The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1944
Page 3
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.WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, BLYTHEVILL]B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAfiB I'HKKK Ark-Mo Ginners Mechanical Processes . Of Cotton Industry £ Will Be Studied HOT SPRINGS, July 12.—"Old King Cotton" Is beginning to realize he is n victim of sx truly modern stream-lined age nnd, like other great national' assets, must undergo the process of mechanization, '• . This will lie fully emphasized, and illustrated at the 27th annual meeting of the Arkansas-Missouri Gln- nei's' Association, which convenes In the Arlington hold, Monday • and Tuesday,- July 17-18. This also will probably be Ihe last convention to be held in this noted hotel for the duration, as the Army will acquire that and two other hotels August 1. U. B. Grcss, Little Hock, sccre tary, declared this will be a "War conference in every sense of the word." "Continued production of cotton under limited labor conditions will be the chief topic of discussion," Mr. Gross said, "and that, of course means mechanical processes will feature tlie programs. It is tlie opinion of well informed men who have devoted the best years of theii life to the cotton industry, that tlie future of cotton, from the standpoint of labor shortage, and compe- tllion from synthetic fibers, depends upon the degree of mechani- ration that can be put into the production of cotton." John E. Roberts, Memphis, president of the Association, will preside. Others scheduled for address es arc C. A. Dennett, Stoneville Miss., engineer in charge of the U cotton ginning laboratory, who'wil speak OH "Mechanical Cotton Farming and Its Effects on Ginncrs.' C. C. Gray, of the Internaliona Harvester Company. Chicago, wil i"'^us5' "Mechanical Cotton Chop B.V>-&" ai 'd J- E. Adams, branch •jiti'lmcnt station, also located Stoneville, Miss., will speak on "Con trol of'Weeds and Grasses in Cot ton by Flaming." Claude J. Byrd agriculturist of American Cynami Corporation, Little Rock, speaks o "Defoliation as an Aid to COtto Harvesting." The latter address ivi be illustrated with motion picture, as will also the speech of Mr. Gra; Officers will be elected and resolutions adopted at Tuesday morning's session. President Roberts has urged a big attendance. ' He stressed the importance of the session. "This season, through use of new machines and processes, a smull amount of cotton is being produced with practically no hand labor, and we have all this, in speech and motion pictures, ready to be presented. MOONSHINE COMES BACK ... » •.'»,...' ^ . , . Mountain Stills Flourish, Though Hampered By Shortage of Sugar .« -.,',, :--: : i<ri' ''FICTION: Some prospective horns buyers Ihihk it will be better to delay building or buying their posl-\var horrie'as they be^ lieve a new, 'revolutionary'type ot! louse eventually "vf\\\ be avail-; ble. A few years after" (lie war,; hey believe, homes will be more iiodern than ones'built immedi-' tely after, victory. • .; FACT: Carefully planned an<}. iropeily constructed homes,.ot Conventional design built after he war will be much more al- raclivc inside nnd out, more liv "ible, and will offer belter value,) "says Ihc National Associalion o£i ionic Builders. These homes cati! je designed so that new equip-! nent 1 which becomes available! csn be easily and economically! 'nslalled. : ' Q. i * * * - ~vT- I FICTION: Year 'round airrCon-1 ditioninK for homes costingi$6,OflO and less—that is, a system prpvid-' ng warm, moist air in AyintetV nnd cool) dryair in-lhe summer, is in Hie movies—will be ori'th'oi market at a price io'lit almost; every pocketbook. , ", ', '••' •. •' ' FACT:'Manufacturers generally slate thai there'will not lib any. ••real revolutionary change'in existing air-conditioning systems, .vhich will reduce their cost and ijrinj: ilieni into (he realm df the lower and medium price homes. Room coolers, as well as allic'vrn^ tilatim: fans, have been available for some lime and probably will be more widely use<l. < - ' .•/ FICTION: Complete bathroom units "(constructed of now and ex- r-iiing materials) fabricated—all ready to install in low-cost homes, FACT: Manufacturers • report no drastic chflnges projected- for bathroom fixtures and walls, but normal evolution is expected. Accessories now"on the'market penorally will he vised. It all depends on the price : yoti can'pay By S. 1UIUTON HKA'l'H NKA Sl:iiT Correspondent WASHINGTON.