The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1947
Page 16
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*AGE BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1047 Committee Seeks Hospital Funds Campaign to Begin Soon to Obtain More Than Million Robert B Sue- iota. CattcmU-n County plant M i>i'J ijer.oiBl iriah of the cnnpnu to secure »1,333~COO with wli'ili I" bni'ci n. 300 bed goi'vnl lint-pltm til West Memphis to SLTVE Easirrii Ailtnn- sas, )ias auno'iMol plans icr i-o- *ruitlng volini">crs to assist In this -project. Trio orgnnizur (effort 'lu tins posrinn, nccorciine to Mr. Sno'wden, will bo ' i!u' intensive soHcila-.ioii ci largci- Onus and those Individuals who will be- a§kcd. for su' giP.!. ••We have TOT-i'-iral n tptect pros. fife of nppros'JU-.Tcly 1?OU mmcs, stgd snoftden • Obvwi.W. in i community as;c n, ll-u area i.i DAR Leader So// Vaccination Tests Provide New Method for Control of Pests . new i:|];iro:'.fli lu the prob- 1SV I'AUI/ V. Unlled I'n-ss Science Writer NEW YtaK, May 15. <UP>—A soil co perl siiU\ tod;iy Unit certain types of plants ran he "vaccinated" agiilnsl .sonic insects, thereby open- Ins 1cm of pest control. Tins newly developed "vaccine 1 !•> socliinn sclonatc. a. while, crystalline, m'Jif;uiiic coinpiiind which readily dissolves In wal'jr. Tt is administered by apllcallou to the soil and then is absorbed by the roots of ulunlK. Reports of the new experiments wore made by Ci!en Puller, of Uat- lelle Mciuiirial Insti'iile, C..lnnil;us O., in the ehnmiHic digest, lie em- iiot \n u>cd on lood plants as It is poisonous lo man and domestic an- mals. What makes the development Important, I'ullci 1 .said, Is that It "SUB- Kests n new and promising ap- pinaeli not only to pcs( control problems, but |X)sslbly to the eon- irol of plant discuses as well." "It seems probable," he said, "thai other materials, of cither natural or synthetic origin, may eventually prove capable of being introduced into Hviim plants through the roots for lhe iini' of rendering them cither repcllant or toxic to insects, or resistant to disease. "Instead of remaining "Inm- <-ent i>ysl;viHlpvs,' plants uuty cvcn- diiaiils in man's continuing warlUoir, can 'm safe again for edible | aijainst both Injurious insects anJ plant, diseases." In the experiments so far. Fuller reported that Hie best, results were obtained on flowers, including chrysanthemums and carnations. ••ft should not be looked upon as a cure-all for pest control problems, belli,; limited in application to certain .-.pce-ifi: crops," Fuller reported. "It should be emphasized that selenium or its compounds .should in no ease be used on crops which ultimately may bu used as foi;d for humans or domestic animals." Soils, once treated with Hie solu- plants, Fuller pointed out, This can be clone, he said, by vigorous wash- ini; of Hie soil with water. He said Unit the soil may also be treated with gypsum or some form of sulfur. Fuller said that the recommended rate of application for carna- lions and chrysanlhcmums in soil was one-fourth gram of sod'uim selenate p?r square fool of soil, or one pound p'jr 1800 square feet. Such nlants in the "vaccinated" area will IK immune to spiders,, iipiiids and certain other insects. Even new sprouts that spring from thc ground arc immune. Unit the solution imisl lustily be enlisted as active parll- M] , Jl|1]u , ,, Tiljm lt ,, , |t , sl ,,„,,,_ a) f , f ( , .. D . ul ,, h | ( s ()f vplved, we coul.l not waire a Hume lhe Amel |c.m Hr/oliH' n. u,li m< - ttf. homo visitation, rivj i:roi L f eel sltle mfl tnp „„„„,, , llcum , bf wwa," He sale?, "involves counties or ncii-ly c.v.o ci the state. Ilow.jvor -very ECVCU thc 5G(h Co .,. „„..,,,,, li of o . 