The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE Catchers Few Bui Otherwise Bushes Have Many • Promising Stars 'BY IIAUKY GUAYSON Sports Fdllor, NBA Service Despite scouts moaning about! fl scarcity of talent, plenty of first-year men have done very v,el) by themselves and ihplr clubs In the majors (his season And outside of the catching de partment, where promising candidates still are scarce, young minor .league athletes worthy of trials In the big show arc iis'pro- lific as ever. A new ciop of DiMagglos, Mlxra Sin Marlins, Ogralowskls. Win- fords. Wealherlys, Clalehonscs Ripples, Roscnlhals, Kreci'lches Kroners. Eddie Wilsons, llnssclls Atwoods, Chubby Deans, Duddj Lewises, Scai-b-L'llas, Clone Mixn-cs Mayas iind Ilinnbeits will llltei Into the picture this fall and make an earnest atlcmpt lo crash the gruduale' school in 1931. •' Big league'managers say llmt the one catcher, who Is fairly certain to help n major league club is Owcii of •'Columbus. Naturally, he belongs to Ihe SI. Louis Cardinals, who came up with lirusle Ogrcdowskl last spring, and Hilly DeLanccy the year before. -. , of Seattle, is being highly ballyhooed, but major clubs have received various rc- poits on him. it seems Mint, the young man can throw, however. Eddie Ooosctree, the foxy De- troll forager who ' discovered Schoolboy Howe, asserts llmt Ihe finest catcher he has seen In the minors this season U Early of Jacksonville, who Is the' property of Washington. Detroit has high hopes for George Tebbett, of EeauinonL Hcalli "Another Joe Jackson" Jcf[ Heath, of Zanesvillc, i- coining to Cleveland hailed the original Ducky Holmes and others as "another Joe Jackson." This lelt-haiulccl hitting outfielder has cracked all Middle f • BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Minor League Stars Who May Shine In Majors Babe Dal)lgrcn.,.nmy appear. in Hie majors with the Giants or Chicago Cubs. lludy York...Tigers have use for him at first, base since Grcen- terg's wrist injury. Wcodlcy Abernathy.; .Phillies brlii ~ "" J • • •- »'•«!(;;> \VlH him up from Baltimore where he's starring. and Joe Olbbs stand out In the box for a weak Clalvcslon aggregation. The Ynnks recently Llll* rlcan' Association to Brooklyn. ,"'" klll = of !'' rccl Shigton... All-America Tide >in tin., ,.^,.« i __i.._ . ... _ * 1U V H IN TIE TUESDAY, AUGUST 13 FOR LOOP LUI Applebaum's Surprise Vic- lory Over Coca Colas Big Help To Cleaners STANDINGS Coca Cola Nii-Wn Cleaners nly'ville Laundry Jaek Applebaum W. U •37 • 9 7 • 1 8 . 1 9 Pet. .438 Aii unexpected defeat of the leading Coca Colas at the hands of the last place Applebaum Store 8 to 3, and their own de- win, 8 to 3, over the Bly- Ihcvlllc Steam Laundry enabled the Nu-Wa Cleaners to gain n full game and jump Into a tie for first place with the Bottlers In (lie girls soft ball league nice last night. Each team has only two games left to piny in the current, campaign. The two lectors clash in i game next week that will probably decide the pennant. On August 31. the final night of play, the Bottlers meet the Laundry Nu-Wa put on the F1 last staged to hold a MIV15 , Lister hurled sensational b; ter relieving Slamey nL, Laundry hit ., va s made '"« and after that Ik; w:iltc-clad crs could not get even a hit off Lasler who iiurled 4 2-3 Innings of iiltless ball. The Danish War Department ha banished military bands. WARNING OHDEFC Chancery No. • 6253. J. E. Brewer; Minnie Breivrr Union & Planters Dank & Trii«i Company, as trustee; Union i»| a ,,, ers National Hank &. Trust