The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAY 15, l!M7 Dapper Bandits Make Ridf Haul Wife of New Yoiker Reports Ther> from Her swonk Apartment NEW YOliK, May 15. (Up) — I'otii',. soiiaht three <ln:i...c • liandils today who tou^.si9,:*50 i : ; c.i;|j ti:nl icu'ohy item i\ uniuti iniiciat.s's 2;>ih Hour abutment uvci-lcokin^ t'iftijj Park and ilccl i:\ the cli'~ Mr.-;, jproiiip Kaplan. ,vif. of (he presidi'iil or local Uc'tail Dry-oid; Union. sn i(i tlic bandits form! their way in(u her Hssox Home apartment when site opened the dcov, expei'ting her brother and sisltT- •1'hry looted it and fled while she dialled nervously in the kitchen with t'.vo relatives «}>o iimvcil tltir- ii)M I he holdup bin were unaware what was gains on until the gunmen were gone. Mis Kaplan said the bandits were masked, wore clark- ( ; were well-armed and extremely w.'U-lailnled. I'oliee questioned iipai'tment house employes, secklnt; Julienne w-ho niisht have seen the men leave the building al'ter removing tht'ir masks. -Mrs. K.-ijilan, «-ho last year was forced by n,p Qp A (( , rc t ull ; 5:^240 I" actor lialph Mcllarny on an :i]>ai-tincnt he rented from her at W:>n a month, said the Ijaiulits rani' her bell at 8:30 pm. I'lisiiiny their way into the t\vo- ronin aparlment. they forced Mrs. Kaplan, Her daughter. Gloria, 20. «»<1 the girl's nuance, vclvln Orossniaii, son of a Lakcwood. N. J.. hotel owner, to lie across a bed. she said. They were bound with nceklics and portiere ropes. Mrs. Kaplan .said the gunmen ti'ok $35(i from her, a $7,OHU I'l'^Aement ring irom her dnugh- lers yingcr and Sl'-'.OOO worth of jcwi..'^ from a dresses drawer. Mies Kaplan also lost a bracelet. Grossman said the bandits did not atlempt to take his ring, waleli or 'l^'SS.sp cash he had in his pocket. Aging Spanish American War Veterans Battle With Canes r.l.YTJlKVU.l.K, AttKANSAS, Tl'KSDAV, MAY 13. |!H7 WASHINGTON', -May 15. (UP) - T.vo acini; SpanUh War veterans were iiursfnj; s ore heads today after ;i duel with their canes over u lady fair. One of them wn.s being held for a jury (rial on an assatilt charge. It nil happened because one of tile oldsters was an unwanted cha;>- erone when the other veteran and Ills friend were taking a street cir ride and walk. John L. Cook, 67, tall aiul spare, an-'eai'ecl :is the ayrieved pany. He con;]i!ained in court that iie hac 1 . taken Mrs. I^eona Hull, a^e not given, on a street car Hila near the .soldiers' home where both he and his antagonist live. Cook said he had not pnid any attention to Emilio Count Cape^.o, f», shorter nn ( i huskiei than himself, on the slim c ;:r. But he said he began to (jet annoyed wlic-n Cajjeto followed them down ih<« slivi't. lioth soldiers walked wit)) canes. l-'jjially Cook luntPrt and asked the uninvited fhaperonc svliut lie was doim; there. Capu'to. lie said, (hereupon advanced and rapped his cane shiuo- iy across Cook's heiul. Cook whipped up his own car.e and ihe two went to fi'iicing Jiisi- ly, wiili Mrs. Huff lookhij; on umil police J'vt. Oil) Suuthromb arriv,-.!. Thc'n according to Bouthcooib, Capeio dropped his cane and landed a stilt' ri'lht In Cook's left ey.