The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 3
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1944' BLYTHEVELLBi COURIER NEWS Hendrix College Will Establish . . New Department i .• >..-\ .- '•' ' CONWAY, Ark., July' 11.—In a pioneering stop long 'considered by the faculty, Hcmlrlx College beglii- /rtlng in September/ will establish n new department' of home-building and management, Div J. H. Reynolds, president of •Hendrix, -tin- noimced today. Tlie aim ol the derailment will not be to train teacli- ers of home economics, according to the announcement, but to give facls, skills, and attitudes enabling young women to 'biilld for tlielr own family a home''of culture and distinction. '' • "The great majority of Henciffx women marry and become h'ome- ninkcrs wttliln a few years after Kradiinliori," the Hendrix president said. "If the purpose of education is to equip Individuals lor more constructive' living,' what subject could the college offer' better than home-buildin&r Tbe department will offer a major leading to 'the bachelor of arts degree, Basic-work will >x> given in such fields as foods, clothing, purchasing. • budgeting; arid child en t A liberal arts • .'emphasis • wlil be maintained and lliere will be no Epecial cliemislry and sconce n qulrements. Announcement of a new full-tin 1 staff member to lioad the department is expectel sooii. PAGE An alligator ran crush almost anything with its powerful Jaws, yet,-once closed, a mail can hold tliem shut- with' one hand. HOME, FROM DIEPPE By Sergt. Everett Og/esJby As Told'To' Menrio Duerksen . A Bayoriet At My Throat xn - ' In the meantime the forces I'cmainiiiB on the bcachcK liad suvrciuloVed but down there in the huik wo had no way of knowing When.a Gcnnnn• soldier showed up, oomiiH; lp- ward us, I swung Ihe'Risa eiin.on him anil-let 1 him have it. In a moment' there ' was an'other » German, then' another 'and another. I kepi firing.until Hie gim-Jam- med. In ihe meantime, attracted by lily Ilrlng," the Oermans began to concenlmLc n (ire on Ihe lank: I don't know whether it was mortar shells or cannon,'but that tfink look eight or ten shells ; wliite I was In it. My ears \\ere ringing from Ihe concussion. Machine gun and rifle bullets were hammering on the sleel sides like hail.' - : Then- the •:gun 1 Waul To Sec DIC|i|ic A few moments later I thinking about our had fought i\ dcs| to lo think ot (lie towii. Perhaps like many a sorely wounded man I wns a bit delirious, or crazy, for I kept objective, We and hope- te (lint town reached the | first street, We had been told the Germans were hiding a huge concentration of landing barges inside the town In n cnnal, which Ihey would use In an invasion' of England. We hadn't even sei'n the cnnal. Perhaps it , . jammed : I was helpless. I wasn't trainej onHhe Seigt. Oglesby abont badly clearing so I. with the wounded driver beside me; political Announcements 'Tfttr- Courier News Ta» betri M- thortad. 'to 'announce the following cindldifcies; 'tabject to th« De critic primai; in Auguat: BEPRKSENTATiyi ..... Just sat- Ihere waiting for the Gerliiam: We hadn't 1 long' to 'wait:' I ould see them coming 'down '"the each. At . first they approached autiously, ' apparently fearing fur- but '(for re-election, Post "No. 2) ' : Wi-'-J.-WUNDEKLICH (for re-election, Post No. 1) J. t£E BEARDEN (for re-election, post. No. I)' UJCIEN E. COliatAH K. O. "GENE" SiJEEMAN (Post No. 4) PROSECUTING ATTOBNEV IVIE 0." SPENCER"' l ''' MARCUS PIETZ (For Re-election) JAMES 0. HALE SHxanr. AND COUEOTOB HALE JACKSON (for re-tie ctton) W. W; (BUDDY) WATSON cororrr TREASURER R."' fi. - fiSKpm BTOTJT MIB8 DEliA PURTLB -' (DOtNTt JtJDQI ' ROLAND GBKEN : (ror re-election) ' DWIGHT B." BLACKWOOD ciRccrr COURT CLERK c "-HSRVET MORRIS ~ • (For re-eleotlon) . .* COONTT CLKKK . . (for* re-election) ng nk,: \vas, then, a sort of Ver '"gunfire froin the ta oon they were swarming around I froze in my seat. One Gcrmoit' hovcd his bayonet through the nor' at the wouride'd driver'. Arioth- ;rabbed the helpless 'fellow -and In-ew him outside'' 'on tlie'-'sandi: Then he grabbed me and tossed ne out on lop of the poor devil. 