The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1936
Page 4
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MCE F*OtJ BlA'THliVlLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE B1ATJIUV1LU3 COURIKH NEWS THE COURIER NKWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. n, 13ABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Malinger Sole National Advertising Ileprefenlalivcs: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chlcano, Detroit, SI. Louis, Dallas, Kansas CKy, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except, Sunday Entered as sccnnd clnss mailer ot, Ihe posl office at Ulytlicvitle, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1917. Scri-ed by liie United 1'ress SUIiSCnil'TION RATES , By carrier in !hc City of Dlylliovlllc, 15c per week, or $0.50 per year, in advance, By mail, within n radius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for sis months, 75c for three months; by,;.mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; In rones seven and eight, $10.00 per year,''payable In advance. The Tenant Problem Anybody wlio iliitiliK Unit a final and complete solution rif all the problems involved in lite farm tenancy situation ran conn: out of Uic conl'er- cncc sponsored l>y Governor Kntvcll ia a hopeless opliinisl. But those who declare that the acknowledged evils of the tenant, system are atnon); Ihosu things ahout which iiolliiHjf can be done iiuihc themselves ciiually ridiculous. T!ie shaiTtToppoi- situation is a problem in human naliire and in education as well as in economies. A good many members of the tenant cjtiss, we' suspect, arc uoiigcnilii/jy linfil for any higher place in the social and economic scale. A good many more require only training and opportunity to become successful independent fanners, while some few, as in every class of society, have the basic ()iialiliciitioiis for high achievement. A practical solution of the problem, therefore, must begin by providing adequate opportunity for cduwiUon, including training in farm mnmige- mcnL H must include a chance lo acquire land on easy terms for those who show themselves competent. And it must not leave out of consideration - lliosc who are belter lilted to be tenants Hut!! aiiything else. They should be assured fair,.' treatment,, which they icceive from, a ma.jbrily of landlords, but it would he a mistake to attempt to sot themselves up lo forcdeslincd failure as independent operators. Slot Machines Up at Joliel, 111., Sam Ctisamano is in jail because he smashed a slot machine after his savings of $KiO, earned by pick and shovel labor, had been stolen by lu's 18-yoar-old son and put in slot,""machines. Our sympathies are with Sam and \ve trust that the jury which hears bis case will deal leniently with him. Ceilainly there has been enough of tragedy for the Cusrtiiiano family in the incident. Possibly the affair may have the beneficial clfect of arousing public sentiment in Joliet to demand enforcement against slot machines of the gambling statutes. Such mechanical contraptions for snaring the nickels, dimes and quarters of the ignorant and gullible have no place in any self- OUT OUR WAY rcspeding community. It is said that most of us have an instinctive love of galnbling. That is probably true. Hut there is no justification for permitting the commercial exploitation of that instinct through an inherently dishonest device that takes for ils victims chielly the young and inexperienced. Millions For l^tlronagu Michigan's antiquated spoils system costs ils taxpayers a million dollars or more a year! That is (be conservative csliiiuile of (he stale's civil service study commission. Among the evils of expensive patronage, the (-•otnmi.sKiou listed excessive labor turnover, inexperienced, in- Vompclent, and untrained help, political activity of employes, unfair salaries and overstuffed payrolls. What to do about it? Inaugurate civil service, the commission urges. Hut first launch an impartial mid exhaustive