The Naples Daily News from Naples, Florida on February 25, 1977 · Page 2
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The Naples Daily News from Naples, Florida · Page 2

Naples, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1977
Page 2
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2A NAPLES DAILY NEWS Fri., Fab. 25, 1977 Story Irks Wallace's Brother M O N T G O M E R Y , Ala. (UP!) - The brother of Gov. "Gwirfje C, Wallace Thursday demanded reiraciion of a 'Indies' Home Journal story about his sister-in-law, Cor- neliii Wallace, which he claims libeled him. Clcrald Wallace hinted: he may sue the magazine il his r«|ucsl is denied. The J o u r n a l quoted Mrs. Wallace as saying, "Gerald spa-ad rumors thai 1 have slept with ever) 1 stale trooper around, All that's been w r i t t e n and rumored has done a Im «f damage to my reputation, and it has caused dis- spnsion between George and me." Senators Reaf/y Far Right W A S H I N G T O N ( D P I ) Only two s e n a t o r s , Jesse H e l m s ot Norlh C a r o l i n a STROM THURMOND . . . 100%. and Strom T h u r m o n d of South Carolina, had 100 per cent conservative records last year, according to the A m e r i c a n Conservative Union. Helms a n d T h u r m o n d , both R e p u b l i c a n s , were joined by 14 House members w i t h p e r f e c t scores, the ACU said Thursday. To be considered conservative, the ACU said a law- m a k e r must vote "correctly" on at least 70 per cent of the relevant bills. By t h a t y a r d s t i c k , only 133 House m e m b e r s and 25 senators measured up. Burnett Joins 'Medical Alert' HOLLYWOOD ( U P J ) - Entertainer Carol Burnett, who is allergic to some medicines, Thursday become the millionth member of Medic Alert, a nonprofit foundation (hat issues bracelets alerting doctors to special conditions should a person lose consciousness. Diamond To Present Oscar HOLLYWOOD ( U P I ) - Neil Diamond will present the Oscar for best song at the a n n u a l Academy Awards ceremonies March 28, the movie academy announced Thursday, Jack Ford Set for 'Stones' NEW Y O R K ( U P I ) Rolling Stone magazine has tapped Ihe 24-year-old son of f o r m e r P r e s i d e n t Gerald Ford as assistant to publisher Joe Armstrong. · The magazine said Jack Ford w i l l join R o l l i n g Stone's New York marketing and advertising staff on M a r c h ·!, and that he ultimately will hold a "senior position" on the publication's new outdoors magazine, Outside, slated for debut in the fall. Ford's employment was negotiated by the William M o r r i s Agency, w h i c h represents the entire Ford family. '.all JACK FORD . . . P R job. Race Driver Sues Speedway LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Race driver Parnelli Jones ami partner Velko Mlletlch filed a $21 million'libel, slander and breach of contract suit Thursday againsl Ontario Motor Speedway and the Los Angeles Herald- Examiner. The suit charged (lie speedway broke an agreement to keep secret talks regarding equipment r e n t a l lo the raceway, and that a reporter for the newspaper wrote a story -- quoting a raceway official -- falsely implying the [wo men had stolen speedway equipment. Haley 'Embarrassed' Over Novel W A S H I N G T O N ( A P ) A l e x H a l e y says he's uncomfortable with all the at- 7 ALEX HALEY . . . uncomfortable. tenlion he has received for writing "Roots," the family chronicle t h a t became a p h e n o m e n a l l y popular television slioiv. "I feel a l m o s t embarrassed svhen someone comes up and says you did it," he said. "I was simply rhe channel, the conduit." Haley said other blacks have traced their ancestry back to Africa, but that his book goes f u r t h e r back, is more carefully documented "and it was done by someone who happened to be a writer." Haley c h a t t e d w i t h Smithsonian Institution officials and a few others at a luncheon following his lecture before an overflow audience there Wednesday night, Carter Pleads Inexperience W A S H I N G T O N CAP) - President Carter pleaded inexperience when a teletype message he sent to Paris came out garbled on the other end. During his visit to the State Department on Thursday, Cuter sal down ai a Slate Department teletype machine and punched out his message to an employe in Paris. GOP From Page One HE CITED statistics Dial Ihe U.S. Im 6 per cem ol ihe world population, Imt uses one third of [he energy supply. \vasliiiR .iboul half of lhat As.i former FBI special agent, Devine's input has been seen as valuable for