The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1949
Page 8
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JCIGHT IIATHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, .TIJNK 1, IMS Ark-Mo Blanks Owens Druggists City League Softball Leaders Win Fifth Consecutive Contest wai'tr.-, f>'ni!id rhe briUmul two- hit hi:r::/J5 of B;U\ Denton, annexed il:rir fifili <"ji-ecul;i'p victory last Th»> ••(••••>Mi-['l.ii 1 < 1 -Si:l!n an-NV]Mm rh'". miet n!M.> kept n:up uhh i hr !r:mm? Ki:«'A;mrrs, a yanir- njiri a b.i^k. bv '.viKning over fi-.i s-5 in t!:c fij.-i cmne of last nifihi s | |i nobble i]f*:iar>r. The <AJM \va> .Sul i j f > FIliK IIAXAKD —Norm ilmiser of Indianapolis la?' "T/'nlini' to'. ' jVrfoTr b-u kiui' from'*" '""" i<s lic ' ri ' xi K'' 5 l "c flames ol bin-Hint; gasoline and c' 1 ' his learnings UNO phivrd ''rim'lrss ' '' ja ' after Natou crashr-rt duriiiK :illo-imje race at Imiiana;/ 0 ball sll t.'t' '. v ay. He -.'.ne up o.'ilv 1 - _ ?- s to Lhe R"' aM at a s l ]ecd ° r mol ' e U™n 100-miles from lhc UTeckaRe of Duke Nalon's Novi Spe- ' Ind - Speedway Monday. (AP Wircpholo). eisVu. HP fi'.-o sirird lus <>v,ti I;MISP ttjth a pf'i'K-i'I ntjjJn. K( b.u. thmv hits In iliroe inp- Jinri Iu- scorrd ! one run. | Ark-Mo Takos Ilmly I riicl . Tl:e KilD'.s'iin*'!.^ ^!'al.ib'*-ci n two- ] run load Jti Uio MHnsirt iiiniMt; ou t\vo ' liitv. a b:^i- on b:i'.N LHK) si iV'id^r's choice. Tiu'v ;uiii'-(i iiuin I in 1 I ;il!v in ihf 1 fifrli mxi -.mi --'ii M>: in flic siMli. '1'iir- L'J ii'U'i-: s ni^vt'j- h ( id . more thfln nvu iti^n 01, b:oe itt any' tiitif diirir.ti .liif 1 Lranif and only £>ol CMP niuncc ro third h:i-,e. i Krlty v,p]i! i he tJisianc^ for O\vtns j Pfirl \v;*? JiHK'hfif fnr !1 hi!5. ' J. C. Whir 1 ]* 1 uirdird ^ix-hit !»:iJI and his teamum'tv-. ^aMH'i'fl .--even Carl Furillo's 14th Inning Clout Sends Dodgers Over Giants 6-4 i'ji sf-r\M>n in iiYsv i nisiu's i\\'A uaitip. : \Vliitilp \vrnt iU] tlu- \vity for flip , Chovrolf 1 ! ijn.v- 1 - to punier iius first win of the cf'ayou In Ins firsi st;n i. • Nornd stnrtod on the hill nf Holland , but \v;is knoi-ked from the box in : the third inning when Sulliv ;m- \ Nnj5nn put. tocef her a sinyle, iliree j bi'.sr.s on balls ft mi t\vo liii batsmen for four runs. j Box .scores: I'irsi Clime: Morion t-f 1 Hester II) -I | D AH R, II. ; I 0 1 ' 1 ' 4 Heed c ..... ............. '2 Glover 3u 4 \ 3 Crou'ell rf 3 0 0 Crude ss .., 3 0 0 0 0 1 a Nonld p 0 0 0 Ward p 2 1 1 Totals 27 s n SiilJivan-N'fLsnii AH K. u. Rtlrnham ss 4 I o Day If 2 1 0 Lutes 2b 4 '2 3 Ledbettcr 3b 3 I i Hicks c 3 1 Faton cf 3 1 \VilUams Ib 1 o (\ B?vill rf 3 o o Whittle p 3 o 1 Totals £6 8 7 Second Camp Onr-iis" AH. It. 1' D Williams 2b 3 (I u Haynea ss 3 n 1 M. May :lb 3 n 0 Ginloy !b 3 - 0 a Reason If 3 u o P. Taylor rf 3 (I 0 J. Taylor cf 0 [} 0 Dyer c Kcily p Totals Ark-.Mn Lorn ss Cliiniia;] If Morton r( Wlhrm c Kv l;U'k Jhiiul A N^IJI i:ilnt I'n-ss Spoi u \\'i ilr-r C:irl Firillo. thr fellow L^o |)UL ocJicr AflJri Couldn't iut j i«lnh;uulei-.s, i< making hLs old bfl--s e:ii his words. Thy Buiohlyn nshl ficidn hit, a HUi-iiminy home j nu off nght- 1 lander LJM i y Jansen in the -ATC small hours of the morning to win f!ie "biu fjiime" ill the young season for (he