Bon- Pony, as trustee; Franklin & Mortgage Company; Debenture Corporation: Kirshner, Anderson; . administrator of us trustee for j W. M. Williams, a M. Anderson, Ihe estate ms. W. If. Hall; M,-. Boese; William nnsse] took over Southpaw Kemp Wicker of Newark. They will recall Steve Simdra from the Dears, Klmball of Tulsn merits ftllcntton. The Cardinals will have another ._ Martin—this oiu; Hei-schel, who has given- mi excellent account Soutucm cf himself at Houston, Johnny Elcvcnson Is another coming to Atlanta the Hcd Birds from that branch Nashville . store. Lefty Shoun nf Dinning- Hlrinlnghnm lam, who was put onl for three Ncw Orleans. weeks by a .broken ringer, belongs .o the Cubs. Dyron Spcece, submarine hurlcr of Nashville, 1ms more than 20 contests. Bill Yccke Is a Norfolk southpovv with remarkable control. .Jack Salveson will return from Las Angeles, where he won 12 straight. Dill Shores, who has . . — '. *•• •»*-**»-« "II 1>1UU11L' •"•' "•(,"'• iJIJI kJUUJ UH, iVHU Mil Allanlie League records for driv-jbcen with -Ihi: Giants anil All) lllff III llm<! IrtM.I- ,.,I1, .»..,! T>-™...... ^,,1.. r ing in inns. Brooklyn will bo strengthened by two flychasing- refugees from Ihe Cardinal-chain gang — Jack Wmselt ami Edle Morgan, of the St. 'Loiils club's Columbus farm. Wlnsott, home rim king of the American Association, scored 101 and batted In 112 runs-In 77 en- t'agciiienl.s He Is hitting .372. Mogan, ujic played nrst base for a time, must not be confused with lh<M>lajer of the same name who for the Indians and Alabama's Allot several years Is returning lo Washington on the sticnglh oi a .380 batting average at Chattanooga. Marshall Mauldin, Knoxvlllc second sack- ei, at™ Is a candidate for the Soulhern Asdclation b n UI n u championship, with .387. Bnbe Dahlgrcn's work at Syra- the White Sox. Johnny Dlckshof In Buffalo that he performed Red Sov. rrfd Sing ton, Amcilca tackle hilling 'retriever with a -splendid arm. He'll be back with- the Pirates. Duke, Memphis outfielder, is hilling more than .350. .... Seals '!semi i>lnrly and joost • San' Francisco Seals' 1D:)7 contribution to the majors will bo Outfielder Marty, who. Is hitting .3.03, and Third Hascmiin Eddie cuse has 'convinced Tom Yawkey, wealthy owner or Ihe Red Sox, that It Is-best for a major-league outfit-to develop its own matcrinl. The Boston array railroad Dahl- grcn to the Chicls V.ien Jimmy 1'oxx vns purchased to play flret base and smack, home runs. Now Ihe California-youngster Is sought by the Giants and Cubs. Cliasw Grccn-wr,. ( 0 Oulflcl.l Rudy York has lilt for such distances In Milwau- niill Kansas City for demonRtratcd is a heavy Several clubs lire Interested In Fabian Oallkc, slugging Minneapolis outfielder who is rejiorted llcfcclcd for the Red Sox. Chct Laabs. Detroit fann hand with Milwaukee, Is a home run hitter, but lins not yel fo\mtl himself In either Uio outneld or at third base. Earl Browne, Mlnnc- apolLs first baseman and oiitflcltlcr Is hilling .3:10, belongs to Pittsburgh, lialllmorc may se|l b«« ,i i ^*, 7 »«u- ^n.ui B i. iM^utt, ^i, anu HODUV kee that Mickey Cochrnne serl- Doerr. 