both Tampa nnd St. Petersburg all fall and winter, with daily bus service from both chip. Thousnnd- ot wnlfT yn. free sight-seeing tours provided liv T.

Horney nnd his Pr! ate Sateq Organization, many of whom purchased lots for the purpo nr building and ma king Lakeland their winter home. DUNN'S TO GIVE AT THE Reception to Be Given by Sales Force Thursday Afternoon. Ouna'H Orchestra will furnish th mimic the opening reception of iho hew offices of .1. T. Homey at.

thp corner of flvrni-ment nnd Haywood Ktronts Thursday afternoon and evening, The musical proramn will be given from to ft In the afternoon and from 7 to 10 o'clock In the evenlnR. Among those who will bo on hand to jrreet tho visiting public will he J. T. Horney, Ioutn SacK-i. hlH general sates manager, nnd A.

Kowalskl, advertising man The .16 men and women J. T. Horney' J'rlvaie Organization wilt also bo present, Litrtles will he' riven roie from Mlddlemnunt Gardens and entle-men will bo preentfd clears. An intcrpfltlng program is pjro.mied. "HAPPY TO BE IN CITY' OPERRTO STATES Formal Opening of Prop-i erty Will Be Staged Monday, April 6.

SPLENDID MOUNTAIN VIEWS OBTAINABLE Fast, Selling Campaign Will Be Conducted by Louis Sacks. Too much cannot he said about (he success of T. Homey and his Private Sales Organization Florida during: Hie season whien thev have Just closed. They have now returned to "The Land of the Skv" and are happy lo be hack. Mr.

Hornev says. "We are all h.ippv tn he hack In Asheville and are rtecplv Interested in the many changes that have taken place In the line of Improvements here since we left last October." F.v'rnsivn plans are helns made, for the sale this Spring and Summer or Hells. Vista, one of .1. I. Hornev's West Ashevllle developments.

The formnl opening for the sale of this property will be utiigcd Monday morning, April ti at 0 o'clock, with a program of music and various other entertainments throughout the day- Asheville is thoroughly familiar with Bella Vista: this sllh-divi-uon wa- developed and inline. 1 before the ptlhlic last year by Mr. Hornev. lb 11a was opened oil Saturdav. August 2.

tit ist year. This Is a heamlfully landscaiied tract and is considered the most artistic plan of homesites in this section. The elevation Is high, and the property overlooks the City of Ashevllle. with panoramic mountain views unsurpassed by any-Jhing in the corporate limits or Isheville. The view can never be The subdivision was highly developed In the .1.

T. Ilorney way Including paved streets. water, sewer, and electric lights which are all paid for Mr. Ilorney and are absolutely free to purchasers of lots in these subdivisions. t.ouls Sacks, the sales manager and real dynamo of the works, plans a fast selling campaign here this season.

He has courteous, live-wire salesmen and salesladies who will cooperate with him to make the season a success, Sales-men will be stationed at the field nfficcs on the subdivision. and will extend every courtesy to those vMtlng the property. A bus ami touring 'ars will he operated r-a-ularlv to the subdivision and in a frw weeks 1, ranch offices will esfabll-hed at Hendersonville and Wavnesvlllo with a regular dally bus schedule, which will bring thousands of visitors to Ashevllle this season on free sight-seeing tours. .1. T.

Horney has won for himself an enviable reputation as a developer, through the fact that purchasers of his properties always enjoy big returns on their investment. This Is credited to Mr. Hor-ney's vision In selecting his properties, to the way he develops them, and last, but not least, to the price at which he places them co the market, l.nts in these subdivisions will continue enhance in value and II is safe lo say that in less than three yrars any lot In either subdivision run be resold for double the amount paid by the original purchaser. It Is an In serration tn have men of this type ffi ration to have in th Teslern North t'arr vine is proud to cl the building of rnllna and AsVie- proud to claim .1. T.

Hor nev Tor a citizen. i hough be spends his winters In l-Trlda, he never misses an opportunity to hoosl Ashevllle. This is considered Instrumental in bringing hundreds of summer visitors to 'The Land of the Sky," anil Mr. Homey says he Is confident that Ashevllle will see more Florida, visitors this sea-son than Iho total for Ihe past five years would mount to. An nil pnintlng of Pelln.

