The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1966 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 8, 1966
Page 9
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(Ark.) Cburtir N«m - FrMiy, JUjr«, UM - Pi» Nt* BUSCH MEMORIAL k egided to di«w mart ttK All-Star Baseball Game; Money vs. Memories By MURRAY pLfiERMAN Sports Editor Newspaper Enterprise Assn. ST. LOUIS - (NBA) - This Is where they're interrupting tH6 baseball .seasofi \6 put dn the largest guided stadium t6Ur In 'history. Il'S Sailed hW 37th annual Altsiar Game, but it's really an excuse 18 intrbfluce the players of feeth leagues* and assorted fans, to,the architectural joys of new Busch Sta- diurii. Next year, it's Atiaheim, ahd then we can look forward to the Astrodome, Atlanta and Chavez HaWne, by which time thej' Should also have a major league team in Oakland. There's a game pla'yed, too, but it has becoriie incidental to the pension plan and the real reason they have the All-Star Break - so that 450 of the 500 players In the American and National Leagues can enjoy a Brief, three • day. midsUnimer Vacation. I'd like to make book on. -ho* many evert bother to catch the game, either in person or on television. * * * the All-Star Game used to be a fiesta that grabbed the Iniag- inattoii because of the spectacle of the gairie's greatest stars joined in action on a single field, the cult of the hero was still in existence, arid Babe Ruth Hit a Home run in the" Very first game in 1933 16 win it for te American League. then hi 1934 Carl Hubbell, the old Meal ticket of the New York Giants, struck out Ruth. Lou GeHrig, Jimmy F6xx, AI Simmons arid Joe Croiiin iii or- der. Only F6xx got as much Ss a foill tip. ' Dizzy Dea^n got His big toe ffabllired by a lihe drive off Earl Averill's bat In 1937 and never was the saMe. ted Williams struck the greatest single blow in All-Staf history Wen He walloped a hflhier off ClaUde P'asseau to win the' 1941 game in Deti-Olt: Atid five ygafs latfer, fhe8dore c^frie Out Of the Marines to loft one of Rib Shell's blooper pitches into the home sta'tifls at FemVay Park, when they said it couldn't be done. * * * Since, however, a gerter- ation of kids has grown up ahd going to Vlei Nam, and the memories of the All-Star Game are diluted. Red Schoehdierist socked a game'winnirig, 14th-In- ing Homer in 1950, the saine con- test lii which', Williaffig frafctured his elbow. S'tah Mtisiajj Red's Idfi|-tiri1e roommate on the Cardinal^, duplicated the feat in 1953 ^nd Le6 Durecher; managing the Natibfial. croWed, '.'You Owed me that one." For all the hit* Stan rapped agaifist Leo's Giartts. fiUt had to sti-etch ffly riiM- 6ry eVefi to remember that JffiH liy CaliisBfi w6h the 19fi4 game in SheS Stadiliffl with a fllfllh-lrining three-ruh svVHt flff Dick ftaflatz. pe gaffle started to go downhill when the .players, eager to Mil their pension bags* pMdoed baseball into plaVihg two All-' Star Games in 1959. Arid sooti they all became a ntisliriiasfi of iawdryi sloppy contests —,e. g., seven errors in the 1961 bUfchery at Candlestick Park. Tfiat's the yeif thej* started Astros Defeat Texas Loop Stars By THE ASSdCiAtEfl PRESS For two straight years the Texas LeagUefs Have throwh away their all-star game to the Houston Astros in the last inning. Last year they waited Until the llth" to make their bobbles so H6Ust6h might Win 5-1. Thursday night at Arlington it was the ninth hiiilhg wheii an error by Roy Majtyka of Arkansas on a double p'lay ball opened the gate's f6r three Unearned Houston runs. The Astros Track Advisor Dies Running SEARCY, Ark, (AP) - Dr. Robert T. Clark of Harding College, whose part-time coaching produced some of the finest distance runners in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference, died Thursday. Clark, 49, was running on a country road near here when he died. Cauce of death was not immediately determined. Although Clark formerly serve as the Bison track coach and continued to Work with distance runners after giving up the title, His main W6rk came as Harding's vice president in charge of research. ' He was born in Union City, Tenn , and received a bacnlflr's degree from Harding in 1939. After serving In the Navy as an aviation physiologist, he earned » PhD degree fr<M J* e University of Rochester Medical School in 1949. BOSTON (AP) - American League President Jot Cronin named vtttr»ns Jim Honochick end Frank Umont ind newcomer Jerry Neudecker tod»y to umpire In the All-Star game with the Nation*! Letgue next