The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 19, 1947 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW3 PAGE TBBXI Three in Lynching Case Exonerated 31 on Trial Before South Carolina Court For Slaying Negro GREFNVIU-'E, S. C., May 19 (UP) .Judge Robert Martin lodiu iwiiL-^{|»<lir«:lcd verdict exoneiat- im; UwW of 31 defendants charged with murder in tlic lynching of •NiMtro Willie Eai'lc and reduce the charges ai;ain. seven others. Martin, who had spent tlic weekend .studying a defense motion for directed verdicts of not guilts against, 10 of tlic men, read decision at tlie opening of court. The men acquitted were Earl Martin, Vardy Mulloc -Norvls Ernest stokes. ! 13nt M'irlin refused to set free Woodrow W. Clarcly, accused by liis companions in the lynching as one of the riiif; leaders. He did. however, hold thai since Clardy and Sainuc! U. Stewart had not sisned confe.vsion.s implicating themselves, that they could be tried inilv as accessories before the iact attd for conspiracy. They cannot \yj tried for murder, lie held. Also frc-cd from all hut conspiracy and accessory charges were I Willie Eii^ene Bishop, W. D. Oakley and Ho',v:ii- ( i Tho.'iiii.son. The jurist refused a motion to jiiit John 11, Merchant and James Arthur Fowler, hut he cleared them I of murder charges. 'Ihe defense '.von a partial victory is Martin ruled that statements irom Ihe defendants ' were adiuis- | sable only as evidence against iwr- I sons v;ho signed them. Tlic prosecution, which closed its I case against the ?G t'.vxicab drivers I and /Ai 11 other men Saturday, had sed^je bulk of its argument on nlcj^mris" signed by 25 of the [ men. ^^ The forceful 37-year-old judge, a I former caliche football star, ruled ] that the 2ti statements which tolcl I tiie Rory details of Iiow the Negro 1 was -slashed and shot to death I could not lie considered by the jury I exec-pi as they applied to the indi- 1 vicinal uclendants who made them. See the Birdie?, Sales Trends In Arkansas Are Checked 19 rein C. & O. to Assist Patron in Finding Hotel Reservation I Youth Kills Self HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May ID. J<TJP> — Funeral csrvices will he I held at Aldi icli cemetery tomorrow 1 for William C. Thompson; who died I in a Hot Springs hospital yesterday 1 after suffering a self-inflicted bul- |let wound.1 Oflicers said the 22-year-old I youth was found in his room at | a boarding house. He is survived uy his parents, |three brothers and two. sisters. j'd : Courage born of the maternal instinct -Impels the. ordinarily timicV tern in photo above to stand guard over its three-egg nest, despite the presence ot humans, such as comely Paltie Covey. Dird laid eggs in sand of public beach in Manhattan Beach, Calif., and seems 'determined to see them through the 15-day incubation period. ^YKlTEVliLLE. Ark., Muy (UP)—The t'olletiUm of M''"- 1 ^ c'eipl.s sales l;ixos in Avkuu.sns the first nmivUT of IUW was aboiit 25 pei' fcul iihave the cottccllon the same period lust yc-nr, hut other figure* indicate Hint the nc- luul iueiTase in .snk\s during the period w;\s lcv s t!i:m tax figuri*!) would Indicate 1 , Hfcoi'cUng to the May issue of the Arkansas Business Bulletin, published by the UyWer- sily of Arkansas College of Business Aduihilstiiitlcm under spou- tot.ship of tlm ComnuM'Cc Guild. "On the JJIIMS of reports from about 103 stoics, Ihe Department of Cotnmwce estimates (hut total ictiiSl s;ik\s in Arkansas were only nine per cunt litahfr In tho first, qnurler of this year than for the Mime qiKirtev