Vista, by Joseph Ness, a Southern artist of note, with studios in is handsomely displayed in the Ilorney offices? This palntlnir in Us very Inception is a work of art, and conveys to those not thoroughly familiar with the development Its proximity to Ashevllle proper. Sacks Responsible for Pep Displayed in the Big Force Sacks, the shIcs manager for the Ilorney land experts, Is the man who puts ''pep" into the organization and keeps things lively all Ihe while, and his Influence Is keenly perceptible. He has gained for hlm-seir a stood reputation for fair dealing and the Interests of the organization and that of his clients, are outstanding ones with him. has arranged for a se-rUs of wonderful scenic tours round Ashevllle for the pun-e nrt planning cntertaln-rlienta and the like for the tfihopl children and orphans at th "expense of the force. Over 200 Residents Brought Hero for Summer by Horney The fhls week T.

lie- his Private Sales niat Ion, and the Hornev 1 1: hers A uct tn i ny. hr Intr .1 mt lies which tot Is people. Into he Ule to rnnke. ihelr homes for the spring and Thirty fiv of the 5S enmpo'o .1 Private les Org a nl 7allnn. of uhbh Louis Sacks'H ma nr.

per. a nd A rt bur 1 ova Iik 1. rt dveri ma linger. The rema Iniiiff a miction evpovlH with the Itoniey Hrnth-ers' Land Company, of which .1. trnvney Is manager.

Twenty one a uro mobiles and npe bus wsre trnnsport-Ihl theue ors'inliraiions from Lakeland, Fla to and the few who were left In Lakeland to the NP.unn tfhere enme on the train to arrive here In time fur the opening of the new ctflces. NHERITANGE SI NGOME TAX- ARE IRM OPPOSED JHorney Points Out the Handicaps of the Two Measures. T. Horney, who has Just arrived fitin his most surco.sfu! season in Fit ir Ida. sa vs here iwti cxl'tlng in I'lotlda which ba hi IH more i'a ll hv firms, and cm im u.ns Into Fbiridn during the panl few years, than anv other agency.

They arc the per r-cnl law a nd Ihn 'misfit tin mil men din en maklrn It Impossible for Florida In ever pass a stale Income or Inheritance tax law. The gal rale of Interest In Florida. If per cent as again'-) Hie ll per cent Intercut law in North A a mallei' of tact, inns! 'ji mil nht have In pay per cent, tf they borrow money, a ny wiry, so oil (1 per cent interest law keep nut of he slate irilMlnuM nf dollars of mortgage loan. finance corporations nnd insurance moneys. which would be available for' developing natural resources, building hntclK.

business buildings and for hr development purposes, and st ill what lit le money we can borrow locally costs us per cent anyway, Ilorney says. "The one thing that brought more men of wealth into Ihe nlato of I'lnrldn this than any other, bus been Hit new const It ut tonal ii mend men i making It Impossible fnr Kin rid a In ever pass state income or Inheritance tax law. Taxpayers all over the I'ntt-ed Kin ten are wick a nd 1 1 red of paving sta te and federal Incnme tax and of the prospects of having a large portion of their estate taken front their faml'les when lie die, by a heavy state nnd federal Inheritance tax. Tax-iiavei'H have raised such a howl over high federal income and in- heriinnt tux. that Mr.

t'nnlhlgn principal h'glshit ivc. program for the next two years Is a new fed eral Income tax law, cutting the present surtax to about one fourth of what It Is now, and a law abolishing Iho federal Inheritance tax altogether, so that the lurid of ihe times sc rii to be a lower Income ami Inheritance tax all over the cull try; and I would like tn nee North a roll on Hie 'band wagon' ami pas a similar law to that of Klorbla, doing nwa nltngedmr with state income and inheritance i v. It would more ri North find par-I. -ularlv t' Western North Caro lina, (ban am thing el-e we rouM do. I would like to oo our call the state legislature into an session to musid-M changing n'ir interertt law from ti per cent to per cent and con Mider iibotlMhlng our Income and Inheritance tax la wh.

These two fhariges in North Carolina would brim: milllntu t.f dollars Into Western Noith Carolina each year for ln est men I a nd houa nds of 'le-flrahb t-euple tn take ii)i lber perill.i netH residence." Lakeland Offices of Horney Will Remain Open During Summer The T. Homey office US Latt Main Street. Lakeland. uill remiiln open during Ihe season, with V. Itowe, newly appointed sales manager for Die La eland develop me tits, iie- llvely in charge.

Ho has lo live -n i cm ii nnr-J' ill I i "IHI II I III a II 11 1 they will push tho sales nf Hol-i iuuworih Terrace and Howenoca Mills. l. ilorney newest two (ie elopmeuts in la keliititl. Kon is a. estat man nf wiuo experience and for the last two years has been connected nub the Homey j-truthera' lind Company, having charge of the (ompany's auction office- at BUie-fp-ld.

