Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on May 14, 1951 · Page 30
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 30

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1951
Page 30
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I 30 Monday, May 14, 1951 GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE Granite onc was a red-hot A Chinese husband Is given lt-mass far below th earth's sur- gal cause for divorce if his wife face. cannot get along with her in-laws. Fred Feldhusen, Chilton, Succumbs Special to Press-Gazette CHILTON, Wia. Fred Feld-husen, 84, resident of Chilton for many years, died at the Park Ave Kl 17 D S U S When Ruark Takes the Wheel Garages Dart Into Highways Motors Die Like Flies Under His Care and Repairmen Flourish and Grow More Vocal By ROBERT C. RUARK nue Rest home, Fond du Lac, at j.jS' is 1 3:30 Sunday morning after a long PACKER CITY SUPPLY CO. illness. Ph. Howard 8370 He was born in New Holstein 1479 Kurtx Ave. MIAMI, Fla. I had forgotten the joys of motoring before his trip down here, and also the axiom that a big city boy had best stay in the city, in order to protect himself against the Is now our Aerovap Representative in Green Bay Oct. 10, 1866, a son of the late Datlaff Feldhusens. He operated a farm in the town of Charles-town until he retired and moved to Chilton in 1933. He and his wife, the former Margaret Sell, wiles of the ruralite, or boobytrap. I made it from New York to Miami in just under a week, SOLD LEASED! NOW! ' t Si.!. . r AEROVAP and the final cost would have al- celebrated their golden "wedding lowed the charter of a private air few hundred miles it developed evrything from punctures to bu plane. This is not including the anniversary Oct. 28, 1940. Mrs. Feldhusen died Jan. 1, 1944. sale of the car. It was such bonic plague of the carburetor. Then It Happened Survivors include three daugh pretty car, too, before the hood caved in and the front end ters, Mrs. Henry Bublltz of Buffalo Snrinffs. N. D.. Mrs. John We were savoring the marvels dropped off and it fell into the ni i.-i.. I IP : eu- ! of the open road, such as men acnmuzne ana ivirs. civm oiuac- clutches of a modern Ali Baba and acing trucks, gas fumes, detours his 40 sister compatriots. and pimply young men in hot-rod Ci. A. VrT "naiMtg- - - -- - a-'-- Milium - . . . v . vs. Some people do not get along fer, Waukesha; four sons, Milton of Glenbeulah, Wis., Herbert of Sheboygan, and Edward and Fred, Jr., Waukesha; two brothers, Hen jalopies, and even showing a prof it up to and including George well with dogs, cats or horses, With me it's . Protect Food Public Health, In Your mm J tm town, S. C, where we stopped to automobil e s. ry, of Beach, N. D., and Wlluam,; Washington state; three sisters, j Mrs. Carl Peik of Chilton, Mrs.! steal a bottle of snake-bite lotion from a venerable friend who Lucy Tennyson, Milwaukee, and runs a deluxe motel. Only slight casualties occurred in St. Augus Mrs. Bert Pendegrast, Bowman,: tine, where a man named Max N. D.; eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. ; Controls Flies continuously, automatically. No odor. No labor. well, whose friends wrestle alligators for fun, operates another Funeral services will be held at They nave as yet constructed no automobile which will not, as dep onent takes the wheel, sigh, sputter, clank, clang, cough, and collapse. I had not touched this shiny beauty since tavern for tired motorists. With 1:30 Wednesday afternoon at the; no provocation Mr. Maxwells garage turned on my car with a Boat owners have a special spring clean-up, fix-up chore. A group of three is pictured at work on a motorboat at the Green Bay Yacht club, left to right: John Rkorczew-ski, Vincent Nichols and Gordon Besaw. It's the time for hull scraping, varnish, sanding and painting. snarl and deliberately hit it on the fender. Erbe-Hoffman Funeral home. The Rev. Orval Egbert, of the Ebenezerj Evangelical and Reformed church,1 will conduct the rites, and burial will be in Hillside cemetery.: Friends may call at the funeral home at 7 o'clock tonight. j The fun began for fair in a The Aerovap has been used successfully for years In thou sands of food shops continuously without contaminating exposed food or offending customers. The perfect answer for controlling flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. ceived occasional bulletins as to place called Stuart, Fla., where last October. Ruark In a space of a the critical condition of my con veyance. My local Ali Baba would the car gave a wistful wheeze and ceased functioning