the select commission to investigaie assassinations, threatened w i t h being abandoned. IX'Vine said (hflt continuing (he commission would "serve no uselul purpose" because "il won'l change" (indings on who assassins were, BOTH DEVINE and Arends praised former President Cit-rakl Ford's efforts at healing the nation's wounds in liie wake of resignations by former vicc-presidenl Spiro Apiew and former president Richard Nixon. · "This country has suffered a severe i r a u m a . We have come ihrough a I r a g i c , d i s c o u r a g i n g and t r a u m a t i c experience w i l h o u i r e v o l u t i o n , w i t h o u t u n r e s t a n d without bloodshed. We owe a permancnl debi of gratitude lo the man who helped keep Ihis country together," Prvinc said McCain Denies Improprieties WEST PALM BEACH, Fla, (AP) _ Former Florida Justice David McCain denies com- milting the alleged improprieties cited by the Florida Bar as reasons for him to lose his iicerisc to practice law. McCain made the denial Thursday as his two-week disbarment hearing came lo a close, Referee Jack Wayman. a Jacksonville attorney, will consider the evidence and testimony given during the last nine days and will make his recom- muncJation to the Florida Supreme Court. McCain denied charges made by former campaign aide David II- Smith. Smith, a former lawmaker from Fort Lauderdale, testified Monday that McCain had received a "substantial" cash contribution in 1968 from Hollywood attorneys Joseph Varan andSleadman Slahl Jr. Under questioning by bis defense lawyer, Robert Beckham of Jacksonville, McCain said he had never met with Varon and Stahl while Smith was present. "Did you ever receive from them a large envelope containing cash?" asked Beckham. "No, sir," was McCain's reply. The bar charged him last year with six counts of corruption, influencing lower court cases, election law violations, favoritism and other misconduct counts. Before the bar reslcd its case, chief bar counsel Bernard Dcmpsey Jr., of Orlando called assistant bar counsel Wilson J. Foster Jr. Foster testified t h a t Robert Montgomery, the attorney [or West Palm Beach lawyer Joseph D. Parish Jr., had told him last January that he agreed with Ihe bar's position that McCain bad shown favoritism to Parish. parish was the principal figure in Ihe Bar's charges that McCain showed favoritism while he was a jurisl. "I cannot state t h a t Mr. Montgomery said to roe in specific words that Mr. parish had received favoril ismandparlial- ilyfrom Mr. McCain, but what I can say ... is that he agreed with me that his client, Mr. Parish, had received favorable treatment," Foster said. H o w e v e r , Foster quoted Montgomery as saying thai Parish had never requested fa- v o r a b l e treatment from McCain. After Ilie tearing ended at 4:45 p.m. EST, McCain said, "I'm glad that this stage of the proceedings is over so 1 can go back to my family." McCain lives in Orlando and is a partner in the McCain and Brwd law firm that has offices in Orlando, Forl Pierce and DAVID MCCAIN Miami. . . . hearing closes. The referee gave attorneys ments from witnesses who for both sides until March 4 to didn't attend any of the hearing takedepositionsorswornstate- sessions. Excessive Water Drinking Is Fatal M I A M I (AP) - A Massachusetts woman with the IQ of a genius died from drinking too much water -- up to four gallons a day. a medical examiner says. Friendssaid that Tina Christopherson, 28, of Cambridge, Mass., drank the water in an effort to "cleanse her body" of what she suspected was stomach cancer. The disease killed her mother almost four years ago- Authorities said Thursday that Miss Christopherson died Feb. 18 from "ivatcr intoxication." "As far as I know, it's the first case of its kind," Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Ronald Wright said. A hospita) cardiologist said that water intoxication "was an incredibly slow and painful way to bring on death." Rick Plahming and Cheryl Collins, two of the young woman's friends in Miami, described Miss Christopherson as "looking pregnant from all that water,' 1 Pfahnting said he was fascinated with the amounts of wa- ter she drank. She had been hospitalized earlier this month at Jackson Memorial Hospital and diagnosed as a chronic schizophrenic. Her friends took her back to the hospital Feb. 17. However, [fie crisis intervention center at the hospital was filled and Miss Christopherson was given a prescription for trano,uili?.er5 and lamed away, the hospital said. Pfahming said