The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1949
Page 5
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f THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1949 BLITHEV1LLE "(ARK.T COURIER NEWS PAGB !TV« THf NATION TODAY— Four Farm Plans Before Congress For Consideration (Editor 1 * Note: This is the second of two sloiies on the farm plans kicking around in Congress now.) By James Mariow WASHINGTON, Mtf. 25. (IP)—Four fann plans aie being Ulked •.bout in Congress now. the Gote, Aiken, Anderson and Brannan plan*. (They're named after R«p. Gore (D-Tenn), senator Aiken (R-VO •cnator Anderson (D-NM) and Secretai'y of Agriculture Brannan.) These four are »n outgrowth of the first farm plan which congress passed in 1933. All the plans from that time to this, although differing in details, have had one purpose; To help farmers have a good In- elQte by keeping farm prices up, even if it means government help to the farmers. Program Launched in 1933 When it passed the first plan in 1933—called the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the ''Triple A" program—Congress said in effect to the farmers: '•We want to see you get for your cent guarantee of parity on the six basic crops (instead of the 90 pel cent under present law and the Gore plan) and on other crops make it 60 to 90 per cent, Braur'an — keep a high parity gviarantte on non-perishable crops liki- wheat, but let perishables, like milk ar.d meat, find their 'own price level in the public market But— Let the. government decide \vha js EV fak price for Hie perishables If the public market price fell be tow tint level, the governmen crops enough money to enable you [ would pay the farmer Die differ to buy the kind of things you were able to bu> T in some previous period when farmers were prosperous. As a yardstick, we'll Uke the per- Sod of-1909-14. "In other words, WP want your purchasm? power now (this was 1933) to be en a par with your pur- ence between the low price he go anr the price considered fair by th ?overtin:er.t. Bui where rlu all the plans stand MIM-? Unless both houses of Congress can agree on some In lakr the place of the 4iken plan, which Congress approved in chasing power hi 1909-H Wo will IMS, tlie Aiken plan becomes law call It parity with that period. [ j an . i. "We can't guarantee you full par- There's a chance Congress ma adopt some features of the Bran nan plan, but there's no chanc for the whole plan. LKG1ON WORKERS GKT AUTO—In recognition ot the service endered to veterans, their dependents and the community in general jy the American Legion, the Ford dealers of Arkansas tiuve presented tiic dcpanment with a new automobile for use in this work. Department. Commander Lee Ward of Paragould and Legion Field Representative Harry Tolleson of Nashville are shown with the car. It will be used to Escape Attempt- Fatal for Man Accused of Rape LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 25. (ffl — Ollle Rny Dosliier, 28-"enr-old niafi- a/ine salc.snKui who was charged with raping a f'orriyce waitress, riled at Arkansas Slnte Hospital last iiiglit of injuries suffered In an escape attempt. Doshicr and two oilier ininsilcs sawed their way ou! oJ third floor ward the niRht <>I Aug. 16. They descended by blankets to the roof of a one-stovy sving nnd then dropped to the K round. In the di'op, Doshier suffered a spiral (incline of Hie left leg and was left behind by his two companions. The injury caused lenkugc of a fatty sul>stiitK-e into the blood stream, and this condition reMiUecl d to Sub Duty Don W. Hu«y, .waman appren- ice. Uiiiled States Navy, sou of Mr. and Mn. Freeman Huey ot Blytheville, has been assigned to duty in Submarine Squadron foot, Key W«t, ru. H« neentlj completed a basic tubmtrinc courw at New London, Conn, STUDEBAKER'S BIGGEST SHOW! in death. The other two Inmates miule Kood assist veterans in tlieir rehabilitation program and for promotion ol llin j tnr-ir escape, bill one, Hubert Legion's community service programs. Hayti Woman's Dream Of Hearing Sermon by Famed Pastor Realized HAYTI, Mo., Aug. 25.