ojiruhhjnw IJcftr^er.s. [•'urilfo'.s >;econ(i home of the year, bmh tiff Jun^eii. eiriblod ihe Brooks in a 3 hour-f>Y nnniur marathon m to shutif I.t'o'.s New York Giani.s. (>-l the polo CJJ'oiiinU As a res n! I < ff i h e homer a i id ;\ spec'laeular job tjf no-hit, no-r nit relief pitching by Rookie Jack Bruit a, the Dod«<-Js enter .June in a two-way \ ie with the BOM on Braves for the Nulinnal League Lead Tlic Ciinnts. nho woro partners in a triple tie v^tcrdtiy moi'ning, now a if- third. It was a toimhie foj- Jajisen who oppo.^ed four iiilfen i nl Dodger pjtrh- ers (iuiins Ihe lotift evt-nvn^. Ht 1 L)trw an earU- :i-f> lead and another 1-3 atU'antaHe. '['hen in tlio lltli he di.shcrt np ihe homer t(j Kurillo. A triple by Roy Cnrnp;mella sent thr tirinK Giant are LO the showers. Da\ r c Koslo yiekk-d the cxti'a scoi e on Ban la's single, his first hit of the season. lira vcs Viji Dills 7-fi / Santa's top drawer bullpen job Wfls }]i.s second victory within a week since Barney Shotton .shifted him to firenian duty. Only two men reached base agtiinst the leati right- hander. One walked and Ihe other was,hit by a pitched bail. Both were erased on double plays. Jan.scn wti.s three outs from vic- .orv starting the ninth. c:il Hoflgrx opened with n home run. TYien they went out their lone; overtime duel thai ma tie it 5W in nines for the Giants in the last three days. The big crowd of -n.92'2, best of the Polo Grounds night season, w a.s uaiching a bn (le for first place w lie n BosloJi's 7-fi af lornnmi victory ovei the phillie.s was ported on the .*. r • o re bf> a IT). Boston had to come Itoin wny back to take tliat one. Trailing .5-0 Sciing into the fourth inning, the Braves finally pulled it out when reliefer Jim Konsljuiiy walked Clint. Consumer with ihe full in the ninth. Snead Grand SlaW Among KIMIMONn. va . Juj' 1 ' ' '£'*'7 Sflfmirl Jackson Sarad :it - 1 " "'' s kins of America's profo.^'""* 1 « r ' lr - cis uitUiy. '1 lie slr'iniinpr from Wli> 10 Sl| lpl"»' .Spunas. W. Vn earned !lnu d1s " nni-tion yesterday wliejl 1|0 t:i "" c from Inhinrl (o ilcfeat jiih»«y Pnl- itn'i of Haclin. N. C.. 3 ail<l '•'• (or lilt' I!lt9 championship a'.."" **'"' fe>sion:\l C'.olfers Associ'^ 1 ™ 1 Supiui's l)i-illjant \'ictor?' ovel ^ iiir-i- di.stitlKlllsllpfl Hiun H - L '~ L Tlie mily solfer in l| ls "">' cs ' er (o win tiie Masters' ^oat'-aiHeiH and tlie PC)A crowns in <""' >""**• 'J. The nation's Icatii' 1 ^ luon A 'iirnici (or 131!). Sam )' :1 ? pnrlin >l'.'.(JIIIB:i. will] s.l.SUO cu'"'" 15 tl<lln yestcrday'.s triinnpll. 3. A prcttv fair comi' 1 '? t»' ttn " Missouri Team Wins Thriller From Victoria Brorkct.Cs rietl Sox of Slangy. Mo.. j>n.shrcJ acro.s.s tiie winniriK tally in ihe lOlh inniiiR al Hale Field iti Oiteol.l last nlpht to take a 6-5 decision from the Victoria fieri Sox. James ivr-nt i) le route for the victors and allowed Victoria only ei»lit. hir.s while his teammates were t'ombin" Iv.o opposing hnricr.s for II IJiiiKles. D. Conner opened on the hill fnr victoria Ijnt was relieved i" Ihe third by his sot], J T. Conner. «'ho fini.shect ti;e to get credit for !tie IOM. Victoria ODetied to lake H 1-0 lead it] the inninR but. Stanley came back the very next inning lo score thiee rims on three