The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1939
Page 2
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-PAGE'EIGHT Urg „,,„ NEWS, , 5NTARV TICKET iel Will Admit !i«oU & Companion Huffman ,'Jjto the— EITZ* THEATER , _to ste— ! SPIR1T OF CUIA'EH' \\\t IIIV wvo"'*"••» — -. .. to be prlncl|>al and coacli of Ihe high school. ^ ^ t I All Members (Vtlencl luncheon Club Patty Mrs Fred Sculley of Culoil; La- and Lincoln, ill, liouscguesl of Mr, Joined Jone ere , Duckworth, of Columbus, All hut Miss Stevens arc students at the University of Mississippi at Oxford. Slic wns graduated from there last 3 "us. M. O. Usrey. mother of the when she cn-i lonay,-uity w , . yesterday afternoon when she en luncheon given by: Miss ,;•-=•-". .,± 1 ^ ih rnrdeii!»!«,« former :Olc Miss, student wilh a bridge . part -, vlv ~ Ceremony L uuilt ,, PeVfoVmed Last NlglU ananged Miss Marie Ma\o,. daughter of flower «« 7,rf Mrs M L Mayo of Oscc- In the bildge „ — ola became the brWe'of James lowed, Mrs J A Leech was h 8 h Wallace 0 Ahlf, £n of Mr. and Mrs Urer and M.. Ruuell PW'.ps, John W. Ahlf of Rector In a | second w-i. ceremony performed here last night eicht o'clock - •- I Has Club I'arlj • ,, ( osrey nnd her-mother w Vows were exchanged before an Swcct lJC as decoiatcd .Ihc home ' l( / Oxjol . (i tomorrow i attar improvised in the yard of L r Mls Nonal Humphrey lycsto-.„„„ excrd5CS . the bride's grandparents, Mr and dny at t er ,,oon when she cnlcita|n-jB , , , Mrs. J.'S Halsell, and hor aunl, cd mcmto s of live Cro-Tat-Em Mcmbtl . - and Mr | Ub ulth a ^Hy at her home. 1 nrmu McmDCi n. The aitaiis will Hi a picnic ton ibers of the younge these visitors will 1 1 guesls of honor. ! Members' of .the houseparty wit - her-mother w u DmUlg Ulc af teinoon Ihc guests one \i. s |tor, Mis Charles 1M- Mrs T. H. ,Chapman Chapman al 1327 Holly strccl The lattice work which formed the background wns entwined with .,„ climbing red roses served by the hostess The Rev. H. B Tlllman, pastor of the psceola BapUst church, read tee service, zor, sewed, Rcteshmen.s were'Tcm,., a former member Is Gucsl of Club 'Mrs, A. T. Cloar of. Union ( CI iThu Baker and Mrs. J. 11. l.oy .K OVl 1 ivt.< i [^|^i g jj The bride, v,ho was eh en in mar- fe age,by her father, was_ a cmled., , hlf's es . • While organm o\er white satin v,'lth an embroidered lace trim was worn by the bride The bodice of embroidered la" W* designed with puffed sleeves nnd a. small pointed collar. .About the skirt hem the lace . design, .was repeated Her shoulder length veil was fastened vith a halo of white sweet peas and vallej Wles and she car, ed ivit.i. »r *-•• *"-'-• • —.. i«. n nlgll SCO r of the Club who is residing ™ ^ mporarily. In Nad.ville, attended, eames a |c ana vuucj *M.VJ — ,.H.- an arm bouciuet of amaiyllls lilies and valley lilies i Miss Marjone Claire Mayo, sis ter of the bride, sang "I Love Yoi Truly", and "The Rosary befoi tlie neddmg. parly entered oh was accompanied by Miss Bonn! Jeanne .Buchanan, violinist, v h also played during Ihe ceremony Following Ihc ceremony. Mi. an Mrs Ahlf went to Memphis whei they Joined members of Ihc wed ding party and other fncnds fro Memphis and Obceola for a dancing party,al the Hotel Peabody In honor of the couple. Mr, and Mrs Ahlf w»l icmam in Memphis foi a few dajs before going lo FayelteylUe wlieie Mij AliU will attend the Tj m \crsily of Arkansas for .the summci Una Eeplembcr first, they will go to Benton to r|sidc Mi. Aliinias no- i-'. . • * IIIA.M ' tiinrti 'ac rnnril Bita of Neivs Mostly Personals 'Tb'Wcd Ji'iiic'25" Mrs. ,W. .B. Wallace • and chll- en, Bernard und Carol Ann, , of ircveport la arrhed Wednes ly afternoon by motor to be the icsts of Mrs Wall-ice's