The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1939
Page 4
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T POPULAR GIRL TO QEf~TR __^^MMBl . ^^^^ ^"^^ *"" ^" •• ^i niiig STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS Cl'lic llguri-s llstiMlviiuisl In; ccnsiilcrcil tenl»liv» ;is they rcprrsriil "»!)' the voles :it tlic Courier News Dfllci'. Naturally tlicrc arc iniiii) 1 vnlis li> till! |io.vsi%s]on ut c();nils anil ollit'j- jicrsfins wlilfli, ;ts jri, liui'c Jirjt lircji tunied In,) Dotis Ray Dtiliyns ..za2,tlt!lt Votes. Vcr;i t.'li/:i!it(li fjooitrlcli Sinn Triiintik . . Marli' Abruluini . Mary Ann Nttlim... Kugi'iiii Criiwfoul iVMrgnrc'l Jaiic Ar.loii Jloldcit Blary Adah Kaliiiison Evelyn Aycock 183,«0l) ,. 121,000 11)3,0111) 78.COO 38,009 27.C09 13.UOO G,00(i tn The Balance Vuur lic:iEth is yuhi- most vital iisscl. One can mil help, slrlinr-^, l;i;I a c'Hii- l.'Uciil ilocfor .and «in> full}' filled iircsvn'litiniis will asslsl you bach (u WK KILL I'UfiSCKlPTlONS l^ROM A 1,1, DOCTORS \\.K stress "iiciiuracy" in nilinj,' |in;- .u-riptlniu. Thai js ivliy so many iloclors rcninuiu'lnl ISOIUJiM'S, Think .(if ( oiir |ircsi!rt|iliun dciiiirl- tncnl. tlii> next linic .vnu are in nccil of |irc^ci'i|itt(in scivicc. CAM, 12f or 122 "At Your Service" !J'taii(larrl "Ktiso" Products ArkaiiRHH Gas at Mis'stinri Prices f ERRY'S SERVICE STAtlON AKK.-MO. HTATK 1,1NU THE FOLLOWING DEALER HANDLE 3 Remember-These Dealers Will Give You Coupons With Every Purchase of Shibley ARKANSAS Ilinlsung Grocery, Bir Arh. J. W. Smith' Slnre, 0;ik, Ark. .1. 1). N'alirra, fllyllicville, Arli. Gus Elicrdf Store, " " Jim .Williams (jr». " ," tecs Grocery " " Kpsc.. Street CIrn. " " Christian Grocery " " Hccily's Grocery " " C. If. ^ f aOors " " Friendly Mnok Gro. " " Slay's Grocery, " " Krert Caldwcll, " C. A. Itnve.y GUI. " " D. A. Willbins Cecil.Lmvc .Gro. " •' Liucrly Ca.sli Oro. " llappl' Hour C!ro. " " Kile Trice Gro. " " K. Jj Spencer CJn>. " " I'cnny Saver Gro. " " Howard Grcli Gro. "' " Fair Deal . Store, Kclit George Gro. E. H. Alley Gri>. Homer Fi.vlicr Grn. E. O. I'arks C.ra. f'opcs Grocery, Ellis Ilros. Grn. F. M. Davis Gro. J. J. Johnson Gro. Community Grocery C. Abraham Gro. John I,iim Gro. Mow Yick Grocery " Stirs, f, ,1. Burke " Jones Grocery • " " Queen & Raj«cll McCormick Gro. " " I. M. lienllry " E. M. McDonald, Diirdcllc, Ko'oncc Grcccry, So. 61 ili- «ay, .City. I'aec-H'hcclcr Grocrliy, Caraway, Ark. Cliarlic Smith, " Ecpnoijij- Variely Slore " Vice Grocery " H. R. land, Chclfoirt, Ark. Mrs. W. J. Giindcaiix M. T. Bj-rd Ilollainl's Grocery; Bccker- villc, Arlt. Mrs. F. N. Bonds. Double Bridges 5trs. lillian Thrclkcld, Etowah,, Atk. Noali Girdldy " " Rtdgcway Grocery, Floodway,; Ark. Saveway Grocery, Jr. " BrayanU Grocery, Halls- town, ArK. Emery Dean " " ' L.J tlavristni C!r«., (iosiH'll, ArU. Vim (Ilrvc (iro. " " iW. 1!. CraMTnrd, '' " K. S. Ciiiwfurd, " " Itnli.y I'ollrr, " " )''. 1*. riitkcrm.