one' year auo," the I Juliet in staled. "And even this modest was not uniform •is between different cities an'd lines of nieicliandi^e. "For ll\e first qunrlcr of the ail-rent year, compared with the lirst ruinrtei 1 of lust year, rct'.u! sales were up 23 per cent hi E! Jorado, 11 per rent in Hot Spring md lour jiar cent In LALUc Uock .,..In view of the generally Jilgh- pricc' levels ol the current year t is highly prob;iVily lhat in only hiee tines — unlomobtte dealers •ookstores, and household applianci ind radio .stores—wuro the Incrc-.i ses \i\ doUav volume larye unougl lo indicate larger physical (]ium titles of goods sold. "Construction activity show sign of lallering in Ihe state as well a in the. nation. The value of permit Issued in lour ol the i>iincl|Ki cities in Arkansas was 11.1 cent lower in the first (piacter 1SM7 than in a comparable perlo of 19-16." , Mny 10. IUP) — The Clicsiipenkc and Ohio liail- road luinoiinci'd today that "it would lu'lp nmtiiKC holel accoin- nuiclullntis for its customers. Experienced and travel-wise Cand O. iK'isomicl will mnko every effort lo secure reservations passengers at major cities scrv.ei! by the line Ineludliu; Washlnulon Cir.clmiali, Coluiulms. nnil Toledo O.; Cliuile.Hton and llunliiiKfon, W, Vu.; Jilobmond. Va.. and lAshlaml and Louisville, Ky., ihe C. and O Id. The service also will be itvitil- ble to persons traveling ot iroiie.h ears at New York, Clcve nil, Philadelphia, si. Louis nix lllCHKO. I •All Mie passemjer has (o do I 'lephone his request to his loca usscnucr at;ent. lell him the kid' ' aceoimnodatloii. 1 ; he wants, raU 1 e wauls lo pay, when he waul ic room and for how long. lArnall to Visit State LTTfLE HOCK, Ark.," May 'fa. I (UP) — Former Governor Ellis Ar|na!l of C^aprna wilt lecture here Live Bait Casting Device A bail cabling dm- vice thai never fails ...Something new in \ fishing... Petfocted , l ,''*f .. proven and trTed -\ i by ffihcim«n. With this plug, tut live baft any diitanco with rod and reel. Ihis plug when cast ts attractive to fiih. li'vu bait illdes \ » out into striking posilion of iHfl _ tl, ONLY C TW^lm II 11 M Tt,\ Dentists Open State Meeting In Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Ark, May 10 (UP) — Dr. Sterling V. Mead of Washington, D. C., president of the American Dental Association, will be the principal speaker at the three-day convention of the Arkansas Dental Association opening here today. He spoke on woik of the national association this morning and will discuss oral surgery this afternoon. Other speakers today include Dr. Horace R- Beachum and Dr. John H. Smiley of Dallas, Tex. Annual business session and election of officers will be held tomorrow afternoon with a final session scheduled for Wednesday morning. Dr. George Cone of .03- ccoln is president of the state organization. The dentists relaxed yesterday with a golf tournament. Following the tournament the dentists elected Dr. Forrest E. Dunaway of Little Rock as president of the Arkansas Dental Oolt Association succeeding Dr. Ralph Williams of El Dorado. Dr. G. W. Ooforlh Mena was named vice-president. One of tlie world's largest insU-, tulions of learning Is El A?.h:u University, Cairo, Eesirt. It. has OCO students. Livestock Growing Both Europe and Africa had populations of approximately 100 million persons 300 years ago. Today, Africa's population is 156 million, but Europe has increased to about £49 million. About 9D per cent of the food taken by the Chinese is in the form of grain.' June 12. His appearance will be spoiLsored by the Temple's Men's Club. ST. l.OUIS NATIONAL STOCK- YAHDS. 