Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1966 · Page 87
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 87

Long Beach, California
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Sunday, April 3, 1966
Page 87
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D-2-INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM Loan Buch II, Calll., Sunday, Anrll i, »« HANK HOLLINGWORTH Eivcutive Sporh Sfc". EJitu- Fans Not Fooled by Dodger Farce Even though llicy have reaped thousands of reams of publicity since spring training started, Dodger management and pitchers Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale may have sown more ill-feeling than either side has realized. Fans have become disgusted wilh n i l aspecls of the Great Holdup, as evidenced by a sampling of the mail delivered here. (13y the way, all letters printed here today were received BEFORE our previous column which "suggested" thai Ihe Great Holdup might have been the biggest sports news-gathering of all-lime. A f u r t h e r mail barrage is anticipated w i t h i n the next few days because few sporls stories have captured the public's imagination in the manner of this Dodger spectacular.) Commented Charles Sendrey, Box 14G27, Long Beach: "1 wonder how many great financial wizards could boast of receiving million-dollar advertising for the cost of a box of cigars, as has done Mr. Walter O'Malley? Let's face it. Walter would be unable to sleep at night, knowing that his two magicians of the baseball world were striking out in the movies while attendance figures were reaching all-time lows. "ON THE OTHER HAND, WHY SHOULD HE WASTE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL OPPORTUNITY TO CAPITALIZE ON A PUBLICITY STUNT? "A great athlete just couldn't accept a desk job. especially with those thousand-dollar bills waved in his face. Although Sandy w i l l nol pot a three-year contract, he'll get almost what he wanted. That way, he'll receive a reasonable sum w h i l e saving face. "The real dynamic duo (Mr. and Mrs. Drysdale) will again take t h e i r respective places in Dodger Stadium. I doubt whether Mrs. D. would let Don turn down 100,000 bucks. She'd miss the game more than Don. So, as they say in the story hooks, 'they all lived happily ever afler'. "And one day, people will realize who is the greatest (outside of the prize ring, t h a t is) ... Waller O'Malley, BUSINESS GENIUS." THOMAS P. HEFTNER, 805 S. Crane St., Compton: 49ers Sweep Mats, Boost CCAA Lead Long Beach State boosted its CCAA baseball lead to two games Saturday with a marathon rioubleheader sweep over San Fernando Valley State on the Mats' diamond. i The unbeaten 49ers (6-0) won the opener 11-10 in 10 innings on Van White's double, then exploded for a 12-1 nightcap victory shortened to six innings because of darkness. The first game lasted 4y 2 hours and was as frustrating as LBSC's 12-inning triumph · · ,--.--,,. CCAA Standings MILWAUKEE WHO? Long Beach State . 6 " no State . 4 Diego State 3 Anodes Slate 3 jy Slate , 1 Poly (SLO) . . 0 All Game; W L 1 19 r · 17 6 1 13 4 I 11 14 1 8 16 1 6 13 C Saturday's Reiulti Lena Reach St. 11-12, Valley St. 10-1. San Diego St. 4-12, Cut Poly (SLO) 3-0. Fresno St. 6-7, Los Angeles St. 3-10. jover Fresno State Friday. 