-ui " M Three Way Itm, lltglin-siy III Clay Jlays " " J. iM. Sprni'er, .d'rico, ArU. \Vallaw. Miller, .Inincr, Ark. Harris (iroccry, Jniicsbnro, Ark.'crly Cash 'Gro " " .Scfiislrr Store, " " Kcc's Grcrei'y, " " Farrar Urcis. Gro., " '' ^. It. Andrews, " !1 .tolin llcnrn Sloi c, " " .M:\rie Grnrrry, " " Cm/It's Cash Gr». " " C. F, l-'cr.l, Ivciscr, Ark. 1'rank Vumiq-, " " llarvcy \vilsnn, " " li. C. Cook, .lolin KrrM " " Troy Kay " n. Dean " " Oilbrratli (ivtu-cry, I^ikr. City, Ark. l.'asli Molhr Klorr, Uarh- >illr, ..Jrli. Aiirtui Grip. Slnrr . " '' Iloy .Innrs Gro. " " A. (I, Taylor, •>. \\. liiii;, l.e|i,uilo, Ark. Mrs. Clco tllorlrer " " •I. 31. nurns Gro. " Sirs. K. \\\ 15. II. Muri Wells, timer Hall Gro., l,iivor.i, Ark Gallr.(i ti I-Tiisstuii, " " ^V. ,1. Gciidcanx, " " Jf:sc Hrown, •'' '*. Marlin Grocery, Manili. Aik. A. H. Ilallanl. Gain id Mike. Savoway Gro. " " J.ilid Gro,, li.r.I). " " llill-Wll-nn, .Marlr. Ark. .'op Singleton, .Marked tree, Ark. Martin Worthy, " " Slim Walker, " " Bole A .lim, Mrs. Gto. Grant, t!. A. Worthy, " " 0. 1). I'owtll Ted llciidrlx " " S, !>. IValsnn. •• " l)ciii|iscy's Gro., " " Midway Grocery, " " I'lcas Ilcndrix " " J. S. Nichols, " " George Wcstlirook GUI., Milligan Uidgr, Ark. llcusley, Grocrry, " " iMarion (!ash Slmc, Alarion, Ark. I). W. Gillirrt. Aliinc'tlc, Ark. ^Vil^on Groerry, " " N'onnau n)anki'ii.shi|> '' " .las. ni;uikcnshiji '' " ,fne ()a\vlcs Store " " iUuKennry .^ 'I'avP ". " Alexander Grocery, iXelllc- lon, Ark. A. Able Grocery, M , " Nolcs & Son Grocery, Oscc- <il:i, ,\rk. I tale Jackson Gro., " '* O. \V. Knislit Guy llryant, " " W. K. Until Gro., C'a.sli * Carry. " " .). M. Hill. Highway No. II) njurplicj- * Wceins, '1'ru- niaiin, Avk. Kfilirrl Iliilt Grocery, Tnr- rcll, Ark. Jr.e l\asl flroccry, Tyron/a, Ark. 'I'rnnHnrll.s Grocery, '* " I), li. ltiai)n;nt, " " IVirc ({iiiilily, .t.. IV. Nuniially, Airs. !•,'. ^I[in^rtnn " " C. <!. Ainlcrstni, West liiilge, Arkans;is .1. 1>. Ovcrlicy " Osscc Niinnnlly, Vviiilt'Di. Ark. Ptirccll Grocery. Varliro, Aik, 1'rcneli Grocery, '' '' liurnluitn S- Thompson " MISSOURI J. A. Johnson Store, Auslhi- i-llle, Jto. A. G. S;inrtcr Store, lirafi- City. Mo. I)c Gro., " " A. G. Saintrrs Store, llratr- Radncio, Mo. W. .1. I'urvls Slotc. Canada Sviilrli, Mo. C. C. More Store. Canith, .Mo Tcroy Grocery. C.uuthtre- .ville', Missouri. SiMliUiig Market, " , " l : rcd l'ro\vn, " " 1-. F.. TrRclor, " " I". !«, Davis Gro. Sasl Side Grocery, " Nelson's Grorerj, •' " Martin Grocrry, '' " Iknstey's (Svoccry, " Cntttcv Ovoctry, " " Tcmicssce Slalloii. " M. ft U. Market. " " Manning's Grortry, " " Shaw's Grocrry, " Cliff Jackson, " M. M. Eicrcll Slore, " " Ellis Grocery, " " No. World's, Fair 's Best Flour l*\ .Flint Grocery, Cotiran, Missonri. ^'; Cecil Fou-Jer Grocery, Coolrr, Missouri. iUcC'.ann Grocery, " ' '' Charlie, llall, Ilighwiiy fil, Hayli, M». Gro. a U'cb!> Gro., " Kohuirh .Grornry, " ' O. (,'. Cl.irk Gro., " TninimB liall, Slore, '" ; Hone : lloinv Gruc., " IV. T. Sanders, A. G. Sanders, " .1. Travis Gro., " "' if. I,. Gillicrl Store, " " l.ilr.s Groeny, " " Sandy Hcach Grocery, K. F. 1)., Hayli, Mo. ' • i f'rcwitfs Grocery. " '•' " I;. Deny Gro., llcllnml. Mo. Frcrt Kniils Grocery, Itor- nersvillc. Mo. West Side Markcl, HiMincll, Missouri ;: )/ai)ibcrt Grocery, " " Goiidinail Grocery, " ." Garner' Gro. Store " ''•'•" ilnss Ca'h Gnucry, l.illtuiti'ii, Missouri. Myers <t Son, " " Inn, nJisMmri. ' '. A. T. I'lkcy <;ro.. " illam, liros. Slnrr. Inr New Madrid, Jlo. r.utli Gladncy Slotc. " " Jiickic Mc.rcanlilr. I'ascola, IMi.isouri. .1. A. Kcllllni Store " " Frank •.tJcColluni, StRal Dcpardiiciil siorc rprlaKtvilli-, M n , ' ' Siiake l!ai Grr.rtry, Shake. l!as, Mo. Bullock Grncrry. " " Johnie iMarkct. N( fr |p M,,. H. E. rrakcs Gro. "' " J. R. .llorgan " '.