hit. 1 ; atid t'.vo errors. Another iM!y in Ulf elolilh RHYE St'fnlev n 1-2 lead but Victoria came back in the same inning to (ie tlie .srore when \Vricht and Whistle stole home in siiccr.ssron. Neither tenjn .scored In the ninth but Rtan- lov uushrd across one in Ihe 10th. Viclori;i will po to F'ocahonta.s for a gatne p'riday ni^ht. Armor el Wins 3-2 Decision Over Sikeston The Airnorct TiKcrs annexed their third victory of Hie year last night will) H 3-2 win over the sitting Sikesfon Slags in a K^ine played on tlie Sikestoii diamond. Lefthander Jerry Dean went the route /or the Tigers and outpilched SikestorTs George Dubia in a tight hurling duel. Both pitchers gave tip eight hits with Dean striking out JO and Dubla 12. Sikeston opened the scoring In the fourth with a pair of runs on three singles and a passed ball. Armorei tied it up in tile sixth with two tallies on a single, an error and a double and pushed across the winning run in Llie eighth on two «m- secutive hits. J. U Hoiion i;aced Armorers hitting with three hits in four In while Dubia led Sikeslon with llr for five. The Tigers will play Ririglcy. Tcnn.. Friday night will mum home Sunday [or a turn game with IliilRley. Box Score Arinorc I A 8 Honon cf .. Smilhers 3h Bunch If Bizxcll irj Keller rf . .. Killet t ss Baker 2b Ellis 2b Young c .... Dean p Total's ...... Sikcslon Hrlsey If Cokendur ss C. Wesseli c Dubla Ib iitoomlield 3b Hayden 2b Mlze cf Carroll rf G. Dubia p . Totals S 3 4 4 4 2 2 •.. 4 3 35 AB DEAD HEAT—Johnny Mizc, left, of the Giants and tlie Pirates' Etalph Kittcr insist upon a photo finish, and are running as one hor.---o a^om Ihis season. Ttie hij; first baseninn and the outfielder tied lor the National League homo-run championship with 51 in l!)!7 and 40 last season. NATIONAL Li-ACJUK W L nosion . '. -_'n n 22 1H 19 13 20 10 the subject of criticism. Polks said if SiiMd could putt !if n he can drive, he'd win lournam 1 ""'- Sl '!' :c lie began iisiiifr a borro' 1 " 0 P" l . Iel ihe won't reveal where ' lc R ° l , • Snc-ad has won three in I" J'ow— t'Xj Greensboro open, tlie M»-« ers alltl nnvv the PGA. Snead moved around "'* yard hermilace country coiirse yesterday in six-uildcr-i) ilr lo 6csl rainier. Jap Prisoners May Face a Woman Judge TOKYO .;!'. Japan soon will have its first woman juvi^e. .She is Mitsuko I.ihivvata. IS. She is one of !'.»:( Japanese just i-iadii- atfd from the Judicial Training Instilule of the Japanese supreme eoinn. She first took up the law 11 years a?o. -She \vas sradnated from Mr-iii Univcrsitv'.s law college in 1944. Blythcville To Compete " n Trap Shoot Meet ' W. H. Holcomu. n inci]i Be1 ' of " le , BiyDipvllle (inn Club. lea (hls iimrniHg Tor Snitlenn lo f o '"l' c| e 1[1 [lip sontlnvesl mne and Arkniisns 11 ;i|) shoots which o|>e» lbm '"' ""i\l'r°"nolranib. who is roiisldcrrd one of Lite brai tiiip shoo' 61 ' 5 '" the ' Mid-Smith, has been m irLicipaung .in DIP sport for nearW-' 10 i :f -' nrs . jiml has competed In .srj)" 0 ° r (lle , Inrscsl inrcis in the nnlid" Hc has : won .several trojiiries in yeiits • of siioming. ttie most f ctpn ^ on(; ! beiilR ill 1047 when hi! lle(l ltlc ' world's record for handif'" 11 ' "'1001.- ins nl Ihr Nalcticx. Misrf- nlc|lt He also has shol. |)rofesr I<>nnll >' for ] liuih (lie Reinin^ion and W 31 ^!!