The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIBVILLE COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY G, 1945 Back-To-Campus Move Underway Leaders Wont.College ^ Teams To Stay Away From Major Arenas > DOPE BUCKET •s i. r. CHICAGO, Feb. 6 (UP)-The '«- D .,,, V ,,YV mous-NOAA champlpnshlp basket- HAVK REUNION „_,„,„„ ball tournament may move back to, When Carthol Hyde was coming [Company M Vet Suffers Wound Fighting Nazis Scrgl. Hubert Taylor, son of J. R. Tnylor, was wounded Jnn. )5 In France, after having been' In Ihc European theater a short time. News of his Injury sail by the war Department revealed for the frlsl the mc campus after Oils sea- up the amateur boxliiR 1«iWci un- dcr Jw CrMg _ wvcral ycars Bgo i _ At the pfesent time, the annual was one of many who predicted he affair, and the eastern sccMpnal would BO n long way In the rwg tournament, Is held In Midison at the excellent start and rate he Square Garden. v -r ", I was traveling. ... 1 »^d Is But a move now Is underway by looks a- a box-fighter. . . . us officials of the National Collegiate build was ideal. ... He was ne Athletic Association to have all col- ther too short nor loo tal for His teams to shy away from big- weight, . - I „.*,! A/ Tic : had n " time arenas, This would also Include the Kansas City auditorium where the cd every year. I j' le Harold Olscn; chairman ol the '"t NCAA basketball committee, re-| ports the bnck-to-cainpus move- a " a menl:. things The has and could jab from the first time he was of toe tlanc- boxiir j-ntlicr'ilinn Uie killer He was not loo easy lu hit even harder lo hurt when i un e way a, d banged for he kept his chin «rc- ?e. u ffiv. '(^i:*" ™jr cxtem T ( next season, stating thai members of their loop: may play.-basketball only on campuses unless given special permission to do others tse All of these conference move's aim to combat Uie gambling ; evil that has threatened to-'envelop college sports LaGuardio May Give Testimony „ In Cage Scandal NEW .YORK. Feb. G (UP) —-The mayor of New York City, P.-'H. La- Guardla, may appear ns a witness in the alleged' "fixes" of college basketball • games in the metropolitan, city. , In his regular; radio speech Sunday, the mayor made quite a few pointed remarks about.the recent Brooklyn college basketball bribe scandal. Late'' yesterday it'/was ' learned that a Brooklyn grand Jur.v investigating the. case, had asked Ln- Guardla tq appear- as a' witness. no\lce tillc at the Mid-South Golden Gloves one year. Since he has been In the Ma lines, a little more Ihnu a yea now, Carthol has not forsaken th he island hltch-hlklng and cn- oying ourselve.". I came over lo his amp today and brought along nnolhcr hometown boy, Bryan lubbarcl. 1 used to buddy around his brother but, didn't know liin until I mel him here. M1SSOURIANS ON ISLAND ... . We have been playing ball, lls- cnlng to tlic vlctrola and a little time Sergeant Taylor was overseas Scrgt. Alton Maness Prisoner In Germany Sergl. Alton Mnness of 6t«clc, reported missing In action Sept, 14, lias been revealed as a prisoner of war i« Germany, according to a message received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Maness of StK'le. A card written by Sergeant Manes-s on Oct. 23, has teen received, for the first word from him since September. heroism In tattle somewhere In tlic South Pacific. In a recent letter to his nunl, Conioral Lyon wrote, "I don't know how the civilians back home are taking this war, but my buddies and I sure could sell lots of War Bonds by telling Just part of what 'we've seen." Corporal Lyon is known In Luxora and Osceola as "Little Abe." as he was In the United Slates only A member of pie Infantry, he had n short time ago and no message tit j \ >l;c n overseas since May, 1944. Ills transfer had l>ccn received. This Is the second lime he has been In foreign service, having served 32 months in Alaska with Company M, National Guard Unit from Blythcville. He was retained with that unit following his return to the stales. alt day. There are here from around added mittens. . And recent Former Chick I inemcrn Receives Commission Eycrette Alton Croslow of Blythe vlllc was commissioned a sccon lieutenant in the Armj of the Unit ed States;Thursday upon