The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY,, CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: Minimum charge ..............60o ijyme. per-line, .i Ue jTdoiw per Una per d»y ,...12o fume* per line per d»y •« E .times per line p«r?day,-. 7o 13 Umea per-line per day 6c 1 Month per line... ....90o Ada ordered lor three or Hi times •nd,etopped-before• expiration will be charged for the number ol times the ad: appeared and adjustment'of bill made., All Classified Advertising; copy lubmltted by persons residing 'outside of the city must be accompanied toy cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for. Irregular Insertions' takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken fox more than one Incorrect insertion of iny-classified-ad. • For Sat* 2-eye electric hot plate. 3 speed. In good condition. $12.50. 228 E. Davis. Phone 2C04. 1-11-pk-lt! For Sale.- Registered Hereford bull. Old enough for service. J. C, Buchanan, phone 578 or JJ335. - : - - - -•••- - : -.7-7-ok-7- For Rent, Bedrooms with kitchen nrlvlleges and everything furnished. Phono -2133. „. . .- ,.7|H-ck-18 Warehouse, 70x50, In renr of USO building. Entrance from nlley. See Mr. Hnrtzog at Hart's Bakery, 7-6-ck-13 Room adjoining bath. Attic fan. Men only. Phone 2-190. •MO-pk-17 Rooms for men. Atkins, 6j30-pk-30 Hums. See Harve Lewis,'North of Race Track. 7-10-pk-n room duplex. Call 3280. 7|7-|>lt-14 Twin beds, with springs and mattresses; one •inner-spring. 209 \V. Kentucky! Phone 2200. f|ll-uk-14 Bee new Merra piano at Parklmrst. 115 E. Main. C. B, Correll, piano tuner, Holland, Mo. ; 7|ll-pk-l4 Four rooms furniture; Including Chambers gas range, oil circulating heater, lawn mower, 2 antique beds, etc. If sold as unit, apartment available. 1513 Henrn. • 7-ll-pk-14 Dinette table^four chairs. In good condition. Phone 923. , : , „ .-l-io-pk-7-13 Nice • residence' on Holly-' Street,, E *°°S-s with bath. Price $3,650.,H ^V;,-yampbell, 120 S. 2nd St. Phont. K-K. • 7-G-pk-13 Office In ^ Building'. Inquire *t the Parkhunt Co, .,11-SO-ck-tf Wound 10x20 12. ply-Truck Tire,-tube am rim. Willie Hicks, Burdettc... - l-ll-pk-14 Help Wanle* ..U..S..GENERAL HORIZONTAL ' VERTICAL 1 Possessed 2 Dry 3 He has the —— .of Major General 4 Roads (abbr.) 5Biblical i ,,'pronoun . *, C Symbol for irldium v ' 7, Fiber knots 5 Gazes ,' > avariciously 9 Hearken weapons 27 Permit 29 Auricle 33 One wlio degrades Wanted-at once, ticket • agent • fo Greyhound Bus station, man - o woman. Must have high schoo education,- pleasing personality and be able to furnish good references. Beginning earnings $123.D3-per month. Automatic • Increases. Apply Greyhound station Wednesday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. If now employed In essential Industry do not apply. ll-pk-12 First Class I'resser wanted. New Press, good hours, Wednesday afternoons off. $40 per week. Write Box 456, Courier News. ,-.... .7-1 l-ck-18 !,fi Pictured If. S. general 12 Pompous , show 13 times a|icw ^Entrances 10 Courier 17 The gods 18 Goddess ol infatuation 119 Symbol /or Actinium. . 