• J. K. Afcins, I.M'.n., stccle, . Missouri, E. 11. Maynarcl. i; p jj.., Slrele .Missouri. •I. 1.. Adair Grorrry, stub Town, Mo. , The K.\rli.iii(re .Slnrc, \Var- Ked A- While Shirr " Hlvlns Store, •• '" Martin Nis Gto.. " " Biillaril Grocery. •• » lilhnan's Grr>cci_v, " " Burgess (jrotcry,' tli:h«-ay No. 61, W.irdcll, Mo S\iilT Grocciy. » " .tune Moore c»ro., " " Tanner Grocery, " " stant To Be Awarded New York 1 ,,. AD (he K|a'mo.ur. and excitement that is synonymous] ««'iir.dcd (6. (he winner of this contest. Contrasting eo music, modern streamlined exhibits, and everything «ls conie-triic for the millions «f pc0 pie who will sec it. , This contest, sponsored by the Wythcville Courier ""iis, will run 12 weeks, with (his .section appearing eve ol the I'ontcs) August -1th, the votes will be counted n ntlltlOCr of votes in her lU}S*sp£<!ifti'i ^ \^ J^,j. ...-ti.lli ...:n Vorl«rs in With every 50c purchase ypii will be eiilill«l lo af ™« 1,£ OU))() " S • vo " may - reccivc wit h one purchase i ,* on iiiuKc* ... .-, --- o w "ih (h'c business men ailverlisjnir her! will aid .your favorite.contestant in her.efforts (4 win 1 ! uery You will appreciate the bargains ailvci watch the progress of the contestants. RULES OF THE CONTEST: ). Any single girl, w.ithin ihte trade-area, is eligible lo n daughters and employees of the business men adver 2. Girls etitcnng (his contest riiiist mail or i>iii>jie (iieii lor, Courier- News. . a. Every coupon must liavc the name of the wnlesti^ , -I. Coupons may be kept by (he contestant or placed wi the contest. •5. No .coupons will be issued after mid-nijrht of An-iisM M° nles jj lnls keeping votes in their possession must News Ofhce not later than 5:00 P.M th'ursdav of are excepted from Ihis rule. It will be satisfactory votes for counting every two weeks.) 7. All votes must be prcscnled at flic Cpnricr News' 0 : | . lou may mail your votes lo the Courier or briiiir t>4 accepted after the lime staled. '* S. The name of the winner will be announced in (he the votes are counted, and the winner requested to i that arrangements for the tour can be malic It's Easy To Be Comfortable Even in floi leather! Only in clnllirs dial ;nc absolutely FIIKE OF.II1KT can yon have Allt CIirCULATION. IT'S A CINCH i(> slny cool wlipn ,we. clean your clotlics hcrawse tliry ;l rc realty cleaned . . . rresli . . . Gunn 1'rci! . . . and Perfectly Cleaii. PHONE 53 WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER — ALL STORAGE.INSURED — — Ask For Your Coiipo'hs — SCOOP! 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Excifin.ij choice of tiny or splashy lirinls, dots, bold[. ; strij>cs, gingham checks (fashion- hits' this' Summer!) SIZES 11 to 17 PRICED §«.9S Sheer m Prinlsl ;«.9S 57 L to I DOUBLE VOTES SATURDAY & MONDAY TRIP TO ITripfbfhe orld's Fair With All Expenses Paid' H world's fair is the prize to he TUP ITIUf-nirtu »„ «.