1(1 j w n s similar in other ways 'too. Wiiite's fly ball beat the Bulldogs, and it was his hit t h a t was decisive in Ibis one. And Dave Ferrante, Hie winner in relief Friday, came back with an eight-inning bullpen job to win Saturday. The 4!)crs hanged out 27 hits in the doubleheader, with Rod Caspar going 6-for-R, driving in G runs and scoring 5. White also had a big day! "I have road Ih" pros and cons on t h e big 'K and D holdup' |"'| th five lliLs ' w h i l e J i m ! -- u n t i l I'm fed up lo here. Some seem lo t h i n k it's f i n e to j li STADIUM employee Edward Tuchalski points to Milwaukee-Pittsburgh pairing on County Stadium Scoreboard, ready for the April 12 opener which Braves now are scheduled to play in Atlanta. Wisconsin's antitrust trial seeking return of Braves ended Saturday but f i n a l decision is still pending. Cards Notch 6th Straight Victory The improving St. Louis Cardinals won their sixth exhibition game in a row Saturday, defeating the Boston Red Sox, 3-1, as Charlie Smith drove in two runs with a single and a triple. Southpaw Larry Jaster, bidding for a starting berth, scattered six hits in seven innings. The Red Sox got to him for their only run in the fourth on Jim Gosger's single and Carl Yastraemski's double. Minnesota won its fifth straight, 8-7, over Atlanta in 10 innings. The Twins got the winning run when Rico Carty, the B r a v e s' left fielder. Vikings Nudged by 'Gades By GARY RAUSCH I, P-T Staff Writer BAKERSFIELD-- Dramatic ome runs by Randy Norton nd John McKee were over- hadowed Saturday as Long 3each City College dropped ts eighth Metropolitan Con- erence baseball game, 3-2, o Bakersfield. dropped a fly enabling Joe Vossek- to score from first with two mil. In other games, Philadelphia :eat Washington, 3-1, the Chicago White Sox downed Detroit, 7-5, the New York Mets whipped the Cincinnati B team. 4 - 1 , in 10 innings. It was the fourth one-run sas City edged Houston, 5-4, detro defeat for the Vikes L os Angeles beat San Fran- nd left their record at 2-8-1. he Renegades, on the other irounced Portland of the P;i- and, ended a string of four onsecutive 3-0 losses t h a t e a t u r e d a phenominal rought of 41 scoreless inn- ngs. cisco, 5-3, and Cleveland cific Coast League, 7-2. At St. Petersburg: BOJtan 000 iOO 000--1 I 0 St. Louis 100 100 Olx- 3 7 7 Stpnhr-rnon. AAagrlnl (6), Brandon (8) and Rvan, Tinman (7); Jastcr, Woodr- shir.k (8) and Corrales. WP--Jrtster. LP-.Stephenson. Mike Francis broke t h c A l D " vl -' Teak w i t h icrifice fly a that .,15 City . scored the 00 000 010--5 7 1 000 002 Oil--1 7 0 , Jovco (8), Akor (9) and Root; nd Henlh, Dale-man [Hi. WP~ up give these two (lingers more than all the rest, of the team combined. I arn sick of hearing people say 'O'Malley robbed L.A. and everyone in general. Can any of these financial wizards name me any other major ball club lhat is about $20,000,000 in hock? "Who had to pay for (he ball parks in, say, Anaheim, Milwaukee, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Houston? "I would like to say j u s t this: in all o t h e r business when the hired hands get pay increases, the cost is sent along to Ihe consumer. Now. ( h e n , let's give K and D the big raise and then raise the a n t e lo see them pitch. I'll bet none of these characters would pay 25 cents extra. "It seems to me pitchers like Cloninger, Marichal, Maloney. Veale, McDowell, Chance and Grant should form a pretty fair s t a f f FOR LESS MONEY t h a n K and D." RAY SAAT.TIAN, 262 Roswell Ave.: "There is no question lhat Drysdale and Koufax are today what they are because of Ihe thousands of fans who turned oul each game lo support t h e m . W i t h o u t ihesc people, each of Ihe pitchers could he pitching 15 no-hitlers a year and compiling a 42-3 record in some vacant lot in New