2(lNegaUve ." 23Symbp\ for "• 10 Grafted (her.) 34 Lariats . teUurium II Observe • 35 Exist 24 South Amer- 12 Parent 3.6, Applaud ,.ica- (abbr.) 14 Senior (abbr.) 39 W? 26 Bend outward 19 Confound ,40 Further aaJeer 2?T5»rce- - '| 41 Bcck'e 30 Lincoln's. , dimensional - 43 Great nickname 31 Limb • 32 Oriental J guitar 35 Flat-bottomed i boat 37 House of Commons ; (obbr.). 38 Stupefied 42'Edward ' (abbr.) '"43 Sheep's bleat 44 Chinese fish snuce 45 Mother 47 Spotless 50 Giant 53 Veins 55 Pangs 56 Impair . 57 Percolates - • tfowly "(. 22 Whirlwind • .-. (Gypsy) 24 Kind of doll) '1 On the 25 Provided with summit 47 Cesium (aubr.) 48 Hartwig (abbr.) , 49 Piece out 50 Article 51 Bronze .. . 52'Nova Scotia (..-•UA«. .-(. .; ' V 1*1 EQPiaa oii 0 LIVE R KAHM Eqlill'MKNT > Sales and Service , HARRISON AUTO PARTS CO, BIT W. Asli 1'hone Z552 If TH mnl M »«y n»n W»i Bon4> BELL US TIIK rURNlTUBE TOVJ ARE NOT) USING f« euhl iUo liberal tr»4«.in alWwamc* rot Hi f«ral(n[«' t n »ew. . - Alrln Hardy Fora. Co. HI K. M»In Vh»M (!*) Good prewar girls bicycle. New tires and tubes. Call 22GO. •'—•••-•-"- 7-11-pk-H Purebred, registered Duroc bred, gilts. Bred to outstanding boars for September Jitters. Prices are reasonable. J. C. Buchanan, farm 2 1-2 miles W- on Hvvy. 18'. Phone 578 or 3335 ,-7-7-ck-7 Experienced beautician. 1 Good, salary and commission. Short hours. Write Box T.A.C., % Courier-News; 6|28-ck-14 Experienced cooks «nd waltreaes. Apply Hotel Noble. lfl-ck-tf Fresh fish always ., on sale at Williams Market, next to Jodie Nabers Store on Hwy. 18. G|14-pk7|H Three bedroom .-.residence, - 75 ft. frontage, two servant houses. No. Broadway.-Price $5,250, terms. H. C. Campbell, 120 S. 2nd St. ••••-.•. 7[6-pk-13 Three used A-C .Combines; one practically new;. Write or call.E. B, Gee.Cotton Co. Phone 2026. ^ -'--• '.'"' '-,'- '•" ' 7|l-Qk-tf Nothing finer than .Haviland China for the bride.- Plant- .ITS Hardware Co.' £•• . : -, .• 6-28-ch-28 Experienced pressers and seamstresses.- Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. . Services , TATUM Fhone 651 Try our,t'0\vn Made" ICECREAM WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE Army wife with college education desires position as nursemaid. Write Box F. O., Courier News. 1-3-pk-7-12 Now Available In Book Form HOME, FROM DIEPPE A complete account of the experiences ol Sergt: Everett Ojlesby, Manila, Ark., war hero, one of the first Americans to fight on the continent of Europe in this war. Serving with the gallant old-Essex Scottish Regiment,.he was.wounded..-at.-Dieppe; spent 14 months In a Nazi prison anil'finally,, was repatriated..-Permanently disabled from Ills wounds, lie has returned to Arkansas after being honorably discharged 1 from <lhe Canadian Army. •; ,. ',^ f ., , i , Every American will want to re.'id llils absorbing itory of courage and patriotism. ; l : While th'ey last-^ limited number of special autographed'copies, mailed anywhere postpaid. Only $1. „ - • SEND ORDERS TO ..