The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1939
Page 6
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FRIDAY,; JUNR 2." 1939 J51ATm>;VlLJ,K, (AliK) tOUUIL'K NKWS \ f CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rule per line for coiisecu- iivc insertions: One time per linn. lOc, Two times jjer line |)cr da.v.,..0tte Three (lines.per line per day.'. .OCc Six limes per line iicr diiy 05J Monlli rate per (inc.... 60c Cards of Thanks: 50c & 756 Minimum ehorse 50c Ads ordered for three or six iiincs and sloni>e[l before expiration will bo charged for Ilio number or limes the add appeared and adjustment of 1)111 made. rtll Classified Advertising copy submitted : by persons residing outside of tlie city mml he accompanied by ciish. Rates may be easily computed from above table. I Advertising ordered for .(iregu Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be. taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any'classified ad. For Rent Furnished apartment, flOfl W. Wal- niil. 2-pk-M Unfurnished 1 room apartment m E. Davis. Apply 313 N. 3th. _____ 31-pk-S Two story bricl: residence, 1010 W. Main St. Phone 383. Mrs. Frank C. Douglas. 30-ck-ir One or two unfurnished rooms. Cool. 516 Cliickasawba. 30-pk-fi 2 furnished rooms. Private entrance. Water furnished. $3.00 per week or $10.00 per month. 1221 Holly.. St. 20-pfc-S Modern house. Built-in fcalutva". Newly painted. Apply 122 W. Two large, bedrooms for rent Mrs. Nolcn, 310 W. Walnut. 24ck-U 2 or 3 roo minrnlsiied apartment 700 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tf Coinforliible bedroom. 025 W. Phone 277-J. 15-ck-6-15 Klnre building and residence com bined. Good location for grocery and meat market. 540 Lake St. See Dr. ,f. A. Saliba. Phone 410 or 418. . 12-ck-C-12 Attractive front bedroom. Beauty- rest mattress. S03 \V. Main. 1'h. G12. . 10-ck-U Furnished room cnlcring inio bath.- Bcautyrcst Mattress. Will Give 2 meals''.a- day. 818. Chiukdr saivba,, phone'. (!3S. .-•--•'• : i-da Office;!rooms, S;idlj.u7y'Buil(iinV'sec Grahi\m..sudtmry. •'. ' slit For Sale for Jut' Fishing complete uitli cans. Guaranteed won't leak. 7!ic each. Raymond Brooks, ; Slecle, Mo. 2-pk-9 Sow and pigs. G31 Clark. 31-pk-12 C'ot with wooden franic, wire springs and cotton mattress. S3.50. Call 030. ' 30-da One 5-rooin house. George M. lf.e. Phone 323. 10-ck-U Reconditioned motors. Ford 539.50, Chevrolet, fS7,50, with exchange of old jnotor. D. W. Cranford, Dell, Ark.. 3-pk-6-3 Wauled Nice furnished. Iioinc for t|ie summer. References. Call 253. l-pk-5 Nice furnished home for the summer. References. Call '253. i 30-pl!-3 CASH PAID. Tor good 1935. and 1037 mod';! Fords, I'lymouths and Chevrolet.?. Phone Howard Burton at 810. Phillip;; Motor Co. Ici ffotUilMlory tiuallty anil service In Piilry products, Cattle free at IJanp'a Disease, In bp.sL of physical coiullllon. Call Mrs. Grace Ixy.very M2-J, for llalsell's Grade A Raw Milk, Cream, Country Duller But- (crmllk, cslra or holiday orders. Inspection , encouraged unyllmc HakrU's Dnlry Promised Land, Route 2 ttooni and Board Comfortable rooms. fieasomiWe rates. 