1 ; 'Battle of 'Eyes ! ' " The next moment was a cmclal 'lie in ' in'v already 'somewhat' bat L ered life.. A huge German infan- ryman came walking up with 1 a ayonet, staring me right straight n the face. He placed 'the point of iLs bayonet against my- throat arid here was bitter cruelty showing: in ils eyes. I am sure that' If 'I had closed my eyes as I longed to do, le would have shoved the bayonet .'ight through my throat. .For' wtiat seemed an endless age ; I : stared into those eyes and they ihtp'Jiilne. Finally his' glance wavered a bit; He withdrew the bayonet, , kickec in the side,- muttered "Rouse, 1 and afler a glance into' the' t'atik he moved off down the beach. I think I must, have passed- oil' then for the next thing I'kn found I had been picked up am carried toward the town where the Germans were gathering Uiei prisoners/The first man I say was one of the corporals from battalioir wWcarne" up to me'whei T opened my eyes. "Arkie," he ask ,ed, "what can I'do {pi; you?" I sail nothing. There'' was' nothing-'" wanied; • ' ' delirious fever that made me do It. I struggled lo my feet and called out - lo this corporal.' "Help me walk," I lold him. "I want to see that town," Ami he did. With his arin around me to 'support, me. the two. of us hobbled off toward Dieppe, mjiiiolestfc). The Germans were moving other prisoners up toward the town, loo. and paid us no, heed. Wc reached the town, and the canal, biit you can. imagine'the bitter surprise of finding not a single bar«e. On the anal was a" single 1 lltlle fishing loat? all alone. Someone Uiu' liuuglod But \ve did sec 'other'things. Con- entralcd In the streets of Dieppe verc massed scDres of mortars, all el lo fire toward Ibe beaches, rise town was full of barricades. t, was-.qulte evident thai the Oer- nans had been wailing for us, I decided-right then and there for certain that the Germans had been Ipped off. Someone certainly had mngled somewhere for we had been ed Into a trap. The worst thing wc saw, however, was.the evidence of Ihe horrible carnage among-our own men It seemed as though Hie dead 01 wounded were lying everywhere. on his knees with his nrms ilrotchcd straight out before him, pointing rigidly-'back- 1 'toward the Sijgluiul from which lie had come, lie was stone dead. Tlicy said he lind been killed' by" coiicliSsidii' which also set him Into that rigid position, with his eye's ''staring fixedly out to the sea. - .I came across one fellow badly wounded, with most-of his stomach shot nwny. By some miracle'he wns still alive, but suffering: He begged me for wnler. 1 told him I hud none. Then; from nnodier -dead soldier l procured n canteen lo give him wnler. 'I lien ho npkcd me'for n clgnrel, pointing toward his hn'v- crsnck lying bchldc |iliu. I Iu1d hlni on ; his buck nnd liut the lighted clgaret In his mouth. I told him wo would have help for hlni In n few momenUs, It.was all I could do: In a few moments he would need 110 more. 13ut l was in urelly bad shape mysplf, (les|)He all my walking about. T was coughing and spitting blood. When I iviilkcd I hnd lo go all stooprd over. 1 was bleeding badlv Lvgnln from moving around nnd I could feel Ihe blood running down my leg into my shoe. Afler taking water to several oilier of the wounded I lind lo lie down to rcsl. Later, when I saw the Germans concentrating the prisoners 1 got to my feet and moved over lo lliem. Candidate Jnmcs C. Hnle, Miirloii attorney nil former resident of niytlivVlllo' 'here he was born and retired, now i seeking; the post of proseeutlni: ttomey for the Second Judicial Mslfict. Ho Is (he son of Mr. and fi-s.'K. A. Hale. : l.qiiK road lo Of course, none of the men hnc penetrated deeply into the town but liiere tlicy lay, lierdes of a lost bailie. 1 One of the strongest sights saw was a British soldier, sitting Keeping Up With The Men In Service Olon Sprayberry, son of E. H. Spray berry of Blyljievllle, has-been promoted to the rank of : stn(T sergeant at his post at Fort Behhlng Ga. Sergeant Sprayberry is with o Signal Photo company. . - Pvt. Mclvln H. Ci'aflon, son of Mr. ami Mrs. Alfred Downing of Rt 1. Blylhcville, Is serving on the balloon crew with a balloon antl-nir- crnfl b'ntlcry In Italy. The crew has been highly commended' by both Army and Navy officials for ils'ex cellent work' under fire In the Hal- inn campaign. ••.''