-. ^ / SERGEANT OGLESBY % Courier News, Blytheville, Ark. Wanted An eight-day mantle, striking clock. 1 • Phone 434. , , Wanted Jfa Will pay cash for $10,00<f worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. Newly overhauled i F-30 • Farmall tractor on new rubber. Brand new cultivator and bush & bog, disc harrow. Lee .\Vllson & Co., Armorel. Phone 2088. 6-22-ck-tf 22 Inch window fan blades. Build your own fan. , Blytheville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 6123-ck-tf Will pay zoc per aoz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaner*/ •-• Wanted To Tlerit Spencer corsets for health and style. See Mrs. John Long, Registered Corsetlere. 133 W. Kentucky. Phone 3388. 6124-pk-7|24 USED PIANOS bodght and sold., George^ Ford, Hardaway Appliance Co. i * - ,6-14-ck-14 325 MISSOURI 514 LACLKDE These are.two nice 4 room homes In a pleasing neighborhood. Inspect and take your choice for $2100, on easy terms. See S. Jledel, 224 Main . Street. 6-12-pk-12 1?ST YOUR. PROPERTY with H. C. CAMPBELL, 120 S. Second. Phone 446. We get results: ] 7-3-pk-4 53 gallon oak barrels. Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Phone 2392.. . r - • .... 6-20-ck-20 14-2 and 12-2/.Romex wire. Lamp cords, Iron cords, Extension cords Hardaway Appliance Co. 6-14ckl4 HLYTHF.VII.LE CIJRB MARKET —has FRESH PEACHES, EGOS, I j and the best-fruits and produce to be found anywhere. . . Located at 130 E. Main. Phone 973. D. s. Hay, 6-21-pk-21 Furnished house or duplex with bath; three rooms or more. Phone 2590. •• -•• 7|10-pk-11 Small furnished apartment on West. Side.^Permanent Blytheville couple. - Call Mrs. J. C. Roach, 461. G-2G-ch-tf ^ .4 '...'• For S/t/e Dressing : -/>; J. LtEF&ELL 111 S. Bdwy. ,. ,, ,,.. Phone 2631 •,. Tire'..* Tijb«iRepair C»tUo Btl* E.E, »:.«. (Fonotrlj with b(ln. AB. Pta.) OPA Ceiling Prices On Used Cars NO WIN EFFECt WHY WAIT! Buy A Car From Us Now VVhilc Stocks Arc Still Complete! , • Frwhent Stotk Guaranteed Bint PrieM Brig No. - : •• ' 65A 21-7 213 Model • 1 94 ! 1941 •19.41 1911' •• ".-.---i - r .' v ', • Mnke 1 "' • • • Ml'lUCUirY COD1MO- -• , ••••' •FOK1) 'i DOOH S12DAN.;-.-: , P'WftWPKli OBUOX'B- .J-nWK 1'ONf }A(i .J-DQOU SUDAN Ol'A Ceiling §1324.24 ' -1115.62 12!Tfl.7'7 •1338.75 1911- I IUIIC1C 1097.-37, 215 22«- | l»41 l | 1041 lilJICK SI'KGIAL 4-DOOH i'OHl)-2 DOOR, SKI) AN 1632.00 112747 i 0 !! 5 i%" 1'QNTIAC 2 DOOU SKI)AN.. 1941. |'DODGE 2 _ 14()2 i 50" fill H NKW yORK-KK 4-l)OOie S'l S(i Uniler Ceiling; I'rice)'- 177)5.00. Most- of the Above Cars Are Equipped ) Radios; Heaters, Etc. Many Ofher Cars—All Mdkei, All Models LOY EIGH (EliEVrtdLEf GOMPANY Blytheville OPEN DAY & N/TE Phono 578 Hate Fan &, Refrigerator Motors Gleaned For f^anuner. New Location! 