1Br( , s ; of cd cltizeii will have ol iwrticUwtinB." lhe Mr. Snowde.i cxplafnul lliat fao tual datn will go ror.v.-v.l s-i. cnce! oreenwicli. to acquaint pidiiWi:^ with tlic plan and Iho services I ha; will be available to Ihjso ni-i«li>;K 1 o.s- pitiliwUion. "We are diviclini; cur prospccls lulo two i.'roii)):;," continued ' Mr. Siioiviton, "aiv.l \vlll orRanize advv'cc yi''s a rmir.tiets in all the counties :it once. It Is our aim, basoJ u\ a careful ysis of potential Mippt*n., lo .secure at least one million clnilati. fixm the principal sjurcos uf wo.iltk before startiii-j the: ^crierr.l fi^lici- tatlon." Mr. Siiowd°n said lliat the oam- paifin,. schedule i:al'.> fo: - Jvii'ii 1 as the sturti:'i; i!.xl;> for i'.dvnnce gifts silicitation \vitli the ^' orgajiiatlon .-ci"iy lo -slnrt Its r,s- signment abo-it Jure Ii3. ' '\Vc cun get this job ilonc by July 15." Snowden sai',1, "If *VITJU:V« who has. a^stake iii ll'.e success of important proj'ic^. will '-.'Ssinne his share of thc w^vk :nvi*!\'tfl a.? \vel as Ills shape uf the f'lnil •-••quir- ed. We havis a 'eomm'T-1 |>ir- formance" before us", he said. lhe DMl iinT lhe sessions will begin In. Washington Monday. "Aincr- icanism" will Lo he general tJu'inu of Ihc couv^ntioi. site of tlie world- famous observatory on meridian zero ,is a uorouuli of Loiiilon, Eni;land. I'ith structural steel framework he gin will be fireproof. The uHal- 'a dciiydrator is bcin^ built, (^n he Southeast corner of tlie eo- }perative's property. It too, wiil be fire-proof. ZVi H.P., Single Cylinder o u i it o A n n i o T IUI.5O 11 Tlie now 10i7 inoioll i}nlct«i, smoother operating Quicker, easier Btnrllng. En»i« to stocr or carry. Streamlined ono gallon gas tank. From where I sit. Tt .// JoC Marsh. Concerning Your Welfare fircsfotu Recently our stale legislature voted more money for schools, good roads, charitable institutions, ete. The need for larger appropriations was urgent? but such improvements cannot be made without adequate taxes. The Brewing Industry helps to provide some of these public henelits through the. $1,220,000 which it pays into lhe Arkansas slole treasury each year. The brewing industry's self- regulation program is designed to protect lliis source ot revenue through the maintenance of wholesome conditions wherever beer is sold. If you know of any conditions surrounding the relail sale of beer in your community lliat do not meet the high standards of public sentiment and of Hie Arkansas brewing industry, a letter to the address shown below will result in immediate Investigation. Remember: JSootlegccrs don't l>uy taxes. ARKANSAS COMMITTK, UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION HACO BOYD, STATE DIRECTOR ... 402 PYRAMID BIDG., IITTIE *OCK, AWC Work Rushed On Co-Op Gin, Dehydrator "-OSCEOIJA, May 15. — JThc new HIO,030 gin and dehyclrator ueini: the Producers Co-operative, should be ready '05 harvest time this year, according to Hack Phillips, manager or thc hew plant. "'"- ( . (Work on the nejv structure rcncli- cd the halt-way; mark this \vcJk and most ot the• HehyclrntlnB equipment has arrived; Mr. Phillips said. The gin wlll'/bc a four stun:! lumnius with all modern cleaning «{uipment '"tpf.'/liandline incchan- ically hartcsfitY-Jcolton, he stated. The gin JMi'l pe; ! ;onc of the best.-Equipped jii--Mississippi County, lie " : f«idded. -"-I..!.-'' . ; Mouse din a sheet iron biuldi'.ic RECAPPING ! with i ! Hawkinsoo Treads i Let Your Next Tires Be i GENERALS • Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. 