The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1946
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1!>, 19<1G me BL rnmvtLLJB OOUKOOI mnra * W W HAWWR ^iMMfeH ; JAMBS K VERHOEFP. MHor THOMAS R. ATKINS, Ad»ertUtaf JOB.. AUuta. liemptib . r"ubUkU«d nffice »t BlytfaetlUe. Artutu. i . October t. U11. SUBSCRIPTION HATHi By carrt« in «b» city Ot BbrttMffll* < •uburbui town wh«i» eurtaf MCTto* to (tiiied. We per wMk. or Me p« Month. By m»Il. within * rwttui at M BUM.' mil. u.oo for its month*. (J JO for Uuw mcoUif; D, ami: oiiUid* f» mlV «x», «1*M pv nw In Quiz Program If we were a congressman totlity we should demand, in addition to the pro]x>sc(l $15,000 annual salary, a" additional ?G'4 for trying to guess what sort of labor legislation President Truman wants, and double time for trying to draft it. It would be worth it, too. For Congress, if it aims to please, lias got to solve some really tough riddles. Like the following: A few weeks ago Mr. Truman had to act quickly and drastically because, as he said, .two men were threatening • to tie up the country's whole economy through a railroad strike. Yet now he wants-a law in which neither management nor labor "should be permitted to become too powerful." ' Mr. Truman still wants emergency powers permitting him to seize an industry when crisis threatens and to draft workers into the armed forces. Yet he cautions Congress to remember, in legislating, that labor is "coming of age" and should not be deprived of "equality with management." Jlr. Truman tells Congress that "we cannot attribute work stoppages to aiiy one factor . . . Strikes must be considered in the whole context of our modern society. They must be considered jn the light of inflationary pressures, of problems of full' employment,' of economic security." , At the same time, he objects to the Case bill because "its range is broad, dealing with a wide variety of subjects, some of which are wholly, un- rfehUcd to the subject of settling of - pieveuUng strikes." He objects to the: Case bill as "permanent legislation , ., . And it applies not to a few seleclcd aml'-vital industries, but to every dispute." In other words, strikes must be considered in the whole context of our njpdern society, but the range must be narrow and'the subjects limited. Mr. Truman pleads for equality of both management and labor. Yet he objects to one section of the Case bill because it "does no more than prohibit all persons, whether union representatives or employes or other, from inter- fering with interstate commerce by robbery or extortion." That would seem to be equality— prohibiting the old sport of highway robbery to everyone, 1:0 matter who. Vet Mr. Truman wants the wholly unequal and unnecessary stipulation that this prohibition would not "impair, diminish or ii: any manner affect the rights of bona fide labor organi/alions in lawfully carrying out the legitimate objects 'thereof." If we were a congressman we shouldn't relish an attempt to fill that complicated prescription. For apparently what is wanted is tcmprary leg- • islation so strong as to earn for Congress all the hard words that' Mr. Truman has been called for requesting it, and permanent legislation so mild that all organized workers would sprain an ankle in their rush to vote the whole Congress back into office. Such a prescription would undoubtedly result in a permanent state of latent economic chaos, with periodic eruptions calling for temporary seizures, drafts and denunciations. But, come to think of it, we've got almost that situation already. So maybe, if we were a congressman, we just wouldn't bother with any labor legislation whatsoever. A Parasite on the Sturdy Old Oak SO THEY SAY I venture lo assert dial If i;ovcrnineitt4 have the welfare of tile common people lit heart, tile solution of this (food) problem will have priority ii\ intermUionai politics.—Str John Boyd Orr, PAO Director Gcnenil. • • » More definite protection from the arbitrary nets of superiors is ORsentliil.—Wnr Department Bourd to invcstlKiilc Army "caste" system. « * » The most perfect machinery cannot work without the faith and determination of the peoples to innke it work.—Hcrschcl V. Johnson. Acting U. S. DclcgHlc to UN Security Council. * * * School home economics departments .spend hours Icniililng pupils to make fancy sandwiches and none Idling them liow to build a home. If .we crui't save the families we cnn'l save America.