luetdi* it ft, From 1949 to 1951 Clark was head of the department of biology at Abilene Christian College in Texas; from 195W959 was head of the department of physiology-biophysics, school of aviation medicine, Sari Antonio, Tex., and from 1959'1960 was head of the division of space medicine, aerospace medical center, Brooks Air Force Base, Tex. In I960 Clark became director of research and deputy director, civil aeromedical research institute, Federal Aviation Agency, Oklahoma City! and from 1961 to 1983 he was academic vice president 6t Oklahoma City University. He went to Harding in 10*3. Clark wrote or collaborated with others on the authorship of more than SO scholarly journal publications, and he wag a member of the American Collea* of Sports Medicine. His survivors include his wile, Mrs. Chirllne Berpttr Clark, formerly of Isabel, Ken., a ion, two daufhtori and a its- ter. Services will he held here Siturday with buriil in Pratt, Kttk won 7-6. the Winning run actually was balked in by Leo Newton, Arkansas pitcher. Texas Leaguers entered tile ninth leading 64. then came disaster. Houston pounded,three hits IB tile ninth, Nate Colbert's double driving hi two funs. Bill Heath's nonier in the seventh brought hi two runs arid got Houston back in the game. The Astros then trailed only 3-4. R6ri Brand drove in Lee Maye In the eighth to tie the score. then the Texas Leaguers got two runs on a triple by Doug Radef of Amarillo, following a double by Tom HUttpn of Albu- tjUerqUe, and a sacrifice fly by Don Wilkinson of El Paso. that set the stage for the Texas LeagUers' downfall in the ninth. Don Arlich, wh6 worked the last inning in relief of AureliO MOnteagUdo, was the winning pitcher. * * * Pat House of Austin started for the Texas Leaguers arid pitched a perfect game for three inning's. He surrendered a run in the fourth and left with the score tied 1-1. Wayne Granger of Arkansas, who went on in the eighth, wis the losing pitcher. He left the winning run on base. A crowd of 10,434 saw the game^-only about 200 fewer than last years despite rain during the day. The weather kept about 2,000 away, according to League President Hugh Finnerty. The clubs return tonight to the Texas League race, being led by Arkansas, with Dallas-Fort Worth at Austin, Arkansas at Albuquerque and Amarillo at El Paso. Houston . 000 100 213-7 8 3 All-Stars . 001 012 020-« 10 1 Monteaguido, Arlich (8) and Bateman, Heath; House, Wilson (5), Granger (S), Newton (0) and Breeden, Egan. W- Arllch. L-Granger. HR-Houi- AFL Merger Vote Is 9-0 ' By B*ftNt* Associated Press tyArit Writtr DETROIT (APHWhiie «er- tairt individual* ittay remain unhappy ov*f the concessions mad* t6 foe National League, American Football League owners aft a group feel the recently announced merger is good for pro football. "SUM, thtfe wef* I few owner's Who were Unhapjiy with the Idea of giving money to certain NFL flub* a* p«rt 6f the merger agreement;" Boston Patriots' owner Bill Sullivan (aid. . * » * "BUt the Ohly thing we've all ; gOt to realize Is that whet' you ire part of a league! you have Colt Sensation Runs Saturday to" c'a"sh iij ijfi the novelty of new stadia, So it was Washington in ( 6'2 and Shea ifl-'M aiid Bloomifillon, Minn.-, l&t slim: ftief. • : • * * * "Anywhere," saifl the players) 'we cart pac'k 'em In." . A couple of weekl beiore the leanis for tnis year's §afne were aiifiOUiiced) sin Affie'ricari League star — 6tie »hft had played in nine previous All-Star spectacles - was asifed if he thought he had a chalice to make this year's team. 'I hope not," he said. ' I'd rather Have th£ three days off." And that feeling is not uriuSUal Sometimes, they play like it, too. The American League; which WSfi eight of the first .11 games placed, now has won 6iv ly one of the last nine. It's one s y ni p t o rri of the change in basebaU Another IS the fact that Eobets Field and the Polo Grounds are no longer eligible All-Star sites. By Tlfi MEIER Associated Press Sports Writer Buck-passer, the colt who set a world record for the mile ot 1:3234 iii his last outing the Arlington Classic, Hopes to take another giant stride Saturday towards the 3-yeaf-old championship. This tiMe 6gdefl Phils' Sensational colt meets Abe's Hope for the first time siiiee their thrilling duel in the Flamingo at Hialeah wheft. Bu6kpasser won 1 f a n6se iii the last jiifflpi Theif clash ih the $100,666 Omcagoan Stakes at Arlington Park in the second leg of the Mid-America Triple share* the weekend headlines in Horse racing with