The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 19, 1947
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VOL. XLIV—NO. 18 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ,«• tat DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKA0T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BlytheviUe Dallj Ken Blyibevllle Courier Btytlievtlle Herald VtUtj HLYTHHVIU-K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY 11), 10-17 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Truman Remains Hear Bedside Sick Mother Some Improvement- Noted by Doctors In Grandview, Mo. GRIANDVIEW. Mo.. May .19. (UP) —'Members of President Truman's family today cancelled other plans in order Lo join the chief exccu- livc in his anxious viull at the bedside of his gravely ill mother. Mis s Margaret Truman due tonight to make a concert lour debut, cancelled her plans and was understood due to arrive here by TWA tomorrow night. Mrs. Bess Truman announced in Washington she would leave tomorrow for Grandview after cancelling or postponing social engagements through Muy 28. At Pittsburgh Mis:; Truman suirt that her ailing grandmother relayed to her, by way of her father, a request thai she go ahead with her concert plans. "But there arc some things you just can't do," she added. The 23-year-old soprano said she had not yel cancelled other singing dries on her tour but probably would if licr grandmother's condition docs not improve. Mr. Truman, who was reported jfcinding up very well under the snsta of the long vigil, was visibly c%Jiuraged again loday as he rc- lurneri to the little yellow cottage here. He told newsmen that his 91- year-old mother, Mrs. Martha E. Truman, was feeling better again. "Very Weak and Tireil" Brig. Gen. Wallace Graham, presidential physician, who spent last night at Mother Truman's side, reported through Charles G. Ross, presidential press secretary, at 'J a.m. Unit there had been "no material change" in her condition since last night. 'Lust night he announced her breathing was "fairly regular" and that her heart was "very weak and tired." Mother Truman wa s too tired today, to try again to walk on her son's arm to her favoiilc rocking chair, Ross said. •Ross relayed from Mother Trumau a remark that she felt "all right" but believed she was too tired lo try the walk again. Her steps yesterday, with her son's aid, were the first she had-taken since ^ she fractured* her rhip ip. a fall Feb., 13. A -aisilor nt the cottage this morBt^ ws the Rev. Wclbern 'Bow- manlTpastor of the Grandview Baptist Church, of which Mother Truman is a member. Mr. Truman was up before dawn as usual. He immediately called the home here for the latest reiwrt, then went for a 20-minuto stroll through rain-drenched downtown Kansas City. He was accompanied by Rear 'Adm. James H. Foskell. naviil aide, nnd secret service men. He appeared in fairly good spirits as he said the word from his mother's bedside was encouraging again. Mr. Trnmaii arrived al the home here at 9 a.m. (CST) and as is his custom entered by the rear door. He did not stop to speak to anyone. WASHINGTON. May 10. (UP) — The treasury avnimniecd today it will reduce tlic public debt another Jl.On.OCO.OOO on June 1 by retiring that amount of maturing securities will) cash. The money will conic from the treasury's cash balance. The reduction will reduce the debt to about »'25C,10D,COO,030. Proposes 1 Moon to Blot Out Sun's Rays Hospital Board Member Resigns Action Follows Move To Rescind Naming Of New Superintendent LITTLE HOCK, May 13. 1U.IO —Gov. Den Lancy today was considering the resignation of c E M'-Swaiu of Little Hock «.! a member of the board of control of the state Hospital r.'jr Nervous Diseases. The resignation \vns submitted yesterday In the latest or a sor'cs of moves which have kept the hospital in the headlines for the past year. McSwain said that his resignation was submitted because of what he described as n "very unfair, misciuoted and mis.e/Klint; article" in a Little Rock newspaper Sunday. In letters to the Governor and Board Chairman Fuller White of Osccola, McSwain said lha', statements In the article "inu^t be ascribed lo me as the source of information by virtue nf in? loci'l ixjsition." Consequently "I feel Ihit T can render (he