Mexico, and nobody would really know, or care. "In the judgment of many, both would be wise to consider Ihe moral obligation they have lo Ihe fans as well as their pocket books. Surely, the difference of 10 or 20 thousand dollars a year from a lotal salary of $100,000 can't mean as much lo them as their absence would mean to the thousands of fans and their club. "In essence, they would be b i t i n g the fans that fed them. And in the final analysis if (hey decided nol to play, it would appear n o t h i n g other t h a n a grave testimony to a couple of ultra-malerialistic oriented entertainers." lama drove in 4 runs. I Righthander Guien Smith made his first league start in the second game and allowed the Mats only seven hits. ILoi IBrvion.lf Treece.20 Cass.oh Haves,Ih FIRST GAME Beach /alley state AB IJ H · AB R H ' SUIT 4 1 ? 0 lnllekofer,cf" ~1 0 0 5 3 7 0 -fursNDh-cf 3 0 1 1 3 t 0 n ^ J 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 AcWhtrtor,rt 4000 o o o o 4 1 1 1 5 1 2 3 3 2 1 0 5 0 2 ? lalch.3b 4 1 1 1 4 3 3 3 los.-is.2b 3 2 1 7 5 1 0 0 A a l u s l . c i 3 3 7 4 1 2 0 ) o l i c l l , n 1 1 n r ? 0 1 t iotilo.p 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 Mvpn.D ( 1 0 0 0 Vrvlinii,u 2 0 0 fi :nglc,oh 1 0 0 0 I Totals 41 11 14 9 Totals 38 10 1 I I '--Runs balled In. L.D. Stain . 402 010 030 1--11 Valley Slate . . . Wl 0 0 1 0 2 2 o--lo ! E--Lewclllno (2), McWhlrlc-r, Rosas (2). ' Harriett. 2B--Treecc, White, Sanderson, Tnth. 3B-Gosnar, Hursl HR--Caspar. Mntsul. DP -- Sandcrson-Treece-Keel; Treer.e Sanderson Kec-l. SB--Brvson. Sanderson. Snc.--Rosas, while. IP H R ER DB SO Harper . . 2 2 ! 7 4 s Fffrranle ( W . 3-0) f i 6 5 5 4 2 Orlzell 7 A A ·) \ i Sonic R.-iv Andln 'LI 0 0 -1-30. ,, t j 3 l! SECOND GAME , Lnmj Bch AB R H · Valley 51 AB R H · | G a s p a r . c ( 4 2 3 3 Hurst,r{ 3 I 1 Hi I Trcpr.'\7n 3 1 1 1 1 0 0 01 Whtmr.Dh-2b 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 1 4 1 1 1 Tolh.lf 3 0 1 0 4 3 3 2 BalctUb 3 0 1 0 V'/hlleJb 4 I .1 1 3 0 0 0 , Haves.r( 4 1 1 1 Lemmrmnjb 3 0 0 0 Sanderson,ss 3 0 0 ( 1 Matsul.c 3 0 7 0 Uw«lllno.c 3 1 1 0 Llnk.D 3 0 1 0 : Smlth.n 3 7 0 0 Hardlno.p 0 0 0 0 ' MILWAUKEE (UPI) -- Testimony concluded Satur- i day in the Wisconsin baseball antitrust trial and circuit | judge Elmer Roller, despite strenuous objections of base- ' ball attorneys, set the windup for next Wednesday. ( Roller said he will hear closing arguments and re- j ceive final written briefs Wednesday so that he can make j a decision before the start of the baseball season April 12. \ Wisconsin lias charged (he Braves, the National | League and its nine other teams with boycotting Mil- i waukee by shifting the Braves to Atlanta this season, it asks the return of the team to Milwaukee unless an ex- I pansion franchise is granted. ' The Braves arc scheduled to play the Pittsburgh i Pirates in Atlanta the night of April 12. National League attorneys Louis Carroll and Bowie ' Kuhn has requested a minimum of .10 days for the filing | of briefs, saying any speedier conclusion to the lengthy j (rial would be a violation of their due process. Earl Jinkinson, an attorney for the Braves, said he saw "nothing magic" about the April 12 date. He said if I (he court is going to order the Braves back "(hey can do i it in May, June, July or August." ' ' Totals L.B~ T o t a l s 25 1 7 1 *--Runs batted In. I · · ..B. Stall WO 503--12 |j I * tSeSerman , 8 -1 GaspTM SLa! f \ f / O / O .tralght. SB -Sanderson. DP- slrilohl-! * » W f c / l \*t IP H R ER BB SO; "WHY DON'T SOMEBODY compare the