The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1?S9 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,V COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE • T I) Eyerything for your tainment and comfort. Watch Society P«t« (H Courier Kewi F«r Free Show Gueiti » « » » » I » FRIDAY, June 2 100 GOOD RKASONS Why you should attend lh« show Matinee or Nicht Judge Camille Kelley Talks To Osceola Graduating Class OSCEOLA, Ark., June 1.—Judge Camllle Kelley, Judge of Memphis'.s Juvenile Court and nnllonnllj known expert on human behavior was (he principal speaker at the commencement exercises of Osce ola high school. Judge Kelly emphasized obedl ence to authority as a finulatnenta character virtue, saying "there 1 no freedom without control." Sh urged the graduates to find thel talents, blend their work and plaj ultlvntc good humor nnd plcasnnt- ess nmong people, She was introduced by Hoy O. Dawson, superintendent of city ehools following Hie Invocation >y the Rev. L, T. Lawrence, pas- or of the Osceoln Presbyterian lunch. Instrumental nnd vocnl olos were given by Miss Cnlher- ne Harwell and E. W. Packard. In awarding the diplomas to the twenty-eight seniors, largest class n the history of the school, Chtirlcs 1. Sullenger. secretnry of the school board, compared Commencement with Hie ancient festival when Grecian youths took the Athenian oath "vowing never lo disgrace their weapons, abandon their companions, to fight for sacred nnd secular things, to leave their country not less—but grenl- SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Paul Pleads His 0\vn Case IM I!. OILKOY. n. O. r the clem concept!' er nml better by sen mid land." Several inuisiml features were noted nbout HID 1939 class, among them the fncl thnt Hie elnss numbers more boys than girls, hnving sixteen boys and twelve girls. The BY WII.UAM K. OILKOY, tt. Editor of Advance Paul Imd. returned from his inls- uimry journeys to Jerusalem nfler ivlng bid farewell to the elders the church of Ephcsus nt Mllc- »s, the seaport, rcall/.ing full well le danger that was before him. 0 these elders Paul said, "IJChold, go bound in the spirit unto Jeru- nlem, not knowing -the things thnl mil befall me there, save that the !oly Ghost witncsseth In ever) Ity, saying that bonds nnd nlfllc- lons abide me (Acts 20:22, 23). A, ertain prophet, Agabus, had also aken Paul's girdle and bound will 1 his hamta nnd his feet., symbol) cal of his prediction of what wn awnltlng Paul nt Jerusalem. ^MOONLIGHT EXCURSION MOM. JUNE KEHDENI Also selccteil shorts Admission Malinee 10e & 2Ge. Admission Niglit lOc & 3Ge Saturday MI-Sl«< Wand,- fimil ON Ik, Mil uifti ELLIOTT FLETCHER CHAPTER —U.D.C. LY. San Souci Landing. On Maa HIJ/..JJ & BOY SCOUTS 9:00 pro JV, Miln •[iil'tt 73< Friluiins the eclthy tariff intitii ol tb "LOUISIANA SWING MASTERS" H Dusky Kin B ! o( Svitf ave highest ranking students were also boys. They nre Pat Moselcy diaries Bowen, Julian Fnhley Vcrnon Price nnd diaries Green The class also won first place Ii the inlra-murnl contest wllh tw hundred and eighty points In aUi letlcs, Intro-mural dramatics, clas activities nnd oilier projects. Th snme pupils also won first place I their Junior year. Superintendent Dawson gave rcc ognllion lo pupils having a pc - |.fect attendance record for the term I ^^ inplying nellhei 1 absence nor tnrdi- icss.-They nre: seventh grade—Bll- lie Chiles, Emmet Hunter, Edna Gore. Geneva Reid and Elizabeth Thorne; eighth grade—Grnclc Mae Alexander and Harold Slier; ninth grnde—Dorcas Jones It, was under these circumstance that Paul made his grcal dcclnrn ,!ou of purpose, "But none of thcs .lilngs move me, neither count or the clear conception of his re Iglous experlcnci', his outlook tinil irpose. Alone with Ihls Is n passage fron similar defense of Paul bcfon. Clng Agrlpun, when lie told Hit xpcvlence of Ills conversion on the •ay lo Damascus and described ic course of his life and his Inner- icst purpose as obedience lo Hie loly Spirit. • * * In these addresses there stands orlh above all