16 K.lst J. T. (Ch.rlie) Sttlcu- ;, : .. r hone 2991 or, MM , J. LOUIS CHERRY Keptmi nrprrscniinK^ , \ \ i t , LIFE, INSURANCE CO. Ark. . , , „ ^ ALLEY OOP : v,; ; :, : •WKo's TluilV.. ; By V. T. HAML1N ALTERATIONS! Come to Hudson's for alterations of all kinds. We have three expert seamstresses on duty at all times. HUDSON Cleaner — Tailor — Clothier GUAANTED Mgr. y, oats, sweet feed, shorts, poultry' and dairy, feeds. Cu£tom feed grinding. Blytheville Grain & Elevator Co. - -6-10-ck-tf "Try Madam Dooza—she saw three more men in my life than Madam Olga!'.'-. -1,... For farm bargains !n Southeast Missouri write or see W. E. QUSTAF- BON, Farm Sales, Clarkton, Mo. 6-8-pk-S Spring tnS Bmnmer TUNS-UP -Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get All-round Better Performance! T I. SEAT HpTQR CO. Chrr»l«r D«»ler Pmrta * Benrlce 111 W. Alh Fh«n« 1122 Dr. J. L: Guard Optometrist at Guarid's Jewelry ; "" 209 W. Main " Saye 60% On TRUSSES... Steel and Elastic , STEWARTS Drat* Main & Lake . Phone 2822 24 Hour Service Also — Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 DRS. N1ES & NIES OSTEOPArH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES tf SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCE'$' OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blytherllle, Ark. Phone 2921 We Specialize In Repairing Ford Gars & Trucks MO I OR* ^ unc an ^ Adjust. Mew Ring's, Sleeves and Bearings. ;CHASSISt Rcb'ush Steering and Front System. Repair Brakes. BODl! Straighten, Refinisfi and Paint Damaged Metal Parts. i Tel. 453 1H6 MERER. OF KING WIVES' 6AT5 TO OVA6E WITH M6 CHARIOT; -iTHAT HAS, NO HORSESf H YOUR.CHAKIOT.7i, BUT A THOUSAND PARDOKK. HIGH- SORM ONE.' NO ACCOMMOPA- TIOMS FOR OH, DON'.T \K\ THAT BOWER VOU.'CAPTAIN-.- ''OUH- 1 CKARIOTr NO HORS6S.' ABOO7. 7HIS CARAVAN! VOU AWAIT FROM on, MOST FAVOREP op:"" SOLOMCM,. WITH SURPRISE 00 I LEJW2N.MV V.jTOOAYJ CKAFT WILL-BE HONORED. L-. • -.Mi'M 'WrTHVOUK. PRESENCE ON JMSM TO . BEST DRIVE - -THIS VOVA.GE.' fcrti i;-. >ixi-/>:titi By MERRILL BLOS8KK RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS --••-r~ •-•• SOLO. LALM. YOURSELF AND 1 HAT6 ID DISAPPOIMT, VOU. BUT IF'YOUVG REALLY STRUCK GOLD, I'LL BE A , MONKEY'S UNCLE .' N1ISS KAV. HE-' / PRFCtLE-S --CALM STRUCK GOLD/.' /'YOURSELF; PEOPLE . 7 •' HAVE SEEN FOOLED . -' "( BEFORE BY THE GLITTER. -^'- \ OF so^e SHINING ^ --x OBJECT;, By FHED HARMAS Tempo.rary Kcliet' WITH A QUICK J&KK Of POWERFUL: ARfAV. RED ENDS'-trlE STRUGGLE.' THAT OTHER SUM WONT HELP I'OUNOW.LARKEY,'.. Of= HERE.OR BE ROASTEO.MW.E,' BY LESLIE TURNER •!i.-,"; Nol> Afrnid .WASH TUBES i.. AND THAT'6 THE.SETUP, WH1TCOMB1 MUSHIRO'S B&OHV FISHTER RAMCE. BUT WEIIESCORT you • PART WAY AMD MEET YOU COMIM6 SACK IF you WISH .WHATEVER SITIOrJ.V :WILL COME IM6LAO THE CQLOHEL PICKEP THE QUICKEST WAY TO IEARM WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE BOMBERS IS TO RAIP MUSWPO A6AIH, 003 BY EDGAR MARTIN liOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Walnut at 5th

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