price Willie j Mays gets for just being a good home run b a i t e r lo what j Drysdale and Koufax are asking? it III "Also, who likes O'Malley for squeezing every con- ! ''·'" i-essinn he could oul of L.A. C i t y when he came out here? i Who likes the fuel l h a t you never see a home pamo on TV ! if he can prevent il and 1 don't t h i n k it's helped his hox · t a k i n g course. (Continued From Page D - l ) correspondence s Return Sparks Hawks office any. ' I Roger H u l l returned to the! "Who does he think paid for that b.:ill park If il wasn't \ L ""K Beilch Nitehawks Sal-i tne poor taxpayer and the poor people who had to more because he wanted so much himself?" The postcard was signed by (of course, a woman) Mrs. F. Y. D., Norwalk. Madam, whoever you arc, Mays is worth every cent he's gelling paid. And for playing every day, nol every fourth day. I don't t h i n k O'Malley's box office has been h u r t yet. Check the figures. W h a t ' l h e Greal Holdup might have done to f u t u r e a t t e n d a n c e is something t h a i remains to be seen. GEORGE VICARS, 3514 Clark Ave.: "I agree wilh you. This whole Dodger s i t u a t i o n has been phoney, a farce and hypocrisy. If a world championship team has to resort to these methods, something must be wrong with its structure. I go lo Dodger games only to see the opposition. No, change t h a t -- I WENT to Dodger games only to see Ihe opposition. 1 ' Thus, the public speaks. itirday and the M i l l i k a n football coach sparked a 2-0 win jover t h e Oxnard K i n g s i n , j l h e Anaheim Softball Tourna- l i n e n t . i . Hull broke up a 0-0 dead-j ;lock in the bottom of t h e ] sixth i n n i n g , with a single! . t h a t scored Milt Stark. Rob! jWills tripled, adding Ihe other ! t a l l y . . I Wills limited Oxnard to. iwo hits, while his mates' played errorless ball, Oxnard DM 000 0--0 5 ? iNllehawkj . . . 0 0 0 0 0 2 x--2 3 o 1 Newman and Wlllard; wills and Stark. Pomona . . ooo 000 000 000--0 3 5 Gardens . . 000 MO 000 »OI--I S ] KamDhlus and Rodriguez; Ftncher and AFTER days of diligent e:-dcnvor, he penned a l e t ter in perfect English to [·'red Haney last winter. He would not agree lo terms u n t i l they had been explained by the scout who signed him. That scout, the well- k n o w n Lebanese a u t h o r i t y on a f f a i r s South of the border, Tufie Hasliem. was present Saturday. "This boy," said a proud Hashcm, "will never be afraid. He onre told me t h a t he didn't care if Mamie, Kaline or Robinson were batting. They all look the same to him." Also no longer afraid is Jim Fregosi. He had feared stomach ulcers, but an extensive X-ray series Friday illustrated no disorder. The soon-to-be captain of the Angels celebrated w i t h a homer, double and single. "f still have s o m e digestion." said Fregosi. "But. m e n t a l l y , I'm greatly relieved." An a u t h o r i t y on ulcers. Rigni.'v has now won seven of nine meetings from Leo Durocher. Il is a development The Lion finds hard lo stomach. ANGFL ANGLES: W i t h thr countdown at six ttavs on Anaheim Stadium, the Angels have sold 5.500 season t i c k e t s .ind e*[)ect to reacti 6,000 by Hie Aoril I? league ooener with Chiraoo The Cubs have rejected a Phll.Tdelohla offer of Richie Allen for Dick Ellsworth. . . . . Outfielder A l Spanoler gassed American League waivers and has aorced to terms with Scdllle. The conlr.ict of tornier Angel Ken Hunt was Durcliascd from Washington bv Ihe Cubs. . . . He'll be assigned to Taroma. . . . Newman's shoulder was X-raved Friday with the