survey of the patronage system to get tho fads and figures before the voters. This course is open to every state, one that should prove eminently "worth while. Aflcr Forty Yours William Allen White ha;; looked back to Hit! canipalyn of JUSHi, when lie invoke lit find himself famous as imllior of "Wind's the Mailer With Kansas?" and confesses that the things he siid about Brymi "make me blush to a crisp when i , TI1( | t | u , m tu(lily ... A lot of things were llipn said aljout Bryan by a lot of people. A lot of things were said about the Democralli: party, some of wliich the Springfield Hcjiliblican, inspired by White's I'cccnvl, lias fished out of the files. The platform's criticism of the supreme court.'* decision Invalidating I he Income lax la\v was construed lo mean (hut, if nrymi' were elected, he would "pack the supreme court" to conslitu- lloimlluc (he Income tnx law. Subscipieutly, ns we all know, we validated MII; income tux by constitutional amendment, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Hie luln New York World that "a way will be found." For 2:1 years the Income lax hns been "laid and collected';' nnd Ihc dire consequences thai were lo follow have not yet materialised. . ^Presidential campaigns due pretty ivcular'ly emotional sprees. Almost always we ore nt the crcssixKuls-headed either for destruction 01 ral- vallou. But we manage to sail aloni:, and (lie elilp of state has not yet been piled up on cither Scylla or Ctmrylidls. And tiic Jeremiads iind hallelujahs of IS1TO will doubtless seem as silly '10 years from now, ventures'our Massachusetts contemporary, as the forebodings of 18% now seem to the Sage of Kmporia. -St. Louis I'ost-Dispalch. Most drivers arc in loo much of a hurry. And after Ihey pass the car abend Ihey don't seem lo be going anywhere, nnyhow. -Charles U. Kisthardt. Wicklifl'e, O., selected as slate's safest driver. * + t Actors make loo much money for their nun good...I fcncjw several actors who art; being made nervous wrecks by the money Ihey make. —Waller lluslon, film actor. * * * I don't ihink we've ever lived in u lime when the itilhmicc ol a |;ond neighbor mis more needed throughout the world. —Mrs. Franklin U. Roosevelt. >v Williams THIRTY~VEAR5 TOO SOOM' SIDE GLANCES By George Clark TUESDAY, AUGUST 18 Kick an ^ "Shouldn't SJK do more of (he housework thai I'm liriiiKihjr in twice as much alimony;" !, mama.' THIS CURIOUS WORLD ?JT« Iliam Ferguson CAERJV GOMBS ON THEIR CLAWS, TO ASSIST THEM IN PREENINlCr Tl-l EIR. P LU ft \ A i EL. WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO TAKE A . /SA7"A/, IN THE . WHITE ROUSE:. <.,,-•. /V\AY HAVE AMVWHEREl FROM jinui.v 111:111: TOII.IY .linl.l.V .1111,1-111111, rh'ti mid imytilnr, linn rrrk'lvi'd iJri»|in>i:i[>< til JimrrliiKf fnim ihrrf Millur*. I,III lllli:.\T SI'I AMI-, tvtium »!,,. IIMI'S, JiiiK nut ahkril lirr lo innrry Ijhn. llcirrcl «Illl lliirlli's, Molly iisliv riri'in lo laKe lu-i- i,, "The it t -,l J ',"i;i')V' n iiimiiiiiiiiiiii> niKhi flu!,, lit- n>/iiNi>K, 3lollt-, iiinio>rd, K.II-S iillli WICK UOSS, lliiolliir mhnlrrr. Tin- JfKlilK KH ""I MlJilfllly mill ivln-ii llir,- CIIIIK. un iiKiiln .Hulls' llnils lirrurK iliuifliiK- nllli » liruiil.Hiinli. xlrnnt'cr. lit- Is, In . rcnlll)-, Xin.SIIX l'Y:il<JL'MI.\, . lunik roliljrr, mill In- Is ,JH.' at n Briiun |ihiinilii K lo siilrll .tlfilly nujij- mill hdlil IIIT Tor niiixuiii. ,\ fi'iv iljiy.s J,il>.r l.VrKusiiri IrlrlifLIJliCN inn] [inks hrr In h:ivi> Illiuirr llllli Mm. .l|,,n,' »Kri'f«. •\ViillliiK fur Mm nl n ,!, mil |,,nii . Kliin'. fthr I'lii-ininliTs a K lrl ^Ini [ iiliin-fir.s In En. lirr <-YIII.| ilnnlili.. lni|HllNl\'t'ly .llnllj- |.\<.