State Hospital a greater service by herewith tendering you my resignation ns a member of the board of control." Ouster Move Fails Yesterday's article, charged three members of the five-member board recently attempted to rescind previous action appointing Dr. N. T. Hollis as superintendent of the hospital. The appointment his not been confirmed by the governor. The same newspaper in an earlier news item indicated thai the governor had expressed surprise at the board's action in naming Dr. Hollis Euperinlcnd'MU.. This Family Tax Plan To House Group No Recommendation From Treasury Head For Early Reductions To Give Scientists a Field Day action by tlic board mo us. • Dr. Hollis. served- several unani- >»s Hcthig -superintendent ^morc than six years was monElis and 'for the see- on tl highest ranking monihnr of the hospiUU staff and is our of the few psycliiatrisUs in the Ktnt'j. An uncle of tlio govoinor was an applicant for the FippoiuUneru as superintendent of the hospital but tile state's chief executive said that liis unclc'j application has nothing to do witn his hcs- Uncy to confirm Or. Hollis' nn- nofntmcnt Court Upholds Right of Press To Criticize 14 at Burdettc To Graduate From High School Commencement exercises for graduating students at Biirdette Sch«>l will be held Thursday night, D o'clock in the school auditorium, L. H. Witry, superintendent, sa'tl today, ^iicn he also announced names of honor students, graduating seniors, and plans for eighth grade commencement exercises. Jimniic Nell McDonald is valedictorian of flic class and L. H. Autry Jr., salutatorian. Other students who will receive diplomas will bo Wayland Meadows, Ha/el Price, Norma Chafin. Fays Williams. Elulosc Jackson, Louise Locke, Gladys KhiK, Nola Duncan Wanda Lcc Long, Mary Lee Coaller Geraldinc pierce and McVernor Pierce. Tlic baccalaureate sermon for seniors was presented last night in the school auditorium by the Rev. D. M. Hcnick, paslor of Labcllo Baptist church of Memphis. In his message, the Rev. Mr. Renlck stressed Ihc importance of "dodging shortcuts." The Rev. L- G. Miller, pastor of New Liberty Baptist Church, gave tlic Invocation. The / School Glee Club presented a pro. urnm €t music. '•James 'Eberdt Gossctl is valcdlc- ' \cri5ii and Charles E. Booker, salu- IJtorian, for the junior high school graduating class for which exercises ji'l be held tomorrow night. OtltHistudents to enter hlz'n tchool next year are: Chester Wayne Mitchell, Louis Lee Holmes, Darrell Ray Young, jess W. Uoark, Jr., Mary Louise Van Bibber, Wanda Mae Bowers, James Karl Glpson, Jr.. Harold Stumbaugh, Betty Alice Mitchell, Jackie Fay Woodard, Elizabeth S Brent, Thomas Elmer Holder, Thomas H. Callls, III, Carolyn Joyce Wise, Kathleen Tyer, Violela Frances Pierce, Harold Clayton Koontz, LaFayc Tomlln, William Mclvin Crosskno. James Wililam Clark, Lorctta Jean Tate, Maxine Crosskno, Bclty Mac Wilana Samuel Dunkin, WASHINGTON, May 10. (UP) — Tlie Supreme Court today reversed contempt of court convictions against three Corpus Christ!, Tex. newspapermen. Justice William O. Douglas wrote I the court's G to - 3 opinion. Chief Justice Frcii M. Vinson. joined in dissent by Justice Felix Frankfurter. Justice Frank Murphy wrote a concurring opinion and Justice Robert H. Jackson \vrolc a separate dissent. The convictions were imposed on Conway C Craig, publisher of the Corpus christi Caller-Times, l^ob McCrackcn, his managing editor, and Tom Mulvany, a reporter. Niicces County Judge Joe D. Browning haled the men into court and sentenced them lo three days in a jail for a scries of news stories and editorial comment published in the newspaper in May and June, 1045. The articles criticised IJrowniiv's handling of a locnl lease-breaking case involving a serviceman. A column by McCrackcn said the soldier "seems to be gelling a raw deal." and charged Browning with refusing lo hear both sides. WASHINGTON, May 19. <U1>)- Secrctary of Treasury John W. Snyder loday (old Ihe liousn Ways and Means Committee that in revising Uiu nation's tax su-iu'.lucc it should give '"careful conslderi'tion" to the "family tax plan" In use of community properly tuxes. Bui ho made no specific recommendations for tax culling. Appearing be/orc 1-he committee to give the administration's views on plans