-. That ended the fight. Cuiielo. who is. being held In $520 bond for trial on an assault churuf. suici nothing. His attorney Thomas David, had only this to say: "The palice shouldn't have intervened. Ii W a s an atfnir of honor." THREE CHOECE COFFEES FOR V6UR QRIRIKinC PURSURE You don't serve Ihe same meat or ue£eU?)le3 al every meal. For variety, seive 3 dilfeient brand of collet occasionally. 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FRESH DAIRY FOODS l''.ii 25" u' l.iiimdry .'I Ic l>!<!;. mi\\ ,s t . ass s-i- The Duin.y Co.Uuur l-'nl SUPEK Chcvol— 2-11) l,oj|f— 31 CHEESES ».73< Volvoctu— — U-H) [ oaf ^— CHEESE n()W 83 c HHMKfl W<lti ,- lflWnlnUl.7!) s ' L'diinfry (,'lttl)—\V:is 17.; fiiiiK now -as Nn.'UKi «*, in,: c;ill ,„,„- 10 .- I'ork & w;ls K "- ;lon 14 1 ' l- K j. lr ,, ow 14 SJlOKHD-Was -17c • No - '^ ,,,„ I'HONTO— WHS 2:ic Krcr Knlihil PVDIin was n; ox. 1QC SYRUP 2:io «1. mnv S3 I'rom, Tr«t>l, Knifjer f-pcciiil Illuiid R ITTCD BUTTER Kr (tf( or now CITc 65 V 3.29' CHEESE 7T r MILK ~ CANNED JUICES '34° V-RCockluH *" JUICE uulut * 25° *v m JUICE 2 No - 2 lAc UUIUt m.«ft cuiis iilO Wehstcr Tornul.>_Wii« We COCKTAIL VWVH I HIL now can 'n 'lV>mulo_Wiw 30c ' l(! - 0/ - C 'l-'tc <'iin iwiw SPAGHETTI 21- 15 „„„, Ar ......... , ..... ,. , ..... cl iiK now JUICE Omnlrv Club Toni• ••• ^K. ^^ JUICE Hoi Dated Sl'OTUfJIJT COFFEE BUTTER ,,-jj. 25 C Coiinlv.v Cluli'Slra\»-l)cn-—was r>!lc JELLIES "c;|"' s . ...... - 18'' Krcncli . i.c i ~ » Ilouso ciL'pi- CCLA • 1>IU!1 '^ I So! Id's 4Qc rill.-: llei, &9 27 C 25 C 53 APPLE JUICE t; 25 Kmiror 43 JUICE Krnirp.r- —Blended »»» si».w JQIQE 23° 30 CANNED FRUITS *f.. 45 _ Country Club Grapefruit— was 18c 37 SEGMENTS ":,*„ 17' Sfarr Popular Brands C ur A r^fTTrt luARtllS: Were $2JO Now, Ctit. Prince Albert Smoking Tobacco WHS $7.25 $A £f\ Naw I , I / I'Uy, Coiinlry Club Sod;i CRACKERS KIISO Fisli 27'' FILLFK v - ;ls * I I Bkhlt. 3 \t •.',]],• "'its No :Utt r .) C iar now Sliii'r Prcptircd—Was 19c 23 PRUNES No ;: !1U> SS '739' Choice 29' IS Ocvi^j.'ood (•,„„(.,, ,.., V01 . „ iV . ( . SU 'C53 C WKITIRG — Was ><l Kmrr 2 '"»•(;«.• OC^ luavcs £9 Africa's Grcniesl CAMERA VAIUE A finer Hi-c.-icl—now FOTO"FLEJC Wh 'l«-'i'. 'I'wislc'd for TV/IN LENS REFLEX finor lexdiri-. Slavs CAMERA f«sh lo,, K cr. - — 15' APPLE SAUCE 19' APPLE SAUCE "» 16' Canning Supplies Fruit 8' S 48' JARS Jar 1>r ' vp r«ssii>i« RUBBERS Jar "Mi'jItJ^e pi 001" £rour>) rxotT pitfvic thai you v,UI Etonomttal — a — o*t - eai"b roll of 0-7? ,T;ir . m mm m ^mim • K. m mf Immt I t"l I O !n spito of highest vilh purchase of 2 rolls Nvw l^rcsh 'i'cxas *"m^^ 'iORIS^IS 6 im CERTO «i c doz. U P kg. 2o c „„, If «..1lv«.d 10 y- today's p r i c c on KR ° GER BREAD . 1 C SURE JELL remains the same! POTATOES 10 lbs 49° PARO WAX

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