things Ihc sincerity of Paul, Hie Intensity of the experience of Ihc new life that hud come lo him, his deep love of the Christ who hail saved him from nn altitude of bigotry nnd hostility to his fellowmen and hud given him the vision of a kingdom of truth. Tlieic Is In nil his defense no suggestion of haired of Ihose who . , my life denr unto myself, so tha l might finish my course with jo tmd the ministry, which I have re cclvcd of the Lord Jesus, to tcstl: the gospel of the grace of God These predictions had. been fu filled. Enemies of Paul made unju and untrue accusations ngalnsl hli saying Unit he had at Jerus the mob denied the hnd lie ,„., ... danger ol his life, when wns rescued by Ihc Roman chief captain and a detachment of soldiers. It wns under these clrcimi- slnnces that Paul, having been per- milted lo speak by the Roman cap- Also cartoon & serial "Biiuk lingers." Continuous show. Admission Till 5:00 P-™- !<><•• & 20 Admission After 5 p.m. IGe & 21 Sunday-Monday LAUGHS' SHRIEKS CHEERS You'll yolo it the lunni est 1% hour The graduates nre Pnt Moseley, I chnrlcs Bowen, George Bnlloue, I Harold Bryant, George Doyle, Jr. I Julian Fall-Icy. Charles Green Tilltnan Hill, Harry Jones, Ilnrrj Parnell, Vcrnon Price, 1'anl nob- erson, Leo Schrelck, Frank Sutton George Thomason, Ralph Wilson I Juanitn Amiable Peggie Bnjnrskl Pearl Cartwright, Marjory Clark Barbara Clinton, Louise Conway, Jackie Little, Marie Mnyo, Mary Louise Trussell, Geneva Wages and ILOII Ellen Stevens. tain and making his defense to the people, gave the address of our lesson—one of the great autobiographical statements upon which we depend chiefly for our knowledge of the details of Paul's life and arc persecuting him, lor Paul had learned above all things the deep lesson of Jesus Hint a Chrlsllun nnisl love his enemies. These addresses ol Paul have a very Insistent meaning for our own time. Though Paul was following essentially what he believed .lo be Ihc reality of truth nnd the rc- ilgton of his fathers, he wns accused of being a sectarian nnd a heretic. If on; would Icnru Ihe lesson of Paul's life nnd experience, he must learn lo regard all sincere men with reasonableness and tolerance and with appreciation of their | conscientious convictions. The story of ... AT THE LEAST Go in your car! Paul's life ought to make us | unready to call any man a "heretic." The man whom we fall to understand may be the sincere a]x>s- tle of new ami Important cmplmse.'i on truth. In Drinking Water Biy theville Municipal Pool DAY and NIGHT I Colonial Ice Cream Company Opens Store The Colonial Ice Cream company has been opened for business in the Roxy Theater building at 108 West [Main street, it was announced today by P. Simon. .The Quarters occupied by the new concern have recently been remodeled and re decorated and modern cquipmcn has been installed. Miss Mable Simon Is in charge o the business and she will be assist ed by her brother, Tommy Simon who will return home from schoo at chillicothe, Mo JT in a few days Also Paramount News & Comedy Continuous show Sunday Admis. Sunday all day ICc & 3Cc Adniis. Monday Matinee lOc & 'i Admis. Monday Night IGc & Mo ROXY Admission always lOc & Z6c Blaflnees Fri.-Sat-Sun. Friday - Saturday SONG-FILLED RANGE SAGA COURTS Osceola Society — Personal .Honors liridc-Elect One of the largest and most al- ractlvo parties of the early sum- ncr wns that given yeslerclny by Mrs. Dwight H. Blnekwood, Mrs Jettie Driver nnd Mrs. L. W. Wai tcrs nt the Blnekwood home 01 Keiser avenue in special compll merit to Mrs. Ruth Hale Cnrlisl whose engagement and approach ing marriage to E. H. Riley ha been announced by her parent. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hale. The wedding to take place near tlic middle of June. Sixteen tables of bridge players ami severnl additional tea, guests were present. Low bowls of fragrant magnolia blossoms combined with Queen Anne's Ince were used In Ihe dining room nnd formal living rooms. Elsewhere blue pottery vases filled with varying shades of blue larkspur were placed. A miniature wedding parly wns arranged on the dining Inble. Tallies were ere Mrs. G. E. Keck, Mrs, Don Smith, Mrs. Henry Humphreys, Irs. C. II. Wilson, Mrs. R. I 1 Kirslmer, Mrs. E. 13. Gee. Mrs. Ed- Bonnn, Mrs. Loy Welch, and Mrs. C. A. Cunningham. Luxorn gucsls were Mrs. Russell Bowen, Mrs. Sum Bowen, Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mrs. Masine McHaney. Mrs. S, J, Smith, Mrs. Joe Hires, Mrs. Charles Bllllngsley, Mrs. B. L. Houek, Mrs. T. D. Wllklns, Mrs. T. Thomas, Miss Carrie Mac | Hires. Two can ride as cheaply as one can tlic whole family, when you go in your car! You nre not lied ilown by timc- Uililcs. You drive fiisi or slow. Mukc ns many slops as you like. Take as many side-trips as you want. Sec both World's Pairs, ami all (lie sights between, nr. ilic cost of a single Jure* Phillips offers -1 tilings to help you sun the trip rirjlu and 10 keep ii trouble-free mid onjoyalilc: 1, Phillip* new 1939 Hojil Mun wlili lucsl imiriiiK infocnulion >rc 1'KM!, juurtftir tlic aikiiiK 11 any I'tnmp* 06 2.1'lilllipi HumrtMo-Tlll Unlit C!rt» i - iK Sn»lcc pud >cnir car inni con- iliunfur llie txlrs miles you'll pik'un. 3. 1'mh Pliillipi (:6 Molor Oil in llic crinVrm- will lake inotor-luhricjlhm uotticiulf lour minil, 4. 1'lillllix 6ft Poly 0>i, wlilch tiili Mlli- ins rv/r,*. pirti you c*lr.i rip ai"l "nx. Uctimi IMC tiltici] power uniu (ifllie jell-milk I'OLVim-riiMliui prnn." Olhn liWur \olaiilliy (Midi ic»), \vliicli ii llic molt Jfcurjtfty tiijlrbttt lu luunltily \vf*diiT. Remember, 1'liillips C>6 Poly Gus is a i/ijjmnt gasoline, and millions of motorists liavt /c-// Ibiil tlijjer- mcc. So try a tank fill. See if you, too; don't gel greater economy and more molding pleasure with this scnsa- lionnl, selJ-ileiMmlraliiig gasoline, CERTIFIED Clton Krir, Liiktr itjitifan la i on r I'rolt cllan, at Rut Roomt of clejnlinttl, I'lHIll'l Sulhal Phill-up with Phillips for Children We Adults 25c SPECIAL PRICES for Parties Boy Scout Troops Girl Scout Troops Schools Churches Clubs Pool tested weekly Miscellaneous cnses have occupied the municipal court sessions this week with six men fined for public drunkenness nnd several others found not guilty. "Bubber" Brown, negro, was fined $50 after entering a plea of guilty lo a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Mrs. Buck Mcharg wns fined len dollars on a charge of selling beer to u minor. She wns granled an appeal lo circuit court and bond set at $15. Taylor Adams wns fined ten dollars after entering a pica of guilty _ to a charge of disturbing the pence high score. Mrs. F. P. Jacobs wa; by fightlni;. ' | presented a potter}' vase filled A similar charge cost "Bud" Jen- with spring Mowers for consolalioi . spring flowers in pastel shades. The salad plate was in green and white. Mrs. Carlisle wore chartreuse lace with natural color straw hat with a corsage of sweet peas. A pair of matching urns were given Mrs. U D. Massey for highest score and a pair of Madeira pillow cases to Mrs. William King of Palm Beach, Florida for second high score. Mrs. F. P. by State Health. Board of kins five dollars. Hollis Halmakcr was fined $20 on a charge of illegal cohabitation but one-half of the fine was suspended. Mrs. T. Warren was held to circuit court on a charge of pandering after having made bond of $1000. Robert Middlelon and James Mid- dlelon were each fined $25 on charges of violation of the game and fish law but the fines were suspended. award. Mrs. Carlisle's gift from tile three hostesses was n beautiful hand painted marine view. Out-of-town guests were Mrs Authnr Rogers of Jackson, Miss Mrs. William King of Palm Bead! Florida, Mrs. Murl Powell of Wash iiigton, Mrs. Eugene Still of Ply month, N. C., Mrs. L. L. Vander voort of Chicago, Mrs. Bclv Martin and daughter, Mrs. Ha McHnney of Kennett, Mo., Mr Pauline Hnydcn of Caruthersville Those allcndlng from Blylhevll IRIS MEREDITH Son* of Ihe Pfoneen A COLUMBIA PICTURE Water Crystal Clear Chemically treated— Filtered constantly — 100% Pure. LADIES FREE Monday Nights