entirely. A young man with eight kids and a and to attend Achievement day Ripon To Give Taft Honorary Law Degree RIPON, Wis. VP) Sen. Robert A. Taft (R-Ohio) and five others will receive honorary degress at Ripon college's 85th annual commencement exercises activities in Marinette June 7. deceptively disarming appearance stick his head in the door and report that, golly, he had just discovered that there was dengue in the distributor, and acute convul The birthdays of Mrs. Edward said he reckoned it warn t nothing ORDER NOWI And be sure to have it when the flies camel We also service buildings for control of roaches, rats and micel sions of the compressor, not to Provencher, Mrs. Joseph Van Hulla Jr., Mrs. Orville Gauthier and Mrs. Edward Leonard were mention a few gallstones in the i very serious and he would speed i us on our way in a jiffy. The Florida definition of a jiffy turns out to be Infinity. We repaired to a local hostel called the lighthouse, observed. Club members planned gas pump and an ulcerated gen erator. June 9. Taft, who will deliver the com mencement address, will be grant to attend the tree planting pro Three-Car Collision Kills 5 Teen-Agers Zahl, N. D. (U.R) Five 'teen-! agers were killed and eight persons were injured in a three-car collision east of here Sunday night. The five persons killed were riding in two cars with seven other companions of high school age. One of the cars had just passed an auto driven by Adolph Nelson of Williston, N. D., going east over a rise on U. S. Highway 85 1 miles east of Zahl when it collided with the second car of students. Nelson's car hit one or both of the other vehicles. Those killed were Beverly Watts, Williston; Doris Swenson and Willard Horab, Bonetrail, HAVE TOME FOR HOUSEGLEANING Brine In Your CHENILLE BEDSPREADS, RUGS, weekly wash, etc., for Individual Washing Service. Launderer We Now Have Pickup and Delivery Service Call HOWARD 6265 Snd for Frte Ducripliv Foldtr ject at Beecher May 19. Lunch Native Arrived which is run by the only British ex-Sumatran rubber planter in ed an honorary degree of doctor of Word spread round that a city was served. Mrs. Irene Brisbane will entertain the group June 14. the Florida saimshing area civil laws. Other awards will be as follows slicker had strayed into the jungle and we were soon surrounded with eager natives who oifered us right bits of scintillant conversa Dr. Walter Courtenay, First Presbyterian church, Nashville, that I ever met, anvhovv. - In between gin pahits and a general discussion of politics in Kuala Lampur with Mr. Charles Lintell, the backslid planter, I re- Tenn., doctor of sacred theology Dr. William F. Meggers, U. S. bu tion in return for all the firewater they could drink. Ali Baba, SAYS "GOODBYE" TO CONSTIPATION "I have had great auccesa with i all-bran. After years of constipation, I am now regular. Thanks to I APPI.ETOM MILWAl'KEF. MADISOV 102 Irving Zuflkr Bldg. 522 H. North Ave. 11!) K. Main St. Phone 3-3382 COncord 4-3430 Phone S-S539 reau of standards physicist, and Dr. Arthur G. Hayden, New York City, a civil engineer, doctor of science; Dr. Carl P. Russell, You Say It With Pride . . . N. D., and Emma Jean Karlsrud Yosemite National park, Calif., and Leroy Sorenson of Appam, N. D. min mif Aijun knttifi" chief naturalist of the national SOOOOOOOCOQOOl 116 Villi VUI Villi IIVIIIV V Nelson's wife and the seven sur park service, doctor of laws; and Dr. James E. Dunlap, University of Michigan, doctor of humane letters. YOU'LL BE PROUD OF YOUR viving students were hospitalized at Williston. One of the students was expected to die. my ounce of all-bran every day!" Victor Sands, 163 Dundee Avenue, Patemon, N. J. One of many unsolicited letters from user. If troubled with constipation due to lack of dietary bulk. smiling secretly to himself, muttered weird incantations over the engine, and gleefully discovered fresh difficulties, most of which seemed to need transfusion of money. The rubber planter and I had! killed our fifth tiger and had put: down three native uprisings when, along about dawn, Ali Baba announced that he had rebuilt Bessiei to where she ticked like a fine watch, and presented a bill to match. I believe that this is true, because the list included a solid platinum gas pump and a set of batteries charged with neat penicillin. The rubber planter offered free asylum, however, in the bungalow he keeps for unwary wayfarers. We appeased our expectant hostell who had only waited' dinner until 1 a. m. next day with PAINT JOB Mrs. Stewart Is Still In Serious Condition .HOLLYWOOD VP) Mrs. Mrs. Rodgers