|i!iii|:e.H IIIT IninrlDiiN I'n^lnnlo fur tlitj uUu-r • KlrlS Klllllihy „,,,-. now no o.v WITH TUI; STOHV CIIAPTXR V WHEN they. «-crc .scaled in (lie low, powerfully built roadster Kelson WhiKakcr ' turned nnd slarcrt nl Molly. His expression was puzzled, displeased. "What," he began, "have you done lo yourself? It's a masquerade, isn't it? Some Itiud of joke nn me?" Molly didn't like Ihc tone of his voice. II was irritated, tinged with resentment. "Don't you like mo as well in these clothes?" she asked. "Suits me, if it does you," Nelson Whitlakcr spoke abruplly, "but Ihe idea back of it puzzles me." Molly was silent for a inoinenl. The words had sounded crude. She felt a sense of disappointment, too, liccjuise he was not quite as handsome by daylight as he had been in the softened glow of "The Heel Poppy." i t t "jyi'OLLY was troubled. The thought of Brent brought a lump in her lliroal. How wise ho was. What foolish, romantic notion had bronchi her out tonight with a man -who was a complete stranger to her? On her way wifli him lo some unknown place called "Frcnchy's"? "Is it far fo Frenchy's?" she nskcd suddenly. He turned and she felt his eyes searching her face. "Not very," he said. "Why?" aiolly hesitated. "I was thinking if it is, pel-Imps it would be best not to go there toniijlil, because I must be back by 1(1." "Double-dating? Wel'l, if you keep him waiting, that's his hard luck." No, Molly decided, I don't like him at all. I wish I were at home. Hp . was putting on some sort of "The Red. Poppy." "Comfortable?" Nelson Whittaker inquired. '"i'cs, perfectly," Molly answered. "This is a grand car. It's new. isn't it?" "Well, almost. I bought it to- JXI day from a. fellow because it's some traveler." "Going away?" Molly asked. "I'm thinking ol it." Odd. Everybody seemed lo be going away. Molly was wishing now dial she.had gone to Lake Placid, as Donna had suggested. Then she wouldn't be moving away from familiar surroundings in a car lliat could travel. Kelson Whittaker must make a marvelous salary to be able lo go out and buy a ear like (his so casually * * * [OLLY breathed quickly, (hen spoke impulsively: "I'm afraid il was only an impulse, asking me out lo dinner, and already you're regretting it. Or perhaps I hurl your pride accepting your invitation and coming dressed like this Somehow I have the feeling yoii are not pleased. There's some- filing wrong. Lei's lurn back." 'Not a chance!" His voice rang vibrantly. "I'm sorry it I've been rude. To tell the truth, there's a deal I'm trying lo put over. A big deal, and my nerves are jumpy. Maybe you've never gain- bled. If I lose—" "My father says yon can't trust anybody who's too anxious lo sell you stock Ibeso days," Molly said. Nelson Whitlakcr nodded. "Jusl let me catch any of my friends selling mo the wrong kind of stock! Well, here we are at Frcnchy's." He assisted Molly from the car, and she entered Ihe building with feeling of relief. "Frenchy's" was really not far. Perhaps 10 miles or so from the citv. "Firm's 'Frcr.chy' himself," her nnp",ion said. lie raised his hand in salnle. "Hello, 'French'!" The wrinkled, dark-haired old man who had advanced lo meet Ihcm stared a moment, perplexed. "Back from the dead!" he whispered, Nelson Whitlaker. laughed. "More alive ihan ever, 'French.' Ghosts don't drive 12 miles for [ood food and wine." i t 1> 'THE table at which Molly and Whillakcr were scaled was directly in front of 1hc orchestra sland. Molly stared at the young musicians frankly. Already a )lan was forming in her mind. One ot the youths had a sensitive, attractive face, lie would be the me to aid her, if a way opened for her lo communicate with him. "Ask them lo play something Trom Leoncavallo's 'I Pagliacci,' Molly said quickly, and was rewarded by . seeing, the "blank amazement ih"h6'is escort's eyes, lie didn't know grand opera. Molly saw, and would be loathe lo re- vcnl his ignorance. "May I send them a little note with a request number?" she asked, I in i 1 i n g flalteringly, straight into bis eyes "I've cided on something more rou tic. From 'Butterfly.'"Certainly. Here, waller , en ami paper." The waiter was suddenly j mated. He placed a stubby i cil and pad of paper before M. When the note went up M saw Hie young man with the i silive face smile. She had quested Butterfly's aria, "s