—Moonshlnlng— the ninmifucture of Illicit, "whisky" —tins been on the upswing since late last summer, Selv.iires by federal agents, which give Hie best available yardstick, Imve more than doubled since the nil-time low of November. 1942. This upsurge should not, ljo\v- ver, be over-emphasized. It Is niiorlnnt mostly In conlrnst with nbnormal depression to which ugar rationing, .scarcity of esscn- al materials, and high pay In idiistrlnl employment, hud driven once nourishing industry. Last March, the most recent lonth for which figures arc avnll- ble, Treasury agents seized 5">l tills and 237,000 gallons of mush. vhich looked high by comparison vith 355 slllls anil only 101.000 gal- ons ol mash for November, 1042 rfash gallons are considered the best Index of moonshiuliiK activity The consistent but slow rise tlml jcgan last year lias not brought noonslilning to an.vthlng npproncli- ng the pre-war level, however. Fed eral authorities do not anticipate any serious Increase until sugar bc- coines readily available to the moon- shiners. For while (heir product lb called "whisky," and occasionally i: disguised with counterfeit, labels o some of the old favorite ryes am bourbons, actually most of it 1 made from siigiir or syrup rathe than from grain. SHORTAGES NO HARDSHIP ' The quality of the product, li case you haven't risked any of Idle is something less than pediculous It isn't poison—if that gives an> cheer. "I'm making It lo sell, not tc drink," one moonshiner explained. The' price, even for these limes is 'scandalous. It bears little relationship to cost of production, but is controlled by the old economic laws of supply mid -demand. There was a short' period -when moonshine of better "quality" had wholesale for 85 cents a gallon. The retail price in Atlanta used Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUED ' " W. L. Nashville 5' 2 Atlanta 4 3 Birmingham 4 .1 Memphis .' 4 3 Chattanooga 3 4 New Orleans 3 4 Little Rock- 3 4 Mobile .2 5 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Every ginner should convention.' attend this Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE ' All-Star game at Russwood-'Park, Memphis. . : NATIONAL LEAGUE No games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled.' jfc v Const Guard losses in World War I were higher, proportionately, than any other brand) of t!ic armed service. St. Louis Barton 45 ... 12 New York 39 Washington 38 Chicago 34 Cleveland 37 Detroit 3G Philadelphia . .. '35 NATIONAL LEAGUE * '' ' W. L. St. Louis 51 21 Pittsburgh 39 30 Cincinnati 4? 33 ew York 37 39 liladelphia 32 41 rocklyn 33 43 u'cngo . 29 40 oston 30 45 Happy Heinie Boy, oh, boy, Is this Heinie happy? He's piciured just after being taken prisoner by Yanks near BarneviUe, France, arid-his expression leaves no doubt about bis altitude tow.ird lighting'to Ihe death for Der Fuehrer. Political Announcements TSe Courier News Iu« been «U thortKd to announce toe candidacies, lubject to til* Dtmo era tic- primary In August: STATE REPRESENTATIY1 ALEN15 WORD (for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDEBUCH (for re-election, Post No. I) J. IiKR BKARDKN (for re-election. Post No. I) LTJCIEN E. COLEMAH E. 0. "GENE"' FLEEilAN (Post No. 4) If' PROSECUTING ATTORNEY ' IVIE C. SPENCER MARCUS FIETZ (For Be-elecllon) JAMES'C. HALE BHKBIFF AND COLLICIOB HALB JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BDDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREA8UBEE B. B. (SKEET) STOUT M18S BELLA PUBTLB COUNTY JODGK ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) ' DW1GHT H. BLACKWOOD CIRCUIT COURT CLERK HARVEY MOHRia (For re-eleollon) COUNTY CLEBK T. W. POTTER «or re-elccUon) Pet. .114 .571 .571 .571 .429 .429 Pet. '.510 .538 .527 .494 .479 .474 .462 .455 Pet. '.70S .565 .560 .487 .438 .434 .420 .395 to be 35 cents a half pint. ! Now the wholesaler or distributor picks up five gallon cans from a "drop" In tlic woods at from $50 to $72, averaging almut $12.50 n gallon from Baltimore to Mobile. Tlie highest retail price is $25 n (-allai in Alabama, $1.50 a half pint in dry Baldwin- Comity, Alabj; .Yesterday's Results " AMERICAN LEAGUE Open'dale. - "'"" .'": ' NATIONAL LEAGUE Open date. - •• , SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis- 3, Chattanooga* 2 Nashville 2rG, Birmingham 'l-l Little Rock 6, Atlanta 4.' R*«d Courier Herwi want ut. All have of the moonshiner's costs risen, of course, and his volume lias gone down. Tlie biggest increase In expense is for Inbor Helpers who used to accept as litlle as $1- u'dny now are getting $10 Nevertheless, the moonshiner 'i making more money now than wlici 'costs were lower and volume man times as great. Metal and material shortages have not worked loo great hardship on these lawbreakers. Cop per has been all but impossible to obtain, but copper .'S- only • a 1 refinement anyway. For yonis it ha: World's Great ostensible wood-cutter sitting on a '.og beside the road perhaps''a mile vicinity, a few miles Reminiscent of prohibition days ure scenes in niiiuntalu ri'KlonK where niouiistiiiK-is are busy :if.