Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1896
Page 3
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Will Mt Perform Miracles II HE »„+ i* wni r«t.A But It Will Cure. Pennsylvania Assumes Control of theO. R; &•!;. ~ D E. MILES' RESTOBATIVE NERVINE euros nervous prostration. Not miraculously, but scientifically, by first removing tho Rcrms of disease, and then supplying healthy nervo food, increasing tho appetite, helping digestion and strengthening tho cntlro system. Desperate cases require prolonged treatment as shown by that of lira. M. 15. Reed, of Delta, Iowa, who •writes: "As the rcsultof a llghmlnt;stroke, tho physicians said I had a light stroke of paralysis, my limbs would all dra* up. I would lrj.ro throbblngs In ray chost that seemed unendurable. For threo months I coald not sloop and for three weeks did not cioso my oyM. I prayed lor sleep, and felt that if relief did no; como I would bo dead or Insane. I look Dr. Miles' Restorative Nurvlno and the second night slept two hours and from that time on my health improved; slowly at first, but'steadily and aurciy. I Wok In all 40 bottles, and I cannot express how Kratoful I am, lor I am now perfectly well, and havo taken no medicine for over four months." Dr. Miles' Norvlno Is sold by druggists on guarantee that first tottle benefits or money refunded. Book on heart and nerves free. Dr. M1I03 Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health THE SECRET ORDERS General News of Railroads and, Railroad Employes. THE Muflson Typewriter Is a'Good Machine. A high stiindtird or eicellence. Manj is -rs or the "ilunson" consider It THE .BEST. You will IUi(i It .1 valuable nsslstnut In sour or- lice. Address for purtlcalars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAJ.-V.FACTUKEIW. . 3-1O-2-I4 We»t Inko St., CIilcn«o, 111. DAIIY JOURNAL; FRIDAY, JUSE 12, 1SOC. latest in tan shoes.— Stevenson, & George Harrison hPsdlBn Landreth's geeds only. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. Attcnjl Otto's Celluloid sale, best c-M- lars JOr-.— Otto Krans. Dr. H. A. GoWn has been elected , president of DePauw university. Tho next reunion of the Twelfth Indiana-regiment, Vol. 'Inf., will be held at Marlon. The Congrej6lo.nal convention of the Prohlbiblonjlarty will be held at Jlar- ion, June JTOth. t. H. jXevecs's gallery at 414 Market eoLetJS now open. Competent workmen; Work guaranteed. One swallow does not mate Spring, but one swallow of One Minute Cough Cure brings relief.— J. M. Johnston. Where do you trade? Bat what's the use asking— you trade at John Gray's where everyone else trades who wants gone] goods and good values. Landreth Sped Company of Philadelphia, have, been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. HarrUon In their Hu^'it 'n Casa county. Do you want to Invest in gold mining stock In the best gold producing district in this country at Cripple Crock, Col.? If so^call on Jacob Hera for particulars. Mrs, R. DeYoung. Midleburg, la., writes: I have used One Minute Cough Core for six years, both for myself and children, and I consider It the quickest . acting and most satisfactory Cough Cure I have ever used.— J. M. Johnston. The Gr.iml Rapids & Indiana road system, exclusive of the Muskcgon branch mid the land gnuit, was sold at Grand Rapids 'yesterday at 'auction on an order of tlie -VJuiited,States court, as prayed for by the second mortgage bondholders. Tlie decree was for !?3,000.000. The only bit] was by a representative of the Pennsylvania railroad company, whose stockholders own the jRccond. inorrgsige. H was for if500,000, subject 10 the Hrst nio-rtgagB of about .fii.OOO.OOO. Uy this sale the ho-dm* nil the tillrd mortgage bonds, exceeding i?-KOOO,0(iO, are left out in the cold entirely. There will probably be no Immediate change in the management, though the Pennsylvania people may dedde Inter to manage the road direct from their own general cilices. ' SECIiKT OKOEHS ON LINKS. RaUi'oiUl mou who are not inoinbors of any secrut'society have been noticing for some time that in case oi' an appointment members of cortalu secret orders are given the preference and that on-sonic roads tin: employe who Is,not .a mason or an odd fellow stands no show for advancement, snys t'he Pitts•burg Post. A great many railroad men arc Catholics, and HS Iheir religion does not jioriuit them, to join the secret orders they are therefore at a grout disadvantage wlieu t-oniparcd to'their fel- lo\vs. Thu Catholics show a. gooil dis- posltlon.Iai this matter, and are not envious of the success of the men who are advanced, but noticing that they are generally overlooked when promotions are hr order they are beginning to.think that tilings lire 'not as they should be. "\Vhcn :in .olliclnl of the Peinwylvauia eoiupauy was askuil if it were t-nu! r.ha.t many .promotions arc •made,, on account of the fact of con- ncc-tiou with some .seciret order, he answered that ho did-not tlrfnk there were jnauy proniotLons mnilo in time way. Me said tli:it tl'.e I'eimsylynnJa company always insisted that Its men should b<: retojitiixed for their real merits alone/ and rliat i-f a. Ymm was negligent, in- eompet ; en-t or in any way unfit to hold a position' 0:1 the road no secret order that ho illicit belong to could save him from being discharged. He paid that he had learned tliat certain secret orders had some.influence on promotions, but it was on account oi! rhe subordinate oflici.