The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 6
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BLWHfcjflLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 11, 194<i Pertinent Points About Buying Cotton Mattresses Housewives who want to get maximum cortifoH and wear oiil of'a inStlr&ffi will select one' which' is elfher composed entliely of felted lasers Or one In which staple cotton lias'been «<nen into one large batt These tjpes are made from resilient cottoii fibers and their constructions'.••''•will maintain" ft smooth; even surface, ?ihere are two other general grades of cotton mAttresses—one has se\eral layers of felt on the top and bottom with .-loose cotton in between, and the other Is filled entirely with loose cotton. Neither of Iheso Is practical, however, since the filling pack dowir under pressure, leaving'" depressions:''In the mattress; Their period of service is -.comparatively short and they never provide the solid comfort of high quality mattresses. The smart homeniaker will also look for strap handles, firmly se- .cured to the side's, when she se- lecjs a mattress; Cotton'mattresses should be turned from end'to end find from side to side once every two weeks, and-the handles make this operation an easy matter. • F.jJ. Dillon Purchases Home On North Highway A five-room -brick bungalow located on North '• Highway'-'01 • and occupied by Col. and'Mrs. Kurt M.'Landon has been purchased by E.-J. Dillon, who will take P-^sses- siori Aug. 1. ! . •':''• '. "'• ''"' "•' Marcus Evrard , is. the former owner of the property, which'nil- joins his suburban! home." Bf*d Courier Rews wimt KM. Brighten Drab Corners BY EI'SIK KINAUI) NtA Staff Writer NEW: YORK; -^ Turning a drab or shabby room into the spright- liesl spot in the house Is a cinch, if 1 you'll-use gay wnll paper appll- quc—it comes in do?.ens of "'designs, is'-ren'dy-cut and carries'its 'own paste on Its back-iand repeat whatever, applique design' y6u'"plck"'in chintzes, potted plants and other fasy-to-sWhjr ideas'. ,' - i /'••_ Have you, 1 for Instance; n sunny breakfast nook that needs' a bcau j ty treatment,? Pick Ivjv.len/ appll- ? ue, brightened by red berries, to rame. your window, A package of Vanport City May Be Used For Cpnvo/escent Center" NEW YORK, July 11—The nation'? largest multiple . 'dwelling waf" housing 'project—Vinport' City, near Portland, Ore., may' bfiscon- verted 'after' 'the' war Into "a -'re'- liabllltatlo'n 'center for wounded anil 111"members of the alined forces'; ''Such"," says'Business Week, "Is the recommendation of the Portland Housing Authority, which directs operation of the 25,000,000 project. Spreading over a square mile," Vanport houses approximately... 35^000 war workers. "liight now the project has 2400 vacant units. Families nrc still moving Into the project,.but more ore moving'ouk- An average week will show n net loss of -'approximately 100 families." applique contains seven sections, which you can wet, paste on'al- most riiiy kind of surface and make into n garland over your window: Yoii also can use single motifs of Ivy-to paste on the doors of a built- in cabinet; use the Ivy trim to run a'single border up the back of a chair; make Ivy-printed chintz In- 16' 'chair cushions; arid put potted Ivy in your plant stands. Maybe you have n bedroom that nc'tds a spruce-up? Pick a morn- Ing- glory applique, ptil : a wreath of it over the mirror of your dress-' Ing table and use some more of the applique us a border or' to panel Mending A Fly Screen Small holes In fly screens can he mended thJs'wny, says Detlei 1 Homes fi 'Gardens magazine: Cut. a square patch 1 of screen clo(h slightly larger than 1 the hole itself. Ravel out a couple' of slrnmls from each edge, leaving about '/i Inch of the strands - clear all the way around the 1 ' patch'. Bend these strands at right angle to the patch, center the patch over' the hole, and press the bent wires through the screen. Now clinch these ends inward toward the hole, to hold the patcli In place: Wipe House'' Sold To Barnelf Attractive Residence On W. Walnut Street Changes Owners One of the most interesting real estate transactions completed in vccent weeks Is the sale of the Wllhlte home at 1128 West Walnut to W. T. Barnclt, former Blythe- vlllc man who with Mrs, Barnctt will return 10 make their home here. The seven-room brick house