olclures negative. . . . The strain Is in the h-c-m. . With enceollon of Bobby Knoop, Antiet lineup might be same as one whlrh ooens season provldlnp Chicago hurls lefthander. . . in lhat case. Willie Smith tnd Ed KlrkpMrkk will likely replace Rick Rcichardl and Jackie Warner. TAB ORBAN WHL'S TOP ROOKIE The Blades' Rill Orhan has been named Western Hockey League rookie of the year by the league's six coaches. Orban, (i-feel and ISO pounds, edged t e a m m a t e Bobby Schmautz by 3 votes to 2. Both are 20-year-old wingmen. Seattle's Earl Heiskala drew one vote. Earlier in the week, Orban was named the Blades' best defensive player by t h e S o u t h e r n California Hockey Writers. He has scored 11 goals and 10 assists w i t h 55 minutes in penalties, t h i r d on the team. Orban, a w i l l i n g mixer, also leads the league m major penalties. Back Blades Anools AB R H · Cubs Cardenal.ct 4 1 3 0 Bcckcrt.2b Schnal.3tj 4 0 0 1 Banks,Ib Fregosl,ss 4 1 3 2 vVIIIIams.rf 7 0 0 0 Santo 3b 1 0 1 0 Mtman.lf W.uner.rl 4 0 0 0 RricharrtUf 4 0 1 0 ninr.ct Rorigers.c 4 0 0 0 Krup.c -ernandez,7h 4 ft 0 0 ss Rubto.n 7 1 1 n Pern.oh Santord.n 1 0 0 0 9uV LI Ba.iev.oh I n o 0 'oviroton nh Sukla.n 0 n 0 0 oonce.i) (Continued From Page D-l) My arm fell a l i t t l e stiff a f l e r 1 threw in L.A. Friday. 1 couldn't t h r o w a n y breaking pitches, but after Doc (trainer Wayne Anderson) rubbed my arm this morning, I felt good and loose." Koufax was "amazed by how well I threw" after only two days of work on the field and "a couple of afternoons of situps in a gym." AMONG the amazed was Wes Parker, who rated 'q good for Ihe first time. 1 K o u f a x agreed he was "throwing f u l l o u l , but the ball wasn't g e t t i n g there that fast. I'm happy, though, because my arm feels good, real good.' 1 Koufax said he would like to start in the second series of the regular season "if everything goes well. I'd like lo pitch against the Cubs. Of course, I'd rather pitch against Leo (Durocher) than against Williams, Snnto and Banks." A f l e r t h e formalities came Ihe more d i f f i c u l t questions. W h a t about the reaction of the fans? How would it affect their pitching or t h e Dodgers' pennant chances? "I imagine the read ion I got was the other side of what Mr. O'Malley got," said Drysdale. "But I'm not worried about it any more. As far as I'm concerned, Ihe issue is closed. We settled things on a friendly basis and with no calling. "I'm here to work and I hope both the club and I have the same k i n d of year as last. I see no reason why we can't win again." Koufax described public ipling Chet Dickey. Three ngles and a mental lat cost the Vikes an inning-1 ha"? n jJhS, UO R C Mrra w i iding double play got home!^ l ;j orlI1 TM' ~ J °'' r ' e other two 'Gacle the third. Long Beach came scratch-'J' ing back in the fifth when thei^ muscular Norton unloaded a j p^,,,,,,,,^ o«j ooo 010-3 400-flJOt blow to left, his Washington . . . . . . . ow 000 too--1 second hit of an uncomfortably warm day. r.- , . , , ,, . New York"(N) 001 000 000 3--4 Singles by McKee a n diCincinnati _"B" . too ooo ooo o-i pinch-hitter Steve Ehren -: and c the letter's third successive °p r come-through safety · went' c l ^ u n r e w a r d e d but M c K e e B ^J. cleared the ivy-colored fence, J^ right with a 390 - foot' "7,' screamer in the ninth to get!TM* the Vikes close. Atlanta 200 003 002 0--7 II 3 Minnesota ... 