West In spring ami e.iiomer, and at the auction office at St. rersburg. Fla. In fall and winter. His Ion connection and efficient service has been re-wardf-d hy his promotion to sales rn.inaercr for the T.

Horney Iti-tetists hi Lakeland this 'aum-nior. INVITED TO I NEW 0 A I Reception With Music and Souvenirs Will Be Given. i EIiECTRIO SIGN TO ADVERTISE FIRM Open Style Front of the Offices Is New Feature for City. J. T.

irorny unil his frlvaift finlM OritsnlzAtion hnv roturn4 to "Tho Lnl of lh Sky" prprv alnry to optnlne th tnl nf Hnr-nyhurt nd Bella Vlotn. Mr. Horny' two fine Rc-Mfntlal De-vlnpmrnt In Wim Ahvlll. Th JrM bv bean mtvd Cram Ohurnh Rtrent tn thn ground floor of th SMI Ips BulMlnir. corner of Hnywood nnrt rtnvnrnmnnt Htrt, whh'h boon completely remodeled ftnrl U'lM he fnni to the puhllo tomorrow at which or oflrorn isoriu ull Hru cor- illiillv Invlie.i in mil and Impost.

eTioneive nuiKiral prncram han lieen nrrnnced nnd souvenlra will he eiven from ihe hour of threo five In the aflemoon and eev-en In ten oVIneli In Ihe evening. one month ncii Mi-. Horney finned with Mr. fnr a leant, these trices nnd Immediately niiiile ru-ntiiccmrnts for Ihe work nf remodeling nnd ronrrnnKlnff l.Blteliind, l-'lnrlda'ti, foremost, con-Iraelnra, wan enciRed for tha wnrlt. Mr.

Horney maklllK a trip In Aeheville with him whero tho MlnriR wore completed and work Although Mr. Curran wn nnnhle in upend tho entire time In Aahevllle nn account of hla likn-liind operntlone, the work was entirely under hla aupervlalon, ho' hitvlnp a few day of each week here. The work nan heen nuhed tn cnmplotlnn and everything will bt ready by Ihe opening hours. I'-tiiure ni infua nfflicn la tho open atyle front, pat- nner air. iiorneya LAK6-lanrl offices, which la entirely now In Heal estate rifflcee In IhI.

ann. I Ion. The Inhhy. which hn a rionr spnee nf over 1,000 square feel. Is nf rtibhordom tile.

Th ilriiwn plnaier nnd la the original I'H'n or I. Cnri-ne Tt. K.ib. Is old rose, hlchllahted In six dirferent. colors and stippled 111 The celling Is old rose eponited wllh gnr.

A concealed llnhtlnir system In which ISO elen-' Irlc IlKhta are used. Is moat, pleasing In effect. SVnlls and celllnjrs In (he prlvnle offices are finished In french grav wllh oniin. crounil. The draperies, designed and In.

stalled Mis, bps Mcionnell. lire of lionnri.rf old rose linings, nnd reflect much uv to Distinguished Interior decorator, who was for this work. Her nrtlstlo much Is nlso noted In the furnl- lure which wns selected by Ml (in display In the offices are two vrv fif, pafnthiKs One Is I loi'o'n hiirst. ami Hella, Vlata Ultll aU U.t. Joseph southern artist of note, with studios In Atlanta, Cs 'I'he othor painting of Mr.

IVo PntVeT MeiKOa nt Ijikelsnd. hv tie son Oitlctt Pludios of rhl-' -ao. Is very fine natntln? and will serve as a wonderful advert iseiuent for lakeland. A large electric, oign displayed on the front will tell the world ih it Asheville is the summer homo of .1. T.

Ilorney and his organizations. Thco offices win he occupied by T. Ilorney private Organization, and (tie Ilorney Hrothers Auction Company, Their return I-, Ashevllle hrinzK new residents for the spring and summer, most of whom have brought their families. Th, aeya are very optimistic almut business in Aehe-vllle this and expect to have Iho biggest seaaon of their history. Horney's University Rocm Mate Handles All His Legal Matters Kuffpnis c.

Wnrd, of Ashu-vlltn, rhp attorney who han-rllra nil of T. irorntw'a Ipsa I rnnt tors. Mr. Ward nnl Mr Mnrrifj worn room tnatot lilli' thiv wpi'o Rtijflvliiir In'V nt the fiilvprslty of Nortli and they have been firm frloniM throush the years Year by year Mr. Horney's realty trr.n?aotIon have srown -until the transfer of properties alone vnn fnr much l.nie on the part or tr.

