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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 46

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Monday, January 3, 2000
Page 46
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PAGE E6 STAR TRIBUNE TELEVISION MONDAY, JANUARY 3 2000 Critic's choice The theme of the 3 1 st season of "Sesame Street" (9 a.m.. KTCA-Ch. 2) that begins today is "Children Getting Along in Their World." Story lines will touch on such topics as friend ship, empathy and conflict resolution. New wrinkles include appearances by the marvelous character actor Michael Jeter ("Evening Shade") as Mr. Noodle in the new "Elmo's World" segments. National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" (3 p.m. weekdays, KNOW, 91.1 FM) recently had a panel of musicians and musicologists assemble a list of the 20th century's 100 most important American musical works. Its one-a-day checkoff begins today. T.D. Mischke is scheduled to resume "The Mischke Broadcast" today (8 p.m., KSTP, 1500 AM). v r ) n I JrJ R. Termine photo provided by Henson Michael Jeter as Mr. Noodle on "Sesame Street" Bud Greenspan wrote and directed "Kings of the Ring: Four Legends of Heavyweight Boxing" (9 p.m., SHO), a film about the lives and times of Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. NoelHolston Showtime is unmatched in series' racial diversity By Howard Rosenberg bos Angeles Times The big talk in television, following pressure from the media, the NAACP and other lobbying groups, is about the need for entertainment series to diversify. In other words, widen the palette to include prominent characters who reflect a variety of races and ethnicities. Although largely eluding network programmers, the logic is persuasive. Mainstream TV claims to mirror the United States. So it should mirror everyone, as the talk goes, not just the nation's white majority. Instead of talking, though, the Showtime cable channel is doing. While making its mark with an ever-better catalog of original movies, Showtime isn't in the series business on a par with even UPN or the WB, let alone the vastly larger ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Yet most of the seven series it does have on the air are highly distinctive, to say nothing of well-executed the best of them being "Beggars and Choosers," (9 p.m. Wednesdays) an hourlong comedy-drama about a troubled TV network. It's a show that keeps getting better and better. And five of these series, including "Beggars and Choosers," give prominence to minority characters, a percentage unmatched elsewhere on television. Depending on the fates of Showtime's existing series (about which it is keeping silent), that percentage may rise, given its plans to launch two hourlong dramas in 2000, each with a 22-episode commitment, and each focusing on a minority. The protagonists of "Resurrection Blvd." are the Santiagos of East Los Angeles, a Hispanic family "whose quest for the American dream," Showtime says, "has always tied them to the boxing arena." If you're scratching your head trying to recall the last drama series with predominantly Hispanic characters, stop scratching. It hasn't been done within memory. Showtime's other new series, based on the 1997 movie that it's named after, is "Soul Food," whose black characters live in Chicago. It