-Us favoring their friends, which was natui'iil enough and could not be objected to as long as the man who was .favored was competent and desen-ins. However, the company would not allow this to bo dome, and IE i-t was proved to the satisfaction oC tlie general officers <liat a promotion had been rande in. n milliner not consistent with t'he rules of discipline the mutter would be Inquired luto at omec and justice .would be done regardless of any or all secret orders. 4 , Wayne toad th£it 1 ac!lve Btepe are about to be taken by that company to put a stop to the (freight ttaln passenger traffic. Rnllroad meu say that..lif the Penusyl- vamla eojiipauy cau make rhe run from Cleveland to Pittsburg with a heavy train of seven couches, (hey could make- file run .with one of their regular Cleveland llyers In two hours. The Indlnnninolls papers published yesterday a report that W. B. Burk, ttraltimasber of the Michigan! division, of the Vandalia had resigned to accept tho position as master of transportation of fcho Sells. Bros.-Foropaug.h's shows. It is denied by the officials here. • FOP twenty-five years did W, S. Lincoln of this city held the. position of chief engineer of the Wabash, but on • accoiiiut of cutting of expenses lie tendered his resignation. Mr. Lincoln wa:; mi engineer than whom Uiore were few more capable, and his many friends iu tills city wi'li learn with regret of his move. • , Oil aetomit of dull business anil con- si!i]uent decrciised earniugs work on Hio big tunnel and short cut at Rad-ubau-gh un t.hie I'uniis.V'lvanla railroad lui's bc.on stopped aiul a bo iiit 500 Italian laborers discharged. OUicials of the company say that just as soon as business begins to improve and the outlook is good for heavy fiTi-ght ti-aJlic they will order a n.'suiinpriun of the work. THEY KNOW. RHEUMATISM CUBE 'Munyon's 1 Rheumatism Cure is guaranteed to be absolutely harmless and a strong tonic In building up the w.eak and debilitated. It cures acute or muscular rheumatism in from one to live days. Sharp, shooting pains in. any part of the body stopped by a few doses: A proiu.pt, complete and permanent cu-re for lameness, 'soreness, stilt back imd'all pains in hips and loins. Chronic rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago or pains iu the buck are speedily cure.;!. It seldom' fails to give relief frouv one to two doses, and almost Iiiva.ria.bly cures before o-ne bottle Ims been used. Prk-c M'uiiyom's Dyspepsia Cur 1 . 1 positively cures all forms of Indigestion ami .stomach troubles. Price i>. Miinyoiu's Kidney Cure speedily cure--; patn.s in the back, loins or groins and aill forms of kidney disease. Munyon's Vi-tal.i7.er, price .fl.OO. A separate specific for each dismiss;. At all driigjrlsfc. mostly 25 cents n bottle. Pei-sonal letters to Frof.. Slunyon. 1505 Arch street, Pliil:idelplii:i, Pa., ar.- swcrcd with free medical advice for any disease. Commencing Saturday May i6th. And continuing for two weeks, we will .place on gale, some rare bargains, lu our Clothing Department: We 1 have marked medium weight, and summer suiting at COST to close out certain, linns. We are offering most excellent values that were never before offered at the price, and tt* . all who are looking for SNAPS Come arid see us, we will convince you that no place In tl, city will bo allowed to undersell us. No matteer wh»v they say. We nre Overstocked Opinions Of Sd-me Skillful Physicians. Chicago. Lafayette Courier: P, B. Kennedy, of Indianapolis, and C. E. Carter, of Logansport, State laboi 1 organizers, spoke to a fair-sized crowd from the east steps ot the court bouse last nlgbit .talking of the truths concerning trades unionism. . Strong speeches were mad« by tbe two gentleman, who will remain here some days. It is the same old story and yet constantly recurring that .Simmon's Liver Regulator Is the best family medicine. "We have used It In pur family for eight years and find It the best medicine we over used. We think there Is no such medicine as Simmons Liver Regulator." —Mrs. M. B. S. Adtngton, Franklin, N. C. "Each member of our family uses It as occasion requires."