The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 11, BLYTIIEVJLLE (ARK.); NEWS Luxora Rotary Group Installs Hew Officials Take Up Duties Thursday; Committees Named • EDSON IN WASHINGTON Complacency On Home Front elcclrlcluns for I wo vllnl construe-. solves, lion Jobs ui Pnsco, Wash., mirt| Perhaps nil this Is only natural. Knoxvllle, Tcnn., requiring no less The news from Hie fighting trouU nn olllc-lal limn Undersecretary of-Is too good. Even mllltiiiy lenders, BY PETKR EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent Paradoxical as II may seem, tlie most difficult job on live home- front today is lo make tlie war LUXOHA, Ark., July 11.—New ' seem lough enough, notary Club officers were installed I Where American propaganda for Thursday night as follows: Sloney home consumption fails, maybe a J. Smith, president; Hays Sullivan,. three-line report on an Interception of a German radio broadcast may succeed, and there Is no reason ^-.Bca.K-ut-KMi,.. — - -, why Nazi propaganda should nol be U C Lan-ston Roy W. Houck, so diverted. Summing up tlie nisi Joe Powell, and Byron O. WJlklns "«>""' of the invasion of Europe. ' ' the Nazi commentator simply said vice-president; Handle W. Nichols, secretary-treasurer, John Thwcalt, Moses Slim Sr., directors. The president appointed the following committees: Club Service, B. C, Latujston, chairman, John Thwcalt. Evercd C. Pnllon; Pel-1 lowflilp and Attendance — John Tluveatt, charinuin, Abe Liverant, Bob Glllis|)ic; Program — Chester Daiicliower, chairman, Grant Collar, Thomas F. Hudson; Rotary Information and Public Information — Hays Sullivan, chairman, Grant Collar, E. C. Pntton, Joe Gentry; Vocational Service — Joe Powell, chairman; Abe Liverant, T. P. Hudson; Community Service —B. O. WiHiins, chairman, \v. E. Head, Chester Daneliowcr, Tom Callls; Crippled Adults — T. P. Hudson, chairman, T. D. Wilkins, John White; Rural Urban—Mases Sllman, chairman, Everelte Patton, J. O. Kemlricks, Hubert Weathers; Youth Service — Cecila Wright, chairman, W. E. Head, 'lliomas Dale Wilkins, Grant Collar; International Service—Roy Houck, chairman, Hiram Kurtz, Jesse Brown, Chester Danehower. that the Allied beachhead on France today consisted of only 1 per cent of French territory. Think that one over. The con elusion is that 99 per cent of ll:e war in Europe Is still to be won. The same thing holds true In the Pacific, where U. S. forces battling on Salpan are just at the oulcr edge of Japan's Inner defenses. There Is not even the 1 )>cr cciv toehold on. Japan proper. All thi thousands of islands of the Philip pines and the Dutch East Indie have yet to be liberated, while 01 UK: Asiatic mainland the Japs holi all of Malaya; Burma and Easleri China. ' •: Why, then, Is It so Impossible lo eallzc Dial these arc long hard cans ahead? •KODUCTION 1KHVN, COMI'IiACKXVV 111' Admiral King and Generals Marhall and Arnold re|K>rt to the 1'rcsl- leat that (he war effort iiinst not ag, yet the plea falls to register. Army tells the War Production Board that deliveries of munitions n re behind schedule—aircraft production on 5 per cent last month, wavy truck production off from 19 :o 31 per ccul In May, tire procluc- lon oil IB per cent for the secom quarter. The sad fact Is that Army production, which aggregated $1,885,- nMOOO in May must be stepped up U $2,210,000,000 a month by Inte fall— lui increase of 17 per cent—bill cvei these figures make no impression. Though the nuy Is $100 » week there is difficulty in reeruitiiifc, Win Hubert p. 1'alterson to appeal or 80-day volunteers, Wai Manpower Commission con- rols which went Into effect July 1 o meet just such situations us those rlslnu nt Pnsco and Knoxvllle. arc ecepted—-bill grudgingly. The Flflh War lx>an drive KOCS Its etharglc lllment. way towards quota fill- Casualty figures me Jusl numbers —so long us they don't hit one's im- nedliile family or friends, i Appeals to cut down on.vacatloi travel go unheeded. ' ' ,*. Victory guldens nrc fewer ii number Ihan last year. Politics is becoming more Intrlgn imj than war. fKiHTlN'Ci XI'IIIIT A SI I MIS 