\ln. (Jinillly is terrible, but rirlci'.s ' art:' scandalously high because of the whlslty shortage. ly now because they can be nuulc Inlo 'liquor, more quickly thin Brnin mash. So long as mi VIM remains scarce and under miner strict control, muci'.iLjhlnlng will rio become n iiuijor problem. The current rise in - activity I. attributed to some' Inciease in su gar allotments for industrial use and UK Ihrsc become more llbcr.V pel-milling greater diversion, Trcna iiry a gents expect 1.0 •)«. kept in crenslngly busy. away. In the apart, were a number of such installations, worked on u Serial basis so that onu .still could be kept In continual use making the rounds. In Georgia five or six different.op- erators have, been found depending upon a single perpntellc coimmm- ity still. • •. • . ., V Sugar and syrup arc used most- EVERY HOME FRONT SHORTAGE stems from the 'needs of our Armed Forces . . . now in iiaion of testily lo fight iu65 tlirVerei'ucoiimrk'sorislinds around die world. Symbol of our millions under arms, G. I. Joe is tlic world's greatest, most- deserving, high-priority' customer. As evidence of Ins tremendous con- sumiiiccap.'icilj^ consider the fact tliit every iky, 60,0110,000 gallonspf p'eiro-. leu rnproductsgotoour Armed I'orccs. Let the figures sink in: (jO.OpO.OCIO <lii)! No wonder there is concern not only about current supply, blit also about the nation's petroleum reserves. •.'••• ; : With the same initiative and energy, which prompted iislong peacetime re- At every well, in every refinery, in every production unit, the spirit Is: •' Leave nothing undone which might contribute to an earlier victory." Twenty-four hours a day, I'lu'llips host efforts lire devoted to the production of petroleum products for the war effort: gasoline, lubricants, \ fuel oils, 100-octanc,'butadiene, and oilier synthetic chemicals. That is wliy we say, every time you search 'for new ami better tilings from see the Phillips 66 Sliickl, Ice it re- iniiul you tluitl'liillips great U'liiieriL's arc giginlic (lumiciil jihmls pouring out ^vcapons for victory. l'niLLli'5 PfiTlioiiiUM Co., Btrlttirillt, OHi. Pfc. Raymond Crawford Returns From Pacific llomcward-bonnd after 20 mouths in the South Pacific U Pfc. moml Crawford, who wired father, his Ira Crawford Monday that he had arrived hi the states, and expected to next week. arrive .in Blythcvllle Member of the famed First Marine Division, Private' Crawford spent five months on Guadalcanal and participated In the original invasion of that island. He 1 bus been •i:i combat in several Pacific Islands, been used, Jn many sections of the but was unable to reveal the'names South,- ,pnly for condensers, and a I lo his father. int nf fii^r.i!Ki ^,1 i... ,i:,uii~,i :.. I Tjip 21-year-old Marine entereil tlie service while attending Bly- Ihevllle High School, and sailed foi lot of alcohol can be distilled an old automobile radiator. COMMUNITY STILLS 'the cooking is done largely in olcj-..oil drums, sometimes with two or three welded into a singb vessel, and in wooden tanks with sheet, metal bottoms to face the flames, • -A. single still can and often does serve many, moonshiners, on a community basis. .The mash is prepared and left to ferment either hi a-."ground hog"—a tnnk in which U also is cooked—or in barrels buried in-the ground tu some out-of-the- way spot. On one Tennessee IIIOMII- tain top' I saw 30 such barrels, camouflaged lightly with boughs, fermenting with no guavd except uii .h e Pacific area shortly nftcr completing liool training. Notable Guests BOSTON (UP)—While searching for material for the paper salvage drive, Ihe Motel Vendome came across Its first register 'begun In 18BO nud discovered the signatures of Presidents Martin Van Buren and Ulysses S. Grant, us well iis, Thomas A. Edison, Oscar Wilde A'dni. Hobert E. Peary, Harriet Beccher Stowe, Juliiv AVarti HOWL and Snrah Ucrnhtirdl. ftlfiltum-Kalis us well as from i U'um, Phillips is now actively engaged in speeding up production ami discovering new sources of ancle supply. FOR VICTORY...Buy U.S.War Bonds and Stamps CMR FOR YOUR CAH- fOR YOUR COUHTRY ..