18. San £>le w Coasl League OllSlV tl r>nil I ninrilfl H ..,, ™...JI _..!.. .1 i. _ ., . . ^-i-ini. Outfielder Ab Wright to keep hini out of the draft. Harry Steinbacher, St. Paul outfielder, is hitting .358. Mesner, hitting .323 for Los Angeles, is expected to succeed the asing Jimmy Dykes at third base for (he White Sox. Morric Arno- rlch, home ran hitter of Haztcton of the New York-Pennsylvania League, belongs lo Ihe Phillies. George Myalf, 21. and Hobby ., Is conlcmplallng switching Hank Grcenberg to the Detroit outfield, to make room for the Indian and his power nt first, base. Woodley Abernath has swatted too many iiome runs lo remain wllh Balllmorc. He will be given every opportunity to crash me Phillies' outfield. The usual number of veterans will be back for another whirl In the spring. Rochester, a Cardinal subsidiary, has peddled Outfielder Jack Rothrock to the Reds. Charley Grimm of the Cubs was in Newark lor the purpose of closing a deal for Phil Wclntmub when the Rochester, firs I baseman dislocated his shoulder. Weln- traub, the former Giant, was hitting .377. Southpaw Bob Wetland ' is the leading pitcher In the International League. Wciland is one of the principal reasoiis why the Rochester club is headed for the pennant. He -won 20 games by July 30. " Ru?«ll Bauers has been effective for Knoxville. He is th u property of Pittsburgh. Soulhpav, Johnny Van Der Meer of Durham Is the foremost strikeout specialist in the Piedmont League Lou Fcttc, who has toiled in the American Association for sevcra campaigns, has copped more than 20 games for'St. Paul. He has been sold to th cBoston Bees. Hugh Mulcalicy, who belongs to (he Phillies,' shows the way to New York-Pennsylvania League pitchers and batsmen. Used as an outfielder occasionally, and as a pinch-hitter, Mulcahey sports a swat mark of .413. Lou Krausse of Elmira, who once was with the Athletics, is near the I6p In the New York-Pennsylvania pitching averages. Soulhpaw cliff Melton makes the hop from Baltimore lo Ihe Giants.; : s Dkk Barrett, who has had trials wllh the Braves and Ath- IClics, Is having a splendid sea(on vfllh Sealll^. Jack Jakucki ccond basin.; combination, arc'lo >e given fno once over by the Red Sox. Docrr's balling average Is '331. He hit at a .450 clip in 77 rips lo the plate from July 14 lo Aug. 1. Busier Mills of Rochester has :ieen purchased by the Red Sox He is hitting..358. and balled in 107 runs in 10G ganjes. Thp Yankees will take a look a look at Second Baseman Roy Schalk and Outfielder Ernie Koy. Newark farm •hands. Henry Meyer of the K-.IU Claire, Wis., club, is hitting morc than .350, and has been sold lo the Cubs. There is room in the majors for capable freshmen, and there nre freshmen in r,i e minors capable of filling tile places. The Stan: Little Ruck Chattancoga Kno.xville .. sMemphls .. W. L. 80 45 71 53 [M GO til) UI Gl U2 Sfl 02 50 72 •IB 70 Pet. .li-IO .573 .510 A'.K .430 .488 .410 ,377 Pitaiiic Goes Under''Or Out and Down-'Myers Outgiapples Wayland National St. I-OUls ........ . ... (JU New York ........... CD Chicago ..... ........ 155 Pittsburgh ..... ..... 57 Cincinnati .......... 55 floston, .............. 51 Brooklyn' ........... -15 IMiiladclphla ........ 3i) I.. Pet. .(J07 .581) .509 .491 .405 T', • r- !>•:', ' _ of their" match. Sinkey began lltaillC Unps I InrW i M,. slipping up O n ;what the crowd thought, was .Marrs'! "blind 'side. Hit hltoi having his back turned as the hostilities opened. Suddenly Marrs . whirled,. .slammed into .... - Sinkej with a seilcs of body bulls vyimlevpi claim Johnnie Mnml»»d (Mug tackles and took the nad lo the southern lighthdvj M" with n 'jody stnddlt ilnmnncdi-Qttcr last 1 The second fall iciorj ovei Titanic Slnkn minutes ending wl,^,, „ _allure wic.slllng match at, unable-lo gcl . b a ck lnto 10 Legion, arena here last night | after n nun strfp night out "at in a pielimlnaij match 1 Ice "<e ' Myers lough and read) vetmn |lin<! ilefenkd Eddie Wiuland the e\ collcglin two out of thiee falls thr n the In an opcnei Willis Ford nnd r — E, Young two local souths toil in New York Cleveland Detroit Chicago . Washington American League W. L. Pet. 74 54 eil to a thaw ui 15 minutch John Elliott was the thlid man In ,the ring In all of the affair's .