Ihe prescription was never filled because "no one had any money." She died (he following day in Coral Gables Hospital. Wright said the woman "destroyed her body's chemical balance with her excessive water drinking," As a result, her tissues swelled, particularly the lungs, which was followed by a heart rhythm disturbance, Wright said. MissChristophersonhadgone to Sarasota Jan. 10 to visit an aunt, Dorothy T. Newman, for ihrec days. "Tina has been in and out of institutions. She has this thing Gays Slap Back At O.J. Champ TINA CHRISTOPHERSON . .. feared cancer. about water diets," Mrs. Newman said. After a short visit to Jamaica, Miss Christopherson moved to Coconut Grove. Her father, Robert Christopherson of Cleveland, said he was shocked and depressed, but added he had not seen his daughter in years. "1 didn't see her in life," he said. "1 can't stand to see her in death. Tina's ashes are to be scattered at Inverness, Fla., today alongside the grave of her mother, Ward Christopherson, who died in July, 1973. MIAMI (AP) - A leader of Miami's homosexual community disputes singer Anita Bryant's claims that pressure from gay activists caused her to lose a chance at a television series. "She wants to cause gays (o lose their jobs and she complains because she lost a job," Boh Kunst said. "The lady is a hypocrite." The latest round in an increasingly bitter dispute began Thursday when Miss Bryant, a vocal foe of an ordinance which bans discrimination against homosexuals in housing and employment, called a press conference. Declaring that "the blacklisting of Anita Bryant has begun," she released a telegram from a producerwho cited "extensive national publicity" for the cancellation of a prospec- lice television series. "This telegram tells the story," Miss Bryant said. "It destroys the dream that 1 have had since I was a child -- a dream to have a television series of my own, to entertain and present wholesome sub- jects to my fellow Americans." The telegram was sent by Barry Drucker, president of Tele-Tactics, a New York television production firm. "We sincerely regret that the extensive national publicity arising from Jh controversial political activities you have been engaged in. .. prohibit us from utilizing your services," the telegram said. Bob Green, Miss Bryant's husband and business manager, said the proposed show was lo be a talk-and-variety series underwritten by a major manufacturer of sewing machines. He said the pilot was to have been filmed next week. "They had told her that a contract for the entire series was coming down in the mail and everything wa * honky- dory r " Green sn\d. "They asked her (o call e. very important guest to line her up for the show." Green said tlie guest was First Lady Ro.ialynn Carter, and that Miss Bryant and Mrs, Carter had discussed the possi- bilty of an appearance during a subsequent telephone call. No ANITA BRYANT ... .calledhypocrite. agreement had been reached. Miss Bryant, 37 and the mother o( four children, was Miss Oklahoma in 1959 and was second runner-up in that year's Miss America contest. She later appeared as a singer on several television shows and represented soft drinks and the Florida citrus industry in television ads. She appeared last month at a Dade County Commission hearing to testify against the ordinance. It passed, but Miss Bryant and other opponents formed a group called "Save Our Children, Inc." State Auto Inspection Gets Inefficiency Tag TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Sen. Robert Graham says he wants to present a "Crumbling Cracker Award" (o (he state's auto inspection system for bureaucratic bungling and obvious inefficiency. Graham,D-Miami,saidTues- lay he was introducing a bill to abolish tbe inspection system, although he still was exploring passible alternatives to take its place. Graham said his ire at the process was raised when he look his own car to be inspected recently and spent a to- tal of five hours in line at two different auto inspection stations in Dade County. "I found surly inspectors, badly designed driveways that provide no exit for people already in line, inconsistent inspection standards and government vehicles clogging the lines during public business hours," Graham said. "This system is a total waste of time, money and gasoline for very dubious public benefit," Graham said. "The sel-up is rude, i n e f f e c t i v e an unjustified." Book Edition To Benefit College ROBERT GRAHAM .. Crumbling Cracker." GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) The