for the first major overhaul of Ihe federal lax syslem In W years, ijuydcr .that ho thought should be, con:>ldi-i ed by lh- committee. lie did not give direct approval to Ihe "family lax plan," but recog nixed that It was bein;; given increasing consideration by fiscal officials. Under such plans In com- inunily property laxes, htuninc may be divided Ire twee n husband and wife for Ihe puriwse of computing their Income tax. Tim; lowers it. He told the commULre that hi revising th« tax system ll should make certain il produces adequate revenue lo.halanc'; the buil- £cl anil to provide for sub.siun- tia! payment on (he public drbt. He called for study of: 1. Tax exempt orgunr/.alions lo determine whether thuy receive tax advantages unfairly. 2. Partnership and cnrptiralu taxes and their relation to learn whether existing differences In treatment are .^ustillcd. a. Whether the present one year carryback against business losse:, Is long enough. 4. The laxation setup of American firms doing business abrojul with a view possibly of putting Lhom on a better footini; competitively with forelgn^jualnesses which pay only one tax. American businesses now pay American and foreign taxes. b. A re-cxamlnatlon of taxable annuities In considering special treatment for aged persons under individual income tax. ti. Consideration for persons whose incomes lluctuate widely, such as movie stars, over a period of years. 7. The capital gains tax to dt-^ leniilnc'Ils !cffcct'.6is.'llic securities' 8. Excise taxes with a view of markets and the suppl./ of capital, lilting them into a co-ordinated system adapted to peacetime requirements. Oppnscs Cut for This Yl-ar Tile treasury, following up (he line Hist laid down ijy President Truman, has opposed Republican plans for cutting Individual income taxes this year by 10.5 to 311 per cent. A bill to cut personal Income taxes by these percentages has passed the House and is scheduled to be taken up in the Senate this week, probably tomorrow. Siiydcr told the Wnys and Means Committee Iwo months ago that the treasury was making a study of 10 separate phases of tii? tax structure and would be prepared to make a number of recommendations. After Snydcr and, oihcr treasury officials have had an opportunity to express their views iboir. general tax revision, the committee plans to begin taking up the different tax phases one by one. Arkansas Fliers Plan 2-Day Tour Northeast Wing to Start in Blythcvillo; Holscll it Director By W. W. Uiiltril I'ress Slatf Corrrsjiumirnt HCCAIUVA, Hrn/,11. May 19.—'1 he motni will blot out llw sun for 4« seconds lomorrlw—and In that short i|i: ,ce of time, science Impos lo take seven-league strides 111 the never-ending quest, to understand better our universe. The eclipse, Ihc last total one until \g; t $ t i s visible only h: parts of the soul hern hemisphere. * • —•— , __——_The period of totality In Brazil, where scientists have gathered Irom several nations, run from T:34:B a.m. to 7:38:8 a.m. (KDT). During those flceTIng minutes, dox.ens of high-powered yet delicate cameras will l>c In operation; telescopic observations, will be> underway; balloons will be aloft; hew- lypc electronic devices and Gebjcr counters to make new checks on the mysterious cosmic rays which come from somewhere In space, will be in operation; and t flylng at 30.000 [ret will be an especially-equipped B-ll army plane. Nfw Hevlcrs llst-d Many of the devices b;»ve never been used before In studying an eclipse atld scientists hope lo learn Information they have lonu soughl Tile "flying laboratory" being used lor this eclipse is the same plane Hie U. S. army used in tcsU last summer uii the nature of cosmic rays. The source of the cosmic rays Is not definitely known, but they bombard the earth from directions, onic Scientists bcllovJ! they brlni! a "force" which holds together tlic nuclei ot the atom. In fact, they may l» the controlllne force that holds the world together ' In one parl- as one biw atom. I Gwgcr counters—those machines which detect radiation of all sorts •—will be on the plane. They will click every time a meson (licllcvcd to be the nucleus of a cosmic ray) passes through lead plates covering the apparatus. Other Answers Sought The scientists want lo learn how an eclipse affects the