(J5S .552 02 52 .514 GO BO .517 . . .. 58 56 .503 Boston ." 58 57 '.50'1 St. Louis 42 71 .372 Philadelphia 39 74 . ' 3 .~..v..i b ,, [t j uiiiu iiiu lUllller UIll Ihe spec tutors managed to have '\ersity of Tennessee giiddei He There are more than^nrinn an IntcrcstlnE night, In fact some took Hie nrst fall In 20-minutes In Ftohda. ' ° Norllicasl Arkansas Newport, 30 Csceoia 24 Cai uthersville 17 xllnU'svllIc ..'... ili .vjonesboro n Paragould B ' x—Nlglit game. W. L. Pet, .811 JK9 .472 .441 .371 .'243 Baseball Results Southern League Night games: little nock G, Knoxville 1 Nashville 9. liinningham C New Orleans G. - Clmllunoogn (11 Innings). Only gnmcs. National League ' Brooklyn at New York, rain. Only game, American I.eajriie Washington 7, New York J Chicago 7, Cleveland 3. Others to be - played later. N'ortlirast Arkansas I.rague Batesvllle at Jonesboro, night game. Only game. Read courier News Want Ads. To Make Plans For Annual Camp Thursday Carney Laslte. athletic and physical training director of Bly- Ihcvllle high school, has Issued a call for all youtlis who desire to attend his annual late summer camp lo allcnd a meeting at ihc high school building nt 7 o'clock Thursday night. Plans for the camp will be made at that time and the site yet to be definitely chosen, wlii probably be announced. Thc camp will be operated for an eight-ibv period. ' ' LUMBER FOR SALE riant Closed Down Permanently Cheap Prices All kinds rough DRY LUMBER Chicago Mill & Lumber Company Blylbcvlllt, ,\rk. Phone 800 go-si tackle...goes to Nuls from Chat- aml " le Cleaners take oh Apple- I !.,„„„.„, baum. A protested Laundry-Nu- tannoga. of them becoming so excited thatUith a Japanese leg- lock and lhe> had a little set-to with got the second the same way wrestlers and officers to enliven a minutes the piogntn Mam \ vcig , le( i 198 , M,^ r '7 V CC n "' °" C ° f thf> h lnl!C y 190'i. Mvers 190 and fliilcUst falls eiei scoicd heic Wayland 1S5 according to an- Uicn he flattened Sinkej in less nouncements made from the ring than i minute foi Ihe initial fall B ' when Sinkey was * " hands of Mans The boy? been taking tutns with the iuial uciobatics up until that lime but Sinkey got stomped in the mi\ up and couldn t get back The \etcian M\eis piettj much his own way in de fcatlng Was land the former Um Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MARK 'EM SK r Phone We Pay Cash For 2nd Hand Furniture Phone 1031 ' Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Noar Goff Hotel Sample Low Fares Now you can travel anywhore by ti«in—in Eafeiy and cotnloit — and savo money. Heicara a W sample*: From Hlylhin-lllc It(HiM) 'i liil'S <o ' Coach M'liUnmt California Chif-lRO, 111 IS.ns Dallas. Tex lc.2.i Denver, Colo 35.7S n. Wortli.Tcx 17.20 Minneapolis, Minn. 28.1:1 Mexico city, Mc\. North I'acinc Coast 60.CO .SI. Louts, Aid S.S5 Sl.Vaiil, Minn 2.S.15 ASS'2.10 21.10 21.10 35.15 2S.D5 28.45 71.2<J II 90.90 n.50 28.45 •Sleeping car space char sc cxlra. A Tourist Sleeping Car Tare $65.95 U Tourist Sleeping Car Tare S72.75 You can have speed— with safety— when you Iravel by train. Western railroads have speeded up many Irain schedules but in the whole year of 1935 not one passenger life wag lost in a train