— Dr. Willis A. SuUon, former president National Education Association. * * * Government interference with noimul txisi ness processes must lie kept at a minimum.— Undersecretary of. Commerce Alfred Schlndfcr. {* * * a A reasonable'*, spell of unemployment ' that eventuates in "the placement of the worker at his highest skill Is more productive in an economic than immediate placement in a job nl a lower skill— Evan Claque, director Employment Security Bureau, Social Security Board. *. * * By eom-rrvlMK bread and flour now in our homes and in public eating places we will be nblc to stretch our supplies during this critical period. There are plenty of other foods available lo make up uuy deficit.—Secretary of Agriculture Clinton-P.-Anderson. • '• .- V •'' ' ' • • • Hi this i;(>c of scientific mechanism we need the savin" values of spiritual Idealism. Dr. Frnuk P. Graham. President U. of North Carolina. COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE IN ONE AGENCY AT Ix)wer Cost United Insurance Agency A. F. Dietrich, Manager Blytheviilc's Only Exclusive Direct Writing AB'Jiicy of Leading Companies 209^ West Main St. Phone 510 ll Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs Short haul — Less shrinkage and no commission means more money for your livestock. BUTChtR'S ABATTOIR Phone 3458 LEO SWIFT CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales Studebaker Service WE BUY AND SELL GOOD USKD CARS Lex Chamblin y Bill Chamblin Phone 2195 Railroad & Ash Sta. Silent Comic *. WASHINGTON COLUMN Third-Party Money BY FETKK KDSON PAC w.;aln resumed Its "cducaUon- NKA Washington Oirre.spomlrnl al" nclivilies. using money out ol WASHINGTON. June 10. (NEAi.llic union Irciitiurlcs. 11 s;ol $5n,CU[| | Henry Wallace from this source. Expcudituu:.-> party with, during tl'e year were $:«7,000. The CIO executive board I'!' 1 ' passed a resolution, however, saying that all future financing of the PAC Chairman Sidney Hlllmim launched a campaign for more dollar contributions, but It hasn't "cm doing too well. In Washington Hillman recently admitted that total collections from the drive "hud not yet reached five figures." Tliat means less than $10,000 taken in Hardly enough to launch, a third General Duty Cop,ii 9 t,t by Ucr A9M< HoKOck ObtriUt^ br NEA SWVICE, LUCY AGNES HANCOCK, I opened, and walcried while an extremely fat Negress was cased I from the ambulance and carried with some difficulty into the room. I From the car behind slopped a I slim gill in evening dress, a velvet land ermine wrap about her 1 shoulders. "T am Angela Hutchinson and | this is my cook, Mrs. Prunella Brown. She appears to be suffering TUB STORY! Putt of lh< icTj is unravelrd VffcrM the discover tknt Ike «w» mrtt wk« brought IN the InJvrHl fcoy arc paVt of a £••£ of IhlevtvJ f^e fcoj* had trl«d «• caytvre H«BK roIiHcrr. Bvt tke !• • trangrr wko C^MC pud wrmt the dark x*Moln« VMMenlUied. XI THE resident stifled a yawn andl and l W3S unable to get a doctor ••-threw back his shoulders. at this hour so sc " 1 f ° r lhcr ,. "Seems sort of quiet tonight after bulance l ? ^ing hcr hc , rc ' Gl . v = what we've been enduring here her a P, r 'Xf te 'TV ^ , ilition Irom lime to Time srna in case of death you may take the usual steps and send whatever bills Ihcre may be to my address, I think that covers the situation. And now, good night," The patient groaned and Sally wondered if she had heard the cool and, to hcr, callous recital by her mistress. Doctor Hallock was watching Ihe visitor, a strange look on his pleasant face. He followed her to Ihe door and stood while Ihe chaulTcur helped, her inlo Ihe' car. Then ho turned to Hud Sally glaring at him angrily. this past week or two." .„ . ... , , The ringmg of the ambulance -. , . .. T . nurses if she needs them. I want lyou to take care of her and sec , hat she has evcry comforl ond bell followed by the eerie shnek ttention . You mav send your bm of -the siren as it rrached the , me at addicss. Good cvc street, came m direct refutalion of - Dc.clor AVUlouglrby-s placid S :. you." i. forward. "Wil, -I spoke too soon - He acknowl- J ou tfease answer a few questions, edged, peering after the am h u . Miss or is it Mrs. Hutchinson? lance tail light until it was hidden! "It is Mrs.—of course. I thought from sight. He turned to the room you knew. What is it you want me where the two nurses were already to tell you?" It. was said arrd- on tho alert. "Let us hope it's notlfSantly. She spoke as if to a rather an-accidenl." [dumb and presuming underling. "Probably pot," Sally smiled.