•' Award of a bronze battle slar for participation In Die current Itallai campaign has been made - to Tech 4-Grnde Joseph D. Talc of Blythb ville, according to .'imnoimcmen made by the 12lh Air Force Head quarters in Italy.- The soldier, who Is Ui'e organization's cook, has beer NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be mining your property. Call me f«x check-up without cbst or obligation. BATS, JHCE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK Another Big Corn Crop •orccast By Government WASHINGTON, July 11 (UP) The Agriculture Deiv.uliucnl ycs- e'rtlny forecast a 10-H corn cfoji of !,080,000,000 bushels. Thnt's ' thd hir<l iargcsl on rccoi'd, but some-; wbal below - last year's production if 3.010,1)00,000 bushels. . . - , Ttio li&ard'cstlniales Ihe 1Q4-1 vhcnt producllon at 1,128.000,000 mshels, which Ls nearly lOO-mllllon bushels bcller than expccled a nonlh ngo, • .. / Atjgrccntc crop production Is es- .inialcd to lulal about the same this year as lust, In .spile of marked differences " In iiordiicllou ; of varioiu cro|is. ' Eleanor Paskqtd Proves* Identity With* P-X Card VOLTKIUIA, llnly,, Jiily, 11 (Ul>) —F.lcmior ' Packard; United Pre'sfc war'correspondent,' had n 1 narrow escape, .She was mistaken 'for' n spy-by Italian staHisans at VoHer- ru. . i • .' i; Deciuisi Hie retreating Germans lind blown out the side of the mountain on llio American side of VoJItfrA; Mrs. I'ncknfd hnil 10 |>nrk her jeep and hike two miles lo llic city.- . •• . • jn Volter'rn Mrs. Piicknrd slopped .ill ft reslaurMit. < She was Immediately sm-rouiHlM by excited ftnllnn's wearing pulrlo innbands;- Then three donijhUoys Joined (lie crowd, mill Die cross questioning begun. l-'iiially they naked, "Have yoi hctird Oml there Is.n Oenwin wo mnn 'hiding In Vollcrrn?" Mrs; 1'ackivrd hnd' lieiml Hits And It sopn wns obvious thnl llic> thought 1 she wiis tllo Cleruian wo man; disguised in nn American unl Iciin. At Hint ixjtnl otic of the Amcrl ran > askc<| for proof; And Mrs IMckhrd 'handed over lier papers AmoriK her ciedenlirils was ivn Ar Mrs. ]'nek s the I'-X I my |)osl-exclmn|{c caril. • mil bellevra'((ml'!(' WH ard Hint convinced the soldier that \e w'«s'ri6')riMs harl. The American talked wllh : the ;a)lans.' And suddenly Hie suspl- ioii . luclicit away. They came illn'g iiround her wllh smiles, aughlur, upologles and offers ol •hie. 'As one of the doughboys put it, We'd never seen a woman corres- xrhdcnt' so 'ctasc to Ihe front be- ore, And It Just didn't look right.' ailllBVEPORT, I,a, (UP)-A •legro nshermnn arrested for scll- nu (Ish without a license recently 'las merely lined' $25 In illslrlcL court here, while a witness, who was called lo testify. In Ihe case niid foiled lo'iippcai 1 , dreiv a five- day sentence' from the Irale Early Egyptians kneaded bread doUgh with their feet: 'j^., >? . . ,' Ewy, tyjif Vef sport, ahoe repair ta • nude - here where a wide stock" of.,fin* leaf hers. and materials plus highly'' skilled wort- nnmlilp Insure'the smartest'ap- pearing results combined with Inp-iiotch wear anil comfort. Moderate prices, , > » QUSLJTY SHOC SHOP i '1?1< W. M « I N ST. Have Equipment Fixed PAY NEXT FALL Hiiye irneloi'H nnd farm implements overhauled and repaired NOW while imrls ciin be sccurcil ,nhd o'u? shops i-Bii do Hie work '• . . DON'T WAIT FOR THE RUSH SEASON. We'll dike fpll hilling on the charged Delta Implements, Inc. overseas slnce'Angnst, arid has spent three months ill Morlh Africa ilritl five In Italy. The sbircif'Mr! and Mrs. N. M. Tale or 51Q Mntllson Slrcet, Blythvllle,' he entered the Army In August, 1042. Roaches, Rats' anil Mice eliminated. Contract 'service In pest control. '•• ' • " • f ' Biddle Exterminators Free Estimates. 115 8. Third Phone Z751 for Supreme Court af I,mefrri Ilara Kntfoncil ot'Siiprcme Coilrl •' TO FILL THE UNEXP1RED TERM OF THE LATE JUSTICE'BEN E. CARTER Judge Aixcn'n ircofil ri« Circuit jiidge of llic Slxlli Jmllciiil Dish-lit IIB* won lilnrlliu tntnuicminilnii nnd vhdnricmc.m of liiwrfrii'llirniiifliiiiil lliu stall. 