The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1947
Page 14
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i PAGE FOURTEEN- fire Destroys Hotel Killing TWQ Occupants LINDSAY, 6a!., May 15. (UP) •Two ;per«ms were biirneci to death ana 32 others flert to safety when Site destroyed the Standlec Working Men's hotel here today. Kiljeci !>i the blaze were Fauslino •Santos, 26, and his brother, Daniel, 34. Their bodies were found •In a^ room which had served sleeping quarters for six men. The fire hunicd most of the Inside 'of the tvvu-stor.v .frame Ijuild.- ing. Its origin was unknown. Damage iv«s estimated nt, S17.0CO. Other lodgers fled to safety, , many; in their ntghtclothes. Some lumped from their second story windows, suffering minor injuries. Most of the hotel residents were orange pickers. NEWS Buffalo Harbor Ice-Packed Historical Association To Hear Formef Atkansan PAYETTEVILLE, .Ark., May 13. OOP).—Plans were made yesterday lor the convention of (lie Arkansas Historical Association, to be held; on the University of Arkansas cAmpr-s here Friday nnd Saturday of tills week. Guest 'speaker will be Dr. William . B. Hrisseltine, professor of history .it tlic University of Wisconsin, nnd formerly n faculty member at -Arkansas. His paper will be '•Educ.rUiDii in nn Atomic Aye.'' cley. :::...x*;<''^..^^' --•'•,**••; - ^^W:.^,e-;|jSi5 'S"',-**•;•££: "" ' Tills photo taken from n IK-il helicopter slums the 5COO>lon Const Guard icebreaker. Mackinaw, lnr;rest QII the Great, Lakes, us it ploiv.s its way through Ihe ice fields choking the way to li'iffulo llarljor where at. least :li; vessels lire trapped in tin.- ice-jam. Four ot UK; trapped ships fan lie seen brJiiml (lie Mackinaw.—iNKA TciapluHol. Luciano Re/eased on Good Behavior in Native City PALERMO, May 15. (UP) — Charles Lucky Luciano, former New York vice kind who wa.s deportcrl recently from Cuba, was Riven the full freedom of his native Sicily today and warned to "beli.ive 1 himself by Sicilian police. Packard Boosts Prices DETROIT, Mav 15. (UP)- Pack- OH (DanOtlhOht Copyright by G\ven Davenport; ~" T^*""" Distribute) by NEA SERVICE, INC. XXIX jyr.ONDAY morning the whole .household .was sad, everyone being aware that Vicky had come in last night in tears, after an interview with young Bagol; that she, had told Sophie her engagement was broken. Sophia die! not appear at breakfast. Marcel finished before any- one'else, while Godfrey and Basil were still tit the table. The painter was about to leave the dining room when Basil stopped him. "It you please, Mavcel, I should like to call a meeting. Will you and Godfrey kindly meet me in ' the library in fifteen minutes?" ! "Certainly," agreed Marcel, ! brightening a little. Basil was a man ot action. Perhaps he could do something. Marcel went directly lo the library, where he huddled over (he fire mournfully, : until he was presently joined by : Godfrey. ' Godfrey came-in wHh • an air fvf condescension", although he was really curious and not at all displeased (o have an appointment ol whatever* nature. The two men sat in inimical-silence. "\V~hy; doesn't he. come along?" ; said Godfrey irritably, after'an interval. "I very, much dislike being kept, waiting; ' I Jiave don« him the courtesy of being on time «ny- self." j "He has not yet finished breakfast; I suppose," said Marcel. He shivered. "Quel jour! What a ; climate! How is Sophie this inorn- ': in S'" . "J haven't.seen her. She seems • ...... .Jilt 3 CUM I j to Jbc worried about Vicky." God: frey, stretched, yawning. "Odd : how the maternal instinct survives j —even skipping a generation." Basil rolled in Irom the dining ; room. Godfrey ules." "Yes," snid Basil. "Well." He sealed himseU, pvcjmed, for a This is very our duly do confidential chat. important. I think „„. „„„ ., clear. We must help Victoria." "I don't see how \vc can," said Godfrey. "For snme reason," Basil went on, "her heart is set on this crashing bore, young Diigot." "I don't sec wiiat we can about it," Godfrey repeated. "Bui we can. All of us. I have a proposal to make." "Ought not Sic Charles to be here, also?" ventured Marcel. "He also is fond of Sophie and Vicky." * c * ""JpllERE