cosmic rays: whether during totality they increase, decrease or do any strange tricks. If they decrease, It could mean that the cosmic rays — at least some— come from the sun. They arc the most powerful rays there nl if. in Ihc nlr"again at"aVi'r" of energy ever recorded. / the group will complete the flr.u Still another project scheduled I CB of tllc nlBht wllcll lt | nluls „. for tomorrow Is a new tea^ ot Einstein's famous theory of relatlvltyi its stranty: conlccpts (hat Commencement Plans Announced For BHS Seniors Tlie Illnc-niry of Ihc lr>lh Arkansas Air Tour May 30-31 vt-f announced loday y lllytbcvlllc Municipal Airport Miinaticr Krtlest llal- sell, who will orgnnl/.e tin- Niu-lli- Wlni: here. This croup will be composed of nlythevillc and other Northeastern Arkansas pllols. The Norlbeasl Wing will take oft from Hie Municipal Airport at (I a-m., May 30, and fly In Ultle Hock lo Join the VVInn. tn be formed at r'aycltevllle by liay Mr. Halt-ell will direct the flight frnin here to Lltllc IJock via Jones- buro over Hiirrlsburg, Wynne, Forrest city and Murlanna, before the luncheon slop lit Helena. I'iloUs planning lo participate In the tour will meet at the Hotel Noble at '( a.m.. May 30 for a "dutch" hrcnkfnal, M r . nalsell said. Several out-of-lown filers who will make the lrl(> are expected on the nluht of May 20, he added. To Join Northwest Whir En route lo Little Itcick to Join Hie Northwest, Wing, Ihc trouii starting here Is scheduled to land at Jone.sboro al l}:45 Friday morn- Ing and take ol! ngnln at lO'.'.M), Tlic Northeast Wing will land al Helena for lunch and take oft at 2 o'clock for Stuttgart, landing The Rev. H. T. Kidd to Give Baccalaureate Sermon Next Sunday The licv. Hiirvcy T. KUId, pusloi- nf First I'rrshylcrlini church, will deliver }lie Ixirniliiurealc sermon for 'Blyllu'vlllu High Sclimil Ki' •illnt! students nt services next Sunday, 'May 35, nt «i:30 p.m. Dr. Mull Kills, president of Ileu- ilrlx College, Conwiiy, will present (he C'oiinm'iiccmcnt. lultlre.s.'i al duallan exLTclse.s the lollowlnt; I c 'ri- dny. May 3'J, a 1 . B p.m. HiuUi evenly arc In be lii'ld In the lllBh School stadhnu hut In cas< ol inclement weather, the biiccalnu- rc:ite .service will tic 1 held al l-'ir^l' liaptlsl Clnucli mul graduation ox- erclsr.s In the High Jjcliaol aildl- toriuiu. The annual senior class night will be lield Tuesday, May al, at H pin., in the lllub Srtiool innlHorlini). 'Hoiun.s and awards will be presented as a pail of the class nit'.lll program. .Plans [or linal exercises were disclosed today by 'High School ol- llcials. The Uigli School Oliolr. under direction ol Mrs, Wilson Henry, mid UlythfVlllc HlKli School Hand, under duecllon ol Karl Wudenplnlil. will provide music for lliu baccalaureate .service. The b;\nd hnd Glee Club and Combined Chorus will present music al Kiaduallon exercises. Rainfall Measures 1.7 Inches Here For 2-Day Period Showers over the week-end bioimlit only slight decreases In temperatures although nearly one nnd llirce-quaiicrs Inches of rain was measure^ here, •* The mercury went to a high yesterday of 8i» degrees and receded to « low during last night ol Ii4 degrees as 1.38 inches of rain fell, according lo Robert E. Blaylock, ofllelal wcnllier observer. Tciniwiulurcs Saturday relumed lo .seasonal highs us the mercury cllliibed lo 00 degrees und descended during that night no lower limn fi3 degrees. Rainfall amounting lo .112 of an Inch was measured at 7 p.m. Saturday, according lo Mr. Dlaylock. New York Police Work With Reds Undercover Men Get Key Jobs in High Communist Circles space is curved, that time comes in As a fourth dimension, and that mass and energy are equivalent,. uworjr wui t later to Join dinner a^^^* First on the list Is excise taxes. Congress recently enacted legislation extending the wartime rates of excise taxes indefinitely but. Hits was done with the iindcrslRnrihv 0 that revisions would bD ma-Jc later Weather ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy today, tonight and Tuesday. Widely scnl- lercci thiiintershower.s mo.itly during the afternoon :ind early evening. Little temperature change. N. Y. Stocks ('losing Slock Piii'cs A T & T Atncr Tobacco Annconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward ... N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation . Republic Steel Radio : Socony Vacuum Studebaker .Standard of N j Texas Corp Packard U S Steel 15!) 