Bay He'll Come," and as she lened to the lender music thought of Brent. "Frenchy's" guests were reg ing the extraordinary young' who appeared to care nvoie music than wine with monien interest. Molly's companion mood mellowed by his first di whispered indulgently: "-j women, with your music!" ; Molly's long lashes swept cheelts and were raised sudd U> reveal deliberate admira "For yon men!" she said. She sipped the wine eaulioi A long lime ago—a very ' lime ago when she was safe protected—she had heard ': (iomclimcs knockoul drops v administered in wine in dan mis dives. So sho raised Ihc/ lo her lips but barely taslirf conlenls. Some impassioned Wagner sic flowed about them now. dark-haired young musicians playing wilh fine feeling. 1 \:ho could play like that t' surely bo trusted. Maybe didn't know this was a wi. sorl of place. Or maybe it w;' wicked. You couldn't jiulg : place always by Ihe people '' fame to it. Molly knew now! had definitely decided We- Whiltakor was not lo bo Iru:' The elderly Frenchman , making his way toward their' ble. "For you," lie said (o V, taker. "A man out front— 1.. he called himself—wonts lo you." Molly wailed only a moi aflcr her companion hnd left, wrote an address on a sli| paper. On the oilier sheet wrote: "Am at Frcnchy's. Tw miles from the bridge. F. wilh a green fronl. Please cf Molly." Talcing Ihe bill froml purse—she noted it was $2()J folded it within the paper. 'I] quickly crossing lo the orchq stand, she placed Ihc paper) the' hand of the young music She saw him read one mesi and place the other in his poc After a moment he looked lov Molly and nodded, a smile li ing his dark eyes. "He thinks I've repented '< bad bargain and am sending my best beau," Molly thoi adding audaciously to her. 'Well, I am!" ' " (To Be Continued) CHURCH EXCUSES SEETH .M TO FORTY THOUSAND. Snails do not hove teeth in their jaws, but on their tongues, ami the:,' secure their food by n rasping process, which wears away the object lliat Is bcilis; devoured, in much llic same fashion thai a file wears down a surface. When (heir Iccih wear out, new ones replace them NKXT: How ninny Tlihlrs arc soli! daily? Clol in Blood Vessel Supplying- Ecu it Datx ircrous To Ekim-ly Persons HV DR. MOR1US Kdilnr. .tonrnal of tin- Amcrirail iWcilirnl As;;oriitlinh. ;uui of HVRCi.i. Hie Ilrallh M.n-azlnc Mori: and more we read in newspapers of the deaths of famous men. leaders in industry' and ethers, from coronmy throm- bcsts. Tins means tb.u one of the small blood v<v;:rls which Mipnllrrt Ihc heart with bload suddenly became uleckrd, ,iu c j o n c!ot nf Mend which formed within the vessel. Little war. heard ot this condition until just before the World War. Since inn, however, much lias been written about ii. it occurs most commonly in t'foplc b:- 1'ivccn 50 and 70 year., of age, Cases have t:ccn irpnurd very rarely in persons untlcr 30 years of as;c. First sign of this rrmmlicu usually is n severe pain i n the heart, or just over I'.n iicait which eccasioiially rtulin'r to (he back or dowitumc abdcmen. In the m this pain may W. fn thai the afflicted person becomes iiray in appearance an:l has an attack of cold sweat. Sometimes the pain Is : .o severe that the person attacked is unable to remain quiet. i n s ueh* cases larfic. doses cf morphine usually are injected. A doctor should IJP c-,i|]ert immediately upon oreiiiToiu-t- nt such symptoms because ot their importance as a warning! Mgnal of danger lo life itself. Sometimes, in association with an attack of this son. (] W „.,_ lient becomes acutely sirk and vomits. He may tw s j, ort of breath, his pulse will MW down and his blood pressure will '-ill' This iv pr of heart attack niusi te diMinjriishsd from the USIM 1 attack of angina prclorls. in cor- cnary thrombosis the pain , v m persist even when the person is put at tesl. and it is not usually nssccirln.1 with any sudden pre- viour, i ?:!