1'ACTOK Complacency ooze's frp'tiy. ever wall, like an unarlistic hanging o dead ducks nnd llsh. The desire I go in there mill hit 'em nil th hurdi'r, now that (he enemies ha\ been forced lo stand and light, mlssiug everywhere except lu the military and naval forces Ihctn- hllc calling for continued elforl no clny, rntilule optimism the next General Arnold, back from hv pocllon of the European (heater. says German airplane, ball bearing nil i>clroleuin refining liavu Iwei •educed Iwo-thlrds, solely by aerla wmbltig. Secretary of Ilio Navy Forrest » the Jap pre-war mcrrhan fleet of from \'i to M million ton reduced from a third lo n half b submarine, (loci and piano action. Trying lo view the situation real Istlcnlly— without, ollher optimism o licsslmlsm— Secrelnry Korreslnl ad mils the ncl Impression from un review of rccenl operations Is fa lu> Impression thai (ho war Is nenr- y over, even when Ihnl Is not (he case. "And this," he comments In coining a ncnl phrase, "Is nol In- tciulcd lo bo nny pious afllrinallun of the ol)V!ous." of advance he believes our [Ing will be flying over Uatnnn and most or all of the Philippines by Armistice Day. Nov. 11. 1544, Legion Leader Foresees Recapture Of Philippines NASHVIU.K, Tenn., July 11 cUP)—The national cominiuuk-i of llu' American l.cgkm, Warren 11. Alliciton, of Stockton, Calif., sayi 1'1'niw and most of the Philippines will be In Amcrlcnn hunds In Armistice Day. iMIuirlon Is In Nashville intending n nici'llilj! of Lpfilomialros. !le sitj'f our fighting ability has Increase rather than decreased as tlie line ky.i,., Mass. (UI>)—One scene in this summer' nr Mists' col- 'iiy—n lltllo snll loft with vertical brown plunks that Juts over the- vocable nnd the cumulative i-IVort Icnutlien In Hie Pacific war of a number of lliesc reviews gives Atlierlon says at Urn present rate Jiarlx>r— Is called "Motif No, 1? b*. cause nearly every artist *vi»lUm Rockport has painted It. ' If" nod nuer. Bpmd Mowljr Sbr Ung cbafiiig. 0C, WELCOME WACs : - Make our shop, where you will always te welcome' and nnd the" bcsl in (lowers, your lieiidtjtiurtors while InUlyUiovllIe. ^FLOWERSHOP SM'.I>. Service We Deliver Anywhm ' • I'll, 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mae) Williams, owner GlencM BIdf. DON EDWARDS »0» m. .tMI'l'kt. OOHONA AND KCMINUIVIO rt)K'l i ATHCTl Convention of Hoboes Takes Over Windy City / 9i'.ICAGO, July 11 (UP) — Tlie B$Xiy > c >t-y is finding it (llfficiill to come up for air in between na- iionnl conventions. In between the Republican and Democratic political pow-wows, a convention of hoboes has taken over and has elected Charles "Wlngy" Wcnd'orf as /the king of ; soapbox oralors. Wingy. the one-armed dean o Chicago's soapbox area. Washing ton Square, was elected king afte receiving the nomination from the convention committee, which had consulted an ouija board to learn the wishes of Dr. Ben Reitman, laic king ol the hoboes. Wemlorf took the convention by storm when he presented'his one- point platform. He advocated a four-hour work-day and a two-day week. Helium, gas was not found on earth until about 2C years after its discovery 93,000,000 miles away, on the sun. SPRTJpfi You no longer nceil to use any of your precious points when yon buy all-vegetable JIumKc. _ tfrainly COOKING FAT ~3K ll'cntlirlal!" Buy Invasion Bonds Spend what you save using Shibley's Best Flour. Speaking of ECONOMY LETS LOOK At The RECORD ••;•••:., i „.<,,_.-.. .-i- i v •-. -v • •-• •-•^•\ One of pave Terry's opponents, Mr. Sims, pledges economy and a reduction in the administrative costs of the state government. The ,. people have but one way of judging whether or not they may expect the fulfillment of this pledge and that is—the past economy record of Mr. Sims. Figures Prove That The Comptroller's' Office Broke All Records In High Cost! The cost of state government has shown a tremendous increase during recent years, as indicated by the following figures: 1934-35._$I8,784,135 1942-43—40,201,087 1943-44_- 43,000,000 (estimated) During the last two periods shown abovo r Mr. Sims made up the