3-4 G3 3-4 31 1-8 7V <)3 1-8 32 1-4 52 1-2 12 1-8 77 1-2 G 7-: 23 7 1-2 H 1-4 i7 65 a-4 57 5 1-8 M 3-4. May in Denial Of Conspiracy To Aid Garssons WASHINGTON, May 10. (UP> —Former Congressman Andrew J May as-serted In a strong, clear voice tliat "I never entered Into any conspiracy with anyone to defraud my country." The wartime chairman of the powerful Military Affairs Com mittcc is on trial In federal cour on charges of Inking $53.000 for using his Influence in an illtga manner to help the huge muni lions business operate 1 by Henr« nnd Murray Garsson. Thu Gars sons are being tried -with him. May's attorney. Warren B Ma pee. asked if Murray Garsson and Joseph F. Freeman, n Garsso' agent, had nbsorbcd >iis losses lr a manganese development as part, of a conspiracy "to buy your services" and to defraud HID government. "I never thought of such a. thing." May exploded. "I never entered into a conspiracy with anyone to defraud my country." Missco Man Arrested On Cattle Theft Charge John Siioumakc, 28. of .Frenchman's Bayou, has been arrested and taken lo Cralghead County Jail In Joncsboro. and charged with being a member of a caltlc rustling r ln_ that lias been operating In Craighead and Poinsclt counties for the past several wocXs. Deputy Sheriff c. D. Wilson, of Craighead County, announced loday. Shoumakc was Implicated in a t>e*r the «un OB Way'to the earth. — — "That is where the total eclipse comes In. Ordinarily, stars which appear near the sun in the sky arc not visible because the .sun's brightness overcomes them. During such an eclipse as tomorrow, the stars can be seen atld photographed. Further Checks Planned Delicate testing machines wilt be used to determine the bend ol the star lisht tis It passes the sun. If there Is a bend. Further checks wilh photograplis, will be innde frum the same spot six months roni now. If the tests show thai the light, ays do bend. Einstein's theory lefinilely will have been upheld Many other projects arc in store. The scientists will photograph the un's corona in black and white I nd In color. They seek to <lclcr- nlne the relationship between 1 lic orona and sun spots—those ap- larcntly great clouds of gas or \tomic-llkc eruplioiis w.liich cause nagnctic slonns on earth. Another project Is a study of Hie onosphere, which ranges from 50 to 250 miles In altitude above *.hc earth. Without this Ionosphere, radio might not be possible. Itadin Waves Trapped Tt serves as a reflector for ratlin waves and enables llicm to RO around the world and not off into ;pacc. The eclipse may cause a 'hole" to be shot through tins .onosphere. Tlie expeditions. led by the National Geographic society and 'he U. S. army air forces, are houscrf In a special camn built near this village of Bocaiuva usually has clear wether during May. Some of the results obtained from this observation may lie announced soon, but most of llifin probably will not be CT.'iculalcti for many monlhs. Little Hock an hour the Northwest Wing. A cocktail party and dinner Is planned nt Ihe Hotel Marlon In Little. Rock for llic two Wings. Takini; off from Little Hock *firly Saturday morning, May 31. pilots .will fly to PlncBlufr. E! ido rfiid Texatkana and back Hot springs where they will r'e- iriain o\er uU;ht. An informal dinner-dance is scheduled lo be held at the Ad- ilslrallon Bnlldlnj; nt Hot Springs. Saturday night, when Miss Arkansas Aviation will be presented. , Firsl Tour Sincr 1*>41 Tlie air lour, the first since 1041 when lours were suspended because of the war. Is s|K>nsored by Ihe Flying Farmers Association, Arkansas private Flyers Association, Women's National Aeronautical Association and Arkansas Aircraft Operators Association. Gilbert Leigh of Lltllc Rock has been named tour commander. Phene Williams of Stullgarl and William Carson of El Dorado arc flight directors. Other Air Tour olficials include Miss Dorothy Wll lams of Little Rock, secretary; Mrs. Paul HucKens oi Utllc Hock, rensurcr; EXlward Gnrbccz of Hot Springs entertainment cludnnan; nnd Floyd A. Williams of Lltllc [lock, general chairman or Air Tour committees from each si>on- iorlng organization. Tlic