The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1949
Page 11
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WTOrCESDAY, 1, 19*1 ' BtVTTHEVIT.LE (ARKJ COURIER OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BOY WHUT I CANT MAKE OUTA THIS/ EVERYTHING 'FROM BIKE HANDLE BARS AW STEEL FISH POLES TO PUJMBtN' AN' ELECTRIC IXTURES-A HULL SHOP STOCKPILE A BUSMAN JUST TAKES A BUS FOR A HOUOB.V-.BUT THE IROM EMPIRE PAGE KLEVEN Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople }LA*T week •**> wea**f HAW cueioos Wii^ f AU-'LA,THttEp UP FO«K OAYS, k COMMERCIALS— V4HEN f PfJOBING A MftlO'S ' >toO <30IT 1KJ tUe STRETCH, Jsoaoiiitrie ' ROLL PLftM OF 8LW- IriG U.S. SAVIMGS .'—•OR-DO SCO PLAhS TO . PEDDLE OLD E'S KEEPING Hte IDEA CORKED FKKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MKKRII.L BLOSSEfl Once Again, Sisler Envoy Predicts Polish Expansion of Economy WARSAW, Poland M*j—Ambassa- dor Oskar Lange says Poland's Industrial production should Increase from 85 to 95 per cent over present output during the next six-year plan starting before the end of 1S49. Lange predicted aRiicuituial production would rise by 35 to 45 per cent over the 1848-49 figure. Lange, first of speakers in a series on Poland's economic recovery arranged by Radio poLsKle, said Poland's total production in 1M8 was 40 per cent higher than before the war^ He forecast huge industrial ex- lansion and modernization during next several years and broad raining of technical workers. Lange, now active in the work of the Communist United Workers Party, was Poland's first envoy to the United States. lie still retains the rank of ambassador and often attends United Nations FM and AM 7 Tubes Plus Rectifier Listen lo the Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH DHEIFUS VI eel Dreifui . . . Wear Iliainnnd tram i> numn, KIKIIIUI in IV HUGH LAWMMCE WSTIMLrTIO IY MfA WlflCC. B Lawrence Nelson '1'IIH STOHV: T«r Tlu[«Bt u..iiji ..I i.llljr WnrrtB »«- un«f I IB^ -ov- rt»« OB Il«iir7 Ouutik llardlnK'B lolnnd t»r rMi-»pc. Surnrc ]»}BB«. I.Illy wn> fuund >Bot III » ««r .1 B fLinl<-ulnr rnllwnr running t* Ik« sturr mum on Ikr IM-BTB. .\*BC but lli-n Cowtcrov^ kBanH iknt Lilly »a« Llllfd LT thr Bulnn*Mlie M klch IleA kill BBion*r tkr- MMftnr »Brk« IB IB« MlrktB Ikr dur Hk« arrived. An iBqBfBl !• kcld Bl >VBi,:K rvrrr- <<BC. HBrdlnc, Ml.. ro.gruvr. AirBr* Plrlk, AlBl)*^ JUBfB, Krrd .SIMwrll. (irorft HBKCUMke. Mulll« •ilurk BBd .\i.B« McKvire, >ll k»< BKliI*. Hm. HBrdlav B«L», vikrrc dtd 1k» •>»• ITBM* froHr Hn»- et>mb« IIB^B tBjit all Ckr KMBII UB Slllwrll'B j>«ckl, wkick w«» «ktp- wrecked OB tke IklBBd, were :I8 »r Inrrer rnllher, wklle thin KUB WBB a Manner .TftA, aboMI a ^t'^. XVI PRED SILLWEL.L snapped his fingers. "Wait a minute, I just remembered. I picked up a little automatic in a hock shop the day before we jailed. It had 'WarTen- labrik Mauser A. G. Oberndorf A. N. Mauser's Patent 1 stamped on one side. And the serial numbw just in front of that. Three hundred thousand and something. Six figures anyhow. I packed it away in oil rags in a watertight tin box and forgot it. I don't think any of the others knew I had it. Does that help you any?" Misa Cosgrove could have supplied the rest of the serial number from memory. There was no doubt in Bea'i mind that the gun was the one she had smuggled onto Speare Island and had hidden among the sugar sacks on the night of her arrival. She also recalled the gently swinging door that had aroused her suspicions after she had hidden the gun. Harding took the gun from his pocket and looked at it closely. "The first number ir correct. 1 think it is clear this is your weapon. I am glad to have that detail explained." • * • DEA'S pencil point broke. She resharpened it quickly, looked up to meet George's glance. He returned quickly toward Sillwell. his lips twisted down at the corners. "There is only one other thing," Harding said. "Motive. I hnve left that for the last becaUM of a personal element. Also I wanted to keep everything fair and impartial until the method by which ahe obtained the weapon wa> ascertained. "1-ast • night, 1 was forced to speak plainly to Mr«. Warren. Perhaps I »poke too sternly. It seemed the kindest thing at the time, a surgeon's stroke. I was forced to tell her bluntly 1 would not consider marrying her," George Bascombe opened his mouth, shut it to swallow audibly, then said, "Was she upset by the news?" Henry Harding stared, found