was silence whil? they considered the exact position and the claims ot Sir Charles. "But it's r«t the same tiling!" Godfrey objected. "I mean to say Sn- Charles isn't really QUO o f us " "Still," snid Basil, always ,-cntly to take the ...pposile side, "I think Perrault is right. Sir Charles has no real claim on Sophie, ot course, bub^T think he's fond of her in his way. Let us ask him to join us." "I can sec no reason—" Gucl- frey a insisted. . "Bridget!" Basil addressed the maid who had come In with carpet sweeper and cluster. "Please ask Sir Charles to come here. We wish lo sec him." "•Yes, indeed, Mr. Vosilov." "And leave us undisturbed." "Yes, sir." When they were alone, Basil leaned back in his chair with a judicial air, folding bis hands on convex middle. "Now, as 1 . , s said, Ihis Bagot is a lype ot human being I ihul myself unnhic to ap- prccialc. Bui for some reason Victoria h;is chosen to fall in love with him. H question why is not for us to God created th LiOCirreV < ^nrir'^'''l -~t- Vit «r*iT '-•"M v.i k7im:ii ILIU have bee^ ^^ y^^ ^ u v^C^ielorH S,S"!™' "? , - - =• Canted to see us in fifteen min- io conton^Jc" ,«ci^c' Jpciu in* forwnid" ""'"^ " is —!'—' '• ard Motor Company boosted the _ price of [(s cars $75 to $224 on various inotiels today. George T. Christopher, president of Packard, said the company announced the price increase with ".sincere regret."/' lie said a first quarter loss of $i,M8,n:> necessitated the increase. All models were Included In the price increase. cannot .attain her heart's desir» simple though it is." ' "I can't see," snid Godfrey "why we have anything to it a with (heir f |n;iirciinR. I understand it was—shall we say Sophie's past?—to which they took exception." "lint wo are Sophie's past!" crtc-d Marcel. "What they object to," said Basil, "is (he pas t being present." "Cerlainemcnt. If we were dead—" Marcel shrugged and turned his eyes heavenward. "You aren't goinsj to propose we form a suicide pagt, are youV" said Godfrey. A DISCREET cousli, Immemorial sound ol Hie slage butler announced Sir Charles. He came forward, buttoning his coat "Did you send for me, Basil?" "Yes. Come in. Sophie is not down yet, is she?" "No. She asked to have a tray sent tip to her room, but she ale scarcely any of it." "And Vicky?" "She ate nothing at all." "Alia!" Marcel said wisely. "She is in love!' "Come and sit down, then" Basil urged. "We can talk without being disturbed." "\'ou called thfci n-.«eting," Godfrey poiulej out with weary patience. "I aiiGgest you slate your business." "If we can halp tficlcy," Marcel said, "tell us ?mw." "It's loo late now." sir Charles said, sluing. ~if s - M o ,r r afraid." "This Bagot nllianee may be off," admitted Basil, "but Vicky .from lime to lime, w'.ll have other adinirers." "Of course she -vill!" said God- trey. "So why :tV llle fuss? ' "Because the same thing vouM happen again. And we can't 'land in the way of Vicky's happiness forever." "But what can we do?" asl;ccl Basil pulled himself upright placing n hand on each arm of his Labor Leader Cancels Plan for Demonstration SAVANNAH, Cia., .May )5, <UP)_ Al Oilttendcn, president O f the Ne«- Orleans local of the T.)t,,,.„.. tional Longshoremen's Association" agreed lo call off a m! ,ss labor demonstration scheduled at, w p ,,, Orleans May 21. His action came after some 200 MJA clelcualcs at a meeting hc-c voted unanimously to hold no demonstrations unless plans for them were worked out mid ordered by leaders of tlic American Federation ol Labor, NOTICE Notice is hereby «ivcn that the imdoi-siiiued will within the lime fixed by law apply to the Coninib- fioner of Revenues of tho State of Arkansas for a permit lo sell beer at retail at Barfield, Arkansas, Mississippi, County. Tile undersigned states that lie is a citir..-n of Arkansas, ot goor Jiior.