Arkansas National Guard I. 1 scheduled to send a Illglil of l'-r>V Army fishier planes on the tour. Pickets Again Hamper Phone Calls in State WASHINGTON. May in. tUP) •Western Klcclrln Company Hindi ix coinproiuisc wage offer lo It remaining i'O.CIW slrlhlnK wiirker early loday in nfT effort tovcnd flu last major dispute In the six-wee! old telephone strike. The company made Ihc offer I the 'Association of communication Equipment Woiicrs at 130 a.m. af cr iilmost Ifl hours of contlnuon iCKOlliillona. The union promise erious consldc-ratlfm -and wa:i ;lve. Its answer at a confefeiiL nlcr today. reported confession by another member of the ring, telling of the theft of elfSlit heart calves, Wilson said. of cows rind To Kcrk Injunction LT'ITLK RCCK. Ark., May 1 UP)—The Southwestern Bell ,Tc ephonc Company plnnncd today I isk court orders dlsMilvlin; Wesler ^eclrlc picket lines 111 five strike bound Arkansas cities if negolln- lons now underwav In Waxlilng- .011 should bog down. W. B. Gn.sdcn, illvlslp!^ mannner. said here Hint, the company planned ,o ask temporary court orders rc- aralnliiB ])icketlm; if that Is the only' way to return service to normal. The orders, he said, would be n.sked In Little Hock, Fort Siiltli. Hot Springs, Pine Blulf and Camden. The western electric picket lines were resumed this morning In the five cities, anil le'.ephonc employes honored the MnnuMil switchboard service, Including long distance, returned to an emergency bnsls after a short-lived revival Saturday when the company and union agreed on lerms. NHW YOI1K, May 10. (UI>)—The "Jew York wbrld-Tclep'nm said In copyrUhled story loday It bad inned that the Now York Police }cpurlmcnl during the war yeurs limited no less than M detectives md iHillcewoinIi In tlm Oommun- sL Party here. "So deeply and efficiently did hey penetrate UM> prty," Uie nuws- mper suld. "tlmt the tmdcrcovci 1 numbers of the ]X)Iicc forn» worked it party tieadiiiwrtors. wrote lor Ihci Dally wo»k», W<n*mc Com- lULnist branch organizers and educational directors, led Red rallies ind wry rnprosentcd thu purly at ror.venlltms." The newspaper said Ihe department'!! ".salxilagc %'iuad' also s|»l- cd members In the G'ernmii-Anier- icor. Bund, the Christian Front. Ihc ,Aincrlcun Dei Iny Party, unit Italian Fascist groups. 'A department reprcscntaltvc disclosed some details of the squad for tlir first time last week at til* Mm/.ml Irlal In Washington. The additional dotulls were given today by Frederick Woltman, World-Telegram stair writer, who recently was awarded tt pulllz:r prize for his exposes of Communist Parly activities In tlic United Sidles. Tlie stiuiid, created In 1939 by former. Mayor, F. H. LaGuardlft, rWriilncd (rorn-niakini( nrreiUi In order to nmlnluln secrecy and had :i. s its principal object, tile ncws- ptipcr s'.ild, -"to learn Ihc Inside working!! nml plans of thn Communist Party iintl keep track ol [Is leaders and members for a possible future emergency." Toward S50,OOC School Site Func Contributions Sought From Hon-R«sident Property Owners, Too A total of $13,09229 lr. Ijoon received to date'in >tl Citizens School 'Gonimitti drive seeking . ?50,'000 fi llic purchase of a nc.wsc.ho lite, it was announced, totla Also announced today was a other group of contributors will completes all lists of donations I tilling the amount now on hund, fuilhcr reports by drive worki mid solicitation teams are niade drh-c headquarters, additional ii will be compiled and announci campaign officials said. Received loday was the first Ire n group of out-of-towu resldci owning property In Blythuylllei Til 'ire being contacted and asked f dnmilluns hy Jesse Taylor, In cliar ;>f that phase of the drive. The fit return was a money-order ior $ sent by J. W. Badcr of Ulbourn, V Contributions of more than $1 follow: Seay Motor Co. and i'ranlc Seay .