1 . Wllh 22 years of cvpcVl. riu''fi'''(l'l'hi (irivnto pniclicc; four >t'nrs us' thief Hi-ppl* riro^i-t'uiiii'g nltonu'x nf I'ntiiskl {^iinnly) nnil'oier «ix }Cj*vV> at (Hrc'ult'Jiicl)!o), In: Is (|iiiill/ii'il In rtiTj> way f«r Ilils liruniuliuH 16 ihti iiiiiirrnic Court of Arkaiitns.' " ' : Hi: valiinlcirrcil III World Wnr I ninl ifrifd us «' private' liiul Wrtn jiroiuolcil t(» pccou'il linnlrimTil. "* Judge' Aliti'ir ^tuilicil. law' HI VumK'rMIl IJiiiviTKlly (mil Arkiinens ^ I.nw 'Hcli'iol,' liiul wns iiiljuillnl to priiclicu ]jlw, SUilc^niiil l\i!trol; VOTE FOR , c Judge Lawrence C. AUTEN H. C. BLANKENSHIP S» E. Krnlncky ' PhoM UU an f A': Card in Ye; Group Wherever they went, they walked ... on guard at every step. Hardships taught our'forefathers the virtue of self-reliance and the need'for co- cpef'ation. Thus, in the humble cradle of privation, the spirit of our Democracy was born. Our enemies foolishly ignored the enduring influence of our Nation's heritage when they jeered th'at we were too soft'to fight. Little did (hey dream that, almost overnight, free men could perfect the finest and best- ecjuipped fighting forces the world has ever seen. So, today when good citizens see an A card on a windshield, they recognize it as a symbol of what people can accomplish who have learned from experience to work together to'attain a common objective. That same spirit will win this war—and in peacetime that same unity of effort will keep America strong and prosperous for our men and women now on the fighting front. * * * Jn addition to supplying the armed forces with glider and bomber fuselage frames, wing parts, gun turret parts and foodstuffs, Anheuser-Busch produces material.1 which go into the manufacture of: Rubber-Aluminum • Munitions • Medicines • B Complex Vitamins • Hospital Diets-Baby Foods-Bread and other Bakery products •Vitamin-fortified cattle feeds •Batteries-Pa per-Soap and textiles—to name a few. Most Jalks are more tired tJian usual iiibeii they finish each wartime Jay. A bottle oj golden;foaming Buduieher is a welcome companion in a mo- ment of relaxation—and it makes simple, wartime meals taste-better. 11 d w e i s e r ANHEUSE R - B U S C H S A-l I -O U ! -S ST \ in a scries pf ads on post-war opportunities The question of post-war jobs—especially for reluming vet- Draiis—is a big one and a live one. It will get more so as the war comes nearer its end. '•'••' i Our own >job,security plan for Esso Marketers' employees now in uniform went into operation the day after Pearl Harbor. It has worked so well for so^long • . \ • that we want to pass our experience along. \ In general,-it is based on the idea that we are saving his place for our fighting man while he's away, whether he volunteered, was drafted, or was called up as a reservist. Chief features of the plan are these ..". . 1. Each employee who haa been with us a year or 4. His rights in company retirement nml benefit longer is given two months' salary as he enters the pinna are protected while he is away. . armed forces. 2. His dependents receive monthly payments from the company whiie he is away—up to half of his former company pay. 3. Each employee has been assured by letter from our company president that his old job—or another as good or better—will be waiting for him. Experience gained in the Armed Forces may result in his immediate advancement,'' ETAILS of Ihe plan have been put into n booklet ivhich tee shall be glad to send you.* I Soon ive will announce in this newspaper further _ plans for making some good new jobs in the oil business *~ after the war. |p As ive see it today, next to winning the HOT itself, '- nothing is more important than the matter of post-ivar jobs. . Ssso ^i>- £ T A N D A R D ^0 I L' C 0 M-P A .3$fe •For booklet please address i Mr. T. J. Rickey, Division Mfliwger • ' Standard 03 Company of Louisiana 1426 Donaghey Building Litlleitark,/ ' . 0 K^'L'.O U I S I.A N A f '*{ "~

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