accident, while millions were carried in perfect safety. This is a record which western railroads strive day and night to maintain. What makes this fine record possible? Constant vigilance, ceaseless inspection of roadbeds, rails, signal systems, automatic safety devices, engines' and cars. Brakemen, conductors, dispatchers, engineers firemen, inspectors, maintenance-of-way men, oilers' signalmen, switchmen, telegraphers, Pullman porters- all railroad men keep the first railroad commandment Safety First. ' Train travel offers speed with safety, plus air-conditioned comfort, money saving fares and economy meals, naw coach comforts, world's finesl sleeping cars dependability in all weather. Ask the railroad agent about travel or shipping by train. Shippers: Use new Free pick-up-and-delivery of LCL freight. WESTERN RAILROADS AND THE PULLMAN COMPANY — '-••• '• ••••• ..... .----.-• -,-• --,-.r-.-:-v-v:v%^-f;.-r:.-- Number Eight Likely To Face Texaco Club CCOTER, Mo.—With but -one ,• week of play remaining in ihc Cooler soft ball league Number Fight appears a certain winner of Ihe lasl half race.!'/.." '•.;••;.. The winner will ! mee'tf!the"Tex- aco team, 1 first half ipwhmer,; hi. a ganie .lo'.. determineC.:the<Me.n'gue ihnnipionshlp., This will prpb'ably be; played' next :Tuesday nlghl; In-game's: iplayed on the local diamond over,' (he week-end the Barber shop' team defeated the Hayll CCC boys team, 23 to 5, and the Holbcrt store girls of Holland defeated Ihe Cooler eirls 12 to fi. Wn game also remains to be ruled tn. The lion'^i shore w >r or Applcbnnin's win Joca Colas must go U Ian Browning, 'TCaimi me credit over the Mrs. Lll- tr hnrler. , . he was in • fine form and except for one. inning, when she developed a strcnk of wildness after her defense had crumbled to pieces, ic did well. Her fast ball work-' ig In good order, JVfrs. Browni£ struck oiit.n number of bat- lefs. She allowed only four hits Thile the 'Baumers collected 10 iff Mary Lou Whittle. Sadie Slnmey of last week's no- hit no-run game fame was forced >ff (he mound for Nu-Wa in the irst inning but the cleaners, nn- •--•\t\.ia\u i, IILLX i j :(j i\ir- (hews- B fi lcrs ^-! Mfs - Mi "'y M,..' Adoljfli Newton; Mrs . William R USS= J r« e\vIon; Mi's. We.stty Artk'ii • Run •Jolph A. Newton: Mrs. Hu'ndolpl A. Newton; Tlmnias I, Amlerson <•• Ihomas L. Anderson; Lu • A'l'letson; 'and Z. B. Hani '. G. E. Keck and C. saivba. m^'" 1 foh l ''' c chlclra nn' «"""» thi '-' from .the date hereof 'i answer a complain {file | f a in 5 Horn by Commodore C "cS H. ; i-M.. : CRAIG, Reid Atlys. for Plaintiff Jesse Taylor, Ally. Ad Liteni. Clerk, D - 18-25-1 launted. went ahead to . Incidentally it was the first set- Jack for the Laundry in six games. 1 Evelyn "Harry McDaniel, who had turned in five consecutive victories, was the losing hurl- Lasler relieved Stamey for Nu- Wa in. the .first inning and hurled excellent ball tho rest of Ihe way. It was a close game until Before Yon liny Any Oiitlioani - See the NEPTUNE 2 II. 1>. Sin e le Cyl. (Other sizes to 10 H. p.) HUBBARI) TIRR & HATTKHY CO. Wrecker Service - Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 777 -' 810 "Perfect hos te it's * • ™ u ** ^^^^^fl^^^^^HI^B^^ Folks who pridel themselves on being good mixers have found a perfect mixer...the "double-rich" straight Bourbon made by i old Kentucky distillers! 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKED •" •" - COPYRIGHT, 1SSS, SCHENLEY l)lSTRlHtIT01!5. IJ^C., NE\y YORK

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