000 033 100 1--3 12 4 Lemastcr, Earlev (6), Hippaul (E) and Torre, Clark ( 6 ) ; Merrill, Whltbv ( (7), Fosnow (9) and B.illcv. ow. LP--Hiopaut. HR--Whitby, Ueckcr, Dalrvmoln (6); Richer!. Rlc 7a °~' ^^ LP - R c a ' n n i a r o c o i e m a n ( l a A d r r i i o ! and Rcnch ' wp - Suth « ria '«'- I Lang Beach iTippln.rf D. "itu bhren,ph "ownsend.c Don.ltoni.2b LcBlanc.or Parks,ss vorlon,3b . HR--B. Robinson (2). At Ft. Laudcrdale: Pittsburgh . . 000 000 020--2 T 1 New York IAD 002 000 001--3 ? 1 law, Schwall fEl and (.onrtpr. Mav ( ? t . Stottlemvic, Bahnscn 13), Cullen IP) and Howard. WP -- Cullcn. LP -- Scnwall . . 2 1 PasaulnUf 3 0 0 0 Hewes.c 1 0 0 0 4 0 D 0 f.. 3 0 1 0 Francls.rf 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 05attertlcld,2b 4 0 0 r 3 0 1 0 Morilcs.u 4 0 2 0 3 1 2 1 2 0 0 0 Sic 1 0 1 0 Harllleb.Dr 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 '! .". - P o r t l a n d (PCL1 . ..1000 000 100-? I 9 Hi Cleveland 131 000 02x--7 10 t J i n ' Wolfe, Soring (6), scliercr (81, t i c f c J i niauer (9) and Booker, Hcolv ( 7 ) . Raines ·J n 7 -j (8K McDowell, T t a n l (3), and Sim:.. WP j ? J J|_Tlanl. LP-Wolfe. Totals 35 3 12 3 -Norto 2B~Pat nimi - ~ ; 3B-- C Dickey. HR-- McKee. Norton. SB-- i McKee. Sac.-- AAoulton. SF-- Francli. LOB' -LBCC 5, Bakursllcld 11. DP-- Moulton- Donalonl-Parks-McKec; Donatonl-Parki- McKee; Permenter-C. Dlckcv. IP H R ER OB SP Moulton (L, 1-3) 7 11 3 3 1 S| ClflPD . 1 1 0 0 0 I 1 Morales (W, 5-5) 9 8 2 2 2 5 WP-- Moulton. Morales. PB-Hewes.| HBP-- Hewe* (bv Moulton). T-- 2:10. College Baseball Lono BMCh St. 11-12, Vnllcv St. 10-1. California 6, Hurnboldl SI. 1. Arizona St. U. 6 7 . New Mexico 4-f. Arizona ld-5, Wtkhigan 4-. UCLA 6-5, Santa Clnra 5 3. Hal Polv (Pomon.i) 93. Brighrtm Yniim Grand Canyon 11. Wrslcrn Colorndn 4. Sacramento St. 9--I, Gil Aoo'e* i-4. UC Sflntn Barbara 5-1, Slnnlorfl *·*. Havw.ird St. 1, San ^rjnclsco 0. USF 3-3, U. of Pncillc 1-4. Chapman 3-7- U. of Sin Uicoo ?·!. nieoo St -12, Cal Poly (SLOl 3-0. Fresno SI. 6-2, Los Angeles Si. 3 10. Oregon SI. -1-3. Portland 0-0. USC 6-11, Pcopcrdlne 0-0. U. of Nevada 9-8, Chlco SI. M. Cal -Lutheran 1-11, Biola 0-4. Artionfl SI Collene 16, Grand Canvnn i. Sutton Age Celebrates By GEORGE LEDERER 1, p-T S t a f f writer By R I C H ROBERTS "Let's fare il fortunate." So s a i d Charlie Burns. playing coach of the Seals Sanl c n n "R" goal! With 35 3 0 · - - R u n s batted . . . Ihe season against the Armeli 101 010 000--3 iturdav night . . . A Hockev Cubs 000 007 000--2 II of WHL roaches tabopd Van E--Hernandei. schanl. Freoosl. LOE3- ce.iler Billy McNelll as the Anacis 6. Ci.hs .V ;n--Fregosi Hitslandlna plnvei over V i c t o r i a ' Kesslnccr. 3B - Carrienal. HR ~ Frcoosi. utiti-.L-inan f-red Hucul. Others on the DP--rrroosl-Hernander-Monf tlrsl team are Seattle's Bill MacFarlanfl,: IP H left wino; Portland's Cliff Schmautt, Rubin (W) 5 ' r.oM wing; and Vancouver's Larry Sanford 3 f ,, , ,, . . Cahan ond Portland's Con Madlgan. who Sukla i t tOUrtll-plaCe S e a t t l e shared the other defensive Dost Buill (L) AB R H ' 4 1 1 0 4 1 0 0 4 0 1 1 4 0 0 0 3 0 1 1 : . , . , 1 0 0 0 ; reaction to his holdout as 3 o i o 1 "mixed. Some were for me, 3 0 1 0 i o ft o: 7 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 7 6 7 "H was lucky." he said. "1 we wcre'i l l s l put my fool down and irjj; went in. Heck, it was Pelle-'" tier's night. 1 can't say ^ nice about him." Francisco Seals whose , , _ - -'second t e i m c - M r M n beal the Blades, 5-4, at 6:I,')!l" s ' n B. the win was a big one'toria; LW-BOH nan'ow, victor!"; of sudden-death overtime a t , f ( l r 'he Seals, who now trail;sandy' Hu°!!!"vicio5in" mt"j»ii' : Haia- · rlckson. Blades . . Both the t e s t and ond place goalies are from Portland. 