[Sally stiffened. "More than likely an appendcc- "It is customary to know some- tomy. We've had a lot ol them I thing about the patients who c.ome lately. Isn't it queer how such here, Mrs. Hutchinson," she said .things seem to run in spells like I coolly. Margaret was doing the _chickenpox and whooping cough? I usual things, recording lempcra- "We'H have perhaps a dozen or ture, pulse and respiration. Sally . more appendectomies within the I poised her fountain pen above a space of three or four days and card and read the questions as ! "CO (hat's the glamorous Angela , Hutchinson," he said as he dosed the door. "Well, Prunella won't gel any privalc room, my lady. We have none vacant. There's a vacant bed in K and she'll have lo be satisfied with that. I wish you were back in K, Moynard. An old Mammy like Prunella is your dish. Personally, I don't think lucre's much Ihe mailer with hct. Temper, partly, and overeating. She isn't in any coma, you know. You sensed that, didn't you, Maggie? I've an idea she's punishing her 'chile' for something. Wasn't there talk of the Hutchinsons separating, Sally?" I'm sure I wouldn't linow,*' —The coyness o[ about lakinr; otr as leader nt » third parly could well be proiuptcn by a lol more than mere: loyalty t u the Democratic machine, wlilci- made him what lie is lodny. Ft" the all-imporlnnl question ta':Uis any political movement is wliii' it will use for money. In 1944 Ihe Demooralic Nations) Coininlltec spent just over $2,M;U. 00(1 to re-elect Roosevelt fur -••• fourth term. The Republicans spi-n: f2.800.COO to «o ciown in tlcfrai with Dcwcy. Mind Vou; this LV '-»•- ly what the national comiiiltluuf spent. ' Rhode Island Senator Thcorlun Francis Green's S|>ccial Conimltu:t to Investigate Presidential. \'"" Presidciitml and Senatorial Cum- paigns came up with a sao.nou.uw otal for those conte.sls. S7.UOO,UiJi f It sl>cnl by the Democrat:; -isif ;13,OQO.OOU by the HcpuDlltans These totals don't include His i« ab) c .sums siwnt on ecmBrcj'- , tjtritft. local, and all prlmur; •ilsi'j:cilh«; : . '• -It ; would t:iku ••• la'l-rt'cbl nddliiB-iuncJiinc lu '- r cord that tfthndi total. ; , .; . HAT<:il ACT SETS ,«rO.(W» CK1MNI The Hatch cltnn-poittlrs lu.v i- sup|X)scd to limit llic aiiioun; money a national political organ '.ion "can collect and spend in •Mmpalgu. The ceiling Is ?:<.COi) •vlll! a $5000 limit on mone» i: Ing from nny ouc source. Where would a thlro pany money like lhat. to put over lu'"'' •Vnllacc. Claude Pepper, or auyb-ms ^Isc? The .seed corn '.hat good, even il Wallace willin'. ' It is generally concerted that Mi backbone, also the blood ami lels, of a third-party. mown^nt •\-ould have lo com c lron\.rn;Ba|iiz';a labor. Tlio slroneest i -^JciJJf >H 01 uolillcal leadershin In.fhbor is !»e i GIO's political Action;: c .-Coinmi;ui-. I Vet It spcaKs for considerably less . lhan half of the union slrciiEth. | There have been many wild Biiess- 'cs as io 1'AC finances. Most o! 'tu: 1 comment has been bun!;. Bccnim: th c CIO unions Have a lotal mein- bcrship of between five and s'.x million, ami because PAC has inn in campaigns lo collect a uoll.ii i trom each member, it lias <K<''< Uhouicd around that PAC was <"'- IcctiiiR live or six million collar» ycnr lo purge it- 1 - enemlrn. C": Read Courier News Want Ads. Used Ice Refrigerators - 50-75-100 Good Used Singer Sewing l\I;ichinc—sews like new NKW CKDAK CHESTS—New Perfect Sleeper Innerspring Mattresses — BoxSprings Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main Phone 2302 All our Employees are War Vetermn*. or «ei Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! One call to ua will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. Ph. .. - - - .i.. . . fcrrlee Mrm. J. M. (M»e) WlUUrnc, «wacr .?**^ A.v-vv. >.--•>-. Anrwhen G«ene»« BU|. HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pic lured comedian 10 Keep 11 Mountain nymph 13'High hill 14 Folds 18 Be drowsy IB Cross 20 Essential being j 21 Gudrun's husband 22 Willow . 