successful completion of (he qfjlcer Candidate Course at the>Ihfantij School, Fort Benning, Ga • ', Lieutenant Oroslow, son of Mrs AV'M.' Coleman of Burdettc,'enlist cports indicate he is doing quite " iiisldc the squared circle, hnnk you. His parents, Mr. and Irs. W. A. Hyde, recently rcceiv- d a certificate Irom Pvt. Hyde emblematic of the welterweight •Ifampionship of the Roaii fhip 'Sea Witch" . . . Cmihol survived .he inter-company boxing tournament • aboard ship enroule to the Southwest Pacific without the loss of a match, winning nil via knock- puts. FLOORS OPPONENT Also enclosed in the same envelope were an excitingly enthusiastic letter mid a snap shot taken during n recent match. . . . Tlio picture .shows Carthol trotting to his corner after flooring an opponent. . . . The referee Ls in process of counting over the fallen ice. The triple headed loiter follows in part: • Pvt. C. i\. Hyde 3rd Hq; Cth Marines 2nd Marines Division '. ':'e Fleet Post Office San Francisco, Calif. "Dearest folks: •I mil going to let you in on our little home town reunion. I fought Wednesday night at tlic 2nd Ainph track-, and us I climbed into the ring I heard someone let out 'a bellow. I looked around, of course, and whom did I see but Fiej Boyctt <HLs dad is the first burlier at tin. Hed Ball .Barber Shop). He of everything several boys Hayli and SIke.ston and It really makes one feel good." At this slage of the letter Cnr- Ihol turned Uie Joh over to Fred and here is his note, in part: "Hello: Have you lime to chat with another Marine? Why didn't you let me know that your son was here will) me. You could have knocked me 'down with a feather when he stepped into the ring and they announced !{y<lc. Since then, we've had a couple of days together and plan to have many more." Then, It was Bryan's time': "Cnrthol and I are In the same outfit. We went to the show together last lilyhl and had a swell time. Here we arc over here to visit Fred. You know that the big His brother, Lieut. George Taylor, wounded six months ago when- his ship went down and his lifeboat sank, has been given shore duty at San Diego, after having been dismissed from the hospital following a leg Injury. He has been In the Navy more than 20 years and was eligible for retirement when Pearl Hiirbor was attacked. Another brother, Corp. Eoy Taylor, Is stationed hi Belgium. • The father and another son, J. M. Tnylor, make tlielr home at 113 West Sycamore. topic of conservation was home. And It is lol.s of fun, but we'd much rather be back In Blythevllle Hope to nnd soon!" Swedish Stars To Enter U. S. T rack Events ed in the Arrhy In 1943 and served asl jumping up and down and waving corporal with the 98ih Division be- ami 1 did the same. I could hnvdlj lore ' going to Officer Candidate, wait get the fight ovev but School four months ago , couldn't knock the boy mil. T wo! A 'graduate ot Blythe\iHe High bj a decision and then ran out I School, he; later attended • Univcr-' grpet Fred. \Vc had a very II!L chat, He came oycr lo my cam Thursday and we spent Thanks giving together. We went all ove slty of Arkansas, Fayet k t6\ illc Oms and Maurietlo Sign For Third Bout NEW YORK, -Feb. 6 (UP)—The. handsome .. Russian • heavyweight, Lee'Oma> has signed for another match'.with- Tairil Maurielto, .'Bronx tavern owner \ * , • The 10-round bout will take place . In Madison Square Gnrde March .30. ;Thls is Ihe third niatc of tlielr New York "scries." Maurlcllo kayocd Oma In the first engagement but Lee IKHUICC back to'give Taml a sound thrnsl ing in their second bout. LONDON, Feb. C ,(UP)—The two wcdlsh (rack stars, Guilder Hugg id Haakon LtdniBii, arc now lu ondon, England and reportedly cady lo journey to this country by lane. Huge, the great distance runner, lid Lldnian, the high-hurdle art- l, have been trying to make It ver in time lo' compelc In some f our indoor track meets. However, the overseas transpor- ation problem has forced them to ostpone the Irlp at least a dozen Imcs. Now it seems that everything Is et and the two Swedish stars may rrivc in time to catch the Indoor vindups. Lidman, who does Ihc talking, old the United Press that plans •cservallons have been ' arranged Bnd thnt they expect to leave for this country hi a few