The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1946
Page 5
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WKDNKSDAY, JUNlo'lO, 19-1G BLYTHEVlUaE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Argentina Told To Deliver Deeds Peron Aide Visits , Washington to \ Discuss Premises WASHINGTON, June 19. (UP) — Tlie U. S. policy toward Argent'na lias NOT chnnecd since April s Secretary of Slate James p. <'s demanded tluit the new . mine government .show uy "deeds and not merely promise's" its uillinyness to rid lilts hemisphere of Axis influences. The United States Is Mill opposed lo negotiating an InlerAmcrlcan mutual assistance treaty with Argentina until )„„( country has "bv positive acts" implemented ils in- lerAinerican commitments. That van the policy set forth by liyrnes nfter the election of Col. Juan D. ]>oi<3n as president. Ami it was (lie position set forth yesterday by Acting Secretary or H'.ate Dean Acheron io Peron's "unofficial" emissary. Gen. Carlos voi der liecke, (miner Argentine chiet of staff. Hy indirection, Aehcaon contended [hat the new Argentine government lias NOT yet fulfilled all oi ils commitim-iils and was in snan. eonirasl to reports that a "deal" fur stralghlenliiK out U.S.-Argentine relations was imminent. Von Der Bccke's mysterious vlsll io Washington shed a little o its "unofficial" tone, after a 9U- niinute conierence in Ache-son's office ycslcrclay. Assislunt Secretar; of .Slate Spruillc Brac'.cn, Impiitc- abh> foe of Peran, also was present Tlie slale Department Gas From Nazi Bombs Injure 22 in Mobile MOBILE, Ala., June 19. (UP) — Army authorllles furnished adcil- ional hospital beds today for 22 mlienls. one an unidentified Arriiy chemical warfare lechniclan, wno verc burned by mustard and phos- jenc Bas w|itch leaked from Gernan aerial bombs being unloaded "rom a vessel. Big Ammunition Dump Explodes Flames Roar Toward 3,000 to 5,000 Tons Of Buried Explosives CELI.E, Germany, June in. (UP —Military authorities reported to- French Storm Headquarters day that more tlmn 100 Gentians and displaced pe PAGEPIVB Parly headquarters by persons si reel. dioulliiK: "Thorcy, to Ihe slake!" I Another croup of demons!I'Klors Maitile c Tliorcz Is the Coimium- broke windows In the office of tlie 1st party leader. 'I Communist, newspaper, Wont Na- The ili'moiislnUioiis were led by llonnl. ^^ M jm, ' . Mi|>ix>rters of Clou. Charles OKJaulle I lilduiilt needs 201 voles of the |J* I StfYimiinf cf C "" ll wcrc eoincident with tin; meet- I constituent assembly lor his Rmni \S • \+ VIIII ffUf ffd&J I»K of the eonslituenl assembly op authority to joini ft new Is expected (o elect Hivvliiii ment. PARIS, June 10. (UP)—Police Minister tieurgos uldaiilt as l>res- Ictenl. , . — announced today that i>7 persons wove anraled 1111,1 one policeman [ The iteOmtUUl suppliers miiss- wns wounded In demonstrations eli- ed In front of the opera and then inuxed by a march on Communist marched <m the Cciimnunlsl liead- quarlers nearby. They broke tlirontili reported less (han three-miaitei's e;ll )0 " t 'o lines, smashed windows and c| - Pl.yWl.iu 'saw that six In (tie ' ***!»*. . Ru .» la .C^!?I« W . gioui> received severe eye burns. Only one victim lias bcm Identified—Wallace Villarubns, 23, of Ne\v Orleans. R. G. Carter, of the Navy Information, attributed the 1 laler llial llic Areenline general "spoke at length In respect of hemispheric defense" and that Achc- son replied "in keeping" \vlln tlie Byrnes statement of April a. Two weeks af;o Von Der Becke bad a long talk with Gen. Divlght D. El- There have been reports that tlie /ar Department, fcarmg military influence of oilier countries m .-.