<;] H. W, Wyllc E i Ii. O. \ycst nnd Foy Etchlesou Cotlon Co 1 Milton Bunch : Huffman Bros;. Lumber Co. : L; H. Matthews Gin Co : Contributions of IC.B than $ follow: Max Hi Reid $50, W. L. llopcr Cimrlcy Ramlx) $5, L. I. Hice C Yard $20. J. W. Rayder $1)1. Phil Robinson $15. Richard Robinson A. Ij. Richardson J5, QurnUl Rob: $11.20, L. M. Ross $2.50, Hubert S more $50, Mrs. T. F. Smith $5, H. Storey $1, Olun Sprayberry Grey Swift, C. M. Smart $25." W. T. Shcltoh $18, J: w. Stall! $1, I). P. Slewiirt $5, Georce Sha M. Carl'Tutc $5, Mr. ami Mr's.'H Thompson $5, Willie Y. Turner Mrs. J. F. Tomllson $5, .). [{. • rone $10. Judrjc Thompson $2, R Vanllooser $30, W. J. Wllllngl: $7.75, Harold Wright *10, Wu Waddy $S, T. W. Wy»tt. S5, 1 Whlltlimton *5, Mrs, L..O....Wi brooks ! fulbright Urges Action To Aid Small Business WASHINGTON. May 19. (UP) Sen. J. William FuIbriRht, D.. A today nrged cnngrossmcn to make useful scientific discoveries readily available to sirall business. The Arkansas senator leslilicci at the start of Senate executive expenditures committee hearings °n his bill to make the commerce d«'- IKirtment a "clcariiiR house" »f| scientific and technical data Fiilbrlght foresaw "highly desir-l able" results in the event small businc-ss makes use of the lat^i scientific data. I "It will spread Ihe industrial ae- llvitics of the n.illon to a P"i' 11 where the present concentration r>f industries will be broke up." ! ' n said, "which may be of a decided benefit from a national defence standpoint. "It will improve the houslns situation bv taking Industry back «> the small towns and away ' ri)iri badly congested metropolitan areas Along with this. Fulbriglit said. labor-management relations slio«l (t Postage Rate Increases Contemplated WASHINGTON. May in. (UP) The House Post Office Coinmillccl loday approved Icgislnlion to in-] crease postal rates by about $110,- CCO.OCO annually. Tlic bill was urged by Hie Office Department to help offset tin exacted deficit of $402.0:0,000 for the coining fiscal year. •11 would Increase air mail from 'live cents to six cenl.s rn ounce. The first class rale ol three cents an ounce would be rclaincd after July 1. Under present law, class rales would revert to two cents an ounce on Ihat dale. Other features of the new bill: 1. Special delivery rates would be increased from 13 lo 15 cents. 8. Post card rates for regular mail would be unchanged at one cent, but, post cards sent air mail would go at a rale of four cents. 3. Tile committee announced that increases were recommended on zone rates for second class mail newspapers and magazines—"which relate only to llm advertising content plus a slight increase of one- half cent a pound on the reading portion." The committee said that its bill would make no change in postal charges for newspapers and periodicals sent through the mail within the county of publication. Tills rate is one cent a pound. 4. The committee said that Increases on parcel post would be moderate" and on bulk mall represent an Increase of two cents a Policemen Check Grocers to Curb Sales on Sunday Police Chief ChiM-li'K .Short to< SAkJ tlinl police Found mi IJl>lliu- vlilc MftM'pry stdi'OH .>pt;n for ru\';s yesterday, llic first Sunckty following Cily Council notion Tuesday pint instructed law offi- ccr.s to renew ennirceJin-'nl of a ell ordiiuinrn rcqulilnf; Mu;. such r,lort'J. close ou Lhut di\y. A pftiUon signed by about 50 UK;' clianLs and .submitted a* Ihc month ly Council session Tue.sduy refpiestc't ciilnrcement of the yfdinnnce Jinc resultrd in adoption of a :xsoluli>i .stntlnii Hint Chief Slior: 1)2 Instnirt ed to notify M'occrs it) rcnuilii clos cd Sundays, The; ordinance provide for nsot-fs inenl.s of finrs of not I^s.s f.hnn &2 nor morn than $100 n gainst st'>r owners vinlntliiR it. Oioccrlc.% men markets or coin hi nations of but: arc covered by the ordinance. ^is/tor Suffers Heart Attack : ighting Fire Charles Sykes, CH, of Cape Ciirar- eau. Mo., was stricken with a heart Hack around noon yc:il.crday ns he ttemplcd lo extinguish a fire nt lie home of his bnilhcr .1. \V- ,ykcs, at 1510 West Ash Htrcct. Mr. Sykcs, wlio was vislil;ii; his Totlicr, was alone In the bouse at he time of the fire. Smcllliv; smoke, c Investigated and found a rear ooin of the house abla/x?. Mr. Bvkes ttcmptcd to extlnguisii tin? |ila£C. During the excitement he suffered hctirt attack. NclKhbo.