days. Wi//Jam L. Crook Gets Wings and Commission •• William''L."Crook of Blylhevllle received his wings last' week ' after graduation ceremonies at Moore Field, Tcxns, and lias been commissioned a second lieutenant In the Army Air Forces. Lieutenant Crook Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett H. Crook of Route 2.. ' " Hornersville Brothers Hove Meet In England Pvt. William II. Slidham of Hornersville, Mo., recently met his brother, Ollic C. Stldham, a member of the Seabecs, somewhere in England where bolli now arc stationed. The two Mothers had not met in moro than two years. Sons of E. C. Etldham of Hornersville, they have two other brothers In service, Corp. Vestil E. Sttdham of the Marine Corps, now .stationed In Seattle Wash, nftcr 14 months of service In the South Pacific, and Pfc. Bert L. Slldlinm, member of Ihe 81st Wildcat. Division now on Palau Island in the Pacific. Wounded Army Nurse Now In U. S. Hospital Mrs. William Wright has received a message stating that her niece, Lieut. Kathcrinc Poster, who w;is seriously wounded In the shelling of an Ariny hospital In 'Holland, has been removed lo a hospital in Charleston, S. C., for treatment. Lieutenant Foster, the daughter of William Foster of Marmadukc, Ark., was graduated from Memphis Baptist Hospital's School of Nursing, and did private duty work In Memphis (or 12 years Ijeforc entering the Army Nurses Corps. Manila Soldier Returns From Service Overseas Pfc. .Jack A. Wright of Manila has arrived In the United States after 33 months of service overseas, according to' a message received by his mother, Mrs. S. A. Wright, also of Manila. He hopes to be home on fur- WARNIN'G ORDKR In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba, District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Joseph Scdekersky (now Joseph J La Tour), Plaintiff, vs, No. 8962 Elizabeth Sedekersky, Defendant. The defendant Elizabeth Sedekcr sky is hereby warned to oppea within thirty days In the court nam cd in the caption hereof and answe he complaint of the plaintiff Jo seph Sedekersky (now Joseph J. La Tour). Dated this 10 clay of Jan., 1945. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By M. Jarratt, D. C. Ally, for Pltf. Ed B. Cook Ally, ad Litem, G. W. Barham. l|lG-23-30-2;C n Ihe Chancery Courl, Chicka-; sawba, District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Lillian Hawks, PlalntlQ'. vs. No. 8927 Marion Hawks, Defendant. WARNING ORUKU The defendant Marion Hawks Is icreby warned to appear within .hlrty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer tlie complaint of the plaintiff Lillian Hawks. Dated this 15 day of Jan., 1045. , HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By M,' Jarratt, D. c. Ed B. Cook, Ally, for Pit. G. W. Barham, Ally, fld Ulem. l|16-23-30-2id Happy Relief When You're Sluggish.Upset New Theate Manila'* finest What have you done today t some mother's son should die you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— lough soon, his first since'entering tlie Army almost, four ycars ago. Dycss Man Wounded Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Williams of Dyess have received a telegrajii from the War Department that their son Bilbo lias been lociited uml was only slightly wounded. They had been advised previously that he was missing in action Mr. and Mrs. Williams lost a son, Clyde, who went clown will- tlic destroyer Shaw at Pearl Harbor. Another son, Hubert, has beei wounded three times and Howard also has been wounded; A fifth soi Lindsey, was in the Army but re ceivcd an honorable discharge re cently. Oversees Veterans. n New Unit At BAAF There, is n new unit at Blythcville rmy Air Field, made up of officers ml men who hnve returned /from verseas duty, it'has been learned: Initial, training of the. group will onsume about CO days, upon 'com- lelion of which the officers and icn will be reassigned to other quiulfous at the field, it was an- lounced. Captain B. D. Stephens has been lamed commanding officer of the qundron. Awarded Bronze Stars Corp. Milton Lyoii, nephew of Mrs. Abe Liveranl of Liixorn, has Ken awarded two bronze stars for ' Rend Courier News Want Ads. Rend Courier News Want Ails. 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