—W. B. Smlth,Mt. Vernori, Ky- , KA.ILRO.AD NOTES, Engine -ll~> is now ready for use after receiving an overhauling. Will Flaifflogiln of the repair track, went" home sick yesterday. The cabin cars o.C the Richmond division are In the shops for class repairs. Engineer Larry Woodruff was at "Wiuiimac Wednesday 'buying whortleberries. . . Supt. Walton of Hie Richmond division of the Panhandle, was 1-n the city yesterday. N. R. Donaldson, freight agent, Is in Chicago dil'Muling the Freight 'Agents' convention. Engineer PiilTlck Graney and his mother returned home from an extended trip east yesterday. Jii!f>es Riordau had Ms left hand bad ly burned yesterday while working with a piece of hot iron. The Vnndalla lias storage room for 200 Pullman care in St Louis convenient to the convention grounds, William Kolley',' stationary engineer at the shops, was attacked with ioflam- '-nation, of the stomach yesterday. The Vandallo> will-make special effort this season, to secure travel and'at- tract the tourists over their tine to St. Joe. and the Northern resorts. There is a rumor among railroad men that Mr. A, Gibbons, chief engineer of the Vandalla, lias resigned. He has filled tine position for twenty-five years. The test of n smokeless engine which the Queen & Crescent has been making for some weeks Is so satisfactory that it is to be'introduced into Its passenger service. In Kentucky during the last year sis passengers, forty-two employes and fifty-three other persons were killed, and sixty-three passengers, 891 employes and 100 other .persons vi'ere Injured. Yesterday was 'distributing day of stationery of the Panhandle, and the large amount shipped' to tho .different stations shows that there is lots of printed matter used, by this company. The tramp 1 nuisance has assumed Tho new article now,being used iu place of coffee has made many friends, and it may interest these friends and others to know ihf opinion of some of the well known pliysk-liwis of Chicago on the subject. The following arc extracts from a few of Uiclr letters, now* In tile in tlio office of the Postiunn Cereal Co.. Li'iii., a.f Battle Oreek, Mich. Dr. G. E. Bass, So. Chicago. 111., "1 have tried Postrmvand was weH cuougb' pleased -Mint I would like to use more of it. Kindly iinl'arm me where it cmi l.te obtained in Hiis.locality." Dr. Almond Brooks 21 Qullioy street, Chicago, III., "The -test I have made of 1'ost.um. makes me Ih'ink I can use it in practice us a substitute for coffee, the use of which I daily prohibit." Dr. Wm. Bohart, Emerald Ave., and 43d St., Chicago, 111. "Your FusUnn I have tried and like U very inwli." Dr. Joseph P. CoW), "The OlUilq-ne," 3.101! Indiana, Ave., Chicago. Your sample of Postinn Li. received and brewed: H fc plej'isant, . aiul when :i subjM.rtttto for coffee is desired, will I believe, lie of value."' Dr. Archibald Church, attending phy.-' sidsm to St. Luke's Hospital: Professor o-C "Xervous Diseases,'Chicago Poyiclin- Ic & Homo foir Crippled Children. PnH- nin.u Blcl-g., Clriieago, in a letter to the. Postom Cereal Co., Linn,, Battle Crock, Mich, "I have made a trial of Postum a-iid think it.will serve admirably us .1 substitute for coffee for those who arc accustomed to use sugar in that, beverage." There are many more'letters oil a like character, from prominent physicians in all parts of America, expressing their thanks for the help gained .ami to bo gained by tlieir patients In the use of the health coffee, "Postiun." THE RUSSIAN THISTLE. Purdue Bulletin Telling How to Get Rid of the Pest. There is but one geiiwlne original Pos- tiun Cereal coffee, with a multitude ot! imitations offered -ns "just aa good." Merchants supplied by .T. T. Elliott & Son. A SUSPECT EXAMINED. Supt. Holzappor of the railway uiaiO service was In the city yesterday, leaving in tie evening for Cincinnati. Ilia visit was occasioned by tho hold 1115 of one of the negroes arrested for jumping on trains, on suspicion thnt he had some ooimcction with the stealing of a mail sack from a truck at the Panhandle station several months 'ngo. Nothing was developed by the visit, so fin 1 as is known. ' - . PAST FREIGHT RUN, , Peru Journal: On« of the fastest freight runs ever made on, this division of the Wabash, was that of a train of fifteen cars of stock, drawn by engine 104, train Tiltoji- to Andrews In four -hours, Including stops, the other day. The distance Is 120 miles. Stops out, the time was at least forty miles an 'bonny The distance, has been covered in less time, but It was .sonic years ago..; . ' •". •; THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows with health and her face 'blooms with' its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of n laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant .Syrup of Pigs. Made by the California Fig Syrup Company, j • FISH STORY SPREADS. Richmond Item': David Cuppy, of Logansport, formerly-of Richmond, writes friends'-here that he recently caught a 47% pound .catfish, with a hook and line In the Wabash i-l\rer. . ".'.-. . Celluloid Arlington collars lOc, worth 25c at Otto Kram .-'... '•..'