motlici ilrs. Jessie Ridcnour and er, Miss Ann Rldcnour an to be heic foi a monlli Eugene Biackwcll came home ester-day from Hie Unlmsity ol latatna al luscaloosa to spend its summer \acallon with his par Ills, Mr. and Mrs. Cozlnij Black •ell. sis Diey Miss Caioljn Haley an insluic pr in the Manila bchools who Ins jcen attending summei bchcol al Arkansas State college it Jones >pvo, rmj> nnhcel home to spend ic'r summer vacation with her wrenls, Mi and Mrs A C Ha'ey Mrs. A 1 Cloir of Union City, Tcnn., left this morning after having been the ^sucst of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. . Gsirrigaii. and faintly for a few days. Mrs. Clear former- And Kills Four Owls .Kllllpg .(our ,owls al, one shot without meaning .to shoot any of llicm Is Uic record made by Hubert Beymorc while hunllng yesterday near Puxlco, Mo. Mr. Seymorc and J. E. Halsc!! siglitcd what they thought was a squirrel, after their clog had treed their prey, and fired one shot. Four little owls fell at his feet. WORDS TO THE WISE H. B. Carhpbeii Bui^s, Main Street Building II B. Campbell, has-, purchased . Ihc hmldine at i'2'1. West Main j slrect. from tlie Glenn estate and , has moved Ills Quality Shoo Shop to that location. This business has, iicccntly been consolidated with the business operated by Ed pbbb. 1 The one story brick building 1 liiis been, modernized, redecorated I and. rearranged for the new equip- cnl. Date of the wedding of Miss Ho- bciti Cloycs, above, and Preston Rimey hns been set for Sunday June 25, in Paragould. Veterinarian Has n., a luiinv* inv.*."~" •mursday Afternoon ,club, attend the parly of thai group, ycslcrc afternoon, when Mrs. Charles Ci ucr cnteiiaincd at her home. Iv Cloar was the houscguest of t> C W. Garrlgan. A pastel color scheme was carrlcc out in the floral decorations of ^^ _ sweet peas, roses and larkspur. I Un j vc rslty of - Alabama, al Tusca,»;i, r i nnl< Ariulcbau'm recclvcei . •• . ,,„,, -....iin'rt '\inn\p. tn sncnd Rev. Crozier Is to Open Revival Tonigh A two -weeks' evangelistic meet n lew nays, mre. v,, u<> , —,.... |, lg begins loniglit at V.30 o'cloc live here She went to Osccola I at the Full Gospel Tabmiacl •- ••. ....- j- ... ,!.„...,', MI- : ;n. nnri.vmf streets, it was ai . to spend the, day there with Mr lln[ [ MIS. joe Watson before return-. (o ,; cr home . . ; , r Mallrl( . c R cll .i, c i, \ v ho attendsjlie' emporarlly - -. ic club party •« sl 'e is now vislt- ig relatives in Luxora. Decorations weic ot hydrangeas ml otlici summer flowers. A salad late wat sen cd at. ; Ihe conclusion f Ihc games in which i Mrs. 11. A. fayloi iccehcd Hie club prize and Mrs. Elkins, Ihc guest prize. » * » Is Hostess Tn Ctul) .•.••-.• Mrs Carroll Blukcmore wns v»s to mcmbcis of the Thursd.aj Contract-club and Iwo guests, Mrs ",\ttl jjti'tf, •«•"-•• . , Mis. Louis Applcbamn the high score .prize In the blrdge which the hostess •.ci-ved.n dessert .course, was also presented a gift. *. • • Visitor . i.. With Bridge 1'aiiy Mrs. George M. Powell of Washington. - D. C., houscgucsl of her parents, Judge .and. Mrs G. B. Keck, was complimented at bridge parly given yesterday noon by Mrs. R.,A. Nelson. Mrs. Nelson entertained 12 gupsls Including. lo'osa, has arrivc'd hbnie to .spend ills summer vacation here with his Mr. and Mrs. P. ^G. parents, Rclchel. Miss •. . •:• • •:. . Miner, of Forrest City illv and Vine streets, it was ai jounced' today by the ncv. E. \\ iiozlcr, pastor. ' . "Hack to Pentecost" will be the theme of the sermons to be preached by Ihc Rev. Mr. Cimier, who declares this is tlie most proper Opened Office Here Dr. F. J. Weils, late of Auburn, Ala,, has arrived here to practice 'ctcriiiarian medicine. He and .Mrs. Wcilz, who were recently married, arc residing al 118 West Ash street. . ., A graduate of the 1939 class of Alabama Polytcchnlcal College at Auburn, Dr. Wcltz lias also had two years practice in his field having worked for a year at Buffalo, N. V., and another year was divided between Columbus, Ga., and tfontgomcry, Ala...... . He plans to establish a small animal hospital at, Ihe ec message of the hour and must be preached as the end of this age Is at hand and people musl return ,,„. .... 