„,, was pressing lhe State Department to Kct back to normal relations with Argeiuma. Acheson insists lhal Ihere is no difference in vic\vs tmtwFen tile \Var ana Stale Departments on the Argen- liiic siuuuion. Tho Aclieson-Voii Her Bcrte conference came a few hours afler the Hnirsp Kinc.'i Cominlltce approved legislation for an InterAmcrlcan military cooperation. Before acting, it was told that Argentina "dcl- inilely" was included In the U. S. hemispheric defense plans and that the U. S. would help ncr as well as oilier Latin American nations to modernise Ihelr military establishment \vilh American equipment. Ll. Public gas leakage to tlic high temperature In the hold O f tlic ship where th c stevedores were working. Booster Shots Aid in War on Typhoid Fever With the advent of Summer, people will be applying in increasing numbers to thc local health unit for administration of typhoid vaccine, it is believed. Tlie State Health Department is announcing a new policy in administration of typhoid fever pro- phylizis. To those who have ha,I a coivplcte series of three doses of typhoid vaccine given at •weekly intervals, one booster dose of one - - —^ cubic centimeter of typhoid vac-i slll 'ace near-the ,uniiq;-jsiiqiii;'» cine may be given each year there- I Q ulcltl y spread undergrpniidjdesplfe nfler. , the efforts of work delachiiiciiis ] This method, used by the armed "'"' "" "-"'-•• -•-• '" killed in an explosion at lhe biggest underground'ammuiiilion numu in 'the British zone. .Flames which touched off the explosion crackled uncontrolled tu- day through the clump in lh e linn- Igsen sail mine near Cellc and 20 miles northeast of Hannover. Military officials snld Ihe Hie this afternoon was creeping inward 3.000 tons of all types oi German artillery amniunltlon storcu lu thc salt mlim. All non-essential persons were evacuated from the area last niiirii by British troops. Eighty Germans and 23 dlsnlnu- ed iwrsoiis were underground wlien the explosion occurred. Authorities fcsred all were lost. One Hrllisii soldier on tlie surface was injured slightly. At the time of the explosion. «n estimated 10,000 lolls of ammunition were in lhe mine. Explosives were being carried from underground storage jcbanibcrs by tun workers under the :dlrecllon of British officers. Tlie fire started in «« worKei*— reporied less Iliiui thfei'-miartei's eJM"""^ lines, smasneu winunws and icrsons in- l "ille from [lie remaining 3,000'' C| ZC(1 u quantity of Communist 111 have uccti lo 5.UOO tons. criiUU'C .which they burned In Hie There <»'° about 2.51)0,000 more American families now llian in 1010, (he Census limcau estimates Many lai|;c cities use (ho Iwo- plaloon system for liremcn, ijie men lielni; on duly for 34 hunt'* and off lhe next 24, accordlni; to ,ihi! American Municipal Assn. , services, will allow a greater number of people to maintain a high level of protection at all times, ns well as being , economical of. time and material, it has been pointed and the British and 'German 'tire services. .;, '•• About 5,000 tons of ammunition was believed to have exploded lag*, night. The flrsl lids afternoon was Armorel News Mr. and Mrs. Neal Passmcre of Marked Tree were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fielder Perry. Belly Ann Perry, who had spent the week vitli tlie Passmores, accompanied ,hcm to Arrnorc*. W. I,. Smith is visiting Mr. ar.d Mrs. L,. D. Morrisetlc at their home in Edinbnrg, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Caldwcll of Blythcville spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bowling. Ed Williams has returned from Hot Springs, where he attended a ^hrcc-day pharmaceutical cjnvcn- lion. Engineer is Appointed _ For Oil, Gas Commission EL DORAO, Art:.. June 18. (UP) —Lesler P. Danforlii, graduate petroleum engineer from the University of Oklahoma, has been namod . director of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission. succ~criini E. M. Duttoii, who resigned recently to d*»]'.'V business al Brown-.vocd, Texas. Read Courier News Want Ads. IF IT'S INSURANCE ,„,, 2311 I For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITAUZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE $ -'"ii 1 ^ 8 ^ 1 ^^ ' ' "• PLATE GdASS «TORNADO * SURETY BONDS f* AViA^now •• n«ST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd I MAS. 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