will dwell on three loving but combative sisters as they try to maintain family solidarity after the death of their mother. Quality counts as much as quantity, so where these two fine-sounding series actually land on the TV food chain remains to be seen. In any case, give Showtime credit for continuing to present the diversity of the U.S. population much as it exists (the cable channel's continued dearth of Asian-Americans notwithstanding). Enough about the future. What about the heterogeneity of today's Showtime? The alien Teal'c, a lead character on "Stargate SG-1," is black. As is a recurring addict (whose days appear numbered) on "Rude Awakening," a raucous comedy about a recovering substance abuser. Two other Showtime series have blacks in abundance. One is "Line's," (10:05 p.m. Sundays) an intelligent, urbane comedy set in a black-owned bar. The other is "The Hoop Life," (9:05 p.m. Sundays) an hourlong drama about a professional basketball team playing in an NBA-level league known as the UBA, which is almost as predominantly black as the universe it copies. Showtime has devised weird schedules for its series, with "Rude Awakening" not set to resume in first-run until Feb. 19, "Line's" taking a first-run break on Sunday, and no new episodes of "The Hoop Life" showing up until Jan. 16. The continuity gap is even wider for "Beggars and Choosers," whose last new episode ran Dec. 11. That show won't resume its first-run season until Feb. 19. Although it began last June as monolithically white, ever-seductive "Beggars and Choosers" now has one of the juiciest black characters anywhere. She's Casey Lenox, a scheming Eve Harrington whose skin color, sugary manner and sweet-voiced claim to be a disadvantaged product of the 'hood earned her a job as director of comedy development at the fictional LTG network. Instead, she turned out to be an ambitious Bryn Mar grad plotting to overtake the network's equally ruthless development chief, Lori Volpone, who saw through Lenox's innocent act from the start and tried preemptive action. This clash of hissing vipers plays out Feb. 19. It's something to behold as are these two actresses in one of the best casts in TV. Morning Still in millennial mode, KTCA repeats the PBS documentary "America 1900" (8 p.m., Ch. 2), a revealing look at the United States at the turn of the previous century. I (T II MJJ II ! .!. II "V II II ' ! f. II !.P.V II '-,!.' II JJ.V II IV, II li'.'i II : U I -IE Business Reading Arthur 45574 dragon Tales ney ITeletubbies Sesarne Street H 26777 CoucR "winnies Noddy 7593 fecitoorrJoo J4.' News 75815 ThTEarly Show: Box office numbers (CC) 69154 "Martha Stewart Living The Price It Right 48661 The Young the Restless J' News (CU) Z7932 Good Homing America: Y2K bug (CC) 89932 Regis a Kathie Lee 82357 The View (CO 78947 News (CC) 88203 '.ij Good Day Minnesota 735951 Judge Mathis fa 97203 TheTeoples Court 44683 Divorce Divorc M Newse Today: Finances, Charles Schulz retires; dieting (CC) 27116 KARE 11 Today 22999 Later Today (CC) 39951 IDr. Joy Browne (R) 59715 ;if Radar Weather (5 30) 528864 Radar Weather 702971 5 Benny Hinn Joyce Meyer IPokemon IHisteria! marketplace marketplace Full House IParerrt 'Hood IWayans Natl Enquirer IRicki Lake (R) IH 54951 .'Zt AgDay Little House on the Prairie & 210870 Martin Short (CC) 546390 Family Feud Family Feud Leeza (R) (CC) 38951 Hoqan Hero HoqanHero 3j Paid Prog. Paid Prog, Mysteries I J. Robison Paid Proa Paid Proa. Paid Proa Paid Proa Paid Proa iPaid Proa Paid Prog, Paid Prog Afternoon Days or Our Lives 99357 Radar Weather (9) 7029715 Jerry Springer (R) (CC) 62883" Cf) ZrttCa3 TTigOoa MTRogerT tooTT C 77T News 29951 Th5 Bold As the World Turns 5277? ' 51 .5) All My Children fg 96135 OneLrfe to Live ffl 12393 "' & 19 1 Jenny Jones (CC) 64661 Montel Williams (CO 80609 " 5T Montel Williams (CC) 80609 Passions (CC) IS1 75777 .!. ii - ii v.;, r jiding Light (CCJrSI 23864 General Hospital 13 76970 Sister. Sister I Dennis Maury (R) (CO la 14154 Sally Jessy Raphael 4406" n !. vnl .ii n nnic' -ni a ir oboomafoo Dragon Tales Ai Rosie 0 Donnell (R) 80262 Doug 7393 Recess2970' Donny t Marie (R) 40406 Oprah Winfrey Judge Judy Sabrina Hollywood ' rttuir Riflfi l7nnmMn,-rt IB 'CO 6241 Judge Judy Recess 7661 Jpardy! 2357 29.' jRockford Files IS 33319" I4J Eight Is Enough 15999 Evening Forgive or Forget (CC) 4820? Matlock (CC) "4206 Bonanza 91319 Judge Brown Judge Lane Cosby Show Magic Bus Quinn, Medicine Woman Big Cartoon Bat Super Rancher Pwr. Rangers Scarecrow and Mrs. King Pokemon Batman Bey. Sher. Holmes IDiaimon Highway to Heaven 78883 " News 3796 ICBSNews26 News 7965 Home Imp. News 7796 Thinking World News Ricki Lake (R)rg 26319 3 ABC News Drew Carey ' NBC News Simpsons Sweep Simpsons ShopDrop Talk show highlights MORNING 7:00am rXThe Early Show Ted Danson.(cc) 69154 rjjGood Morning America Y2K bug. (CC) 89932 31 Today Charles Schulz retires, (cc) 27116 9:00am QD Regis & Kathie Lee Cy- bill Shepherd; Sarah Ferguson; Sean Hayes; Jacklyn Zeman; Lacey Chabert. 82357 10:00am CD The View John Dye. (cc) 78947 fl Later Today B.Smith. (CC) 39951 AFTERNOON L-OOpm (Tj Monte) Williams Psy- - i chic Sylvia Browne makes millennial predictions, (cc) 80609 3:00pm CD Sally Jessy Raphael People who endured tragedy receive special rewards, ra 4406 (X Rosie O'DonneH Rosie has jitters about interviewing Barbra Streisand; with Ally Walker. (Part 1 of 2) (R) (CC) 80262 Cfi Donny 4 Marie Victoria Principal; K-Ci & JoJo. (R) (cc) 19 40406 EVENING 10:35pm C4 Late Show With David Letterman Jeff Daniels; Jake Johannsen. (cc) fS1 7290203 CUThe Tonight Show With JayLeno Dennis Rodman; Charlize Theron; Martina McBride. (cc) IS1 7945593 11:00pm OR) Charlie Rose Felix Ro-hatyn; Cornel West (cc) 72222 LATE NIGHT 12:05am Late Night With Conan O'Brien Sarah Michelle Gel-lar; Garth Brooks. (R) (cc) f51 2323278 105am fjj Politically Incorrect With BB Maher Elayne Booster; Dr. Drew Pinsky; Amy Alkon. (cc) 8470556 CD CD GD (3D (3D an AEN AMC BET BRV CNBC CNN Millennium COM CRT Crime Stories 3432135 cs CSPN Sports Chall. I Up Close' osc House of Representatives" Savage Wilderness 564777" ESPN E5PN2 FAM FNC FOOD FX GOLF HGTV HIST IFC LIFE MCN MSC MSN MTV NICK PLEX SCI SUN TBS TCM TLC TNN TNT TOON TRAV TVL UNI USA VH1 WGN DIS FXM HBO HB02 HB0F MAX MAX2 SHO SH02 TMC The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer Jim Lehrer details the day's top stories. (CC) 47845 ijV II ..V II ! I NewsNight Anyplace Wild Minnesota (CC) 15 8864 News 19 News (CC) 9628 Friends (CC) 18 8154 News 3222 Nightly Busi-ness Report (CC)tii 53636 The Nanny: ueep inroat. (CC) fSI 63338 Seinfeld: The Andrea Doha. (CC) ta 82512 Wheel of For-tune (CC) 99 Vikings Live! 3680 Friends (CC) 13 9406 Entertainment Tonight (R) (CCJ4574 Digital TV: A Cnngety Crash course (UU) 23796 mrte: Nightmare on Oak Street. (CC) 47390 Hollywood Squares IS 73864 Treasures in Your Home: The World of Collecting: Host John Burke. 