—Breams of being able to hear Dr. Robert G. I-ee's famous, "Pay-Day—Someday" sermon, will come ^ruc for Mrs. [ Melbourn Frye, a cripple, who is i j CriliB, Inter was recaptured, 'file j oiber. Herman Horlon, still is nt All Ihrcc had been sent to the hospital (or mental exaniinailolls preceding I rials on criminal charges. Both Craig and Horlon were charged with burglary mid grand larceny, Crn'- In Drew County and a funeral service, the Hev. [ uorton | n Sebastian Comity. Minister Has 'Sinking' Feeling During Rites Conducted in Cemetery Gcrdon C. Capcn of Orange Methodist Cnurch has a .sinking feel- He said ha tried to keep his voice Im'e!. I oWL-vcr, so that his predi- confmcci to her bed in Hayti. Not only will Mrs. Frye, whose : camcnt wr.uki not disturb the sol- sunny disposition Iws won her ; r m TJIV. . , The House has passed the Gore I senl a traiiEcription of it at 7:30 plan a« a substitute for the Alken j P.m.. Saturday on the lawn of Mrs. iaw-to-be But the Senate hasn't. ' ity. We'll say that if you can get 'a certain price for your crops, that will give you parity. But— "If prices fall to somewhere between 52 and 75 per cent of parity, the government will step in and buy'your crops or make you loans I on the other hand .the Anderson! on them so you can hold them till the price foes up. ! •Which means, the government puts a floor under your crop prices and won't let them fall below 52 to 75 per cant of parity." Contrres? decided It would RITC this kind of %uaranlet on six basic crops: corn, cotton, wheat, |ii>acco. l-'ice, peanuts. Rrmeml>PT Wem. They're important in this alorr. The 1933 act helped tlie farmers. The law was revised in 1938 and upain in 1941. That revision in 1941 —called the Steagall Amendment. after Rep. Steagall (D-AKO— was an important one. Instead of giving formers a many friends, hear the famous sermon but she and her pastor, the 1 Hev. Spurlin McChmahan of the First Baptist Church, have inviled ; several hundred friends to attend i the sneeiul services. Learning of her desire to hear Dr. Lee's nationally famous sermon, leaders at Bellevue Baplist Church, Memphis, have recorded tlieir pastor's sermon and will pre- He succeeded ovi-i 1 tiiat mourners noticed dciaymnn had sunk to his kiu-cs ]n earlli. Part of a yrave adjoining the new cjtie liad caved in. Livestock Pension Issues Pushed By Telephone Employes TULSA. Okla.. AUR. 25. (API—A 6mccrs"ol the Church of Christ' ner-eral v.-agf increase and improved NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III.. Aug. 25. ffl'l lUSDAl—Hogs I.MDl market slciuiy to 25 lower (ban the seivice was i Wednesday's average; Inter slow; ,, | bulk- pood and choice 200-250 Ibs 21.00-25; Inter sales "i.OO and less; few 2GO-300 Ibs 1950-21.00; 180-100 Ibs 20.25-15: HO-170 Ibs 16.15-10.25: 100-130 11) pigs scarce, few sales 13.50-16.50; good -'iO-240 II) sows mostly 10.75-18.00; few 18.75: over 400 Ibs 12.15-10.00: stacs 11.00-13.50 Cuttle 2,200; calves 1.400; opening trade slow on these classes with very little done; large share of home. these from dealers' pens; market moderately active imrt fully steady; Mrs. t Pensions will be asked by 320,000 CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY 'Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" K;ii I road & Asli Phon« fe88 That's where the plans stand now. guarantee of only 52 to 75 per cent ,f rarity, as had been the case since Legionnaire Praises Post for Assistance During Recent Illness Dud Cason Post 24 of the American Legion has received a letter of thanks from Charles V.'. Sisler. Blythevitle war veteran, for assistance given him and his family dur- mer resident of CaruthersviU-j. Mo., i by !ei:ai pressure if necessary. will make the trip to present the program. 1933. it'raised the guarantee to 90, ing his recent illness. Post Comper cent on the six basic crops, and adoed others. 'Hie Steagall Amendment stayed on (he books until 1948. In that yenr Congress did two things: 1. It revised the SteaEall-amend- ed law ?. little and said this should remain law until Dec. 31. 1949. 2 Thereafter. Congress said, lh(-re wctild be a new law. called the Aiken Law, Fonr Plans Before Oon-ress This is where the four plans—the Aiken law and the Gore. Anderson and Bvannan plans—come in. This is what they woxild do: Aiken—set a sliding guarantee of 60 to 90 per cent of parity (instead of the Hat 90 per cent, as at present under the law expiring Dec. 31) <«}lhe six basic crops. On olher cfSps tiiere'd be a guaranlee from zero to SO per cent. Gore—Keep the 90 per cent guarantee of the six basic crops r.nd guarantee 60 to 90 per cent of paritj on other crops which the government chooses to help. Anderson — Give a 75 to 90 pel mander E. N. Shivley said yestcr- iay. In his letter. Mr. Sisler praised he work of the American Legion iiid thanked the' l>ost_ for its assistance/ 25,00-30.00; 18.00-24.00. Jury Acquits Woman Who Killed Husband MARSHALL. Ark.. Aug. 25. (;!')