24 Different 125 Taut i 26 DemonslraUve i pr. noun i27 Patent 23 One (Scot.) 29 Firm 32 Correct 38 Ties 37 Theater . attendant ' 38 Ireland' '-<•' '' ; i39 Card 143 Tissue '4-1 Deity 145 Desert 47 Lad 48 Stair post 1 50 Bull's-eye 52 Distribute 53 Gniue VERTICAL 1 Morphin der.lvalive ^ 2 Preposition 3 Knock 4 Heap 5 Units 6 Speck 7 Art (Latin) B Anent 9 Yellow (comb, form) 23 Cons 10 Praise (Scot.) 24 Japanese 12 Dispenses 13 Jog 15 While 17 Dreadful 19 Nottrwith- • standing 21 Unbeliever . seaport 29 Ship's after part 30 Vegetable 31 Domineered 33 Zoroastrian 34 Slave 35 Server 39 Summon 40 Kxclnmation 4 1 Tangles 42 Bad child 45 Ocean 40 Exist 49 Us 51 Earth goddess FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phone 2407 TJ Out Our Way f ByJ. R. Williams "Prunella has been married so I many limes even she. can't rcmcm- not another for weeks. The same | they appeared Ihcre. -with accidents. You've noticed it, haven't you, Doctor? "Superstition," the doctor anilcd, 'but Sally knew he had *Mttced it because she had heard him mention it to the chief. [ Doctor Hallock entered and con- i suited with the resident for a few I pose she is Prolcstanl — anyway, Sally said coldly. "I don't listen to gossip." "Good gal!" tho young man applauded unperturbed. The slrclcher departed and the young man followed it. The girls looked at each other lor a long wordless moment. "Of all the heartless exhibitions I ever witnessed that takes the prize," Margarel exclaimed. "That poor creature heard every word she said." "And I think she intended that she should," Sally agreed. "I don't bcr. She is somewhere in the ™rc lor Mrs. Angela Hutchinson, neighborhood of sixty, I think, Maggie." though Vm not at all sure. She "Nor 1.1 don't care for her type doesn't know herself. She has been I —never did. Selfish, heartless^gim- wilh me since I was born. I sup- •minutes afler which the older doc- she goes to the Negro church over •tor left the room. The interne re- I in the Hollow. That is Protestant, 'mained. Almost at once the ambu- isn't it? If she has children living 'fence returned followed by a big they are scattered and never 'limousine. Both cars stopped be- I bother her. Is that all? Of course , ,for'c UM doer wr-icfe H*Uock ll am. to be notified as to hcv con- . , me gals— every one of 'em. Seems to me, though, our Doctor Hallock was quite impressed. Didn't it strike you .thai v.'ay. Sally?" "I didn't notice," Sally replied, but she wns not quite truthful. She had noticed and resented it. (To Be Continued) who have PAC opposition In their districts are Inclined to be particularly panicky about t;icsi. I reports. Tlic truth Is that, lhi> dollar-.- tnembcr dnvcs have been pi'-i'y disappointing. Union labor w 111 ! i : »vt to get a lot madder nt Truaian nnd a lol more enthusiastic unom politics than it now lr, ue!or» "AC 01 nny similar oreantznlinu cots in MIC inulti-nillllon-lollar cJru-. INDIVinUAI. I>ON,\TIONK IJ»X"l BWKI.I, 1'At! COKFKUS In 1H44. CIO-PAC to<)K in -570.000 up through Ihe primary f.i-,- liotis. All this money camp no::: CIO headquarters and the inii'i-iu- lioual unions, four of which kit ru-r. in -100.000 nplccc. Of this uin >-.i:: t . S501.000 was spent. That Irit r h.n- ""CC Of $170.000. which W.1S :iC.'.'!r unlil after the November ele<r,.n^ .'n as not to violate Sinilh-ronn:"- ly law prohibitions ngiilnsr i:;. H'crrdinE of union or rovpnr.ui'iii fiiiid-i In a federal eliVlon. llotwern l,he prlmarlcfi and ''^ Novnnber nTecllons. PAC n.s";-t'< to individual contributions. AH in,-. But was $376.000 The sum v. ; , s M small (licy had to borrow Slui.'iin to complete tho campiiisn. OKI ol these $O2,000 gross 1cn;|i:s, S-tlO.CCO was spent, leaving a i>\;. "•"•• ••' cn'v S22.000 nnd a <>;., -'." '.ii.ics Ihnt big. i Attcr the 19« elections. f;T,-,. j |^ We Hove Moved! Riales Land Co. •Phone Now Located in The Hale Building Across from City Hall Call or sec RUSSKM, K. KIALES if you have a Farm for Sale or Trade in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri. VOC 552. NE.VCR LEAP , JL<MR VOU MUST REST THAT WHEEZV FLIMP-- WI'IH -BO M*.KJV ' ME I SHOULD LIVE TO TWENTY-THREE NOTICE TO CAR OWNERS 24-Hour "Rain Insurance"—25e If it rains wilhin 24 hours after you have had your car washed al our station and you are a holder of our Card, just present Card within 48 hours and we will wash it again— FREE! SPECIAL! WASH AND GREASE JOB $1.50. MARR'S AUTO SERVICE jur Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie YOUR ONE STOP Phone 2611 STATION ASH & SECOND AW ARE VX5CTOR.S eoiMG TO vote CSOS'T COME \ri, < . LOOK. ^T ME GRIMLV AN3O ^\ S>We TiAElR HEADS/—-X \ DEMAND X-R«VS,THERfvPV, J CLIMICW- Dlfr.G^SOSiS AN5D / TOOO/ A. DON'T LET VOUtt 6BT ALL REU, M A.3OR.'-•-- YOU KKSOVN) WHEW A, I1OR6E BR6M-CS HiS LBG THEY- -—-AVKYBS VOU'Rt LUCViV TWdY •( 1DEKJTIRED YOU A-3 < HOIUO// r OR

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