41393 Magnum, P.I, ra 559845 Mci Lite (5:151 ijS Fun. Animals JAquanauts Hits From the Street 979203' Moonlighting (CC) 270319 Bus. Center" Upfront Coverage (5 Unsolved j Stein Money HE Emergency J Search Party iTalkSoup I Mysteries Monday Night Countdown: With Mike Tirico. 136883 The King of Queens: The Rock (R) (CC) 18 3932 HMD Ladies Man: iJimmy's Song. (R)(CC)C9 83 2020 (CC) 26390 Moesha:He Doth Protest Too Much. (CC) Suddenly Susan: Dinner Party. (CC) t& 7932 Sports on the Rug 96154 The Parkers: Bad to the Bone. (CC) IS 8390 Suddenly Susan: Stock Tip (CC) ffl 3086 Mental Eng neering 12680 7th Heaven: Yak Sada. Each of the Camdens learns about equality. (R) (CC) ft 77628 tT5T7te Show(R)(CC) m 46222 ThaTToi Show(R)(CC) ffl 79048 Hope Island: The Whole Kettle of Fish. Alex runs against Brian for mayor over resort development. 80116 Biography (CC)p 751 116 Fashion II !:LV II SB.?.! II II !,?.' II 1.1!.. I The American Experience: America 1900 The 20th century begins with concerns about guernlla war. struggling immigrants, sex, racial tensions and technology; narrator David McCuUough. (CC) 011319 Breaking News: All Work and No Fame. 9574 Everybody Loves Ray- nd (n) cc 18 2680 Becker: Lucky Day (R) (CC) 181715 Ladies' Home Journal's Most Fascinating Women of 99: Host Roma Downey. (CC) 3336 News 6395067 NFL Football: San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons. (CC) 159593 l 1 !' IBreaking News Late Show With David Letter-man: (10:35) Jeff Daniels; Jake Johannsen. (CC) 18 7290203 Grown Ups: Housesitter. (CC) m 1512 Malcolm Eddie (CC) IH 7319 News 91628 m There Was You PG-13I 19971. Circumstances keep fated" lovers unaware of each other's presence but ahvavs on the brink of meeting. Jeanne inpptehom, Dylan McUermott, Sarah Jessica ramer. (w;) m rnm The Road to College: A Finan- cial Aid Primer for Parents and Students: Preparation advice. (CC) 15884 Jack Jill: Men Will Be Boys. Jill prepares to square off in the boxing ring with a co-worker. (utj) ra 53048 Ally McBeal: Happy Trails. The firm represents a woman fired fori ner unusual skin color. (R) (CC) 18 33222 Touched by an Angel: Children lot the Night. A street kid dies despite the angels' efforts. 99864 In veioatiye Fteportst ' 'Swift. Smart and Deadli Sparks Rome Adventure (19621 W 5205d8o National Champ. Dog Shows NewsNight Minnesota 36947 TotheCon- Itrary: Accom plishments. 32628 Caroline in the City(CC) 38241 Frasier (CC) 1825715 Grace Under Fire: Fire in the Hole. (CC) 63512 NewsRadk): Spooky Rapping Crypt. (CC) 18 34048 Diagnosis Murder: Inheritance of Death. Greedy children are suspected of wealthy dad's mur- oer. (ui;) iswiOf City Confidential 780628 News 5763512 News 5758680 The Drew Carey Show (10 35) (CC) 4731406 News (CC) 9858406 Mad About You (11:05) (CC)IB 5515357 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: (iu:3b) uennis Hodman; Charlize Theron; Martina McBnde (CC) m 7945593 Qigong: Ancient Chinese HeaH mg tor me 21 st century: A 5,000-year-old modality. 