^ 5 " ier Arms Companies. Pe!rcr»ns Allowed Only Four Hits as Barons Win 3-0 Rv thr Assoriatrd l'rrs«: Jimmy Mcl>oi;ald limited the Pelicans of New Orleans to [our hits at BinniiiRham last ni?ht as Birininghain's league-leading Barons blanked tf\em, 3 to 0. The Crackers of Atlantsi baUcred the Mobile Bears. 5 to 1; Little Rock's Travelers scored in thr Illh to nip Die Chattnnoosa Lookouts, ^ to 2. and the Vols of Nashville edced (he last -place ?.femphls: Chicks. 5 and *. U wns MemphJs ^Of.h IOS.K this season. 'I'lje Tr^vs took their extra-innings stvu°5;lc with the Lookouts with tlirep unearned runs. They even yot the victory margin without ft hit as they ca.shed in on a hit batter, a walk, an error and an outfield fiy. Art McConnell was the winner. Michigan Golf Pro Scores Two Aces In 18-Holc Round DETROIT. June 1. I/ft— Ray Magnire, Birminghin, Mich., golf pro. wrote a record into golr books yes- , ,j cl terday when he scored two holes in ! «,,, n., n „„ „., .o i.^r^ i oni Nesv York St. Louis f Cincinnati Philadelphia . Chicago Pittsburgh Pel .575 .575 .550 514 .513 .402 .405 .400 Today's Gnmes NATI ON 1 A I, LEA G U E St. Lours at Brooklyn Pittsburgh at Boston (nightj Chicago at, New Ycrk Cincinnati at Philadelphia (night) Yesterday's Sports in Brief fly the Assoclital p rcM Ikuehall Pittsburgh—Manager Billy Meyer of the Pittsburgh Pirates fined pitcher Bob Cliesncs MOO for "Insubordination." Tennis— Nordwyk, Holland _ Richarr! (I'ancho) Gonzales or Los Angele* gained the second round of tlie In- teniational Jubilee Tennis Tournament. London—Jack Kramer and Bobby Riggs gained ihe second round of the World Professional Lawn Tennis tournament. ^; The only members of the monkey family living wild in Europe ar« the Barbary apes of Gibraltar. THEATREOSCEOL YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Bo\ <»IILL OIKIIS -At ! Week Nights Show Starts at 7:30 lUathnrc Saturda\ A; Sunday at 'i p.m. ivitii cnnlinnous showing. A.MKUIOAN I.HAGiJE AMICKICAN r.EACUK Ne\v York at Chicago (night) Washington at St. Louis (night) Basion at Cleveland (night) Philadelphia at Petroit (night) New York . , Bcviion . Philadelphia Washington , OetroH . .., SOUTIIKKN LKAC.fE Nashville at Memphis, night. Chattanooga at Little Rock.niglit. Mcbiln at Birtninghani, night. Ne-,v Orleans at Atlanta, night. one oti an IJJ-hole round. The amazing performance of the 35-vear-old Maguire came in the Michigan Sectional Qualifying play for the National Open Tournament. Oddly enough. Maguire—despite his two aces—did not qualify for one of MichiKaii'-s 11 berths in the open but .squeezed in as an alternate. He made the first hole in one ol his career in the 205-yard fifth hole. Lesp than an hour later he aced the 164-yard 14th hole. . The SUiltai'ut meets four days. Gcotge B<irlhol omcw - nrl " other member of the Blythcville, nun Club, slated that he may lpavc Saturday or Sunday to i- om l lctc ln , Ihe meets. Bud Wilkinson Named Collegiate All-Star Pilot CHICAGO. June 1. Wl— Bud Wilkin?on hean coach of • Oklahoma's Siiyiir Bowl chnnipion.s \vho rejected an offer to skipner Wisconsin, will return to Bi? Ten territory after all. if only briefly. The blonde. 