-il chai-aclcr, that he has nevci been convicted of a felony or othet crime involving moral turptitude; Hint, no license to sell beer by tho in five years las', past; and that umlL'rsi(!ni'd lias IMOII revoked with- thn urulcr.sisncd hus never been convicted of violating the iaws i)l this stale, or any oilier s latc. re- iBtinj! to the sale of alcoholic li- ciuors. J. C. Ellis •Subscribed and su-orn to before me this 12th day of May. 194f. M. A. Isaacs (SCAL) Notary Public My commission expires April 4 I 1048. " THURSDAY, MAY 15, 19-17 his. company. The facts arc: lie is here; she loves him; and it seems to bo our fault that she forwaid. "Gei\tlcmcn," lca\'e." "c Continued) he said, "we cajj Our Boarding House witM^THoople Out Our RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL,. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Cull for and Delivci FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance L'o. LWtlum/nl Motorola Kadfo SaJe.s and Service 10G Snulh First St. Today's free MCM Keenril Mr. and Mrs. Prcd Faught lie Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. RITTNER KILL WILSON COULD S LAT6UV.' POOL OF SUD& THESE Vs. DKVS, MMOR/—-. t^r T. - DD - or- / BY THE / VOJ'P HAVE I "HUH?" A COUPLE \ OP TIMES, IT ^--, WOULD BE TCO LAIEj WOULD M.RS. OBJECT »P VOO <:.- KiDQLSEO DOESrfT 6EE\\ TO Be A VIOLENT FlKE- DEPARTMENT OFP ^w MECK ^ITH ^cetVLEhie TORCHES/ WHY MOTHERS GET GR-Y-y Hat Is Confident »Y MICHAEL UALPH I,ANK J got through Ihe wedding alive and •iTally found time to make a. phone Cd THAT MEANS HE MOWS WHO [ AMR DO ! SHOW THE \ARK5 OF AW iRAOE? «An , READY IN A MINU1E.\ft80UTMYFOTURE |i 1VE BE£N THINXING ) SHE SAW. NOT A ft IOT ABOUT VOU. / TMIS& TQ WORRY WORRYING ABOUT ABOOf. MR.M5HUGH DOESN'T ANSWER? I'll LEAVE MY NAME AND NUMBER. WILL WO HAVE HIM l^ 3 ~< CALL BACKS T~* CAN'T HELP THINKING ABOUT THAT CHAR/ ( ACTER WHO YAPPED AT ME IN FRONT OF IHE CHURCH. HE CAUED ME A COPPER.'- •\('f. ¥•••£';/j£?' ^_ ^o"-^ -•„' ~&~ I *^* nn. 1M7 BY NE» SERVICE, Inc. T. M. BFC. U. S. PAT 5-/£ "Don^t you Iliink we'd better wait tilf u,i<! gets home to start digging? He likes to turn the first spadeful of dirt and then boss the job 1 ." FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL HLOPSER How Sweet! UPPP rw.P<= ^>IB ™, .1 r>- MEM 66R. WfWT , , ^,,, v^rT DECIDED. HILDA '. I HE WON'T K.MOW yeee COMES OJS OF THE EMEMV, AND DOES US LOGIC SCARED f FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at State Line Phone Blytheville 714 Dr. W. C. Gnce Veterinarian BACK at Dell, Ark. BOATS FOR SALE Made in Blyrhcvillc by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS and PLYWOOD The ideal boat for the l!is I.alie area. HamlimrtY, stnril) ronstrurllon—<m)v the best mail-rials are used In (ln-se limits. See them NOW!" Now on Display at The Blytheville Motor Company Dr. Jack Webb Physician & Surgeon Announces the Opening of His Office Lynch Building IHjlhcville, Ark. For <lto Genet ill Practice of Medicine Office PJione 2131 Residence 2f>;ir> DEAR.. NO. WE'RE \ Cawe, PAT. I'M suse vJLSTl POOR. ' / ME..SWim WAMTS TO BE M-OJE WITH f,\&B GEU8BLE ' . Tt^'S ^.^y. CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc.*' Safes STUDEBAKER Service Cars and Trucks of Outstanding- Quality and Economy Skilled 'craftsmen insure dependable service, keep your cnrs nnd trucks in lip-top condition. Bring your car to u.s for •:I1 nronnd work anywhere. We specialize in trucks, ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL' Expert Painting and Body Work Complete truck repaiir,, electric welding, complete motor overhaul, radios nnd sent covers, tires, tubes, batteries, .spotil^his, tot; lights. We carry [('complete line of Stiuleb.iker parts for; nnd trucks, Climatizcrs, Bumper'Guards. We Have Several Good Used Cars for Sale —Cars and Trucks— CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Your Studcbnkcr Dealer "First by Far With a Postwar Car" Kill Chamlilin & Ash St. -...,.. Lex • Chamblin Phono 2105 WOULOM'r DREAM OF BEING AT WAR, WITH BIG STRON& MEW WASH TURPS Liink Around, Easv SNEEP 100<S IEM OVER A ClAM THIS PJN'K IS NOT PETTIFEE.! 1 I-l(. HERE TO WWCE SUE.E ' IT-SUM ALL EIGHT, KELK! 3USTWWTU I GET MS HftWDS ON THOSE WING DO&S I WftS UNLUCKY ENOUGH ONCE TO HIRE YOU OUTBOARD fWJTOE. RYDER WE LI, THAT CLOSES 'THE P£A\.,fM7. STOKER.' YOU TOP PEOPLE CA.S! JUDGE MAN! RY TM ^^Ipr^i^^wVg^ ^.^nn^tS^m^TTi^..<j*i^rJl_ l(ifi WEL>_ . TO B= s^risFisa \MTht \\H\T U = roTE...TMIS CHEST OF BY EDGAR MAKTIK

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