0 -nc Still of Ply- C., houscgucst of Mr. Miss l,<ils Miller 01 rorri'si ^K.V, ai IIUUM . «>"" |."-i'.~— is "Sndliig this week with lie, to the faith once delivered lo aunt, , Mrs. P. E. Pox,- and Mr. -'"> Fox. She was a member;of this year's graduating class of thc-For- rcst City hlBh school. ... ...,;,.. • . Mrs L H. Moore and daughters, Misses Mildred and Mary Helen, and Miss Margaret Shaver returned last night : from Baton Rouge aiul New Orleans. . where,.,. llicy spent, sis days. They were accpm- Uic VUIIM n\fU »,•••" .--... --.- - u , .- . • .- i lllQHU), r»< ^-P iiv — "-D" Wnlkei II Bakci and, Mrs. F™' m , Mr5 - c . s. Stevens, at her Sandcfur, for n party al her home ( ^^ Bo - uqucls 0[ ,-oscs, coreopsis " yesterday afternoon, ..-.., , , O ih e r slimmer (lowers were ar- '. Summer ilowcis .decorated, thei* - - . : •. .--- ~~~ looms in which biidgp was played. Refreshments were served al the prize in the games ml Mrs Mcvcr G rabev. Mrs. conclusion of the games In which powcll Wjls a i s o presented a gilt. and""instructor in the city schools ~ ' - the out of town guests -' Mis John r Lcnll received the high score prlnc. *. * 1'hjs C.udb \Yilll Double Foiir BTcmlicrs ; '.-:.. Mis Rajmond Schmuck played cards wilh members, ot the Double IMur Bridge club yesterday alteri noon when Ihcy were cntcrlamci^ at a party glyeivSby Mrs. Tlicodoro Logan *at'rtcr home. . Mrs Ed Cook was higli scorer In Ihe caic! games which wore playeil Tho hostess served a salad .course at the conclusion of Ihe games. , Eighth ami West Ash streets. ai/uuy , 01.1 • «"j "• • •*— J ••;.-. panled home by.lHiil. Moqre, wl\o du'ated Monday .night -frotr a Slate University •• a 1 Baton Rouge. He will spend two weeks here-with his parents. Dr. and Mrs. Moore, before going .to "AU invitation has been extended o tlie public lo attend Uiesc serv- ccs. Live Fish on Highway STOUQHTON, Wis. (UP) —. motorist .appeared ,at the Dune counlv higliway department, to report 'that fish were jumping up all over the pavement. Investigators cnnnfmcd his statement. Caip were being liiuilecl to fields tor lev- ', tilizer. One truck lost its tailboard . —and part of its load of live By the "use" of 'plastic materials j In the construction of,planes, Ihc smooth outer .surface of the plane would allow (he ship cruise about eight per cent faster than similar ship with a riveted surface.. Chid Hns tjiirsl the,wedding were- Miss Irene Cooper, of Paragould, John Ladellc, Mr and Mrs Winchester and.Mrs John Ahlf, all of Rector; Mi and Mrs. Maso, Miss Clementine B> wcn, Miss Pearl Cnrtvmghl, Miss Barbara Banks and Mrs Fmlev Cartu right, all of Osccola, and Bill Dickson, of Memphis. The bride, a popular member of Osccol&'s joimgcr sel, was graduated from Ihe Osccola high hcho.,1 Tuesday night Mr. AMI, who wab graduated tjrom Arkansas State Teachers, college at Conway, was connected with the "•»»"'" 1 >" Th school for two sears Tlic guests ; were entertained in rooms decoialcd timers summer u»i;i i A combination sandwich and des scit plale was served at-Uic conclusion of Ihe Barnes. * • * Members of llouscpiirly Entertained al Affairs Several aflnlrs arc being n,,- a . Jolm. P.