Also cartoon & serial cr Rifles Acain." "Lone Ronj- Conlinuous show Saturday Sunday - Monday Two.for One Price Saturday Nights Life Guards On Duly All the Time. Arkansas Finest Swimming Pool Where Folks Swim • In Drinking Water Operated By Miss. County Fair Assn. Telephone 991 FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delta Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 802 Junior Class 1'lcnlc In accordance with Ihelr annual custom, the Junior Class of the Osceoln liigli school went to Horseshoe Lake Monday for the clnss picnic. Mrs. O. n. Scgravcs nnd ( Mrs. J. L. Sullivan accompanied the group. Miss Gladys Esles, class sponsor, was unable to go because | of duties Incident to school closing. j .Members of the class on ; the outing were Mary Catherine Grit- 1 V Koselec Tnunbnll, Addle nnd dalr Hook, Mary Virginia Sc- aves, Norma Sullivan, Josephine curlock, Frances Jaffc, Martha nn Burch, Vern Hcndrlx, Mcrline nil, Henry James Swift, Lan Wil- nins, Lyinan Lackner, End Morson, R. D. Menrs, Plens Hucknby, Illlc Edrlngton, Blllie Bannister, nek Maxwell, George Doyle nnd jcorge Thomason drove down In ic afternoon and accompanied the rowd home. Mliodlst Society Meets "Enlargement and Improvement f the Rurnl Community" wns the ubject of the lesson led by Mrs. W. Wallers nt the weekly mcct- ..£ of the Methodist Missionary Society last Monday. Reports from he minutes of the twenty-fifth session of the North Arkansas Joiiferencc recently held nt Scnrcy were told by Mrs. S. M. Hodges, vlrs. Claude Thomason and Mrs. J. L. Glnscoe. Spiritual growth wns tlic dcvo tional message of Mrs. Harry Jones Prayers were offered by Mrs. W. B Plannignn and Mrs. C. M. Harwell The question of changing the lliie of meeting during Ihc summer months from two-thirty lo three-thirty will be decided nt nex Monday's business meeting. What Do You Want When You Buy Tires? 1. A GOOD HIGH-QUALITY TIRE. Baby Full of Mosquito Bites? Flerc'a what lo do. First, apply wUch hawl or ottior lotion to soothe l>aby. Then, In the atlrr- noon, after baby's naj>, close nuraery doors and windows. UFO'» good sprayer and fill Ihc room with Hoc Brand Insect Spray. Keep Ihe room dosed for 15 minutes. Kc*p baby out. When you no back Ihc only mosquitoes will be dead ones oit the floor. I Don't conf use Ucc Brand Spray wllh other in- scctkEdra. IthasnonaatykcrosoncsmcH— onlya clean cedar [ragraticc that aoon diaappfara. And Bcc Brand really kills flke, | mosquitoes and other (lying ' iTiMCtaciuick— jettt'senlirely safe to use in the home. Don t VTBite money on cheap, weak, amelly »t«fl. «et Bee Brand and Ret rid ot Hies. Insist o - The English Short Empire flying boat has been structurally strengthened lo carry a load up to 53,000 pounds. The range, of Ihe plane has been grcally Increased by refueling In mid-nir Immediately after Ihc takeoff. . the senuine, quick- ki 111 nj: Be« Brand Insect Spray— In [he red and yellow can. It'a sold with a guarantee olMfii- fattion of [iour money back. _^_^ NOTE: Von fan also kill ft\t* ar\A mostjai- tor*, a* irrlt o* roachf* and ant*, trilh lire •i^ • Dollars Saved Ore Dollars Made Anti-Knock Gas Genuine Ethyl 73-i- Octane, Gal. 80 Octane, Gal. 13.5c 14.3c (All Taxes Paid) SPECIAL LOW PRICK-^IOO%~ PURE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL—TAX 1'AIO — 2 GAL. CAN njc Highest Qualify Products al SAVEON GAS CO. <1 Miles From Stale Line Holland, Mo. WE ARK IN OUR New Location 121 W. Main Si. Across From Sterling's MOST MODERN SHOP IN NOIITHKAST AKK. Invisible Half-Soling Dyes Polishes QUALITY SHOE SHOP ir. B. Campbell 1M- Colll> PHONE 120 2. A LOW PRICE. * 3. A REAL ALLOWANCE ON OLD TIRES. -.* .' ' 4, A REAL GUARANTEE AT HOME. We are offering you these four things in large quantities during our gigantic sale of Firestone 'Gum-Dipped' Tires. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5(!i & WALNUT PHONE 810 NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service 1 ' Read the Want Ads In Today's Courier News

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