The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 19W BLYTHEVTUJ5 (ARK.y COtmTBR NTCWS PACK Bradley Critical Of House Action Army Chief of Staff Insists Pay Raise For Officers Heeded WASHINGTON, June 1—<VT)— Gen Omar N. Bradley, army chief of staff, said today that unless nde- uate pay a»cl opportunities are ilable to promising young of- icers there Is danger that the army will be led by "second-raters". Bradley spoke out In protest a- galnst what he called the failure of the House to realize the importance of pay raises for officers as well as non-cQrnait.sston.ed officers and enlisted inen. Tie addressed the Political Study Group of Washington, a women's group, "If we are honestly concerned for the welfare of the American soldier, our first consideration should be for the quality of the men who command him/ 1 said Bradley. ''It is the competence of M;(s leadership and the quality of this command that may readily spetl the difference between his life and death in battle." Bradley said the recently sitle- t racked armed services pay t;ill, recommended by a committee of civilians, was the first attempt to overhaul military pay in more than 40 years. j "Inferior inducements attract sec- I Protests Aaainst Dry onrt rate men," said Bradley. "Sec- \ „ _... ' _ ' ond rate men invite .second besl security, in war there is no second prize for the runner up-" Arkansas Pilot Tells of U. S. Planes Participation in'Big Berlin Airlift UTTi.E ROCK, June 1— (A*)— All* Arkansas pilot who helped fly Ihe Berlin blockade yesterday described the airlift as "the most remarkable nation." Now on leave after more than three years wUh Ihe. Alt' Force in Germany, first Lt. Fred D- McKln- noy. North IJllle Rock, told a reporter: "When the first j>lanes started i carrying food and fuel Into the ' city, w«, niul. Ihe CH-iman people, felt that perhaps (he job WAJS Just Loo bifc and probably would end In defeat. "BVut as more anrf larger plane.s started flying into the city, we became more optimistic. "With the set-up we have there now, I think we could fly Die blockade Indefinably. "It's almost impossible to clc.*:ei-ibe the operation. One had to see it, to realize whut a tremendous job era reached the scene. Naff Is sutvived by a son, Leroy Naff, Uke Villlnge. Ark., and a daughter, Mrs. L. D. Pugli, Portland. BIG FOUR MEET — This was the scene In the pink Marbte Palace conference room in Paris as the Big Four Foreign Ministers began their initial meeting of then- attempt to settle the German problem. Sealed at M- South Arkansas Couple Killed in Plane Crash HAMBURG. Ark., June !_(/»•,— A prominent South Arkansas couple was killed in a plane crash near Portland, Ark., early yesterday. The victims were Henry Naff, about 51, vice president and Cashier of Hie People Najional liaiik and plantation owner, Pmlland. and Mi.s. Nnff. The accident occurred aUotll 20 minutes after Hie couple had taken o(f in' a privat: plane for Little Kock.. J-'lying conditions were des- ciltjed as foggy and, apparently, Naif was seeking to make an em- I'mcrgency lauding. Tlie plane sliuck a tree. The couple was dead when search- Read Courlei News Want Ads GO/ New Treatment Gets Real Results rmrjjt of I'm- mifog*. P-V/'t Ly-;i|i[>r'n't d druv I'iu-Wunii* am! Don't let your rhilcl aufTor the lo Wumu! liK J«riM't P-W Vci ViUl iimrfdienl i» a JnHdH-;i1Ly-;i Ihut Ai-Icjitilk-atly ili* ' rtdiovn ihi-m (rum ih Ko watrh lor the wiiniinjc ai«na In your ItmiJy, t>sjiwi;illyilie.'iiil);jrr.iMiiin"vtaLiU'li. Theu ask your tint* gut for f-W, the small, ca»y-to-lai,e lab!*-li |u-rferlct) by Hit* fatnoui Jaync t*i>., •iiL-rialLttti In worm rettmli^s for over 100 yean. U^lroy ttiuau I'in-Wotjus . . , rrilevr thai il.'h. Jvtl *—.mfc. fI r-W © fvr fir>-W»r»*l it was. planes were landing uud tak- j — ing off at Teiupleliof Air Field In ' Berlin every four minutes." I A flisht from Frankfurt, where Hie American plane.s were loaded, to Berlin took about an hour and u buif, he said. MfKinney suie' lie had never heard tveme left at table is British Foreign Minister Evncsi Kevin. Andrei Y. Visliinsky. Soviet foreign minister, i of an American Clicr having H close tan be seen directly behind man standing in left foreground iwcariiiR glasses i. Secretary of State Do:ui Acheson is at extreme right. Seated next to him is Dr. Philip Jcasup of ihe U. S. delegation. via radio from Paris.) AF Win-photo t Petitions are Dropped In Oklahoma High Court Rita and Aly Depart For Honeymoon in Rain CANNES, France, June 1. f/B — Prince Aly Khan and his bride, Rita Hay worth, left here on their Jumeymaon. yesterday In a soaking mm. Prince Aly driving his grey Alfa Romeo ear, left