-Lenll.was.a guest of Mrs. James B. Clark Wednesday afternoon when she entertained members of Ihe Town and Country ;lub with a party at her,home.. •; The' cnUiiJilnln'R' rooms .where bridge wns played were dccoralcc with summer flowers. , - . . nefresbmcnls were served at mo conclusion of Ihc games In whicl Mrs .1 W. Parker was high.score land 'Mrs. G. Ci. Caudill, second. . , Tallulah, La., to be connected wilh Ihe Chicago Mill and l.iim- cr company of thai city.. . Miss Charline Robinson of Jackon,.. Miss,, will. arrive,. tonight --to peiid Iwo weeks . here ..with her nothcr, Mrs. Edvyin .Robinson, and - Episcopal Church Group to Be Jacobs' Gucsls aunt, Mrs. E. M. Terry, and 'uinily. • i ; , • :-i '!,; ,-Lloyd -Wise. ,a svudent at tin University ot,Alabama at, Tusca'- ioosa. has arrived home lo-speni the summer vacation with his par. [amlly.. «»<! M''S. L. V. Wise, iN MEMOHY In Remembrance Of My Mother. Irs. -Eunice Mitchell. Who Died One Year Ago Today 'heie never was a purer heart That t'h'aI of iny deaf Mother Vhose love.and care goes on and on Far. beyond all. other.' . •Yiends are made by folks like me Or- perhaps by many .others; , But at. journey's end we'll always , find . - . -..->Only God can give us Mother. Mrs. Alia Daniels. Several aflnlrs arc being given Members of, the SI for the entertainment of members Episcopal church will cf. Miss Mary Spain Usrey's house- t,ij ncl i a t a party lo SI. Stephen's be entcr- . parlj dining their visit licrc. ltie uome O f Mr. and Mrs. lie given at \\\.\ llUllliy, IILU" > i.:»v ii\,iv,. Hie UULIlU Ul i^ii. mi\* .iTii^- »-- - Miss Chee Stevens of Senalobia, j ftc0 b s In Osccola Tuesday night at Miss Caniillc Summers of I.lush- scve n o'clock. ke™ i Eli^ibcih Pieasauls is being is athletic of MIntoi Cits, and James Under- mcm ijcrs of Uic Calvary Episcopal churcli at Osccola. The Rev. Mat-. tliew A. Curry is the priest-in- cliarge of both churches. AH members have been Invited ,'phiillp Williams will leave to niori-ow for Chicago after bavin spent a week here wilh- his par cnls. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Parker He iittends the R. C. A.,Institul in lliiii- city. ... Miss", Wanda Dailcy, of Luxora, vho was graduated ihis spring 'roin the .high school of Unit city, s spending a week with tier aunt, and uncle, the Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Ncwsom. ..• John Ben Bomar will return tonight from Tuscalposa where he has been visiting relatives for.a few days. He.left iierc lasl Wednesday - ' '" HeresONE TIRE You can buy on a definite SERVICE CONTRACIi TT means a iot to you in dollars saved to do your driving on tires that, arc backed by a written SERVICE CONTRACT. That's why it will pay you to use GATES Tires. We can put them on your car on a guaranteed service basis, Cnaw Exoctly What fou're Getting! i Our written Service Contract says that you will get from I every GATES Tire the service promised or we will make I - d—tight here at our store— with no argument or delay. for Gulfporl, Miss.,- where lie was in the wedding .of, his cousin, Mose Swain, and stopped in Tuscaloosa en route home. „.. ------ .......... it, was aiiiiiiiucert, ami all who do Miss Lillian Shaver, who is ai not, hnvL means of transportation iiistnictor in the Manila schools, i have ucen asked lo meet nl the siiemliug a lew weeks here will church nl six o'clock. jner brother, .W. W. Shaver, an __________ . ramijy. She recently completed he work In summer school al Arkansa ICECREAM "Yoii'vo..tried the rest now try the best." 5 Giant double dip cone Tts. ific, 2 for 25c Over 30 COLONIAL ICECREflMCO ti. i. J. «eih 1 1 Rcgistcrc'd VcteriiianjV" ••7)9 \V. 