— p Mrs. Opal A. Taylor, 32, has been i acquitted of a charge of murder in the July 28 slaying of her husband. | She was freed by a circuit court 1 jury yesterday after testifying that I she shot her husband. Darwin P. : Taylor, 41. alter he slashed her .with a knife. He told a union mceling here that th': lii-l! companies have rehis- pri for 12 years to discuss pensions. "But wt- are prepared to take the There are an estimated 3,000.000 matter to tile supreme court," he ' miles of rural roads in the United explained. States. PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET 1044 West Chickasawba Caruthersvilte Kiwanian Sings at Luncheon Here Dick Powell, a Kiwanian from Carulhersville, Mo., presented a program of vocal music to the Blytheville Khvaiiis Club yesterday at the club's luncheon meeting. Appearing w'th Mr. Powell was Mrs. Ralph Berryman of Blytheville. his accompanist. He sang, "Bless this House" by Brahe. "The Desert Song," by Romberg. and "Tu Rn TjU Ra Le" by Shannon. Bernard Graham inducted EJnier Stone and Bill Hurt as new members. Birthday recognition was given R. J. Morris, Fred Callihan Johnny Marr. Bob Logan, A. S Harrison. Walter Day. Stanley Grcsley. Ted Fisher, and Ariolpl : Heinicke. Officers Find Plenty Reason for Arrest FORT MITH. Ark.. Aug. 25. olice took a' long look at WS. J. utto's automobile and hauled him to jnil. Later, he was fined S125 for pos- essing Hi concealed weapons <2) wo sets of licenses (31 unliixed liq- or and operating a car equipped with (ai siren <bi flasher light. Now! Toni Home Permanent TWICE as EASY* TWICE as FAST Head Courier News Want Ads. Listen to Auto-Lite's SUSPENSE Every Thursday Evening WREC 8:00 JOHN MILES MILLER CO. Dislrihulor of Aulo-I.ile Spark Plugs Telephone 2043 Swift's Premium BACON ,63 Fresh Pig LIVER Lb 29 c Large, Tender FRANKS ,39 Home-killed, fresh-dressed HENS Lb 47 c Swift's Premium Brookfickl * First Quality, Baby Beef SAUSAGES 55 CHUCK ROAST ,49 H Triangles in Container Swift's Premium CHEESE .... imimricdSwiss 79° LOIN STEAK \* A MOST ECONOMICAL BUV IMI'OKTED TUNA FISH 13oz,can 49° IN THI: WIIM: MOUTH JAR MANHATTAN COFFEE 3 pound jar 1.49 Guaranteed to give vnu the mow natiirar-lcxilcinit «sie tver. New Photo Method DirKtions show horn Toni wavm tn.inr t> pcs of nair in at till]« «; 30 minutd $|00 COMPLETE SET NEW TON! SPIN CURLERS No more rubbci bands—all pfaMic — all-in-one I Gripi spins . . locks with » flicV ol Ihe finger. Makes ex cry wav« from now on twice as easy I It's Always Summer ... /n snapshots Included In thi.5 ofier— Tom Crcme RMIM lo maV< your Toru Went even lovelier I KIRBY DRUG STORES Blythevllle, Ark. You'll fee! the carefree spiril of lhat summer day every lime you look al your snapshots. See us for Iwo or Ihree rolls of Kodak Film, and hove your camera ready on every occasion. Expcrl finishing here. Kodak fteftex (/ Camera — o superb camera thai gtvej you finer piclures — black-and-while . . . color . . . ffosh — more easily. Its Kodak Ektolite Field Uns more 'San doubles the brighlrtess of the piclure image you see on (he g. .jnd-glass finder. This is especially imporlonl for indoor picture taking. Olher plus features include the new automatic film slop . . . 1/300 flash shuller . . . twin //3.5 lumenized lenses. Takes Kodak 620 Films. Negatives, 2% x 2%. With Field Cose, $ 155; Flasholder, $ 11.08. Pikes inc. Federal Tox. Guard's Jewelry Store Speas LcSvieur VSNEGAR ,;„ 43 C PEAS ™ c » 27 Thiixton's Home Packed American \Mi\y 'J'iny HONEY 5 t s T 5 PARTYPEAS N ti 39 Swiss Carder l-'aiu-y BANANA American Lady, like fresh PEPPERS 2 1; 35 CARROTS in ^ 201 can 34 Any brand small si/e (Joclchaux SOAP POWDER 3 ^ 25 SUGAR 10 , 89 Blue I'hile Pure Tony APPLE JELLY 2't 36 C DOG FOOD 2 e ™ 15 American I,aciy Turnip, Kale, Mustard GREENS 3 29? Tcmule Garden SAL. DRESSING pt.25< Pillsbury's Best FLOUR IOC 96< Red Kobe Apple, Blackberry JAM iar Cannon's Kibbcred Snacks Slightly Smoked HERRING F/ot Cans

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