1 Mead a"d D.'.ve Kellv . . . Tlic ides' Leo LaBini was at right wlnn The Blades had come from'' 1 Same in hand. j jhe'stades' first two goals came from i , , · , , T-I TM i Warren Hynes and Willie O'Ree (his 33rd) wo goals behind in the last The Blades had severaljwitmn »Wnd^t^a^iTid midway )U minutes and were pour-chances to go in front butiS n mith e and' l H"tn r aYickion to le gef r °!II.. '«" 1 u lme . . Seals scores besides Burns were «[ Topoll, Wayne Connelly (his 4lsll. Ron Harris . . . V k - i K o o I R ER BB SO 0 0 0 2 j i i r 0 0 7 0 3 .1 1 .1 ' t h e LA. Sports Arena S a t u r - ' l h e Totems by only one point j ·day n i K h l . j f o r the final playoff spot w i t h i » MONTREAL ICES 15TH NHL TITLE Wilson (LA) 13:18; Odrowski SECOND PERIOD--Nene P I ing the pressure on hard rightjrookie goalie Joe Daley, bor-'o- ( u p to the end, which camejrowed hastily from Memphis' 0 ""'" Sw " rbrlclt i when Seal defenseman Gerry this week when Jack McCar-jf»Ti' 1 ,Gra«ir'i1ur?!'L«"/ lodrowski's long shot caromed tan was lost for the season,:^TMet 1 (Qeda'rd c 'na'ir:i 5 ) 3 ?:, 'off Burns' boot and passed!was always in the right place. !Blade goalie Marcel Pclletier.j He stopped Blade center ; "1 don't t h i n k he kicked i t J N o r m Johnson on a break- in." said Pelleticr. "He was.away early in the overtime narked t h e r e and it just w e n t ' a n d two big sav;s lifted the off his boot." jSeals inlo a 3-goal spurt and Had Burns nciu.tlly kicked a 4-2 lead w i t h i n a ; i n the goal it would have been:r,nd 43 seconds early in .illegal. However, w i t h h i s i t h i r d period. 1 stick tied up. he did admit heL B "'^ ila '' n '3 : "Jr, 81 "*' M ! "!' ro " d was trying for a caroni. ' " MONTREAL (/P) -- Montreal, led by Jean Beliveau's two goals, clinched its 15th National Hockey League reg- :H UM\ ll ' ar season title and Chicn- T 1 s £°' S w a r b r l c k t t t a r v e v . Nlchol 2 7 L j. Francisco, Harris ( C v r ) le) 10:30. fl. Loi Anodes, Hendrick(.unassisted) 14:04. Penalties _ «,,,«. s 3:58; O'R'e ( L A I 7 F1 ? mino ^ Saves . _ -. .,-- ...... ... Victoria i Dflttv Wednesday and San Francisco Frldav PelteWr I'jr tha last time tonight with a game . Att. 3,658, go's Bobby Hull tied a league record for total points in scoring his 54tli goal Saturday night as the Canadicns routed the Black Hawks, 8-3. The triumph Montreal's lead second-place Hawks to six points. Each team has one game left to play. some against. Whatever was or is. there's n o t h i n g 1 can do about it. All 1 do is to try my best. "Nil. I don't t h i n k I'm on Hie spot, no more t h a n usual. I'm on Ihe spot every year." Koufax was t h a n k f u l that t h e w i n t e r flareup concerned only the value, not Ihe condition of his m i l l i o n dollar arm. Koufax and Drysdale met privately with manager Walter Alston in the morning and worked out a condition schedule. "I told them not to rush things," said Alston. "I'm still concerned about hurting their arms." Drysdale also showed his concern for the manager's condition. "It looks like you've lost a couple of ! pounds. Skip," he corn- increased ! mcnled. over the , "Yeh. I sure have," Alston a g r e e d . "You blankety- blank characters had me worried." MESA, Arizona--Don Sitl- there was i rouble. A f l e r ion became of age Saturday. f j r s t t w n n j l s | 10 r,,,| Cepeda The Dodgers' rookie right()n a n i n n i n f ,. e n d i n R r ( ) U n d c r . hander celebrated his 21st , , , .. birthday and it was what A f l e r McCovcy homered, Sut- | C ould be described as a g i - I o n struck oul H a r t and. ganlic party. ; Cepeda and Tom Mailer s t a r t A near capacity crowd of ed the fourth inning w i t h 4.210 turned out at Rcndevous pies, he go! Hal Lanier to ,'Park where S u t t o n pitched bounce i n t o a double 'five innings and gained credit; Alston won'l commit h i j f o r the Dodgers' 5-3 exhibi- self this early, but said he is name i[j on victory over the Giants, -at least thinking of starting ! Sutton has been more im! Sutton in the opening series pressive, but on a scorching against Houston. April 12-14. day when balls jumped out Sutton could be the No. 3 man of the park as grease oul of; a f ter Claude Osteen and Johna frying pan, manager Walt "Y Podres or Njck Willhite. Alston was pleased with the 1 A Ihrce-run homer by Jim youngster's poise against the.Lefebvre, his fourth and Ihe slugging Giants. 'Dodgers' sixth, gave Sutton Willie Mays wasn't in t h e ; t h e margin of victory over .lineup, but "Willie McCovey,; G i a n ts' s t a r t e r Dick Estelle. Orlando Cepeda and Jim H a r t ; » - can ;were an ample test for open- 1 jers. McCovey hit one far overjM'i |the right-field wall for Ihe Parker : only run charged lo Sittlon. |He also hlooped a single to ' t h e opposite field and Hart ', .followed with a single in t h e : i jfirsl inning. DII and Data-- Ron Pcrranoskl retired Giants in ordrr alter Joe ed Iwo runs r.n th-ce hits is . . Mnurv Wills. Wes ..... . _ . :ommy Davis each had two 01 the Qodarrs' dozen hits . . Will' also stole his fourth base . . . oihpr Dodocrs didn't tare «s well en the bases. Sutton was at his best when SHAW SIGNS S.F. PACT FOR $43,000 MESA, Ariz. (.T)--Right- hander Bob Shaw, the last holdout pitcher in the National League, agreed to terms with the San Francisco Giants Saturday, vice president Charles E. Fcency announced. Terms were not disclosed but the veteran, who posted a 18-9 record last season, is believed to he getting about S43.000. He had asked for $50,000. could 'Mie Cenoda lo llJtlr mnrp than trot . . Cc acr:s who had sinolcd. hart lo stop 411 Ihird bMe whrn Tom Mailer doubled of . Ihe crntcr-ficltl wall in the sU!h inning The Oftdoprs now hnv a 7-13 rcr on'. The Giants .ire 129 . . . Osteen op- · D O S * S Juan Marichal In oamp No. 7 Ihl* p r t f l c i n o o n In Pnoenlx. 1 Gianll AB R H * Dodocri AB R H " 4 0 0 0 Wills.js 4 1 J 0 Gfihrlclion.rf 3 0 0 1 Parker,Ib ^ n 7 l |McCowcv,lb 4 1 2 1 · · - - - 4 0 1 0 T.Dftvls.lf 4 1 2 0 Talrlv.rf 4 0 2 0 LefrbvrMb 4 0 0 1 OllvcMb 3 0 1 OTorboro,c 1 0 0 0 Sutton,D 0 0 0 0 Johnson,If 1 0 0 0 Mooiler.D 1 1 1 OFrrrnra.rf 1 0 0 0 _ 0 0 0 f) Pcrraniskl.D 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 i Hflrt,3b iCepcda.lf Haller.c !Lanlrr,2b |EsHle!o" 4 o i n 3 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 4 1 1 .1 4 0 1 0 3 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 n o o o 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 ! Tola's 35 ? 9 3 Total'; 32 5 1? 1 t 'Runs batted In .Otanli 001 001 100--3 iDodocri MO 310 lOx--5 . E--Fucntes. OP-WJilj-OMvpr.Parkrr. PO l-A-Giant* 34-15. Dsdo"^ 2M3. LOFJ- Glanls ft. Dortocr 5. Jb-- Fucnle*. HflUn. 'Mison. Ferrirn. MR--McCovev. L r f f b v r c i SB--Wlili. 2 T - C,-.brlr'sno IP H R ER BB SO .Eslellc (L) 4 h j i i 'i Glfcbon . ? 3 1 1 0 1 Itlnzv ? 1 I 1 1 n liultOI (W) S A 1 1 1 2 Moeller ? 3 ? ? 0 n 1 Pe'ranoskf 2 0 0 ft 0 0 , WP--Liniy. T-2:20. A-4,210.

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