has three bed ir.ims. Built in 1918, it is one of the older better homes of Blyllicvlltc, and is located on one of (he most beautiful aiul spacious lots in the city. ; show places of Ulythevllle. H has been occupied by iUs owners, the Misses Cordelia and Josephine Wlliiite. Mr. and Mrs. Barnctt, who have been living on their farm In Southeast. Missouri for the last several months, will take possession' in the near future. They plan a num- 'ier of repairs to the house. . Consideration involved, in the sale was reported at 512,508. Tom Little Realty Company handled the .sale. Another Important estate transaction which Involved a reported S15.00C was the purdliaso of the service .station on' the 'coriler"6f Main mill Fifth streets, by Tom Little. Occupied by the Gulf Refining Company nnd Boone Hall garage, the property war, owned by Lesser Goldman Cotton Company of St. Louis. The.occupants will remain Mr. Little also ansouncea n>c purchase of the' late W. D. uva'v- ctte's liome at 101' Weiit Ash • from Mrs. Gravette and : hei' three daiigh- ters, who wake theii' hon'-.c" in California. TJie house, at present M^jiled b'i D. C. Freeman, will be soU'and moved from the lot : which will b'6 converted into air automobile parking lot. Mr. Litt'.e nlso ownis' the Seay Motor Company, located iii the same block on Asli. , • Tlte reiiortcd !>rice for tin < \vas $3.250. ifo \ Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reeves haver sold their home i-n Cherry street to Mclla Ko.ssl, oivier of the w'ay Luneii. who will take yisScs- sj'bn' July 15. Mr. aiid Mrs. Reeves yln; to make their home In Texas/lie is' a -former Blytheville cottmi buyer: The'-'nniounl pi'd fov the five- room'frame house was reporccdfls $3250. Tom Little Realty C.imjjany' handled'tlie iranroction. ' Give. Lawn Extra Core In Summer 15Y HENRY L. TREE Written for NEA' ' Do not cut- the lawri 'too close during July and August: Two'inches is .short enough at any time,' but- three inches is far better when.the. weather is hot and dry. H the cutting' bar on your mower cannot be raised lo this height, coll some rope abb'ut-the roller. Frequently lawns are damaged uy skunks-who dig into the soil searching - for cutworms and grubs and beetles. Grubs, too, will cause considerable dumage and along with the skunks can be kept- ; oul of the lawn by applying arsenale of lead at the rate of a pound for each 100 . so.* are feet of area. -The lead will grub-proof' your - lawn for seven years. Mix it with about, 10 times its bulk lit sand, spread evenly over the entire area anrt wash in with the hose., A good soaking once a week will keep the grass greener during -warm Courlc-sy 0. M. Scott & Sons Co. Long and short-winged Chinch Bugs, 'shown normal size at hol- I'om and magnified seven limes tm• Elass, arc hard'to locale in Ilirf weather. Grass clippings need not be removed from the lawn unless becau sc of their size. they (ire an Inch nnd a half or longer. Of course, If crab grass prevails and-is going • to seed- be sure to catch'nil the clippings and burn them. . - • Grasses in many sections will soon be Infested with chinch bugs, smnll sucking insects which cause ugly brown patches. Control by dusting with one part rotenone and 10 parts tobacco dust, at the rate of 2 1-2 pounds of the" mixture'to ea'ch 100 square feet o[ lawn : area'. ''• : i The adult bug is one-fifth" inch or less long" but'has a conspicuous black body with white wings; the young are reddish'. They arc to be found on the outer edges of the brown .patches sucking juice from the green grass, so dust there nnd not on the brown patches. The dust must lilt the bugs tb v bc effective: Two applications per'brood are recommended, but-four' may'be''neces- sary In some areas where tlierc are two broods per -year.- 1 ' A well-fed JIK! watered grass two inches tall Is seldom infested with chinch bugs. The rolenoue In the mixture will assist in the control of Ihe sod web'woi'Mi, a serious pest in niahy" locations. Other conlrol measures lor this mean caterpillar Include lead arsenatc, dusted on the lawn and worked down Into the ground by sweeping the lawn'witli n broom or the back of the rake. Following this it should be washed off the grass blades with a strong stream of wntcr applied with nozzle. And do not forget that the lawn will benefit greatly from nn application of .fertilizer strong Iti nitrogen. To simplify, .distribution, mix 10 pounds'of fertilizer with-a bushej of sandor screened topsoil for each 1000 square Icet. your closet door. Paste a couple of nornlng"-"' glory 'motifs under the Slass top of' your 'dressing table. 