38715 Jerry Springer: Secret trans-veslites tell their lovers the truth. (R)(CC)fSl 76999 3rd Rock From the Sun: Sally i-ortn. (U(j) 10970 Frasier: Trav- lels With Martin. (CC) 18 96390 Twice in a Lifetime: Ashes to Ashes. A woman returns to 1969 to prevent her younger self from smoKmg. iz15 Caught m lAmen 934970" My Bodyguard (9:35) IPG1 (19601 Law 1 i Qrder (CC) ra 783715 IBiography (CC1 26951 The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn (11:35) Nightline (11:35) (CC) 2984574 Star Trek: Voy- ager: 11 :3b Lifesigns. (CC) 1339999 Cheers (11:35) (CC) 5969319 Charlie Rose: Felix Rohatyn, Cornel West. (CC) 72222 Home Improvement (CC) 11 40086 NewsRadk): Towers. (CC) 18 97932 Paid Program-ming 79512 Comicvlew 479628 Hardball: Chris Matthews The World Today 300406 llrry King Live (CC) 319154 Rivera Live 3199406 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels PG1 ( im. W ICops 4338593 Homicide: On the Street Crime Stories 3106796" Masters on Monday 782086 Classic Baseball 762222" Prime Time Public Affairs 481 593 The World's Largest Hotel Wild Rescue Live From LA. 459864 Sam Peckinpah 18 802932" News With Brian Williams Millennium Coverage Strangers ICit. Brigade College Basketball: Pittsburgh at St. John's 3183645 nnosBossr bomeay ineHSi Fox ReportShepard SmitF" Cooking Livel 1570715 Golf Acad. Old House jworkshop M'A'S'H ProfilePro ' Hiah Points in Historv Breaker Morant (5)W4"' Intimate Portrait PI 737661 ' Insight Sports News" Hardball: Chris Spectrum Last Word Matthews Tom Green I Death match Hey Arnold! Rugrats The Outer Limits 1563425 Movie (5) The Keeper Fresh Pi Fresh Pri Landslide: Gravity Kills I Wrestling the Mississippi Bob Fosse: The E! True Hollywood Story 18 641226 iGymnastics: Rock 'N Roll Gyrnnastics. (R) 148628 lurrttnq of Seaclfft Inn IPG-Reilly Factor (CC) II The O'Reilly Factor (CC) IHannity a Colmes (CCT 'Emeril Live 8059845 Door Dinners I Hot off NVPB Blue (COM 8672999 Golf Talk Live (R) 7187574 9 At Auction ollectibles Failed Assassinations Split Screen IT Ut Broadcast (1998)52777 Beyond Chance (CC) 378932 North Lights I Atheists Talk Don Monson Dick Bennett Special Edition 8451319 Karaoke IThornl iberrv: Movie (4:20) I Between trie Darkness and bawnfa TRT Rock Power IThe Outer Limits 8075883 '1935680".'. 48 Hours (CC) 652999 TheWartons7CC)B 627203 Best of WCW Millennium Horystaad (Parti 0I2) (jgjft. N ifdm Chicken I Laboratory" Adventure Bound 5410135" Andy Griffith Sonadoras ia 22609 jagicc) ra 19IM The List Ed Sullivan iert Predators (7: W The Heart Is a Lonely Strong Man IFitness America Pageant 6175932 i-13l (1994) B 559976 P"wus f"'- riisons iHototf 6rlll The X-Files (CC) BB 8658319 Big Three Golf 7196222 Bartholomew ICountry Suicide Missions 9570628" A rkwse of Secrets and LlesTT More to Life ISPNN Goin' Deep 13406 News With Brian Williams TRL 18 389048" Brady Bunch I Brady Bunch mewazy Summer The Edge With Paula Zahn Cooking Live Primetime Mai Special H Walls Talk IPreamH'se Married ... ProfilePro ' Aircraft Carriers 9550864 9921 Mary Hanson IChiropractlc The Last Word 26970 Legends With Matt Lauer Real World I Real World All In Family Jeffersons Swift, Smart and Tonight With Tavis Smii night lugnt Deadly Sports 11(1996). Chris Mi a 199978' Championship The Nanny: Fran Gets 'Mugged. (CC) 1814845 Unhappily Ever After (CC) m 16609 Paid Program- mlng bObtil W 366222 Wovle Midnight Love 352512 Hardball: Chris Matthews Daily Show Cops 632471 5 line Stein Money" Cops 6300135 Sports Chall. lUP