Jlorneya Mr- Ward if well knwn in Af-hfvillf he hn practice hi'i'f for manv years and 1 friends and clienu havp-created with hi' nep Hl offices nvf liw Building. PUB ASHEVILLE IS JUST BEGINNING TO GROW Horney Plans to Place Four Sub-Divisions on Market Here. "I nm preparing for Ashevllle's Creates! season'' Is the wording on a larj.0 sin placed In front of the new offices. .1. T.

Hnmev on and Haywood Streets which will be i.penod Thursday. Mr, Horney returned Saturday evening from a most, su cress ill senwnn in Florida. Me Is filled with enlhuplasm over the proBpppis nf this section and he thinks that Ashevllle and Weftern North Carolina are Just, becinnlnc to (-row. I'pnn arriva I here. Mr.

Ilnrney stated that he contemplated developing and placinir on the market two sub-divisions at once and that later on durinp the season he will develop and place two other subdivisions nn he market. Such activity on he part of Mr. Horney speaks hmder than words of hi. faith in this city and section. "There is no question but that Asheville this year will enjoy lis creates! season.

said Mr. Horney yesterday. "The Cood Wilt Tour of Ashevllle fit Izens to I-'bo-ida cities hTis had a tremendous effect upon visitors to Florida and (ion he Florida people themselves. Perhaps. however, the Krealrst effect has been upon Asheville's own citizenry.

The fact that several score of Ashevllle cil izens spent ten days in Florida boosting and nalherim; Information cannot help but be beneficial to this city. Abbeville will reap the fruits of this work for yen rs come." Mr. Horney. who traveled over nearly he entire state of Florida follow inu i he Inod Will Tour. Mutes that his observations were that the itood util tour had a wonderful effect.

Lois and lots of FlorUllans and Florida visitors told Mr. Hornev lhat thev intend ed conilnf? to Western North Caro lina this summer. Mr. Horney nlsn prnised the advertising work beltiK done, in Florida and other Southern States for Dixto Honle A. AMERICAN PUBLIC NEEDS PARKS SAYS REALTY OPERATOR "What -'the American public needs In the many larce rliles of A erica Is more parks." deeln res ,1.

T. Horney, s-de owner of Horney hurst, the residential develop, incut that offer more than 'J tut home niles. "peine a firm bejiev-f in pa rks I have followed he course as udi a possible." When Mr, Horney developed and put, Horney Heichts, West Ashevllle, on the market, the thoughtfully reserved 10 acreji wooded land, which he deedel to the City of Ashevllle free nf cot a nd encumliera nccs. He had hen offered $10,000 for the tract and it was estimated at that time to he worth $20,000. During: the winter season, Mr.

Horney gave to the City of Lakeland, a two-acre park, after he had spent in developing nnd beautifying It. Ho believes a cities a re crow In; so a that unlens some provision is made for parks and open co nccs ion will become unbear- are sure to advance and yield a good return on investment. Jn order to make (his one of tno most neautfful residential sections in the CltV. Mr. Hornev has spent almost a quarter of a million dollars.

The purchase of the land alone from Judge .1. I). Murphy, who is one of the owners oi i iri iew in Uea verdam, wis sisj.f.iu. Mesides this more Improvements have been made such as the planting of trees and shrubbery, tho installation of power lines and the further beau tiflcatlon of the lots by grading and removal of the underbrush. When Horney made th.

purchase of the parrel of la nd, which was named It is believed, that he figured tho largest realty transaction frm a monetary standpoint, nat has ever occurred In West Asheville, Since lie entered the realty game a few years ago, the promotion of Ihe building of homes In various sections of West Asheytll. haft heen one of his favorite activities. With suc(h faith in the land values of that section, he has e-vent much time In this work. The boosters of West A-shevllle upon being Informed tha: land values in Buncombe County are five times as great today us they ware seven years ago, declare they are confident that much if this Increase in the vaiue or reai property osn be attributed to West Ashevllle with the paving of its streets and thoroughfares, Installation of new water lines, the erection of dwellings, stores othor business houses, churches, etc. Rise of J.

T. Horney in the Real Estate World Has Been Meteoric; Has Many Interests Horneyhurst Commands Good View of French Broad River Valley and Mountain Peaks must "get out in tho open." Realizing the seriousness of Mh condition, Mr. Horney heen me interested in the i-ea 1 est a to business, His siiccc-fl In his new tine of i n-d ea vor was by Ira ps and boil nd He has condU'-ted hundred of sates in Western North Carolina and his operations became so extensive that they were not limited to the borders of the stntp. or the South, but have gone Into the Middle Wen awl th ttM Although bis accomplish men have been largely due to hi" personal efforts, yet credit is due to the efficient sales force that he has built up. Hie transactions have not been wholly confined to the auction game, but the general realty business must be brought In for a big share.