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Because this lal- est and grealoBl "G-3" has heon stepped up in mileage, stepped down in price. Result: you piiB'l two ways at one el SO FASY TO OWN1 This greal lire can bs y\ ura as low as A WEEK E^Y-PAY TERMS TO SUIT Danger won't wtitl GetG-3" safety, To Giye Dance Revues ,--... ^---^i^ Mrs . MBr Here And Al Osccola. Phtlliiis Robinson, Miss Virgin i Simpson and Freeman Robinson Students of the Mclaughlin SUi-1 left this morning for Fayctteville. dlo will be presented In a dance 'I.hey will lie accompanied homo revue hero Monday nlghl at the by Harmo.n Robinson, who is a stu- Rilz Theater and in Osceola Tucs- dent at the University of.Arkansas day niglil al the high school uudi- in .that city. While . away, the torlum. Miss Patty Atkins is in- Mesdamcs Robinsons will visit, Mr 'V rllclor i Mesdamcs Robinson will visit Mr Blythcville students who will ap- and Mrs. Charles Oglcsby and Mr near in Ihe revue are: Patricia and .Mrs. ITolston Robinson am Wise Wanda Jarboe. Djrothy Craw- lainlly in Fort Smith and (lie ford'Jackie McGee. Ixjiilse Doug- entire parly will stop in Ho i las Mary Frances Numi, Joan and Springs where Ihcy will lieai • Jean - Campbell, Billy and Mary Jnnies A. Farley speak at Couch Frances Gaines, Dickie Williams, wood. Joan Trleschinami, Gay Oarrigaii, 1 Miss Mary Reieliel.has, gone to Ann and Margaret Bell Wood, points of. Indiana and Wiscousi James David.Wood. Annclla Hum-, where Ehc will visit relatives dur nhrcy Jan Dickinscn, Nell Victory, i ing the summer. • Chiistino Humphrey. Miss Carolee Wood, of Luxor; has arrived to. spend-a werk wit 3,000 tb 5,000 EXTR4 Miles of Wear There are two very simple reasons why GATES Tucs c>ri be sold on this ytaranitcd scnicc basis. Here they are. h) 'GATES Tires arc made of a nc*; denser rubber, so touch that it gives thousands of extra miles ot wear. l/J The extra-quality cord carcass is made 25% stronger by » tpecisl process that soaks every cord full of pure liquid latex rubber, the strongest rubber known. Liberal Trade-In Allowance Come in and see these tougher, more durable GATBS TIRES. We'll make you a liberal tradc-m so that even i it your present tires are nearly new you can switch to, GAlfcb Tires on out money-saving luarantctd itrcicc basis, GATES /00A/'HERE'S WHAT A MILLION USERS SAY ABOUT ELECTRICl WATER HEATERS . HUBBARD TIRE & BaTTF.RUO. ;'':!«... ,„ .a ,. . 218 AY. Ash Phone 476 her uncle. Frank Whilworlli. and Mrs. Whltworth. Miss Wood wns salulatortan of the Luxora hlcli school graduating class this year. LcRoy Brown, a student at the University of Alabama at Tusca- leosa. has arrived home lo spend the summer with his parents. i.,r. and Mrs. Harry Atkins. , Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McCiurkin will return Thursday to Nashville, Tenn., where they are residing at resent. They arc visiting in Lux- ra while Mr. McCiurkin nllcnds o aftalrs In connection with the losing of the city .schools ol vhicli ho Is superintendent. It Is estimated that from '.10 lo 0 per cent of Ihe used car buyeis n this country jusl "drop in" the salesrooms. TODAY AT ARKrMQ POWER. CORP. Safe - - .Accurate Your Prescription Druggkl Fowler Drug Co. Main i First. . rboiie 141 service, value -r- BATTERY SERVICE you i fob In town here ot iiTBtTI •"". G< " >d r« r Bal WAIT I *>"«• Keeps voor entire homo 10 to IS degrees cooler on hot summer , liights. Removes all hot, stale air every 3 minutes. Costs less lo operate than a refrigerator. Sturdily built. Compare with tans priced at $40 to $60 morel SAVE at ih* Sign of the Goodyear Diamond Wilh motor ami controls S5 Down, 55 Mon, Size Koi- Size Home 30" ................ 22,5.0.0 Cu. I' i . 30,000 , )2 " ................ 42,000

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