Close Masters on Monday 36486T Rivers Live 5518048 Larry King Live (CC) 915512 Saturday Night Live 65932 Homicide: On the Street Prime Time Public Affairs 121609 The World's Largest Hotel H. Stem Cheerteadirig" Bod' Stem I Playmates of the 70s ESPNEwS ' 3107425 The 700 Club (CC) 304357 The O'Reilly Factor Emeril Live 8658Tl6 The X Show m 8664970 'Golf Talk Live (R) 7186845 JCo At Auction ICollectibies" History's Lost t Found Landslide: Gravity Kills SpdrtsCenter 726680 Karate Who's Boss? IComedy Special Report Yachting Door Dinners I Hot off Griff Ml TheX-Pile8(CC)mB910067 Big Three Golf 1007703 Bartholomew ICountry"" Failed Assassinations Split Screen lExotics fBl (1994). 6706593 Golden Girls IGolden Girls Oh Baby I Mysteries Your Legislator 11 5883 Experience MCN Fox Sports News 36357 Special Edition 8443390 Karaoke I Love Lucy Sex In '96s A Guide for the Married Woman The Outer Umlt88051203 IThe Outer Limits 8071067 IPoHeroeist: The Legacy Paramedics 18 110338 7t56glV92i593' ITracks: People of Kalahari Jaw 8 (10. "ollceFo 129086 WCW Monday Nitro Ljvel: BoHeenan (CO m 163680" ma Ed, Edd ITom t Jerry Lonely Planet 18 3380086 iy Heenan (CC) m 163680 Bugs a Daffy a 8053661 Emergency! 3355390 Nunca Te Olvidare 24970 Walker, Texas Ran iger Ed Sullivan IBeforeStars iBehind the Music 841244" 'ull House IcarollneClty lRtum to IfaytJefw flSi. Hreaa The Trailblazers 3366406" Dragnet Adam-12" Tres Muleres m 57990 Iwwf raw tec) ra 304222 oenius (1999). a teen genius enrolls in tand feirtor high. (CC) m 7024864 1 Prince of Players 'Ever After (4:30) (CC) Locusts (4:30)' 2063262 Happily Ever Alter Police Force ra 109222 Players (CC) F Hercules: Hercules (CC)tgi1415T I Paramed ics ra 119609 Fox Sports News 70864' News With Brian Williams Sex In '90s I Hot Zone Happy Days" Laveme Wovle (11:20)1 Friday the 13th ig 6036845 Dream WHti the Fishes I Dallas (CC I ra"TT72"4T Flintstones IScoobyDoo and Bie Amtzon Women (PA) ia JCI Amazing Destinations Andy Griffith Beaver Cristina ... Edicion Especial WWF War Zone 2197951 Jennifer Lopez '99 News (CO 839655" Under Wraps (7:35) (1997). Children help a mummy reunite with a lost wve. Aoam wyiie. iw) m auoaaai The Bofae jim. Christrdaa Ma trfane, lover and slave. Sbm? Three Men fand Baby PGJ (1987). (CC) 12102 Dare to Compete: The Struggle of Women in sports: unns tven. ih 6351203 Girl, Interrupt- led: Look Spoi Mren hide Injured rrom rumiess numer. ra laaaaa ud5P6jjild93).(CC) Digging to China (6.15) IK menially "yyrea man, wwi After lOdd ihicken Lonely Planet 18 3389357 Honeymoon. jsanfordSon Impacto iNobclero Walker, Texas Ranger Police Force ra 161222 Dance jln-Fisherman" WCW Monday NltroTiveT Batman I Dragon BaiT The Trailblazers 791 71 13 A-Team 5212785" Viviana a la Medianoche ISilkStalkingsTiToST The List IHard Rock Live' m 284W7 IRock Show" Maicgvwr fR) ra SOgBAS lln the Heat of the Night Not Quite Human I (9.20) (1989). (CC) ra roooasrsi Zorro (CC) H3 IMickey Mouse MtKmiiSm.bMitt iBeHesonTelrtoes No way Home IR (1996) Ex-convict Ms broth- er in rrouote wrm mop. (UP) 6309999 Mowgii Dbbmiuc Sane RlTisMf Peter Waller. Dartl IwWi KLetlnn ht)-M hM (M M Hahr,TomBerer7(CC)214S048 20900154 Happily Ever The Adventures of 1835999 IcWmiimo: An American Legend (9:45) Pfi-13 (1993). Wes snrai, jason ratnc, nooen ouvai. iuu) 5833 (8:l5)(199y).ia lTommyBoy(9.45ilP5-(1 mmers ousiness, wnns n IThe Postman R (1997). Seeking refuge from a rjost-apocatypse dictator, a wayfarer gives others tax on me row or posanasw. revtn gosmer. 