budget estimates for the Joint Budget Committee, appeared before that Committee;, recommended, explained and "justified nil items that were allocated for the expense of state government. It wns due largely to his efforts that the desires of the so-called Economy Bloc in the last session of tiic Legislature were overridden. During the four-year period that Mr. Sims was designated as tho slate's chief financial adviser, state expenses rosa from approximately 29 million dollars in 1940 to about 43.million dollars in 1944—an overall increase in the expenses of state government of approximately 14 MILLION DOLLARS1 Here's The Record The records show thnt during the first year that fifr. Sims was tiic State Conip- • trollcr and had absolute control over the expenditures of that department, the cost of the department to the taxpayers jumped from $152,700 to $172,2CO—nn increase of 519,560. The annual increase in the cost of the Comptroller's Office is as follows: For the fiscal year ending ettn nrn June 30, 1931 5119,060 For (he fiscal year ending June 30, 1936 For the fiscal year ending June 30, 19,18 ' For the fiscal year ending' June 30, 3910 For (he fiscal year ending June 30, 1912 For the fiscal rear ending June 30, 101-1: $119,060 $119,650 $123,000 $152,700 Who Does The "Figuring" Candidate Propose to Slash in His "Super" Plan? In view of your record, Mr. Sims, will you tell the taxpayers where and how you propose to effect economics and reduce costs of slate governnient? Are you in position to do any "cutting" of expenses? Mr. Sims, yon have served in minor capacities in the State House for 22 years. During this time isn't it true you have formed connections and become obligated to such an extent that it would be extremely difficult, or probably impossible, for you to act independently in effecting any reforms or reductions in expense? Mr. Sims, which of these state employees who are out using the taxpayers' automobiles, gasoline, tires and time in search of votes for you do you intend to cut off of the state payroll? Or—do you intend to restrict your economy program to the reducing of the expenses of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General's office, tha offices of Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, State Land Commissioner, the assessors, clerks, prosecuting attorneys— or old age pensions? And finally, it seems that you should tell the people whether or not you HAVE CONSULTED YOUR SEVERAL DEPUTY GOVERNORS and otilatned Ihoir consent in this mailer of reducing expenses, '^may be that they arc not willing 1 to have t#*Ir satellites removed from tlie payrolls or their pet projects neglected. Dave Terry repeats his pledge to the taxpayers of Arkansas that when he is in the governor's office, stnlo departments and institutions will be economically operated, and that slate automobiles, gasoline and tires will he used for slate and not political purposes! Join The Swing To Vicifory — ELECT DAVE TERRY Governor Tcrry-for-Govcrnor Campaign Committee. When the People of Arkansas Elect Him to the Senate \ i. in BARTON WILL FIGHT FOR THESE PRINCIPLES: Arc YOU one of Uio IlimiMnml.s of jlrlrnmuifl men ii ml women \vlio have KO oflcn Kiiiil: "If \vu cnUy li[id incn inslciul of pdliticimiH hi Con* Kfc«H ( tliin^H would ho n tot hcUori" You lunv Inivo tlmt loiiKcd-lor oi)|> [ >i'lMiuly • • • I'jijl'X/T HAH'l'ON! in 'Government - Less Government Byreaus—Should Make Our Laws. 1 Strict Economy'in. the Operation of Government. 4. Immediate Ending of War Regulations When War Ends. Enormous Areas of land-Now Federal Owned- Should be Returned to the People with Homestead Preference to Returning Soldiers. 6. TheJRights of Government Must be Returned to the States. 7.- The Winning of the War and the Return of Our Boys and Girls at the Earliest Possible Moment. 8, Barton Will Champion Relief for Small Businesses and SaSaried Workers. * * * * * *. _.. The Thronging Thousands at Barton Rallies Indicate an Overwhelming Majority for . v >T « 'Barton-for-S&natof Campaign

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