the Chateau De I/Horizon with Rita. Emry Williams, the chauffeur, was on the back -seat. Associated Press photographer Jean Jacques Levy said that Aly was in a bad mood. As soon as they saw photographers Rita ran to a tree to hide. "Get out of here," Aly Khan was quoted a.s .saying to photographers. A quiet ceremony attended by only six or eight guests Saturday made Rita Hay worth the wife of Pritice Aly Khan under Moslem law. The religions ceremony followed bv a day the French civil service, ', OKLAHOMA CITY, June 1. W)— Protests against prohibition repeal petitions by the United Dry Association were dropped yesterday In the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The announcement were made by David c. Shapard, attorney, who had previously challenged validity One Dead in Communist Demonstration in Tokyo TOKYO. June I. ifV>— Police yesterday broke tip a demonstration by ] l.OCO Communist led .students nt j the Municipal Assembly Hall. j Forty-three were arrested. Sev- Texans Count Drive-In Church a Big Success BIG LAKI-1. TPX., June 1. 01*» — ins WL'.it Toxics oil connnmnis- has drive-it) chuVch, and munt.s Si H catl because o( Flus-sian air maneuvers over and about Berlin. He explained that H daily bulletin was published lellir.u when and where the nmneuvcis would he held. Upon completion of his 45-day leave, McKinney l.s to ic-poi l at Catswell Air Base, J-'ort Worth. Tex. Rend Conrlei News Want Ads ing fight before the disper One man died in the affray. Fie pUmped from the third floor of the of the 212.C03 ?ignnture.s before ) hall during fighting. Secretary o! State wilburit Cart- I wri^ht. i The pennons were circulated Inst i winter and have seen before courts I since March. i Dropping of (he protests followed shortly after adjournment of the legislature, where dry,? had fought against efforts of a wet group to bring about a special election to vofe on prohibition repeal. era were injured in n .stpve-swing-i °"" H " "" r ' ' "," \ • erect a bnilchiix. Instead they built i.seen em. f _•...,!„„.- ,»«., t * ^ ^,, n,« ^:i _ The poison of the black widow , sjmler is about 15 linie.s stronger, ... i weight for weight, than thai of the M em^er? of (lie Pr(s ( >yierlan ton- I ratUesiu'ike, accord ing to the ELI- repatioti did not have funds to | cyclopedia Brllnnnlca. an outdoor platform on the site. More than 50 cars were parked in front of ihe nlatfoan Sunday. "There .should be no .strangenew in wor,shin]iitia Clod in iln.s manner,' said the Re\\ Rodney Gilxson. f'h:ut£es Color The light which reflects from the .surface of cry.stiils is white when " j it enters, but is broken up into different colors by the cut edges. Oklahoma has .statehood in 1907. been dry since Rossellini to Divorce W'tfe f Attorney Says Rome, June I. ftp)—Italian film producer Roberto Roselluii's lawyer -said yesterday RosstUim is getting a divorce, Rosseliuil and Hollywood star Iri- prid Bergman are making a film together on a remote Mediterranean Island of Stromboli, and rumors of ft romance between them .. have persisted despite a recent estatement by Miss Bergman that she is not planning to divorce her husband, Dr. Peter LincLstrom. Tiie lawyer, Gino Sot is. said he had been in Vienna arranging Ros- seillini's divorce, but added: "A marriage between him and Miss Bergman Ls excluded, however. Man Awarded Degree At Woman's College BRYN MAWR. Pa.. June 1. W)— Bryan Mawr College, a girls' school for 68 years, yesterday awarded a bachelor's degree to a male student. .The first man. to be given an undergraduate rtepree hore was Richard Logan of Bryan Miwr, a World War Two veteran and a married man. In the graduating class with him were 147 women. College officials said Logan was admitted undev~theOI Bill of Rights when mpny women's colleges were asked by the government to enroll turn students because of capacity enrollments in other colleges. Falling Moon The moon's circular orbit results form its own movement and a fall toward the earth, caused by thi gravitationl pull of the latter. TO FACE JURY—Roman Kutytow- ski (iibove>, president of the Gdynia-American Lino has been ordered to appear before special federal grand jury investigating -subversive actives at New York. The Gydnia- American Line owns the Liner Batory on which Gerhart Eisler, Communist leader now be held in England, fled the United States. (AP \Virephoto-> PIANO TUNING and REPAIR The only PERFECT TUNING by STROBOCON'N between Memphis and St. Louis. WHY TAKE LESS THAN THE BEST? RADIO REPAIR on all models and makes— done tjj a LICENSE!) repair expert—EVERY JOB GUARANTEED. WHY PAY MORE I'OR LESS? 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