1 Of X. lUta nwne Z2«l no crowd Look at it like this: When you and your best girl roll up in this tidy number, how can folks help saying: "Who's the smart couple in the slick new Biiick?" Or when it's up to you to do the generous thing, what quartet wouldn't be glad to ride with the two of you — in the neatest, freshest hit of -automobile styling on the roads today? Fact is, this trim Biiick Scdanct combines topmost smartness and companionability with an amazing amount of room. Back of its big, Fireball-filled bonnet there's room for vsix — cloaked in sleek, fade-'away lines that suggest a coupe. Tuni! in HENRV J. UYIOR, Mutual Nelwo.l. Monday! ami fiijafl Under your treadle foot, there's all the eager, velvety power your heart desires, and each light-stepping wheel rides on its own soft cushion of jar- taming coiled steel. There's huskincss to level your going — room for arms, heads and legs — lightness of handling you wouldn't think possible in a car so impressive and so sizable. So come take a look. Sec, firsthand, why this is America's most wanted automobile. Sec too why it's smart to settle your mind on Buick — and get your order in now.You can place yours with or without a car to trade. TUCK AWAIT PUNTVf l\vr,tr:¥ /:ti;^,n;f fnntfiirtnirntl /.•r.U t-lrnlt ,<«,/ liigh-lijiini; //.-ij™'. 1 ;'/ fiify to i,'i/ til <J^> fica. ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE * AIXfOIL FfNDIRS * HRCBAII POWER -from valvivin- hcod ilraiglil-cIgM engines in Iwo iiicj. * ACCURlIt CtLINDIR BORING * fUli-UNCIH lORQUf-IUBE DRIVE * PCRMI-flKM STICKING * BROAORfAl WKEHS § * BUICOIt SPRINGING-Bu;d developed oil coil spiinging for pcipeluul imoolnr\cii ond "panfKcrcjail" tide. A SILENT ZONE BODY MOUNTINGS PtSFONS -- lor flaihing aclion, Iwill rcsponso, reduced load on bearing*. A STEPON PARKING BHAKl * DEEPflEX SEAT CUSHIONS •* CURL-AROUND BUMPERS * NINE SMART MODEIS * BODT BY FISHER LAN6ST Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING ..Foundation Stock—Direct From Urccdcr Recent test proved yields 3 to 5 more bushels per acre and stands up better than Ralsqy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main l' ho » c 850-857 ATTENTION FARMERS You Can Now Get 100% Coverage On Your Crops Against Hail Storms! Tills rimy ho a year of heavy hail storms. We rcpnj.sent the largest ami oldest Hail Storm Insurance Company and with the highest ratinK- . Special representative will bo in Blytlicville and vicinity for a limited time to take applications. Call, write or phone NOW Tor particulars—No obligation! UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 1'hune 510 A. I'\ niKTKICH, Manager Over Guard's Jewelry Store "Everything In Insurance" AAAA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS | A complete line of poultry feed. Battery fed fryers— [ • buy them on foot. J I'bW/l'KY WANTED: 1 hen or truck load. i Open til 0 Saturday evening, 8 to 10 si. m. Sundays Plenty of Parking Space LEWIS POULTRY • Phone i 419 East Main SI. >'>;^^ 1 GATEWOOD GROCERY | Phone 975! 3 Ark.-Mo. State Line >; on the left at thc Arch 7 Crown -. . . Calvert Schenley Cream of Kentucky. Three Feathers . . . . Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses li I't. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 rt. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 5% Beer GAS, reg. • 17.9c; per Case $3.35 Ethyl 19.9c I Cigarettes per carton $1.55 '£ K "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL « 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ To.r Source of I'ETROLRUM o , Rc , ~ Dependable Bcrrlce PRODUCTS RR .1 Cherrj Clay Road Gravel Available in Yard or Carload Lots --DELIVERED- * Phone 721

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