112 E. Cherry, phone u02. _ 8-ck-tt H is reported thai, liy~usliis~!i plastic material In pliif; up HID cut* that appear In a lire, (he life of Hie tire will be I.KII. Sell liawteiBh products. Needed every liome. ICaslly sold Pleasant work. Should make good earnings at slnrt and.-increase rapidly. Sales way up this yrnr. We toiieh you how. Uawlciuh's l>ept. AKK-2T-5U, Memphis, Tcn- ncssce. Cell for aS-Ceul I'urgrr WEST PLAINS, Mo. (UP)—lien- Ifcw Collins was senlcnced to seven years in the. Missouri prison after lie was convicted here of ob- (alnlng 25 cents by fraud. He Ims served Iwo previous prison terms. The Trans-Canada Air Lines, now curries more than 11.000 pounds of mail dnilv. WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices Bring to Our Itlylheville or Gosnell Gin R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde IF YOU AUK . I ; <)|{ A UKAl, 'T l''All, TO SKK 'I'lIK '{ OK T1IK CHOI" IN ,„ CA1{8 AND TRUCKS T \VKKK! Specials Tliis Week! 'M l ? onl IX-Lnxc •ruder, necon- dilioncil molor, new lires, nciv priltu. '35 Kortl V- 'riiflor, New motor. New tires... '38 Dulcfc Tudor. Unks nud runti like u new cur '37 Kord DeLuxe Tudor. Low mileage. A ['ml In Same Hotel, Same Room aii.1 in.p-. I'jopvietcrs (.,, at the lloiol Tiplon YI!-.vo;,r-oHI n, \j™ . He not only i,as lived m. ( |ic nnie hotel ronlinuon.s f,;,. ,„,, '' oi-cuplcd j.utn. H \viis on Nov. 1, U100. Hint )rakc lii-M.jv B lslcrc(l nl (he holi-l. fRlESCRiPtTOMS~ I'Vcvshcsl Hindi (iij.'iifitilo^d Itwil I'rlccs Kirby Drug Stores n ftw jo'di uflu KJ, Sinn then iiicix- Imvc hem }'j imiprli'lors. Drake hnllcves Die cv- fli! Is about cmnplelod K |tice (ho present oivner Is Mrs. Alox lliid, aniiii, (huifdilrr of (he orlelnul I'ropi-lctor, the hue o. A. »£' A ni-w romrillMi) coup,, with powrr-oiwri.I«1 (op Una ,.,t s e.s or mvers Itself at (he Iwlst, of n im'i- on the li\slrumenl board is now beliiu placed on thq nmikcl Oiuloi, i,. iRrani mil)-. iiiul .K OPINIONS . COMl'I.KTI-: COVKItAfli: '38 Koril Tudor. 15,000 miles. Ixwks like a new car '35 Chevrolet I':, ton. long! wheel Truck , ( $244 '31 Ford I,. W. B. I'.i Ton Truck .$371 PHILLIPS SKIN CANCER . NI.ES&wrKS »ljUi«vlllo, Ark. Now'uli.,1 ;,( 101 Nnru, jj,,,.,,,,,, ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON INWARDS, I'roiulfl,,,- nt Kcbuill Typcwi-Her.,, A,im, 1(r M,,,,, ( ali.'iilalors—Jli'lialrlnjt—I'arts—Kliil'ions file and perhaps, even the 'aliplafo i^ ^^^.r^^K^^s: •^^^iBgBBBBMBBM^.'.''^!'):, Untarnished In the air. LAWN MOWERS iihiirpelicd, factory nicthod, adjusted ollctl-Plckcd up & delivered ?1 ATKINS Shop & J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (iratliialc Oplomo- trlst hi Ill)-Ilii<vllli<. (il.-iwos HI led Correctly SEED CORN Scvor/il biislml.v (if h.vlii'id •so od coi-ii grown in N c w Miiilvid Coiinly, Mo., I OW H )li variety, \mm\ lo dose out nt $3 luislicl Also s-«vi!i'iil biishcln of ro- per PAUL BYRUM '122 K, Miiin SI. HOW LONG .SI.VfK VOtlll CAIl'HAI) AV "Approved I'oiU Lubrication?" VKSI 'Jlicio Is u dfffcicncb-16 lubilcnlloni ITvcry plnce doc? not have Ihe same slnmlarcin . • - noi can they five you the ipreln] Foul Lubricants wacTa especially for I-tord cais Get tlio foUowIng: SI'UCIAI, CMIASSIS ];UIJ)UCAT10N AND \VllKKl, PACKING (I'nr 30 n.ijs Only) COMl'I,RTI5 CHASSIS I-UIiHICATION PioMinc Ciun Grcnsc In all pies- iuie Ciun lutings Spilngs, UooJ Latlngt, Door Stilkcr rentes waxed, Door Hinges IjUbrlcatcd, tpiUal UicniC-i In Universal ilolnls, special liiljrlninl In slccr- )»U gear Hiid dlslriljlilor caiii; 1'ACK FRONT-'WHKlShS Wush out. hul) and ucarlngs, pack with special Ford -Short Filler Sodium Boan grease. Ad- Jusl wheel bearings. All Above Service Nought In CombinuUon. Only $1.39 PHILLIES MOTOR CO. ; ICE-ICE PhdnelO? Lawn .ftlo.wei-s ? BARGAINS IN~~" Used Lav/n Mowers SOME IN EXCELLENT GON'UI TION SHOUSE-HENRY HAKDWARE CO. Plionc 35 Minnows For Sale Minnows ntid fishing canes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hnwks. Goldfish Minnows B. F. Brojdon, 31D Doujan & COCK ROACHES V*ri Damon. Cor. flallroad & Uy. Personal Arouse Slogglsh Liver, nnrk oft Ilic liile, (o rid yourself of consU- pation, gas.jiams and that sour, punk feeling. Take- one box 6i . . KIRBY'S 'ACTIVE LIVER PILLS 25o at all Kirby Stores. «V .KURO IIAUMAN Vou TAKE OUO-DEVII. LION -ro 100 PRONTO ' Kvcn as You and I -uAv- WITH THAT SUV? USTEM TO HIM SfflUAWt < " GIT.IMTO 7HI5 7HIM&. "I'll ndinil ii's llioiightl'ully construclcd mul soundly d.'vnvti, Jjtil I still siiy liis rals are vulgar!" BIBLICAL PROPHET HORIZONTAL I Pictured Biblical prophet ft He \vas 3 great leader (1)1.). 13 Veiny 15 Without diflicuHy. 10 Fabulous bird. 17 Bound. 10 Thus. . 20 Sound of inquiry. 22 Astringent 2-1 Weigh! W Soil 2G l!!r ticc - soiii " [ Answer (a.Previous HOOTS ANO. JIKK IGStoi-y-tellcr. at river mouths. 21 His life v.-;is of bolh ease and - WOUi DOKiT HE '. 1 KF*JE.M'T vvnwt' Voo tvrew VAtPsUO QT- VOO 23 Refuse from pressed iDl Ei-iijics. [r| 25 To revolve. '21 Korrov.'ei-'.-. the bud of C7 Middle. YliRTICAL person. 31 Producing happiness 33 Insccl. 35 Moolcy apple 37 type measures. '10 Yes. •12 Mountain Finale. -15 To sin. •19 Unit) (lover 51 Rodent tU Otlll. ro T 28 Seo skeleton. ™ J ° " snl 32 Bellow. . 34 Great lake. 35 Genuine. 38 Connecting word. 3!) New York. •II He was given Ten 05 Anyihini; .steeped. 56 Riyhf. SB Note i p n scale 59 Negative, fil Plural . pronoun. 2 Convex molding;. 3S;ifc. •! IliiK ,111 cm 5 Drunkyrd. 5OglC5. , 7 You and I. B Fuel. \VASH TUUKS Mr. W:ir(ls Helps UY IJOY.CHAN1 Art, WEtt, WHO KIJOWS? MWBE FRIETOOFMIME AH' A FEW CHICKENS, AW SOW6 AM' CORU. FAMILIAR E\!EU TWS UOU EUS , M0 a aw SE AT HOWE. THOUGH HCATS HER5. ASS S66 IVl THE BA.P.H HEBE. SURELY HE V.'OULDW'T MWO IF I BORROW!M PIG OR TWO. by his God. 62 Mohammedan 9 cWhencicd 51 Drove •M Golf device. noble. goddess. 1C Almonds. 01 Fancies. It) An ' cO Five n'li;- IU-r- •nDomoslie CG He led his ecclesiaslic. 03 Mine' slave.'. . people mil of II HI. fi 3 Preposition FHKCKI.ES AND HIS FRIKNDS BY'MERKIL'L'.BLOSSKK •---AND You see, IT WAS AU_ IF THEY • ACTED GOOFY. WAS ONLY BECAUSE THEY HAD TD .' 3 PERFECT- i IARMUESS / PART OF TME INITIATION ' TMEY we HURT SO i GUESS AMD WHEN YOU.GET OUT OF , MERE ,VOU • GAM SAY THB SAME THING' '' OKAY,' YOU'LL UNDERSTAND > YOU WERB cwce ' -•I WAS YOUNG ostce /

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