111., May 10. CUP) — (USdA)—Livestock: Hoys 13.300; salable 1'J.CGD. uneven; \veighls under 240 lhr>., steady lo ,^5c lower than Friday's average; heavier weights, 25 to 5Cc lower; sows, steadv to 25c higher. Biuk good and choici ICO to 240 105., -23.7ft to $34.K; l.,j) $24.S5 for one load choice 200 !h weights. Most 250 to 270 Ibs., $22.75 to $23.75; 270 to 300 !bs.. $21.25 to S23; 130 to 150 Ibs,, $22.25 to 524; ion to 120-1"') nifts, $10.25 to $21.50; good 270 to 500- Ib sows. $18.75 to $19.75; few up to 20.25; heavier weights, 17.75 to 18.75; stags, 14.50 lo 1G.M. -Cattle 5.700; salable. 4.50D; calves, 1.5CO. all salable; about, 45 loads ol .steers on sale and nppict- imatcly 20 per cent, of nm comprised of cows. Heifers and butcher yearlings made up an unusual liberal |)erccntage of receipts. Opening trade .slow, tvit-n sonic deals on steers and heifers baiely filcncly to 2^c lower, but bids generally unevenly under last week's close. Very little done on cows; bulls and vealers, steady. A few loads and lots of good .-.leers. 23.75 lo 24.75; good to low choice heifers and mixed yearling;, 22 to 24.25; medium to low socd, 10 to 21; yood beef bulls around 17.50. Chinese Reported Fighting 10 Miles From Changchun NANKING. May 19. (UP)—Ch I1C.SC C()!HllH]llist il'OOpS RUl'klllK rccilpLnre Ch!i]]Rchlin, the Mixi chmiini capital tlioy losl to Gom ralis-siino Chiang Kiti-Slick a yc ago, \vpi'(; rcjioi'tptl tpriay fiyhllt witliin 10 miles of the city. •Si'mi-onicial reports reacilhlg lie said some Communist soldiers In inlillraletl onto the ChaiHicliun ai port in tho MilHivbs. damaged atiit been dri\ r en off by the NuLloi nlifit, t'si'visou. The field was I! government's chief air base in Manchuria. The -sound of heavy gunfire W.IG audible in Chanycluin :i s the Coin- nuini.sts continued to shell the 'Airfield. Heavy fighting was nigini; in other sections of the city's outskirts. 'MarLial law has been in effect during the r>:isl year anil a tighter curfew was imposed. Uommunis! strategy :ipi>iu'cnlly \vns to cat the Nationalist-controlled railroads lending into Ghana-j cliun I ram the East and South. , Victim of Fiend Car With Bfoodhound nstincts Aids Officers n Trapping Wanted Man MAU'KIiN. Ark., Muy 10. (Ul>> •A car with htoodhmiiul instincts culny was credited with asslstlni! Vlnlvcru officials In plnnliiK down i rlflc-packliiK Ncci'o youth. Officials .said dial the 25-year•1(1 Ncnio. T. J. Cook, was hiding ichliui u tree when an automobile WUUK around a corner, failed to nakc tlie curve and pinned him mdernealh Hie over-turned vehicle. Officers at the time were scnrcli- ng for Cook wlio was reportedly carrying a .22 calibre rifle aii'l miut; for his wife. He was held hi the city jail after being seriously injured in the crash. Willard Jackson, driver of vehicle, was released on a bond after Ix^lng charged drunken driving. Congressman Gainings Boosts Missco Cotton WASHINGTON, Mny 19. — Mississippi County, Arkansas, mid Us chief product tire well displayed on Capitol mil these days. Hep. K. C. Gallilngs, of W.