George's lace completely expressionless. "She was," he admitted. "Extremely upset. Naturally 1 thought at the time the would recover, but UM amount she drank subsequently did not help her mental processes." Fred Sillwell lighed. "That doe. it." Harding rapped on the table sharply. "Indies and gentlemen' of Speare Island, you have heard the facts of the case. It has been proven no one on this island could have beeti near Mrs. Lilly Warren at the time of her death. The method by which she obtained the weapon ii clear. I wish written into the record a rtaiement absolving Mr. Sillwell from any responsibility. She obtained the automatic from the sea, by an act of God. I have told you her Veasbn for the deed, explained her state of mind, f am mre you will all affre« there can b* but one just verdict. Are ther« any further questions? 1 ' There was silence. "Very well," Henry Gough Harding said. "Miss Cosgrove you will;enter the verdict of this court. Mrs. Lilly Warren came to her death by a self-infHcted giim*ot wound while ot a temporarily unsound mind." The Soaked Rich? PARIS. W — Harder economic conditions for the rich seem reflected In a Paris press report that the network of state-controlled pawnshops will soon be extended to more wealthy districts of the city, where they expect to receive mainly luxury goods such sji jewels and furs. There are more than 100 species of toads in the world, 13 of which are found in the United States. HOME LOANS Elbert S. 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A<5 SOON AS THINGS ARE GROWN WE'LL ~ 1 A GOPHER.' m Room for One More MICHAKI, O'MAUJiY and RAU'H LANE OKAY, PfBBLtS, YOU COME IN,TOO.' tfntent on knocking the study door from rts hln£es, Bas- cotn Pond lowered his head and... WASH TUBBS Those Uival Kalliki«k,i HY r.KSUE TURNEK HAM-STKUWG 8V 5WOOPIU' COPS WmtE WHILE I DECOY TMiM LAWS 6OM6tVH£R£5 E[ >yOJ B6M MOILV TO IK' SWAGl WEU SPLIT LMEK, RW OUR HARD X' TAUKS -fWORKIN 1HM DOUBie-CHOSSIM'MOLLV SUdTCHES MV WEST EGG!! IT MAKES ME MID DA IORVILLE...I I COULD KICK A MOO BlkKEFOOTED! HfcDOWED BV POLICE P! S1WCE HIS RELEASE FRO* PRISOU, JAKE PILCHECCMJT RECOVER THE 8AUK 1DOT HE HIP IU 1005. BUGS BUNNY 1 U.siiw I he Heart THE STRAW HM SEASON OPENED TOCAV VVABBIT/ WHERE'S WURS ? ^r- HMMM.' /AN' ME WITHOUT JA NICKEL TO BUY A HAT/ I GOTTA THINK o 1 SOMETHING; Ready lo 1'Iav HY V. T. HAMLIiN THE LA5T C>NE IN 15 A KNOW • WHAT! BOOTS AND HKR IUIDDIKS HY KDCAK .MARTIN HARDING brought dynamite from the large supply the storeroom and planted it skillfully in the hole scooped .from the shallow topioll. The bedrock was shattered for a foot or two and piece) and dirt blew kv all directions. The flowering plant on the grave of A. Ruble was clipped off neatly at its base by a flying fragment. "It's deep enough," Harding Mid. George Bascombe and Fred Sill- well helped him lower the stiffened canvas-wrapped body of Lilly Warren into the grave. The women, with the exception o( Mollie, stood and watched. Harding picked tip a shovel and tossed in some dirt and rock. "Aren't you — going to »ay something?" Agnes Firth asked hesitantly. "Say something?" Harding snapped. "What do you want me to say. Dust to dust? The only thing to say is that It is unfortunate Mrs. Warren's weaknesses should inconvenience others." He began shoveling again. Bea Cosgrove heard Nona Me- Guire draw in her breath sharply. She put her hand on the younger woman's arm in time to stop an outburst. They watched while Harding and Bascombe filled in the shallow hole. They turned in silence and flled slowly toward the main house. Harding washed hi.i , hands thoughtfully at the kitchen sink, then joined the rest in the main room. He smiled suddenly. "I have thought of a way out of the present difficulty," he said. "For the time being, I will ask Miss McGuire to take-over tHe house duties and the cooking. I will get a black dress for' you, Miss McGuire, in place of the green you'r* wearing." "I'm ilad to know what wan worrying you," Nona said too sweetly. "Now what would you like for lunch? Fudge or a tossed s^lad? That's all 1 know how to cook." (To B* Continued) , FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 1Z Inch (o 41 inch, plain or reenfcreed. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, t«ol sheds. We deliver. Call 01 for frte estimal* . . . Phone «8l. . OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO.

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