•[{ ion. Tin pain of an attack of anqiiM pcctoils usually appears nllvr seme ex-moil, or AOinqtliing that throw.; exlra strain ' en (ho ihrougi i o tn« cases If lite prraiu with coronary thrombosis is put | o bsd immediately and is Riven proper car'- he frcciiicutly survives the attack and may even recover completely. Cases arc known in which th damasc to (he heart tissue i gradually overcome l>y the pro::- of icpair which lake place In living tissue. After a suitabl scar has formed, the paticut io able lo get up and go baci: to work. Alter a n:\v days in bed. Ill pain will become less Intense, tin blow', psessuie will begin to rio again. IU shortness of bre.c! will' b? iclievcd. Then, after 3 month or two in bed. depcnchn; on severity of Ihc attack, tlu pa ticnl is considered recovered. There are Instances, howevc. In which the symptoms porsis nnd In which fcvere pain coir.e: on with any effort. There 10 mains also (he possibility of nn oilier attack at some later dale although large numbers ol pn, tieut.'i recover and have no other return of this condition. Europe. Admires Cioiindlio; QUEBEC, Qtie. (UP) --Tin Brotmclhog, considered a nulsanc on the North American continent is coveted as a rare specimen o animal life by Kuropean Mrs. S!\ pairs of the rodents, born this spring at the Charlesboueh Z, near here. Imve been shipped lo Brussels at the request of zoo of ficlals. Courier News Classified Ads Pjy Jim. Uiat's-my-huntand. says in lot of ways he believes that 11 the premises made in the >ar,t few months, i{ carried out. voiiltl put. us all in an awful fix 1 , but oni Uiing alxnl it, here were so many that no r,c can rciLucjnbcr what (hey 'ere. or just who niiulo them D that make;; il easy lor the n-omlser if he is called upon la lake i;co<l. about all he has to -ay is: "The other follow made hat 0110. go sec him." That ust about- sclllcs it. Jim, Ibiu's- my-husbaud. says another thins bout a premise is that there is he private promise and Ihc pub- une. That after a publi; nilsc Is a day cr so olrl. ;t trvclopB into a rumor which is :iand'i:i by a M'r. ti;-y «vv. ir Madam miner, and Ihc brat, )f artists can only I;IT;I them ilive fur a r.hort time. Our sys- eui or way of life givc.i us a fnir crop every two years and a Lriinp?r cro]i about every four years and we seem to like il. Cigar Boxes Converted Into Miniature Houses COHOKS, N. Y. (UP)—i3llildi:\^ houses from cigar boxes is the hobby of Edward Dauahcr, a Cohoes bus driver. He lias completed five sliucUires and is working uh a sixth. Dauaher also furnishes the miniature houses with furniture maclc from orange crates'. His tools are a hammer, plane, screwdriver and a small saw. Ifc plans to ilhnniualc his sixlh house with electric lights place it in the yard of his home. Model Is Lent to Ship I Show by Roosel TORONTO, Out. (UD-O'll the most highly peizcd ilnnt President, Roosevelt's valuable rinc collection, an aiillicntica! model of the II. M. S. Bo)| famed British "mutiny- will be exhibited at'tbc Caurl National Exhibition hobby this year. The model, complete as io lines, rigeinu and furnishing.! based upon the actual pliuif Ihu H.MS. Bounty, which slill kept in the archives of| British Admiralty. The Roosevelt collection of models is recognized by colle.l as one or the most valuable mil continent. The H. M. S. Bo| model is insured for $10,000. A whistling shellfish is native of the Indian ocean. Canada- Kxtcmls Trade Tail OTTAWA. Out. (UP) — 'I Canadian-New Zealand Irf treaty has been extender! another year, expiring on 30. 1037, it is announced lirnl .BOARDING HOUSE TAW/ THE BUCKIWG BROMCOS 1K1 THIS COW CAMP ARE A<3 (5EWTLE AS A GOAT, COrARXREI TO THE MUSTAWGS IW TUE TAR MORTH COUNTRY.' E6AO, 1 -RECALL fxVJ OUTLAW EWE-NECKED SORREL. G\U_K> ,< THE "PAT / n H COULD ILiRKi ^ M COMPLETE FOOTSPR!Na—- J '' "DOUBLE TURViS ^~x 2 \ Will) 3\Iajor 1-loojl - ••• ' ME GOT CRACK IN HVS CROCK THE T11AE A THE CWUV( ^EBRA BUCKED HIM OEP A .^ MERRY( V WHILE • HE'S MERE, WILL BE Tl- HOUSE •ROCVAER-S AETEU A 5-HOUR BATTLE, T A KlTTEM t

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