The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1947
Page 15
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I MAY IS, 194? CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ,. -- ft:5XJt;:~F a p« t iia... ____ ...... '' l»islf[e4 Aftreltlilu* COLT in V £•"""« r"WI">K ouUMi 01 til. Ubl«. , IBji * com l )u ' ej '">"> w M ord " for ! "H Us tie oue tlm> rttt will b, For Sale BAHY CHICKS $13.76 c«r tuoilrail. Jim Brown Hlor«. HIG-ok-tt BAUY CHICKS el-Hill,.,! (Jocks. Post (.pnwlnit .nil Koo.1 Invcn. O.mnm I.Mcl.iiv,-. Or.l.-r »»»•. HJ.hick il.t'-liory. Norll, 01 lllxtiw.y. I'konu 3172. 4Ul-rk-lf 30,. 40 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements arc available for any power lines. <i-2I-ck-U mines nimir.illy Film Knmji nn,I iiijli.,lst<-rv pertVclly. <r Klor,'. 4|19-ck-5!l9 porch rockers. In condition. Call 27S<i. 5-G dh tf BLYTHEVJLLE For So/« NEWS MERCHANTS "If f *"• f" i " llllt '''l«l« deliver, on •Wvi&lo duty most csse, | n ,„,. j t ,;„(!,, AIM litvo liev.-r.jje «,„>„„• «.,^.|, rotrleor;ilor«. auj deep Irceio cabl- ni'U. JluU-her sii|>|i!ios. Al«o Mills Coiii;ueuori. I'uuuo Dell S<-olt "2',0 POWER LAWN MOWERS. See tfce last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. Itlytheville Machine Shop,, 4-1.2-ck-lf One five ton ca(ci'|iillar tractor. Conip t !e.U'ly overhauled ill si'lliiijf' price. Also one Home double disc. New. used three weeks. Quitting farming this fall. Cull :j'27(i. Hlylhevillf,. or . 1 :i Ki •> Steele, Mo. 10-pk-l7 Carnlyi IM-I Ci'xilr',1 in jiiusli. r,,*u '.i <'.,.vi[H,l rulvi.-,- ,hl,ks linvc c.r fi'Ufi: UY linv, |iru.lurl Wonili Xluiii. I'll. Mil. '". $1-1(10.00. $1100 ilnwn. ll.-il.-mri, ^L'O.UO iii-r monlli .1 ro.un lions... ivi-ll inrntpil. Trrins. imisi-, i;fi(iil \vjlll linlh. $-^50.0(1. (iiin.l lornis. .1 rmm, nml ball,. - lot. (Most- In. $:i2f,(>. $2000.01) liatli_. li IJoi-k liff'KasI Mniii St.' I'ricn \vi-H lornlt'il. NiVft luimr in <-i>iinpr1im)' All (ixdir.-s in stork ill met. H iutor- -.rsli-tl - in L-oini: into i;roci-i-y luiwiiu^s . . Hi iiivt>sli|!«li- lliis. l'rl«-[-ii 5oll. Cno.l n-rniK. H<U' or cull. I.n- •1 Itr-ss. Sulf'^ninii. Hrsiilonrv- :j50fj- ii-<- 11.-j M. :!r,l Kt, I'll. 27f,l .',112 |,k-l«J Resilience, 1 acre il room .. adjmniru; cily lim its. Price 33,150.00. terms. H. C. Campbell, 1205 2nd -Sf. 5 M ck 17 11 Koom residence, cfosu in. Suitable for rooniinjj house. C. Campbell, 120 So. 5 11 ck 17 Complete stock of Softball equipment, including flashy colored uniforms. Price' Price $6.'15, Sli.!)"i, 5S.<)n. Planters Hardware, Inc. fi 5 ck U NO'I'ICK TO You can now buy nice lots adjacent to lilytla-vill Club or beautiful Norl'ol 1 from Mr. C. 10. Yatcs. i plot of (his property cai be seal ;d .Jo/lie jN'aber'. store or call \V. C. <';iles 2S1:!, for fuithcv informa lion. is pk I,' Five choice 'msinoss fot.s let' in the John Ii. WalKer ant \VilIiam Lee Walker Suh divisions nn Kast iVlair street. Kxccllt'nl. opportunity for eommcr'iiit io cation in lasl section. We speciali/t in lol.s or acre age for either business 01 residential nurprisiis in tin city or outside on mail Highway. MOHSK K KIRRHNKR Realtors 'hone 2.05! 220 N. 2nd For Rent Hpilrooins. I'Imnc .110 U'nlniK. •e for Tiiuloa, liorsca mid caul. Bedroom. KLtcli, S17 C'liirk 2-HI-2.', 31-1 .V. Olh. I'd. 3^: Wonted 1 lave SuliuHjaa Gsot-cry. Huy stock, rcnl building. H. C. Camplicll, plione -I'lO or 2<KH). 