(„„ mil, No. ICO to Russqll Murr's U<|- uor Store to sell anil'dispense vinous or spirituous; .llciuo'rs for ilicvornge at retail 'Oil 1 tlie.preinisus described as 100 South 2nd St., Blythevlllc, Ark/' ' This permit Issued on the 1st day ot July, • 1U44 mid'expires on the 30th iluy of June,, 1045. li'iissell K. Man• •• " Permittee. agf nt retail tin Ihe premise:! described us '1111 W. Ash Street, niy- UltiVlllC. Thin permit Issued on Ihu 1st dny of July, HM4 nud expires on the HO til (lay of June, 104S. •W, II. Young Permittee. OF NOT1CK 01-' OKANTI.S'C • LIQUOR PKKMIT Notice Is hereby given that the NOTICE OK (WANTING I.lQUOIt I'HUMIT Nollce ; Is''hereby--'given, that the Commissioner 1 ot Revenues, of .the Slntc of Arkansas has Issiicd a per nlll, No. 102 to,Tim Colored Whls- Comiuissiotic'r of Revenues of the •'key SliO|i to sell ''arid 1 dispense, vlu- NOTHti: OF OKANTINCi OF Notice ' Is hereby given Hint tlie Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas lias Issued n per- inlt,'No. 100 lo 11. S. HlmnioiiK lo sell and dlspenso vinous oi'-Kplrltu- uus llquorn lor beverage nt retail on Ihe premises described us 10U So. Division St., Dlyllievllle, Ark. Stale of Arkansas has Issued a per- 1 oas or spirituous llquora for liever- Tills permit Issued ouJhe 1st du> of July, IU'14 and expires on Ihe 30th lay of June, 1045 B. S. Simmons Pennine? 7|5 & 12 \ NOTICE OP OHANTINO OF . I.lQllOH 1THMIT ' l Nollce Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas has Issued a-permit, No. 1GI1 to noblnsoii:EaSt End. Phcy. lo sell and dispense vinous Or ' spirituous liquors for beverage at rt lull on the premises described, as 310 E. Main St., lilythevllle. Tills permit Issued on the 1st day of July, 104'! ami expires on tlie',30 , day of June, 1015 I • M. H. Robinson ••, Permittee. -1|5 ^ 12- Jhartcr No, 1M89 . Reserve Dislricl No. 8 REPORT O?' 1 CONDITION OF THIi First NJotionql Bank of BlytheviNe i the State of Arkansa.s, at'the'close of business on Jirnc .10 19-14 I'nl, m and discounts <lncludin g -S42d.55 overdrafts) $1 11700074 .j«:u States Government obligations, direct ami guaran- '. ' Obligations of States' and' political' subd'iVisions".'.'. ^s'soc ™ orpornte stocks (including $5,100.00 stock of Federal Reserve J|OUU — :ash r balances with oilier"tanks',' iiicliidhig 'reserve'bahn'cc 5 ' 1M ' 00 nnd cash items in process of collection.... : . i risRIS 11 Bank premises owned' $2f331.23, furniture and'"fiviurcs TOTAL ASSETS .............................. LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individual, partnerships, and corpora- .$3,053,005.01 lions .$2,235,451.1 Time-deposits of individuals, partnerships, and 'corporatioiis '309438 Deposits of United States Government <inc!udin» noilal savings) . . : ...........'../.......:.'.. ° Deposits of States and political subdivisions Dciwsils of banks 79,G33.'i: . .. Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc > m'w 'TOTAL DEPOSITS''....:..'..... S5 H«Vr,ii'<iV '' ' DEPOSITS-....:..'..... ?2,882.6i8.% ' TOTAL LIABILITIES $2.882,618.0 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: '"' ! : "'" Common stock, total par $100,000.00 $ Surplus :' ..' :»•:'.'....".•. Undivided profits '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'."".'.'. 100.000.0 70,000.0 386.0 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 170 38G 0 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $3,053,005.0 MEMORANDA Pledged assets (and securities loaned) (book 1 vtihie 1 ): United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed, pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities... 84,000.0 TOTAL Secured liabilities: Deposits secured by pledged assets pursuant to requirements ot law '...'...'.• 43,4025 ttti*,,,,,,,,,,,,,, f ,,,,,,,, t ,,,, 43 4Q2* State of Arkansas, County of Mississippi, ss: .'. £ .?' C ; ? aflord . cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swea that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belle •"•'•' p. c. PafJord, Cashier. Correct^-Attest: S. H. Williams E. M. Regenold Roland Green, Directors Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5th day of'July, 1944. (Seal) , ••> . ••••• --' • '.••• I-M Jesse Taylor, Notary Public. and Go hand in hand! No one was ever wnll groomed while wear- in p soiled 01- wrinkled dolbfls. Immaculateness in clothing is an ablosulc prercqitisHc to good appearance . . . You'll yet the fed of careful'grooming in Hudson-denned garments. Trust your filmiest sheers to our careful handling! i Forty-eight Hour Service On Request Call 2612 For HUDSON -Better Dry Cleaning

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