• . '-. The following bulletin oai the Destroying of rlie Russian thiS'tle has bec;ii issued from the Purdue university experiment s tat ton: Tho B-ussd-an thistle is undoubtedly the greatest: weed pest that lias ever been brought to tlilis country, from, the old world. If taken in tinn-e. however, before the ground becomes lilled with Its seeds, it oa.n be held iai check, or even cxtemniEn-at'ed. The farmers o-l! Tu- d'ilaun, and' not duly the fanners, lint all orhur citizens of the &Ja;e, should ba on the a-le-rt 'to detect tlio first, in minis of this pestiferous plant, and by <.!''- stroying' the. young 'plants, prevent.- i-i:* securing a -foothold or at least make, its advance very slow. foist, year iit was found growing hi Lake, I/aPorte and Ellcli.-u-l cnunric?, •near the Lake Shore railway, and it h;is also been noted as far south-:is-"\Vin- amac and Bida-ski county."" It.has ei;r-_ taJnJy got/ten a good I'oolliold tn the northern part of the State, lit was rif) fou-nd .last season OTI tii-e castcni border 1 of thu 1 State at Liberty, in Union county. I-t is therefore biking the State from two' dirtietiions. Tli-fe i-s exactly ; fhc way ill which the prickly lettiiV-fi ca-ino into iodiaua. The latter now covers! -uenrly evoiy'pact of the Slate, find unless vigorous'Mid vigilant measures ave u-sed, the,-Russian -IhistJe will soon .be am equally .con.mioii and far more dU- ajfreeablc and harmful wood. rhe'Riissian Lh-islicis rather soft and even suc-c'ulout In. the early part of the season. When the .seeds begin to -ripen in Jwly, -tlie whole plaint becomes more rigM, tlio stems harden, and 'every pai-t of the plaiit becomes aiianed with short., stout. spines. If .the phnits are not gathered until they nre prickly, they rfiwdd always be burned, as the small Inconspicuous seeds ripen up in drying and fall out to start another crop. In the northwest, the Russian thistle te.a, tumble weed; that is, it grows in a gtobuilnr outline, keeps its for-iii after clyitig, and lonscning from -the soil, rolls 'here and there as. the Wind blows it. The. slinking of the plant dislodges'the .seeds, and they are scattered far and" wide. Often one plant wi-ll sow the seed over many -miles of territory in a single season. As the 'plant extends southward 'and eastward i-t loses its tuim-ble-weed ha.blt somewhat, but not enough to rob* it oi' any appreciable part of its terror; it only spreads a little slower. The necessity for the utmost watchfulness to secure .and bum tlio first plants that appear in a locality, cannot be too-strongly urged. ,T, C. ARTHUR, Botanist And must move our goods, and have made a price that will do it. Our patrons are Revised to talie advantage of this sale, before it is too late. ' •", . ••i ':-> O f O Do not forget rb.it our tiat Sale of sample hats, v.t BO cents op tho dollar still continues. Splendid bargains are yet to be picked up iu this 11 ue. Don't miss the oppor. tum'ty. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. • xn MARKET STREET. A. P JENK8 INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN. Perspective and Mechanical prepared for the Patent Office and I Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of : trical and Hydraulic devices including Alarm Batteries, Cond uctors, Cutouts, Electric Magnets, .Coils, Keys, Lightning Meters, Registere, Recorders Switchboards, Telegraphs, Telephonic AppU- ances, Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, M*- chaiik-al, Mercurial and Rotary Ate Pumps, Accumulators, Compressed Ate and Water Elevators, Double Drainage and Force Pumps, Lift Oil Cups, etc. Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. Nature! and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on''haaters 1 during the months of May, June, July, August and September. HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Heward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! P. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. "We,-the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15-years, and believe him perfectly honorable In nil business transactions ond financially able to carry out any obligation made by.tue firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALDING, .KINNAN &' MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and' mucous surfaces ot the system. Price T5c per bottle. -Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. Do You Think of.Painting YOUR HOD5E? If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any man on earth. .Three collars for the .'price of one at Otto's. '..-,. -'•- . . :' .Children Cry Tor catcher's Castorla, B F. KEE Built For Service - Are built in the Largest and Best Equipped Factory in the World. thoj are ballt to stand lor re»r». We have n reputitloii established art to nTttinMln, Jienca am not ultord to supplj anything but the best tbat bnlDBmC money ran produco. Ths WnTBtleyssliowlt. Scorcher, S belgbts, tW.OO. 28 nnd 28 Inch, »75 09 and C85.QO. Call and sef them. Madfi by . 1NDIAN1BICSCLE CO ipolls, Ind. CLINE

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