Mr. Ilorney is a member of the First Tin pi 1st Church of Ashevllle. the N'fwnnfs flub, the Hepevolent and Protective order of the Ashevllle Chamber of C'nnmer- the nigh Point chamber of nmrre, ihn Si. pflrrvlHlr. f'hnmlipr nf Cfinimr.

Ihn Laic Innd, Chamber nf oiiinipric: nf I.k-l.-uid. Hi-ritnn Orowprn A.worlatlon nf Horlria and Ihn Amenrsn Axandalinn. Il k'IH rr Initio hla miMnbTKhip In Hi" Carolina. Bar Asaorlallnn He la nf Brother r.niul runpinv. famous nun Inn company, an, I lalna hla pcrmnnont hnme in Ashevllla.

ne anemia hi wlnlfra a' lakeland. I. T. Homey proluihly the lai'Keat. anil own-r anfl tleyeloper exoltwlve tealilentlal allhdlvlalona In Ihe K'- Iho aole owner nf all hit mlitl'vl-alons, never Inklne In .1 Ho la a aalf-made h.ivms made hla own way ihrnnifh college, and entered upon leeal and buatneaa career, alter Kfad nation, with no funda to apeak of He develops on ftn average four or five large residential nilidlvl-lnn each year, eaperlally In Klorlrta and North Oarnllni.

However, he haa developed enbdlvl-nlona In Tenneaeee, V'lrKinla and Weat Virginia. He haa built up nno of the larfteat and efficient private talcs organization in tlie South, In the announcement of the opening of Bella Vista, it would bo amiss if something was not mentioned about the meteoric rlsp In the realty field nf .1. T. Horney. the sole owner of the new development, whose confidence In bum values here has been nil outstanding feature of his activities.

Mr. Horney is only 31 yars old and his holdlncs and sales have been rnnducted tn many states, but the majority of iViem conducted in North Carolina, Ten-pree, Virginia and Florida. (c graduate from College with an A. R. degree.

He taught for a vear and became enrolled the University of North Carolina where he graduated in law. Afur receiving his degree, he began the practice of his profession In Canton, where he built. a Jarge ni Itirrnilvt prftrtlri an gained for himself nn enviable reputation at the bar. He wa formerly city attorney of Canton and was the prosecutor In the I'oloe Court of that town for six yea-. At that time he was considered one of the most successful lawyers of Haywood County.

His health failed and conveniently he was advised hy his i-hv-slcians-that bis profession was too confining for him nnd tha' able. The parks are nerded. according to my polnlon, for jrov n-ups as well as the younger generation. Walks In parks are to good health and tfood citizenship nnd are as neceui. ry the proper diet for the avprage person, the realty expert declares, Since John en, the noted City Planner, made comprehensive survey 'of Asheville and We Asheville.

polntlng out the of future growth here. Mr. Horney has made long study ot the nuggestlons of Mr. Nolen ar.d the former is just as trope advocate for public parks as the Utter. When Mr.

Nolen submitted his plans, he laid special stress on parks, advising the City Commissioners to proceed to make provision for them immediately, Intr thftt delay meant that thousands or more dollars eventually would have to be expended, whsn th public awakenftd to the fact. Situated on an elevated spot commanding a view of the towering peaks of the Appalachians and located In euch a position lhat a good view of the French liroad Ivpr in a fforded as it rushes to the north and a beautiful panorama of Asheville's skyline can be observed--Is Horm-y-hurst, one of Western North Carolina's newest developments furnishing borne sites that arc Ideal- and' are hard to equal anywhere. Horneyhurst which lies between Dorchester and bouisana Avenues, rine block from 1 lay wood Hoad, WestAlievtl'e, Is heliifi developed by .1. T. lornry, who needs no Introduction to the local public for hla achievements have not only become known all over the South, but havo been of sunn magnitude that they have attracted attention nil over the Vniled States.

To dispose of Mr. Horney will bring to Ashevllle from Florida, where ho baB vast holding In real estate, an efficient fcorpr of realty salesmen, which he has built up after efforts of several years. These men are conversant with the value of lands In scores of states and all are great believers In Horneyhurst as an Ideal plape for a home and 'at the same time resulting in a good investment, which will biins returns each succeeding year. This is their opinion ihe valuo of tho lots.

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