the $id6jOfiO Hollywood Park Derby and the $100,600 Rfiosevelt International Trot, or.e of harness facing's most glamorous events. A small field is expected to go against Buckpasser in the IVi miles of the Ghicagdan in which the Phipps coiof bgalr'er Will tote 123 poiihds to lie for Abe's Hope. Better Sea, Wiftfier of the OmahS G6ld Gup Handicap at Ak-S'af-Befli is eipec'tefl to Be a staffer under 118. * * * Buckpasser, the 2-year-old ehafflpitin in Ml, had fessft ge'cted to dflfttttt. ffifc Triple Grown classics of the Kentucky 8erby"j PfeakflesS and Se Stakes with Graustark, but bbth Were ifijUfed arid missed the Triple CroWfl events. Graustark was retired for breeding p'uf- posSs, Btlt BUekp;asser fetiirfled to the races on June 4 and has been' Uribfeaten ifi three races since his return W competition. Abe's Hope, after his narrow defeat in the Flamingo last March, finishes first ih the Florida Derby at Gulfstreain Park* but was disqualified. He beat Graustark in the BlUe Grass Stakes at Keehelarid, a eat that made Him the,early •avorite in the Kentucky Derby. He finished fifth to Kauai Sing at Churchill Downs, hftw- Ivefj and was given a rest after A third in the Illinois Derby, riie Fires is slated to ride iim in .the CHlcagoan with Sraulio Baejia again in the saddle on Buckpasser. * * * ixhibitionist, an invadef from *Jew York, if favored in the Holywood Derby against a field expected to include Flarrte free, Rehablpte, Tragniew, Dfin, Fleet Hist, Mill Glowri, Ri Tux and Aqua Vite. Noble Victory of the United StMes afifl ArfftBrS Flight "of Canada are expected to dominate the Roosevelt International against a field of six European trotters. 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Ndhe of Us feel hapby when we haVe 16 do it," he cdri- * * « Commissioner Al 6avis, *h» Mid When the rneettrtgs started he had mid* Up his rtiind about whether 16 remain iii his present position but wOUd Wait fOr 10 days Id (Wo. weeks before Ittaklflg an aiUtoUncenient, did not allow hiinself to be trapped •'• int6 making a premature Davis eaid It Was his that evefy6fle Was hanpy With- th6 idea Of the merger. "6iice the league makes''*" deelsibri, Hdthmg sMoUld take away the glahioUr," Bavis said,' ' Whitey Ford Senf To Yank Bullpen NEW Y6RK (AP) = WHitey ford's iffimfedislte future is in the NeW York YaflkeS bullpen. Ford, dean of the Yankee pitchirig staff, who Bis not won a gaBe this geaSoii, went to Mariaier Ralph H6uk before Thursday's night game agairist the Boston Red Sox, snd asked to be assigned to the Yankee relief corps. "He told me his arm seenii to go numb on Him afttif three or four MiiingSj" said Hmik. "He's had no problem getting loose, but after a couple of innings, he seems »lose tfie lite In nls ixm. "We discussed tHS problem and decided putting Him in the bullpen would be the best By fffii ASSOCIATED PRBS TdKYCi^Fumio Kaizu, 1SSV4- pSft, kB6cked 6Ut Ya'siio Sato, 156%, T6kyo ; 9. Kaizu retained bis Japan middleweight title. PORTLAND. Maine — Levan R6lind'tfeei i§3 f SfoSkly'ii. N.Y;j outpointed Greatest Gfaw'fdrdj 178; New York, 16. . LOS ANGELES .—. Armando RamoSi i28, Long Beach, fialif., ItiWicked out Joey Agtiilaf', 1M, Tijuana, Mexico) 8. LAS VEGAS, Nev.—Ralph Du- |ias, 149, : Las VlgaS, 6utp6iiited Eddie McGrudefj 151, IPhoenis, Ariz., 16. . Ford, who had afl Operation on his left shoulder for litory problem in the Winter 8f 1964, said, "I've always said I'd like to relieve. Now, I'll aee hdw -It feels." ° Thursday's Stars By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ... tiA Angeles j allowed five hits in': eight innings as the Dodger! nipped Atlanta 3-2. BATTINQ-iAickey Mantley New York, hit a twfrout, tbreV'.. run homer, climaxing a. tlffi' run, ninth-inning rally" that gaVi ' fee Yankees a Mi victory ove? Boston. ".'"' Ben Hogan C/ubs ^Cusfohi Fitted) Hb§on Bags by lurton Footjoy Golf Shoes (Special Order) Mftrt'j 6o/f Shirit fCdtd/inoj Ladies Co// ft/bus** fCotfll/noJ THi PRO SHOP Blyrheville Courtfry Club Bob Bbyd, Pro. Pro Shop Merchandise Only CAtl COllKT, WRIT? OR COME BY TODAY FOR COMMTI DETAILS I BwT.» South P<0. Bra <?4 Monti WE MHZ MEMPHIS, TENN. 31111 tlfig Lunv Ate., I. Hwy. 71 P.O. Boi 1M1T Phnnc: JIM WAITH CORPORATION I (Mill 10 th« nwrrt effio) I tit M k«w nun ektuf vour building ond I ift f\t«. MMM unt n» a in* lotatog. I am I I Q H«M D CHy- I TBliph-m • I M/ •rarity It iMtlid In ,._ ' ,—County. | ^^^^ ^^^H ^^^ ^^^ ^^^_ ^••B ••••• >V^M m^^ff. '' k

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