-..w J. _ J*: FZLTD r rilrC la world's fair is (he n'me (o lie lewitcliing atmosphere, beautiful Itiiakes (he World's Kail- a dream- J in copjieraUoii with these ly«il lay during that lime. At the close 1 yomijj lady with (lie greatest I nled Hie 7-day (our of (lie New i (worfj) 1000 votes). The mini- Silly by fhe si/6 of (he purchase having the coupons received you •ontesl. Watch for (his section wl at (he same lime be iible to u's contest, with (he exception of ere. [ and address to the Contest Kili- THE ITINERARY OF THIS 7-DAY WORLD'S FAIR TOUR IS SHOWN BELOW plainly upon it. Contest Editor lm (i| (j le of them for counting at (he Courier week. (put-6f-fowii contestants |se contestants to present (heir ]a!er ; iha'ii Tuesday, August 8tli. ^X-rsonally but no voles will Jje llunins ofjl'iis' soon as .he Courier News Office in order 1. train from Blytlicvillc lo New York. 2. Meals oh train (going and coming). 3. Taxi ifi New York from station to hold. 4. Hotel accommodations for 5 nights. 5. Meals in New York. 6. 3 admission tickets to the World's Fair. 7. tour of National Broadcasting Studios at Radio CHy. 8. New York Harbor Cruise. 9. Taxi transfer from liotel (o station. 10. Train from New York to Blythevillc. Buy Your C10THES From the BUTCHER?-HO! Why Not Buy tour ,,Frwi tfieMdii We sell Ihc, BEST plumbing fixtures and do the BEST plumbing because WE DO NOTHING ELSE, "PETE" THE PLUMBER Ask For Your Coupons Why Postpone ing BUY NOW ON OUR BIIQGET PLAN Wh.v iia>l|)«no Ijiiyiitf (he tliinjs yon want anil nccii? Jf y,,n iiiye- li't tlic cash, buy on our budget lila.1.1. 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O WHEAT CEREAL"'i«c '5c Size \{j COFFEE, All 'fly " AA C Grades,,Ib. , .... £$ T Al>UjI«/Y J'JXTX'T Aftr Howl Free. ..'. . . ' LA PREEN HKA'NS Fresh, II) CORN ON cb'»' 3 For .lunibo Stalk . CAftKAGE Green, ib. • HEM. PEPPER' Pound . .. TOMATOES I'Vteh Ripe, Ib, 4 Pound Carton i 3. Tall or 6 Small CtlERR.BS, No. 2 ADc Can, 2 For 1$ Ur Vein l:!]/:i!,,.||i (j Sriiu Triiinliln ninifc Aliriihitin' . Kugena <'r:nvforil Rlnrgare) Jan<> A,. 210,000 lO.'l'.OOO is.wia so.pou ( uii'iy voles , llllVO VollLS PHONE 107 FOR SAFE SUMMER DRIVING , . rSAFE;NEW TIRES Pi ,j IK nf olil, HijionflV iinsa'lo UK'S. 'Ihf.y i-iiti caiisb . iiKillws wnrry ;i.ul .trnslp.; :in:lilc.i|,s. l(c .snlo-l,,, s ,nm;t! .(.liaiur,., ;i ( ,,V to finil mijjrtiijiors. lj\olcislv(! "hlFjjl IJIil.T" Itiiill-m wifnty signal., mill' licit- Ui;,VI'-Tltur ; cord ciiiHtriiclion B've vastly r.rcattr service anil safely In imiliirliij;. 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EAGLE STAMPS OF Bity The Best Meat At Pickard's <3ro. 101! , CHICKASAWHA »KI,!VBtt 1'IJONK G73 LADIES BUY A STERLING SET ON OUR STERLING FLflTWflRE —k- — 22 Piece STRADIVARI I $70.75 J 22 Piece NORMANDlE (Other 1'lcccs May U 0 22 I'iccc ROSE POINT §69.25 . $53.56 '» All Sets) ^^^^f ^-' 1 J » III M M^^» JEWELRY & OPTICAL STORE AIR CONDITIONED ' POR cool, invigorating cofn- ' fcil (his summer, brcak- tat>t, imich, or dine iii our com plclc'ly Air-Cpmlilionod . . Dining Room.^ Exccllcfil footj ail popular prices .and perfect sen ice Combine to give you ' (he nCmost satisfaciion, SPECIAt SUNDAY DINNER <,) i,/}--, ' > 50c UP7- -PR'IVATE PARTIES INVll Phone 833

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