3ho6se a morniiig glory chint?. and make toss-on pillows 'for- your bed; r cushion for your dressing table j'eiich. : • •• it your bathroom needs a decorating 'tonic,'dose it up with lotus pool iippllque, used- as wainscoting to- give -tlint effects There are single'fly-a'-way • birds In'the lotus pool package which-are clever to use' for 'decorating a•••" bathroom mirror or wall cabinet; Use'them in pairs on eaclY drawer of a clothes cabinet or- oh a clothes hamper. Go one step'farther, and embroider or applique birds or lotus blossoms on your towels and wash rags. Soottio nnd cool hutning Btin'e'nnd iloh of hqut rnsh with.Mcianna. thb soothing; nietlicatcd pou'dcr. -. Mcisana' is not a tule, but a Medicated pow<ler containing injjrwlienta oflcn rccomniendcti by specialists fur itching eorcnesa of minor ekiii irrilnliona. Jn'st sprinkle M<uiiuia'"Vcll over your liclit irritnteii akin and ECO liow quickly it rcliovca llieso tonncntina mis- erica. Coals litllo. Even grcaler savings in Earner eizca. AUvuyaduuiaild Muxsnnu. bi- ll Old Everything "A man's here 1} pay you $500 he owes you—vail you see him" WE CAN FILL YOUR ORDER FOR PLUMBING SUPPLIES PRICES ARE RIGHT _ DRIES IN 30 NUN. COVERS W4UPA?ER AND MOST SURFACES Use ilftill] Ihe new paint invention on almost any wall—its distinctive colors will give sparkling new life to old sellings. One gallon of 5PRED makes VA gallons of ^painl. Enough for Ihe average room. Keeps the House Goo! In Summer Keeps It Warm and Saves Fuel in Winter BIG VALUES In Insulation. GELOTEX FULL-THICK ROCK WOOL KIE\V "DOUBLE VALUE" WALL-THICK BALSAM-WOOL NU-WOOD INSULATING WALL BOARD, TILE AND; PLANK All the Finest Insulating Mnterials and at no increase over pre-war prices'. Uncle Sam wants you to insulate because it is a saving which'pays for itself iii a few .short years. FHA'- will finance both material and labor in easy monthly payments. E. C. ROilNSON UIMBEJR CO. Friendly Building Service Delta Lumber Co 204 N. Second Phone 497 Blylhcvillc's Only Home Owned Lumlier Yard HOT? -Feel H;QI ^ast a Bpth Will Refresh You! i , '? r fnioy a quick "bod^ bracer" today;—any time you are low. Your bath is always refreshing. Five minutes of water cooled comfort gives you MORE THAN HEAT RELIEF; Foremost health experts say your bath actually rests ragged nerves . . . revives low spirits. In short, a bath peps up your personality. LAWNS AND GARDENS NEED DAILY BATHS, TOO/ Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Mana f er "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" IAVI MONEY-1 a°l |on 'AVE TIMI-Ih.r«'» na T.cMd. wolli may b. •f T«M*« ««»« you IVi n.tJ l« icrop.«fl quitkly woili.d wllh ni if paTnf. ,. thotty wollpasur. m!H loop onJ wolir. GOES Of! OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QUICK TO DRY! EASY TO APPLY! • Think of redecorating n. room between breakfast and lunch! You can with Techida — Pittsburgh's amazing new development in wall paint. T\vo houti 1> plenty of timo to apply vTechids. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR 'FOR DRYINGI You snv'o on labor costs— save tho expcnso of scraping off old wallpaper— and tavo'on tho cost of paint.Tethida isitlenl for paint- In j over wallpaper, plaster, brick, etc. MADE IN > COL*« AMD HHIT* H U B B A R D B? PAlftOJlC . . . BE THRIFTY... invest in WAR STAMPS and BONDS save money by carrying'out needed painting only with KEM-TONE /.". and buy , yourself rripre War. Stamps^ aud_J3onds v/ith'' the "dilTerehce'My - ~" • Here's how you save'ttme v:« •trouble and money with' KEM-TONE;' 1. lesi expensive''^! one gallon does an average room. , 2.' KfM-IONE (overs most wollpopers, pointed wolls and tellings,; wallboard,- baSemenl wall? With on« <oat. , . '3. KtM-TONE applits like magic. 'A. KEM-TONt dri«s in one hour. ROLL IT ON WITH A ROLLER KOATER FOR BEAUTIFUL - DURABLE FLOORS SHKKWIN-WILUAMS -ENAMEL A tough, long wearing enamel for wood, linoleum and cement floor*. Dxicj hard. Washable.' 15 .Curt PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. W. MAIN PHONE 51S SHE*WIH-WILLIAMS PAINTS

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