University of Florida library was the first to ask mystery writer John D, MacDonald of Sarasou for a collection of his papers, and he's about to return the favor, He will introduce Ins 66th book, Condominium, with a special edition of 1,000 copies at a benefit in Daytona Beach on March 26. Each couple paying $50 will receive an autographed copy of the special edition. Proceeds will go to the university library here. Publication date is a week Jater. MacDonald, 61, said in an interview that he has a soft spat in his heart for the library be- cause special collections librarian Laura Monti asked him in 1962 to donate his papers to the university, He had 39 published books at the lime, but he said it was six years later before any other university thought to ask for bis papers. MacDonald averaged three books a year in his first 20 years of writing, but he says lie's slowing down. "It's getting more difficult for me to please myself," he ' said. "With Condominium, there were a lot of .false starts." 'Anastasia' Gets New Support MUNICH, West Germany (AP) - There is new support for American Anna Monahan's 50-year-old claim of being the Grand Duchess Anaslasia of R u s s i a , youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II. Moritz Furtmayr, one of West Germany's best-known forensic identity experts, says he has positively Jdcntifed Mrs. Monahan, 75 f as the grand duchess by comparing a picture of her right ear with a picture of the right ear of Anastasia. WEATHER FORECAST- Generally fair through Saturday. Highs In today and southeast 10 to 15 mph Saturday. the upper 70s lo low 80s. Lows tonight In the Naples high Thursday was 82, low,68. Rain- mid to upper 60s. Variable winds 10 mph fall was .02 inches. Dal Ft. Worm Si M Jl clr 71 « 1.44 rfit WV II « JS cdy U 11 .01 trJY n it ,n eif SI M .U cdy Jl H cdr n II ,01 in If M tl II M .11 dr Tampon M .11 U 11 .1! c M « .04 i If U i . . New Orteani Hew Yort onto, crry Omdxi Orlando M n .M tdy n n M cdv 71 U cdy » w IJM dr M W cdv 41 M td/ 71 if .a cJr boon ending p.m. Odk-Skv condilio tor lode* CLOUDS - Satellite photo taken at 4 a.m. EST shows a broad area of cloudiness covering Ihe Northern States from the New England Area westward through the Dakotas and which Is associated with an extensive low pressure system centered near Lake PENINSULA FLORIDA - Partly cloudy Sunday and Monday with scattered showers mainly north portion Sunday and soulh portion Monday, Tuesday fair. Warm Sunday C o n t i n u e d mild w e a t h e r was causing flooding today across the upper Ohio Valley, the lower Great Lakes region and sections of Pennsylvania, New York, Wesl Virginia, Vermont and Ohio. In some areas of the Northeast the warmer air was accompanied by heavy rain. Numerous ice Jams have formed in (he upper Ohio Valley and the lower Great Lakes which are producing some flooding. Flash flood watches continued across portions of western Pennsylvania, western New York, West Virginia, southwest Vermonl and eastern Ohio. Snow Is widespread across Ihe northern Her ol slates from ihe eastern Dakotas lo the Superior. An extensive area of cloudiness, related lo a frontal and low pressure system, dominates much ol the Southwest while cloudiness is also still in evidence over the Pacific Northwest. UPJ and cooler by TUESDAY. Highs In the 70s and low 80s Sunday and by Tuesday mostly 60s north and 70s south. Lows In Ihe 40s and 50s north and 50s and 60s south. ·£ upper Great Lakes region, with some freezing rain across Maine, Vermonl and New Hampshire. R a i n continued across the remainder of the North A t l a n t i c coastal slates. Freezing rain warnings continued across Maine and New Hampshire, wllh a winter storm warning across Vermont. A travelers advisory covered eastern Norlh Dakota, and gale warnings were posted across most of (he Great Lakes, Temperatures across Ihe nation at 2 a.m., EST, ranged from nine above zero at both International Falls, Minn., and Lewlston, Maine, to 67 at boEh Key West, Fla., and Waco, Tewas. N A T I O N A L W C A l H t R S E R V I C E FORECAST tc 29.53 30.00 lift wl Allltt FOIOCASl ® WEATHER - Friday nlgbl will llnd rain along Ihe North Pad lie coast, changing to snow Intend across Ihe upper Rockies. Bain or showers will also occur In the area Irom the lower Plains and Gulf coast northward Inlo the Tennessee valley, except for some possible snow In parts of northern Texas. Elsewhere, mostly fair weather is forecast.

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