«sl Memphis, representing the First District, has announced that, several pictures lc"- Ing Ilic story of cotton hnvc been hung on the walls of the House Agriculture Committee lloom. At ft full session of the Comiiill- lec, Gnthliigb called attention to the pictures and stated that they were taken In Mississippi County, Arkansas, the world's largest cotton producing county, lie Invited the mcmblurshlp of (lie Committee to visit Ills Congressional c*>ilrlc(, mid allend'the annual mammoth cotton picking coct*»t"at Bijftbe- v »'e-. -v "".t PIMPLES The fiilli victim In the series murder* in the !,»s Angeles men vu.s Mrs. Laura TrclsUtd, molher )f three children, Police are eomb- iii; the aiiiusemenf /.one on the leach at I."in: lleiich lor the lleud- •sli sex-sluyor of Mrs. Trelstud. IVY A U. S. COVKUNMENT IHJRKAl! KICl'OltT announces llio discovery ol a new liuuilr. nciil Irvalmunl ior iv> jiolaoiiiii^*. Tho trciilnient has Itec found excellent; it is gcntlo mul B:I( ilries up thu blislcra ill a aurprfrmgly pliorl llmu. x —odun williin 24 hours These Kdveruiuenl finditiipi nre inci puniled in tin-, uuw \trculuct IVY-DRY At your (Im^alnrc, . r >9c. At your (Im^alnrc, Y ft »/*. l.y ID" t Urby !run liron. Drug, fcUwarti Drug tores cvorywli«r0 Strawberries Home Grown T.R.Randolph Clear Lake the casli with 76 Get Degrees From State Teachers College CONWAY, May 11). — Bachelor degrees were awavueil to 1G members of the 1!I47 senior class at. Arkansas State Teachers College at commencement exercises In Ida Wnldren Memorial Chapel yesterday. Degrees were conferred by Dr. Nolen M. limy, president or the school. Dr. I'uiil L. noynton, dent of Stephen F. Austin Slnle Teachers College at Nncogdnvlics. Tex., delivered the commciiccincnt d dress. Another clnss will be graduated t the close ol the second Summer crm in August. Summer session pens June 2. There were no .students from Mississippi County listed on ycstcr- a'y's graduating roster. , Panama Hats Cleaned & Reblocked The Johns Shop 503 W. Main Local A lanf DMuMe McrTtac ln»Kl7 I««ai«l Ontnet mat HUH. 8«ncw. MMM torrte* k BVm|* ••• Pkonc 2801 1 Tiiick Brake Service your money cati \ Factory-engineered anif inspected brake linings. The brake linings we use nre of exactly the same quality as the oriftlnal linings. Every other replacement part we use on your job will be ft factory-engineered part. Carefully installed by 2 carefully trained truck specialists. Our service mechanics are trained under factory methods. They know Dodie "Job-Rated" trucks Inside and out. They're qualified to do a better job faster— saiinjj you both lime and money. Precision equalized and adjusted for longer, more even wear. Our specialists and the most modern brake equipment assure a perfect brake job. Quick, even stops will give uniform lining WEAR . . . and the ECONOMY of longer life. See us .., today! the world's finest Read Currier News Want Ailils Fowlsfon School of Music Is Offering SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES Piano — Organ — Voice Mrs. Dalron C. Fowlsron, B. A., S. M. M. Term Stdrts June 2nd to August 31st A SPKCIAL PRICK FOR THE THREE MONTH IS BEING OFFERED i \ For Information Call or Write 809 Chickasawba St. Phono 2049 Gas Wrecker Service Fisk Tires Owned & Operated by Tom A. Little Jr. c -..- ,. - -—-•.-- -' Open An Fasbonably^rnart — always;^ Account correctwith a new Bulovo watch —; No Interest Ti (a masterpiece of fine watchmaking No Carryin; " *'—'trily the J'Giff of "a" Lifetime!" Cha|r 9 c IMIEIFUS Convenient Terms When You Think of House Cleaning - - - Think of Hudson You'll Want fhe Finest Cleaning Job On Your * Curtains * Draperies * Seat Covers * Down Comforts * Wool Blankets Moth Proofing - - - Storage Alterations - - - Dye Work Hats Finished the Hudson Way! Belter Cleaning In 8 Hours forthe Asking HUDSON With the Hudson Finish CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 W*s» Main St. Bfvth«vill«, Ark.

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