14S1 Stanley I l(5:05)tPG-13J (CC)2 Force! ir-otd befriends a 81203 Air Force One naau). M 4B6V3n Hamson i-ora. The Tiger Woods Story (6:05) PG-13 (19981) the oolfer's smxrales. KhatU Kain. (CC) 5002977 RambHna Rose (6:051 IRW1S911 Against ne Law (1997). Richard Greco, Nick ' Mancuso, Nancy Aden, m 8223338 IR) (1 997). Terrorists hijack the president's plane, Gary 'OtrJman. (CC) 1194932 V profile examinee j Beggars and Choosers: 1 935 Georgia. Laura Pern, Robert Duvalt. 4071 5721 Late night Unsafe Sex. (CC) HI 7459048 i. An heir tries to save Me ) 42264135 Road Back R1(1991). 346593 Wight Vision IR1 (1993) Detectrvescbseinona 'serial totter. Fred Williamson. 4260086 Bud Greenspan's Kings of the Ring: Legends or neavyweigm Boxing isusi f Heavyweight Boxing (9:05) irotheffioodol Murder (1999). M 4339208 Rumors loSow couple's maid in Wes Craven Pressnto WtshirasW R (1997). itu;iioau American Gigolo (11 Shakespeare: Animated 'Buhvorth ITns Last Ride (11:l6)R The Hoop Life (10:35) (CC) Hi lOnce Around H 701408 : Delta Force 3: The KIHIng Game (10:40) R (1986). Feds hire special-effects man to stage fake mob grown, pnan utermeny. !iBuea . Trlpwlre(l1:20)l H.I.! II McM II Ml II M II 'MA II ,MA II kU II tU II IM II 8RM II IM II l-ttfi) I Tir stourWjimUhre? Offttje Ar ' 1 C4J CraigKilborn I Ins. Edition PikTProg. News(1:35) lUp to the Minute (2:65) 51342753 IMom.Hews News14407S L5J EXTRA Married ... Politically Roseanne Show (1:35) Queen Latifah (2:35) lAIINews list Business News News 40278 IHews 80181 ITCL Star Trek Heart Blind Date Heart Paid Prog. Paid Prog. I Dream Lover (3:05) IHI (im. m 2&866617 NeOT97T5o News 33297 g!T Late Night Conan O'Brien Later (1:05) News (1:35) ET Tonight Show ILate I Night Conan O'Brien lEarTyTodav News 767075 Igr Living Single I Judge Lare M'A'S'H ITaxi 526520 Mr. Cooper Mama's Fam. Marketplace Marketplace iFam. Matters WKRPClncl. Marketplace iK.Cooeland S Star Trek: Next Generation Earth: Final Conflict 896926 Real TV ICops 503704 Hawaii Flve-0 ta 292452 I Spy 18 920723 McHaleNavy McHaleNavv i!?vw!!Rt!v'uTO City Confidential 693568 lLay Order ;I8 895704 IChlld BHds) erf Short Creak (156i). i Simon a Simon Hi 731907 -.MC yjfaBnt?l)" !"h'.on . R yS98fl rilahS IMevIe " AP Dog Show I Wild Rescue Fun. Animals lAquanauts ILassie Lassie I Jeff's Collie lOentleBen ISklppy REpw Hamster Hamster Comicvjgw 407758 I Live From LA 292568 BET on Jazz 841075 Ihobert Tilton 214907 loisciples Crefto Dollar MTrucke K.Coneland 1 BRV Sam Peckinpah 18 789384 Moonlighting (CC) 215384 Getting Straight fftl (1870). ia 59013 1 Mwi TV PTfldT755 Paid Prod CNBC News With Brian Williams IBusiness Center 6692452 IPaid Prog. Pald Prog. IPaid Prog. ' IPaid Prog. ITodav's Business 6790181 CNN Millennium Coverage: Jeff Greenfield discusses media; hoi spots; communications. 240520 Ahead of the Curve 950365 COM Kids in Hall IDailyShow I Kicking and Screaming Rl (1995). m 982162 IPaldProg. IPaldProg. PaidProa. IPaidProd: Paid Prog. IPaid Prog CRT Crime Stories 2820520 ICrime Stories 6696278 Homicide:0nmeSTfeet Crime Stories 4077384 PTSsTCorir" PaTdlftS: Paid Prog. Paid Prog CS Classic Baseball 332384 ISports Chall. 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