5 11 ck 17 "or <|iiick wile, 20 acres one mile south .of .town. .Well located oast of Highway fil. Good productive soil anil 'fi room. ^residence, tenant bouse and 'fcirti. 'Oliver out buildings. Good sodded pasture. Owner leaving. Will carry Priced to sell. goiljl loan. S, 10 or 15 acre tracts of land (>» Highway 01 South. ] !'i miles South of town. d'ood hi^^ihi); site. If in- tereslcd, see or call I.uther (Iray, Realtor, phone 51;!. licit Ross, salesman. I'lione ")fl.S. (Office with Marion Williams Ins. Agency, 1 1 5 South 3rd St. Phone 2751. 5 1 ! ck 17 City Property: We have some buyers for choice residence in IJiyllie Iticvillc. and. sin rouiidint towns. Also for cheap houses and vacant lols. If you have anv kind of property for sale, see. wrifc or call— RIALES LAND COMPANY Office in Hale Bhljr,, across from Cily Hall Plume .W22 Russell K. Hiales I5en I>. Haniuer R. M. ijccls 5 14 pk 28 SALESMAN WANTED "i — MOII ii.TiT^r l.noV llf,,'l W.-ini 2flO fnrin limur- KlvllirvilU- nn.. (.•<,UI,I)-. •;-|,™i«.ii,,l iiiiiku n ,iick snli>, wrlli- . l-ri,,lu ritv of laby Chicks escape coccidi- osis if they set Coxitrol iti linic. Add it to the mash. Costs Vi to 1 cent a chick. Coxitrol reduces losses if given after chirks have conic donn with Iho disease. We have Coxitrol, a Dr. Hess product. Woods J)ni!,r Store, 221 W. Main. Phone 507. 5 j.j ck 57 irli.-h'il In!,1,1 . "Ill 1-k-l'l r-li i-i.v-ir, Male Help Wanted^ H.K.SMAM -Jlk'-VN 1 WITH AMI1ITION ^ ,»' ir *' Pi"Pvioim i-xpcri^nrR .T ( Fnry. C»vpr l<ic«l lrrrlu,ry. !)„„,. int acrmiril. c«n<! ctinnce- (or nilrincn- C7S. o[o Courier'Kms." erf *""' ""* •1125 ck tf U2 Willx« .1 ilnc-r jpilnn: pnni-l Inirk- rii-limnn M^Nir SV.i,(t-r. sf.Tkp limlv Cull mil. Ill Sanlli Knnlilin. ilf ly|,n 'J roxx- rnllivKKir for II nr M K.irtvnll. Koc U. K. Illanlirn^lii,! Il,-l| Tot.i] niimbor of dc.itlis from cancer In 1029 was 111,569. ! HOME SERVICE J & STORAGE CO. i is pleased to announce thai • Mr. Richard Holt ! lias joined our staff as J carpenter and maintenance • man. Call us to do that • job you can't do or don't i want to do. Telephone 2801 CLUB 61 (Formfrlj- Mitlnifp Ii, n ) AM) FRIOAY Orrhcslra NisliLs OPEN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING Under New Management. Call 944 for reservations. Couples and Parties ONLY; Ownfrt * Operalrit by (leorpp Ford anil W. A. "Red" liickcrslatT You're CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND OUR OPEN HOUSE Featuring Today's FINER F of This Week PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth— Blythoville, Ark.— Tel. 453—3715 Wonted to Rent I or 5 room unfurnislied house. I'lione MfiO!). 4-23-dli-tf Wanted to Runt Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiwny (it. 1'hone .'J785. 3 27 pk 5 27 For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel BIdg. 124 W. Ash St. CHIROPRACTOR 'iSV^^^ SK.T ILT^'l;, ^,2"^^ ymir iiorvou, sys lem i, in Inno with'.s forcr^. voi, vi l," ivt-11. CotiMill a chiropractor abotil your hcallli uraolcins.- Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncurocalomctcr Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Klylhcvillc, Ark. Going Somewhere? Consult our free reliable tourist service when you stop ;it our service station' . . . Let us put your car on the road to safety and you on HI.T rifi-hl, road Io your destination. Get Ready! - . . for that wookcnd fishing jaunt in a \vcll-priin«l car . . one tliat (jots you (hero easily, coinforlahly and safely! Vor do pcndahlc, lo\v cosv, efficient service call on us today; Dial 555 For Real Service! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL Services ™"."'v : .r-V^ """•. ".» }.>« '.Ill, Tr"!'"'"'" 1 '" I'"""'''' '«' I,,, II, l.r<«(iili-itl sviamivt.-pj "||,. vri ! , -,•"''. ^K'mnni)". w,n»' I'liui I- T-..: '"' - Si;tv1 '". 1701 ll."ni. 4]iu.|,k-:>|ivi MONKY TO LOAN Oo you need • loan t« rt™,, or rctimdeir No down pay m«nl, no morl/fag*, no re<J Up*. FIIA approved rate 6*. Ask tut detHib. Max n, Rfaltor, phone 2034. 9-28-ck-tt L«l us sharprn and repair your lawn mower, regard, less or liii,,) Or S] - /c _ ( , c( yours ready now, nnl | "void tin. ,-nsh. We pick up and deliver. lilythevilte nlacliin,. simp, 211 .S. 2m(( ™., phono 2S2S. .l-;!-ck-lf' House Movin^TT:r^ars ex- lienctice. I'lenty of ci|uip- inenl. Hefen'iico.s. l.evel- •Virgil Koluy, phone :(2!l:i* n i! pk (i 2 Kenf ;i I''|OMC S;tudrr 'AT \VAi;i)S. Save inoncv by rofii.. your (isvii ilimds. Adds years nf life and fflvos them now beauty. U's easy (o do. ton: MONTCOJlKtlY WARD K.- CO., 102 Alain. I'lii'iU' - r >ll I 2-l.'!-H'n For Hire City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 l-'nr i:\iu-rl Hniulrs • :i)M l':ist Mnln HI. Felix A. Carney r f You 0 u f Driving Today! I* is because you have no cor or because you don't trust , hc old . one/ Hre$ .orta bad, battery not so good? WcH, get in lino-trade thai old bus for a better used one. ,S|H-ci.-il Town 1<).|1 Ul II I'nnljjic i! Door S('il;in Mill 1 l.'unl Dcliivc 'I'nd I'o n,,or Si'ilnn I!) 12 Chrysler Hoynl .| |) ()(> r Seiltm li'll Clirj'Klt'r Koj-nl -1 Door Sedan - Ml.ia Studi-lmlu'i- f, l»asscnj;« r C oupe I!K1!I ClH-vrol,.| Moso of t/.oso cars «, 0 equipped vith Radios and Heaters Trucks, K Ton Panels, Pickups and 1 !/ 2 Ton, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodae, GMC. TKXACOPUODUCTH PHONMO f.7S EKH CHEVROLET CO. Day and Nijjhl Wrecker 301. WALNUT ST. 'I'lic pinlli'.'i rnlnl.lni, at lUn r ( |in- Inr in'oiUiccr. u inrtHun uf - upproxi - nirUi.'l.v 1UD3 mile.'! nn liiiiir. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock (iiinrnnlcvd lies! Prices Kiiby Drug Stores A Nn (urn I Aid For Kidney, Bladder |i9 L Sllinnlnh- 1.1,1 „., ruin-li :l, N. n|j:,li7.- iiriL> ai-i.|lt>-. 1>JSOIU)KI{H i -iv- Jli.un- VnllNv- l, lri:il' 11 "• l" 1'i.uiv llMius- IJ.-lii.-l,(fill It: .IrU'!: CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M:t[n anil Division Illylhivillf, Ark. T. I. SEAY MOTOR tOMPWY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 PRIV/VTE LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVU.^ ::<cco>>^ • " | Save 50% Chopping Expense f X :' '* : : ' >: ITant Chemically Dclinlcd, Fuw.-Frcc COTTON SEED j J; Save Money—fi to 10 l,bs. per Acre. Any corn, pea or=i >; bean planter will plant these smooth, slick cotton seed. | it; Can he plowed 5 Io (i days afler planting. ';! J KOWDUN -till —STONI.;VII,M5 2C — 1> l'& L 14 I i . =t Kale Ry iBLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.!

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