33-year-old giant will pilo! ttie collegiate sQiiad which meets the Philadelphia Eagles, Rational Football League champions, in the animal all star game in Soldier Field Ang. 12. Veterans Team To Play Luxora independents The veterans Housing Quarters ba.seba) team wil play iLs first night eame of the season under the HghU of Walker Park tonight with (he Luxora Independents furnishing the opposition. Game time Ls 8 o'clock. Dale Williams, a righthander, who has a '1-1 record for ihe season, i.s .slated for hill duty for the Veterans with Charley Hides probably handling the mound chores for Luxora. The VFIQ team Is made up al- j most entirely of veterans of World j War II with Erwin Jones serving | as manager. The team is non-spon- icago Cleveland St. Louis SOUTHKKN Birmingham . ... Atlanta LiUle Rock Mew Orleans . ... Nashville 21 Chattanooga . 19 Mobile 19 Memphis 12 Yesterrlav's Results NATIONAL LFAGliE Boston 7, Philadelphia 6 Brooklyn 6, New York I <14 innings i Only 1 ; scheduled AMFKICAN I.FAGUE No game.s .scheduled. GRiFFIN LIQUID WAX S ELF-PQ LISHING ShineJ and re-colors Ibc, leather trim without brushing or rubbing. In brown, tan, o*-blocd, litack. SOUTHKK.V ASSOCIATION' Atlanta 5, Mobile 1 Birmingham 3 New Orleans 0 Nashville 5. Memphis 4 LHte Rnck 3, Chattai;ooga 2 .sored outfit with the members furni-shinc; their own equipment The eVterans team recently was re-orgamzrd with Jonas appointed ma^iaj?er and hn.s scheduled games with some of the lending independent and semi-pro teams ol thi.s area. GRIFFIN ALLWITEand LIQUID WAX Cool, Smooth i*"<J Goldenl $<M<mm$ GOLDEN </ '49er RICKET Miulc u'itli Seagram's A Hciciit lluttle din HERE'S HOW:S<|iirr/r ';• lim^ inio liii;liii:ill ^l.n'.. Dioji in lime slirll. A-ld ice 1,-ulM-s »uct IU. <v/.. of Si ,\t.RAM'S Ancii-ai Botilc ( !IN. ! ii! w uli i -.n hi ni.i ted waier. DISTILLEP DRY AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL DlSriLLLU KROM A.MLRICAN GRAIN. 90 PROOF. SKAGRAM-UISTILL^ 5 CORPORATION. NEW YORK PROFIT By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT By Advertising In The Classified Columns When. You Want lo Buy or Sell ADS PLAMIEFETA.M! WILL APPEAR SAME OAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance PHONE 4461 BLYMVILLE COURIER NEWS ii Wednesday & Thursday "DAUGHTER OF THE WEST" (IN CINECOI.OR) Martha V'ickeri Philip Itccd Warner News & Shorfste Oial 4li61 Box Office Opens at 7:00 Show Start! a ( 7:30 Wednesday, Thursday "COPACABANA" 'Groucho Marx Carmen Miranda Andy Russell Also Shorls NEW Sni Oncrii Week Days T.IMJ p.m. Malinec Saturday & Sunday t.-Sun. I n.m Cont. Sbowin; Manila, Ark. Shows EVER! NIGHT Wednesday & Thursday "LETTER TO THREE WIVES" with .Tennne Grain I.iiuTa Darnell, anct , Ann Sothcrn Also Sliorts RITZ THEATRE'^ Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "FIGHTING FOOLS" «-ith I.eo Gorccy and Tlic Bnwpry Kojs News & Short BLVTHEVILLES ONLV ^U^VHTT^^I^Ta'S Shuw Sl.irls Weekdays 7:0* p.m. .iturday and Sunday: Continuou* shuwitig from 1:00 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday (DOUBLE FEATURE) "HARD-BOILED MAHONEY" .nih Leo Gorccy and The Bowery Boyj "A LIKELY STORY" with Bill William* and Barbara t'.i,',t Also Shorts

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