-s turned in i alarm and carried Mr. Sykcs to lie Dlylhcvllle Hospital. His condl- ion was rejiorled Ibis morning 'slightly Improved." Klrc Chief rtoy Head staled thai lamagc lo, Ihe house WAS reslvlclcc: the rear section willi Ihc frolil >art receiving some smoke ant vater damage. Cause of the btaxe Is undetermined it. It is believed Lhut Ins fire slarl- I ns a result of faulty wiring or a Kerosene waler heater. Improve. pound. British Authorities Face Middle East Strike Threa Texas. Cobb charge. JEHUBALKM, May ID. (UP) fir lish authorities today faced thre; of the largest strike ever callc in the Middle East—a one-day walk n»i inmnrrnw of 30.000 Arab 10,000 Jewish employes or Ih Hoynl Army. Earlier Ihc militant Jewish ill deiproimd force, Irtiini Zvai Leun had demanded abolition of Hrili immigration restrictions and mil tary measures against the under ground as Us price • Ior peace the Holy Land. Tlie 40.000 workers will strike i support of denlflnds for Vagc ill- May creases, union recognition, labor] July slolutes and severance pay. They.Ocl. claim they have not had any pay Dec. boosts [or six years. , P.. n. Woodson *50, Ellis Whc $5: Mrs. 'jrV/cffil, Ciydi' Wett) Mrs. J. Wort $1. Clyde Webb Miss Whltsitt's Shop $10, ,Cha Yarbro $10, C. A. Cunningham Win. Hiiynes Grocery i $25, J. Johnson Jr. $5, R. V. Malbry Oinuind Oelscn $5, Jamts Roy Elbert Ross $5, Roilirou'i r Store $50. Charley *5. Bill Hot ion $5. Jesse Russell Cafe $15, / Marie Rosa $5, the Rev. L. C. R sey $5, Bert Richardson $10, W Stiles $1, Sam W. Sykes $5. V Smith $1, c. G. Shcrer $2.50, D Stewart $5, Frank Sawyers $5, . Stevenson Jr. $25.60. G. H. Starnes $30.' Royal Sar $10, W. D. Skclton (.1. Clar Shcrer J3, Mrs. Gladys Stlt>ser Taltuadgc Tiirnage $5, T, O. Trie man $lfl, Mrs. J. H. Tlmmons Jr: Albert Taylor $15, To— Shop James Vcrhoefl $15, Dr. Alfred $25, W. C. Wiitkins 52, Fred V. $22.50, Mrs. Mnrvin W. Wicker Earl Williams $9. - f- •-•.•Or. Floyd Weub $50, Mrs. Mn Wood $5, O. M. Wilson $5, W Wyatt $25. • Punk Willis $5, W Webb, Stecle, Mo. $i; N»wton. : W Is $2, Mrs. William Youni? $1, ¥ Ash $5, Drclfns .Jewelry SS5, •* llnm U-iwshc $25, Mrs: Tlielina kins $5. .' . .,, \ . ,, funeral Service Held For Harvey A. Duval Funeral services were held this iiflcrnoon for Harvey A. Duval of f'nscola, Mo., brother ol C. A. Duval if Hiybtower and bait brother of Lee James ol Illylhcville, who died early Saturday morning at Pascola. tic was 60. RiVcs \s-erc conducted al the Vevi- Iccosl Church In Pascola by the Hcv. S. K. Culliim, pastor! He also Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Inez Duval; four daughters, Mrs. Phciic Spears of Wilson, Mrs. Volenc McCullaugh of Shaw. Miss, Mrs. Matllc Tomllnson of Micola, Miss., nnd Mrs. Edna Dodtl of St. Louis; three sons. Marshall Duval of implies, Ltiwli -Ray Duval M Pa.icola and Clifford Moslcy Duva' of St. Louis; another brother. P. A. Duval of Benlcia. Calif., and three sisters, Mrs. Ella Hall of Fort 'Worth. Mrs. Paunic Mull of Dallas and Mrs. -Kathcry Hall of Saltulo, Cab Driver Hurt Vehicle Wrecke< In Sunday Crast Edward May of Blythcvllle. I driver for Ihc ABC Cab Co. 1 narrowly avoided fatal Injury night when the 1942 Plymoutl was driving left Highway 18 a n half-mile East of Roscland smashed Into a tree, dcmolis the car. Mr. May is In Walls Hosplla day suffering from a fractured leg and minor cuts nnd bruise According to Bill Wundcrllch of Ihe, owners ol the ABC Cab Mr. May was returning abo o'clock last night from Rose where he had discharged a pa Ecr. and at Ihe curve of the hlgl near Slevclis Gin met a truck-1 cr heading Ihc opposite dire< When Mr. May pulled over I void the truck, the right front \ of his cab slipped off on shot Mr. Wunderlich said. Tlie car out of control, jumped a road dilch and careened Into a co wood tree, he staled. Tlic left door was Huns ope the impact, which also threw May from the car, Mr. Wundt Funeral 'Home was N. Y. Cotton 19. NEW YORK, May Cotlon close steady: open high low •Mar No Sale ... 2i',» 2162 2148 ... s;»f2 MC3 3364, .. 2942 2949 If 25 ... 28^0 2857 2832 Spots close 36TC up 10. said. Being thrown from the m I undoubtedly saved Mr. May.> I as the cab was smashed and IK I by the impact, he added. Mr. May was brought to ' I Hospital by Sam Simmons of (UP) —| who was driving behind the on » trip from Monetlt Trti«i close accident occurred. 2804 The car apparently struck 2758 tree just In front of the dr 3401 seat crushlne the left front 2343 of the cab. The impact nappe 2850 drive-shaft, ,The c»r WM M smashed beyond

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