Hostess To Homemakers Club Special to Press-Gazette CRIVITZ, Wis. Mrs. Earl Rodgers entertained the Spring Valley Jimmy Stewart, who underwent do this: eat an ounce (about yi cup) of taBty Kellogg's all-bram for breakfast daily, drink plenty of water! If not satisfied after 10 days, return empty carton to Kellogg's, Battle Creek, Mich, double tour uonet back! advertisement surgery three times in less than a week, is improved today but is : Homemakers Friday at her home. still seriously ill. Plans were made to have an ex- The 32-year-old wife of thei"10'1 at the Marinette lounty fair now. We'll be glad to show you, without obligation, new plans, new ideas, new products and how easy it is to own your own home. gifts of frankincense and myrrh, and the car had the good tart? not to drop dead until we drove into the yard. Then it came down with the ague and re-collapsed, com ft: r STARTING MAY 20th Milton Schultx's Green Bay Kosher Meat Market H if! Be Open SUNDAY from 8 A. M. to 1 P. I. WEEKDAYS 9 A. HI. to 5:30 P. M. FEATURING HOT CORNED BEEF ON SUNDAY And a complete line of kosher delicatessens daily. Stop in today! Ask for Milt. 714 MAIN STREET PHONE ADAMS 5369 actor gave birth to twin girls last Monday by caesarean section. An intestinal obstruction which bore no relations to the births was found and she had a minor operation Friday. . Saturday night, Mrs. Stewart, the former Gloria Hatrick McLean, underwent major surgery for the intestinal trouble and was in critical condition. She was given several blood transfusions. Stewart has been constantly at his wife's bedside. He announced that one of the twins has been named Kelly but that the other eirl is as yet unnamed. There's a special pride that goes with home ownership you get from nothing else in the world. You can't help but feel it. You're solid citizens. You "belong" to the community and you know, deep down, that as long as your home stands it is shelter, stability, security for you and your family. Right now right here you can buy a new home for the rent you're paying. So why wait? Come see us owra pletely. Which is why I have just swapped the carcass for some bright beads and gay calico and similar trinkets. It'll take a while to walk from Miami to Stuart, of course, but Trader Horn here is going to get some of his original investment back from the natives if it takes until Christmas. III DE COSTER CONSTRUCTION CO. 137 James St. Adams 4715 Change Fair Date REEDSVILLE, Wis. The date of the next monthly fair falls on Memorial day, so the sale has been advanced one week to Wednesday, May 23. III Tlk. am urn r Good reason to be proud. Top quality "Dutch Boy" does such a smooth, beau-tiffll, long-tasting paint job. There's a "Dutch Boy" product skillfully blended for your every paint need. Pick the ones you need from the listing on this page. Then come in for yours today! Carry gives you a lift ami A famous "DUTCH BOY" paint for every need! 1 00 PURE with a U OSedMCflnOliU on ILEAKI-(yjP ADIDSH r "Dutch Bov 2 QUALITY PAINTS Every Interior ? Finish You Need! Lawn Rakes .... 1.59 Garden Rakes . . '1.95 Garden Hoe ....... '1.89 Heavy Duty Broom . . s2.29 7" PAINT ROLLER $ AO FOUNTAIN TYPE $0 AO AND TRAY 5tU7 PAINT ROLLER W.l7 Your Guarantee Of Quality Paint Is the zvmtAcn 100 Pure Label r WONSOVER 12 0Z. CAN WALLPAPER CLEANER 18c Interior Gloss Enamel i HI ACTIA Beautiful finishes, everyone washable ... for every room bath, kitchen, bedroom, living room etc. 50 10 YEAR GUARANTEE $Se59 Satin Eggshell Quick-Drying Enamel Sparkling White Enamel GARDEN HOSE $7.19 50' 5 YEAR GUARANTEE Let the ZUMMACH label be your guide to quality and enduring satisfaction for your every exterior and interior paint need. ASK FOR ZUMMACH'S WEATHER PROOF PAINT Paint Brushes - Wheel barrows - Step Ladders White Pointed $J Q SB SPONCES to Floor $184 Mops reins unu Arches All Styles, All Sizes $7.95 Beautiful New Patterns & Styles nrwiTf FOR HOUSECLEANING KfcIN I I OR REDECORATING! DO IT YOURSELF! RUG, CARPET SCRUBBER Complete With Shampoo and Drying Attachment Get a Thorough Professional Job! Quick! Safe! ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENT Floor Sanders Wallpaper Removers REASONABLE RATES by the Hour or by the Day. GARBAGE BURNER BASKET 2.95 r Per Singte Roll ill and up ff Acerui Complete line of natural spouses at lowest prices In town! In Midwest Paint Co. 1M Ml Uvl AND COMPANY LUMBEil ttnd SUPPLY 1276 MAIN ST. PH. ADAMS 1076 i WE DELIVER 125 fl. BROADWAY Wholesale, Retail Howard 6225 ADAMS 5511 SI I MAIN STREET I V7-

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